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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  August 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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family of ma tee i don't morales when he was stand to death. >> he could've been anything. it's sad. family and friends watching him bleed from the you can somewhat. >> i'd not going to bring him back or make it easy. i thought it was be there. >> reporter: investigators say they had surveillance footage of 21-year-old class and 16-year-old codefendant attacking morales in the area of chance sorry and middle street around 6:30. according to the police report the footage shows, quote, class, holding morales's left ample and the codefendant come up and make two quick punching motions to morales midsection area. driving off with two others, all
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of the mont's park gang. arraigned today with the accessory to murder after the fact and unlicensed of a motor vehicle charges of. the 16-year-old suspect in the juvenile court on assault and battery with a deadly weapon charge. those close to morales say they can't understand why he was targeted. coming up at 5:00, we'll tell you what the fa saying the victim was doing to clean up his life, he in fact had dropped out of school but trying to turn his life all around. reporting in new bedford, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 morning news. >> crystal,shy you at 5:00. boston police investigating a shooting in dorchester. at last check, police told fox 25, the adult victim suffered nonlife-threatening injuries also tended to a dog who was shot. took that dog to an animal hospital.
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minutes, fox 25 learned police have found and questioned the woman they've been looking for in connection with a murder in east boston. fox 25 elizabeth hopkins joins us now. and elizabeth, it's still unclear, why they wanted to talk with this woman in the first place. >> reporter: not a lot of details here, blair. police tell fox 25, they really can't say much about the investigation be only that it's ongoing. police revealed this surveillance video of the woman they wanted to talk to as part of the investigation into the murder. within the last hour, we learned sh found blanca reyes dead inside a garage on princeton street. last month, they arrested jose alexandra fernandez on motive charges. still no word on a motive. talked with one of her sister's, that interview only on fox 25 at 6:00. live in the control room, elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 morning news. >> blair: a woman involved in a violent car crash with a school
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brought this to you yesterday an fox 25 morning news morning news. was a passenger of a car that slided with a school bus taking kids to camp. she died from those injuries. the driver of the car still in the hospital of the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> elizabeth: developing this afternoon, the search for survivors continues in italy, in the wake of the devastating earthquake. the death toll risen to 250 people. more than 100,000 people italy. >> reporter: mountains of rumble cadaver dogs hoping to locate bodies but hoping to find survivors. time is running out after wednesday's magnitude 6.2 earthquake. after shocks making rescue operations even more difficult. heavy equipment is only just beginning to arrive and isolated areas cut off by land slides and
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treat tray, the clock stopped at 3:36 a.m. the moment the quake struck. since the earthquake struck, those who got out are sleeping outside or in cars, unwilling and unable to go back inside. >> inside the house is a complete mess, a disaster. everything is collapsed. in this little village, they want -- they have been 22 people that the same fear. this man went back into his home to get his t.v. the only protection was a bike helmet. rescuers pulled a young girl from the rubble alive in dell front toe. first they saw a tiny foot, then a leg. in the video, if man seems to be talking to the girl, begging for her to live. then rescuers hoist the little girl out of the rubble. her entire body covered in gray dust. one bystandering carrying out,
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i'm scott mclean. >> stay with fox 25 and for continues coverage of the earthquake in italy. we'll keep you updated through our our news cast at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. starting outside, a cool start of the morning. things did warm up fox 25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is with us now. i know u forecasting more sun as we approach the weekend, right. >> kevin: yeah, going to be much nicer as far as outside too because the humidity is going to go away. a couple of things we right now. and as you step outside, still 87 degrees. still at beaches you had a great day out there. cape cod between 75 and 80 degrees for the most part. satellite and radar shows a couple of showers coming in. this was things that brought the severe weather and tornados. off to the west yesterday. swinging in here with much weaker showers. here's live storm tracker radar. heavier rain zoom in here and find that. we're using the albany, new york
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there in stoddard new hampshire, the heavier showers underneath the double ds there. and putnam has activity too. all advancing off toward the east basically right now. going to continue to go that way. future cast shows these showers, most of them, not making it to the he's coline. maybe a couple of them. but that's it. not a big concern. the bigger concern will be tomorrow. not too many but still interrupting in the. it's during the day into the af producing showers and thunderstorms. the timeline in the afternoon where the stronger storms will be and how it looks beyond that front for the weekend straight ahead. >> police in worcester searching for a man wanted to are a deadly shooting. jose ortiz was shot in the he's which on elliot street around 9:00 last night. he was taken to the hospital where he then died. police say the suspect shot ortiz after an argument and drove off in a minivan. >> a brand new quinn knee pea
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hillary clinton a double digit lead over donald trump nationally. trump hope to go give his polls a boost this afternoon. live in manchester new hampshire, catherine, that rally just wrapping up. >> reporter: yeah, donald trump spoke for nearly an hour, using a teleprompter and message here inside of a hotel ballroom. he really focused on hillary clinton and what he deemed a criminal level of corruption in her campaign. now, trump first addressed the crowd saying it was great to be back here in manchester, new hampshire, where he won his first political primary. from there he launched into a constant attack against clinton, focusing on the controversy surrounding the clinton foundation and the e-mail scandal. trump also continued his push to connect with minority voterses, accusing clinton of ignoring the needs of african american and hispanics and striking back against a new ad released by
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kkk. >> if you want to have strong borders, that doesn't make you a racist, it makes you smart. >> reporter: although the crowd was mostly white today we did find one minority supporter of donald trump. coming up at 5:00, why he says it's hillary clinton who is the real big got. for live, no now live in manchester, new hampshire, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> campaigning nevada this morning, clinton put the focus on trump and the extremism, criticizes trump and advisors for embracing an alternative white philosophy. white identity, oppose diversity and western values. >> the race for president and the upcoming 15th anniversary of 9/11. clinton and her running mate tim kaine will not campaign on september 11th.
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letters asking them to focus the day on service and remembrance instead. trump's campaign yet to respond to the request. >> right now detectives in princeton are chasing down new leads in the murder of a young man killed while out for a run. officers out back knocking on doors in the small community yesterday. it was nearly three weeks ago, vanessa marcotte was killed less than a mile from her mother's home. they're still taking those extra safety precautions when going out to exercise. the inva negligencesa's case. family members of 15-month-old who died last week after being found unresponsive with a baby-sitter are holding services. he died a week ago after he and his sister were rushed to boston children's hospital from a baby-sitter's apartment. right now it remains unclear how the twins were hurt. dcf has taken custody of noah's twin and two other children as the agency investigates.
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tomorrow in woburn. >> the mother of a powerful pain kaler that caused her death has pleaded guilty to her role in the case. gentleman his minis charged with lying to police will be innocenced in december. died in rochester motel from an overdose of fentanyl last october. two others pleaded guilty to giving her the drug. >> fire forced four people from their home in the middle of the night. >> why one woman says she's alive this afternoon thanks to her neighbors. things found in that box and that they say this is a hate crime. >> kevin: track willing showers moving across parts of new england right now. some of it in our parts of new england and another storm threat tomorrow. when you'll expect those. >> and some new details on the epi pen outrage. next at 4:00.
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>> blair: a check on the roads out there live drive time a look at the zakim bridge. pretty slow. some traffic heading into the city. at 93. and slow moving at leverett connector. also slow moving on the expressway in both directions, if you plan on taking this route, plan extra time. >> live drive time leverett connector to 495, 40 minutes, o'neil ted williams tunnel to split, 25 minutes, ted williams to weston tolls 25 minutes.
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coming under fire for the raising price of the life saving drug. what this means for people with severe allergies who rely on this medicine. >> reporter: the drug maker says it will offer $300 savings card to cut the cost of a life saving allergy cost. embattled drug maker milelan just announced the steps to lower the cost of epi pen injectors, the price of epi pen increased by prompting outrage from parents, patients and lawmakers. one shot can cost up to $600 of the company says it's also doubling thegibility for its patient assistance program. that eliminates out of pockets costs for under insured patients and families. mylan, the ceo under fire of this fire storm spoke to nbc.
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no one have their epi pen due to price. >> reporter: one senator, whose daughter requires an epi pen for their allergies asked the ftc to investigate. in washington, jacqueline fell, fox 25 news. >> blair: if you have more questions and a lot of people do about what caused the price of the epi pen to go up we have more details on our website, also posted the cross question and answer story. >> authorities say 21 people were injured throughout the state yesterday, as businesses and homes lay in ruins, cities in kokomo lay in ruins. >> it was basically like a train going on. >> a state of emergency has been declared for the city and, fortunately, none of the people injured were seriously hurt. republican vice-presidential
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mike pence went to the home state to see the damage for himself. he met with emergency officials surveying the damage done to the region. pence said he would stay in the state as long as we need to make sure the hoosiers are receiving the support that they need. >> blair: governor charlie baker believes the drug crisis is being -- the department of children and families is 9500 families in foster homes and other locations. that is 10% increase the governor believes many of the new cases are tied to families battling heroin addiction. a report of on the link of drug abuse and the new dcf cases is due out shortly. "fox 25 investigates" recently reported on the similar increase for the same reason in new hampshire. new at 4:00, an outline owl, is recovering after colliding with the green line train. the driver got the owl off the
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for some helpful another t worker rushed the animal to a vet in grafton and right now we're trying to figure out how that little guy is doing. >> kevin: 80 degrees in boston. some towns hitting 90, much like yesterday. this evening or late afternoon still well into the 80s. keene at 79 that's because the showers come on through your area. your golf game in the boston worcester areas no problem. the showers further to the north dropping to 74 by 10:00 on average across our area. so what showers are we talking about? yesterday we talked about tornados coming through the midwest, pretty big outbreak that happened there, dozens of tornados. came eastward, going to weaken, but produce showers for us. that's what's happening so far. nothing severe out there. just severe rain showers. up to southern vermont and getting into southern new hampshire. one trying to spring up here in northern worcester county.
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about, along the vermont new hampshire border and also northwestern massachusetts. these have been moving off toward the east across this region at 30 miles an hour. stop it there, widen out the view to put a tracking cone on here. concord by 5:30 this evening, if these showers hold together to your areas. but they are just rain showers, not talking about thunder or lightning or severe weather at this point. still these are the showers that we're talking toward you, trying to hold together for the sea coast of new hampshire but not much going on there. couple other showers pop up with that system but not a big concern to me. what is becoming a concern. the front tomorrow moving a little slower coming along this week, this is where it's located 6:00 in the morning with the storms. then it hits our humid and warm air mass tomorrow. well into the 80s, the most humid day of the week tomorrow. and that's when the showers and
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the early afternoon about around the boston area. go fast forward go here and talk about your lunchtime tomorrow. as the storms are developing, we're already in the mid 80s at lunch. near 80 degrees out there on worcester and cape cod. your high temperatures tomorrow afternoon in the boston area are going to be very close to 90. boston to quincyly 88. watertown, arlington tomorrow afternoon. more towns 90 degrees, like methuen, and dover, drake, out here in worcester county, here as well. fitchburg almost 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon. so let's go forward with these storms. through the afternoon. in the boston area and south shore by 3:30 and then southward toward plymouth by 4:30 and cape cod by 6:00 dinner time before they start to pushing off shore and out of here during the evening hours. most of us will be fine after 6:00. it's just the last that will be around on cape cod on and the islands tomorrow evening. once that front passes, we dry out and things looking pretty
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that's gaston, now back to tropical storm status, after flaring up to a hurricane overnight. now back to tropical storm and then this system trying to get going in the caribbean. really falling apart. we'll see if it can regenerate. the newest information from the national hurricane center on the tracks of both of these during our 5:00 hour. here's our seven-day forecast. 80s this weekend and dry. low humidity both days. our next chance for showers will be monday after we get through the threat for tomorrow. i'll have an updated timeline on those storm a progresses and new information comes in. >> we'll have to watch that rain, hopefully it holds off, tomorrow is our last zip trip of the 2016 season. we're closing up zip trip tomorrow in burlington, massachusetts. >> hello burlington. >> had so much fun visiting the cities and towns that make living here so great. join gene lavanchy, sar underwood and meteorologist shiri spear at the town common from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
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serial for the krerial drive. see you tomorrow. >> expect more security, country star kenny chesney headlines the show of bringing 55,000 each night. the police chief will bring an extra 175 officers both days which is more staffing than usual. police say that's because in the past, more people are usually taken into custody for being drunk and other criminal activity. if you're driving in the area, keep in mind traffic also expected to be >> if you have an iphone, it's time for an update. security concern that has apple urging customers to update their phone. ock. >> mark: all new at 5:00, one of the state troopers seen punching this suspect is in court this afternoon. we're live with how he was able to avoid jail time. plus, most of massachusetts is still in an extreme drought.
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. >> new at 4:00, apple issued a security update after the every scow of iphone spyware circulating in the middle east. the update for all iphones, according to the text site, zz net. apple is calling for an important security update.
4:25 pm
israel. they can catch over the air through the phone or tablet settings. >> a tragic accident in delaware, a 59-year-old woman fell from the zip line and died. in the past, the safety procedures are thorough, but you really have to pay attention during the training. >> the staff basically takes you through how to hook up to the wires and everything that you're going across all of the obstacles and stuff. after you get up there, it's kind of up to you toma >> blair: the cause of that fall is still under investigation. >> a shelter at home to help with the recovery efforts after recent flooding. governor john bell edwards says it's available for people who can recover their homes for $15,000 or less. fema will -- temporary housesibleva for those eligible for the program while they build. >> the zika virus can impact
4:26 pm
infected baby for up two months. it can harm babies harmed by the virus even if mothers were infected late in their pregnancy, cites the case of infant suffering brain damage while still in the womb. normally it takes one week for the virus to leave the body completely. right now staying on top of the breaking news out of chelmsford where a child was rescued from this pool. what we've learned about what happened there next at 4:00. >> also caught fire in the middle of the night. how neighbors helped each other out of harm's way. >> kevin: tracking showers into southern vermont into southern new hampshire right now how far they make it and new threat tomorrow. >> blair: explosive video shows the minute vandals blow up that
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>> blair: now at 4:30, updating the story in five-year-old was pulled from this pool on gorham street around 3:00. sky fox is there in chelmsford where the boy was flown to a boston hospital. the child we understand was semiconscious at the time and breathing when he was pulled from the water. no word how long he was under the water. but police say adults were on hand when the boy's parents noticed he was under water. developing right now, after shocks have people in italy on edge. a day after a powerful
4:30 pm
people. three small towns were levelled one after shock crumbled buildings that had already been cracked yesterday causing police to close the roads. rescue crews using dogs to search the rubble for any survivors. firefighters had their hands full overnight. as several houses caught fire, forcing dozens of people from their homes. >> this was breaking on fox 25 morning news as we reported the fire started on summers street. as michael heinrich reports when residents saw the ims florida, they helped each other get out summers street in lawrence of the mayor tells us the investigational focus right here an abandon building with the fire started with homeless people inside. the flames spread fast from one building to the next. >> i saw in the window. and i say, holy crap. >> reporter: summer street quickly became the focus of dozens of firefighters from lawrence with and neighbors towns.
4:31 pm
>> i haven't heard anything. i was just sleeping. and there was just people knocking on the doors and woke -- >> reporter: the fire chief says the fire started in an abandoned building and spread to at least three multifamily homes. including catherine's. >> they were screaming in spanish, fire, fire, come out, come out. everybody just came out. me and my mom started knocking the first floor windows and dos that's how everybody got out. >> reporter: at least 25 people made it out safely. the red cross came to help survivors like catherine, left wondering what they'll do without their homes. >> i have no idea. >> reporter: firefighters stayed on scene for hours putting out hot spots and dealing with the wreckage. four firefighters did get hurt in the line of duty of all of them expected to be okay, he said. reporting in lawrence, i'm
4:32 pm
was the perfect day to enjoy allen park right here in worcester. fox 25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here and kevin, some clouds may move in tonight. >> kevin: yeah, there's actually showers out there right now tracking vermont and new hampshire. nothing in massachusetts so much popping up. 87 in boston this evening. that's right now. 80 degrees out in worcester. couple degrees warmer for the high temperature today. not finding any 90s out there right now like yesterday. tomorrow just as hot as today and a little more humid. these are the showers i'm talking about. valley of new york. this one trying to get going in northern worcester county but not just yet. some of these have yellow in it. you know on live tracker radar, these are coming down harder. it's all moving toward the east. progressing in southern vermont and southern new hampshire over the past hour. crossing interstate 91. widen this up and put a track on it for you. hannaford and concord by 5:00 this evening. keep an idea on these showers,
4:33 pm
idea getting stronger. eastward and dying out. in the morning, a couple showers lingering. with a system coming across, be watching more along the front. could get thunderstorms in the day and into the afternoon. talk more about those details, still await the latest on the tropicks as well. >> blair: thanks kevin. new at 4:00, four men face charges on a multiscaming operation. fraudulent purchases in new hampshire. police in vermont tell fox 25, the four would take the stolen information and then magnetic other cards. those suspects being held on $25,000 bail each. >> an explosion rocked a newspaper box in the heart of salem. now police say this package is being hethed as a hate crime. jessica reyes has a look at the explosion left behind. >> reporter: this is the news box, called the rainbow ties, you can see charred on top of it. inside all charred and melted out. this happened tuesday morning.
4:34 pm
the 7 people they believe are responsible. look closely at this video. you can see a group of people open the rainbow types newspaper box and throw something inside and seconds later an explosion. >> for this to happen, we're all flabbergasted. >> reporter: it happened around 1:00 tuesday morning. during the explosion, you can see an innocent bystander walking down the street. luckily he wasn't hurt. >> at first, it was very shocking to me. i mouth. >> reporter: editor in chief, told their foxes have been vandalized at least a dozen times in the last three months. >> the vandalizesation started relatively small, basically trash in the newspaper boxes. >> reporter: this time, the vandals urinated and left a lot of trash in the box. >> the newspaper box had, you know, chicken carcasses and crab like rotted shells. >> reporter: joan says she
4:35 pm
>> i do believe it's a hate crime. the police agreed with us. it was very lib when you watch the video. >> reporter: now the police and the community are hoping someone can help identify this group. >> our mission is not only to cover the lgbt community but many of the enter personalities that our community and our identities share. >> reporter: and once again, salem police are still trying to track down these people. they were in this area around 2:00 or about this to give them a call. in sailed lep, jessica reyes, fox 25 news. >> blair: a burger king manager is facing assault charges. he threw sauce at a customer. douglas waterman who is a manager of a burger king in conway new hampshire was arrested earlier this month. the customer complained to waterman saying there was no bun on her burger. he yelled at her and threw the sauce. waterman claimed he was verbally
4:36 pm
guilty to making distress calls to the coast guard. he was on a boat that was sinking, he claimed, prompting massive searches. in each case, gave someone else's personal information which they say he got for warning as a dispatcher for the bristol county sheriff. he'll be charged in november. >> he died of 77 in hyannisport, he was the youngest brother of president john f. kennedy and served as a u.s. massachusetts senator from >> judging the cleanliness of restaurants in boston may get a whole lot easier. according to "the globe," the council has issued a proposal to restaurants. that now needs a new proposal. ab or c grade based on the violations during inspection. the grades posted on the city's website. after a year, the restaurants will be required to post their own grades in their own windows.
4:37 pm
school and get your kids the latest trends they want. >> a couple made in the unusual wedding request, what they did made a huge difference in the life of one little girl. >> now we update the roads and conditions out there. live drive time technology. look at the expressway from the gas tank, you can see it's crawling from the south toward the split. northbound is moving along as you head into the tunnel. now to the map where you can see traffic slowly moving heading west on the moving along 35 miles an hour. >> creeping up 26 minutes, the
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the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. only at a sleep number store. victims of the orlando nightclub shooting will not have to pay a dime for the medical treatment they received on the night of shooting. the hospital will not charge any of the patients however, still charging the insurance companies, just foregoing any out of pocket expenses. some questioning the timing of this announce. yesterday the hospital announced that members of its staff were caught searching through the private medical records of the shooting victims. >> blair: one of washington, d.c.'s biggest attractions is closed. the elevator is at the end of its life span at the washington monument. working to replace it every nine months. >> we were at this meeting, we would have to do this and we've
4:41 pm
i think it's all become that much more urgent because we've had some unexpected closure in the past couple of weeks. which have -- have impacted our service to the public. >> blair: the monument closed for three years following the earthquake in 2011 and more than two dozen times since for a be in of issues including elevator problems. >> a music usually means loud music and clots of p cloud music. one decided to forego everything in exchange for a child's life. instead of asking for a toaster or a wedding gift, the newly we said asked their guests to pay it forward. a they asked their guests to sponsor a young child from honduras for heart surgery. >> she had the same heart congenital defect that eric's
4:42 pm
>> the toddler they sponsored is scheduled to under go that surgery in two weeks. >> someone hacked a popular comedian website exposing her personal information and intimate photos. all new at 4:00, why the government is taking what happened to her very seriously. >> kevin: tracking showers across southern new hampshire and back through southern vermont where these are going and the threat for more showers and stronger storms coming tomorrow. >> blair: clothes for every kid in your family going back to school this fall can really add
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4:45 pm
wearing sweater and short sleeve dresses. >> reporter: chloe from kingston is entering the 9th grade this fall and like most teens wants to look good. >> the prices are great and i love all of their clothes. >> reporter: so how can we as parents give our kids the fashions they love without going broke? retail and marketing instruct store at the marketing center pour education, breaks down for being smart. >> you need to have a budget. >> reporter: before you leave the house,ak >> once you know how much you want to spend, then you can pick which stores you want to spend that on. >> reporter: next, go around your own home and see what clothes your kids already have. >> by you know what you have around the house, most likely make better judgment of what you pick at the store. >> reporter: for those of you shopping secondhand store, hold on. >> you think you're getting a deal. but the same price of getting an item at secondhand store, might
4:46 pm
>> reporter: another cost saving tip for kids still growing, buy clothes jacket and shoes a size up. and always go online, sign up for e-mail offers from your kids favorite stores, most offer free shipping and returns specifically for back to school shoppers. and with all of that money you saved shopping smart, allowing your kids that one special item is sure to start their year off with fashions accessories confidence. >> looking good for back to school makes >> reporter: sara underwood, fox 25 news. >> blair: jeff always says share your back to school shopping list with aunts, uncles, grand parents, whoever in the family, who may be able to purchase some of the clothes your kids really want. more to save on your all of your back to school shopping. go to our website, >>kerry: it does take a village. the most sensitive transplant a
4:47 pm
the transplant and is doing well. can eat, sleep, breathe normal. also has a full head of hair. he said the best thing after the surgery is seeing his children. >> the road to recovery has been long and hard. but if i had the opportunity to do it again, i would in a heartbeat. >>kerry: he suffered severe burns on his face while responding to an accident 15 years ago. >> blair: federal agents looking the hack of actor comedian leslie jones's website. looking into the hack that we first reported on yesterday. hackers shut down the actress's website and posted revealing photos and information about the snl star. months after jones was hit with numerous hate comments on twitter after word came out about the attack, many celebrity showed support forrens joe on social media. >> kevin: how beautiful is it on cape cod right now.
4:48 pm
about everywhere you hook. it's pretty comfortable. it is sticky to go along with the 70s. same everywhere. but hotter in the boston area, out to worcester 80 degrees right now. starting to cool off a bit in new hampshire and southern vermont because of the rain showers coming out too. this is what we're talking about. moving into central new hampshire right now. light to concord and manchester. a little more juice to the ones through washington and stoddard and into vermont. these are ones that continue to track off toward the east. all of east. these are the ones closest to making it with a little shower into central new hampshire. track those, continue to push off to the east, about 30 miles per hour and there are towns in the way, manchester new hampshire, i'm aware you're getting a lighter shower now. i'm tracking just the heavier batch coming on through. those are the consequential rains that are coming through this evening for you. plans of dinner types, baseball gapes and softball games and whatnot. back to future cast, the showers, notice they're fizzling coming eastward.
4:49 pm
through here. looks very little here in the boston worcester area at least overnight. take you through the day tomorrow, more showers and thunderstorms are going to be rolling on through. from noontime through 4:00 in afternoon in boston. through the south shore at 4:30 and eventually out to cape cod as well. lunchtime temperatures already in the 80s. you know it's going to get hot as the day goes on. 86 bridgewater, 89 for walpole tomorrow afternn. squeeze out the last remnant of summer. 84 in barnstable tomorrow and 89 as well. there a progression for it. through 4:00 in the boston area. from there, stop it there. that looks pretty strong in here. doesn't mean a strong thunderstorm over duxbury but i'll be tracking it tomorrow very closely. push out eastward toward the cape and islands. and eventually off shore after
4:50 pm
but for your dinner time on cape cod tomorrow evening be aware of there could be showers and storms around buzzards bay especially. tomorrow clear it up and looking pretty good for the upcoming weekend. i promise you the observations coming in, a little sooner. there's gaston. a pretty good looking storm, was a hurricane, now back to tropical storm. we were talking about it a as a tropical storm at 11:00. but gaston is still forecast to become a hurricaney weekend, saturday in particular in the afternoon, category one. category two to the east, well east of bermuda and swirling out to sea. huge waves towards bermuda but it looks like a miss at this point. then there's this. this trying to become hermine. the next storm name in line. doesn't look like much. but if it can hold some semblance together, before bahamas, hot water that it can flare up over, spaghetti plots,
4:51 pm
farther to the south and west, just clipping southern florida or the gulf of mexico. until it gets a name how can we be sure of that? we really can't. we'll just be watching. seven-day forecast, dry out for the weekend, less humid, less warm. saturday the pick of the weekend with pure sunshine. clouds start to increase before the next shower threat. blair miller: new at 4:00, the singer of the of over a copy right. they said the case never should've gone to trial. whether they copied a marvin gay song for their song. the jury awarded gay's family more than $9,000. >> a hot commodity in hollywood. the action star and former wrestler tops the list of highest paid actors 64.5 million in 2016. johnson's roll in central intelligence and fast have
4:52 pm
film star. also bringing in jackiechen the number 2 spot. matt damon in third with $55 million earned. >> blair: a new jersey boy end went and above beyond for the police department. he treated the here he rows to a free lunch. he worked hard to spread a little cheer. check out the spread. the whole department dug in, hungry and impressed. >> we actually gave him a real badge that we have and we're going to make him a real i.d. i am fighting tears. i am so excited for him. >> blair: she should be. he is just five years old. >>kerry: so cute. >> blair: next, he's bringing school supplies to needy children as well as toys to an animal shelter. >>kerry: preparing to take a bite out of snapchat. how the popular app may be getting some competition and here's elizabeth hopkins with
4:53 pm
news at 5:00. >> we're continue to working on breaking news out of chelmsford where a boy was taken out of the pool semiconscious and breathing when he was pulled from the water. our crew on the scene just learned new detail about the boy and who the pool belongs to. the live report next at 5:00. plus reporting on dry conditions that continue to plague the state.
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
>> amazon may be taking steps to let you click and collect your groceries. planning documents show amazon is working on creating driveup grocery stores. shoppers would be able to order their groceries on line and then
4:57 pm
the click method would make it easier for amazon to sell perishable items. new at 4:00 p.m., apple could be working on its own version of snapchat. the tech giant is reportedly hard at work an a video sharing app. utesers would be able to view videos and apply them to clips before sending them out to friends and family and let them send the videos to contacts stored on their devices. mark following the devastating earthquake that killed more than 250 people. shortly after that, 6.2 magnitude quake hit, fate book activated it's safety chat late monday. as of tonight, it is not clear if he will visit any of the towns impacted. >> new at 4:00 p.m., an out of control dump truck is caught on camera hitting a number of cars in california. the truck hit the median and veered into on coming traffic before slamming into a number of
4:58 pm
in st. gabrielle. witnesses say the driver looked dazed and police believe he may have had a seizure. in total, eight cars were hit, and five people hurt, but none seriously. >> in chelmsford, a 5-year-old was pulled from a pool. >> fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. >> mark: first at 5:00 p.m., a young boy is pulled from the good news, he was breathing on his own when he was rushed to the hospital. good evening everyone. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> elizabeth: i'm elizabeth hopkins in for vanessa welch. one of the boy's mothers noticed the boy in the pool. it happened if a backyard in chelmsford. ted, what can you tell us? the pool where this happened happened behind me. you may be able to see the fencing around it.
4:59 pm
inground pool and we'll show you it from the air momentarily. sky fox captured video of a med flight helicopter picking up the victim from a landing zone not far from here on carlisle street. as we were driving here, we were able to hear med flight on a scanner communicating with boston children's hospital, that's where this child is going. according to the father of the woman who owns the home, his daughter and other adults were in the water when at the noticed a 5-year-old boy had drifted moving. the woman pulled the boy from the water and administered cpr, until first responders arrived. fox 25 has learned the boy was semi conscious when he was airlifted and fortunately, the child still had a pulse. the homeowner's father also tells us that the boy is not a family member. he says he believes his daughter was doing a bible study with the 5-year-old and the child may
5:00 pm
bible study. so that child taken to boston children's hospital. we are still working to get an updated condition and we will bring you any new information as it comes to us throughout the next couple of hours. that's the latest reporting live in chelmsford, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: new at 5:00 p.m. tonight, as drought conditions worsen, the impact is intensifying. now, it's actually affecting wildlife. typically this time of year, the herring are finishing >> mark: fox 25's robert goulston is live in weymouth, where the herring run is running dry. >> the reporter: mark and elizabeth, yeah, the drought is causing all sorts of problems, here on the herring run in weymouth, it is the water levels that's causing a problem from the migration of the herring. they cannot get from here, whittman's pond up the trail here, out into the main ocean. the water is running but it's more of a trick em. >> well, -- trickle.


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