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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  August 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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just after 3:00 a.m. it packed winds of 100 miles per hour. the twister left a path of damage about 400 yards wide and half a mile long. it uprooted trees, knocked out power and damaged dozens of homes, but no one was hurt. >> mark: fox 25 was the first team on the air, overnight, whether that tornado warning was issued and tonight, we have team coverage from the air to the ground. we'll begin with jim morelli, who spent the day in the neighborhoods hardest hit. jim? >> the reporter: well, mark, one of the most tornadoes is that despite the fact they are violent, they usually follow a distinct path of destruction, and we definitely saw that here today. right behind us, on lexington road, numerous power lines down, they are trying to get them fixed, lots of people without power. trees being taken out. you go in the other direction and there's is the alcot house, it was a museum, and it was hit
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other areas. the tornado was on the lower end of the intensity scale, but for some homeowners in concord, the storm caused an epic amount of damage. the national weather service says the tornado formed somewhere near cambridge turnpike, then headed north-northeast. >> at about 3:17 a.m. this morning, we received a report of a tree down. >> the reporter: many more calls would come in, but all from within a tight corridor. the tornado's path, 400 yards wide and half a meant some got lucky. >> your house is fine. >> the reporter: yeah, it was scary, because it's so close to my house, but yeah, so far away. >> the reporter: and some did not. >> that's the one tree we left when we moved in. now we have zero. in fact, just outside the swath of heavy damage, houses and trees untouched. that distinct path a strong marker for a tornado. >> you have one area where trees are down all over the place and the next house over has nothing. >> the reporter: dozens of utility and tree workers flooded
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after the storm, the cleanup was well underway, but what a job ahead. and that job is going to include taking apart lots of very large trees. they're working on a big pine that fell here on the corner in lexington road. one of the things that people around here are kind of upset about is the fact that they have no power. yeah, they want it get the trees cleared, but that's really a big deal, for them to get the power back on. we had about a thousand people without power this morning. have not. one homeowner said it could be up to three days, that's what he was told, before they can get the lights turned back on. live in concord, jim morelli, fox 25 news. >> mark: it is tough, especially on the days when we charge it seems everything around the house. jim, hundreds and hundreds of trees were tipped over, uprooted like the big one behind you there. and our severe drought might have made the damage worse. >> the reporter: yeah. that is what we're told. apparently the trees can tip more easily during a drought,
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standing against the wind, they're like a lever, the wind pushes against them and knocks them over. also, the trees lack water right now, so they tend to be very brittle, which is why we saw lots of trees snapping off way up top. mark? >> mark: jim morelli, we have to let you go, because we have chainsaws, trucks all around him, a lot going on. we appreciate the report. >> vanessa: here is a closer look at the path the tornado cut through the historic town. it started on chestnut street and ended about a half mile chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz joined morning news meteorologist shiri peer overnight to track the storm and kevin, just by looking at the damage from the sky and from the ground, you told me you had a pretty good idea this was a tornado before it was even confirmed. >> kevin: we can see in the damage from sky fox this morning, flying overhead, the trees that were crisscrossing or converging toward one another and laying across each other and that was indicative of a tornadic pattern and then there was the radar signatures, which were clear to us, there was a
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from marlboro to concord, and this is where the cell as it just came into concord. we'll switch over to the velocity scan. this shows heavy rain. you know this scan, we talked about all the time with rainfall coming through. it's not often we have to look at selost it's with tornadoes. with you're seeing a sea of red and green, it's hard to pick out what you're looking at. you see the hooking or rotation and switch over to velocity and say this is where it is and there's a brighter red and green three dimensional, you have the red and green, winds blowing into the screen and winds blowing out of the screen. different colors, different direction of the wind, and in the middle here, kind of nothing. a zero, or a turning point. so that's rotation. the rotation extends from the cloud, all the way down to the ground, right here in concord. so we knew that was most likely going to be a tornado that touched down. and lo and behold, 400 yards wide, that's four football
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winds. that's why all the damage out in concord. >> mark: tornadoes in massachusetts are rare, but having one touch down while most people are sleeping, that's even more unusual. according to the national weather service, in order to be nocturnal, a tornado must touch down between midnight and 5:00 a.m. the last time that happened in the state was more than 45 years ago in townsend, back in 1970. before that, it was 19 news 9 an lynnfield. >> vanessa: this afternoon, governor charlie baker headed to concord to see the damage firsthand. >> anybody -- the fury and precision of mother nature, needs to take a walk along the route that was hit by that storm. >> vanessa: the governor taking a tour of the hardest hit areas. our christine mccarthy was there, while he surveyed the damage and christine, there is an awful lot of cleaning up to do out there. >> the reporter: there sure is, and this is the general area where that tornado first touched down early this morning, i want you to take a look behind me and just as you saw with jim, the
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hear the trees snapping here and there. it was in a neighborhood across from here, that we joined governor charlie baker, this afternoon. 12 hours after the ef-1 tornado tore through this concord neighborhood, governor charlie baker walked this path, 400 yards wide, and a half mile long. now strewn with fallen trees, and debris. >> this is the one that had the gas line underneath it. >> the reporter: shaking hands with residents whose trees were uprootednd homes of the damage that hit the area. lieutenant governor karen pew alito expressed the importance of the weather service alert on cellphone, potentially preventing injury. >> the technology available soon after the storm hit the area, alerting homeowners and others through their mobile devices, that this storm was coming, and if they could take shelter and reach a safe place. >> the reporter: baker himself said the community got lucky on
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is how much tree damage was done up there, and thankfully, nobody was hurt. >> the reporter: and just in the last hour and a half, concord police confirmed to me that one worker has injured during the cleanup. what we're told happened is he was with a group of crew members, that were trying to get a bundle of trees into a chipper. one of them popped loose and hit him in the head. unfortunately, he had the good news is he was groggy but talking on the way. live in concord, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: in the next half-hour, storm tracker meteorologist jason brewer takes us on an aerial tour of the damage. what he noticed from the sky about how the trees fell that was an immediate sign that this was in fact a twister. new at 6:30 p.m. >> mark: a park ranger is off the job, hours after he faced a judge. police say the rager secretly recorded women inside a bath house at a popular park in
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in court for his arraignment and prosecutors say it's very clear, he was the one who placed that camera. >> the reporter: yeah. investigators say that's because not only did ray mckinnon shoot footage of his female coworkers, he was also caught on camera himself, adjusting the camera while it was recording to be sure, he had the perfect angle. >> accused of secretly videotaping women, ray mckinnon found himself on the other side of t quincy court. state police arrested mckinnon saturday after a female lifeguard using the staff bathroom at the houghton pond bath house noticed a green light coming from a corner. >> upon further examination, she realized that that green light was coming from a pen. >> the reporter: police say the pen was actually a camera and had been recording the lifeguards using the restroom. once police downloaded the images, they say mckinnon's face was caught on camera too. >> there is a video of the individual who placed the
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depicted in that video, several people have identified that individual as the defendant before you. >> we get a lot of attention. >> the reporter: seen son public access tv, mckinnon has been a park ranger for dcr for more than a decade. today, the park at houghton's pond was closed aces investigators there met with staff. >> my message for your victims. >> the reporter: mckinnon and his family remained silent outside court, refusing to answer any of the allegations against him. in a statement, a disturbed by these allegations and remain committed to assisting the state police as they continue their investigation. now, mckinnon has been placed on unpaid leave indefinitely from his job with dcr. he will be back here in court october 27th. we're live in quincy, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: where is tom brady. >> that's what everyone is wondering today after the pats superstar qb missed practice for
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noninjury related reasons on sunday, so what's going on here? sports director tom leyden here now and tom, no surprise, the pats aren't saying much. >> as we discussed on last night's fox 25 sports wrap, that's what leads to so much conjecture. brady left the stadium before thursday's game, we don't know why. he missed the last two practices. we don't know why, and there could be straightforward spray places for all of it, but that's not the way things operate in foxborough, so fans are wondering, what is up with brady. will that thumb limit his activity, is there any missing the last -- or behind him, missing the last two days? bill belichick asked to provide clarification today. >> i don't comment on personal situations. >> the reporter: short and sweet, but not so informative. the guy who is shouldering the load through all of there is jimmy garoppolo. he has started both of the preseason games and doing the interview on monday morning with weei, the ones that tom brady typically does. the guys asked this morning if jimmy g. knew what was going on
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mine. it was like a game day. i thought he was going to start within an hour or so of gametime. it was pretty sudden. just kind of how we roll around here. you never know when your number is going to be called, you have to be ready and it worked out pretty well. >> the reporter: brady is expected back in foxborough tomorrow. i don't anticipate that we will learn much about whether he's expected to take any snaps against the panthers in friday. strange vibe at gillette, compounded by this weird thumb injury. more intrigue than we're used to in august. we're going to have more ahead in sports. tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> theep stealing rosary beads from a woman studying to be a nun. why the mother of the convert believes those rosary beads save lives. >> vanessa: also ahead, is the state's new toll system doing more than just collecting your cash. what else the system records about drivers and why some say it's an invasion of privacy. >> mark: first, a woman killed when she falls out of a party bus. only fox 25 takes you inside that bus tonight as we dig in to the inspection records of the
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so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. >> mark: fun night out in boston takes a tragic turn when two women fell out the window of a party bus, as we first told you at 5:00 p.m., witnesses say the women were just trying to get some air when it hands. >> vanessa: now at 6:00 p.m., only fox 25 is taking you inside that bus involved in the accidents and speaking to the company's owner. fox 25's malini basu joins us live with the interview you will only see right here. >> the reporter: we're here at entourage limo in north attleboro. the general manager walked us through a few of the buses.
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women fell out of the window. for the first time, we are getting a look inside of the actual party bus involved in sunday's accident, where one woman died and another was hospitalized. fox 25 spokes exclusively with the general manager of entourage livery in north attleboro. he doesn't want to be identified, because he feels it will hamper the investigation. >> the employee said that the crowd was a very good group of people. it was around 2:00 a.m. in the morning. bo saying two women had been hit by a bus in mcclellan highway. on the bus were 20 old high school friends who rented it out so they could party. the driver was probably doing about 45 miles per hour and within a minute, it happened within one seconds. >> the reporter: a woman on the bus, told fox 25 yesterday, that two women fell through a window, while it was traveling down the highway in east boston. >> the client came up front and said to the driver, you know, we
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over. and they jogged down the street for about a half a mile until they finally found him. >> the reporter: the general manager says that bus has sliding windows, which are pictured here. he says, the only way the woman could have fallen out -- >> somehow, this handle would have to have come up and you know, that handle also, for the vehicle to -- window to open up. >> the reporter: the manager tells us, each and every bus has these red stickers on them, saying, emergency exit. another woman, on the bus, tells window to get some air in, and that no alarm went off. the bus driver and entourage on board told investigators they had no idea what happened. >> saw some -- we feel horrible. we're at a loss for words. >> the reporter: the general manager also tells us the last time the bus was inspected was two months ago and it passed inspection. the driver is described as a conservative driver, and has a
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police are not releasing their names. we learned tonight that one of the victims has been released from the hospital. for now, we are in north attleboro tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: an elderly pedestrian was hit and killed by a truck in a school parking lot in lowell this morning. police say the truck you see here, parked at the school on adams street, but the driver was told immediately to move. that's when the truck backed into a woman. police have not released her name. the truck driver is cooperating with the investigation. hundreds of people forced to evacuate the state house just before lunch today and tonight, state police say it was all around accident. construction in the building tripped a fire alarm before 11:00 a.m. this morning, sending everyone outside, streaming out into the sidewalks. they were all allowed back in after about 20 minutes. that's when police determined there was no risk or hazard. >> mark: police arrested six people including two teenagers after a big drug bust in southbridge. police searched three apartments
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from the homes while teens kept an eye out for police. inside, officers found heroin and crack. they are still searching for another man. foxborough police are looking for the person in this video right here. officers say the man is responsible for stealing a 2014 new england patriots autographed helmet from skip jack's restaurant. it happened two weeks ago and the man reportedly skipped out on his bill as well. police believe the man is from the wilmington area. contact police if you can identify >> kevin: here's the official statistics, that tornado this morning, 3:19 a.m. or thereabouts, that's when we saw it on radar anyway. pretty amazing. pitch dark outside. pouring rain and yet a tornado out your window, that was blowing 100-mile-per-hour winds, a half mile through town, and it was 400 yards wide. remember, football field is 100 yards from end to end. so four of those together is how wide this tornadoes was. that's the path, unbelievable,
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believe it, they've been telling me that all day long, but incredible, there were no injuries associated with the tornado. these are the last four that hit massachusetts prior to this one. none of these happened during dark time, nocturnal tornadoes. this one was in the morning, the revere tornado. you remember that one a couple years ago, that was an ef-2. nocturnal tornadoes, haven't had one of those since 1970. before that, 1958, so they're exceedingly rare in this part of the country. the revere tornado, you may remember, was only when it happened. the one today was on the ground for ten minutes. it just was a little weaker. this one had winds 120 miles per hour. today was 100 miles per hour. so that's the ef1 versus the ef-2 and now all of it gone, you're left with beautiful skies, gorgeous weather, after beneficial rain did come on through. it's dry again out there. you might have a couple puddles leftover. quarter of an inch in hyannis, same in beverly.
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spencer, an inch and a half of rain today. lowell, .93 inches, almost an inch for you as well and boy, you need it. temperatures for dinnertime are in the 7th, except for you in worcester. warned you, you're going to slip into the upper 60's when superior court was going down this evening. 69 degrees. the sun is still up and it's 69 degrees out there. that's cool, crisp air moving in, at least for august conditions right now. boston, hour-by-hour, 72 tonight, clear skies, waking up to sunshine and 60 degrees at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. even in the city of boston, immediate suburbs will be in you go out to framingham, 52 metro west. out here to keene, orange, northwest of worcester, upper 40's for low temperatures when you wake up in the morning. don't let that cool start head you, head out to the beach if you're so inclined. bright sunshine anywhere your wants to go. marshfield, quincy, lighthouse beach, 76 tomorrow afternoon. on the south shore, expect 80 in plymouth. 82 in bridgewater. walpole gets to 82 degrees. back here to the north and west
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danvers gets to 80. cape cod mostly in the 70's tomorrow. futurecast into the rest of this week, shows dry conditions, until the end. thursday into friday, these showers are on their way, looks like they're going to arrive late thursday night or early friday morning, you'll see that in your seven-day forecast here. we're back to a dry pattern much of the week, but there's that front early on friday. that's why the raindrops are falling right in there. likely to be coming on through before the weekend and we'll dry out once again. >> mark: gloucester police have for the unique program to curb the opioid crisis to help adds detectives rather than arrest them. the north shore city is breaking ground. why giving needles to addicts will help keep them safe. >> vanessa: but first, a big win for everett's new casino, why after fighting it for years,
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>> clock is ticking for the marathon bombers legal team. the deadline for dzhokhar tsarnaev's death penalty appeal is just months away. according a federal appeals courtesies dzhokhar tsarnaev lawyers must file an argument to spare his life. dzhokhar tsarnaev lawyers argued he should be spared the death sentence because he was under the spell of his older brother. 3-year-old boy is in critical condition and a 2-year-old girl is still hoppized after a near drowning in lowell over the weekend. the preschoolers were pulled from a pool in a birthday party on frito lane saturday night. at the time, both were
6:25 pm
improved and still investigating what happened. >> vanessa: a big win for wynn resorts. the city of somerville is dropping its legal fight against the casino in neighboring everett. somerville's neighbor announcing the city will not appeal the state's decision to issue wynn a key environmental permit. today was the final day to appeal. the two sides have addressed a deal -- reached an agreement. >> this is about get give any details about their agreement, but a wynn spokesperson said no other legal challenges are standing in the way right now. construction began earlier this month, the casino is set to open in 2019. general electric officially opened its global headquarters today in south boston's seaport district. the move brings a corporate giants and hundreds of jobs to massachusetts. right now, those employees are working tout of an interim headquarters. the permanent building is set to open in 2018.
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brother? >> vanessa: the information being gathered by the state's new system for collecting tolls and why it's raising an awful lot of privacy issues. plus. >> the reporter: a come studying to be a catholic nun is robbed of her rosary beads just down the street from her convents. were the mother of the convent tells us there's more to this case than stolen rosary beads. >> first our team coverage of the concord tornado continues. the telltale signs you can see from the sky that prove this was
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>> vanessa: if you are justening us now at 6:30 p.m., wild weather swept through our area overnight and the national weather service has confirmed a tornado touched down in the historic town of concord. that tornado was only on the ground for about ten minutes, but the damage was done. >> mark: confirmed ef-1 tornado hit just after 3:00 a.m., it packed winds everyone hundred miles pe 100 miles per hour. this left a path of damage four miles wide and one mile long. it knocked out power and took down trees, but nobody was hurt. fox 25 was the first team on the scene overnight. christine mccarthy is live in concord with new details about the town cleanup. >> the reporter: well, ock, just minutes ago, we got an update from the town of concord and they tell us that the residents
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independence and alcott roads, they likely will not have their power restored. those who do not have power and liver outside that area will likely get their power back tonight. i want you to take a look hinds me. you can see that the cleanup continues, several hours later, almost 24 hours later, we're here on lexington road, and hawthorne in the area where the tornado first touched down and made its path through the independence and alcott road behind us. that's the neighborhood governor charlie baker toured the area. the 100-mile-per-hour winds, carving a path 400 yards wide and a half mile long. he shook hands with residents, stopped to chat and take pictures of the residence. 39 homes damaged, only one with structural damage. at times, he stopped and stood in awe of the path cleared by hundreds of these trees within seconds and later told reporters, the fact that no one had been hurt or kill during the
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and precision of mother nature, just needs to take a walk along the route that was hit by that storm. >> the reporter: now, concord police unfortunately tell me that one worker was injured during the cleanup. they tell me that he and some others on his crew were trying to feed a bundle of trees into a chipper when one of them slipped out of the bundle and hit him in the head. we're told that he did have to rush to leahy clinic. the good news, he was groggy but ta christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: new at 6:30 p.m., we are gedding a bird's eye view of the path of this tornado. the view from the sky really shows you just how extensive the damage is. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz joined us overnight to track the storm and just by looking at the damage from the sky there and from the ground, you had a pretty good idea, it was a tornado before it was even confirmed. >> kevin: there are a couple places to show that, vanessa, one is from the aerial pictures. it was 3:00 a.m. in the morning when the warning started and by 3:20 a.m., the tornado touched
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it's called a rain-wrapped tornado. so as this recycles, you'll see this storm right here. that's the one we were tracking that had the tornado warning with it and we could see that it had rotation, just by looking at the shape of it on radar. something that we've learned to do with our meteorological training, to figure out what the echos looked like. we looked at it with the velocity scan, because it looked suspicious to us and indeed, right here near concord, there was a couple let of brighter red and a brighter green next to each other. tough without comparing this to the real -- reflectivity. we put a three dimensional true on to it. we could see the tornado reached from the cloud to the ground. it's a wide path, it was a half mile long, and you saw how mark told you it was 100-mile-per-hour winds, that's pretty incredible. so yes, on radar, when it's dark out, we can see signatures, but
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out and take a survey that you know for sure what you are looking at. meteorologist jason brewer gives us an overhead tour. >> the reporter: sky fox flew over the hardest hit area of concord around the intersection of alcott and independence roads. the damage is unmistakably tornadoesic. powerful winds of up to 100 miles per hour swirled counterclockwise through this cul-de-sac. then suddenly, were left standing, where the winds lifted or subsided temporarily. check out this huge tree that camirini club down. the drought -- that came down. the drought-stricken soil likely contributed to its demise. another sign of the powerful winds, numerous trees sheared off. crews are dismantling what is
6:34 pm
winds were so strong, that they toppled this chimney. looks like this pool may be closing early this summer, you can see the crews draining it and plucking the limbs out with a crane. check out this tree service worker, being lifted up with a rakes then taking off again to get to the next littered rooftop. this kind of damage is rare in massachusetts. the last time we had an ef1 tornadoes or one stronger was july of 2014. jason brewer, fox 25 news. >> mark: incredible images from daniel mill are caught up with a man surveying the damage with the national weather service. what they look for to confirm this was that tornado and not a microburst. >> the reporter: this is look at several downed trees and debris scattered along route 2a in concord. just after 3:00 a.m. monday morning, the community wars hit hard by an ef1 tornado. >> it was unusually strong wind. i never really heard a wind like that before. >> the reporter: steve block and
6:35 pm
weather rolled through. he says he didn't think much of the storm until their mobile weather alerts on their phone wouldn't stop. >> they started going nuts about 3:00 a.m. in the morning, saying, take shelter right away. my wife made us go down stairs, we were kind of huddled down stairs. >> the reporter: a few hours later, steve walked outside his home to see what happened. >> i see this tree sitting on my car, which surprised me a little damage, but there is a whole tree sitting on my car. >> the reporter: steve was on their hands. down route 2a at mill brook farm, this large tree landed on the nursery. the owners closed the business for the day. there's a lot of different things i have to take into consideration. >> the reporter: fox 25 caught up with national weather service surveyoral an dunham east walked around another home looking to see what caused the damage. >> anything in the grass, anything that will give me clues whether it was straight-line winds or tornadoesic.
6:36 pm
it came close to landing on the back of a home. >> i'm looking for width of destruction, the length of destruction, which way the trees and stuff come down. >> the reporter: in concord, daniel miller, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: tonight, its cleanup continues in marlboro. the city was also under a tornado warning, but the tornado didn't touch down there. they did get a lot of damage from the storm. fox 25's jessica reyes spoke to families who say the wild weather was in the middle of the night. >> the reporter: a busby morning in marlboro, where crews spent hours, cleaning up downed trees and power lines after a fast-moving storm. >> heard a noise, a loud bang and the house shook. and then the power blew. the storm initially came in as a tornado warning at 3:00 a.m. this morning. >> when you're in the dark and it's raining like crazy, you get that notice, you don't know what to do.
6:37 pm
the worst damage. mike says he heard the storm early this morning, but it was his dog who heard it first. >> just that loud bang, and then the power went off and then she made more noise than the storm. >> the reporter: right after the storm came through, we found big branches tossed owned to framingham road. diane clemens lives there and woke up to find her power was out. >> even though we don't get many severe weathers in new england, now is a good time to put a package together, candles, lights, extra >> the reporter: curtis was another troubled spot this morning. winds tossed this branch on to the street, taking down power lines with it, as the cleanup continues here today, many are thankful this wasn't much worse. >> it's wild. if that's all the damage it did, i guess we're really lucky. >> the reporter: for much of the morning after the storm, there were 125 people in this town without power. many of them along walker street here, but national grid was able to turn the power back on for them later this morning and as
6:38 pm
restored. in marlboro, jessica reyes, fox 25 news. >> mark: more details now, as soon as the national weather service issued a tornado warning, it triggered a loud emergency alert. the director of fema lives in concord and explains how it works. >> if you live in the impact or warning area, you get the alert. if you don't live in the area, you didn't hear it, but for those of us who live here, my cellphone went off, my wife's went off, we minutes advanced notice. >> mark: if you want to check to make sure emergency alerts are activated on your cellphone, here's what you do. if you have an iphone, go to settings, click notifications, scroll to the bottom and make sure government alerts are tornado on. if you have an android, search messages. click on emergency alert settings and make sure extreme and severe alerts are both on. our coverage of the concord tornado continues on line. we've posted a map of exactly where this tornado touched down
6:39 pm
damage. it's all on the home page at >> vanessa: also tonight, you could call it an unholy act. a young woman studying to be a catholic nun robbed at knife point of her rosary beads. fox 25's bob ward spoke to the mother of the convent and she told bob, they are praying for the suspects. >> i am sad. i am sad that these young women are in these condition and many others like them. i'm not angry, i'm >> the reporter: mother olga of the daughters of mary of nazareth convent in quincy tells me, her heart goes out to the two women now accused in this case. 26-year-old vanessa young and 26-year-old crystal young of somerville are charged with robbing at knife point, a woman studying to be a nun of her rosary beads. the incident took place sunday afternoon, just down the street from the quincy convents, where the 27-year-old victim is living and studying. police say the victim watts wearing civilian clothes and
6:40 pm
one of them carrying a knife. >> we carry our rosary in this small pocket, we call it the rosary pocket, so she had this with her. >> mark: mother olga tells me the victim showed the suspects her rosary pocket and her rosary bead. then she says, this case took a twist that you can only explain by her faith. >> as soon as she saw the rosary, she took the rosary, put the knife away and walked away. god forbid, it could have happened something even worse, but thank rosary and she put the knife away, and she walked away, so it was -- i truly believe it was the grace of the holy rosary. >> the reporter: do you forgive them? >> absolutely. absolutely. no doubt. i'm already praying for them. >> the reporter: bail was set for vanessa young at $5,000. crystal young, police say was the lookout. she was released on personal recognizance. both women due back in court next month. in quincy, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> mark: new at 6:00 p.m.,
6:41 pm
this surveillance picture right here stole dozens of pairs of jeans worth more than $2,000, in just minutes. tonight, they need help finding her. detectives tell us the theft happened at the american eagle on derby street last monday night. if you know who she is, give them a call. >> kevin: the storm system came through but the beneficial -- the much-needed rain. we had downpours to go along with the severe weather expect dry conditions. when the next rain arrives. massdot unveils the new electronic tolling system, but what will they do with all the
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>> mark: state's new overhead tolling system is causing new controversy, because it may be doing more than charging your e-z pass every time you hop on the pike. the system has license place readers that could help track specific drivers. >> vanessa: the state says it will only be used in public emergencies, like an amber alert.
6:45 pm
raising an awful lot of questions about privacy and just how much of your information is out there. >> the reporter: that's right, vanessa. some people are concerned about what information the state will collect and how long they'll keep it as you drive alone the mass pike. now the mass.board proposes new electronic tolls along the 138-mile stretch of the massachusetts turnpike. it's called the new tiered system that will give discounts to drivers who use transponders and rates will vary depending on what portion. pike and they will have cameras, they are able to look out for specific license plates. officials say it will be used sparingly for amber alert or public safety emergency if police need to locate a vehicle. the so-called hot list has raised questions from the aclu. >> we want to make sure that this feature is properly regulated by a policy and ideally, a statute, that would limit law enforcement's access
6:46 pm
people are traveling to true emergencies. >> basically, we will keep this data for so long as we need it to enforce our tolls. and no longer. >> now, besides that hot list, another hot button issue, if you don't have a transponder, you will be charged more. 30 cents for every one of those cameras you pass under along its turnpike, plus, 60 cents to mail that bill to you. they'll take a picture of that plate an send you that in the mail. so a transponder. we'll give you all the information from the long board meeting today and have an update on the fox 25 news at 10:00 p.m. for now, live in boston, john monahan, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: new at 6:00 p.m., state health officials have approved a needle exchange program in gloucester. the first on the north shore. under this program, drug abusers can get new clean needles, reducing its risk of disease and infection that come with republic using them. they can also get counseling, disease testing and the overdose
6:47 pm
this program up and running by october. gloucester police have won national recognition for their angel program, which allows drug users to come to police for help getting into treatment. >> kevin: it's a near perfect august evening out there. it is dry, it is quiet, sunny, temperatures on the cooler side. far cry from this this morning. the severe weather that came on through and produced that tornado we've been talking extensively about during all of our temperatures 76 in boston. but it's down to 69 in worcester already. 75 in norwood. portsmouth, new hampshire, you're at 70. hour-by-hour in boston, going down to 70 to where you are now to about 60 at 6:00 a.m. in the morning as the sun comes up. immediate suburbs are dropping into the 50's tonight. northwest of worcester, to the upper 40's. how about that for an august day -- morning. 6:00 a.m., 63 on average, because of the stem scheme i just talked about. 10:00 a.m., up to 70 degrees with sunshine, wall-to-wall
6:48 pm
new england. you see it in the futurecast data. there's just no clouds to speak of in southern, most of central new england, a couple floating by. that may be optimistic or aggressive by the computer models to show that. 70's with sunshine out on cape cod. sandwich, 78. nantucket, 74 tomorrow afternoon. gusty winds to the south shore, 80's, low 80's anyway inland. then to the north and west, low 80's into the hudson valley. might get a few that get up to 84 degrees at best tomorrow. out here to the west, you're starting out in the upper 40's. gardener gets t77 the way to get some good rain on in here and we did it this morning without the tropics, but it came with severe weather. out in the tropics, it's getting busy and there may be rain to come. fiona, been tracking this one since last week. tropical depression fiona, no longer a tropical storm, but keeps the name. looks to want to weaken as it goes to the west of bermuda, rather than the east which looked like last week, but to the west, spreading some rain into bermuda. then there are two other storms being watched, that are developing.
6:49 pm
depression number 7. the satellite cuts off when you get close to africa, you run out of satellite space. the storm is just into view. we'll put the spaghetti tracks down. the computer models are all fairly close together, bunching together to take this one off to the east of us and turn it up the coast. this is unlikely from this position to make a beeline toward boston, most likely going to go off toward the north atlantic and out of here. this one is curious, that comes into the curve up towards us. this goes all the way out to sunday. no certainty with any of this. we're talking about computer models going out nearly a week, but still when i see this, it gives me pause, makes me want to watch it and keep an eye on it. i'm not going to give you one specific computer model coming into florida as some do, because that is just not responsible way to forecast these things. it's too far out. keep it in the back of your mind. this week's mostly dry. temperatures warm up as well.
6:50 pm
start to see showers approaching the area. watch those coming in from the west with a cold front pushing at us. staying dry through much of this week. when we get to thursday and friday, we'll see some more showers start to get in to our area and that's our next chance of rain that will arrive this week. >> mark: the mess continues to get worse for olympic swimmer ryan lochte. today, he lost two major and lucrative sponsorship, awful lauren and speedo dropped lochte hours after the police say the swimmers vandalized a gatsis station. in a statement today, speedo says it cannot condone behavior that is counter to the values there brand has long stood for. ahead in sports, a wild crash in today's indy car race. it is not often that you see a cargo up in the air like that. and, where is tom brady for the second straight day, not on the
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> your guess is as good as mine. it's kind of like the game day. you know, i thought he was going to start, i don't know, within an hour or so of game time. it was pretty sudden. that's how we roll around here. you never know when your number is going to be called, you always have to be ready and it worked out pretty. >> >> jimmy garoppolo among those not sure exactly what's going on with tom brady or at least not willing to talk about it publicly. brady once again, absent from practice excused yesterday and
6:54 pm
brady left the game thursday night before the game with chicago. he suffered an injury to his thumb. apparently that is not the reason why he's among the missing at gillette stadium these last couple of days. in a world where we have grown accustomed to short answers from bill belichick, we got a great one today whether we asked for clarity on brady's absence. >> i don't comment on personal situations. >> the reporter: there you have it. not going to happen. so the chatter will continue. now, yesterday's big news was the loss of dion lewis and sebastian vollmer to injury. lewis should be back by october. vollmer, likely headed to the e.r. teammates left to carry the load, asked about their teammates today. >> we just try to gel, no matter who is out there, running back, officer dougherty line, we all like to be on its same page and build that chemistry. >> the way that we practice and the way we play, whoever is out there, we're ready to go. as a group, we have to move forward. >> the reporter: red sox tonight in tampa for the first of four
6:55 pm
advantage of the schedule and pile up wins against the last place team in the al east. david hill on the mound for the sox. for price, really a matter of consistency. pitched well the last time out, now he's going to stack up a few good starts in a row. we'll see how it goes. now, what a while wreck in this morning's indy car race. rossi leaves his pit, kimball slams into him and falls on nieves. everyone walked away unhurt. we'll wrap it up with. birthday greetings to number 8, carl ustremski turning 77 years old today, born august 22, 1939. hall-of-famer, triple crown winner. one of the best ever tore wear a red sox uniform. he played from 1961 to 1983, an
6:56 pm
except big papi. synonymous with the state of kentucky. when you look up the stats and see he was here for that long, it's just not going to happen. >> mark: first player i remember watching baseball was carl ustremski. my grandmother's favorite. she loved yaz. >> kevin: a lot of the kids out there don't know it wasn't even free agency for the first part of his career, so he couldn't go anywhere even if he wanted to and in this day and a lot of teams. >> mark: for a lot of money. >> kevin: absolutely. all kinds of sunshine tomorrow. about 79, 80 degrees. real nice. we start to warm up wednesday and thursday. the next chance of rain arrives late thursday in to friday morning. latest information on tonight. so i can put together a new timeline for you. >> mark: nice for the folks in concord. going to be cooler tonight. >> kevin: it will be pleasant. nothing to worry about tonight for sure.
6:57 pm
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leonardo decaprio's car crash caught on tape. the moment of impact, alarming eyewitness accounts. how leo's romantic hamptons get away ended with an ambulance and mangled miny. >> blake stefani's onstage pda. is adele's recent illness worse than she is letting on? what happened backstage. a "brinlt jones' baby" exclusive. only we are on set with renee zellweger 15 years after the original. >> return of a reality tv guilty


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