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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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their own home. this morning, police in mississippi are hunting for their killer. close ties that one of the nuns has in massachusetts. do you recognize this guy, police say he is the suspect in a sexual assault. details that have one community on edge. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good friday morning, everyone, it is 4:30, i am julie grauert. >> stephanie: i am stephanie coueignoux. we on that fatal accident in the sumner tunnel in just moment, but first the weather, very important on this friday morning as sarah wroblewski is track the humidity, the heat, the storm, everything wrobz wrobz we have a lot going on today and -- >> sarah: we have a lot going on today. showers this morning over parts of the cape and the boston area and not too bad. mild.
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a little bit cooler north and west where we have clear keys for that heat to go up into the atmosphere. mid-60s for parts of the is central and parts of the state. notice the rain to the west will be headed our way through the afternoon. i will time that out for you in just a couple of minutes. but back to stephanie for breaking news. >> stephanie: we are continuing to follow that breaking news right now. the sumner tunnel ramp at 93 north is closed because of a fatal crash. fox25's jessica reyes is live near that scene with more jess. >> reporter: stephanie, the scene here is pretty horrific. this just happened a little over an hour ago and you can see part of the highway down here 93. a pretty big scene at this point. the tunnel is shut down we know as troopers investigate and it is likely going to shut down for quite some time. we have some video we want to show you now. our overnight photographer dropped this just a short while ago in a pickup truck that was involved in this crash and we have learned this morning that one person was
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us have been taken to the hospital. we are back out here live and give you a look at the highway. you can see several emergency vehicles on the road here. once again the sumner tunnel is shut down as troopers investigate. a very large scene. it will likely be shut down for quite some time and likely impact the morning commute. for more on that and some of the potential detours, here stephanie coueignoux. >> stephanie: thank you, jess. and mass state police do not know when that tunnel will open. they are goi have it; however, if you do take that route, they are detouring owl traffic to the ted williams tunnel right there. so, again, that is the detour as the sumner tunnel to 93 northbound is closed because of that fatal accident. taking a live look at the map right now. you can see it is not impacting traffic too much, but, again, as the rush hour, it starts getting closer, we are expecting that to impede traffic. south of the pike, the
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the pike itself is also running smoothly. it is going to take you 24 minutes on the pike 495 to mass avenue. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the mass pike and 20 minutes on 93 southbound from 495 to the leverett connector. thousands of people catch the acela train from south station every single day, but this morning amtrak is warning that may become a problem because of an ongoing court battle with the mbta. each company is suing the other over of the attleboro line. mbta as amtrak didn't do its part in maintaining that part of the line, and in court this week, amtrak shot back saying the mbta refused to cover the cost. amtrak says it has been waiting for more than five years to see a check. meantime this morning, the mbta tells fox25 it will not drop its lawsuit because amtrak's accusations are, quote, without merit. a pilot scheduled it fly from michigan to massachusetts
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while at the controls. police in traverse city, michigan say the co-pilot of a charter plane had a blood-alcohol level of .30. that is nearly four times the legal driving limit and 15 times what is legal for flying. officers were called by the plane's captain that noticed that his cal league and to be intoxicated. the co-pilot is a 35-year-old man from florida and due in court later today. the plane left michigan several hours la in bedford. surveillance images from a local store they hope will help them find a sexual aall the suspect. percent tell fox25 they want to identify and question the man seen in these pictures. on wednesday night, a woman was attacked from behind by a man near the rockport commuter rail station. the man knocked her down and tried to remove her clothes. she fought him off and he left on a bike. the man in this video matches the description of the suspect. now at 4:34. police in mississippi are
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killed a pair of nuns in their own home. one of the nuns has ties to massachusetts. station is live in stoneham where the nun has family, michael. >> this sister paula merrill's family church in stoneham and her family members who spoke with fox25 are simply devastated over the loss of a person who so beautifully dedicated her life to serving others. sister paula was in rural mississippi for the mississippi for the past 30-plus years ministering and serving as a.nurse prac tish honor to some of the poorest people in the country. when sister paula and sister margaret in this video did not show up for work yesterday morning, police did a welfare check and found the pair dead, reportedly stabbed to death. the car had been taken but local officials out of mississippi now say that police have recovered the vehicle. sister paula's nephew shared pictures of his aunt and his
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europe saying their family was very close. >> it's sad that people come to this -- whatever moat rates them. you know, i mean, my aunt and sister margaret lived their lives to try to make the world better for the people who have nothing. >> reporter: the investigation and search for sister paula and sister margaret's killer or killers continues this morning and the sisters of charity of nazareth say they are not only praying for their nun shoshtion were kil their -- nuns who were killed yesterday morning but also for their killers as well. an angry con artist tied up their lines for an hour. he posed as a irs agent and threatened to take action against the man unless he put 12,000 on a card. the suspect used caller id to
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department's phone lines with calls. he also called local residents and made it seem like he was calling from the police department. regulatoryers are now trying to track down that suspect. a former new hampshire state trooper will not penned a day behind bars after he beat a man who surrendered following a high-speed chase. skyfox followed the chase and beating that took place in may. andrew monaco struck a plea deal. serve three years of probation to avoid one year of jailtime. what he did was wrong. >> i apologize to members of law enforcement especially those who were there that day. but most importantly i apologize to the citizens of new hampshire. >> julie: monaco vowed to never enforcement again after his conviction. a local defense attorney needs a lawyer of her own after prosecutors charged her with hitting and killing a man at a courthouse in brockton.
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charged valerie se menci. she was trying to back into a spot when she hit the gas rehard and drove across the lawn running over john buckley in the process. a woman injured in a crash with a school bus in mendon has died. the accident happened wednesday morning on route 140. 57-year-old cheryl drainville of bellingham was a passenger in a car that collided with a bus taking children to camp. police ashe died yesterday. the driver in the hospital. no children on the bus wereeriously hurt. 4:38 at the time. a family will say goodbye to their 15-month-old son. the funeral will be at 10 a.m. in w woburn. he died when he and his twin sister was rushed to boston children's earlier in the week. right now unclear how the twins were hurt, but we do know it happened in the care of a baby sitter. dcf has take custody of
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investigate investigate. and ten commandments have been broken in somersworth, new hampshire. a sculpture of the ten commandments has been broken off its base. controversy before the grand fit tablet. many complained of having a religious item on city property. now they are seeking advice from city council whether to move the monument. >> we need to honor the constitution and the separation of church and tate. it is an important monument. it has part of the city's history. >> julie: similar monuments moved in other cities, but many people in somersworth say it wanted to stay where it was for 6 years. passengers found themselves in an unusual situation during their trip while touring lake sunopee, the boat became grounded when it crossed water pipes. the boat had been carrieding 60 people including two crewmembers at the time.
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transferred to another ship. police and marine patrol will require the help of divers to move that boat. time is 4 d 40, and taking a live look at the roads right now. you are not going to see any problems at the moment. 93 southbound if you were headed into the city 20 minutes with the speed of 64 miles per hour. so up to speed. meantime, meteorologist sarah wroblewski, i know that you are tracking a chance of showers for some folks this morning. >> sarah: a few showers on the cape right now, but another chance morning, and a better chance into the afternoon and evening for parts of our area. so we will be tracking that risk on through the afternoon. temperaturesing or a into the 80s. feeling like 90 with that humidity. i will show you when that humidity breaks and give that you hour by hour timeline of that rain in just a few minutes. >> all right, sarah. a goodbye tour continues for a boston sports hero. look closely at the image or you might miss the message. the carving in corn to honor
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a very item meant to keep them safe.
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great days. all right, tonight the patriots will play their third preseason game. they are in carolina to take on panthers. tom brady did make the trip but unsure if he will eany action.
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he was injured during a scrimmage last week. the sox will host the world champions kansas city royal. boston remains in a first-place tie with toronto on top of the al east. the sox wrapping up a series in tampa. mookie betts with a sac fly. sox lead. and next inning game is tied when tampa's mike mccook hits a double to center. comes flying all the way around from first. and that is your game-winning run. and there is more bad news for the sox. rookie phenom andrew benintend circumstances now on the disabled list. he sprained his left knee and it is still hard to watch. he is out for at least two weeks. they are still reviewing the results of a mri to see if he can return at all this season. facebook is now responding to concerns of just how easy it is to buy guns on their web sites.
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this year, but the only way tone force this ban is for -- way to enforce this ban is for users to report those ads. once it is reported and violates policy it is removed. but one gun safety advocate says more that they can do. >> our research and our messages of concern when reporting like yours show that corporate citizens are falling short. facebook says only commercial and online retailer and online retailers are allowed to advertise guns on their web site. a major recall is under way and it could impact your baby's safety. 25,000 safety first strollers are being called back because of a defect that could cause a child to fallout. so this recall is for the safety one and step and go models that were sold at babies "r" us, wal-mart and amazon and definitely contact the company because they will give you a free repair kit. time is 4:45, and we
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the fatal accident on the sumner tunnel to 93 northbound, that is closed, and this is a picture that our fox25 photographer tweeted out. so, again, mass state police still investigating and this morning that is impacting the traffic there. police are asking everyone to take the ted williams tunnel westbound. no word yet on when the tunnel is going to reopen. we do have fox25's jessica reyes on the scene gathering more information, but, again, this hour. meantime, taking a look north of the pike. you can see that roads so far not impacted at the moment. and everything is running very smoothly. it will take you 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge. 22 minutes from 128 to route 1 to the weston tolls. meantime, sarah wroblewski bus internet weather center. i know you are tracking a chance of some showers this
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tonight. >> sarah: we will are to look for that risk early afternoon and early evening an not risk to end the drought. one thing you are noticing is really muggy. moisture to work with. temperature in boston, 73 degrees. wind out of the southwest going to continue to push those temperatures up today ahead of a cold front, and sure enough, dupes in the upper difficulties close -- dew points in the upper 60s close to 70s. good news if our humidity level will be dropping as we wake up tomorrow morning and we will see cooler, if not drier air moving on in. all follows this cold front that will be pushing eastward through our region during the afternoon and evening hours, and along it, we have got some scattered showers. now ahead of it, because we have so much moisture to work with, a few showers across the cape and islands and some breaks. the showers in part of new
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some of them die out. around 7:00 waking up to partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 70s out there and then as we head toward your lunch hour, some of that activity beginning to fizzle, but the clouds still hanging around. we will are to watch for any breaks in the cloud cover. we see some sunshine develop, that may stir up activity and create the risk of some thunderstorms. otherwise we are looking at widely scattered showers developing around your lunch hour as temperatures will be in the 80s, and then pushing south and east during the afternoon. so noticing we are seeing improvement across northern areas by the late afternoon and into the evening while the risk of showers still continues along the south coast before we finally see improvement once the sun goes down. so we will watch for that risk through the afternoon, otherwise it will be hot and humid. something you will know that you will want to have that fox25 weather app handy that will help you guide, navigate you through the day with the risk of showers. highs today well into the 80s. cooler across parts of the cape and islands and a nice night at fenway. once that chance showers
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and by game time, still in the lower 80s, but temperatures will be dropping. clouds will be decreasing. as we head into the weekend, of course, the sox back in town, playing the kc royals here. upper 70s for your saturday, and by sunday, sure enough, before game time, we are looking at the mid-70s and it is going to be dry because high pressure builds on in behind this cold front decreasing humidity overnight. saturday looking pretty nice. we may see that sea breeze develop not only just saturday but also on sunday as hi so cooler conditions at the beaches while inland locations, that's where you will see those temperatures climbing into the 80s. if you were traveling across new he thinks and there weekend, looking pretty nice for your saturday and sunday. for the cape and islands, looking at 80s for your saturday. and then just the 70s on sunday. taking a look at that seven-day forecast with the weekend falls gear. then show that risk for today and the afternoon about 60% for a chance of that scattered shower and storm and dry
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dry and mild conditions heading into next week. there is the latest look at your forecast. >> julie: all right, sarah. a happy reunion of a stray dog and the man hoping to adopt it. the unusual circumstances that brought the pair together. up next, a little boy going above and beyond to help the men and women who serve. >> because -- because if they want -- i wanted them to survive. >> stephanie: he is selling
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as drought conditions worsen, the impact is becoming more severe. we have been reporting on the impact on wildlife for weeks and the animals that live in the water are immune. typically this time of year the herring. an expert shows fox25 the dry conditions that stop the fish from from migrating out of the pond. the water got stuck waiting for water levels to rise again. that's what they are, food, fish for everything out there which is the more herring we have, the better it is for us for the fish that we eat. >> when the water levels rise again in whitman's pond, the herring will be able to finish their return to the ocean. we heard of a camera hog, but what about a camera bear. look at that photo. a bear in western massachusetts proving that he
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very up close and personal. this is with the trail camera. he pressed his nose right against the lens. officials ait is common for bears to go up to these cameras which is why they keep them in protective steel cages. >> julie: maybe it was cold on his nose and that is what he wanted to do. starbucks will go in a southie neighborhood after all. got unanimous approval to move on to east broadway. the three months when the board voted to deny the same request by the same starbucks. expecting crowds and traffic around gillette stadium today and tomorrow because country fest is here. kenny chesney is going to headline with miranda lambert and other big names taking the stage with about 55,000 people expected in foxborough for each night, the police chief is bringing in more than 100 extra officers to handle the crowd. police say more people are usually taken into custody at
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and other criminal activities then compared to, let's say football games they aand other then compared to, let's say football games they aand other concerts a 7-year-old boy going above and beyond to aspen the end of his summer vacation helping others. station's jacqui heinrich reports he raised $2500 for veterans of ptsd by selling lemonade. >> reporter: you could hear them from mil 40 jeeps, a 5en this army tanker, police escorts and a ton of supporters. all to show a 7-year-old grafton boy they are proud of what he is doing. >> it's going a bunch of army men. >> reporter: army men? and why do the army men need it? >> because i wanted them to survive. >> your very own coins from the army national guard.
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dream is to join the army and makes him sad to see disabled vets not getting the help they deserve. he says to make a difference, everyone has to try, so he did. >> keep on doing it. fill it up. >> reporter: linking up with project new hope, a local nonprofit that works to provide services for veterans and their family. >> we are losing 30 veterans a day to suicide. a lot are divorced.they earned the benef >> you have lemonade for sale. >> reporter: word got around that the community was doing big things and the community had a surprise to make sure that it means a lot. from teachers to school administrators. >> we are impressed tyler. >> this young kid that really cares. >> who his mom. >> no words for it. he has such a big heart. he is such a good kid, and he's -- it is just what he loves to do.
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in grafton, jacqui heinrich, fox25 news. >> julie: look at all those flavors. quite an extensive operation. this isn't the first time that tyler has done something like this. last year his lemonade stand raised $1600 to a grafton police officer battling cancer. >> stephanie: we can take a page from his book. >> julie: thank you, tyler, giving us that e overhaul of harvard square, but something noticeably missing. the iconic landmark that is no longer on the map. plus a massachusetts senator adding her two cents
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now at 5:00, breaking news on the roads. a deadly car crash closes
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what we are learning about the injuries on the keen and how many people were -- on the scene and how many people were taken to the hospital. two nuns killed in mississippi and one with ties to massachusetts. who is sending prayers to her killer. as we report live outside the family church in toneham. a police officer is going an unusual mile to help an shooting victim. >> we all decided to split the cause. >> >> daniel: a man in boxers jumps an airport fence and the injuries we are learning about as police pull the man off in handcuffs. >> announcer: complete new england coverage tarts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, it is 5 a.m. on this friday, august 26, i am daniel miller. >> julie: and i am julie grauert. a hot and humid day ahead and


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