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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  August 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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santaras filed a lawsuit claiming she was sexually harassed by exec i've is. in the suit, brown with a willing not named as as a defendant. brown tells us today his behavior at fox news headquarters is professional from the moment he walks in the door to one ever suggested his conduct was inappropriate. >> when we're onset, there are three other women there, and there's also the camera people and people inhe ly and i've not heard any problems about my statements, behavior, whatever. >> we have reached out to fox 25 news for comment on the suit. so far not heard back. the lawsuit accuses brown of verbal but not just physical harassment. coming up. brown responds to other allegations. >> blair: a landing near the quabbin reservoir. tweeted out the plane landed in
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the pilot not hurt and called state police themselves. sky fox on the way to the scene. we'll bring you pictures from the scene as soon as we get them. >> elizabeth: developing at 4:00, a former pastor in new hampshire is accused of sexual assault. manchester police began investigating several months ago told of inappropriate behavior between the 37-year-old and a minor. he was the pastor at dialogue church at the time of the assault. he turned himself in last night. we have a crew heading to new hampshire to gather more information on this developing report ahead tonight at 6:00. also tonight, a dracut man expecting to meet an underage teenager for sex was instead met with handcuffs and placed under arrest. 65-year-old richard guy was arrested this morning at the newburyport commuter rail stop. he placed disturbing ads on craigslist looking to meet children. an officer disguised as a minor set up the operation. he is charged with intiegsing a child under 16.
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in boston, a woman says she was forced into a park and sexual assaulted. as jessica reyes reports now police are looking pour the suspect. >> reporter: in the heart of the south end, has the typically safe neighborhood on the edge. >> it's shocking i've lived in this neighborhood for two years now. i've always felt safe. i've been out here late at night coming back with friends. just shocking. >> reporter: it all happened around 1:00 monday morning. police say the victim was walking by herself near claremont street when a man went up to her and said he had a knife. then forced her to walk across mass avenue to the carter playground where he sexual assaulted her. it runs along the southwest quarter where the south end meets the back bay. those considered pretty safe neighborhoods which makes this all more shocking for the people who live here. >> i'm out in the middle of night walking my dog or early in the morning. never had a problem, never felt uncomfortable. >> it has like a homey neighborhood feel, far enough
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definitely a homeyer feel here. >> reporter: despite that, many women we feel they know in the back of their minds this can happen anywhere, on the look out at all times. >> i live in this neighborhood be and walk every day, sometimes it's dark, it's a frightening thing because you're always aware that you could be assaulted because you hear about it all the time. >> reporter: and police tell us the suspect was last seen running toward davenport and tremont streets in the south end. they gave us a brief description of what he lke hispanic, .5'6" in his late 20s and early 30s. the most distinguishing thing about him has tattoos on his right arm and back of his right hand. they are asking anyone in south end early sunday morning knows anything more about this, good i've them a call right away. in the south end, i'm jessica reyes, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: why did tom brady miss the last two days of patriots practice.
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take care of something. brady was however back on the practice field with his teammates, why while he wouldn't reveal the reason for him being away from the team, he did talk about the thumb injury before thursday night's preseason game. >> i was ready to go. had everything on. and i was just trying to get something out of my shoe. and the scissors slipped. and just a silly accident. i wanted to go and the coach said, you know, probably best if we just take it easy. so thas i'm glad it wasn't the regular season. and, you know, i learned from it and hopefully won't be operating any more scissors for a while. >> elizabeth: i say get the man some fis scars, am i right? tom leydon will have much more ahead at 5:00 p.m. >> blair: trees are down and clean up continues more than 24 hours after a tornado passed through concord.
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>> reporter: the clean up continues today on lexington road after yesterday's ef1 tornado left a path of destruction half a mile long. for the owners of 39 hospital damaged they're now left to deal with insurance companies. for diana, home on hawthorn lane was damaged she told us today is actually more difficult than yesterday. >> i think i realized i was probably in shock yesterday. i was like, oh, it was all the excitement and all of the scars and talking to right now like i'm sure everybody is. >> reporter: we spoke with her daughter yesterday morning after the tornado hit. jenna was home at the time alone. and called her parents back home from the cape cod vacation. it's just now sinking in her daughter survived a tornado. crews working as quickly as possible to get life back to normal for residents. >> everybody is fantastic. yeah, that's a lot of it. everybody has been real
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>> reporter: as for the nicholas family, as reality sets in, they're thankful nobody was hurt but now wondering what to do next. >> we're thinking whether we should go back on vacation, because this was our vacation week. i don't know, we don't know what to do honestly. we're sort of stuck here. >> reporter: i have to say crews here at lexington how thorn lane area have done a wonderful job cleaning up quickly these roads. still there are reminders of what including part of the streetlights that ended up right here in the median. for now, i'm stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news. >> blair: fox 25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz joins us now. a really hard day to come inside. >> this was the perfect day. if i had to rank these, i can't imagine it beating today. low humid, wall to wall sunshine all across new england. no matter where you were looking. 80 degrees in boston right now.
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79 in bed ford. 80 in plymouth. hour by hour tonight in boston, sliding down into the 60s under totally clear skies. 66 degrees by 4:00 a.m. on cape cod, same idea. gorgeous night to hang outen to beach for a clambake. just telling you what i'd want to do. upper 60s by morning. won't be quite as cool as last night. future cast shows a repeat performance tomorrow through lunchtime. but temperatures will be warmer. i'll show you the heat that's on the way. we'll talk about the which are suddenly very active. >> new at 4:00, the president is talking about the devastation in louisiana after touring the flood damaged homes there first hand. the president toured baton rouge this afternoon. the area was hammered with literally trillions of gallons of rain. 13 people have died, more than 60,000 homes have been damaged. the president saying these are the few times when politics fall aside and helping people is of utmost importance. >> one of the few times where
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political. you know, i guarantee you nobody on this block, none of those first responders, knock gives a hoot whether you're a democrat or a republican. >> elizabeth: red cross is calling the louisiana flooding disaster the country's worse disaster since hurricane sandy hit the north east four years ago. republican candidate for president donald trump repeated today that the president's trip is lock overdue. he said, he should've gone to louisiana days ago instead of golfing, too the obamas had been vacations on martha's vineyard for the past two weeks. >> blair: an american soldier is dead and another injured after a roadside bomb in afghanistan. the service not identified the service member. he was part of 500 troops in the home land, working on counter-terrorism and training. six afghan soldiers also hurt in the same blast. >> elizabeth: a new hampshire state trooper will plea guilty to assault charges, anthony mondayna company after this
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remember it as we had it live on the news. a multistate chase on june 11th, sky fox video as officers moved in to arrest him. monaco will enter guilty pleas. in his use of force of the arrest of simone. >> blair: a worcester man was killed last night during an argument with his neighbor. from the scene on hamilton street, police found the wound. he died in the hospital. the neighbor, was waiting for police when they arrived. he has since been charged with ultimatesa and police tell us other charges are possible. >> elizabeth: tonight, donald trump is taking his campaign to texas as he continues to fight back against accusations that he's flip flopping on hard stance against illegal immigration. in the meantime, hillary clinton continues raking in cash out west as her campaign fights back
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clinton foundation. >> reporter: more questions over donald trump's immigration policies his new campaign manager says the republican candidate's mass deportation plan is still to be determineded. trump, however, continues to insist he hasn't changed his mind. >> we're going to obey the existing laws. now the existing laws are very strong. the existing laws, the first thing we're going to do if and when i win is we're going to get rid >> reporter: he was expected to make a big immigration speech in colorado on thursday. that speech has been postponed. although his planned fund-raiser there is still on. his campaign says they need more time to modify his remarks. >> although i think it's a great idea to have that kind of speefrp and certainly put together a full plan, it is such a complex issue, and he has been taken to count on many different people on this. >> reporter: meanwhile, clinton facing criticism from the left
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money. while her running mate tim kaine hitting the trump in colorado and arkansas, trying to move focus from the now embattled charity. she is on the west coast, making a stop on jimmy kimmel last night poking fun at her opponent. >> how do you prepare for a debate with donald trump? >> i'm here to ask for your helpful you've got to be prepared for whacky stuff that comes at in elementary school. >> reporter: and clinton will continue her star studded appearance in hollywood later tonight when she attends fund-raisers at the home of justin timberlake and jessica biel. in hollywood, lauren blanchard fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: nothing is fare about those fares. >> blair: i'll tell you about the push of some drivers from paying more than others. >> elizabeth: kids love their sweetsz but doctors are telling
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sugar kids can eat daily. >> kevin: perfect weather out there. we'll try to do it tomorrow. but it's going to be warmer. show you how much heat is on the way. >> blair: a flying object hits a woman in the face while riding a roller coaster.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. >> blair: we want to update the breaking news we mentioned earlier in this hour, sky fox on
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small plane landed in the quabbin reservoir, you can see the plane we're talking about. just at the top of our news at 4:00, mass. state police say the plane landed on the sand bar. this is just amazing that this happened, able to land right there on that sand bar. and the northern part of the reservoir. pilot is not hurt and called state police themselves. you can see some people there on the ground now. mass. state police may be with that pilot out there right now. we've learned the faa as we zoom in there, the plane looks like it is just fine. >> elizabeth: when we first got this in, we were hoping for the best and it looks like that could be the case. >> blair: we'll stay on top of it for you. >> elizabeth: a teenager hit something in her face while she was on the roller coaster ride over the weekend. she wants to make sure that no one gets hurt again. a front tooth broke out. two in the back broken.
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she'll need oral intense surgery. >> i woke up, i found my blood and my spit all over my face. so i barely sleep. >> she and boyfriend, thrill ride and six flags great adventure he will truro. something struck her face 30 seconds in. >> i don't know. with a baseball bat to the face. >> held her bloodied face through the twist and turns. given immediate medical attention. but tony and nasa wouldn't call it that. >> there was a paper towels for the blood. they kind of didn't know what to do. >> i i had to be the one to pull her out of the seat and take the seatbelt off. because there was no one urgently moving. >> ride safety strictly prohibits loose items on the ride. they need to warn riders not
4:17 pm
they can cause serious injury if they go flying during ride. >> there's no signage or anything to educate talk about what could possibly happen to other riders, what could happen to yourself if you let go of your cell phone, things like that. >> another rider sued six flags after suffering from an eye injury on the same ride in 2013. she's not sure if she'll sue but wants to prevent a further accident. >> it takes a face like mine happen. >> elizabeth: six flags says they don't have information on what the object was, they're confident it was something from one of the other riders. >> survivors of the pulse nightclub shooter in orlando are now fallen victim again. this time someone violated their privacy. orlando health says one of the workers broke the rules and went through the personal information of the survivors. not sure how many patients are affected by this or how many workers facing punishment.
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>> kevin: couldn't ask for much better than this in august. sunshine from the minute you got up, until the minute you go to bed, it will be clear out any way. sun will go down before you go to bed. i'll probably check out a couple of things happening in the tropic and could eventually affect us. there's not much here, but what you're looking at is what's left of fiona, out here, that's a good looking storm. that is gaston. and then finally off to the west, this is noth but a developing storm. the national hurricane center giving it a 40% chance of developing. our computer models developing it something strong as it heads toward the east coast. our first storm, fiona, now nothing. a post tropical cyclone. cyclone, you may be surprised to hear that word using in the atlantic ocean, don't usually call storms that. every area of pressure that
4:19 pm
called cyclonic. we'll likely get a front coming through. as moisture on that front and never affecting the east coast of the united states. see if it survives, really not much left of it right now. gaston a different story. tropical storm, strong, 65 miles per hour winds. it's going to continue to track off to the northwest and become -- forecast becoming a category 2 hurricane, well off bermuda, the only caution, so was fiona at one time and now west of bermuda, as it's weakening. still we'll watch. not a threat right now to the u.s. here's the third storm being watched very close. it's way out here in the atlantic ocean, comes into picture here and starts to hit the bahamas and moves toward florida as well. clearly takes you will all the
4:20 pm
not likely something to go on that path. but when we have a tropical system developing and our computer models bunched together send it is it this way. we have pay attention to it. because when a named storm gets to bahamas, that's when we have to watch for the recurvature up the coast. not that it's going to happen. just want to keep an eye on it at this point. your golf game this evening looks great. by 18th hole, 68 degrees and clear skies. do it again tomorrow, clear skies and sunshine through lurch time. and in the afternoon, lunchtime temperatures a little warmer than today. high temperatures in the 80s and the afternoon getting even warmer than that. high temperatures in the 80s here on cape cod. but in the mid and upper 80s, even 90 degree readings, particularly northwest of boston. norwell doing well tomorrow afternoon. heat on the way. that means your beach forecast
4:21 pm
wallston, getting to 90 degrees tomorrow. every beach you pick from hampton beach to cape cod will be drenched in sunshine. another chance of showers this week. thursday going to be dry. thursday night into friday morning, a front cutting across with a batch of showers. middle of the day, friday, already getting back to sunshine. see in the seven-day forecast. that's the forecast of the weekend, our return to sunshine with 83 degrees saturday. just a little cooler on sundays, refresh, air, much like today for this weekend. that's not too hard to take. humidity coming from tomorrow, right through friday. before those showers arrive. i put together an updated timeline on those tropics as it's coming in this evening. >> thank you, kevin. you're busy today, with the fox 25 cares. helped 4,000 students in the boston area get ready for the first day of class. vanessa welch out there, mark ockerbloom, around kevin and our sports director tom leydon as well as other members of the team, in the picture. there's kerry kavanaugh, having a good time and in addition to
4:22 pm
students all left with backpacks stuffed with school supplies. 20,000 books were also given to local teachers. >> elizabeth: it looks like really fun too. atlantic puff fin chicks in the gulf of maine the worse breeding season ever recorded. they're actually starving to to death in the boroughs. they have colorful brakes. scientists blame a drop in the school supply. so b in the fish that they like to eat. >> blair: still ahead at 4:00, how to save money on the pricey items your kids probably have on your shopping list. now here's mark ockerbloom with more. >> mark: brady missing practice for two days. what else brady had to say about his accident with scissors and what he and jimmy garoppolo actually talk about. plus, a state trooper shoots
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4:26 pm
a person in that building and set the porch on fire. that person was able to escape the building. crews get control of one wild fire, another one continues to burn out of control of the wild cut fire burning 0 miles east of l.a. investigators looking into what started this. more than 100 homes have been destroyed. resources now being shifted to fight another wild fire between l.a. and san francisco. the chimney fire as it's called has claimed more than 1,000 buildings. it is only 35% >> elizabeth: an olympics silver medal list won't display his medal on a mantle. instead putting it up on for auction. donating the proceeds to help a 3-year-old with rare eye cancer. the boy can't be treated in poland so he wants to use the money from auctioning his silver medal to send the boy to new york to get surgery. the auction ends on friday. well, it's been one year since the little girl died in foster care, exactly what happened, remains a mystery.
4:27 pm
happened. she haven't got a clue. >> elizabeth: still ahead her grand parents on a desperate search for answers. and we'll tell you about the daily struggles to bring her justice. >> kevin: 5 to 10 degrees warmer tomorrow. we'll tell you when the rain will arrive. >> blair: when the new tolls will be going into effect for all of i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients...
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news. quabbin reservoir a small plane has landed. this is in the town of new salem at the northern part of the reservoir. incredible to see it. right in one piece landing on that. >> on that small stretch. >> yes. massachusetts state police tweeting out, massachusetts state police may be among the people you see there outside of the plane. the pilot is not hurt. they called state police involved in this investigation. ly we're going to continue to gather details and bring you more as we get them. >> blair: also at the breaking news in boston where one person hurt by fallen tree branches. we haven't seen this yet, from the scene on come avenue in brighton where all of this happened. a tree cutting crew had been working in that area all day. when they heard some screams and saw one man covered in branches. you can see the area taped off now.
4:31 pm
>> elizabeth: video from the scene of a scaffolding accident. someone fell from that scaffolding at harvard medical story. we hear the man fell three-stories and in serious condition. he's been rushed to the hospital. crews been working on the renovation building on chat tick street in boston. we're working on what might bring down the tolls. >> blair: might ease traffic but as i updated on the project from the >> reporter: few argued the need to get rid of these on the mass. pike. but when these electronic tolls take over in october, some drivers say they won't be pleased. >> people are being pushed further and further and further outside of the city, especially in regards to the housing crisis. so i guess i'm concerned about how that's going to affect young people and people who are low income. >> reporter: it all comes down to one of these, if you have an easy pass transponder, it might cost you less to use the tolls.
4:32 pm
definitely pay more. here's an example if you might pay under the proposal. 14 mile trip to exit 18 allston brighton. instead of stopping at tollbooths you would pass under three toll significant trees monitoring your drive. a driver with an easy pass would pay $1.65, which is less than they do now, but a driver with no easy pass would pay .6 including a billing fee. >> it's not easy to implement but something we need to do. >> reporter: while he supports the change he's also pushing for a grace period for drivers without a transponder are not pushed into it and -- >> despite our best efforts in terms of public notification, there are going to be some who will not have a transponder and we shouldn't be penalizing them, just because they're not ready to go on that specific date.
4:33 pm
start, it's going to be a challenge to overcome that. >> blair: another issue, at one point, they say they'll be saving $150,000 for the tolls, now adjusted to $5 million. big difference. >> elizabeth: kind of fall feel in the air earlier today. but chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is tracking the warmer weather tomorrow and we'll like that. >> kevin: certainly a humidity in the air, and the that fall like feel. but look at the summer like warmth in the afternoon. 81 degrees. you want midsummer like warmth, that's coming tomorrow. satellite radar picture showing nothing happening right know. 79 in worcester -- 79 in bedford, 74 in worcester. last night was quite a bit cooler than that, lower 50s in many spots. but that warmer start will translate into warmer temperatures in the afternoon.
4:34 pm
afternoon. you'll see we'll be sunny right through your lunchtime and into your afternoon as well. lunchtime temperatures already in the low and mid 80s. tomorrow, a couple of upper 70s on cape cod and out in worcester. that means we're getting hotter than that in the afternoon. show you how long the heat lasts and when our next batch of rain will arrive. >> blair: new at 4:00, police on the cape looking for a hit and run driving. ly a woman was hit last night while walking down 6a in yarmouth port. the car kept going toward dennis. the woman we understand is d hospital. she and her friend were dressed in black, and walking with their backs to traffic. police remind people to wear bright clothes and to face traffic when you're out in a walk. >> elizabeth: fox 25 ted daniel talked to the girl grandparents in marlboro who say justice still hasn't been served. >> reporter: it's been said time heals all wounds.
4:35 pm
healing did not come. >> every day i walk down to the grave. >> reporter: it's been one year, since their granddaughter died from a suspected heatstroke in foster care. she calls the district attorney's office weekly to check on the progress of the investigation. according to her, the updates are always the same. >> they don't know what happened. they haven't got a clue what happened. >> reporter: ava lived in this auburn other children. months after her death, a dcf report obtained by fox 25, suggests that ava may have been left in a hot car while in the care of her foster home kim mall pass or malpass's boyfriend, anthony mallet. however, according to the report, neither provided any further explanation, whatever happened to ava remains a mystery. >> i want justice. plain ordinary truth. i want the truth.
4:36 pm
god's green earth that that child died in that house. there's no way. >> reporter: on top of crushing grief, there's growing frustration, david and diane will continue to do the only thing they can, push and push hard for answers. >> she was loving. there's don't leave a baby in the hot car. >> reporter: i'm ted daniel fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: fox 25 reached out the d.a.'s office to see they would tell us anything new about the case. but all these was it remains under investigation. plastic bag ban goes into effect. and applies to single use shopping bags like these. s with more than 10,000 square feet with floor space are asked to promote paper bags instead. supposed to reduce the environmental impact of plastic bags. somerville joins a number of cities and states that adopted
4:37 pm
4:00, some of the new options this year at the big e. that's what we're doing, going to fry the bake kind macaroni and cheese. fried chicken and waffles. deep fried pumpkin pie bites. >> yes, police. and a deep fried per rowing gee. the big e kicks off on september 15th in west springfield. this year, the 100th anniversary. >> elizabeth: the fried mac and cheese is right up my >> elizabeth: some students teachers made their day with one simple note.
4:38 pm
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again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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>> elizabeth: breaking news to bring you from our center station in miami. we want to show you these pictures of a transformer fire that has absolutely ballooned. thick black smoke here from our sister station flying live above the seen from wspn. the transformer caught fire and apparently shut down because it's blocking the view across some of the roadways as we saw in the bigger picture. 10,000 people have been impacted their power interrupted after this florida power and light fire. we'll keep an eye on this for you and bring you the latest throughout our news cast. in the meantime, new at 4:00, a lot of people apparently leaving their guns at home when they head to the airport. the t.s.a. confiscated a record
4:41 pm
country. this past weekend alone, 1 guns from passengers trying to board planes, 27 of them loaded. several of them have rounds in the chamber. also confiscated swods, knives and even machetes. >> blair: the twitter account zoo shut down today, not amused about the signs and petitions about ha rahmm bay. the 17-year-old gorilla killed in may after a boy enclosure. the zoo is still mourning the ape's death. >> elizabeth: wikileakss mourning hundreds of -- associated press found in the last year alone, the radical transparency group published medical files belonging to scores of ordinary citizens. hundreds more have had sensitive family, financial or identity records posted to the web.
4:42 pm
not responded to the report. >> blair: a sinkhole swallows two pedestrians in china earlier today in a busy shopping district. two people rescued after falling into that hole. you get a better perspective in this video, they were injured and taken to hospital. the size of that hole grew to 6.5 feet and 16 feet wide. >> elizabeth: you know, it's no secret that kids love sugar. blair, am i right, your kids? >> blair: you know it. >> elizabeth: the discovery that may surprise you when it comes to how much they can consume every day. >> kevin: did that flu frosting? i'll show you how long the heat will last this week. >> blair: are you having a hard
4:43 pm
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? ? ?
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money on back to school shopping. a student supply list used to be as simple as a few notebooks and pencils. now more than ever, expensive electronics on the must have checklist. here's ways to save money on the big ticket items. >> it's really really expensive. >> which is kind of nuts. >> reporter: aj garrison the is cofounder of for marketing. has advice for saving cash on school gad for ipads, laptops and cell phones you can still save money buying these electronics just by doing research. >> check the reviews not only the retailer you're buying from, but also the model you're looking to buy as well. >> if you start online and work through the websites it's pretty easy now. >> reporter: garrison says buying brand new items isn't always the option. >> refurbished is the way to go. a heavy regulated industry, i
4:46 pm
from the items. >> reporter: brian harwell, owner of the electronics store replayed, advises what to look for when buying used electronics. >> you want to make sure you can touch an item before you purchase it. try to have anwar ran tee. try not to buy off of craigslist. >> reporter: buying older models is just as buyer friendly as buying refurbished. >> you can go all the way down supported by apple, all of the great features not the latest and greatest but it is an incredible deal. >> reporter: gene lavanchy, fox 25 news. >> blair: another tip, look for student discounts. they might offer discounts for trading in old electronics for new ones. >> elizabeth: it turns out high school sports may not be enough to keep teenagers healthy. researchers found student athletes are often unfit and
4:47 pm
should help control weight. during that study, students given physicals and 20% overweight and obese. doctors now setting guidelines for how much sugar children should eat. the american heart association says children between the ages of 2 and 18 should have no more than 6 teaspoons a day of added sugar, including fructose and added honey. what's contained in one candy bar. it can add to blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. they'll have to add the listed amount of added sugar on the nutrition label. >> kevin: nothing good to add to that story, at all elizabeth. 81 degrees in boston. 80 out in suburbs. beautiful day today. these are your high temperatures. at or just a smidgen below average for the day. satellite and radar shows the
4:48 pm
shows it by not showing you any clouds over us. there weren't very many or few. let's go over the atlantic ocean. what fiona was. we're not going to track fiona any more. it's what's called post tropical at this point. this one has a nice spin to it. those tropical storm gaston of this one here trying to come together. it doesn't have the circular look to it. but it's developing. clouds more prominent, rain pushing towards the something we'll have to watch. first start with gaston. the latest the the national hurricane center. 65 miles per hour winds, tracking off to the north as a category 1 storm. previously a category 2 hurricane here and weakened but now a category 2 to the east of bermuda but still way out in the ocean. this takes you to sunday afternoon. that's why these are all smushed together. i'll make it prettier later on. takes you to saturday afternoon
4:49 pm
this storm, though, a little different. this is what they're called before they get a name. they get signatures like this, invest 99 national hurricane center is being investigated, watch closely. what we can do is not show a track from the hurricane center. they haven't done that yet, in the not untilet becomes a name or a tropical depression. this we can use our spaghetti models for. all slapped together on the screen like a spaghetti. takes us into the caribbean and bahamas. you get out to sunday, 8:00 in the evening amount it becomes much more uncertain. but there seems to be a lot of certainty in our computer models that it comes into the caribbean any way. question of intensity. just some clouds like fiona is right now or something named and more powerful. on a path like this, this has me interested because if it comes to fruition by this weekend,
4:50 pm
bahamas, with a named storm, if it becomes a named storm, that we need to watch it close until new england. that's your dinner time temperatures right now. hour by hour in worcester tonight dropping down into the 60s. 63 by 4:00 a.m. in worcester. from the 70s now going down to 66 about 4:00 in the morning. starting out warmer tomorrow, 60 degrees on average. so going to be 77 already by late morning. if your golf game tomorrow, it looks absolutely spectacular. future cast shows more but this time, wind times shifting around to the south. that's going to bring in warmer temperatures, at lunch already into the 80s and by the afternoon, the seven-day forecast, up into the upper 80s. more humidity in there. with the humidity increasing also comes with it on thursday, there's our shot for rain friday morning. put together a timeline for you on that. and see exactly where that rain will arrive straight ahead. >> blair: thanks again. bears arriving more than usual.
4:51 pm
people's trash and bird feeders. elena shot this video sunday morning. black bears and three cubs eating bird seed and took her trash right out of the can. >> very carefully knocked it over, opened it. took the bag out, without ripping it, in her teeth and walked away with it in her teeth with her cubs following behind. >> blair: wild. new hampshire wildlife says slow bury season is to blame for this. they suggest keeping all grills clean. >> elizabeth: remember we saw that story, you say hey bear. give them a wide one, that's what i say. according to fors, the hunger games star, jennifer lawrence is the highest paid actress. she can thanks the movie series for the big bank. elizabeth mccarthy, who i love, she came in second.
4:52 pm
homework. this teacher announced her new homework policy saying research has been unable to improve that homework improves student performance. so instead she suggest the parents spend their nights eating together as a family. reading together, playing outside and getting their kids to bed early. you hear about this, you hear about kids up forever working on their homework. >> elizabeth: as you eat together as a family, those really do improve test scores why do the same thing if there's no research to back it. >> blair: there's some lso i areally do. nearly 30 million fitness bands in happy meals being recalled. next, the parents that had complaints about them that led to that decision. now here's mark ockerbloom with what we're working on -- actually, i'll take it. we'll continue to follow that breaking news in brighton. and also the story about scott brown being named in a lawsuit. he is defending his reputation.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
>> the consumer product safety
4:56 pm
governor in happy meals at mcdonald's. we reported on the step it agoivity trackers last week. parents were reporting that the tracker, seen here, was irritating the children's skin and could cause rashes and blisters. the recall includes 29 million trackers sold in the u.s. mcdonald's got 70 reports of the incidents. the restaurant is no longer giving them out. federal government is cracking down that give out student loans. >> 25 years ago today, the public gained access to the worldwide web. and here it is. you can still visit the very first web page ever created. it's actually a holding page, which helps explain what the worldwide web is, how new users can start using it and technical details on how it was bear in
4:57 pm
the ratings used to warn parents about violence on television are not helpful. a new study in the journal of pediatrics says the current system is not accurate. and found violence is widespread across shows new york stock exchange matter they're rated. violence is both trivialized and glamorize and children can't tell what is real or fake. >> experts tell "n ion batteries causes them to break down after two years of use, exposing them to higher temperatures causes batteries to wear down. 40% of americans say they trade in their phones after two years of use, especially help, because i'm constantly dropping mine. it is a date. aly raisman has agreed to go out on date with oakland raider.
4:58 pm
accepting the offer. lucky for under wood, raisman is scheduled to visit his air why in the next month. >> scott brown has been named in a lawsuit and tom brady is talking about an accident that sidelined him. fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. >> mark: now at 5:00 p.m., tom brady says he is ready to play this week, after a slipup with scissors. >> i'll do everything i can to make sure i'm out there. >> mark: how the patriots qb is making sure he can get back on the field. >> vanessa: former scott brown is slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit. i know that all of my activities have been done on camera, on set, with witnesses. >> his response to allegations he made inappropriate comments to a former fox news host. plus -- >> i've been feeling a little overwhelmed right now. >> mark: one day after a tornado ripped through concord, etc. cleanup process is just sinking in for some residents. the new concern they won't get
4:59 pm
>> mark: first at 5:00 p.m., one person is seriously hurt by falling tree branches in brighton. sky fox showing you where it happened on cobble welt afternoon. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm elizabeth hopkins in for vanessa welch. apparently a crew was working in the area all day and heard screams. john monahan is in the area. you just got details about the man who was hurt. he's a worked with a dmw dealership on the back side of the fence. that's where the tree trimming service was at work. you can see the truck behind the fence and the tree service was trimming trees. this young man was hit from a branch that fell as they were doing that work. now the young man was in the alley when police say the belmont tree service was trimming trees for a local realty company. and somehow, a 29-year-old man was struck by a branch that fell to the ground. police tell fox 25, it was about
5:00 pm
in diameter. it caused a huge commotion here as police and rescue crews were called to the scene. here's what a witness tells fox 25. >> there was a commotion, hear some trees fall and there was a guy with a red t-shirt on laying on the ground with a bunch of like, tree branches, limbs on top of him, and he wasn't really moving. about 15, 20 minutes later, ambulance shows up. >> the reporter: you can see the area is still taped off by police tape. continues into exactly what took placement once again a 29-year-old man was hit in the head by a falling tree branch as a tree trimming service was trimming trees. the man we are told is in surgery right now at beth israel hospital and police tell us he is in serious condition. for now, live in brookline, john monahan, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: also breaking this afternoon, a small plane made an


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