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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  August 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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they had absolutely nothing to do with this drug raid, they were as surprised as anybody else. under arrest, two men from dedham, one richard lara and david de leon of boston also under arrest from boston both facing numerous charges. coming up at 6:00, more on this raid and the investigation. and also going to hear from somebody on the council for drug and alcohol awareness here in dedham. they've presented to us this afternoon a pretty shocking this town. live in dedham, jim morelli fox 25 news. >> jim, we'll see you then. right now to the boston skyline, where showers moved through this afternoon. this weekend just about here and a lot going on the last weekend of august. fox 25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz with us as well. looking pretty good, kev. >> kevin: yeah, kerry, showers mostful on the south shore and through cape cod. if your plans in boston, the feast in the north end, fenway park, anything you're doing, not
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out on cape cod a different story, still need to get these to come by, cape cod bay and toward outer cape right now. this one in southern part of plymouth may clip the mid part of cape, buzzards bay, perhaps stretching toward mattapoisett. this is going to this part of the cape, upper cape toward falmouth in the 15 to 20 minutes. all just rain showers. no thunder and i've seen no reports of thunder or lightning either. this is going to clear out this evening, looking real nice, up through tomorrow morning, clear skies and when you wake up, much lower humidity than what you had out there today. the suppress live heat and humidity going away. suppress the temperatures tomorrow with all of the sunshine, going to feel a lot different. tracking the showers out there right now and through the rest of the weekend with the next chance of showers on the way. >> kerry: all right, kev,
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gillette stadium. you can see a lot of red on route 1 approaching the stadium. not so bad so far on route 128. live drive times on the evening's commute. tobin bridge to 128, 42 minutes, o'neil tunnel to the split, 49 minutes. williams tunnel to the weston 29 minutes. >> state police still investigating a deadly crash that shut down the tunnel this morning. a pick up truck spun out o 3:00. three men in the truck. investigators say one was killed, twoerros in the hospital but are expected to survive. police continue to hunt tonight for the person who murdered two nuns in the deep south. one of those victims has family right here in massachusetts. fox 25 mark ockerbloom has the latest on the investigation and mark, police have recovered the woman's car. >> mark: police say the killer stole the sister's car.
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the run. sister marching get has family here. center paula and the other victim, sister margaret did not show up for work yesterday morning, police did a welfare check and found the pair dead, reportedly stabbed to death. sister's nephew showed pictures of his mother and aunt on a trip last year in europe, saying their family was very close. >> it's sad that people come to this, whatever motivates them. i margaret they lived their lives to try to make the world better for the people who have nothing. >> also, tonight, the reward for anyone with information has increased now up to $2300. mark ockerbloom, fox 25 news. >> kerry: new video of la quinta hotel in andover being evacuated. scene from sky fox around 1:30 this afternoon. in the last 15 minutes, the hotel guests have been allowed to return to their rooms after
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carbon monoxide leak. no one was hurt. >> jason: a new hampshire karate instructor is free tonight after being charged with sexual assaulting one of the female students. investigators say he bit the young girl underage of 13 and touched her in other inappropriate ways. rogers faces several years in prison he's due back in court in october. >> kerry: the death toll in italy in europe has risen 278 pe shelter. scott mclean reports on the recovery efforts in central italy. >> reporter: in central italy, more than 900 after shocks making the work of finding survivors even more difficult. the ancient towns have narrow streets easily blocked by tumbling debris. everyone knows the chances of finding survivors alive is decreasing with every passing hour, they keep digging. tourist, shot these images in am ma treat stay.
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his family is safe but the scene is heartbreaking. >> we tried to helpful but the people that were actually digging with an hand, they've been digging nonstop for 24 hours. >> she was trapped inside her home because the front doorjambed shut. to escape she died two bed sheets together and row pelled down from the second floor window. she survived but lost several friends and family members. >> she's very very happy because it's like, i could've -- but she's still alive. but she gone forever. >> reporter: she's lucky to have a home in rome to return to. other survivors, like maria will be sleeping in her damaged car indefinitely. her home is still standing but not safe enough to go inside. that is the least of her worries, she lost four relatives, two colleagues and now may have also lost her job. >> i don't know if i ever work any more. a job. because the school is closed.
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>> kerry: we have breaking news right now unfolding in ash pea massachusetts, we're told a very large crime scene at the end of bennett road: the sent knell and enterprise newspapers are tweeting state troopers on scene. sky fox on the way, crews heading there on the ground, we'll update you as soon as we know more. >> jason: meanwhile the victim of a hit and run in yarmouth managed to snap a picture of the driver before she took off. take both of the women you see here, one is the driver, the other a passenger. they say they took off after hitting the pedestrian a few days ago on east main street. if you recognize them, give yarmouth police a call. >> kerry: new at 4:00, we're learning tonight, that prep school alumni raised money to pay lawyers for a convicted sex offender owen labrie, the st. paul student was tried for sexual assaulting a younger student as part of a competition with upper class men. the jury found labrie guilty of
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minor. labrie's lawyer says prominent parents and alumni helped raise more than $100,000 to help pay for his defense. >> jason: well, the presidential campaign takes a bit of a nasty turn with both candidates on both sides slurring racial accusations against each other. a look at their new ads. >> reporter: dualing web videos from both presidential campaigns. hillary clinton trying donald trump to clan members while trump pushing clinton's racially intensive comments from the 90s. >> they're often the kind of kids called the super predators. >> donald trump would be the best for the job. >> we know who trump is. he says he want to make america great again more and more it seems as though his real message seems to be make america hate again. >> reporter: trump firing back
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attacking me, she's attacking all of the decent people of all backgrounds who support this incredible, once in a lifetime, movement. >> reporter: time will tell if trump's new pitch to minority voters chips away at clinton's commanding lead. a new quinnipiac university poll shows her ahead among minorities 77 to 15%. the poll taken after trump says he was willing to rethink his mass deportation policy. a stump that fired up his base during the primary. >> he's waffling, he's going strong rhetoric, backing up, strong rhetoric, backing off. that's confusing voters. he has to do it an sue, he does not have time. >> reporter: trump is back in vegas once again hoping to make his case to hispanic leaders. in washington, lauren blanchard be fox 25 news. >> jason: new at 4:00, a reward
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calling a hate crime in salem. we first showed you this video wednesday night at 10:00. since then we learned a $5,000 bent placed on the people seen placing an explosive device inside the rainbow times newspaper box. it's the largest gay and lesbian newspaper in new england. the back in france, a french court ruled one when officials posed barn on the full body swimsuit worn by som women. it's led to auto fiery debate in france. one claiming to pay for fines. >> i decided to pay for all of the women who wear the bur keen knee in order to neutralize the suppressive and unfair law. >> jason: the court decisions means bans in 30 other towns are likely to be overturned. one vowed to keep the ban in place in his beach town. also new at 4:00, the
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against claims he's racist but the way he's doing is drawing new criticism tonight. take a reason to the voicemail he left for a lawmaker. >> i will spend my life helping black people and you little [bleep], i want you to record this and make it public because i am after you. >> jason: that state lawmaker called the governor a racist after governor paul lepage claimed that 90% of drug are african americans or hispanics. the governor stood by those statements but did not comment on that voicemail. the food and drug administration is asking blood banks to start streaming for zika. all states will be testing for the virus. it was only a requirement for puerto rico and two florida counties after reports of zika transmissions there. >> kerry: drug users are leaving their needles all over a local
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this story. still ahead what police are doing about that problem >> why amtrak and teen may end up stopping travel in new england. >> kevin: tracking showers around buzzards bay and cape cod. where they're going and how it clears out for your plans. >> kerry: apple farm working overname to make sure there's plenty for you to pick. >> you have to count on mother nature and she hasn't been putting up. >> kerry: no rain and new at 4:
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new at 4:00, a rare sight at sea, male hunters get a rare sight. they were taken out at the mouth of the massachusetts's bay. beautiful shot. the 10 ton animal showed off for the aquarium whale watchers program. for some reason this summer, the whales have been especially >> kerry: apple farmers working overtime this year, we visited the farm in wrentham where the apples are smaller but taking steps to make sure there's plenty for you to this fall. at the rolling orchard of wrentham's big apple farm, peak season is just weeks away. and apple farmer john moore sums up this season like this. >> a lack of water. >> reporter: the dry season leaves the apple trees soaking up the sun and very little
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pretty good crop so far, they seem to be sizes up. >> reporter: some sizing up better than others. >> three and quarter inch maybe. >> reporter: are these small? >> that there is probably a 2 inch apple maybe 1.5. if it was a normal year, this apple would be the three times the size right now. >> reporter: moore has three ponds on his property and been put to good use this year. irrigated the crop to make up for the additional expense. >> we run a couple of diesel tractors and they run 24 hours a day never mind the electric pumps for the wells and they run constantly. >> reporter: moore says he was first worried more in july when they started blooming. he's comfortable now it will turn out to be an average one. >> i'll probably pick 12,000 this year, plus another 4,000 pick your own. >> reporter: but expect them to taste just as good. >> there's always next year.
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there's always next year. >> reporter: you sound like a red sox fan. >> yeah, pretty much the same. >> kerry: well, at least he can still keep a smile. john moore says the dry weather does limit apple diseases, there is that trade off. the pick your own season begins september 10th. >> jason: survivors of an indiana tornado says a starbucks manager saved their lives. since they've learned an more than 20 people incramed between two bathrooms. one survivors says if it weren't for the manager, a man named angel, she would've been crushed. >> we didn't have the fact that it was so close, nothing told us that, angel was telling us that. i just wanted to get home to my family. to see that now, we wouldn't have been there. >> jason: it's hard to believe but looking at the aftermath, no one was seriously injured by the
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florida, people stocking up because of it. some floridians worried it could turn into tropical storm before making land fall. food and drinking water aren't the only be ins in the state, preparing for the extra water flowing through local canals by releasing billions of gallons into the ocean before the storms hit. >>. >> kevin: that storm system looks really ragged right now. doesn't mean it willno strengthen. we'll be watching it for florida and tropics the news will come in from 5:00 on the hurricane center. that's when we get in on that. we need to track these showers in our own part of the world. the reds and oranges and yellows pushing across plymouth and toward sandwich and out here over cape cod bay. another one over buzzards bay out of wareham right now. pushing southeast about 18 miles an hour.
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minutes away, to new seabury area. on the coastline there. this one out cape cod bay a lot of heavy rain with it. quickly enough that it will come through dennis and harwich between 4:34 and 5:00 this evening. and push off shore. no heavy lightning with these storms, heavy tropical downpours. pushing away b the rest of us cleared out already and we'll stay that way. the front has passed by. it's actually starting to get less humid already. in the morning, you wake up to sunshine, have that through the middle of the day and through the afternoon as well. a few clouds to bill low up. but overall a really nice looking start to your saturday. foxboro 98 degrees at gillette stadium. that's important because this evening, a big concert going on and everybody tail getting ma the 80 degree heat.
4:19 pm
8:00 and into the 70s, those concert goers be notice no more risk of showers or storms. going up to 3:00 in the afternoon. a few nearby, but gillette escaping that in the evening. in the morning, the temperatures start at 63 on average and going to be much more comfortable than today. 78 at 10:00 and all kinds of sunshine. by lunchtime. up to about 80 to 85 degrees across the area. not so bad allful your high structures, upper 70s to low 60s on cape cod. into the 80s off to the north and west of boston, temperatures in the itself a as well. not expecting any 90s. boston did hit 90 today but won't do that tomorrow. only in the 80s, fenway park at 82 degrees tomorrow. thanks to a sea kicking on in. fast forward to sunday, waking up to sunshine all day long. clouds to our west, system moving toward us could leave a shower sunday night into early monday. raggedly is out there, the tropics talking about that in a bit. that's gaston right there.
4:20 pm
threatening florida. the latest from the hurricane center. that's why that gaston seemed a little off center. we'll watch both of these closely to keep you updated especially for the folks interest in the gulf coast region of florida. seven-day forecast takes you through up coming weekend. small chance of shower sunday night. a little chance by monday morning. dry it out again into early next week. important to know it's going to feel much more comfortable later tonight and certainly when you wake up first thing tomorrow morning. i'll track the downpours through this coming your way. >> kerry: updating breaking unfolding right now in ash pea massachusetts. as we told you, a very large crime scene at the end of bennett road. neighbors there in the area telling us that police have confirmed they're investigating some type of crime. the sent tinel and enterprise are tweeting the state police are on scene as well as police from towns essentialed and new i am such.
4:21 pm
scene ground crews as well. when we have more information, we'll update the story. amazing zip trip went out today as it traveled to burlington. there was a great crowd. you see it there. met us at the town common. a look at the local food and town favorites. all over eastern massachusetts, we thought gene lavanchy deserved a massage he got at the end of the day there. we waned to thank everyone who came out to support us. great crowd. >> jason: a legal crowd is brewing between the t and the ahead at 4:00, how it could lead cancellations to people who travel by plane. now here's elizabeth hopkins with what we're working on for fox 25 at 5:00. >> elizabeth: assaulted in a local store. she was able to fight off that suspect who hasn't been caught yet. all new at 5:00, the evidence from the store that could help police crack this case. and we'll tell you about the
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e every day with all-natural hood sour cream. always good. always hood. . >> kerry: a virginia television station remembering the lives of a reporter and photographer murdered during a live broadcast. allison parker and adam ward were shot and killed one year ago today. a were former coworker shot the journalist and later turned the gun on himself. the station where they worked held a moment of silence on the air this morning. the company completed a memorial to parker and ward outside of the station's entrance. police in brazil charging american swimmer ryan lochte for making a false report.
4:25 pm
he and other swimmers were robbed at gun front. but later admitted he was in a con frongs with gas attendants at a gas station. it's unlikely he will face the charge. lochte this afternoon picked up a new endorsement. a cough drop company plans to use him in a commercial. >> jason: apple in order to prevent hackers from accessing personal information. in washington right now with it's a fix. >> reporter: apple user urged to update the software on their phone or tablet or risk being hacked. apple says as soon as it learned about security vulnerabilities, it got to work on a fix. the text giant says hackers tried to break into a man's iphone using a spyware link that could've spied on his calls and messages were once inspected, it means hackers could turn on the camera or microphone, eaves drop on a user or rifle through
4:26 pm
other items stored on the phone. researchers say they believe the spyware was developed by an israeli company that sells spyware to government. that group declines to comment. it's unclear how long the vulnerability existed before they were detected. in washington, jacquelin fell, fox 25 news. >> kerry: dirty needles left behind at a playground. >> jason: in fact, i stumbled upon some, when i did this story. i asked police of the drug epidemic outside of that school and what's being done to protect the kids there. >> kevin: showers pushing off shore this evening and drying out for the upcoming weekend. when the next shot of showers is coming by the part of next week. >> kerry: pink flamingos popping up all over town to support a
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>> kerry: right now as we approach 4:30, we continue to follow the breaking news in ash pea, where a major crime scene unfolding on bennett road. sky fox arriving to the scene there. you can see a neighborhood in a largely wooded area. the sent knell is tweeting state police on scene as well as police from townsend and ipswich. right now we're trying to figure
4:30 pm
unfolding. again, on bennett road. we understand from the district attorney's office for middlesex county they are now in charge of the investigation. and moments ago we spoke with a neighbor who said police just came to her door and would only say they're investigating a crime. we have crews on the ground heading to the scene as well. as soon as we get a better look at the crime scene, we'll bring you more pictures and more information as soon as we get it. a brockton elementary school has a heroin problem. we found this drug needle feet from a school playground this afternoon. >> jason: po going to that playground, happening feet from barrett russell elementary school. we found the evidence ourselves and asked police what they're doing about it. >> jarrett card dosesa works out near barrett elementary school every day. he says this it is no secret this is hot spot for heroin. >> yeah, because they go in the woods so nobody sees them. >> reporter: with a soccer field only feet away.
4:31 pm
needles near the school and posted these pictures on the facebook page. we were curious so we walked through the park ourselves and sadly took just a few minutes to find one of these needles lying right out in the open in the dirt in the back of the iffens along the fence line. only 200 yards from russell elementary school. on our walk, with he found plenty of needle wrappers, straws, liquor would the tells and condoms. we were on our way out and found in the sewer grate, dozen. while we were gathering our video, a brockton school resource officer pulled up and began searching through garbage left bind on the field. brockton lieutenant, richard line necessity happen also showed up and talked to us about the problem. is it acceptable to you to have needles this close to a school? >> it's not acceptable for any school to have needles. custodians at the schools are going to do sweeps in the morning before the children get on the property.
4:32 pm
they're doing everything they can to keep drewing users out of the park including stepping up their presence there. >> kerry: can you believe it, the last weekend of in august is upon us. chitsz is here with our forecast for all of the big weekend plans. >> kevin: looking pretty good. as far as i can tell you. in fact, the last showers are pushing out of here. if you have evening plans, around cape cod and buzzards bays, pay close attention, there are showers, heavy showers the coast, out here over buzzards bay and cape cod bay both with showers activity. first track these pushing toward falmouth off toward the southeast into north falmouth in west falmouth soon, 4:41 and seabury area around 5:00 this evening. headed to the mid and outer cape. places like dennis and harwich this evening as well.
4:33 pm
that can't be helping cape cod traffic at all right now. there's this one here over near lakeville. pushing on around this area, a couple others popping up toward the one at buzzards bay. near cush net and marion. still showers out there. but those are moving off in the next hour or so. and then all clear for the rest of the night for the evening plans. show you specific forecast for the evening activities tone appeared the rest of the weekend ahead in just a few minutes. >> jasona square may have to move. the globe says out of town news may be forced to leave the historic location in the square. the city of cambridge owns the plaza where the kiosk stands now. but plans to revise the plaza do not include a spot for the new stand. they want to begin in the fall of next year. >> kerry: amtrak and mbta are in a legal battle that could cost train service to other major cities. fox 25 jessica reyes reports from south station with what the
4:34 pm
between the mbta and amtrak could mean big headaches for commuters. the two have been battling in court now for months and gotten so bad that amtrak is threatening to cut service to bo. >> it's important. you need that commuter service. if you don't, then it affects different types of people's jobs. >> reporter: runs between dc and boston and stops at several cities in between, including new york city and philadelphia. >> you're talking thousands of people on a daily base. so who knows what that could and they're delta to get shut down because they're stuck. you've got to have an alternative. >> reporter: the mbta suing amtrak saying it didn't do its part in maintaining the attleboro line. amtrak struck back this week saying mbta has refused to pay for the maintenance in the court filing, amtrak says in part, amtrak depends on timely payments from mbta for services. no business partner should have to wait over five years for
4:35 pm
contractually required to be paid within 30 days in response, the mbta says, the mbta has received the defendant's motion to dismiss and based on our review believe they are without merit. the mbta spokesperson went on to say they don't think it will actually get to the point where a service is cut but people who use it wary of the possibility. >> people need to be able to move between those two cities, they need to be able to move between here and the west coast if they start cutting off service, then, you know, we're crewed. >> reporter: jessica reyes, fox 25 news. >> kerry: state inspectors will not reexamine thousands of elevators that failed safety checks of the boston herald reports the department of public safety is allowing companies to certify that they've made the necessary reir-pas to elevators. that's because state inspectors are completely booked handling new inspections because of the construction boom in boston. there are more than 40,000 elevators in the state and 20%
4:36 pm
will be added in the state in the next four years. >> jason: a pilot accused of being drunk while at the controls. police in traverse city michigan the copilot of a charter plane had a blood alcohol level of .30 nearly four times the legal driving limit, 15 times what's legal for flying. officers say they were called by the plane's captain who said he noticed his copilot appeared to be intoxicated yesterday intoxicated, slurred peach as well as bloodshot watery eyes. >> jason: he's due in court later today. the plane headed to hanscom field. left several hours later but did later arrive in bedford. >> kerry: whoever stole flamingos to do the right thing
4:37 pm
leukemia, the family wanted to do something to helpful they bought flamingoses and placed them in their yard. someone has been stealing them around town. he wants to meet the person face-to-face and waiting for a call. >> jason: turns out teenagers are not addicted to nicotine when they vape. they enjoyed flavors like bubble vaping is more common than smoking in teens. >> kerry: still ahead the story behind this couple's tears. >> jason: first a little help goes a long way. especially for survivors of the pulse nightclub shooting. what they don't have to do once they leave the hospital. provided with much needed relief. >> kerry: check out the roads live drive time traffic. heavy traffic by the annual kenny chesney concert.
4:38 pm
foxboro. you can see where that red is congested. not as bad right now on 128. >> jason: 4:37, the look at the live drive times a whole lot of red out there tobin bridge to 128 about 33 minutes. the o'neil tunnel to the split. 31 minutes and the weston tolls
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
>> kerry: we have new information on the breaking news we've been following throughout
4:41 pm
scene on bennett road involves the death of two people. sky fox is over the scene of that home. a law enforcement source says two people, a man and a woman, were found dead outside of a home here. we're not sure if it's this home or another in the area. we're working to confirm that. police are saying, though, at this point, they do not believe there's any threat to the public. there's a very large police presence at the scene. we know several police agencies are working with state police and the d.a.'s office to investigate. again, new information, a man and of a ash bee home. police do not believe the public is at any risk. working to get more information for you. sky fox is there. a crew is on the way. two orlando hospitals who treated dozens of people after the pulse nightclub attack will not charge any of the victims for their medical bills. >> i'm glad that they're there whenever i needed them and that i'm glad that they're still there for us right now.
4:42 pm
hospital the night of why un-12th. the hospitals will write off more than $5 million in health care expenses. they won't charge the families of the nine victims who died either. officials for the hospital say it's their way of paying it forward. >> jason: a deadly explosion at a sports complex in belgium does not appear to be a an act of terror one person dead and four people hurt. this was breaking on fox 25 news at 10:00 and 11:00. the blast levelled parts of a gym in the town of french border. the explosion appears to have been caused by a gas leak. >> kerry: a bar of soap has always been essential to keeping clean. coming up how millennials put the future of the bar of soap in jeopardy. >> kevin: we're watching some showers coming across the area this evening. they're clearing out your activities tonight. the latest on your weekend forecast ahead. >> jason: a dog caught in the cross fire shot while trying to protect its owner. >> dogs are family.
4:43 pm
>> jason: the emotional connection that a boston police officer has to dogs fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone.
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>> jason: a dog who took a bullet during an overnight shooting is recovering tonight thanks to generous boston police officers. when a woman was shot in her dorchester neighborhood, the dog got hit in the cross fire and now his expensive vet bills being paid for by police. as fox 25 daniel miller reports, one of those officers has a special connection to this story. tell he had obvious signs of distress. he was panting, drooling. >> reporter: the owner of an injured bandaged puppy helps boston police loading them into their cruiser before heading to the animal clinic. >> he was gentle and let e.m.s. and empty m.t.s, including us, sit him down and keep him comfortable while they washed his wounds and bandaged him up. >> reporter: believe to be a mass stiff sharp pay mix was
4:46 pm
that injured an 18-year-old woman on mick legallan street in dorchester. boston police say felony protected his owner. >> that dog put himself in front of his owner and took a bullet for him. >> reporter: felony rushed into surgery but the owner couldn't afford the medical bills so three boston police officers stepped in. >> my partner, and sergeant robert smith and sergeant brooks all agreed to split the cost and put down a credit card to get the dog some -- his medical attention that he and grateful. >> i think he was, showed. he definitely wasn't expecting it. >> reporter: but officer davidlantain has a very personal reason for helping felony. his mother was saved by this pit bull named lily. four years ago lily was seen dragging his mother off train tracks in shirley where she had passed out during her relapse in a battle with alcoholism.
4:47 pm
she ended up needing a full amputation in her arm. >> reporter: the mspca and complete strainergers donated to cover lily's care. today he runs a nonprofit for dogs with lily's name. he hopes others will help felony in the same way. >> the dog was in front of his owner. and if he wasn't in front of his owner at the time, who knows what would've happened. >> jason: fox 25 daniel miller reporting tonight. the dog's cost up to $4,000 and officers say any donations will help. >> now your local forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and the fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> kevin: you have one of those downpours you know it came down pretty hard for a little while. it looks like they will will be developing into thunder clouds. ly nothing really happening with that. just tropical rains that came on by. still a couple out there. i take you to cape cod for instance where this shower is coming on through.
4:48 pm
yup, right in dennis and moving toward you in i can't remembernut and south dennis across route 6a and route 6. that's riding pretty hard when it comes through. a few more that will follow it as well through the mid and outer cape. this one trying to make its way toward gus, still. and a couple showers lakeville, heavy downpour in this area here, you can see with the red and orange showing up. route 140 to give you an idea where you are, r well. route 18 in the middle of it with the orange heaviest rain falling right now. still some downpours out there. for a little while. this easy will push offer shore and gone before this evening and your evening plans should not be in jeopardy at all. clear it out, nice and sunny through the morning tomorrow and sunny through the afternoon as well. with just a couple of clouds starting to bill low up, not expecting much of any activity in any part of new england during the day tomorrow during rain showers. we'll add those in the forecast
4:49 pm
right now. and the forecast this evening continues to keep it hot and still sticky. just talked with our friends at wklb about the forecast this evening. they're out there having a great time. temperatures in the 70s through the evening hours with clear skies. waking up tomorrow to 60s on average. that's a difference, right, because your dew points have to be lower than the temperature. so in the 50s many spots in the morning. 50s to low 60s. going to feel much more comfortable in the morning than out there today. by 7:00, temperatures into the 80s metro west. mid and upper 80s inland tomorrow. but cooler at the coast. 70s here on the outer cape and on nantucket. off to the north and west well into the 80s. not expecting 90s tomorrow. did have boston, providence, norwood all hitting 90 degrees today. and other towns that's just a mattering of them. night clouds increase and see the risk of showers returning. to the tropics i promised you an update on these by 5:00. this is gaston.
4:50 pm
miles per hour. still forecast to become a hurricane and circle out here. closer to us? not at all. that's bermuda. not even coming close to bermuda, let alone the east coast of the u.s. the other system that's being watched. this is one i want to caution you about because if you're interested in southern florida, keep an eye on this one. it looks pretty ragged to me. some of the forecast bringing it close to southern florida increasing its strernth, to heavy rain. then push into the gulf o water and it could strengthen. my caution is this. i'm already seeing on twitter, dooms day forecast of a storm plowing into florida. that does not look like the case right now. just the time to be on alert and folks down there getting ready. not for us, though. monday night, a threat, shower, and clear it out again, to start next week beyond mondays. track the showers through cape cod and live update on storm tracker radar in a few minutes. >> kerry: new at 4:00, robert
4:51 pm
basket or cookies. happened to be cleaning her beretta, when a paparazzi drone flew over her yard to get to duvalls. so she shot it down. live in an area west of dc. even celebrities deserve peace and quiet. my leaf to give people their privacy. what better practice than drone shot. >> kerry: practice shot, there you go. she never filed a police report. so the men flying the drone never charged. >> jason: seems a little extreme. billionaire, the man was cycling down a hill in british virgin islands when his bike hit a speed bump. his life flashed before his eyes as he flew through the air and his bike disappeared off a cliff. the british entrepreneur posted this photo of bruised and battered phase and bruised cheek and cracked ligaments. he credited his helmet for saving his life. >> kerry: if you still use bar
4:52 pm
those between 18 and 24 ditch it will traditional bar and falling for liquid soap. ivory 120 year old bar dropped more than 2% last year. the young group of consumers believe bar soaps are covered in germs. >> jason: going viral on facebook this morning, this photo shows wolf and anita of writ tissue columbia saying good-bye, married for 62 years, separate nursing homes every day a family member drives 40 minutes so they can see each other and plenty of tears at every good-bye. the family helping with the health care authority that they'll finally place the couple in a home together. >> kerry: little boys helping out veterans with a lemonade stand. next at 4u, why this is so important to him and why the community came together to surprise him with all of his work.
4:53 pm
a murder suicide under investigation in ash bee. a man and a woman were found dead outside of a home on bennett road. police are telling us they do not believe there's any danger to the public. sky fox live as you can see here and we have crew on the scene as well. some changes being made at blood banks across the country. the new screenings fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out?
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4:56 pm
>> blair: a 7-year-old boy is spending the last few days of his for ptsd. >> his community in grafton came together for the great cause. julie graer has the story. you could hear them from miles away. 40 jeeps, a five ton armory tanker, police escorts and a ton of supporters, all to show a 7-year-old grafton boy, they're proud of what he's doing. >> it's going to a bunch of army men. >> army men.
4:57 pm
it? >> because i want them to survive. >> very own coin from the army national guard. tyler hardman's biggest dream is to join the army, but he says it makes him sad to see disabled vets not getting the help they deserve. to make a difference, everyone has to try, so he did, linking up with project new hope, a local nonprofit that works to provide services for veterans and their families. >> we lose 20 veterans day to stew side, we have a lot of divorce and a l veterans are isolated and they don't know what they're entitled to. >> the reporter: word got around that tyler was doing big things, so the communities planned this surprise to show tyler that it means a lot from teachers and school administrators -- we're just so impressed with tyler. >> just a young kid who really cares. >> the reporter: to his mom. >> there's no words for it. he's got such a big heart. he's such a good kid and he --
4:58 pm
community thanks tyler for his service. >> blair: there was. you know, this isn't the first time tyler has done something like this. last year, his lemonade stand raised $1,600 for a police officer battling cancer. we are following breaking news right now. the discovery of two bodies outside of a home in ash pee. >> fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m >> mark: a woman claims she was attacked from behind while she was taking a walk. local surveillance video police want you to see. >> kevin: tracking downpours heading out of new england and what's ahead for your weekend. the new recommendations for blood banks across the country in an effort to control the spread of zika. >> mark: plus, drug addicts shooting up right near a school. needles an other items we found at a local playground, and what is being done to keep kids safe
4:59 pm
>> mark: now at 5:00 p.m., we have brand new information on the breaking news we've been following in ashby, a major crime scene, involves the death of two people. sky fox is over the scene. we are told two people, a man and woman, were found dead outside of a house here and now at 5:00 p.m., police are telling us, they do not believe there is any danger to the public. we understand they are investigating this as a murder-suicide. >> elizabeth: now there is a the scene. you can see some of the vehicles here in our sky fox live feed here. we know that several local police agencies are helping state police and the d.a.'s office investigate. again, police do not believe that the public is at risk. we have a reporter on the way to this neighborhood right now. you can look for a live report at 6:00 p.m. >> mark: also tonight, take a close look at these surveillance images from a local store. police want to talk to this man after a woman claims she was attacked from behind. hello everyone. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> elizabeth: i'm elizabeth hopkins in for vanessa welch.
5:00 pm
lane tell fox 25 she was out on her daily walk when this happened and as fox 25's crystal haynes reports from rockport, mbta transit police are also involved. rockport police increasing patrols in the area, they're loping in the transit police because of the proximity of the railroad tracks here and the rockport commuter rail stop to where this attack happened just down the road. >> this is probably the biggest thing in a while a daily walk turns dangerous when a woman in her 50's is jumped from behind on poole lane wednesday night. >> the individual that pushed her down, got on top of her, began grabbing at her clothing. >> the reporter: rockport police chief says she screamed and then the attacker fled on a bicycle. the rockport commuter rail stop where they say a man matching the woman's description was seen riding a bicycle before the attack.


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