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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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what we are learning about the injuries on the keen and how many people were -- on the scene and how many people were taken to the hospital. two nuns killed in mississippi and one with ties to massachusetts. who is sending prayers to her killer. as we report live outside the family church in toneham. a police officer is going an unusual mile to help an shooting victim. >> we all decided to split the cause. >> >> daniel: a man in boxers jumps an airport fence and the injuries we are learning about as police pull the man off in handcuffs. >> announcer: complete new england coverage tarts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, it is 5 a.m. on this friday, august 26, i am daniel miller. >> julie: and i am julie grauert. a hot and humid day ahead and
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sarah wroblewski in for shiri and when we can expect this to unfold. >> sarah: a few showers off the cape and more wet weather pushing into the berkshires tracking this eastward. and if it makes it toward the coast after 7:00. current temperatures in the 60s and 70s out there right now. it is muggy and temperatures climbing into the upper 70s by 9:00. 80s that's what we will have to watch for a risk of some of the showers and storms developing this afternoon and evening ahead of a cold front that will spark that risk of wet weather. today, yes, a risk of passing shower this morning but better chance of scattered showers and storms as we head into the afternoon hours as temperatures will be near 90 in some spots. i will show that you coming up in just a few minutes. over to you, daniel. and we start with breaking
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expected to cause major delays this morning. fox25's jess yes, sir is live in boston and, jess, this crash happened just before 3:30 this morning. what is the situation right now s&p. >> reporter: well, daniel, as you said, this is a deadly accident in the sumner tunnel. you can see it is pretty grews ome. the ramp near the tunnel right here, and state police are on scene. they have been here for nearly two hours now. in the last half hour since i saw you last, one lane has drive and 93 north. that is shut down and will likely be shut down for quite some time. some video from the scene that our overnight photographer shot a short time ago now. the pickup truck, the one vehicle involved and one person was killed in the crash and two others are been taken to local hospitals. at this point, there is no update on how those two people
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the keen, this is all happening at the exit of the sumner tunnel in boston. clearly state police are a lot of work ahead as they work to re-create the scene, what exactly happened here this morning. but again in the past 15 minutes or so, the lane headed toward storrow drive has reopened. and the one near government center and 93 north, that one is shut down. mass dot is recommending they find a different way to get to work. either take the m another route to get to work. they areing can everyone to avoid this area and this is likely going to have an impact on traffic for quite some time over the next couple of hours. for more on that impact. send it inside to stephanie coueignoux. >> stephanie: thank you, jess. and mass state police recommending using the mbta or the ted williams tunnel westbound because, again, they will likely be there for hours because of that investigation. taking a look at the map though, you can see that it is
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people going north, but, again, as we continue to move closer to the rush hour, we will likely see those delays start to climb. right now though, the rest of the roads are looking pretty good north of the pike, and 19 minutes though on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 23 minutes on 128 from route 1 to the weston tolls. back to you. the search is on for whoever killed two nuns. the women were found in their home in mississippi, but of them has family here in massachusetts. this morning the nun's family in stoneham said the women are wonderful and they can't understand who would do this. michael henrich is live outside the family's church this morning. michael? >> reporter: well, they dedicated their lives to others in a variety of different ways not only serving through the church and ministering, but they were also nurse practitioners for 30-plus years serving the poorest of the poor. we are talking about two women that you can see in this recent video i want to show
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who has the ties here to stoneham and sister margaret. they were both nurse practitioners in rural mississippi for decades and when they did not show up for work yesterday, police did a welfare check and found them dead, reportedly stabbed to death. their car had been taken but police say that reek has been recovered less than a mile or about a mile, i should a, from their home and that is a new lead in the investigation over night. sister paula's nephew shared pictures of them on a trip to europe and said their family was very close. >> it is sad that people come to this whatever motivates them. i mean my aunt and sister margaret try to make the world better for people who have nothing. >> reporter: the investigation and search for sister paula and sister margaret's killer continues this morning in mississippi. we will bring you all the
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nazareth, the order that sister paula was part of is asking the public not only for prayers for the two n you can ns but also for prayers for their killers. very true-to-form statement of love from that order. for now live in stoneham, michael henrich, fox25 news. police in rockport hope surveillance images from a local store will help them find a sexual assault suspect. officers say they want to identify and question the man seen in these pictures. said she was attacked from behind by a man near the rockport commuter rail station. she says a man knocked her down and tried to remove her clothes. she fought him off, and the man left the area on a bicycle. the man in the video matches the description of the suspect. this morning a 5-year-old suspect remains hospitalized after being pulled from a swimming pool. skyfox was there as a medical helicopter lifted off to take the little boy to the hospital after he was found under water and not moving at a house on
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the homeowner's father tells fox25 that his daughter tried to perform cpr on the boy. the little boy was visiting the house at the time of the accident. last night the hospital told fox25 that doctor are hopeful he will make it. a new bedford man is behind bars accused of stabbing 15-year-old mateo morales to death. 21-year-old and a 16-year-old co-defendant were caught on surveillance cameras attacking the teen. class was charges. a friend of the if a legal helped wash the victim's blood from the walk. to wash it. it is not going to bring him back. it will not make anything easy, but i thought it was wrong for it to till be there. >> julie: class charged with assault, battery and intent to murder. the 16-year-old ising assault charges. boston police are investigating a hooting in dorchester that hurt a
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10-month-old puppy. no arrests have been made and the woman sp recovering. now boston police are stepping up to help the dog. the dog was banged up and rushed to an animal clinic. his owner said he could not afford the cost of surgery and met cal pills so the police stepped in. >> a natural response for one in need and help them out with their family and dogs are family and i don't think they get the credit they deserve sometimes. >> daniel: su hoping they will be able to save the dog's leg. a pilot flying from michigan to massachusetts is accused of being drunk while at the control. this travers city, michigan say the co-pilot of a charter plane had a blood-alcohol level that is nearly four time the legal driving limb and 15 times what is legal for flying. officers say they were called by the plane's captain who noticed his colleague and to be intoxicated yesterday morning. >> the sergeant was able to
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blurred peach and bloodshot watery eyes. >> the co-pilot is a 35-year-old man from florida and due in court later today. the plane was headed to hanscom field left several hours late but eventually arrived in bedford. a wild scene at an airport in nebraska. a man in omaha wearing his underwear climbed a fence and into a pickup truck and he rammed the truck into a parked at the gate. a crewmember and a passenger on the plane had minor injuries. the plane was expected to take off for denver at the time. the area in italy devastated by a earthquake last week has been shaken by another tremor. a 4.2-magnitude quake hit the area overnight. 11 a.m. local time.
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250 people confirmed dead. 360 his or her have been hurt. three small towns were completely leveled by the earthquake. the area has also been hit with a series of aftershocks. italy's prime minister has authorized millions in emergency funding. meanwhile, police are trying to prevent looting. new this morning a deadly explosion at a sports complex in belgium does not appear to be an act of terror. one person is dead and at least four other people are hurt. this 1 breaking news on station news at 10 and 11:00. th gym in the town of gemay near the french border. the explosion appears to have been caused by a gas leak. and we continue to follow breaking news after a deadly crash closes sumner tunnel ramp to 93 north in boston. this happened at around 3:30 this morning. police still there on scene gathering evidence and trying to reconstruct what happened,
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station's jess is there on scene and says one lane has reopened to storrow drive. again if you were traveling northbound, that tunnel is still shut, so because of that, massachusetts state police are asking everyone to take the ted williams tunnel westbound instead or to use the mbta. you can see at this hour, it is not impacting traffic too much, but because police are going to be there on scene, that could start impacting rush-hour traffic. we are going to keep a very close eye on this and, of course, bring you any updates. ba sarah archdiocese i will take it from here. temperatures warm and humid. the humidity meaning a lot of moisture in the air. the risk of scattered showers and storms. the best chances will be the midday into the afternoon. i will break down that timeline and show you when to expect that rain coming up in just a few minutes. thousands of people could have to find a new way out of boston. coming up at 5:30, the dispute over amtrak and the mbta that could cut off service for
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major endorsement. ryan lochke picked up a commercial deal. the one company ready to forgive the swimmer. elizabeth warren made a pit stop in boston to talk to
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a new quinnipiac poll show that hillary clinton is leading the race. 50% mr. cast their vote for democraticom trump has 41% of voters. donald trump is taking a stand against a hillary clinton ad tying him to the kkk. with 1,000 supporters in attendance. trump talked about it in new hampshire. he blasted clinton in what he calls her criminal level of corruption. supporters tell fox25 that she is the one that should be accused of bigotry. saying that the kkk is being
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julie trump did not address his recent statements that he could be changing his stance on immigration. a federal judge ordered clinton to turn over some e-mails that the fbi investigated by september 13. the order is for e-mails specifically related to the attack in benghazi. the state department say it is possible that no relevant information will be found after a different judge called for the release of 15,000 of clinton's documents. three months until the genera campaign trail. coverage all day long on air and online at u.s. senator elizabeth warren responded to the latest round of name-calling in the presidential election yesterday. she spoke to a crowd at roxbury community college. warren talked about the economic power of the middle class in front of hundreds of her supporters. but she it not shy away from talking about presidential candidate donald trump. >> we have to say we are a
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the country donald trump wants us to be. >> daniel: senator warren asked about former pitcher curt schilling running against her but she just shrugged. she said she would be open to legalizing marijuana in massachusetts. 5:16. and we have an update on that breaking news surrounding the fatalities, the fatal accident in the sumner tunnel. massachusetts state police said that the tunnel is now reopen and reconstruction teams are continu evidence and big out what exactly happened. we have fox25 jessica reyes there on scene, and she will bring us another live report coming up in just about 15 minutes. however, while the tunnel is open, the entry ramp is closed. if you were going to be using the entry ramp closed at 1 a at the sum network tunnel headed northbound, that closed as reconstruction teams continue to be there on scene for this fatal accident.
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and really not too many delays. the expressway running smoothly. the pike also running smoothly. so if you are head the out right now, it will take you nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the mass pike, and 19 minutes on 93 southbound from 495 to the leverett connector; however, you may want to bring your umbrella, because meteorologist sarah wroblewski, i know you are tracking some -- some showers this morning archdiocese sarah we could see a passing shower and into the afternoon a scattered showers. much needed, right. not enough to really help us with this drought that we are in. this is the latest drought monitor updated yesterday showing that the extreme drought continues for the boston metro area into parts of new hampshire. improvement for places like keene where we actually move from the moderate to the abnormally dry, but we are also seeing the severe drought now extended to the south shore as well as the south coast. well below average rainfall. so the amount of rain that we can pick up anywhere today,
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quarter of an inch with stronger showers and even a thunderstorm could see higher amounts. but we will have to watch as that doevt develops. a few showers down across the cape and island and more showers that we are tracking out to the north and west. on the cape and islands right now. nantucket getting hit with some of these very light showers. everything else is it pushed off. taking a look at northern parts of the berkshires, as well as heading into northern worcester county, you hour as this line of showers if they hold will be pushing eastward. i will show you on futurecast because what we have is relatively dry conditions in the boston area through the morning and we will watch for that passing shower. noticing by 10:00 across parts of southern new hampshire, but looking okay down across the cape and island. what you will really notice is the warmth of the humidity climbing into the 80s by your lunch hour as we will have some clouds around and this cold front will be approaching.
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thunderstorms into the afternoon in the boston area. after 5 o'clock, that threat will shift down to the coast along with the cape and islands. as that front pushes off of the coast by 8:00 once the sun goes down, we are looking at much improvement and actually lower humidity as we head into the overnight hours and the weekend as high pressure builds on in. a lot of sunshine forecast with light winds and that means local sea breezes and cooler conditions at the beach and that's where you are headed. currently right now, it is 7 that dew point upper 60s. so feeling very sticky out there this morning. i was telling you temperatures climbing into the 80s by your lunch hour. and we will are to watch in the boston area late morning through the mid afternoon for your best chance of seeing some of those scattered showers and storms. temperatures, though, well above the average. typically right around 80 degrees. mid- to upper 80s for the day today. nearing 90 in some spots. getting sunshine and cooler for the cape and islands keep the wind off of the water there. of course at gillette stadium
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shower and once the sun goes down, we will be grooving, looking pretty good. temperatures back in the 70s and on saturday, looking for 81 to start with pretty nice conditions and temperatures will cool once the sun goes down in your weekend highs looking at the 80s both days, cooler at the coast; however, that seven-day forecast with your weekend falls view showing that 60% chance of scattered showers this afternoon and then monday a risk of a shower. otherwise looking dry and pretty mild. a look at your latest fo a look at your latest forecast. >> julie: sara mentioned rain is in the forecast. local drought conditions are getting worse. at 5:30, how the dry weather is affecting ocean life. a man running more than 70
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norman: that's a lot of vitamins there, harold. harold: oh, i'm stocking up before kelly ayotte gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher program that'll cost families big time. norman: uhhh... the vitamins? harold: gotta keep my family strong because ayotte also wants to raise the medicare eligibility age. . i think maybe i'll pick up a few too. narrator: tell kelly ayotte: oppose medicare privatization.
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i can't believe... we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! 5:24. police in brazil are charging ryan lochke with making a false report. during the olympics lochke claimed that he and several other swimmers were robbed at gunpoint but the swimmer later admitted that he was involved in a confrontation with security guards at a gas station. he left brazil and unlikely he will return to face the
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endorsement. a cough drop company plan to use him in a commercial. all right, this is kind of amazing. a lost dog, i should say, jogging has been reunited with their owner and they have social media to thank. deion leonard first met the dog gobi during a week-long run in the gobi desert. the stray followed him for days 77 miles until they reached the finish line. the dog not surp car and leonard, of course, adopted that dog, but when leonard had to spend time in quarantine, the dog ran away. after days of searching. he received a phone call that gob hishtion been found and the dog ran right into his gob hishtion been found and the dog ran right into his arms when they were reunited >> julie: special connection between pups and their owners or adoptive owners.
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a cornfield maze at davis farmland in sterling. you can see -- oh, there we go. i see it on top. it says thanks big papi carved into the cornstalks. the maze opens to visitors next week. ortiz plans to visit the farm and view the maze from the helicopter. he has been receiving tributes from fans and rival teams throughout the year. that is a tribute. as long as you have a very wide perspective so you can see it all. sarah? >> that is pretty definitely want to try to check that out. if you were going to be headed to the beach today, it is going to be hot and humid. feeling like summertime out there. temperatures climbing well into the 80s. cooler for the cape and islands. keep an eye to the sky. a threat of showers and storms through the afternoon and evening. we will have that timeline for you coming up in just a few minutes. a little boy's lemonade stand makes a lot more money than he was expecting. how an impromptu block party helping raise money for local vets.
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a deadly crash in the sumner tunnel. coming up after the break, a
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now at 5:30. breaking news in boston. a deadly crash in the sumner tunnel now. some lanes are reopening but ramps are being impacted. police on a live report coming up. first look at sarah wroblewski with a look at today's weather. a little bit of a muggy start. you said it will be affecting our allergies. sarah, tell us more. >> sarah: feels like summer. feels sticky for sure. dew points upper 60s to 70s. and temperatures in the 70s and 60s. we will have to watch for lower visibility to develop, but right now looking pretty okay. showers off to the west that we will be watching those and pushing eastward and may provide a passing shower for
5:31 am
parts of the cape. nantucket seeing a few raindrops. temperatures in the low to middle 70s. heading to burlington for a glyph trip it starts in 30 minutes. watch for that passing shower. most of the morning should be dry and mild and muggy. temperatures will jump from near 70 to about 80. and in boston, we will see that 80 degrees by late morning. midday, that is when we will have to watch for scattered showers and storms to develop through the afternoon as temperatures will be soaring well into the 80s, near 90. hottest conditions and time out that shower risk coming up in a few minutes. over to you guys. >> daniel: sara, thank you. to that breaking news on the road. a deadly car crash inside the sumner tunnel is causing major problems for early morning commuters. jessica reyes is live in boston. the crash closed the tunnel for a while, but we are hearing that things are slowly reopening? >> reporter: it did, daniel. it happened after 3:00 this morning. and state police did completely shut down the
5:32 am
opened one lane here. a look down at the highway. one lane of traffic is getting through. her heading toward storrow drive and the other side the other lane, you can see the cones there. that lane is still closed. the lane where this crash happened. and that lane heading to government center and 93 north. that is still closed an at that point it is not clear when it might reopen and certainly expected to affect the morning commute. this was really an awful crash and video from the scene shot a co happened. you can see this silver pickup truck. this is the only vehicle that was involved in the crash and sadly we have learned this morning that one person was killed and two others have been taken to local hospitals. we are working to get an update at this hour on how they are doing. but back out here live. looking live at the highway. in the past hour. one lane of traffic has reopened heading toward storrow drive, on the other
5:33 am
not able to get from the sumner tunnel to the government center or to 93 north. mass dot is recommending that people do things like the ted williams tunnel and they do expect this will affect traffic over the next couple of hours and stephanie coueignoux, we know she is inside watching that and we have more on what she can expect. >> right now still early on and this fatal accident isn't impacting traffic at the moment; however, we will keep a very close eye as we get closer to rush-hour traffic. ju jessica reyes said. mass state police, they are asking everyone to take the ted williams tunnel westbound. public transportation just to avoid that area all together, because again that entry ramp is still closed there at the sumner tunnel. if we are going on to 93 northbound, something to keep an eye out on. a wider look now. and we are still only at 5:-- 5:32 in the morning. the pooh sick running as well as the expressway and corresponding to the drive
5:34 am
495 to mass avenue. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the mass pike. back to you. our top stories at 5:30. police have found the car belonging to a pair of nuns found murdered in mississippi. one of the women is from massachusetts. sister paula merrill still has family members in stoneham. relatives tell fox25 she dedicated her life to helping others. sister paula and another nun worked as nurses in a rural part of mississippi. they were stabbed to death in their ho stolen. the killer remains on the loose. amtrak is promising to cut boston off from train service because an ongoing legal battle with the mbta. each company is suing the other over maintenance on part of the attleboro line. amtrak didn't do its part in maintaining part of the line. in court this week, amtrak shot back saying the mbta refused to cover cost. amtrak says it has been waiting more than five years to see the check. the mbta tells fox25 it won't
5:35 am
drop a lawsuit because amtrak's accusations are without merit. police are revealing few details of a potential source of information in the killing of a teenaged girl in east boston. yesterday, boston police asked the public for help identifying the woman in this video. she was found a short time later. investigators said they questioned her about the death of 18-year-old blanca -- the teen was found at a con strun site. jose fernandez was charged with her murder. detectives won't say why ty the mother of a teen who died from an overdose in a new hampshire motel room is pleading guilty to a federal crime. jasmine rudd admitted in court yesterday she failed to report a felony. her daughter eve tarmey died from overdose of fentanyl in october. two other people have pleaded guilty of giving her the drug. as drought conditions get worse, the impact is becoming more severe. we have been reporting on the impact on wildlife for weeks
5:36 am
the water are immune. typically this time of year, the herring, finishing their run back to the ocean but an expert shows fox25 the dry conditions that stop the fish from migrating out of whitman's pond. many got out before the drought got bad, >> food, fish, everything out there which is more herring we have, the better it is for us or the fish we eat. >> reporter: when the water levels rise again in whitman's pond, the to finish their return to the ocean. uber is offering cheaper rides in boston, but will mean a little extra work for riders. how you can pay as little as $2 to ride by buying in bulk. >> julie: i like the sound of that. plus apple stops a big security threat to its products. the new fix that will stop dangerous spyware from creeping on to your phone. an iconic part of harvard square could soon disappear.
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narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an ire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible
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and we are continuing to follow breaking news after a fatal crash in the sumner tunnel. this is video of that crash within the last minute. mass state police have tweeted this information out. they say it was a single vehicle. one occupant has died. two others were sent to the hospital. they also say that the ramp to
5:40 am
in just a few minutes. the sum network tunnel as jessica reyes reported, that is open. and now mass state police is saying that the ramp to 93 northbound is set to open in just a few minutes. we are going to continue to keep an eye on this breaking news situation, but first let's send it over to sarah wroblewski. >> sarah: we have temperatures right now very mild in the 70s. it is muggy too. sun rises shortly after 6:00 and once it does, we will be watching for a few passing showers this morning, and better chances as we head into your afternoon as temperatures soar into the upper 80s near 90 with that humidity. we will be timing out the risk of those showers and storms in your town in just a few minutes. over to you guys. judging the cleanliness of restaurants in boston may get a whole lot easier. the city council has approved proposal for the city to issue letter grades to restaurants. it is now -- it now meets the mayor's approval. restaurants that pass inspection will receive a a, b and c grade base on the number
5:41 am
be posted on the city's website. after a year, restaurants will be required to post their grades in their windows. a landmark in harvard square may have to move the globe. they may be forced to leave their iconic location in the square. the city of cambridge owns the plaza where the kiosk stands but new plans to redesign the plaza does not include a spot for the new stand. those plans are not final yet, but the city wants to begin construction of the plaza in the fall of next year. fenway park. the sox will host defending champions kansas city royals. boston remains in the first-place tie with toronto on top of al east. the sox wrapping up a series in tampa. mookie betts drives in brian holiday with the sac fly. sox lead 1-0 and the only run of the game. next inning the game is tied when mike mccook hits a double to center. steven souza comes flying all the away from first. that is your game-winning run. sox lose 2-1.
5:42 am
sox. rookie phenom andrew benitendi is on the disabled list. benintendi will be out for two weeks. doctors are reviewing the results of a mri to see if he can return at all this season. we are keeping you up to date this morning checking in live with all of our reporters after the break. we have breaking news in boston where a deadly car crash is causing traffic problems. we have a local family's her home. >> julie: plus a little boy is donating money to veteran
5:43 am
norman: that's a lot of vitamins there, harold. harold: oh, i'm stocking up before kelly ayotte gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher program that'll cost families big time. norman: uhhh... the vitamins? harold: gotta keep my family strong because ayotte also wants to raise the medicare eligibility age. norman: ohhh... i think maybe i'll pick up a few too.
5:44 am
if you are just joining
5:45 am
the minute on all of our top stories. two nuns are killed in mississippi and one of them has local ties to stoneham. and blocking news in -- breaking news in stoneham with a deadly car crash. >> daniel: jess, you said this was a pretty grew some scene when you got there -- gruesome scene when you got there. >> reporter: it was pretty horrific. police had the tunnels shut do through to storrow drive, and the other lane where you see the two police cruisers parked, that lane is closed. heads to government center and 93 north, it is closed because that is where the crash happened but state police tweeted thought they will be reopening that lane in just a couple of minutes. we have some video from the scene right now. we want to you take a look at it. our overnight photographer shot this after this happened after 3:00 this morning. sadly, we have learned that
5:46 am
morning, and two other people were taken to local hospitals. mass dot has been saying over the past couple of hours they are recommending people stay away from the sumner tunnel, but once again in the past five minutes or so, state police are getting ready to reopen the lane of the tunnel that is currently closed, so this won't have as much of an impact on the morning commute. stephanie coueignoux will be here with another update on traffic in just a couple of minutes. for now, live in boston, jessica reyes, fox25 news. and i am michael henrich reporting live outside the family church of one of the two nuns killed in her home in mississippi. we are talking about sister paula merrill. she and sister margaret held the last years serving as nurse prang tish son whoers in rural mississippi for some of the poorest people in the country. police did a welfare check after they didn't show up for work and officers found the pair dead, reportedly stabbed to death. their car had been taken, but
5:47 am
they have recovered the vehicle and that investigation continues this morning. ahead in our next report in about 15 minutes or so. sister paula's nephew speaks with fox25 about his beloved aunt. michael henrich live in stoneham, fox25 news. police hope that surveillance images from a local store will help them find a sexual assault suspect. officers tell fox25 they want to identify the man seen in these pictures. wednesday night a woman was attacked near the rockport commuter rail station. the man knocked her down and tried to remove her clothes. she fought him off and the man left the area on a bicycle. the man matches the ciption of the man in the suspect. 5:47. a bit humid outside and we feel that humidity inside. >> julie: yes, we do and rain on the way in, sarah. >> sarah: you have humidity and risk of a shower or storm
5:48 am
as we head toward the midday and into the afternoon. look at this city of boston right now. the sun coming up shortly after 6:00 and 73. and this dew point in the upper 60s. so, yeah, pretty sticky out there with that wind out of the southwest. it is going to help push in that humidity and the heat. so we will be watching for the dew points that will be near 70 for the day today. finally increasing as we head into the weekend. but we have to get through a few showers and storms first before we finally see some and what we got going on, the humidity in place. a few showers pass over parts of the cape and island. less than a few hundreds of an inch from those showers. and a cold front to the west. this is a leading edge of drier air that will bring much relief to our region. and showers that we are tracking and some of the showers that they hold together will be heading toward our area through the morning mainly across parts of new hampshire, as well as northern parts of the state. this is right around 8:00.
5:49 am
temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s by 8:00. jumping into the 80s by midmorning, and by your lunch hour, noticing temperatures in the 80s with the cloud cover in place, and any breaks in the cloud cover will secure the threat of any showers could turn into thunderstorms. not looking at severe weather, but the potential is always there as we are watching through the afternoon hours. the risk of showers will focus down across the southeast as we head into the front will be pushing on through. so late in the afternoon, you are looking at improvement for parts of northern mass and into parts of new hampshire. and once the sun goes down, all of us will see decreasing clouds and drier air working non. this afternoon, we will watch for that passing shower or storm that will be widely scattered. we will have to watch for that as temperatures today climb into the mid- to upper 80s near 90 in some spots with the humidity is going to feel very oppressive out there.
5:50 am
islands. if you have plans this evening, a lot of concerts going on, but also the red sox back in town hosting the kc royals. looking pretty fantastic. low 80s for first pitch tonight as clouds will be decreasing and the weekend, mid- to upper 70s for the start of each game and dry conditions, because as that front pushes off the coast. high pressure will build on in this weekend, providing sunshine, light winds and we could see local sea breezes with cooler conditions at the beaches. it may late sunday for parts of northern new england. otherwise, it could be dry and bright with those temperatures into the 80s. cooler at the coast. if you were headed to the cape and islands, this is what you can expect this weekend. temperatures in the 70s. i do have to point out seas will probably be stirring up late in the weekend because we are tracking tropical storm gaston. it looks to strengthen into a hurricane over the weekend but will be pushed well out to sea, but could allow for the seas to build as we head into
5:51 am
in that way. otherwise it will be dry and quiet this weekend. another chance of showers on monday and looks dry and mild as we head into next week. now let's get a check of your traffic with stephanie. >> stephanie: thank you, sarah. to that news of the fatal crash in the sumner tunnel. the news right now that the tunnel is back open, but, again, as you can see, reconstruction teams and police are still there on scene; however, in just the last ten minutes, mass state police just tweeted out northbound to open in just a few moments. so hopefully that will reopen before rush-hour traffic. it is really not impacting traffic right now because, again, it is still early on. and a wider look now to the roads. you can see that there is just a bit of -- a bit of delays there on the expressway and other than that, the pike running up to speed, it will take you 21 minutes on 93 southbound from 49 to the leverett connector.
5:52 am
back to you. julie all right, thank you. a judge criticized for a low sentence in a rape trial will no longer hear those cases. he will only be asked to hear civil cases. he gave university student brock turner a six-month sentence. turner was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman while she was passed out near a trash bin. the victim after the sentencing went viral and sparked a national debate about sexual assault penalties. a tropical weather system has its eyes set on florida and residents are stocking up. the storm system could develop into a tropical storm before making landfall. and food and drinking water isn't the only concern. water management officials are preparing for the extra water that will be flowing into the ocean and through local canals. by releasing billions of gallons of water into the
5:53 am
president obama is expected to announce the expansion of a national marine monument off the coast of hawaii today. under the new order, all commercial fishing and mining will no longer be allowed. the recreational fishing and mining for cultural needs will still be permitted. the move will make the monument four times bigger than it currently is and will be largest protected area on the planet. uber is reporting major losses when it comes to its bottom line. the ride-sharing company is on track to lose year $520 million for the first quarter and $750 million for the second. according to uber's head of finance, huge expenses for uber's drivers are responsible for the majority of the company's losses globally. sales at jewelry store tiffany and company is increasing, and they report sales at its newest stores are down 8%. the decrease in america could be caused by a strong u.s. dollar meaning tourists don't
5:54 am
currency. profits from the tampa have been decreasing overseas. apple have issued a global security update to prevent its software from an aggressive software. apple says it fixed the vulnerability immediately after learning about it. expect crowds and traffic around gillette stadium tonight and tomorrow. the end of august con gurt formally known as country fest. kenny chesney will be outl and about 55,000 people are expected in foxborough for each night, the police chief there is bringing in more than 100 extra officers to handle the crowds. police say more people are usually taken into custody at this event for being drunk and other criminal activities then compared to football games and other concerts. it is now 5:54. a 7-year-old boy spending the last few days of his summer vacation raising money for ptsd and his work has not gone unnoticehis community in
5:55 am
donate to the great cause >> reporter: could you hear them from miles away, jeeps, army tanker, police transport and a ton of supporters to show a 7-year-old grafton boy they are proud of what he is doing. >> awesome job. >> it is going to a bunch of army men. >> reporter: army men? >> yes. >> reporter: and why do the army men need it? >> because survive. >> your very own coin from the army national guard. >> reporter: tyler's biggest dream is to join the army, but he say it is makes him sad to see disabled vets not getting the help that they deserve. he says to make a difference, everybody has to try and he did, linking up to project new hope, a local nonprofit to help veterans and their families. >> we are losing veterans to suicide. we have a lot of divorce.
5:56 am
have earned those benefits. >> can i buy some? >> yep. >> reporter: word got around that tyler was doing big things, so the community planned this surprise to show tyler that it means a lot from teachers to school administrators. >> we are just so impressed tyler. >> this young kid that cares. >> to his mom. >> there are no words for it. he has such a big heart. he is such a good kid and he's -- it is just what he loves to do. >> to tyler. >> reporter: one thing is for sure, the grafton community and this is the first time tyler has done something like this. last year his lemonade stand raised $1600 for a police officer battling cancer. >> daniel: i didn't know so many varieties. >> julie: he has quite the set-up and making waves. quite a little businessman. >> daniel: good cause and new kid. a safety protocol putting people at risk in the city. new at 6:00, why more than 1,000 of boston's elevators are not getting inspected.
5:57 am
pharmaceutical ceo's salary is being heard loud and clear. how the leader at epipen plan to cut cost for patients. we are continuing to follow a fatal accident in the sumner tunnel. coming up, how this could impact your morning commute. sarah. >> sarah: moments away from our zip trip in burlington. 70s and climbing to 80 by 10:00.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
now on 6:00, breaking news. a deadly car crash inside the sumner tunnel. the latest on road closures and what state police released about the victim. two nuns found dead in their home in mississippi. who is sending prayers to the nuns' killers after we report live outside the family church. a local police officer going the extra mile to help an unusual shooting victim. reason for helping an injured dog. >> announcer: complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 6 a.m. on this friday, august 26. i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, everyone, i am julie grauert. a muggy start to the morning. and we want to send it right out to our very last zip trip of the season. meteorologist shiri spear, sara underwood, gene lavanchy


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