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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  August 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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looking at a hate crime. plus, a helicopter crashes into this water and sinks. >> right when i was over the trees. >> new sincea -- since 6:00. miracles in the rubble. new video of people found alive under the damage of italy's deadly earthquake. plus, i'm tracking the front that produced the tornadoes in the midwest as it swings towards the east coast. what it means for our forecast. >> breaking news this is fox 25 news at 10:00. complete new england news coverage. we are following breaking news in new bedford where a 15-year-old boy was stabbed to death. hi i'm elizabeth hopkins. >> and i'm mark ockerbloom. two teens were stabbed they are in the hospital but are expected to survive. this is video of the scene just into the newsroom. the district attorney says no one is charged at the time but it's not clear if
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we are working to get more information. details as we get them. the search for a suspect after a young woman is shot in the middle of the street. police tell us someone inside the car with out of state plates fired three shots striking the woman. the mayor admitting tonight this part of his city has turned violent recently. >> it's not that this happens everywhere but it has happened here in this times. we want to make sure that they know that we know that there's a problem here we will get right it on. >> reporter: more officers will be posted on hancock street while the investigation unfolds. a suspected terrorist shot dead in a c.v.s. parking lot. on fox 25 news at 4:00 we learned that the officers involved would not face charges for the 2015 shooting. fox 25's john monahan is standing by live with new reaction from the suspect's family. john? >> reporter: mark, the family met with the d.a. for 90 minutes today but still
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situation that led to the death. the d.a. though saying police knowing what they knew had no choice. in a back and forth with police, rahim circled in yellow is shot three times before falling to the ground. >> boston police detective fired one round at mr. rahim and an f.b.i. agent fired an additional two rounds at him. all three rounds struck mr. rahim who collapsed with the knife still in d.a. dan conley says the use of deadly force was justified. however, the family thinks otherwise. >> it is crystal clear to us that he felt he was not free to leave. >> reporter: but the d.a. says police used deadly force only after they ordered rahim to drop a knife, a knife the d.a. says he had bought to kill. >> specifically targeting an individual in new york city for beheading at the
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militant. >> reporter: rahim had been under surveillance for months in a federal investigation. then on june 2nd, 2015, investigators listened to a phone call. >> in which mr. rahim abandoned the plan to travel to new york city and instead planned to attack police officers here in boston. >> reporter: investigators were ordered to stop him. shortly after 7:00 he headed for the bus stop and that's when police attempted to pulled out that knife. they had the duty to stop him before he could act. >> reporter: the family maintains police had no right to arrest rahim. along with their attorney they plan to review more than 700 pages of documents before deciding what steps they'll take next. live in roslindale tonight, john monahan, fox 25 news. new at 10:00 a driver backs his truck into a river to retrieve his jet ski only
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happened at the mystic river around 7:00. no one was injured but brand new 2016 dodge ram pickup is likely a total loss here. the driver thinks the truck slipped into gear somehow and rolled into the river. that pickup has been pulled out. now to italy where the search for survivors continues after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake. new since 6:00 video of an 8-year-old girl being pulled from the rubble alive. right now it is just after 4:00 a.m. in italy. when people wake up the right now the death toll from wednesday's earthquake stands at 159. people who lost their homes are spendling their night in makeshift shelters. as for that girl you just saw being rescued her condition is unknown. >> the house trembling, shaking, more and more init's. >> reporter: it's a desperate search for survivors after 56.2 magnitude earthquake and several aftershocks rocked central italy. >> lightning, thundering,
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it's like somebody was trying to knock the house down. >> reporter: rescue workers pulled people from the rubble like this woman in the hard hit town. so damaged the civil protection agency says no one will be allowed to sleep there tonight. historic stone buildings crumbled into streets. debris blocking access early on for heavy equipment and help. >> we couldn't work because we must continue to people alive. >> reporter: the quake struck while most were sleeping it. >> woke us up. it felt like the bed office rorls. we knew -- rollers. we knew. >> reporter: wednesday's earthquake not the first in recent history for italy striking near the site of the massive 2009 quake that killed more than 300 people. as today's death told climbs rescue crews scramble seavering for signs of life knowing every hour counts when it comes to saving survivors. the prime minister touring
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afternoon and thanking those first responders for their dedication. italian authorities believe more than 1,000 have already been displaced. of course boston's north end is home to a very large italian community. fox 25's ted daniel is there for us tonight where nearly everyone is monitoring the situation overseas. he's a boston neighborhood where ice cream is called gelato and cannolies are worth the wait the big news on the cobblestone streets is onl tonight the earthquake. >> obviously we're in another country but we're still concerned you know for our roots over in italy. >> reporter: it struck overnight in a mountainous area of central italy about 65 miles northeast of rome. danny shared his thoughts as he handed out calendars for the feast of st. rose leah next month. >> knowing that i have family that's within 50 miles of the location it's frightening. >> reporter: as sacred heart
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the tragedy at noon mass. he's from the region where the earthquake hit and is worried the worst is yet to come. >> there might be many more casualties and persons that passed away. >> reporter: fox 25 also spoke to gina who is a fixture on hanover street. he and his family just 15 minutes from the hard hit town. several people he texted with felt the powerful earthquake when it hit. >> i felt bad my heart goes all of them. when i know my family is okay i felt more relief. but it's sad. i don't know what they're going through. >> reporter: among those in italy when the earthquake hit members of the bryant university basketball team from rhode island. the team was in rome they felt the quake but none of the players were injured. reporting in boston's north end tonight, ted daniel, fox
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off and then bam, a massive explosion and possible hate crime captured on video. new at 10:00 fox 25's malini basu is salem where the search is on for whoever lit that fuse. >> reporter: watch closely. you see a group of seven people open the rainbow times newspaper box throw something in there. >> at first it was shocking to me. i ducked and i covered my mouth. >> reporter: that explosion was felt a mile away in downtown salem area. it happened around 1:00 in the morning on tuesday. during that blast you can see an innocent person just walking by. luckily he wasn't hurt. >> for something like this to happen we're all flabbergasted. >> reporter: nicole the editor and chief of the rainbow times tells fox 25 their boxes have been vandalized at least a dozen times in the last three months alone. >> the value callization
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vandalization started out relatively small. >> but this time theyture necessitated and left a lot of trash in the box. -- they urinated and left a lot of trash in the box. >> reporter: she is calling this a hate crime. >> i do think it is a hate crime definitely. the police have also agreed withous that -- agreed with us on that. >> reporter: now police and the community are hoping someone can help identify this group. >> our mission and vision is to [inaudible] that our community feels. >> reporter: that was fox 25's malini basu reporting. new at 10:00 a worcester man will spend at least the next 17 years in prison for the murder of a security guard. this is video of that shooting that we first aired the week it. showed in court. a jury found howard penn guilty when he shot and killed boyd worcester during
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that he acted in self-defense but ultimately decided he used excessive force. turning now to the forecast kevin lemanowicz joins us. >> you have to luke for the severe weather especially when the humidity starts to build. today 90 degree readings boston 88 and lawrence 89. carlyle, newburyport salisbury all hitting 90 plus today. out there tonight it is still pretty nice out there. well, in the 70s still a bit humid. going to be dropping down into the 60s but the important part of the dew points. last night 40s and 50s tonight 50s and 60s. that's why you can feel a little bit more sticky tonight as you are trying to go to sleep. off to the west we've had severe weather. this first part is farther to the north. when you can expect showers
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>> conference thank you. one after another helicopters are flying low, flying fast and are very loud past buildings in boston. the reason police are being so tight-lipped about this activity happening in the middle of the night. >> a boy with a pacemaker is turned away from the airport by the t.s.a.. >> can you explain to me what is happening right now because i'm not used to this. >> what happened after the local head of homeland security showed up. but first a live look out of helicopter that crashed this afternoon is now out of the water. we're speaking with the pilot. >> when i over the trees so i wanted to get over the trees this was the only place i could drop it.
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kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie...
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for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me... i'll never stop fighting for you. >> wild weather in the midwest. people in inrun cleaning up after three tornadoes touched down in the central part of the state. this is a starbucks north of indianapolis. it was nuclear planted by e through. in all police say about a dozen people are hurt but none seriously. amazing. roofs were ripped off homes though trees knocked down tens of thousands. one woman said she was shocked when she came outside after the storm. >> and i was scared and i came out and it was just like a whole new world out here. >> indiana governor mike pence returned home tonight. the vice presidential candidate and the republican ticket of course was campaigning in north carolina when the twisters touched down. developing tonight the
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killed five dallas police officers showed symptoms of ptsd. that according to newly released documents. micah johnson told doctors he experienced nightmares after witnessing fellow soldiers be blown up. he tried blocking the images out but "it's kind of hard to forget." johnson was the sniper who targeted the officers at the end of protest in downtown dallas. convicted rapist accused of raping another woman in the southend is being held on $500,000 bail. fo today discovered that this registered fund is was not -- sex offender was on the list. >> he wasn't like that when he was with me. he was such a sweetheart. >> reporter: she agreed to talk with us if we did not identify her. the former girlfriend who is two months pregnant with his baby saying she got a call there eduardo rodriguez after police say he raped a woman in the southend. >> all he kept saying is i love you, i want the best
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same way. >> he threatened to cut her throat with a knife. >> reporter: police say both rapes were almost identical. in 2007, he brought the woman to the stairwell on tremont street and the rape this week by these bleachers only a block away from where that rape happened nine years ago. rodriguez served eight years in prison for the 2007 rape and was on probation with the condition he had to wear a g.p.s. device. investigators were able to connect him to this week's rape because he had the p. the crime. >> he told me that he was in prison for drugs. he never told me about no rape. >> reporter: rodriguez was on the state's sex offender registry but his information was not public because the s.j.c. court ruled in december that sex offenders must meet a different legal standard. as a result about 600 cases including rodriguez's were in limbo and not public on the registry. it has this woman second-guessing her judgment about the man she thought she knew. >> he was a good scwet
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>> never aggressive. >> never aggressive. >> reporter: rodriguez remains in custody tonight. his bail was set at half a million dollars. in boston, robert golds is to be, fox 25 news. due to a huge backlog of cases a number of sex offenders are not showing up on public lists. tonight at 11:00 the terrifying impact that backlog is having on the family of one sex assault victims. detectives in princeton are chasing new leads in the murder vanessa marcotte. it has been three weeks since vanessa was killed less than a mile from her mother's home. they say they're worried that the safety changes to their fitness row tex -- routines will be permanent. >> people have left town they'll go to west burleson or somewhere else to do their activities. >> nobody is walking alone anymore. i have a friend who likes to jog she's not jogging first thing in the morning alone. >> reporter: the district
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nearly 1,000 tips in vanessa's case. a helicopter pilot crash lands into a local reservoir and survives. tonight he's talking to fox 25. jacqui heinrich is live in ashland in the past few minutes that chopper was taken out of the water? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, mark. just in the last couple minutes there it is. six hours later this whole incident is finally over. but it took a lot of helping hands and a little bit of luck. not only was that pilot able to auto rotate so he able to eject him from that sinking chopper and swim to a nearby boater who had just witnessed the crash. >> reporter: the only thing that's hurt is his pride and that's not so bad considering the circumstances. >> my toy is in the water. >> reporter: but he has a lot to be proud of even though his daily flight denied end the way he expected it. >> was a little freaky. i practice all the rotations all the time but i never
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>> reporter: when the temperature reaj reached concerning highs after flying around his house to wave to his wife and daughter david knew what to do. unable to make the back to the airport he took the bird past the tree line over an open space to land as softly as possible. in this case the ashland reservoir at about 45 miles per hour. next he unhooked himself from the four point restraint and swam out of the sinking chopper about 100 yards from the boat ramp. tim neuman was out fishg he said no, i'm alone. and like i said he grabbed in front of my boat and i pulled him back to the boat ramp. >> luckily for david the biggest task for first responders was pulling the wreckage from the water. now the work ahead is figuring out what went wrong and convincing his wife and daughter he should be allowed to fly again. now there's a little bit left in the scenario.
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primary source of drinking water so none of of the drinking water has been damaged. also little to no gas from that five gallon tank leaked during that crash. >> the helicopter it appears pretty tight it looks like it can only fit one person or so. was the pilot the only one on board? >> reporter: that's right. it's just a one seater pretty good scenario. if a second person might have been in twl it might have circumstances. it's called a mosquito for those who know their helicopters. it's pretty light. the pilot told me he takes it out every day. he's used to flying it. he'll have to take that engine apart it's pretty small and try and dissect and figure out what went wrong. >> reporter: jacqui heinrich live in ashland tonight, thank you. lucky guy. in an effort to stop breathing in polluted air
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we're breaking it down in the next 15 minutes. but first the signed patriots helmet stolen by this man has now been returned. what else the restaurant owner received. massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2.
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four hundred million dollars.
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s public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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>> new at 10:00 an autographed patriots hell met stolen in foxborough has been returned. we first showed you the surveillance of a customer climbing over the bar and taking the helmet off the wall. workers told fox 25 this afternoon that the thief sent the helmet back along with enough money to cover his tab after he took off without paying. they don't want to press any charges. a threatening ride kids today. it was hit near route 140. the bus driver says the car pulled right out in front of her and the bus couldn't stop in time. we spoke with the woman who saw the crash and ran to help. >> i ran to my window i could see the back of the school bus. so i ran out to see what was going on. just helped the camp counsellor get the kids off the bus. >> the driver of the car and passenger were taken to the
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a man accused of stealing an s.u.v. is finally behind bars tonight. police arrested the man in tewkesbury today. last night offers in year by wilmington spotted an s.u.v. reported stolen out of boston. they walked up to it and the 21-year-old set off and crashed into a cruiser. he got out and started running. we've learned the captain of the el faro ordered the crew to abandon ship the morning it sank. the national transportation safety board hours. the el faro sank last october 10 hours after leaving port in florida. they lost power after getting caught in a hurricane. all three people on board died including three from our area. 100 boston police officers have been chosen to begin wearing body cameras next month. all 100 were chosen at random after no one volunteered. here's the breakdown of who is wearing them. 87 men and 13 women. 55 white, 29 black, 13
10:26 pm
officers. they'll work in five neighborhoods including roxbury and mattapan. mayor walsh says he looks forward to seeing the results of the trial. >> i have spoken to other mayors across the country about those who wear the camera. >> the trial program begins in september. helicopters flying very low includes the buildings in the middle of the night. service training mission also take place in boston. but first current and former employees at the southern county sheriff's department tells fox 25 there's a pay to play culture. >> they know the deal. it's about money. >> minutes from now how the sheriff is responding toing a zathss he rewards those who donate to his campaign. it's still pretty warm out there in boston 76?. i'm tracking a front coming
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>> tonight fox 25 investigates uncovers
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tied to political donations at the suffolk county sheriff's department. some former and current officers told fox 25 erik rasmussen they encouraged and even pressured to donate to the campaign. >> reporter: those officers told us the message is clear people who donate or volunteer on the campaign get ahead on the job. sheriff tomkins sat down with us and strongly denied any kind of pay to play. the fox 25 investigates also found a third of his campaign cash comes from employees. >> what happened to me is not fair. >> reporter: once a member of the sheriff's honor guard. >> i thought he a friend of mine. >> reporter: now arthur is calling out his former boss steve tomkins. >> they know the deal it's about money. >> the more you donate the better off you're going to be at the job. >> reporter: spencer says she was fired last year without an explanation.
10:31 pm
employees who asked not to be identified described to fox 25 investigates a pay to play culture where officers are rewarded for supporting the sheriff politically. >> i wanted to be a sergeant i wanted to be a lieutenant they said well, if you want to make these things happen be prepared to donate and do the parade. >> reporter: what is your reaction to hear this. employees say they feel pressured to donate to your campaign? >> so the fact that your nonsense. >> reporter: tomkins was appointed by governor devalue patrick in 2013 -- deval patrick in 2013. he was later fined for asking eight bids owners to take down campaign signs for his opponent during the race for sheriff in 2014. >> all i ask is to come to bork and put in a good day's work. you don't have to contribute to my campaign you don't have to do anything for my
10:32 pm
records, fox 25 investigates found more than a third of all donations to the sheriff have come from employees of the sheriff's department not counting the relatives. among those employees richard bloom and patrick joyce seen frequently in photos on the sheriff's facebook passenger. fox 25 investigates found bloom has given $2,290 to the sheriff since he took office in 2013. joyce has contributed more than $1900. both men were re responded to request for comment but the sheriff says their campaign were strictly a volunteer basis. >> these are machine who contributing to your campaign and recently promighted what do you say about those. >> what about all the other people who have been promoted and haven't contributed one dollar? one of the things when people bring this up you
10:33 pm
professor of government at suffolk university he says the sheriff likely is not doing anything illegal. but the practice of taking donations from employees creates potential conflict. >> it seems like not a good thing to bring here. >> reporter: ail consolation both fired despite positive performance reviews. >> you have seen positive performances for those, too. >> yes, sir >> reporter: the sheriff said determination were justified but his office wouldn't provide any documentation to back that up. >> i'm proud of what i did at the sheriff's officedy my job. >> reporter: are you saying this stuff about the sheriff about the culture there because you got fired? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: both bacon and spencer filed kpleants with the massachusetts commission against discrimination.
10:34 pm
sheriff tomkins is now a primary battle with democrat alexander. voters head to the polls september 8th. 76? we have seen a lot of warm nights as of late and the humidity starting to creep up but still comfortable enough out there. but still it will be a mill night. temperatures staying right near 70 degrees 65 degrees going to 78 on cape cod your temperatures sliding slowly into the upper 60s. dew points were in the 40s
10:35 pm
the 60s this will be oppressive humidity. these are the showers i'm talking about. that's the activity that came to indiana today. this whole system will be slidin two potential storm making systems coming on through all bumped together. by the evening here they come. most of the energy with this system wants to go towards
10:36 pm
but the strongest to the north and west. your day will be storm-free tomorrow. get to the beach not a concern. high temperature tomorrow afternoon right along the shoreline. a few of these towns can hit nigh degrees tomorrow temperature newspaperser 70s to lower 80s. knocking your temperature down for sure. not expecting anything
10:37 pm
the front just getting through the area by noon time. so we'll be watching that on friday evening. while watching tropical storm out here in the ocean it's jus looking map because everything has shifted now. has its eyes on the southeastern u.s. here's the seven-day forecast. showers for thursday night late into friday morning a couple more friday afternoons. we'll dry it out for the weekend. be back in a few minutes for
10:38 pm
information that just came. in most 5-year-olds are getting ready for kindergarten. but today we met one who got to play his violin. the other amazing feat this young man has already accomplished first dramatic video of a dognapping what
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kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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new tonight cancer is on track to become the leading cause of death in the united states. heart disease has long led in that category but cancer is now the leading cause of death for 23 states. news is worse for minorities. cancer is ongoing cause of death for hispanics, asians and pacific islanders.
10:42 pm
in polluted cities don't really protect them. a study down right here at u-mass tested many different types of surgical masks. researchers found that they offer little protective benefit against chemicals and bake in the air. some masks did work better than others. snug fitting ones observed better protection. a new york father is begging for help after someone stole his family's puppy. monday the man says he locked the puppy inside an office police say the thief managed to unlock the door and grabbed the puppy and run away. the owner says he feels bad for his children who have lost their best friend. the world's largest aircraft crash landed at the end of its second test flight today. here it goes. 300 first long airliner 10 nosedived on its return to an airport near london.
10:43 pm
helicopter, and plane. no word on what caused the crash. u.s. military created the airlander 10 to keep an eye on afghanistan. a wildfire in southern california has burned more than 29,000 acres and so far crews have it 30% contained. the fire started last thursday in santa barbara county. it's still miles away from the general population but crews say it is threatening those areas. looking at the maps closely to see where they can pinch off or turn from the hills. >> what's happened here with the fire it's become a more complex incident. >> the fire departments are pitching in to help battle those flames. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a little boy who has gone around the world with his mother is turned away by agents at the airport because of his pacemaker. >> i don't think that the t.s.a. should be making kids
10:44 pm
>> moments from now the request he made that agents said. first the secret training mission hitting some too close to home. a major issue people say
10:45 pm
when you can take your h
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off the wheel to get out of a tight spot. when you can relax with your foot off the brake and stay put. and when you enjoy 400 horsepower that's both smooth and controlled. that's the more human side of engineering. hurry in for limited time offers during the final days of the lincoln summer invitation sales event. lease a lincoln mkc for $289 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months and $1,000 dollars summer invitation bonus. >> a lot of people wondering about these fast moving helicopters flying in and around the city. fox 25 wanted to look it into after we saw tweets and e-mails from viewers who were wondering what was going on. >> some people told us choppers are flying close enough their homes are actually shaking. so fox 25's blair miller set out to get some answers. >> reporter: look mostly and listen you will see and hear
10:47 pm
we know it have this video helicopter one after the other flying low above the high-rises and close enough for people to notice not just last night but all week. on twitter fox 25 found numerous tweets from locals wondering what the helicopters there were for. adam wrote low helicopter fly bys with no public viewing not a hot idea. is there a helicopter race over boston tonight? the helicopters are flying all week in and around boston. boston police put out a community advisory to alert residents about a planned training exercise in conjunction with the defense department. they stress it's not in response to any world event. when i asked boston police today for more information they would only say the specifics are kept quiet for good reason. fox 25 also found these blackhawk helicopters lined
10:48 pm
helicopters fox 25 was directed to the department of defense who wouldn't comment on the exercise. but at night it is more like this. fast flying above neighborhoods and the city that will likely continue for the next couple of days. that exercise will go on until friday. i'm told that officials will share more information once it's over. but until then you can expect to see more of them flying across various parts of boston. i'm blair miller. fox 25 news. >> massachusetts high schoolers are scoring high on the a.c.t. than any other state. the class of 2016 averaged 24.8 out of a possible 36 used by many colleges. the national average was a little more than 20. the a.c.t. tests are in four categories, english, math, reading and science. 52% of massachusetts high schools met all four
10:49 pm
good reason. a lot of people smash a window to let them out. they have tried to find a police officer and has called 9-1-1 beforehand. the t.s.a. called out tonight by a minnesota mother and her 9-year-old son all because they wouldn't let the boy on the plane because of his pacemaker. >> it was really terrible. >> reporter: for more than an hour phoenix high harbor. 9-year-old chili. >> i thought it was my fault. >> remains traumatized. >> he woke up with and sunday night. >> reporter: in his lifetime of travels all around the world and 15 life-threatening surgeries. >> chili was born with golden heart syndrome and that includes four different heart defects. >> reporter: never did they expect chili's disability would subject him to discrimination. >> we were discriminated against because of his pacemaker. >> reporter: in the u.s. and in the hands of the t.s.a. >> that pacemaker is what kept him alive all these
10:50 pm
asked for what's required to stay alivement alternative screening. >> we were told immediately by the t.s.a. heff not allowed to be screened alternative would instead need an exemption. >> reporter: an exemption the family never requested but forced them through a lengthy and arduous process. >> shocked beyond belief. in walked the head of the department of homeland security for the entire airport followed by the other supervisors and managers with 10 other people from officers. >> afraid. >> with everything, guns and tasers. >> chili posed a question. >> reporter: can you please explain to me what is happening right now because i'm not used to this. >> reporter: at that point is when the t.s.a. agent said he wouldn't be flying today. report how well spoken is chili. the t.s.a. says it is committed to ensuring all travelers are treated with respect and courtesy. t.s.a. is reviewing saturday's incident and working to contact the
10:51 pm
by the way, they did eventually get on a flight. for the first time in 31 years there is a new voice of law enforcement at the home of the patriots. foxborough named william baker as the town's new police chief he is replacing ed o'leary. foxborough's chief is in charge of security at gillette stadium not just during patriots games but other sporting events as well and concerts. town officials say baker was selected because of in five communities. a boston police officer is honored for going above and beyond helping one family deliver a baby when she just couldn't wait to get to the hospital. sergeant sanchez was recognized by the boston city council today. he was responding to traffic stop in jay may caplain back -- jamaica plain back in june. all were healthy.
10:52 pm
. >> there should be more violins on television right, ock. certainly from this little guy. the new mission for a local 5-year-old who has already learned to play for the
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
? >> this 5-year-old from mattapan put on quite the show at city hall in boston today and the mayor was impressed. >> he is quite remarkable. he also wrote a book about his life called "5, my magic number." and he signed a copy for the mayor. he played five instruments he speaks five languages he's already visited five
10:56 pm
plans for when he grows up. >> is there anything you wouldn't want to do? >> to be the boss and be the commissioner. >> he plans to write another book he will have to once he learns six instruments goes to six countries he will have to have six. >> he is on the accelerated program. >> oh, on so many different levels. >> plus, a nice rendition of hot cross buns. >> i'm just saying he -- i'm happy he doesn't want to become a meteorologist. i have been trying to write a book for like four years. like the beatles reference the temperature is 75 in boston. that's a nice night. it's going to be a mild start to your day.
10:57 pm
at 6:00 a.m. a clear overnight and mild start with that sun popping up. this is gaston i promised you a look at that. still forecast become a hurricane. we'll talk about another disturbance forming in the caribbean coming up at 11:00. >> mild winter means more rodents like miss and mold. weird weather pattern has created what state officials effect. we may just have to deal with it until there's some relief from the droughts snake also continue to be more of a presence as they search for swindling water sources and their next meal -- dwindling water sources and their next meal. our george collie reports on why an american civil rights group wants them to keep an eye on things this november.
10:58 pm
help. asking the organization for security and cooperation to send hundreds more observatories monitor u.s. elections. >> our elections have fallen to a level of discrimination. >> reporter: they have this is the first presidential election since supreme court made major changes to the voting rights act. it means the departme election observers. henderson says that placed major concern concerns especially in places with history of a trouble. >> so we are especially concerned about things that will happen in places like texas, georgia, north carolina, pennsylvania, and even florida. >> the integrity of the voting prosess has come up repeatedly. just this week republican nominee donald trump called on supporters.
10:59 pm
out and vote. and when i say watch you know what i'm talking about, right? you know what i'm talking about. >> reporter: how trump supporters may carry out those wishes without the d.o.j. to watch over them concerns henderson. george collie, fox 25 news. >> announcer: now with breaking news this is fox 25 news at 11:00. complete new england news coverage. a 15-year-old boy is dead tonight after he was stabbed in new bedford. heo ockerbloom. >> i'm elizabeth hopkins in for vanessa welch. two other teens were injured. fox 25's ted daniel is in the control room now. there's no word on any suspects tonight? >> reporter: elizabeth and mark, our information is coming from the bristol county district attorney's office at this point no word on what may have sparked the violence either. the stabbings happened less than a mile from new bedford's downtown in the area of middle street. new video just into our newsroom within the hour. you see investigators still
11:00 pm
evening searching for evidence. a 15-year-old boy was killed, two other teenage boys were hurt. they're being treated at the hospital at this hour for injuries that are not believed to be life-threatening. authorities say they were positively identify the teen before they're able to release their names. the district attorney says the investigation is just beginning. we'll be working to learn more information overnight. watch the fox 25 morning news starting at 4:00 very latest details. live in our control room. ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> we're also following breaking news in lawrence tonight where a young woman was shot in the middle of the street. 94 police are searching for one or more suspects. it happened just after 6:00 on hancock street. police tell us someone inside the car fired at least three shots striking that woman. she was flown to boston in critical condition. that part of the city has turned violent recently. >> it's not that this


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