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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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sglivrngt. now at o'clock, a boston university student will head back to class after pleading not guilty in the death of his best friend. new this morning why the victim's father says he does not want to see that student serve any prison time. and a holliston man accused of making threats against the president. what a dip administer we learned said to the fbi. and donald trump has new ammunition for the fight against his opponent. why he says the most recent security concerns in the clinton campaign. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. 6:00 on this tuesday morning, august 30. hope your morning is off to a great start. i am gene lavanchy. >> and i am sara underwood. more kids are heading back to school today. unbelievable that summer is already over. meteorologist shiri spear says might need a light jacket for the bus stop.
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center for the warm-up. >> you can tell it is getting closer to fall and more nighttime icons out. the horizon getting brighter. mid-60s in the city and mid-50s in beverly and plymouth. 57 in lawrence. 61 in worcester and 60 in hyannis. i think a lot of people out there and early commuters want jackets on hand until 8 a.m. 8 a.m. we go from the 50s in several of the suburbs including metro west and 65 degrees noontime, 8 degrees and highs in the throw mid-80s. and we have a couple of clouds mixing with the sun and bright and -- the winds are not as -- 78 to 84. coolest conditions at the coastline and the beaches. so actually take you town by town coming up in just a couple of minutes. send you over to julie grauert with live drive-time traffic and an accident update. julie julie waiting for this accident to clear 24
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before 128. part of the morning commute. i leave about ten minutes early to accommodate some of the slowing. looks like it is in the process of getting cleared out. north. accident site. the expressway start something to slow down just slightly. not a lot of space between those cars even at this early hour. live drive times. route 1, 93 south moving along fine. that red drive time is the first one to make graphic. 20 minutes because of the accident i told but. back to you. a local man accused of threatening president, bomb police stations and attack a moss south carolina behind bars. >> the real estate appraiser was arrested after the fbi raided his home. this all started when the fbi got a call from a person who was worried that ma man boss stockpiling weapons. >> reporter: neighbors have become pretty concerned over the past couple of weeks with how the man has been acting.
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holliston. if you look right in frochbd his front door, you can see an american flag hanging there upside down. the man who lives here, he is being held behind bars this morning and accused of threatening to kill president obama among several others. in court documents, investigators describe 48-year-old joseph gargiulo as an extremist. talked about bombing police stations and killing homeland security officers. on friday, federal agents seized nearly 200 pounds of ammo. ingredie explosives and hand written notes threatening violence against muslims from his home. he was arraign inland federal court in boston. his lawyer telling our crews that the allegations simply aren't true. >> there is a long history of false allegations on behalf the moth he and his children. we know what kind of man it is. not something he would ever do. >> reporter: gargiulo was a
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ordered held without bail. he will be in federal court and tomorrow with that bail hearing and we have learned whether or not he is going to be housed in jail until his trial. neighbors once again were concerned how he has been acting over the past couple of weeks and we will be flaring him coming up on the fox 25 morning news. we are live in holliston, fox25 news. a man was dead after rushing into a river after help a struggling child. it happened in an area known p smith river in bristol, new hampshire. one began struggling and a man came in to help but never resurfaced. police are not released his name but he is 39 years old from concord. another person went in the hospital and helped all four kids to safety. one of them received cpr and was saved. a somber knee being marked in new hampshire. a year since denise robert was shot and killed during her sunday night walk and still no
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manchester. at the time witnesses reported seeing an older model truck speeding away from the area and police have yet to make an arrest. was a long-time and well-known union leader employee. a vigil in her honor. a $40,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. the father of a local teen killed in a car crash does not want the driver to serve prison time. joey cap p pled not guilty to motor his friend a j robbins was killed in a crash. the father said everyone makes mistakes. a third teenager was hurt in the crash. he spoke to fox25 after the hearing. >> most of us are hurting. we are not angry at joey or anything. we are angry at what happened. not necessarily joey, because we love joey still. >> reporter: poss cuteers say he admitted to drinking at
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his parent posted $2500 bail. his student will return to boston university next week. a local police lieutenant is facing federal charges that he defrauded his department. investigators say tom corliss was taking private detailed job working with the city. cost taxpayers $11,000. corliss made $244,000 in 2014, including close today 87 in overtime. a new hampshire woman for beating her toddler to death. caitlyn morin beat her child several times over thanksgiving week two years ago all because the girl wet herself and got up to get food in the middle of the night. a judge just found her guilty and she faces 35 years to life in prison when she is sentenced to december. 6:06 this morning. a court date has been set for the city of boston and the police union to go head to head. the soon trying to stop body camera pilot program.
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positioned to wear the cameras and chosen by an outside third party after no volunteer stepped forward. the union says that goes against the previous agreement. the two sides will be in court thursday to diside the fate of the program. scary moment and close call for a pair of crane workers in rhode island after a giant machine tipped over a bridge -- on a bridge that is. take a look at the situation these guys were in. trapped in a bucket hanging over the river in tiverton. the safety gear kept them from the water. it took an hour to get the men up on the bridge. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. we are just a month away from the first presidential debate. donald trump is beginning to catch up with hillary clinton in the latest national polls. these are the numbers put out yesterday. clinton as a 7-point lead over trump, but a month ago, the same poll had her up 13 points. the third-party candidates need 15% support to get into the debates, but they are both nothing single digits.
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weiner wrapped up in another sexting scandal. now his wife and long-time hillary clinton aide says she is separating from her husband. done done joins us from the control room. donald trump not backing down from using this against his opponent. >> huma abedin worked for hillary clinton since she was a research student in 1996. she plans to play a role behind the scenes if clinton is elected. but is a new source of problems. not only in abedin one of hillary clinton's long-term aides. bill clinton officiated at their wedding, but in the wake of the sexting scandal, abedin announced the couple's split. and now this is a campaign issue for donald trump. >> he is a sick person. and she has access to classified information.
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classified information. how hillary got away that one, nobody will ever know. but to think it is very likely that much of this information anthony weiner would know about. >>reporter: in a statement, trump went further saying another example of hillary clinton's bad judgment. >> huma abedin -- they are judgments and personal life will not affect the country. around abedin, she is linked to e-mails that suggest a cozy relationship between the state department and the clinton foundation. critics say some clinton foundation donors got special access and favors from the state department when hillary clinton was secretary of state. the clinton campaign dismisses the criticism saying there was no pay for play and right now more people are talking about e-mails and sex and less about the candidate's qualification
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advisors said they are supporting abedin and the latest scandal will not affect her campaign. in the control room, daniel miller, fox25 news. the governor of me she blaming minorities from massachusetts for the drug problems in his state. republican paul lapage was on beacon hill and attended a conference. he told reporters that blacks and hispanics from lowell and lawrence are bringing heroin into maine. lapage by maine but made it clear he did not agree with the comment. >> this issue know no, sir neighborhood. it know no, sir race. it know no, sir class. >> sara: lawrence mayor called governor lapage's comments ill-informed and he wants to make boogiemen after people that look differently than him. the world is mourning a legend. gene wilder passed away.
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children from those who idolized him as his role as willie wonka. he starred in a am inform mel brooks' movies, "blazing saddles" and "young frankenstein." he remembered him as a talent and he blessed every film with his magic and bless immediate with his friendship. gene wilder was 83 years old. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. good morning, everyone. on the expressway right now. jumped up to 18 minutes. doubled that single-digit drive time from the braintree split to the pike. shiri. 50s and 60s on tap. mostly sunny skies. driving home from work, a few more clouds around. 70s and 80s. i will show you hot the towns and cities and where we will be back near 90 tomorrow. a local man accused of exposing him selves behind
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how he was arrested once before. probability the first time people were happy to show up for jury duty. how taylor swift made it a lot better for unsuspecting fans. city leaders want to make one part of boston more pedestrian friendly. extending the sidewalks and
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norman: that's a lot of vitamins there, harold. harold: oh, i'm stocking up before kelly ayotte gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher program that'll cost families big time. norman: uhhh... the vitamins? harold: gotta keep my family strong because ayotte also wants to raise the medicare eligibility age. norman: ohhh... i think maybe i'll pick up a few too.
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now now at 6:15. happening this morning, downtown cross something going to look a little different. people heading to work. the city is testing out a new pop-up plaza that will cater to pedestrians more than drivers. michael henrich is in boston. they want to see the area like quincy market where people can sit down, read a paper, have a cup of coffee and relax. >> reporter: yeah, relax and enjoy yourself. watch the fox25 livestream on your phone. anything talk do to get
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-- also just now starting to set up. you can see this one guy pushing this cart with some of the fencing there. the blocade. they actually just put that flower pot out as well. they are going to try decorate this in -- in a very minimalist fashion for the pop-up pilot program that runs from 8 to 1 this morning. and the mayor did bring out this picture of one possible design what this intersection could look like if they do make the plaza permanent. they are working on different designs and one of things that they will make adjustments based on is today's pilot program. depending on have, depending on how many people come. and also as you mentioned, gene, depending on how the traffic situation unfolds. there are two lanes that go straight through here on franklin street, and also a turning lane here, and, of course, the more you extend the sidewalk and take away that flow of traffic the more
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came up to us who describe himself as an average joe and saying while this is a nice idea for the pedestrian. he says average people, commercial workers, folks making deliveries to these businesses are going to make a real problem if this becomes permanent and takes up the whole road. something to keep an eye on. this morning from 8 to 11. the city leaders are expected a good time for those who enjoy it. see how it all plays out. for now live in down we have breaking business news this morning. apple has been ordered to pay $14.5 billion in back taxes to ireland plus have as payback for illegal tax benefits. the european union ruled that the breaks given between 2003 and 2014 were illegal under their rules. the decision follows a three-year investigation. apple again will have to pay have on that 14.5 billion dollars.
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hello. meet charlotte. >> gene: a little spider sat down beside her. >> julie: taken over at the moment. beautiful sunrise. we are talking about chore lot because traffic overall is light. good news. that accident has cleared on 24 as you approach 128. little slow spot starting around 139. average speed 14 miles per hour as you head from avon in to randolph. otherwise cleared out. expressway starting to slow down around morrissey boulevard. north of the pike nothing going on route 1 or 93 south. drive times. 13 minutes on route 1. like i said nothing going on there. expressway 19 minutes. 24 minutes on 24 because of the accident that has since cleared out. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. a beautiful day in the works. probably why the birds and beets, the bugs are coming out to enjoy. >> the birds and the peas.
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90-degree mark again in boston for the 20th time this summer and it has been a hot summer. more 90-degree days that we have had since 2012 in one sum ir. the result is temperatures well above average for this us a. we will actually take a little look at how above average we are in a couple of minutes. but 64 degrees right now in boston. 57 in lawrence. 51 in norwood. 58 in manchester, new hampshire. fitchburg, 54 degrees. waking up to morning. we have got sunny skies. and it stays bright today. top for the afternoon and 8 a.m., about 65 degrees. 10 a.m., 73. by noontime, 78. highs in the low 80s for the afternoon and the coastline ends up being quite a bit cooler. whether we are looking at boston, north shore, south shore, the common feature will be the 70s. upper 70s in boston. in malden you step away from the coastline. cambridge at 81. mid-80s in arlington, newton, brookline over to dedham. certainly warm locations out
6:20 am
those living in easternmost massachusetts near the shore that you get a little relief. hard to believe that yesterday 90 in boston and today about 78 degrees. 81 in ipswich, 82 in plymouth. 78 in hyannis. mid-80s ruling norwood, framingham, norwood. and worcester today is going to round out at about 80 degrees. and here you can see that nice, bright morning that we have. once we hit the afternoon and that breez beaches and also helping to trigger a little bit of that cloud cover. still a great day. a little more cloud cover. probably along the coastline down across the cape, but you will see sunshine outweigh any type of crowd throughout the day. lows tonight run in the 60s. it will be mild. it will be a little bit stickier by the time you wake up tomorrow, and look at those highs 90 back in norwood and lawrence. 89 in boston tomorrow. the heat is on across the cape. highs around 80 degrees and
6:21 am
out there because a lot of spots will be flirting with that 90-degree mark. the higher humidity. all coming in up ahead of the next cold front. triple h weather back in town tomorrow. only a slight chance of something popping up perhaps in southern new hampshire and westernmost massachusetts. after about 5:00 in the afternoon. the main threat is really going to develop where you are sleeping on wednesday night and thursday. this isn't going to trigger anything severe but we will likely see a couple of scattered showers or maybe an isolated thunderstorm for the thursday morning commu. south of the pike because we have that front lingering over out eastern massachusetts here, so we will be on the lookout for a couple of additional thunderstorms there and otherwise what ends up happening from the northwest to the southeast. we slowly cool off here thursday afternoon to thursday evening and this is the real treat. the high pressure that will move in friday, saturday and sunday, and really bringing that feel of fall back in the forecast. the seven-day forecast for the weekend always in view. 83 today.
6:22 am
scattered showers wednesday night and thursday. thursday's high about 8. highs in the mid-70s, saturday, sunday and monday. brightest over the weekend and a few more labor day clouds. back to you. all right, shiri. so election day is getting closer and not just the candidates fighting it out. still ahead on the fox25 morning news, the anti-clinton sign that keeps getting vandalized over and over again. and up next, the tradition behind this bizarre
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6:25. new at 6:00, for the first time a famous fashion line is teaming up with a major department store cha j. crew will start selling women's clothing and accessories at 16 nordstrom locations but none of them in new england. you will find the products at the online shopping site. the first time that j. crew fashions are not available in a store. sales of j. crew products have been falling. celebrities are just like us. taylor swift was visibly absent from the vmas but did
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her civic duty in nashville. a judge determined she would be too biased for the case. but before the day was over, swift posed for photos and signed autographs. one web site offering monthly payments on airline tickets. is r teaming up to offer purchase plans to cover air fare. the payment method is aimed at travelers who don't have a credit card and manage the cost all at once. prices are actually dropping a bi a few costs and more plane capacity. contestants line up to see if they can climb the pole grease. the 30-foot pole is slathered in grease and attached to a barge at a harbor. they run up as fast as they can and remove the flags from the end of the pole. the most fun is watching people slide off and into the water. gloucester does this every
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this at a zip trip. we will need video of this as proof. a daredevil in romania has too much time on his hands. check out his latest stunts. what the world is he thinking. he road a unicycle on the edge of a chimney 845 feet high. i am sick by watching this. he climbed up a the side of a ladder to get here. he also was on a beam in the middle of the chimney and juggled oranges and he did all of this without a safety line. i am -- >> julie: no, thank you. not even a chance. >> sara: i can't even watch that. >> julie: shiri, anything that you would partake in. >> shiri: i also want to jump out of a plane with a parachute on. i am not sure if i am the one to ask. water temperature 69. elevated rip current risk. waves all the way to 7 feet. imshow you some of the reason
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee,
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. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this tate fox25 morning news. >> and next at 6:30, september right around the corner and it sure feels like it right now. grab a light jacket as you stop, but it is still summer, my friends. the warm-up is on the way. it actually went down 1 degree since we went on the air. >> gene: my question is how long before we start doing storystoryings and discussing how many shopping days before christmas. >> i don't know. shiri, can we help. >> you you know what is already up. the candy corn at the store and i haired that home depot has all the christmas stuff.
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yet. cooler right now than it was yesterday that the same time. but boston we are waking up to 64 degrees. not too bad there. but 57 in peabody. look at the norwood temperature 49 degrees. that is one of the spots. anywhere in the 50s i would really say that you do need to grab that jacket. spencer at 54. 53 in maynard. 52 in windham, new hampshire. mid and upper 50s in plymouth and marshfield to 60 in marion and sandwich. worcester 65 degrees. for many of you out there from 8:00 this morning. warm up to do short sleeves. noon, 79 degrees. 3 p.m. 8 3 degrees. partly sunny and a little cooler at the coastline. that back to school forecast coming up in just a few. jewel is live with live update. >> reporter: new accident at route 3 a in the burlington area. i am not too concerned about it impacting your drive time. expressway flow around
6:33 am
35 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 23 minutes on the expressway. become to you. a holliston man is being held bowl bail charged with stockpiling weapons and threatening to kill police and muslims. joseph garguilo was arraigned in court following a three-week investigation. during a raid of his home. used ammo to make explosives and hand-written notes. years in prison if convicted. this morning a uber driver is off the job accused of exposing him stove young women more than once. and he was arrested in march of 2015 and continued to drive for the company. fox25's stephanie coueignoux is in everett with the latest incident happened. and stephanie, the mayor there is now demanding a meeting with the company. >> he is calling this unacceptable the fact that this driver was still employed by uber.
6:34 am
letter to uber's ceo demanding a meeting saying they need to discuss better ways to screen for drivers. uber has now fired paul griffin who remains in jail this morning, but he was still working for the company when he was arrested in everett sunday. police say on sunday, he drove by two -- drove by two young girls and exposed and fondled himself while he was alone in the car. we dug into griffin's history and he was also arrested last march after he exposed h court records show he con foesed to police admitting that he had a problem. >> i don't know about the facts, but the allegation is open and gross. >> reporter: he is expected of similar incidents in malden. malden propositioned her daughter last week. >> how he driving for uber and why is he out on the street and why isn't he registered as a sexual predator. why -- i don't understand
6:35 am
criminal justice system. >> reporter: everett mayor is calling on the legislature to act writing in part amend this legislation to immediately require thorough background checks for all drivers and require fingerprinting. clearly these drivers should be thoroughly investigated and they are not. >> reporter: now uber told us they did do a background check when they started working with them. they passed that background check and a spokesman said they can't explain why they did not know arrest. coming up in 15 minutes, the response that we received from boston police. in everett, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. 6:35. a brookline company says their hillary for prison sign keeps getting vandalized. the franco family live at this busy intersection. a woman threw point on it and a man in caught the sign and all caught on camera. the suspect also dropped his phone under the sign which was
6:36 am
>> the smart crooks are in the cam obviously. this guy is not too smart. and it also look like there was texting done afterwards and a self of a person who owned the phone. >> brookline police are still working this case and hope to make an arrest soon. they are asking if anyone has the information about the woman who allegedly threw paint on the sign and police call them with framingham high's football season is back on track after several players got thermal burns during a practice last week. those burns happened during a drill in which the players had their hands in contact with the hot artificial turf. they were put on leave as they investigated the incident and one scrimmage was cancelled. the framingham superintendent reinstated the coaches including gary doherty who said in his 26 years as a coach he never seen players get burned like that.
6:37 am
exactly what the safe temperature is and what is unsafe, and either not practice or have limited field contact through. >> sara: a coach doherty is happy to be back and they plan to play holliston. one massachusetts college has the best dining halls in the country. umass amherst has the top campus food the university serving more than 5 million meals. and uses recipes designed from chefs from the culinary institute of america. umass has been ranked in the top ten for the last six years and this is the first time it has earned the top spot. >> road trip for lunch. >> sara: imdo it with you. go. amtrak is rolling out a new fleet of trains to make rides more comfortable. coming up new at 7:00, the new modern designs to improve food and wi-fi.
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norman: that's a lot of vitamins there, harold. harold: oh, i'm stocking up before kelly ayotte gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher program that'll cost families big time. norman: uhhh... the vitamins? harold: gotta keep my family strong because ayotte also wants to raise the medicare eligibility age. norman: ohhh... i think maybe i'll pick up a few too. narrator: tell kelly ayotte: oppose medicare privatization. stand up for new hampshire seniors. good morning, everyone, we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. live look at the zakim bridge. leverett connector getting a little backed up now. traffic moving fine over the bridge. here are those live drive
6:41 am
to the leverett connector. here is meteorologist shiri spear with that back-to-school forecast. >> shiri: 64 in boston. looking nice and bright. all see sunshine for kids going back to school in malden. 60 degrees at 7 a.m. climbing up to near 70 by 9:00 this morning. all sunshine in lowell starting a little cooler at 58 degrees. at 7 a.m., even a little cooler at nashua new hampshire. 7 a.m. temperature for the bus top kids about 57 degree. if you were waking up to the 50s. grab a light jacket and we difficulties and even 70s and 80s back in your town coming up. so far red sox are getting career years from mookie betts and rick porcello. and sox put -- betts puts the sox on the board. that ball is lost and looking for mommy above the sign above the seats. porcello, the 18th win of the
6:42 am
bougarts. fires the runner out at first. then mookie again. line shot into left and cores big papi. red sox win it 9-4. the first antibiotic resistant strain of e. coli bacteria has been discovered in the u.s. the strain was found in a 76-year-old man treated in 2014 for a complicated urinary tract infection. carried two genes making it resistant to two counts of antibiotics now considered the super bugs. they say that back ter ians has the potential to spread and become a powerful super bug. a new study finds that dogs would rather get plays from their owners than a treat. researchers analyzed dogs using a mr toyshtion scan their brain and the dogs were awake and unrestrained. study authors say most of the dogs preferred praise from their owner over food. researchers will also say that dog's brains respond to the
6:43 am
humans do. a new hampshire supermarket that sold the winning ticket for the powerball jackpot is donating part of the prize for charity. one last month bought the $487 million ticket. the store will receive a $75,000 check from the lottery and plans to use the run in a few local charities. and so far no one has come forward to claim the big prize. 6:43 this morning in this could look like a pair of old sneakers hiding in the bottom of your closet but also a brand-new item. coming up at 7:00, the surprising price these designer kicks are going for. after three decades at the same job, a local woman had the sendoff she deserves.
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now 6:45. if you are just joining us we are getting you up to the minute on all of our top stories this morning. >> boston is trying up a new pop-up plaza to bring more visitors to a intersection and an uber driver is off the job for exposing himself to passengers more than once. but first, fox 25's jessica reyes is live in holliston where a real estate appraiser is behind bars for threatening to kill president obama. >> reporter: he is, sara, he lived at this house and quiet house and street. and you can see there is an american flag hanging upside.down there. federal agents could seize a stockpile of guns and ammo from last week, and we know the man who lives here, he is being held behind bars without bail. in court documents investigators describe 48-year-old joseph garguiulo
6:47 am
killed homeland security police officers. federal agents raided his house on friday and he was arrested on friday morning. he was arraigned in federal court in boston yesterday and he was ordered to be held without bail and we know he has bail hearing tomorrow and it will be at that hearing that we will learn if he will held without his trail. in 15 minutes, we will hear from neighbors on his street o jessica reyes ins who listen to, fox25 news. i am stephanie coueignoux where the mayor has sent uber a letter stating that they need to have better screenings for drivers and this comes after only everett police arrested uber driver paul griffin on sunday. this morning he is in jail without pond that he drove by two young girls and exposed and fondled himself. uber has fired griffin who
6:48 am
when we look into his back ground we found that police are arrested last march for a similar situation in boston and he is also suspected of similar incidents in malden. we asked uber why they never fired him. a spokes woman told us that he passed a back ground check when they first hired him, but they told us that they didn't know thieves arrested last year. boston police told us that it is up to uber to track their drivers and not their responsibility. meanwhile, everett's mayor is calling on state lawmakers to pass approximates in everett, stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 morning news. i am michael henrich reporting live in downtown crossing. right behind me, they are setting up this pop-up plaza at franklin and arch street. this is a special pedestrian situation that the city is putting together from 8 to 11 this morning, shutting down part of the road you can see by blocking it off, putting some nice chairs out, and their -- they are hoping to build eventually toward a picture they released of a
6:49 am
that you can see on your screen. a long-term strategy. one of the piece it was to try to get feedback not only on how much have there might be this morning but indications to traffic. of course a one-way street and i am already hearing from some folks that live and work around here that they are concerned about that. so we will continue to follow it and be with you throughout the morning. live at downtown crossing, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. 6:49 on this tuesday morning. back to school. some yesterday, some today, some tomorrow and some next week as we progress. >> unbelievable, 64 degrees as we head to the bus stop this morning. so you are suggesting like a light jacket and a long-sleeved t-shirt. >> we have a lot of the suburbs in the 50s and i kind of measure it by degrees. once we hit 60 most of are comfortsable in short sleeves. anything less than that a little cool. the warm-up taking off once we hit 7 a.m. we have got about 10 minutes
6:50 am
bright and comfortable. humidity back tomorrow and scattered showers late wednesday and thursday. but right now, we have high pressure protecting it from everything. and a little shield and it is going to keep us pretty bright today. about 8:30 this morning. the next two hours. we have got temperatures in the low, the mid an even upper 60s in spots of boston. and you will be comfortable enough to wear short sleeves. the late bus stop kids i think it will be warm enough to to that. noonti c of mid- to upper 70s. it will be nice and bright. we will see additional clouds develop during the afternoon but running fairly bright. coastal locations in the 70s. inland towns and cities in the 80s. seasonable if not a little above average. kind of hard to believe boston was all the way up to 90 degrees. because that 78 today is going to feel fantastic. it is lower 80s in beverly and portsmouth, new hampshire.
6:51 am
vineyard. norwood, bedford, lawrence over to nashua and fitchburg should hit 80 degrees this afternoon and tonight we are back into the 60s. these are the temperatures that we are going to wake up to at this time tomorrow. that means not quite as cool out there. not quite as dry either. meaning humidity is going to be arriving and it is going to increase during the day tomorrow along with temperatures rising to 90 in norwood and bedford and beverly. and hazy, hot and triple h weather coming back. i don't have a risk for rain until the evening hours and as this front sags toward us here. by the time we wake up thursday morning, there is a chance for a couple of scattered showers, maybe even a thunderstorm embedded in there and very hit or miss. not a widespread rain or thursday will be a washout. indication that this front will settle over southeastern mass areas east of the pike.
6:52 am
thursday. otherwise gradual clearing on friday. humidity drops again, 76 degrees the high. and mid- to upper 70s. a little brighter. and most of the nice outdoor plans. monday bringing in a few more clouds. a little warmer close to 80. julie grauert is up with live drive time traffic. keeping an eye on the slow spots. julie julie things are bright green moving along fine over to the braintree split. 24 has opened back up since that earlier a volume concentrated on the expressway right past exit 13 freeport street which is pretty typical and here are the live drive times. 10 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 24 minutes on 24. 22 minutes on the expressway. back to you. an 18-wheeler full of donations have made its way to baton rouge general hospital. and they need extra medical supplies to help everyone else.
6:53 am
with many questions of when they can rebuild. fema has not said any possible home elevations yet. and those rirts haven't been set to residents will have to wait until they can start over and rebuild. >> the entire blood supply in the u.s. may soon be scoond for the zika virus. right now only blood donated in florida and puerto rico is being tested for zika, but the food and drug administration says screening needs to be expanded. a symptoms, but the virus can be passed on by blood. more than 2500 cases of zika have been reported in the united states. the als community and pete frates are celebrating a major breakthrough against the disease. held a fund raising at the waterfront. the breakthrough is not a cure but two new genes linked to als have been discovered. it never with a have happened
6:54 am
>> i had the awesome privilege of traveling throughout the world, and everybody knows boston massachusetts. they know pete frates and they know this is the place that has changed the trajectory of their lives. >> donations from the ice bucket challenge went directly to the als association that found those genes. 32 years is a long time to work in one place. and a was a reason to celebrate. >> reporter: the needham restaurant honored one of their employees who spent decades changing the people around her with every batch of fries she made. daniel miller shows us how she touched those da nz danvers she served a smile every day. the charles center program places adults with cognitive disabilities in community jobs. three decades ago they placed frya david in her job in mcdonald's and she has become a staple in the community ever
6:55 am
come on in. >> reporter: the mcdonald's on chestnut street welcomed frya david to her retirement party the way she welcomed customers. all of the people were happy with frya. >> her smiles, enthusiasm and daily hugs made our restaurant more than just a restaurant. part of a >> reporter: frya started cleaning takes and worked her way up. >> i was on french fries. >> we taught her how this make french fries. now we finally found a position she loved. >> reporter: sometimes we forget to dance, but she doesn't forget to dance at the fryolator. >> reporter: at this special retirement, it was frya's time to be served. a proclamation from the state, a crystal restaurant of her own.
6:56 am
and her favorite, minnie mouse. >> i expected a little party, but not a party like this. >> reporter: long-time customers stopped by to say thank you. >> she took a very pure delight in opening the doors. >> reporter: for family here said frya offered them so much more than they could ever offer her. >> her hard work, dedication and perseverance, frya has accomplished all of this and that is a lesson to be learned for us. >> we love. you we appreciate you. we and we are all better people for having you in our lives. thank you, frya. [applause] >> daniel: and frya often goes to mcdonald's even on her day off. the restaurant says all her meals will be on the nrous now on. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. >> sara: you got to love that story and love frya.
6:57 am
this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals.
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in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything. ? ? ? the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together.
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>> shiri: wait until you see how cool it gets for the weekend. i'm tracking fall coming up. >> jessica: holliston man making threats. >> gene: governor taking main at the commonwealth. why the local cities are to blame for the heroin problem. >> sara: in less than an hour downtown crossing will be a lot different. the pilot program that's transforming the city morning. this is fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody, 7:00 on tuesday morning, it is august 30th. we appreciate you being with us this morning, i'm gene lavanchy. >> sara: i'm sara underwood. for the first time in awhile you will need a jacket heading out to door. fox25 meteorologist shiri spear is in the stormtracker weather center with look at cooler temperatures. shiri, you say it is going to


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