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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  August 28, 2016 1:00am-1:46am EDT

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up in flames, these are just some of the photos that newburyport burned. well, okay everybody. i'm kerry kavanaugh. tonight crews are still mopping up a home while the home owner is left to look at his options. but sadly this homeowner lost everything, christine. >> that's right. fire crews are still here on thumb island. i want to you take a look behind me. you can see this house really just a shell of a house. at this time, firefighters just minutes ago coming around the
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1:00 this afternoon. they were carrying a hose and dousing any hot spots that have continued to pop up tonight. >> they were probably 20 feet over the house. >> reporter: the flames could be seen streets away and the black smoke for miles. >> it is scary. i mean, we see smoke like that and really worry that it's going to take the whole neighborhood down. >> reporter: kenny door ran from the beach saturday afternoon and returned home to his plum island house engulfed something like that happen, and your whole house go up in flames, pretty much. >> reporter: a newberry fire captain who lives nearby had called into the fire which grew to five alarms. no one was home at the time. >> everything is gone. my cars blew up, everything inside is gone, and everything is gone. >> reporter: heat required double the manpower. crews rotated every 5 minutes. one firefighter was rushed to the hospital suffering from heat exhaustion.
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contained the damage to doors' house and just the siding on two other homes due to the heat. >> it's amazing, it's only -- from what we saw from the flames, it's only that one house. >> reporter: newberry firefighters and the state fire marshal are looking into the cause. while they're grateful no one was seriously hurt, three people are without a home tonight. >> it's very surreal right now. it hasn't set in. tonight i will not go back to my house, which is a very real >> that firefighter who was taken to the hospital is said to be doing just fine. a couple of other firefighters were also evaluated for other heat conditions. we're told that they're doing just fine, as well. now, we're also told that a building inspector came by to check the integrity of the structure and just what might need to happen to it. also fire crews will be staying here throughout much of the facility has. live on plum island tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> glad everyone's going to be okay, christine. more details now.
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home on 59th street? newburyport. the hole went new flames as the sun was setting. the fire quickly ripped through the home. the cause is still under investigation. it's been a busy 24 hours for the boston police department. two people are dead after four separate incidents across the city. jacqui heinrich went to all four scenes talking to people who saw the fines and has the latest on these investigations. >> reporter::3 report a person shot. police arrived within minutes and found the person dead from their injuries. but the night is just beginning. >> basically we saw what was going on.
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>> reporter: 3:40:00 a.m. comes around and police report to 7-eleven on jamaica plaines. a homeless man shot several times by a suspect he knew and killed. >> reporter: excite the long night, authorities say overall crime is down. last night's numbers still below of last year at this time. people who live nearby say they have seen a difference as police step up their change. >> it's summertime. typically it happens in the summertime. there's more people, but as i said, the mayor is doing a great job. investing a lot of time around here. the community meetings and what not. so, i mean, i think it died down from what it used to be. >> reporter: i'm jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. and of course police ask if you know anything about any of these incident its to contact them right away. want to switch gears now and turn to the forecast. we're gonna first take a live
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a clear, beautiful night, capping off a beautiful day. fox 25's meteorologist sarah wroblewski tracking our next chance of rain. and sarah you're saying likely tomorrow night into monday. >> yeah, we'll be watching for our next threat from this area of precipitation out to the west. but it will take its time. high pressure brought us the pleasant conditions for the day today. it will hang with us tonight and for the majority of of the day tomorrow before we see the rain chance. and really honestly it looks pretty limited, no drought temperatures mild right now, in the 70s. 60s for parts of the cape and islands. today was pretty comfortable because look at the dewpoints. not in the 70s like it was yesterday. 50s and 60s, and with mainly clear skies, light winds, temperatures can fall back to this number. so that's why as we go hour by hour in the city of boston we'll be falling back into the 60s. a little bit cooler start tomorrow than it was this morning. but we're gonna be having more sunshine again for the day tomorrow. so waking up to the
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interior where that temperature does get to that dewpoint, could see a little bit of some fog. of course, shiri spear will be tracking that for you through the morning. look for the temperatures to be climbing into the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. i'll show you where the highest temperatures will be and time out that risk of rain in just a few minutes. >> okay, sarah. see you then. new at 10:00, if you were stuck in traffic on the pike today, this may have been the reason why. a tractor/trailer on the masspike burst into flames this morning near charlotte. authorities tell us the was heading west and able to park in the breakdown lane and get out. traffic was backed up for hours and the north side was closed until inspectors deemed it safe again. we said it's been a busy 24 hours. boston police made a couple of big arrests today. first arrest in connection to a fatal shooting on dugly terrace in dorchester last weekend. officers arrested aaron almeida of hyde park charging the 22-year-old of murder and unlawful possession of a firearm. last saturday just after
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the man died at the scene. the female victim had life-threatening injuries. the shooting is still under investigation. if you know anything, call boston police. and bpd made another arrest in connection to a deadly shooting. this one in march. the 24-year-old was arrested by marshals in atlanta on thursday, but police say two other suspects are still at large. so looking for the people on your screen. 26-year-old niko cowan pledger grant and 24-year-old lisa lewis. both from quincy. police say the three are connected to the roxbury shooting from march 21st. 28-year-old alex bryant died at the scene on humbolt avenue. if you have any information about these suspects, call bpd. and transit police are searching for a man in connection to lewd and lascivious conduct on the t. this is a picture of that suspect. he's wanted for questioning for the lewd conduct on the blue line trolley back on the 12th
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call t police if you recognize this man. a teenager was killed after a drunken driving crash. the driver of a car, a 19-year-old now behind bars. police say 18-year-old austin robbins was a passenger in the car that went out of control and crashed into a tree. friends tell fox 25 robbins just graduated from lunenburg high school this spring where he played football. a second passenger was injured, as well. the driver, joseph cap, was not hurt. police arrested him, though, charging him with motor vehicle homicide and driving under the setting up a memorial for robbins. officers in the south end found a loaded firearm during a traffic stop this morning. police tell fox 25 they stopped the car for traffic violations when they noticed marijuana, a scale and several plastic bags in the passenger's seat. officers performed a frisk on the driver and say justin colleen and the 25-year-old started pushing them when they found that gun. he's facing several drug and firearm charges.
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auto shop in watertown. officers say joseph aelwell, sabina and kevin broke into a triple a auto clinic back on july 25th and getting hundreds of dollars of crash. the three are face several charges including larceny and breaking and entering at the time. an andover new hampshire man is arrested accused of assaulting his girlfriend in a car. police say raymond smith into the passenger seas eat after she refused to get into the car and then took her phone and slapped her. the 23-year-old was arrested charged with false imprisonment and domestic violence. police have yet to release the identities in an apparent murder/suicide in ashby. this is breaking news yesterday. the bodies of a man and woman were found outside a home friday afternoon. neighbors tell fox 25 the victims are a couple who had lived at this home for more than a decade. >> they were nice. nice couple.
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>> she was quiet, you know. we don't need any of this kind of -- nobody needs this. >> police have not released details on how the couple died. it may be a while before boston police officers begin wearing body cameras. the city now facing an injunction claiming that the city violated an agreement. the boston police patrolman's association wants to temporarily halt the body camera program. the department plan to the choose 100 officers through a pool of volunteers to wear the body c but when no volunteers came forward, bpd announced it would be mandatory. the president of the association, which represents boston police officers, believes the city turned its back on the program and the association, quote, had to act quickly to prevent this miscarriage of justice. to westminster where a road is back open after a crash last night that knocked out a utility pole. south street between carter road and frog holler road was closed. thankfully the driver involved
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meaningful rain is pretty low over the next few days, which means this drought continues this summer. still to come on fox 25, the real impact of the drug that you'll notice at apple orchards across the region this fall. >> less than 80 days until election day. the new attacks the candidates unleashed this weekend. but first, under arrest, a man is in jail tonight accused of the brutal killing of two nuns in the south, one of whom has ties to massachusetts.
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under arrest police have a man in custody accused of brutally murdering two nuns, one of whom has ties to massachusetts. fox 25's jim morelli spoke with people who knew the sisters in stoneham and spoke with her nephew, who tonight is asking what would drive someone to such violence. >> reporter: two counts of capital murder, that is what rodney sanders is facing after he was aes the murder of two nuns in mississippi. one of them, sister paula marrow grew up in stone hum. >> hopefully it's the right person to do justice and all of that, you know. i just can't understand how somebody could do it. >> reporter: sanders is accused of stabbing marilyn and paula last week. >> they take the time with the patients and explain things to
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it they go way respond. >> reporter: the relationship between sanders and the nuns unknown, if there even was one. police did findest of a break-in and a sister's car was missing, though, later found. >> at first it's just sort of a relief that we have name and a face and a story to add to this narrative. but he still wants to know why the murders same question they're asking in stoneham. >> he's gonna have to pay for what he did. >> this give their lives up for other people and then somebody does something horrible like, that it's unfathomable. >> even after a hoin news crime, catholicism asks of its followers one very difficult thing, and that is to forgive. and some parishioners here say
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>> parishioners like teresa. >> she would say to forgive. we need to forgive from our hearts people like that and god will be the judge. >> sister paula's final resting place will be in kentucky. authorities in stark new hampshire have identified a victim in a fatal kayaking accident. he was out on the water with friends canoe capsized and she drowned. police found her body around 8:00 this morning. police say alcohol and drugs may have been a factor but they're still investigating. three people are hurt and a driver facing charges after this crash in a restaurant. you can see the truck go through the cafe on north street. police say two customers have serious injuries and a passenger in the truck has minor injuries. the driver has been identified as 29-year-old jeffrey mahoney of quince see. police are still investigating
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mahoney was not impaired in any way. police arrested a gloucester man this weekend accused of attacking a woman near the rockport train station. angel perez castro was arrested yesterday. police say they identified the 22-year-old through surveillance images of the suspect. he's accused of attacking a woman with disabilities on wednesday and trying to rip off her clothes. a witness told fox 25 he called for help when he heard the woman screaming. >> and i heard more screaming, and then i said that didn't sound normal. went outside and woman, a monday woman in her mid-50s, walking up the street. >> castro is being charged with intent to commit rape and assaulting a disabled person. he's expected in court on monday. a yarmouth woman is arrested in connection to a hit and run. the victim in the crash took a picture and posted it online asking for help identifying her. police say they now know who the driver is. 31-year-old erika lopez. police say she had already had a suspended license and an
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arrest. a new hampshire karate instructor is free on bail facing charges for sexual assaulting one of its female students. daniel rogers is accused of biting a young girl and touching her inappropriately. nashua police say the victim is less than 13 years old. rogers is due back in court in october. so the bitter fight over a $40 billion media empire has seemingly been resolved in a massachusetts court. on friday a judge in norfolk county got the redstone family members to accept a deal to amend a trust established by ceo redstone. it divides his assets among his five grandchildren. each share worth about a billion dollars. family accused each other of taking advantage of redstone's health to gain control of his companies. local police departments need your help locating these accused of stealing credit card numbers and some stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.
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wanted. >> reporter: detectives in stoughton need your help tracking down these men, wanted for allegedly using stolen credit cards at a number of locations. if you recognize them, give stoughton police a call. to dorchester. police say this man robbed a citizens bank. witnesses say he's approximately 17 to 21 years old, 5'2" with a slim build. contact the boston police department if you have any information, and be sure to mention the mass most wanted tip program. there could be a reward if an arrest is made. and to natick. together and allegedly stealing $6 thousand worth of sunglasses from the natick collection. they're both described as short with small builds. if you can help find them, contact natick police. these cases come from the law enforcement web site mass most wanted and also on our web site, a dangerous problem littering a park near a local school. coming up, the city where fox 25 spotted needles on a local playground and what's being done
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head back to school. but first, a big meeting and a large rally. the missions for clinton and trump today after another headline-making week for both
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>> both presidential candidates are on the campaign trail with just 72 days until election day.
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heartland while hillary clinton attended a big meeting. here's the latest from the trail. >> reporter: donald trump is kicking often weekend at the annual roadston ride veterans bikers event in iowa and isn't mincing words. >> hillary clinton thinks she's entitled to be president. her criminal conduct at home and failed interventions overseas simply make her unfit. she is unfit to serve in the oval office. >> reporter: trump is working hard to clear after critics implied it might be softening. >> on day 1, i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal, illegal immigrants from this country. >> reporter: trump also stirring up controversy on twitter after the murder of nba star dwayne wade's cousin tweeted, quote, dwayne wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. dwayne wade african-american will vote trump.
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and people that live there are looking for someone to come and clean things up on the democratic side of the aisle hillary clinton spent saturday morning getting her first national security briefing as her party's nominee. donald trump had his first briefing earlier this month. the meeting comes after the clinton campaign got some good news from the states department announcing that logs of all her meetings won't be released until well after the election. this comes as her campaign is attacking donald trump, releasing this new tv ad. >> you can't make america great again if you don't make things in america. >> and we are now less than one month away from the first debate when trump and clinton will face off on the same stage for the first time. in des moines, iowa, peter doocy, fox news. the sister of a rhode island chef is sharing her firsthand account of the devastation she saw in italy following the earthquake.
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from the effected area in central italy. she had a trip planned before the 6.2 earthquake. she says she sees small gestures, even in rhode island, of people going out of their way to help the victims. there is a lot of football, and they try to have -- they send food and clothes and blankets and just to have. to give comfort and support to the family that has to endure ever you see the bucket there on federal hill in providence. a collection is underway. and this is incredible video. two stranded mariners were rescued from a desserted island after a u.s. navy aircraft spotted the sos etched in the sand. the survivors were marooned for eight days in the western pacific ocean. crews got a report about a missing boat with two people on board last week. the coast guard searched more than 16,000 square miles before
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so the drought is not going away anytime soon. coming up, what you can expect to find on apple trees at orchards across the region this fall. >> we've got yet another dry and arm day ahead but i am tracking our next chance of some rain.
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apple farmers are taking certain steps to make sure the
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rentham to get a look at what you can expect to find on the trees this fall. >> reporter: at the rolling orchard of rentham's big apple farm, peak season is just weeks away and apple farmer jon moore sums up this apple season like this. >> a lack of water. >> reporter: the dry summer leaves his apple trees soaking up the sun and very little water. >> we just keep pumping water and i have a crop so far. >> reporter: some are sizing up better than >> this is 3 and a quarter maybe. >> are these small? >> these are small. yeah, maybe that there is probably a 2-inch apple, maybe 1 1/2. >> if it was a normal weir, wet year, the apple would be twice the size right now. >> three responds two wells on the property have been put to good use this year. they're irrigating the crops to make up for the limited rainfall, which is an additional expense. >> we have to run a couple of diesel tractors and they run 24
1:30 am
constantly. >> reporter: moore says he was more worried in july when the apples first started blooming. he's comfortable this year will be an average one. >> i'll probably pick 15,000 bush else this year. pick your own, another 4,000 to 5,000 there. >> he says expects smaller apples but moore says expect them to taste just as good. >> reporter: there's always next year, you know. >> sound like a red sox fan. >> yeah. pretty season. remember, everything you saw here today, some have a few more weeks to grow. the pick your own season starts here at big apple farm september 10th. kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. it's not just the apple orchards readying for fall, starting on monday, pumpkin spice is back on the menu at dunkin' donuts. along with the pumpkin flavored coffee, they're offering a pumpkin muffin and doughnut.
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bring back the pumpkin classic. a clear night after a warm day and more this great weather on the way for tomorrow. fox 25 stormtracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski has more on the forecast. sarah, it's still pretty dry. >> yeah, just like you were showing there at the a he orchard. i now you were getting excited about the pumpkin spice and all of that fall stuff headed our way. it does not feel do have fall-like conditions in our seven-day forecast. so if you like it, get ready. now, yesterday it was hot. 91 in boston. take a look at this picture that was captured. this is our fox 25 photo of the day. instagram your photo or hashtag it. we'd love to show it. it was beautiful and so steamy. you stepped outside, and it just felt uncomfortable. today it was still a very warm day out there. especially away from the coast. temperatures soared into the upper 80s but the human was in
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there. it felt really nice. taking a look at the humidity forecast, sure, it was oppressive yesterday. tuesday it was in that comfortable range. tomorrow will creep up a bit. be a little sticky, not get to where it was yesterday and will hang in there through monday because we will be tracking our next chance of showers. so dry tonight, come tomorrow, we'll bump up the chance, but i expect to see most of the activity begin after midnight and into monday is when we'll see some showers, but it's gonna be pretty limited. it's this system out t eastward. it doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with it. so what we can take from that is high pressure, which brought us the pleasant conditions today. going to continue that theme through the weekend. so we'll watch the area of high pressure slip to the south and east. winds are gonna turn more out of the south-southeast. cooler once again at the beaches tomorrow. so very similar setup. we're gonna see a lot of surf, some afternoon clouds, but you will find those cool air conditions, those local sea breezes during the afternoon at
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north and west, be aware you'll see more clouds. there may even be an isolated shower. this is right around 3:30. here's the frontal system approaching the region. as we get into southern new england notice after midnight it's gonna bring some clouds and a wind shift. but just a slight chance of an isolated shower along this frontal boundary. and as it sinks southward on monday, may see a po-up shower or storm, mainly south of the pike. but then we're gonna see the drier air work on in. so the chances very limited. that dewpoint in the lower 60s. we'll watch for temperatures to fall back close to the dewpoint with mainly clear skies and light winds. we're looking at overnight lows in the 50s and 60s. a little bit cooler than it was this morning but we're still gonna see that really nice warm-up with a good amount of sunshine to start. temperatures in boston climbing to the upper 70s. touch near 80 before the sea breeze comes on in and knock those temperatures down in is what it looks like for highs tomorrow. upper 70s, low 80s for the cape and island, south and northshore.
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clouds developing. still a great day to hit the beach. there is a high uv index. water temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s and that rip current risk is low with seas running 1 to 2 feet. your high tide right around 8:32. the seas will be pretty calm but they may be picking up as we head into next week. let me show you why. we've got a 40% chance of this cluster of thunderstorm developing into something. we've got a 20% chance of this area of showers. doesn't really lookik some moisture into parts of the carolinas as we head into next week. and then this system, yes, this is tropical storm gaston. actually expected to turn into a hurricane in the next 24 hours. but it's going to turn out to sea. it will be churning up to sea, we may get some slight impacts at the beaches next week with some high seas and perhaps a moderate risk of rip currents. we've been watching invest 99. doesn't have a name. just a cluster of thunderstorms
1:35 am
the models are going to continue into the gulf of mexico. doesn't look like it's going to really develop into anything, but it is going to produce tropical rains to parts of florida. you still need to stay alert down there. they could see several inches of rain over the next few days. as for us, we have very slight chances of rain. one sunday night into monday and scattered showers on wednesday. look at that, thursday through saturday forecast. mild day, cool night, the feel of fall will be back in our forecast. >> okay. of stolen flamingos sold to raise money for the family of a sick girl. officers found 15 of those flamingos on the side of the flowed a plastic bag friday. police in ware new hampshire are investigating a string of thefts as part of a fundraiser for a 12-year-old girl diagnosed with leukemia. residents of fox 25 say news of the crime has actually inspired more people to buy the birds. if you have any information about the stolen birds, call
1:36 am
ed a ins are going to the playground to shoot up. fox 25 found a needle beside a soccer field and nearly a dozen thrown down into a sewer drain. we went straight to the brockton police to find out what they're doing as kids head back to school. >> is it acceptable for to you have needle this close to a school? it's not acceptable for any school to have needles. custodians here will do sweeps every morning before the >> kids return to school september 15th. brockton police say they're doing everything they can to keep addicts out of that have park, including stepping up their presence. a reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in this hate crime. we showed you this video earlier this the week. a newspaper box exploding in downtown salem. police are investigating it as a possible hate crime because the box holds papers for an lgbtq publication. the state is offering a $5,000
1:37 am
shark siting off the cape today. lifeguards spotted a shark 4 feet from the store at race point beach. the water was clear. this just one of many shark sightings in the area this summer. a bigger boat in wollaston. a southshore group is testing your bravery well viewing of the classic jaws on the water at night. the wollaston nightclub is showing the movie while people are in the water they'll use the money they raise to have improvements at the club. of course life vests are strongly represented. is. jumping into action, coming up, why he didn't immediately realize someone was in danger and how he eventually saved a woman in distress. but first, getting ready to
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? music ? new k-y intense.
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>> police arrested this man after they say he stole firearms from a home in portsmith new hampshire. brown of new york city was caught after a long standoff in a portsmith hotel. he was in his room for several hours finally being cokessed out by a negotiation team from strafford county. brown has previous warrants police say out of new york city and faces multiple new charges
1:41 am
bail. what can make students pay more attention in the classroom? perhaps a good-looking teacher. a new study from the university of nevada shows students learn more from attractive teachers and professors. they use college students in the experiment, researchers found that students remembered more of the lectures that were delivered by professors they found attractive. the lead author of the study says it all boils down to mother nature. hampton beach in new hampshire is going topless tomorrow and police say don't expect any trouble on the shore. officers aren't planning to step up patrols for the quote, go topless day, it's an effort to legalize and normalize women being topless in public. it happened at the beach last year as well. hampton's police chief says his officers plan to respect the women participating since it is legal for them to do so in new hampshire. an officer is being called a
1:42 am
he looked outside and seemed what appeared to be a fire in the woods. he and his colleagues found a dump truck on fire on its side. the female driver yelling for help, taylor grabbed his baton and started pounding on the window. >> the only thing i thought of is i need to get her out of that truck. >> taylor surfed second-degree burns as well as some deep gashes. the driver, though, got out with just a few injuries. crews worked quickly toe save two leatherback seaur officials with the marine animal entanglement response team say they're seeing more turtles in the last few days as they move into local waters to eat jellyfish. scientists are asking people to be careful when they're out on the water and be aware of their surroundings. boaters who spot entangled turtles are asked to radio wildlife rescue teams for assistance. one down and one to go for the big summer concert formally known as country vest. kenny chesney and miranda
1:43 am
stadium last night. last night police were more than ready for the music. foxboro brought in dozens of operative officers in an attempt to keep everything under control. kenny chess knee showed appreciation for those officers working hard last facility has. and another dry day. i was losing my voice earlier, i think it's the ragweed. the allergies are getting to me. >> yes, there are some we've got the changing of the season but it still feels very much like as you were out there. we've got another gorgeous day headed our way tomorrow. temperatures soaring back into the mid- to upper 80s. a little cooler at the coast and dry conditions with sunshine. a few more afternoon clouds. i'll be tracking a few chances of some showers late sunday into monday, mainly after midnight. a pop-up shower possible for the south coast monday and then we get another chance of showers on wednesday. but look at that, feel of fall by next weekend.
1:44 am
temperatures in the 40s. >> 40s? i don't know if i'm ready for that. i am ready for rain to wash away some of this pollen. >> that's one thing we're kind of mixing. we just have minimal chances of rainshowers over the next seven days. >> well, we gotta even join this lovely weather while we have. thanks so much for watching fox 25 news. don't go anywhere because butch is up next with our sports wrap.
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