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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  August 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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couple of hours ago. his lawyer says his client is distressed, he's the father of two children, and in fact, he is going through a custody battle, but this indictment paints a different picture of a man who even made threats against the president. neighbors on sweet grass lane in holliston describe joseph garguilo as a loaner, even describes how an american flag hangs upside down in his home. last friday in a raid, for an assault rifle and explosive materials. what worse, they say the 48-year-old should have taken the opportunity to kill president obama while he was the golf course in martha's vineyard. he allegedly told an unnamed witness, wanted to chain a motor mosque and burn it down. and that, he will plant bombs in police stations and kill as many homeland security officers as he can before they kill him. >> i've known mr. garguilo for
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man he is, this is not something he would ever do. >> the reporter: he denies making threats about the president? absolutely. >> the reporter: right now, garguilo is accused of violating a restraining order by having ammunition in his home. home. but the indictment also points to concerns over drugs, threats, and extreme views. his lawyer wouldn't rule out it's all related to an ongoing custody dispute and did add this. >> there's a long the mother of his children. >> the reporter: and his lawyer did say that garguilo's views were not exceptionally radical, but perhaps were not mainstream either. he also said his client had owned a real estate appraisal business. he is locked up for now, but epstein spent does have a detention hearing set for wednesday. rear live outside the federal courthouse in south boston, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: breaking right now, firefighters are battling a
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sky fox giving us this look at the scene just off of main street. the fire department tells us roughly two acres of lands has burned so far. this fire is producing an awful lot of smoke. we're going to continue to monitor the story throughout the newscast an update you as soon as we get more information. >> mark: 19-year-old gardener man is accused of drunk driving, allegedly crashed his car while driving his friends home over the weekends, killing one and injuring another. investigators say joey cap had a blood alcohol level the time of the crash in loonenburg and killed a childhood friend. the other friend who was injured sat tearful in court as his best friend faced a judge in handcuffs. >> most of us are definitely hurting and we're not angry at joey or anything, we're angry at just what happened, not necessarily joey, because we do love joey still. >> mark: prosecutors say cap is a sophomore at boston university, and admitted to drinking at a party at fetch bug
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>> vanessa: an uber driver under arrest, for the second time in two years. police say he exposed himself to teenage girls in several cities. so how is he still able to work for the ridesharing company after that first arrest? fox 25's katherine burcham live in everett tonight, getting answers and katherine, new at 6:00 p.m., you've learned the mayor is now calling for a meeting with uber executives. >> the reporter: just within the past two hours, the mayor cents a letter to uber demanding ha for drivers after paul griffin was arrested near here for allegedly exposing himself to two young girls. now, this letter comes as fox 25 has uncovered court documents that show griffin was first arrested for allegedly exposing himself to two female college students, more than a year ago. >> employed as an uber driver. on the day he was arrested here in everett for allegedly fondling himself in front of dean girls on two separate occasions, court records show
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he needed help, saying, he was a criminal, and had a problem. his attorney admits, there is a history. >> there's another case involving a similar -- i don't know about the facts, its allegation is open and gross. >> the reporter: fox 25 obtained the boston police report from march 2015, that details how griffin parked in front of suffolk university, and exposed himself to two female co-eds, when he was arrested, court records show he told police, he worked for uber's livery service. >> oh my god, that's so checks or something. >> the reporter: this woman says her 16-year-old daughter was propositioned by griffin just last week in maldin. police there are now investigating several reports griffin exposed himself to girls while driving in this minivan. she wants to know why he was still behind the wheel, more than a year after the first allegations of a sex offense. >> how was he driving for uber and why is he out on street and why isn't he registered as a sexual predator? you know, why, i don't understand this. i don't understand the criminal
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>> the reporter: a spokeswoman for uber told fox 25, griffin did pass an initial criminal background check. but uber couldn't explain why they didn't know about his march 2015 arrest, and pull him from the street then. so certainly questions still remaining tonight, in light of this new information. now, massachusetts does not have a system in place that will flag private employers when incidents like this happened. we recheated to boston police, who slimco -- we reached out to boston police wh for uber drivers and they said it is uber's responsibility to find out what incidents like this happen, not police's responsibility to alert them. live in everett, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> back on the field, framingham football coach is leading practice today after more than a dozen players were badly burned on turf. that turf was so hot, it left players with blisters. fox 25's jim morelli is live in framingham, where the school is
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jim? >> the reporter: yeah, that's correct. it's been a tumultuous few days for framingham high football, we had the game cancelled, coaches put on leave and then we did have the players who were injured at that practice. the newly reinstated head coach says it's time to move on, but also time to make some changes. framingham high has football coach gary doherty back in form, a you few days after a practice on this synthetic field turned ugly. doherty says it all started when two developed blisters on their hands during a drill, that had them in contact with the artificial turf. >> so i was thinking at the time that it was maybe incorrect technique, so we were trying to coach that up, and then, less than a minute later, another coach came up and said other kids are getting blisters. >> the reporter: around a dozen kids ended up with blisters, which the coach blamed on the temperature of the turf. >> it had to be. it wasn't the hottest day we practiced. sunday, fox 25 showed just
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fields can get on an 80-degree day in medway, the sunny part of this field registered above 140 degrees. one of those who saw our report, coach doherty. >> i think we should find out exactly what the safe temperature is, or what is unsafe, and either not practice or have limited field contact drills. >> the reporter: doherty an other coaches were put on paid leave while the school investigated. late this afternoon. they were interim athletic director will work with coaches to identify drills and activities appropriate for the conditions of the turf field. as for doherty, he's getting his team ready to scrimmage holston later this week e. just excited to get back to practice with my coaches and my team. >> the reporter: coach doherty was thinking that this situation was unique to framingham high, but it is. just last fall in stratford, connecticut, a very similar situation. high school football players
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artificial turf. the coach says one investment the school ought to make is one of those heat guns, similar to the ones we used to measure the temperature of the field. live in framingham, jim morelli, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: jim, thank you. a judge convicted a new hampshire mother in the beating death of her daughter. prosecutors say the mother did it because the girl wet herself and went looking for od middle of thate. ma ry n will be sentenced in deals. a rockport man will not be getting out of jail any time soon after facing a judge today. angel castro is accused of trying to rape a disabled person at a commuter rail station in rockport. the victim told police, he tackled her from behind and tried taking her clothes off before running away. the gloucester district judge ordered castro be held without bail. he will be back in court next tuesday. >> state police have cited a duck boat driver tonight after a
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off of his boat. police forced the first year driver of boston duck tours to take a detour off beacon street on sunday. the route took his beaut under the notorious will you low bridge storo bridge. the driver was cited for an overheight violation. >> vanessa: the wheels on bus going round and round today, it was the first day of school here in lincoln. the kids going back to school, it's always one of the first signs of fall. but kevin, it felt more like the middle of summer today. >> kevin: it did and what a sad day it is. i just love hanging out with my son during the summertime and not going to happen anymore. back to school tomorrow for mine. 81 in bedford right now. nice dinnertime, that's for sure. so in the cape cod area, many of the cities in cape cod, this takes any to hyannis, into 70's this evening an dropping into the 60's overnight, staying in the 60's near the water. out to worcester, you'll be dropping in to the 60's in the suburbs. right down to 60 in the city.
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county, most low temperatures in the 50's. approaching 80 degrees in boston tomorrow, in the 80's in the merrimack valley tomorrow afternoon. i'll show you our next shot for some showers, and we're also check out the latest in the tropics just ahead. >> mark: breaking news now of another hollywood legend lost, gene wilder, star of wilmothy won can he, blazing saddles has died. the actor passed away late sunday at his home in stanford, connecticut, of complications from alzheimer's disease. wilder starred in several films by producer-detector mel brooks. he tweeted, gene wilder, one of the truly great talents of our time, he blessed every film we did with his magic and blessed me with his friendship. mel brooks will be here in boston. at the city wayne center to talk about the making of blazing saddles with wilder at a special screening of the film. >> mark: still developing tonight, reports of gunshots at lax airport in los angeles sent people scrambling from the
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several sections of the massive airport were sit down, while police were searching for a possible gunman. hundreds of passengers raced on to the street and the tarmac, causing major flight delays. another sexting scandal for former congressman anthony weiner, but this time he will not have his wife by his side. the "new york post" published inappropriate texts between weiner and another woman over the weekend. his young son was actually sleeping right next to him in one of the pictures he weiner resigned from congress after his first sexting scandal in 2011. his run for new york city mayor was derailed in 2013 when racy texts went public, but the latest scandal is the last straw for long time hillary clinton aid and his wife, hue ma aberdeen. she released a statement in part saying, i made a decision to
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>> mark: the company making epipens is offering discounts and deals. the new option to make the life saving drug more affordable for thousands of families. >> vanessa: also ahead, everyone in town knows her for her 32 years of service with a huge smile. >> thank you even more for the person you are. you've had such an impact on all of us. we all love you so much. >> oh, coming up, the sweet sendoff for this unforgettable local mcdonald's employee. plus -- >> the reporter: today, we're along with the
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>> vanessa: lifeguards shut down two cape cod beaches today when a pair of great white sharks were spotted getting a little too close for comfort. fox 25's blair miller got a rare access today to a special shark research team and he was out of the water when the team actually spotted those sharks. >> mark: blair found out how their research is now leading towns to change how they warn swimmers and for some, it's turning from fear to fascination. we're out here with research he was looking for great white sharks an we're not too far off the coast. part of what they're doing out here is education, but another big part to this -- public safety. racing along the coast of cape cod, we leave chad ham on board with researchers from the atlantic white shark conservancy, a group seeing more shark activity this summer. too early to tell if we are seeing an early peak in activity, or if that's going to be sustained through the season. >> the reporter: with the help
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the sharks. >> can you see it. it's that big shadow if the water. >> the reporter: a 12-foot shark, less than 50 yards from the beach. sky fox also there today, as we find one after another, four sharks in just a couple of hours. hours. the state's division of marines fisheries, points them out, just below the surface as they hunt for seals like these in the surf. >> people nod to have a healthy respect for these animals, and be able to co-exist and realize that they' >> the reporter: each one they find, they put the go pro camera underwater to record video for research. here you can see how close we get. that's to be able to identify the shark and look at the distinguishing characteristics. >> the reporter: they've identified hundreds, tagged 12, just this year to track. as a result of what this team is doing, coastal towns now have these new signs to warn swimmers, and a new app that alerts people when a shark is close. they believe the public's fear is turning more to fascination. >> we're excited to see that
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have a fear, but it's not necessarily a warranted fear when you know how the statistics are behind anything possibly happening. >> the reporter: already, that app has had more than 100,000 download, and they only expect that popularity to continue as they do more research like the ones we saw today. off coast of cape cod, blair miller, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: incredible video, blair. eversource crews will be working to get to the root of the problem the drought is causing with local trees lines. tree crews are out right now looking for weakened trees that could fall and take out power lines with them. they'll be trimming branches and taking out trees showing signs of severe trouble. how the drought is affecting trees in our area just this past friday. you can see that story right now on >> kevin: we had a little bit of hope for some showers to help us out this morning and
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just wasn't nearly enough. it was a sprinkle really in a couple of places. it ends up being dry and sunny in boston. still 85 degrees. it did hit 90 for the 20th time in boston. not a record, but still impressive and tomorrow morning, back to school in nashua, new hampshire. i showed you a couple towns and cities getting back to school as the sun is. coming up at 6:00 a.m., 57. 67 with sunshine by 8:00 a.m. temperatures in the 70's near tomorrow afternoon. 77 at nantasket beach. 86 in norwood. 80's off to the north and west and 80's in the city, right toe beach, carson, for instance, southie, you'll be closer to 80, staying around 79 degrees in the afternoon. you receive the clouds here and you might even pick up a couple of showers that try to pop up in the early parts of frame. they're too far sofotelshore. when -- offshore. much swinging by to our north and hardly any coming into southern new england. we've been talking for a couple
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summer. the past couple of weeks i told you how we could use a tropical system, minus the big waves and wind, that's parsing what a tropical system request do to you. we have some systems out there. first of all, there's a front to our west and as this swings this way, it acts like a broom, it will sweep this system out in to the ocean. if it were to slow down and things would come together, we could actually pull it up the coast, but then we could be dealing with a full-on tropical storm. we just want the rain to come our way. same thing with this one. this one is way off of cuba trying too make a play toward the gulf of mexico. it looks like it's going to be in a way that that front will sweep that off to the coast. this one spinning off the coast of the carolinas, born from the remnants of what was once tropical storm fiona. this storm system is trying to make it toward the outer banks and become a tropical storm by tomorrow afternoon. if you look at this and think, look at all that rain and how it blows up here, not really. the storm is just getting closer
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show up on our map. tropical depression, 35 miles per hour. forecast to become a tropical storm, by the time it gets to the out are banks tuesday afternoon, tomorrow afternoon, barely, at 40 miles per hour. wouldn't be a devastating storm, but could bring heavy rain. we have to watch for inland flooding in the carolinas, but then gets steered offshore and far enough away from us and not a probable emhad. cuba, also trying to become a tropical storm number 9, whichever one becomes a tropical storm first, will beme this want to come in to the big bends florida, between panama city and tampa, but with winds 60 miles per hour. rain and wind, not so much for us. your seven-day forecast keeps us mostly dry this week, a couple of showers on thursday, looks beautiful for labor day weekend, so my plan is to have a beautiful sunny labor day end for all of you and then let's get all kind of rain the rest of september to pull out of the drought. >> vanessa: sounds good, kevin. pats fans will already tell you he is the greatest of all time
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that's even possible. how he reached out to a very sick fan. >> mark: but first, for 32 years, one mcdonald's worker made a fast-food meal a little more special. because she served it with a smile. >> in our busy lives, sometimes we forget to dance. >> mark: we'll take you to the incredible retirement party for
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. norman: that's a lot of vitamins there, harold. comcast business. harold: oh, i'm stocking up before kelly ayotte gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher program that'll cost families big time. norman: uhhh... the vitamins? harold: gotta keep my family strong because ayotte also wants to raise the medicare eligibility age. tte: oppose medicare privatization.
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tonight, take a look at the photo that is sure to raise your spirits. this crew of 50 union car benters and laborers you see waving here, they're working just blocks from children's hospital. recently, they all raised donations for the hospital. this group includes many mothers and fathers who say they wanted to help the hospital out, because they are all so grateful for their own families' health. well, 32 years is a long time to work at one place. and at a local mcdonald's, it was a reason to celebrate today. >> mark: the needham restaurant honored a special spent decades changing the people around here with every batch of french fries she made. >> are you excited for today? mcdonald's on chestnut treat welcomed this woman to her retirement party, the way she welcomed customers for the last 32 years -- with joy. >> i'm happy to be here. >> the reporter: all of the meals were happy with her. >> her smile, enthusiasm and
6:25 pm
it made us part of the family. as the first employee in a program through the charles river center, fria started cleaning tables and worked her way up. >> we taught her how to make french fries. now, we finally found a position she loved. >> in our busy lives, sometimes we forget to dance, but fria doesn't forget to dance. >> the reporter: at this special retoo many, it was fri''s time to be served. >> the reporter: a proclamation from the state, a crystal restaurant of her own, a french fry necklace and her favorite -- minnie mouse. >> i expected a little party, but not a party like this. >> the reporter: longtime customers stopping by to say thank you. >> she took a very pure delight in opening the doors. >> the reporter: her family here says fria offered them so much more than they could ever offer her. >> through her hard work,
6:26 pm
fria has accomplished all of this and that's a lesson to be learned for us. >> we love you, we appreciate you, we respect you and we're all better people for having you in our lives. thank you, fria. >> mark: what a beautiful event. she often goes to mcdonald's even on her day o. she likes a hamburger, no pickle on that hamburger, sunday, also with those fries. the restaurant saying all of her now. >> vanessa: she more than earned that. for more on the charles river center program that placed her in that job, go to our web site, congratulations, happy retirement, you've earned it. >> mark: it is amazing, the impact she had on all the co-workers there and no doubt, freia realized today what a big deal she was. >> vanessa: we posted your story on our facebook page and all of our viewers have been going on there comment, wishing happy retirement. some of her customers as well.
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>> mark: great job an enjoy the freebies that come with it. it's a story created a lot of outrage over the past week. >> vanessa: the prices of epipens skyrocket, while milan was increasing the price of its life saving drug. what the company was spending billions of dollars doing. >> a night out ends in tragedy and now, a 19-year-old man faces motor vehicle homicide charges. tonight, hear what happened the
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>> vanessa: these are our top stories right now at 6:30 p.m. a holliston man is accused of threatening to burn down mosques and kill president obama during his vineyard vacation. 48-year-old joseph garguilo was arrested on friday. authorities found a stockpile of weapons in his home including ammunitions, parts to assemble an ar-1ri explosive materials. his lawyer tells us, garguilo denies all of the anti-government and anti-president sentiments. >> mark: an uber driver is charged with exposing himself to teenage girls if several local cities and police say it's the second time it's happened in two years. they say paul griffin was spotted cruising for i can have temperatures in everett, maldin and boston. the mayor is calling for a meeting with uber executives. >> vanessa: a gardener man is free on bail, after authorities say he was behind the wheel in a deadly car crash that killed his
6:31 pm
19-year-old driver had a blood alcohol level of .12 at the time of the crash. >> mark: tonight as crystal haynes reports, that accident scene has been replaced by a roadside memorial. >> i just wish this never really happened. i wish for my buddies to be back. >> the reporter: 19-year-old sean mcniff tearful in fitchburg district court today, as his best friend joey cap faced a judge, accused of killing his other best friend, austin a.j. robins, while driving drunon around 3:00 a.m. sunday morning. >> most of us are definitely hurting, and we're not angry at joey or anything. we're angry at just what happened, not necessarily joey, because we do love joey still. >> the reporter: police say the 19-year-old boston university sophomore had a blood alcohol level of .12, one and a half times the legal limit at the time of the crash. >> he admitted to drinking at a
6:32 pm
five twisted teas. he admitted to speeding. he admitted to trying to show off. >> it was his best friend that was in the car with him during this accident, so obviously, he's very upset. >> the reporter: so is sean, he walked away from the crash with a broken elbow. i asked him, what was the last thing he remembered before joey's car made impact. he said, being happy with his friends. >> i remember a.j. wearing my hat, that i just got favorite hat. he was always so happy. you would never see him with a frown on his face or anything. >> the reporter: people continue to stop at this roadside memorial to pay their respects, and to remember a.j. robins. now, capp posted the $2,500 bail, and he is free to start classes at b.u. next week. he's ordered to stay alcohol and drug free. reporting in lunenberg, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: dramatic rescue in rhode island this afternoon.
6:33 pm
bridge offer the river in tiverton. the men were working underneath the bridge with the help of a crane when it tipped over on route 24. the workers were wearing safety gear that kept them from falling into the water. it was unclear what caused the truck to tip over. governor's from all over new england and parts of canada are in boston tonight for a conference on energy issues, but one of those governors stole the spotlight because of the bad headlines he's making all over the country. fox 25's chrti governor la page ducked out early, christine? >> the reporter: he sure did, ock, and you know, maine's governor has really sparked some controversy, to say the least, over the last several months with the comments that he's made and today, he only fueled that'? controversy by making additional comments about race, about drugs, and this time, about massachusetts. noticeably absent from the new england governor's news conference monday afternoon,
6:34 pm
the opioid addiction discussion, and this time, bringing in massachusetts. meth lab arrests are white, he told the news service, the heroin fentanyl arrests are not people, they're hispanic and from lowell, water bury, the bronx and brooklyn. >> governor page was an active participant in all of the conversations we've had. >> the reporter: governor charlie baker wouldn't comment specifically about the massachusetts cities or la page' about race and drugs over the past few months, but he repeated his message about the opioid epidemic. >> this, as you know, is no neighborhood. it knows no race, it knows no race, it's pervasive as anything i've ever seen in my 30 years in health care. >> the reporter: connecticut's governor malloy called the correlation drugs and race incorrect, and in a quote, tremendous mistake, citing maine incarceration statistics.
6:35 pm
of abuse, more white, middle aged people recall getting hooked on the drug, having to do with knee replacements and hip replacements, and dental surgery and i think it is a great disservice to look at this as a racial issue. >> the reporter: the opioid epidemic certainly wasn't the intended topic of this 40th annual conference. however, it did become possibly e both among the governors here in new england and the eastern canadian premieres. live in the back bay, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: this week, the city of boston will face off in court, against the union representing thousands of police officers. the boston police patrolman association wants to stop the department's new body camera program. as we first reported on friday, the union filed a request for an injunction in suffolk superior court. under the program, 100 officers were supposed to volunteer, but when none of them
6:36 pm
body cameras for 6 months. the program is set to start on friday, a hearing on this case will be set in the next few days. >> mark: turning now to the weather, hot summer evening here in the city of boston, an we are looking at another pretty good looking work week. not a lot of rain in site. even though we really need it, kevin. >> kevin: we could use rain, but instead, getting more summertime weather and to 90 degrees, 20th time this summer today. it's not a record, but we have time to go to get i don't see any more this week, and the high temperatures that i showed, 89 in boston, because every hour, its temperatures come in from logan airport and they happen in between hours, so the official high will come in later on this evening after 7:00 p.m. and the national weather service already told us it hit 90. new bedford, 91. providence, 90. tomorrow will be a cooler day, but there's even cooler air on the way later this week, but how about any rain? our next shot forever showers in a couple of days, i'll show you the hour-by-hour timeline with that and take a look at the
6:37 pm
one of those systems. that's the kind of rain we need. i'm back in a few minutes with all of that. >> vanessa: a small community in mississippi gathered to pay respects to two nuns, murdered in their own home last night. hundreds filled the pews at st. thomas cot lick church in lexington, mississippi. cies per paula merrill and margaret held dedicated to helping people in one of the poorest communities in the rodney harris was arraigned on murder charges? a. he confessed to killings but has not given a motive for the attack. the a judge him held on bail. >> mark: we now know the identities of the divorced couple killed in a murder-suicide in ashby,. the middlesex district attorney says john griffin stabbed rebecca with a knife outside their home.
6:38 pm
rebecca would often help john with his errands. the couple had one son. >> mark: a suspicious death in manchester. a man's body was found in a park yesterday morning. neighbors heard gunshots fired several hours before the body was found. investigators haven't said how the man died or who the man is at this time. police are investigating a home invasion and robbery that left one man injured and another nine people shaken up. happened around 2:30 a.m. this morning on endicott street if worcester. police say after a fami leave when he was hit in the head with a butt of a shotgun. two suspects ordered everyone to the ground and stole their wallets and ran offer. >> vanessa: historic buildings go up in flames in southbridge and tonight, investigators are not ruling out the possibility that someone may be responsible for the damage. take a look here at this view of the damage from above. you can see the fire spread to multiple apartments. the six alarm blaze forced 15 people out of their homes. some business owners lost everything they had. the cause is still under
6:39 pm
definite cause of this massive fire here in newburyport. the fire broke out saturday afternoon and consumed this home on plum island. smoke could be seen for miles billowing into the sky, just blocks from the beach. the homeowner said he did lose everything but plans to rebuild. firefighters say no one was hurt. >> mark: new at 6:00 p.m., parents won't be dropping their kids off at the bus stop any more in maldin, because there won't be buses to come pick them up. maldin schools made the decision to cut bus service to help a $2.5 million fall. the the decision is expected to impact a number of maldin's 6500 students. parents are scrambling to figure out another way to get their kids to school. well, police in uxbridge are looking for the person who stole a statue from a gravestone. this angel disappeared some time within the last week. it was cemented to the ground and the thief stole the whole thing including the cement. >> vanessa: a local firefighter's union is now
6:40 pm
northboro firefighter and his family whose historic home was destroyed by fire. the fire started at the 19th century farmhouse, known as the goodrich model house yesterday. the family also runs a farm stand from this property. investigators are now trying to determine what sparked the fire. >> mark: the price at the pump is heading up again, just days before the labor day holiday weekend. according to gas buddy survey, the average price of gas in boston is $2.14 per gallon right now. that's up more than a cent from last week, but still down 28 cents from last time. industry experts say a late summer rally in oil markets is driving up prices. >> vanessa: tom brady once again making dreams come true. how the pats qb reached out to a fan battling a severe illness. >> kevin: a hard to beat weekend, foss followed up by some refreshingly fall-like dewpoints out there. how long this weather will last and a peek at the tropics that are very active. >> mark: they made a potentially life saving drug almost unaffordable for a family.
6:41 pm
millions on while the prices
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>> mark: just days after epipen maker milan came under fire for its skyrocketing prices, today, the company announced it will make a generic brand at half the cost. the generic version of the potentially life saving drug will cost $300 for a two pack instead of $600. milan hopes to have the generic epipen available within the next few weeks. epipen raised its prices over the past few years, influence washington lawmakers. >> vanessa: new at 6:00 p.m., justin gray dug through the numbers to find the company spending big bucks on donations to both members of congress, and lobbyists. >> the reporter: epipen is a name brand millions of americans know and rely on. but until the epipen pricing controversy, most people had never heard of milan, the drugmaker that produces it. on capitol hill, it's a different story. milan has spent millions of dollars since 2010 on lobbyists and donations to get the
6:45 pm
>> this company is new to the public, but it is not new to washington. >> the reporter: milan hasn't given money to either massachusetts senator, but has given money to both new hampshire senators since 2010, giving $1,000 to kelly ayotte's reelection campaign this year and $4,500 to jeanne shaheen since the 2010 cycle. milan also spends big money every year to lobby lawmakers. we added up the numbers and they spent more than $10.5 million across congress since 2010. their pushed for a bill, signed into law in 2013 by president obama encouraging schools to stock epipens. and for a measure this year, requiring epipens on airplanes. sheila tracks the spending for the center for responsive politics. >> seems like they're kind make -- taking the money and running and we need -- consumers want and need to be assured that they're getting the best policy possible and not just the best
6:46 pm
congress to require epipens in more public places, they were dramatically raising the price. reporting in washington, justin gray, fox 25 news. >> mark: senator colin mutry released a statement saying in part, she believes milan should be fully investigated. >> vanessa: more parents believe vaccinating their kids is unnecessary. a new survey of pediatricians found almost one in five parents apt to delay some or all shots, mainly because they don't see the point the vaccines are unnecessary because the diseases they prevent have been wiped out here in the u.s. however, doctors warn the diseases exist in other places and could come here. another reason doctors said parents wanted to delay vaccinations they were concerned about their kids' discomfort. >> mark: patriots quarterback tom brady found a way to make his fans cheery even when he can't play on the field. >> vanessa: check out the video message he posted on facebook. >> after learning about your
6:47 pm
overcome. i'll be rooting for you this season and hope the patriots can give you and your family the very best all season long. >> vanessa: brady's heartfelt words put a smile on justin's face, he suffers from atrophy. brady's response, more proof that ock, he is in fact, the greatest of all time. so neat, how he takes time out of his day and everything he has going on to do that for kids. >> mark: very honored like that, that's pure gold. >> vanessa: it's a big deal. >> kevin: i'm a fan of what he did. i love that. very nice. let's talk about the weather out there. this will bring a smile to some faces, although not the kind tom brady can provide. 85 in boston. 81 down the coast to plymouth. that's for your dinnertime plans this evening. through this evening, dropping from the 80's into the 70's. clear skies, beautiful out there and comfortable too. as those temperatures drop through the 60's tonight and
6:48 pm
going to feel kind of fallish out there because of the dry air we have in place over us. any clouds, random showers that popped up early today, those are long gone. clear skies, if i have 9 out there in worcester. temperature will be 63 in boston. 64 in chatham. mostly in the 50's, away from the coastline, in the cities like lawrence, for instance, or into worcester, may stay right at 60 degrees, just because of that city heat. you get all the buildings together, they soak up the sun during the day and that can stay around for you at the dry-ish air in place. sunny skies, but off to the west, a lot of clouds back here and showers hand these are going to be making a run at us and it's important to note how the atmosphere works in concert, so this front coming across, takes this system, which is a tropical looking system, it's actually a tropical depression and instead -- it can do two things. either meet up and come right together being over the coastline and move up the coast toward new england, it's kind of conditions you need to get a tropical storm or hurricane to make a run at southern new england, it doesn't happen very
6:49 pm
through, and then pushes it out to sea. that seems to be what's going to be happening. how it's all going to time out. and behind that front, high pressure builds in and pushes everything to the south as well, so this system makes a run at the east coast, that too looks to be going out to sea. if anything happens to slow down or speed up one of these systems, it will change the forecast. we're dealing with tropical systems, that's something we have to watch as the week goes on, but as i see it right now, none of these are a threat. at least not this storm, spinning off the carolinas, trying to become our next tropical system. just had a phone call saying i should call the next one tropical storm hermine. i would love to do that and line it up with harry potter. but i can't. it's hermine, that's what the national hurricane center tells us. tropical depression number 8 wants to spin by, bring the heavy rain there. we'll see if it can do that, but it would stay to our southeast. this storm coming off of cuba has produced a lot of rain, over
6:50 pm
there. this wants to curl around in the gulf of mexico, but you see how it's getting swept away out into the ocean by the front coming our way. this is forecast to become a tropical storm, move through the big bend in florida. at least tampa city and panama. then there's gaston, which looks impressive, a category two hurricane, which is impressive, but will stay well out in the host and big waves sent toward the coastal areas, not going to be a problem. 83 with sunshine tomorrow. 88 on wednesday ahead of the next front. warmer just before that front comes through thursday with showers, perhaps wednesday night with showers, but that's going to be very little. let's hope for a little more than it's looking like and then we'll dry it out for labor day weekend. >> another shakeup in foxborough today. a big man was cut loose. we'll get into that. plus, the big shots were out in norton for the first pro am
6:51 pm
narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> so will he or won't he play in the final preseason game. was tom brady's performance on friday enough of a tuneup. keep him off the field when the patriots play the giants on thursday. the pats have to cut the roster to 75 by the end of tomorrow. tom and jimmy not concerned, they continue to be the primary focus of the preseason, so is jimmy ready right now for the season opener against the cardinals?
6:54 pm
we've made a ton of progress as an offense, as a seem, and always have to keep moving in the right direction and we're worried about giants, we're not worried about opening day yet, so we'll get there when it comes. >> the reporter: another of the offseason additions was subtracted from the equation, terrance knighton, cut loose by the pats, add him to a list of veterans including nate washington and donald brown. mingo on the practice field with the speed, he has a lot learning to do, been there for only a week. browns not known for their dominance, so an upgrade for mingo for sure. >> it's very exciting. this team is stacked at every position. it's a huge culture shock. i felt like the wooden spirit has definitely been established here for a long time. excited to be a part of it.
6:55 pm
champ -- deutsche bank championship this weekend. butch stearns has the story. >> the reporter: at tpc boston in norton, they're gearing up and getting ready for this year's deutsche bank championship. the tiger woods foundation is not only the benefactor of this tournament once again, but for the fourth year in a row, they had the event organizer. >> it's not just golf here. i wouldn't suggest this, but you don't even have to watch any golf to enjoy the deutsche bank championship. the good news is, >> the reporter: for boston sports legends to have the best professional golfers in the world come to town every year -- really cool. >> it is cool. it is really fun to come here, and sometimes you come here and you think, man, that game is in pretty good shape. 83, ok, you know, from the up tease and you guys are just blowing it past you. the first thing that catches it up on the tee box, i have to
6:56 pm
hitting the ball from, and it's just amazing. >> the reporter: i. i think any time you go to a sporting event, you want to see the best and you have the best. the real gold starts on friday. butch stearns, fox 25 sports. >> lots of familiar faces there. rays and red sox, moments from now, rick porcello going for win number 18. i know you could use some rain, but the shower threat is only on thursday and it's a minimal. i'm watching the tropic to see if anything gets involved. it looks like it all steers away from us for labor day weekend, but that's something we'll be tracking tonight of course. i'll have an update on that and fenway looks spectacular. enjoy it if you have tickets. a great night in boston.
6:57 pm
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inside vmas, the moments you didn't see on tv. beyonce drops the mic, but how much did her daughter blue ivy's dress cost? rihanna kept the party going >> why was she with her ex? >> inside rob lowe's roast. >> get ready to bring it and take it. >> as stars recreaae his teen we uncover the one who claims she hooked up with him. and head home to iowa with ashton kutcher. >> i have a secret passion for singing. >> mila cheers them on. is their young daughter picking up bad habits from their dad?


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