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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  August 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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federal agents raid the homes of a man accused of threatening the president mosques and stockpiling weapons. hello everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. since the suspect's arraignment this afternoon fox 25's ted daniel went to holliston where neighbors described him as a loner. >> reporter: vanessa and mark, authorities described him as a doomsdayer who believed the collapse of america was coming and it was going to be martial law. they say he was stockpiling food violent plans. honest to god i think he's going to senate. those words according to the f.b.i., from the tipster who first contacted them about joseph. the tipster warned that joseph wanted to bomb police stations and kill as many homeland security offers as he can. >> never really saw them. we never really saw him. >> reporter: he has lived in this holliston home for more than a decade. notice the american flag hanging upside down at the front door.
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divorced father of two wasn't one for friends. >> never really came out of the house. he never really drove around or anything. >> reporter: according to court paperwork, another sister told authorities he expressed anger he didn't try tos a 98 president obama and he said that he want wanted to asass gnat president obama when he was on -- a -- a assassat >> i went to went to high school with him. >> reporter: during a search of the home friday, central federal agents seized clips, amo and parts of an ar-15 rifle and ingredients to make explosives and handwritten notes threatening violence against muslims. speaking to reports out federal court today his lawyer said this. >> there's a long history of false allegations on behalf of the mother of his
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is this is not something he would ever do. >> reporter: joseph is not home tonight because he's in custody. he appeared in court this afternoon and a judge ordered him held without bail. reporting live in holliston tonight's, ted daniel, fox 25 news. to read the entire criminal complaint head to it's right on our home page and attached to the web article. developing tonight a man is dead after rushing into the water to help a struggling child. new hampshire state police falls on the smith river in bristol, new hampshire. police say there were four children in the water. the 30-year-old went in to help and did not resurface. some good samaritans helped all four kids get out of the water alive. the identity of that man who died is being withheld pending notification of family members. >> father and son back home tonight after their fishing boat sinks near one of the boston harbor islands. fox 25's erica richie sat down with the pair at their quincy home.
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>> reporter: yeah, he did. you know ock, he tells us tonight he feels like the victim of a hit-and-run. the ferry leaving from here late yesterday afternoon pulling up next to that little boat that was docked at grace island. unloading its passengers then sinking their boat as it took off. the little boy is hurting but for him the victim is his boat. >> if i was a boat to have a ride on. >> reporter: it's not big only 13 feet. there's no bells and whistles but for 12-year-old kevin slade of quincy this boston whaler was the world. his father mike appointed him captain when he graduated from his boating safety course earlier this month. so when he saw it like this after a boston harbor cruise ferry ship caused it to capsize in its wake leaving grape island yesterday afternoon it was a punch in the gut. >> i was in shock just looking at the boat.
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were on an overnight camping trip on the island when their boat sank. >> they had just unpacked were at the camp site when a park ranger brought them back to the dock to show them this. >> the boat pretty much sunken under water. >> reporter: but it's what they didn't see that's didn't bother -- that really bothered them. the ferry did call his department after it left grape island reported what had happened and asked that a crew be sent to assess the once it was determined no one was hurt the harbor master department returned to shore but mike and his son were stuck. >> there was no response from boston harbor cruises at that time. however, later on they really stepped up and made sure that they there were hope to us out this morning. >> reporter: they arranged for divers to recover the slade's albionings from the sea floor this morning and for -- slade's belongings from the sea floor this morning.
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that kevin wants to see the boston harbor cruises do one more thing. >> i think they should be the ones to repair it or replace the ship or vessel. >> reporter: now the mbta which operates the ferry acknowledges the incident and says it's investigating looking specifically into why the boston harbor cruise line didn't notify the mbta of what had happened. live in hingham, erica richie, fox 25 news. >> tough day for that son. >> what are the brush fire burning in wilmington today. >> the police department tweeting that out just after 7:15 tonight. here's a new photo of crews on scene near main street putting water on the fire. we first brought you this as backing news at 6:00 tonight. the flames destroyed roughly two acres of land. no one was hurt. our chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz joins us now and kev so long the wind blows and it continues to stay dry out there the brush
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>> always be careful if you are doing any outside burning especially in a year like this. everything is just waiting to go up. under clear skies sunshine no threat of showers. it's in the 60s right now in the sniz boston. but the suburbs will be dropping a little bit in northern worcester county and 72 degrees with some sunshine by late in the morning. we're clear tonight we'll that's the latest on all the tropical systems developing out there. your wake up forecast and what it's looking like for your labor day weekend. >> new at 11:00 we just got this video into the newsroom a massive tree that came crashing down here in dedham. this is on willow street. the fire department tells us no one was hurt. unclear if wind brought the tree down or if it was affected from the ongoing drought. new tonight state police tell us the fern rushed to the hospital following this
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person rushed to the hospital following this rollover crash. we're told the person who was hurt is an adult. comedy legend gene wilder is being remembered for his iconic roles and genuine kindness. wilder died at the age of 73 today. known for playing the eccentric willy wonka as well as a number of other roles for mel brooks. folks writing on twitter one of the true great talents of our time. he blessed every film we did with his magic and he blessed me with his friendship. we have more on the life of gene wilde on our website also new at 11:00 a company that acted as financial advisor for the state of rhode island who made a deal with 38 studios is objecting to a partial settlement in a lawsuit against the deal. the company first southwest filed an objection today to a proposed $25 million settlement. the state superior court judge has scheduled a hearing on the settlement for next tuesday. a former uber driver charged with exposing himself to young girls
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paul griffin was arraigned today accused of driving by two young girls and fondlings himself. griffin worked for uber but did not have passengers at the time. a mother of one of griffin's alleged victims says the system failed to keep her daughter safe. >> why he is out on the street and why isn't he registered as a sexual predator. i don't understand this, i don't understand the criminal justice system. >> the mayor of everett is now demanding a meeting with uber to screening procedures. a 19-year-old gardner man is accused of driving drunk killing one of them and injuring another. investigators say there was a blood alcohol level of .12 in lunenburg. it killed his childhood friend a.j. robins. the other friend who was injured is sean mcniff. he sat tearful in court today as his best friend faced a judge in handcuffs.
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or anything. we're angry at just what happened not necessarily joey. because we do love joey. >> prosecutors say joey is a sophomore at boston university and admitted to drinking at a party at fitchburg state prior to the crash. he's on $2,500 fail and is free to begin classes at boston university while this case is underway. >> new numbers paint a grim picture ofer on nation's roads and highways. more t on u.s. roads in 2015 a 7% jump from the year before it's the highest increase of traffic deaths since 1966. but massachusetts is better off than other states with fewer deaths reported than the year before. >> less than a week to challenge a state rep maine's controversial governor is not backing down from his statement that lowell and lawrence are fueling his state's opioid crisis. late tonight fox 25's
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verbal attack directed towards his city. >> reporter: his remarks making links to maine's opioid controversy. at governor's new england governor conference governor paul lepage didn't back down even dragging mass into the drama. meth lab arrests are white the heroin fentanyl arrests are not white people they're hispanic and black and from lowell and lawrence, massachusetts, and waterbury, brooklyn. >> governor lepage is a thoughtful and active participant in all the conversations that we've had here. >> reporter: lepage ducked out of the following news conference leaving questions for charlie baker who wouldn't comment specifically about the inflammatory comments. >> this issue knows no neighborhood. it knows no race, it knows no class, it's as pervasive as anything i've ever seen in my 30 years of
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lepage is ill informed and lawrence and lowell are simply scapegoats for a nationwide drug problem. >> the openoid crisis is really serious and we don't have type for this type of nonsense. name-calling and demonizing of people. >> reporter: rivera challenged lepage to find solutions rather than call out his community. >> i'm sure the people of maine would rather have their governor talk about more treatment beds and more detoxes and more counselling small city in massachusetts. >> former lowell mayor rodney elliot also had a lot to say. he issued a statement urge lag page to take responsibility for what he called his own state's drug problems and he urged him to apologize to both lowell and lawrence. in boston, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. lots to track out there despite how quiet it is out there. football players badly
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>> tomorrow marks one year since a lowell woman was shot and killed. to this day nobody has been arrested in the shooting death of denise roberts. scoot-year-old was shot in the head on ray street in manchester on august 30th last year. witnesses told police that following the shooting that night they saw an older model truck possibly rust
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onto carpenter street. denise rob erpt was a well-known employee working for the union leader. police have established a fund. these students returned to sandy hook. construction of milford, massachusetts built the new school the same location as the old school which was torn down. the classrooms where the shooting happened are now area in the middle of a parking lot. new at 11:00, the first antibiotic resistant strain of e. coli bacteria has been discovered in the u.s. the researchers say the strain was found in a 76-year-old man treated for a urinary tract infection. the bacteria carried two genes making it resistant to two types of antibiotics. the man was successfully treated with another bacteria. high school athletes burn -- about the eye antibiotic.
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by the -- high school athletes burned by the turf. >> reporter: framingham high head football coach gary dougherty back in form a few days after a practice on this synthetic field turned ugly. dougherty says it all started when two players new to football developed blisters on their hands during a drill that had them in contact with the artificial turf. >> i was thinking at the time that it was maybe incorrect technique we were then less than a minute later another coach came up and said all the kids are getting blisters. >> reporter: around a dozen players wound up with the blisters which the coach now blames on the perfect of the turf. hit to -- on the temperature of the turf. hit to be. >> reporter: sunday fox 25 shows just how hot it could get. the sunny part registering above 140 degrees. one of those who saw our
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>> i think we should find out exactly what the safe temperature or what is unsafe and either not practice or have limited field contact drills. >> reporter: dougherty and other coaches were put on paid leave while the school investigated. late this afternoon they were reinstated. the superintendent saying the interim athletic director will work with coaches to identify drills and activities appropriate for the conditions of the turf field. as for dougherty are he's getting his team ready scrimmage holliston later this week. >> it's exciting to get back to practice with my coaches and my team. >> jim morelli, fox 25 news. football coaches tell us they would like the school to invest in a heat gun like the one jym was using to know the true temperature of the field. boston still at 72. check this out up in northern worcester county it's down to scoob,
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down to 62. upper 50s to low 70s saw an average of about 61 at 7:00. this is for haverhill back to school tomorrow for you. 65 with sunshine. look a beautiful day doesn't it. these are the high temperatures tomorrow upper zpis low 80s. at least it won't be scorching hot day coming -- gorgeous day coming up. what are we talking about? >> a couple things first of all our next chance for showers that's this front to our west trying to make its way eastward. then we have a couple tropical systems and a depression here and another depression here. this batch of tropical moisture here isn't going to play a part either. all of this has the chance to come together with the front coming towards us and pushing here and give us some beneficial rain. none of it wants to happen.
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summer. this is spinning offshore line here off of the carolinas. still threatening the outer banks by tomorrow evening. there are tropical storm warnings here it's forecast to strength ton a tropical storm it's close already at 35 -- strengthen to a tropical storm it's close already at 35 miles per hour. this one or that one in the gulf of mexico. this one is tracking well to our southeast. it will churn up the waters out here probably result in some rip currents f by the week we'll have to watch this one coming offshore to our south. it's far away off of cuba. then also on cuba 35 miles-per-hour winds this is the very latest from the national hurricane center as of 11:00. forecast to be a tropical storm here in the gulf of mexico. waters very warm here so we have to watch as this becomes a hurricane it's close at 65 miles per hour. makes landfall northwest florida during the daytime hours on thursday and goes
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water perhaps even some rip currents especially south facing shorelines. something to pay attention to this is how it can affect us but it will bring us rain and wind. gaston is a category two hurricane with incredible eyes to it and winds with this storm are still up at 105 miles per hour. so we'll watch gaston as well but it will be way out in the ocean. here's our showers on thursday cutting on through the area. that's our next chance to get any rain on in here. you will see that in it's not a high risk of showers but at least it keeps showing up in the computer model. might even that up by by tomorrow morning. that's up to meteorologist shiri spear. she has that call and the weekend dill -- still looking dry and sunny. cutdown day approaches pot roast sent packing. plus, rick more sello keeping it rolling plus, rick more sello keeping it rolling tonight's.
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30th homer of the season. 1-0 red sox. therefore porcello pitched seven strong. distant -- xander gets there. here's mookie again he just loves that cleanup spot. big papi strolls in 6-3 game. from there it continues his career struck out seven on 102 pitches. 18th win of the year 13-0 at fenway park. the sox take it pot roast was taken out of the oven and thrown to the curb this morning. the patriots released terrence knight he was zod do some things so add him to the list of released veterans that already include nate washington and donald brown. the practice field today with the guys trying to get up to speed. he has been in the system for less than a week with a lot of learning to do. always a sense of adjustment for players to arrive from other organization. the browns not one of the best in the nfl so an
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this time is stacked at every position. >> deutsche bank championship begins ship -- begins this friday. today was the annual legends and friends program. jim rice dennis eckersley and carleton fiske and troy brown were all thrill for the players and fans who were on hand. butch stearns is there, too. we talked to a couple of the guys. >> it's amazing somebody would pay to play golf with me. but, you know, i get out and i try. we have fun out on the source. >> so any time you get to play golf and give back it will only cost you four or five hours the guys have you right now really love to play golf and they don't mind giving back. >> how about scene in new york as the little league
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series champs. the first champs from the united states since 2011. the first champs from the state of new york since 1964 when staten island won. this is amazing. they were undefeated this summer. so not just world champs nobody beat them along the way. 24 now sitting on top of the world with a great parade. >> some great video out there, too. the parents i guess took the video. you get so excited when you watch it but you capture the moment. >> makes sense. >> seven-day forecast sunshine on tuesday. 8 3. then on wednesday a couple clouds filter in as it gets warmer a couple showers on thursday but really we're just aching for some rain. latest on the traffic first thing in the morning.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: after the v.m.a.'s, diddy, kanye and jay-z all went to dinner at the same place and brought the little ladies. who's the biggest couple at the table? >> j & b. >> beyonce and jay-z. harvey: does he think it's him? >> this coming from thinks i'm leonardo da vinci. >> justin bieber went out and did some karaoke. he did "great balls of fire," jerry lee lewis. harvey: that's a hard song. >> wasn't jerry lee lewis dating a 14-year-old? >> he married his 13 krerld cousin. >> don't you want to stay away from that? harvey: i totally forgot. >> drake and rihanna, they went to up and down after the v.m.a.'s. i felt like drake put his heart out there.


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