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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  August 30, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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now at 10:00 the f.b.i. says he wanted to burn down mosques, take out police officers and kill the president during staycation on the vineyard. another disturbing discovery after agents raided him home. a father and son's boat flips when a ferry drives by. >> i was just like wow >> can't be happening. track ourg next chance for rain coming from the west if the trop licks impact our labor day weekend. a comedic icon dead at 83. ? in a world of pure imagination ? >> a look back at the life and legend of gene wilder. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at
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first at 10:00 we're learning new details about a man's twisted plot to burn down mosques, kill police officers and assassinate president obama during his vineyard vacation. good evening i'm vanessa welch. >> and i'm mark ockerbloom. we first told you about the alleged threats made by this man at 6:00. we are learning about the tipster who reached out to the f.b.i. for help. fox 25's ted daniel is live in holliston where authorities raided the man's home and found a detailed handwritten note with an evil plan. empty tonight, mark and vanessa, joseph lived alone and right now he's in the custody of the feds. authorities describe him as a doomsdayer and they say he had multiple plots for multiple attacks. >> reporter: honest to god i think he's going to senate. those words according to the f.b.i. from the tipster who first contacted them about joseph. the tipster warned that joseph wanted to bomb police
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homeland security officers as he can. >> never really saw them, we never really saw him. >> reporter: he has lived in this house and home for more than a decade. notice the american flag hanging upside down at the front door. several neighbors we spoke with say the 48-year-old divorced father of two wasn't one for friends. >> he never really came out of the house. never really drove around or anything. >> reporter: according to court paperwork, another sister told authorities he expressed anger that he didn't president obama during the first family's recent vacation on martha's vineyard. and he said that he wanted to chain a mosque closed and burn it downing. burn every expletive down in there. >> i went to high school there. you don't think this would be the place something like that would be happening. >> reporter: search during search of the home on friday they seized clips, amo and
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explosives. his lawyer said this. >> there's a long history of false allegations on behalf of the mother of his children they know what kind of man he is. this is not something he would ever do. >> reporter: central agents also seized his phone and computer and will be combing through those items. he made his initial appearance in a fede bail. we're live in holliston tonight, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> if you would like to read the details criminal complaint for yourself we have posted it on you will find the link on the bottom of the story. a man is dead after rushing into the water to help a strugglings child. new hampshire state police say it happened in the smith river in bristol, new hampshire. police say there were four kids in the water. the 39-year-old adult went in to help and didn't
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four kids get out of the water alive. the identity of the man who died is being withheld pending notification. it was supposed to be a weekend get away instead a fire and son became castaways after a ferry unintentionally sunk their boat and left them strangedded. the duo was in the waters off grape island off the coast of hingham. they were camping there overnight. fox 25's erica richie spoke with both of them about their scare in the water. she's live in hingham with their story all tonight at 10:00. er ferry left from the hingham shipyard here. the father and son told us both of them arrived at grape aisle around the same time late yesterday afternoon but the ferry departed first and because of that the guys kuehne leave at all. >> it was our first trip of the season. >> reporter: finally mike and his 12-year-old son kevin could ditch dock fishing and cast a line out on the open waters on their
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they arrived around 5:00 yesterday afternoon but within five minutes of being there. >> the park ranger came running over to us. >> reporter: this is when they saw. >> we see our boat pretty much sunken. >> reporter: the mbta which operates the ferry says the wake from the vessel as it pulled away from the island caused the boat to capsize. >> i was in tears and shock. >> reporter: but it what was they didn't see that really bothered them. >> the it didn't come back and stop and see if we were okay. >> reporter: according to the weymouth harbor master the ferry did call its -- and asked that a crew be sent to assess the situation. once it was determined no one was hurt the harbor master department returned to shore but mike and his son were stuck. >> there was no response from boston harbor cruise at that time. however, later on they stepped up and made sure that they there were to help us out this morning.
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belongings from the sea floor this morning and for their vessel to be righted and towed to shore. mike and his son hitched a ride back to quincy but this boat is a total loss for that kevin wants to see the boston harbor cruise's do one more thing. >> i think they should be the with twounch reparty or replace the vessel. >> you know kevin has good reason to be upset. it was a rite of sorts for him. in the meantime, the mbta does acknowledge the incident at grape island and says it is investigating. they're also talking with boston harbor cruises about why they didn't report the incident to the mbta. live in hingham, erica richie, fox 25 news. small brush fire in wilmington is under control tonight. around 5:30 to see it was well underway here. just off main street which is still closed as crews clean up. the wilmington fire
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damaged. let's get right to fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz. kevin, there wasn't any rain to help those firefighters knock that brush fire down today? >> it's striking we haven't had as many brush fires as you would expect in as dry a year as we've had with the drought conditions we have. 90? again today in boston. i say again because this was the 20th 90-degree day of the year. an average is 12. so more than the last four years let's go back another couple years from that to ve most we had. most we've had since then. it has been a hot and dry summer. tonight it's 74 in boston, 66 out there in bedford but it feels so comfortable because your dew points are only in the 50s. and tonight you are going to have clear skies your temperature will be dropping down through the 70s out there on cape cod with sunshine when you wake up and in worcester county down to 60 in the city but the suburbs will be in the cool 50s. so more cool air on the way along with showers.
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allegedly crashed his while driving his friends home over the weekend. investigators say joey cap had a blood alcohol level of .12 at the time of the crash in lunenburg. he kill childhood friend a.j. robins and the other friend who is injured. he sat tear envelope court today as his best friend faced a judge in handcuffs. >> most of us are definitely hurting and we're not angry at joey or anything. we're angry at just wha joey. because we do love joey. >> prosecutors say cap is a sophomore at boston university and admitted to drinking at a party at fitchburg state prior to the crash. he's out at $2,500 bail is free to begin classing at the u while the case is underway. a mississippi man could face the death penalty after police say he confessed to murd tworg nuns one with -- murdering two nuns one with
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of stoneham and margaret held were laid to rest. the pair dedicated their lives to helping people in one of the poorest countries in the nation. >> those women worked every day of their lives for those people. i hope somebody out there will step in for that loss it's very special. it's very special women. >> police say the suspect confessed to the killing but has not given a motive for the attack. a judge order him he the d.a. handling this case says she will consider the nature of the crime and the sister's religious order against the death penalty. tonight family friends in hollywood mourning the death of gene wilder. the man who played willie wonka died today at the age of 83. new at 10:00 we go in-depth with a closer look at his life and legacy. you can say it was mel brooks who first saw something funny in actor gene wilder. his breakthrough role as leo
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wilder an oscar nomination for best supporting actor. gene wilder was born in milwaukee, wisconsin, caught the acting bug by doing theatre. his professional relationship with brooks was akin to lightning in a bottle. hearned his second oscar nod this time for best adapted play for their parody young frankenstein. his role as a gun slinger in blazing saddles also helped to cement wilder's meteoric rise to stardom. >> but i shoot withened that. >> reporter: perhaps the film that endeared the witty actor tom across generations and willie wonka and the chocolate factory. his private life became public with his marriage in 1984 to saturday night live star gilda radner. sadly after two years of marriage radner was diagnosed with ovarian
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by establishing gilda's club a home away from home for patients and family. the actor teamed up with his friend richard pryor for a string of successful comedies including silver streak, stir crazey and see no evil hear no evil. by the 1990s wilder remarried and kept his career going with various projects. however in 1999 he was diagnosed with lymphoma. wilder made a complete recovery. acting took a back seat in his life except for a few small tv roles he focused his energy on writing. in 2005, he released his memoir kiss me like a stranger my search for love at heart. gene wilder will be remembered for his wit and warmth and his memorable performances that were simply unforgettable. >> wilder starred in several films by mel brooks. he tweted out today gene wilder one of the truly great talents of our time.
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with his magic and blessed me with his friendship. mel brooks will be talking about the making of blazing saddles. there will be a special screening as well. i have to imagine interest in that night has now gone up given the fact we have lost one of the greats of comedy here. >> a lot of people were talking about that show in the newsroom saying i want to get tickets before they sellout. i will always remember him for willie wonka. >> generations can sit >> sure can. one of those rare movies that the whole family can watch. probably should find something to watch. right now police are watching a man who sliced a sign that reads hillary belongs in prison. >> a look at the surveillance video that caught him in the act and evidence he left behind that could lead police right to him. first an uber driver is
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why the driver blames it on his family history. but first -- >> yet more controversial remarks from maine's governor tying race to the opioid epidemic but this time he calls out
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>> the governor of maine is blaming some of our cities for drug problems in his state. >> he's not backing down for the controversial comments. fox 25's christine mccarthy live outside the state house in boston with words he used. christine? >> reporter: well, maine's governor was absent during a news conference following his latest controversial remarks comments that right now are sparking a big response from leaders right here in massachusetts. his remarks linking -- at monday's new england governor's conference governor paul lepage didn't back down. even dragging massachusetts into the drama.
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they're mainers the heroin fentanyl arrest were not white people here hispanic and black and from lowell and lawrence, mississippi and waterbury, connecticut the bronx in brooklyn. >> governor lepage is a thoughtful and active participant. >> reporter: lepage ducked out of the following news conference leaving questions for mass governor charlie baker who wouldn't comment specifically about the inflammatory comments. >> this issue knows no neighborhood. it knows no race, it pervasive as anything i've ever seen in my 30 years in healthcare. >> reporter: but lawrence mayor dan rivera told fox 25 lepage is ill informed and lawrence and lowell are simply scapegoats for a nationwide drug problem. >> the opioid crisis and the drug crisis in our communities is really serious and we don't have time.
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rather than call out his community. i'm sure the people of maine would rather have their governor talk about more treatment beds and detoxing instead of picking on a small city in massachusetts. >> reporter: current city councillor rodney elliot also had a lot to say. he sent out a statement urging lepage to take responsibility for what he said are his own state's drug issues. he also urged him to apologize to those cities of loll we're live in boston tonight's, christine mcchargey, fox 25 news. the city of -- christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. the boston police patrolman's association wants to stop the new body cam program. the union filed a request for an injunction in suffolk superior court. under the program 100 offers were supposed to volunteer but -- officers were supposed to volunteer but when none did the department said they will pick officers. the program is scheduled to start on friday.
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days. tonight an uber driver is accused of exposing himself to teenage girls in several cities. it was the man's second arrest in two years so we went fox 25's kathryn burcham how they can still be driving for the woman after he -- company after he got arrested the first time. >> here in everett for allegedly fondling himself in front of teen girls on two separate occasions court records show paul griffin confessed to police. problem his attorney admits there is a history. >> there's another case pending involving i don't know about the facts the allegation is lewdness. >> reporter: fox 25 obtained the police report from march 2015 the details how griffin parked in front of suffolk university and exposed himself to two female co-eds. he was arrested court records show he told police he worked for uber's livery service. >> oh, my god that's so
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>> this woman says her 16-year-old daughter was propositioned by griffin just last week in malden. police are investigating several reports that he exposed himself to girls. she wants to know why he was still behind the wheel more than a wheel after the first allegations of a sex offense. >> why is he out on the street why isn't he registered as a sexual predator. why -- i don't understand this. i don't understand the criminal justice system. >> a spokeswoman for uber an initial criminal background check but uber kpunt explain why they didn't know about his march 2015 arrest and pull him from the street then. certainly questions still remain in light of this new information. now massachusetts does not have a system in information in place that can flag private employers when an incident like this happens. we reached out to boston police who in the past have called for strongerened check procedures for uber
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procedures for uber drivers. they said it's uber's responsibility not police's. >> kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. parents are scrambling to find ways to get their kids to school after the city cancelled bus service this year. they made the decision to cut bus service to close a budget shortfall. the buses cost the city $400,000. this decision is expected to impact a number of malden's 6500 students. framing is back on traffic after several players got thermal -- back on track after several players got thermal burns. the coaches were put on leave as the school investigated the incident and one drimage was -- scrimmage was cancelled. they reinstated the coaches who said he had never seen players get burned like this. >> we should find out what the safe temperature is or
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field contact drills. >> he's happy to be back and the team plays holliston on friday night. >> the greatest of all time stepping up. >> tom brady might be sitting out four games but that's not stopping him at all. the inspirg message to a loyal pats fan that shows brady is still on top of his game. >> the two time boston marathon runner's desperate
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students return to a brand new sanchl hook elementary school today. -- sandy hook elementary school today. construction of milford, massachusetts built the new school in the same location as the old school. a woman who ran the boston marathon lost her own
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chelsea russell office a lake in utah with his family when his 2-year-old son fell into the water. she jumped in and helped hold him up above the water while people rushed to save both of them but by the time they arrived she was unconscious. also competed in the boston marathon twice is also being remembered for her unusual toughness and compassion. >> she was a runner, she was a mountain biker, she was a swimmer. >> i think we all just feel very lucky to have spent the time we >> russell leaves behind her two children ages 2 and 5. >>. a celebration for pete frates and the a.l.s. community after a major breakthrough. two new genes linked to a.l.s. have been discovered. it's not a computer but the discovery is going to allow researchers to try different approaches to fighting it and it never would have happened if it weren't for pete frates and his ice bucket challenge. >> i've had the awesome privilege of traveling
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massachusetts, they know pete frates, and they know that this is the place that has changed the trajectory of their lives. >> donations from the ice bucket challenge went directionly to the a.l.s. association which found those genes. the woman who threw out the first pitch was featured here on fox 25 years ago. jody took the mound in honor of her daughter who turns 1 this year. we first brought you jody's story when she was battling after having several miscarriages. jody was featured tonight as part of the mission to fight cancer. great to see her out there. >> great to see her smiling, too. she looks good. coming up next at 10:00, in a special report fox 25 gives you a behind the scenes look with the people that rescue helpless little animals. we talk to one man who has been with them for 40 years. plus, a special message tom brady has for a loyal
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i'm checking out the tropics because there are storms out there spinning like this one that have become our next tropical storm how it could affect your labor day weekend narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte.
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narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible
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>> they rescue and he habilitate hundreds of animals every year under some of the worst circumstances. >> this summer animal control officers responded to the largest ever case of farm animal cruelty ever. >> crystal inside the agency and speaks with the man who has been enforcing animal protection laws for 40 years. >> a lot of these younger kittens don't survive. they end up getting sick and dying. >> reporter: in his exam room at the animal rescue league of boston the doctor says these sick kittens were rescued from a ferrell cat colony in westport, massachusetts. but it's a different westport case that has required most of their
1:29 am
ever seen. >> reporter: on this 70 acre tenant farm they found hundreds of animals dead, dying or injured. >> animals with broken limbs, animals with horrific injuries that have been untreated. >> reporter: attendance been the job of the animal rescue -- it's been the job of the animal rescue league to rescue, rehabilitate and relocate more than 1,000 animals from this farm. this tropical bird was rescued from a hoarding situation. >> >> reporter: the lieutenant has seen a lot in his 40 years serving as a special state officer for the rescue league. n-, this paintsing was made an elephant he rescued back in the 80s now lives in the zoo in new bedford. >> i can pretty much work out of this 24/7 if i have to. >> bordle still spends most of his days on the road and
1:30 am
time. >> i still do rescues i've got cages in the back. i'm prepared to stop and do a horse rescue if a horse gets injured. because i love the rescue aspect. >> reporter: there's video from 2015 shows animal rescue workers saving a dog trapped between a fence and a retaining wall. >> what are you coming there? >> reporter: bordle estimates he has handled some 60,000 cats over his career. he says this house cat with a busted leg was they found kittens. they assume that this cat will survive. they don't survive. >> reporter: no matter how many times he sees it he says he'll never understand it. >> people can take the time to drive somewhere to get an animal they can come to a hun main society. >> if you want to file a cruelty report or find out
1:31 am
our website you can find the link to it right there in the story. i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. here's what we are working on for the top of the hour. a simple walk turns into a murder mystery. all new at 11:00 the significance it has into this woman's death. plus, the way scientists discovered a new superbug connected to e. coli. >> announcer: now your local forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and the fo >> it is a mild night out there you're enjoying temperatures in the 70s still in boston, 60s out there in the suburbs. not so bad, right, especially when the humidity is quite low as it is right now. future cast shows there's not much happening overnight. if you get a couple clouds that float by in the morning that will be the worst of it. certainly more showers in the forecast. perhaps you prefer a rainy day if you are going back to school like lowell is. the city of lowell not that guy named lowell that is watching right now.
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well. beautiful shot from the seaside cemetery with the sunrise. wareham same deal. look that the beautiful shot sent in from mount washington of the sunset this evening. but this here is our fox 25 picture of the day. it's beautiful shot it was chosen thanks to that hashtag you knew that blue sky didn't look the same as. that still a gorgeous shot you use that hashtag get on picture will be chosen for the picture of the day and another day. nothing happening over southern new england. we are just clear as a bell. but that's going to change. there are clouds to our west there are also some showers in here, too, that will try to make their way toward new england. good luck. we can't seem to buy a raindrop here or there. a couple sprinkles were all we had this morning. when this front arrives it can produce some showers and we're hopeful for that. but more importantly is going to interact with those tropical systems that we've
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southern new england. good and bad. there's one spinning off the carolinas, there's one here coming off of cuba into the gulf of mexico which is very warm and conducive to getting this thing going. also this one here near texas bringing rain to the houston area that's not going to develop into anything further. of course we'll talk about gaston also that's not even close to being a threat to anyone at this point. so there's this storm off the carolinas notice the bit starts to shrink away a bit. we'll get a new one in the next hour or so. i'll be able to show that with you during the 11:00 news cast. we're not even in the cone of uncertainty so we are out of the risk of that one. outside of some waves that will be churned up. this one going into the gulf of mexico this is a 5:00 observation. winds at 35 miles per hour
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northwest florida. then there's gaston which is a good looking storm. look at the eye in the center of this storm a category two hurricane again 11:00 observation will show if it's strengthening at all out there. not even an issue of bermuda. here's your forecast for the rest of the week. that shower threat on thursday even if you get some showers thursday 40% chance of that i might be being too optimistic at to maintain. we dry it out for the weekend it will feel more like fall with temperatures only in the 70s for and the key here is that front with the showers right on thursday even if this includes any showers steer those storms away so we stay nice for the labor day weekend. that's the latest on the tropics coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right, kev. patriots quarterback tom brady found way to make his fans cheer even when he can't play on the field. check out this video message he posted. >> i know you're a big patriots fan but after
1:35 am
you so i'll be rooting for you this season and hope the patriots can give you and your family some great memories and plenty to celebrate all year long. we'll be wishing you the very best. >> a pep talk of sorts. brady's heartfelt words for justin miller. his sister posted he would love to hear from his idol. brady's response more proof that he is indeed the greatest of all time. >> he sounds sincere when he does his messages. you can tell he really care for the community and great to have people like that in our community. very nice. well, tonight a home owner is upset someone slashed his sign saying hillary belongs in prison. it was sitting in his front yard when it happened. wie show you the key evidence that that suspect -- we'll show you the key evidence that that suspect left behind. and the new program that can help you make monthly payments. first anthony weiner is caught in the middle of yet another sexting scandal.
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or difficulty breathing or swallowing. do not take invokana? if you have severe liver or kidney problems or are on dialysis. tell your doctor about any medical conditions and medications you take. using invokana? with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana?. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about it by name. >> three strikes for anthony weiner his wife announcing that she's ending the marriage after the latest sexting scandal. "the new york post" posted inappropriate texts. in one photo weiner's son was in the bed next to him. he resigned in 2011 his run for new york city mayor was
1:39 am
racy texts went public. but the latest scandal is the final straw for long time hillary clinton aide and wife huma abedin. she released a statement which reads in part "after long and painful consideration and work on my marriage i have made the decision to separate from my husband. new york children's service may also investigate because the child is that that picture with weiner. >>. gunshots at l.a.x. sent people scrambling. the reports were massive airport complex were shut down but police were searching for that possible gunman. hundreds of passengers raced onto the streets and the tarmac causing nearly 300 delays. the city of new orleans is remembering the devastation caused by hurricane katrina on the 11th anniversary. katrina made landfall on august 29th, 2005, it killed more than 1,800 people and displaced more than a million people in the gulf region. new orleans mayor saying today those people must
1:40 am
>> we're all part of the human family and that whether it be on the battlefield or on the peace field we really never leave behind behind. >> fema has called katrina the most single catastrophic disaster in human history. great whites were too close to shore today. fox 25 takes you on board a small boat with experts to reveal the new way towns are warning swimmers. but first, new at 10:00. >> this sign was not once but twice as you can see what the vandals didn't know? it was caug don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. by choosing flonase, you're choosing more complete allergy relief and all the enjoyment that comes along with it. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. with flonase, more complete relief means enjoyment
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priority: you
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new surveillance video just released to fox 25 shows a man slashing a homeowner's sign that reads hillary belongs in prison. right now police are looking for that man. they have a very good piece of evidence that he left at the crime scene. new at 10:00 fox 25's malini basu live in brookline after speaking with the upset home owner. malini? >> reporter: vanessa and mark, the family here they this. look at this not once but twice. first time around someone threw paint at the sign second time around someone slashed it. what the vandals didn't know there are cameras set up outside. >> reporter: everyone is entitled to their own opinion during this contentious trump versus hillary campaign. the family is bold, they placed this sign "hillary for prison" that their front lawn they live on a busy road. >> this is the second time
1:44 am
done to the sign. >> reporter: over the week, they caught a man walking up to their front lawn. now watch closely. he cuts the sign what he didn't realize cameras were watching him the whole time. >> the smart crooks are in the can, obviously, this guy. >> reporter: it doesn't end there. in july, a woman threw paint on the sign. >> she threw some paint onto the sign and then went off into the neighborhood. >> reporter: so we know it's neighborhood. >> reporter: back to this week's vandalism the man wasn't so smart. they found a cell phone next to their house. on that cell phone a bunch of selfies. >> and also looks like there was texting that was done afterwards. and we believe that there's a selfie of the person who owned the phone. >> reporter: marcy says the sign is placed in front of her home front office.
1:45 am
put the sign up i felt like it was going to be dangerous. >> now she's afraid someone might retaliate. >> i'm afraid somebody might drive by and just throw a rock or god forbid fire a gun or something. >> weak links. let them face me. i'm willing to talk about it. >> reporter: and tonight the family tells fox 25 they have a right to their own opinion. the sign is on their front lawn and tonight brookline police tell us they're still workin hopefully they'll make an arrest soon. but if you know anything about the woman who threw paint on that sign you are asked to call brookline police. live in brookline, malini basu, fox 25 news. two men are thankful to object solid ground tonight after the crane they were working on -- thankful to be on solid ground tonight when their crane they were working on overturned in rhode island. the men were working underneath the bridge on route 24 and dangled over
1:46 am
safety gear that kept them from falling into the water. it's still unclear what caused the truck to tip over. the men suffered only minor injuries. new f.a.a. rules for the commercial use of drones went into effect today. businessing using drone must be kept under -- businesses using drones must be kept under -- there's waiver for businesses who need to use drones at times and heights that do not meet these regulations. more than have received these rules. today lifeguards had to shut down two cape cod beaches after two great white sharks were spotted a little too close to shore. blair miller has more. >> reporter: racing along the coast of cape cod with lee chatham on board researchers on the atlantic white shark conservancy a group saying they are already seeing more shark
1:47 am
we are seeing an early peak in activity. >> reporter: with the help of their spotter on this plane. >> now he's going north. >> reporter: he leads us right to the sharks. >> can you see it it's that big shadow in the water. >> reporter: a 12 foot shark less than 50 yards from the beach. skyfox as we find one after another four sharks in just a couple hours. greg with the state's division of marine fisheries points them out just before the surface as they hunt seals like these in the surf. >> people need to have a healthy respect and be able to co-exist and realize they're out there. >> reporter: each one they find. here you can see just how close we get. >> that's to be identifiable and look at the characteristics. >> reporter: they have identified hundreds tagged just 12 this year to track. as a result of what this team is doing coastal towns now have these new signs to
1:48 am
sphere is turning more to fascination. >> we're excited to see that because people have a fear but it's not necessarily a warranted fear when you know how the statistics are behind anything possibly happening. >> reporter: already that app has had more than 100,000 downloads and they only expect that popularity to continue as they do more research trips like the ones we saw here today. blair miller, fox 25 news. >> made me want to >> i have it downloaded on my phone right now. >> the video --. a employee at a local mcdonald's put smiles on the faces of customers for more than three decades. >> and now she's calling it quits. next at 10:00 the story you have to cement the unforgettable retirement party and the four gifts she got put a smile on her face. but first a new program that takes the sticker shock out of sky-high prices of
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>> if you would love to fly somewhere but don't have the cash for a big time purchase you can now buy airline tickets and make monthly payments. is offering purchase plans to cover airfare. it's aimed at travelers who don't have a credit card or can't manage the costs all at once. airfare prices have been dropping recently thanks to lower fuel costs and more capacity. beverly police rescued under the nestle of a car. animal control says the eight week old kitten is being treated for heat stroke right now but should make a full recovery and be up for adoption very soon. 74? so first thing in the morning temperature will have dropped. so in the suburbs it will be in the 50s in the city it will be in the low 60s. i promise you we'll have the latest from the hurricane center on its way in. this storm off the carolinas still a tropical depression
1:53 am
tropical storm. four hours to go to be a t.s., tropical storm status. perhaps even make a landfall. again, doesn't want to be a tropical storm neither one wants to win that status. 35 miles per hour i'll have more details on the track of both these storms and how they may or may not impact our weather this week. >> 32 years is an awful long time to work in one place. at a local mcdonald's it was a big reason to celebrate. with every batch of french fries she makes. >> come on in. >> reporter: mcdonald's on chestnut street welcomed her to her retirement party. >> how are you? >> reporter: the way she welcomed customers for the last 32 years. with joy. >> i'm happy to be here. >> reporter: all of the meals were happy with frya. >> her smile, her enthusiasm and her daily hugs made our
1:54 am
of her family. >> reporter: as a first employee in a program through the charles river center frya started cleaning tables and worked her way up. >> we taught her how to make french fries, now we finally found a position she loves. >> we have busy lives sometimes we forget to dance but frya doesn't forth to dance. >> reporter: at this special retirement it was frya's time to be served. >> state a crystal restaurant of her own a french fry necklace and her favorite minnie mouse. long time customers dropping by to say thank you. she took delight in opening the doors. >> reporter: her family here says frya offered them so much more than they could ever offer her. >> through her hard work, dedication, and perseverance,
1:55 am
be learned. we love you, we appreciate you, we respect you and we're all better people for having you in our lives. thank you frya. -- even off her day off she likes a hamburg nowhere pickles and a sundae with those fries. the restaurant saying all of her meals will be on the house from now on. >> she's earned that sundae, >> she certainly did. and those free meals as well. she left a big impression on a lot of people all the details are there happy
1:56 am
group includes mothers and fathers who say they wanted to help out because they're so grateful for their own family's health. epipen is well-known pen but recently it's the controversy because of pricing. most people had not heard of mylan other than that. mylan has spent millions of dollars to get the attention of members of congress. we found mylan has spent more than since 2010 to lobby congress pushing for bills encouraging and epipens in schools and on planes. >> it seems like they're kind of taking the money and running we need that they're getting the best policy possible. >> mylan also donates money to campaigns including new hampshire senator kelly ayotte. >> more and more parents believe vaccinating their
1:57 am
pediatricians found almost one in five parents asked to delay some or all the shots mainly because they don't see the point of the vaccines. because the diseases they prevent have been wiped out in the u.s. doctors however warn that diseases exist elsewhere and could come back. another reason pare i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo.
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with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for
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>> today on "fablife"... ?? mix it up. our mix and match special. >> chef gabe kennedy. >> the variety of things that we eat in one show is shocking. >> carmen electra. >> let me tell you, this is everything. >> it really is. >> plus, before you make that beauty blunder... >> there are some products out there that you should never mix. and shake things up with must-have trends. >> ...wanted to mix and match masculine and feminine, '80s with the '70s, formal and informal. >> it's our mix and match special. >> welcome to "fablife." it's our mix and match special today, so be ready to get turned inside out. >> i love it. >> yeah? all right. (laughter) we'll be mixing up some flavors in the kitchen with chef gabe kennedy. (cheers and applause) amazing, right? >> he is so awesome. >> we love him. fusing together fashion trends you never thought could make a fashionable outfit, and we'll be giving you the guidelines of what you shouldn't be mixing and matching in your beauty routine.


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