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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  August 31, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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and the street is blocked off on both sides of the home. inside the home is where authorities say an 11-year-old was shot just a couple of hours ago. if you were with us at 5:30 p.m., you heard the update from plymouth county d.a., tim cruz, he says two 11-year-old boys were playing with a handgun when the gun went off in an one of the boys was shot in the face. the child was taken to south shore hospital, and then by helicopter to boston. the d.a. was not able to tell us himself, or if it was his friend who accidentally pulled the trigger. >> i would characterize any gunshot wound as potentially life-threatening. not withstanding that, it's my understanding that the e.m.t.'s, the firefighters, the doctors, are working really hard to make sure that they can help this boy as best they can and we're hopeful that he'll be better. >> the reporter: one of the big questions here and i asked the
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home at the time when the shooting happened. he was not aware if there were any adults inside the home. so the boy taken to boston, we're told, he is in stable condition right now in the hospital and doctors are working on him now. as for that weapon, the gun and the and gun in that house, the d.a. declined to same who owned it, but he said the gun was legal. whoever owned it at that home. we are working to get more updates, and we will be adding them on line, and we'll be back tonight on t 10:00 p.m. reporting live in abington, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: right now, we are tracking the tropics very closely. this tropical storm is brewing in the gulf, and it could change the labor day forecast here at home. within the past hour, our fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz got new information on tropical storm hermine. kevin? >> kevin: well, this is a storm we're talking about here, not the one you just saw. this is the storm that we're more concerned about, and the center of it is off to the north
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peninsula the right now, the latest fix of this puts the storm center right here, with 45-mile-per-hour winds. it's moving off to the north and northeast tonight. that brings it in to florida, as a very strong tropical storm, 70-mile-per-hour winds. then, through the carolinas, and then offshore here, potentially in new england. but here's where the questions abound and when you're looking at a track of a tropical system, you get a center line, which is a reference point, but all of the areas within this boundary are where the potentially go. there's a lot of questions of how much rain and wind we could feel for labor day. we'll discuss it more in a few minutes. >> mark: also tonight a family's trip to move in a northeastern student taking a tragic turn. we've learned one of the student's parents was killed when a car hit a hotel shuttle after it left logan airport. two of the passengers were thrown from the shuttle, and kill l. >> vanessa: they were both from texas. tonight, fox 25 has team coverage. our kerry kavanaugh looking in to the shuttle company's safety record. we begin with robert goulston, who has more on what went
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robert. >> the reporter: vanessa, we are learning more about what happened right after impact. both victims, a man and a woman, visiting from texas, were thrown out on to route 1a and they were both killed. tonight, police are trying to figure out what led up to the crash. >> oh my goodness. horrible. horrible to think that that could happen. the hotel shuttle was coming out of the ted williams tunnel when state police say this subaru legacy slammed into it. the vehicle, and killed. they were both visiting from alpast sew, -- el paso, texas. police say 59-year-old joseph rodriguez and 47-year-old sandra aerola were thrown from the car
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i feel very bad for the family. >> the reporter: two other passengers, including a. woman who was also from el paso, were rushed to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the driver of the shuttle bus from east boston and the subaru driver from swampscott were also expected to be ok. state police say the shuttle had seat belts, but it's unclear if they were being used. officials telling us, it is the rider's responsibility to buckle up, not the company. >> maybe we need to think about seat belts, because we don't like to see possibly lose their lives. >> >> the reporter: state police telling us at this point in the investigation, there have been no criminal charges filed. we did try to reach out to the hotel here in revere, as well as the corporate headquarters down in virginia. but we have not gotten a comment yet. we are live in revere. robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> mark: fox 25 investigates looked into the safety records
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>> vanessa: investigative reporter kerry kavanaugh joins us live now with the action federal inspectors took in the last two years. >> the reporter: the shuttle vans are operated by the hampton inn. according to the records we dug up and reviewed, the feds inspected their vans nine times in the last 24 months. as a result of those random inc.s, four of their vans were temporarily taken offer the road and so were two of their drivers. federal inspection records show the airport transportation company for the hampton inn in revere logged 2014. that's the most recent data. since then, ham top inn boston logan airport, which also goes by revere hospital, has seen nine random visits from federal safety inspectors, which resulted in both vans and drivers coming off the road. fox 25 investigates found the violation summary, in which a driver was cited for not wearing a seat belt. another didn't have a valid medical certificate. revere hospitality vans were cited for several maintenance
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or improper brake away or emergency braking and no emergency bus exits. now this hospital van is being inspected, after two passengers died in a car on route 1a wednesday morning. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. the federal motor safety inspected this van inspectors were most recently at revere hospital in january of this year. their inspection history notes a vehicle maintenance violation for failing to correct defects noted during previous inspections. as robert pointed out, we have not heard back from the company yet. we mrs. wanted to point out the company has no noted crashes in the last two years until today. a spokesperson for the federal motor carrier safety administration says it's possible the company will be
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>> vanessa: a local town is on high alert tonight after a man approached a woman who was out for a jog. this happened on shirley road in shirley on brown road. shirley is not too far from princeton, where detectives are still working to solve the murder of vanessa marcotte. fox 25 jackie heinrich is there live. it's easy to understand why people are on edge. >> the reporter: people in this community are very concerned. so far, police have not linked the two cases, but right now, they're working with that to the community. the woman was jogging down hazen road when the van came up so close to her, she was forced in to the ditch. that's when the man offered her a bottle of water. the driver looked scruffy and unshaven, possibly in his 60's. the van was older and had no windows, the driver could see what appeared to be a second person lurking in the back. not only have police sent out a warning to here an nearby towns,
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like wildfire on facebook. >> i hope that police figure out who it is. we're all kind nervous now. >> the reporter: now, police are working on getting a better description of that van out to the public, but right now, they say it could possibly be a green dodge, with a partial massachusetts license plate, including the numbers 930. they're asking people in nearby towns if they have seen anything similar to also contact them. for now, livein heinrich. fox 25 news. >> vanessa: police say a drug-fueled fight led to a teenager being stabbed with a gulf club. 19-year-old curtis day faced a judge today. they say he stabbed his friend at breakheart reservation yesterday, then drove off in a stolen car. right now, its victim is in stable condition at the hospital. fox 25's crystal haynes spent the day in court. she will have more on what led top the attack on fox 25 news at 6:00 p.m. >> mark: maine's governor under pressure after several controversial comments, including challenging a lawmaker
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partially blamed lawrence in lowell for the drug trade in his state. just yesterday, governor paula paige said he would consider stepping down. today, he said he's not going anywhere. fox 25's political reporter, sharman sachetti is here now and sharman, you spoke with seth moulton, who is weighing in on this controversy. >> right. congressman seth moulton didn't hold back when i asked him about the maine governor. he call him a racist around bigot and says he's got to go. i caught up with congressman seth moulton outside his salem office and straight up asked him about paula paige, la paige saying he won't talk to the media anymore and that he's not stepping down. >> he's not resigning. do you think he should? >> absolutely. he's a total disgrace. he's a racist, he's a bigot, he has no business representing the good people of maine, and i hope he resigns sooner than later. >> the reporter: but la paige says he's none of those things, and instead, that he's someone with a back bone. >> he has a back bone an yet, he's not willing to talk to the press. he sounds to me like he's scared. >> the reporter: la paige met face-to-face today behind closed
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representative he thought called him a racist. la paige left a profanity laced voice mail on his phone. la paige did apologize. >> being called a racist was an enormous thing for me. it hurt my family. it was enormously hurtful. i will not resign though. my family are behind me. >> the reporter: still, that lawmaker believes it's >> i don't think we can continue forward for the next two years and get things done with the governor in office. i mean, i would like to see a different governor. >> the reporter: la paige also told reporters he's not an alcoholic or a drug addict, and that he doesn't have mental issues. he does say he plans to seek spiritual guidance. sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> kevin: dry this evening in boston, but there are some showers to the west. still do come later tonight and through the morning hours, plus, of course, we're watching the tropics, what hermine could do
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>> the reporter: manchester police searching for a killer after a man is found dead in this park. why residents fear it could be tied to another murder that's still unsolved. ? happy birthday to you ? >> vanessa: incredible salute given to a medal of war recipient on his 92nd birthday. it's a celebration you don't want to miss, and it's all new hat 6:30 p.m. plus. >> the reporter: a local police chief is apologizing tonight for inadvertently putting hundreds of people at risk for identity theft.
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>> vanessa: a local police chief is apologizing tonight for accidentally putting hundreds of people at risk for identity theft. >> mark: the walpole police department posted residents' personal information on its web site for several hours this morning. >> vanessa: fox 25 was the first to alert police to this mistake. jason law is live outside the police department tonight with how this could have happened. jason? >> the reporter: yeah. social security numbers, birthdays, cellphone numbers, addresses, information that was never supposed to be publicly, posted on line for three hours this morning. and tonight, the chief of police says, it was his mistake. last week, ann's security alarm went off. it was a false alarm, but the 93-year-old's personal information was recorded in the system here at the walpole police department. then wednesday morning, it was accidentally posted on line. >> i know your social security number too. your social security number -- [beep] >> you're pretty smart.
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too. >> no. she has a sense of humor about it, but others might not think it's so funny. fleck is one of hundreds who had their personal information exposed for the world to see and it wasn't posted on line by hackers. it was posted by police. >> i feel awful that that information was released. >> the reporter: chief john karr michael admits the release of all that personal information is his fault. >> when did you realize a mistake had been made. >> we were notified by fox 25, that we had put the dispatch log on there with information. >> the reporter: carmichael says he sent the wrong log to the town's local newspaper and then pass it had along to be published on the police department's web site. the wrong log was posted at 9:00 a.m. wednesday morning and wasn't taken down until around noon when fox 25 called the chief, and let him know there was a problem. >> i sincerely apologized to anybody, if their information was put out there. we need to make sure that we check it better before we send it out. >> the reporter: the police
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visited the site while that person information was on line. i also asked the police if they were going to contact all the people who could be impacted by the posting of that log, and he said that was something they were looking into. we're live in walpole tonight, jason law, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: police arrested four people at a black lives matter protest in cambridge. you can see in this video here, police taking those people into custody around 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. this morning, protesters used bike locks to chain their necks to the front door of city hall. this affordable housing in the city. the group says more affordable units should be available and a rent to own option should also be established if cambridge. >> mark: at 6:00 p.m., the boston police body cam lab delayed. a judge pushed back a hearing from tomorrow until next week, so boston police and the union agreed to move the start to september 12th until this friday. officers were assigned to wear the cameras after no one volunteered, but the union says that violated their agreement and led them to file a temporary
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delays, the iconic long fellow bridge is expected to open a few months earlier than expected. the globe reports state transportation officials and contractors have agreed on a new plan that means the bridge will be fully open to all traffic by june of 2018, instead of september. but the new plan comes at a cost to bikes and pedestrians. the bridge's westbound sidewalk, that will remain closed until the bridge is opened. >> kevin: spent so much time talking about the tropics and we'll talk more about that, because it could play a part in our forecast, but let's get you caught up on what's happening. boston, 81, derek clark jr. at the blue hills bank pavilion, 70 degrees and dropping into the 60's. it is still sticky out there and the risk of showers especially after midnight in the boston area. had a few around tonight.
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western massachusetts, and into connecticut. so there is still that risk later tonight. you'll see them start to move in here on our futurecast data. they're spotty, but after midnight in eastern massachusetts, more so as the front cuts across during the early morning hours and pushing southeastward and getting out of here during the morning hours. lunchtime, dry for most. where the sun starts to poke out, more showers start to development again, spotty, but we'll have to watch for any that have any idea of becoming once that pushes off tomorrow evening, then the dry air and. comfortable conditions arrive for friday. and into the start of this weekend. look how beautiful it's going to be on friday. now, high temperatures tomorrow will approach 80 degrees most towns. lawrence to framingham, 81 fitchburg. 76, boston. notice the risk of a shower or thunderstorm is in there. won't be raining all day, no doubt about that. after friday and saturday, we have to get into talking about
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a harry potter storm. but this is of the storm we're talking about in gulf of mexico. it has a lot of billowing white clouds, those are thunderstorms, that means the storm has a lot of activity around it and is intensifying or at least holding together. we know it's intensified a bit as of the 5:00 p.m. observation from the national hurricane center. they actually fly aircraft in to the center of this to get us a better first, and well, the statistics for it. there's the movement, there's the pressure, those are the locations, latitude and longitude, if you're tracking along at home. the current track from our computer push this into florida and the southeast. heavy winds around 70 miles per hour. that will take down a lot of trees and cause damage. it's almostf!?c hurricane strenh and move it up through the carolinas and mid-atlantic states. the center line is a fixed point, a reference point, but the track can veer one way or the other from that point. that's why you have to pay attention if you're anywhere in this area. look how much fatter it gets the farther out you go in time, but it does include new england and that's why this has hour
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southward, the impacts will be minimal. center line and northward, we get into heavy rain and potentially wind. even if it's farther out to sea, we're talking about big waves and riptides for the labor day weekend and boaters as well. the l by the way means the system would not be tropical anymore, but we would still have 45-mile-per-hour winds. think nor'easter as it comes up toward the northeast. there's your weekend forecast. we are guaranteeing you dry friday and saturday. the questions come sunday and monday, depending on what hermine does over the next couple of days. i'll continue to da the track of the system as new information comes in and track any showers out there this evening. >> mark: special day for a remarkable group of children and the police officers who have worked to mentor them. >> vanessa: they got a behind-the-scenes tour of fenway park before today's game. brookline, cambridge, chelsea and woburn joined forces with the youth police initiative. the international program brings at-risk children together with police officers to build partnerships and relationships. fox 25 talked with one teen as his mentor today and they say they both benefited.
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everything i used to do back then isn't the same what i do now. now, i just focus on school. >> he has responded tremendously. he is a great bright young man, he has a positive attitude. >> now you see them under the uniform and now you get to really enjoy time with them, you know, like family. >> the reporter: right now, my girlfriend, we have a great relationship and come to know that his grandmother used to baby-sit for me when i was two years old. >> vanessa: so special. graduated over the last ten months. >> mark: a lot of smiles there. great to see. the weather in the tropics stirring up a threat here at home the danger in the water and our beaches and how to keep your family safe. plus -- >> i'll be rooting for you this season and hope the patriots can give you and your family great memories. >> vanessa: on monday, we showed you video of tom brady reaching out to one of his biggest fans who really needs a reason to smile.
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yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. clear. >> i know you're a big patriots fan, but after learning about your story, i'm an even bigger fan of you and all that you've overcome. >> vanessa: by now, chances are you've seen tom brady's sweet surprise for a new england man living with a debilitating condition. tonight we are learning more about the fan and how he continues to battle. >> mark: as elizabeth hopkins reports, that man has his sister
6:25 pm
come true. meet justin miller, the connecticut man who got a special shoutout from tom brady. >> i'll be rooting for you this season and hope the patriots can give you and your family some great memories and plenty to celebrate all yearlong. >> the reporter: justin is battling a form of muscular dystrophy, doctors recently found an inoperable cyst in his throat. it affects his lung, his ability to justin's family threw him a party to celebrate his yukon did he greet. >> he said this is what i've dreamed of and it's coming true. but there was another surprise. >> a few minutes later, i'm like, there's one more thing. >> justin, i read the mazing story of your sister. >> the reporter: the pats qb read the story. >> i'm a bigger fan of you. >> none of us believed it was real. it was the real deal.
6:26 pm
the power rangers at disney when we were little kids. >> the reporter: and happy is how you'll often see justin. happy and determined to stay positive. >> he actually, has a tatoo on his knee, handicap symbol in the middle and there's a spade around it and it says it's not the cards you're dealt, it's how you play them. he has been dealt one of the worst hands that i've ever seen and he just -- he finds a way to do it. >> the reporter: elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: he has such a great attitude and you'vego is going to be played over and over and over again, right? >> mark: justly deserved. that is for sure for justin tonight. >> vanessa: good for tom brady too. grab your tissues, you're going to need them for the next story. >> mark: we're there for an amazing surprise. how navy shipmen gave a medal of honor recipient a birthday he will never forget. >> vanessa: also ahead, nearly a dozen college students homeless after an overnight fire. the warning to other families
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>> mark: and a man went out for his daily walk, never came home. coming up, why neighbors are worried his death could be connected to an unsolved murder from last year.
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>> vanessa: if you are just joining us right now at 6:30 p.m., fox 25 is staying on top of breaking news in abington, where a boy was
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it happened inside a home here on lynnwood street a few hours ago. the boy was flown to a boston hospital. right now, he is in stable condition. we're told two 11-year-olds were playing with a handgun when that gun went off. it's still unclear who pulled the trigger. the district attorney gave us an update live on fox 25 news at 5:30 p.m. my understanding is, according to the chief, the gun is legally own. it's not an illegal weapon that was used here today. >> vanessa: the district attorney said he was not aware of any adults inde we will be at the scene of this investigation updating you all night. >> mark: tragic turn for a family's trip to help an northeastern student move in. police say two people were thrown and killed when a car hit a hotel shuttle just after it left logan early this morning. one of the students' parents was one of those thrown. both victims were from texas. right now, police are working to figure out what caused the crash. state police say no one is facing criminal charges at this point. >> vanessa: residents in shirley on high alert tonight, after a runner reported a suspicious man
6:31 pm
she told police the man in his 60's approached her in a large green van. she also reported seeing someone in back of that van. shirley is just about 20 miles from princeton where another runner, vanessa marcotte, was killed earlier this month. >> mark: beverly teenager in court, accused of stabbing his friend in the shoulder with a golf club shaft. right now, that man is lock up tonight without bail. >> vanessa: fox 25's crystal haynes tells us, police believe it was a drug-fueled fight that led to the stabbing. >> the reporter: curtis day's mother with nothing to son was ordered held without bail. accused of stabbing his 18-year-old friend, matthew dow, with pa golf club shaft at the breakheart reservation yesterday, and then fleeing in a stolen car. >> there was a broken off shot of a golf club entered through the back area of mr. dow's right shoulder and exited through the front of the body. >> the reporter: police say day, dow and their 22-year-old friend david barry had been doing
6:32 pm
heroin and begun to fight. on the trails of the reservation, barry brought the golf club to use as a walking stick and lost it in the fight before he fled the scene himself. >> [inaudible] >> the reporter: i pulled the police opt and when police caught up to day, in the stolen car, officers said "day then began to y me" and then attempted to reach my firearm. >> he appeared disoriented, he did make statements to police at that time, admitting to taking lsd and heroin. he made further statements, stating, i'm dead and also that he killed his friend at breakheart. >> the reporter: dow is listed in stablexm???? condition tonig. both he and barry are being questioned as part of this investigation. >> barry did suffer some minor injuries in this fight. day is due if court on friday for a hearing around the
6:33 pm
haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: salem mother who withheld potentially life saving medications from her cancer stricken son has been set free after pleading guilty to attempted murder. >> vanessa: kristin labrie was sentenced to time already served at a change of plea hearing. labrie spent five years behind bars after being convicted in 2011 of attempted murder but the state's highest court granted her a new trial. her 9-year-old son died in 2009. she is serving five years probation for a reckless child 19-year-old man has admitted to the armed robbery of a umass student that triggered a cause lockdown. this video here shows the lockdown at the amherst campus back in february. today, william mckeyan was sentenced to one year in prison an two years probation. mccue enand another man robbed and beat a umass student after trying to pass shredded vegetables as marijuana during a drug deal. >> mark: massive fire leaves 11 college students homeless. the owner of this home in austin
6:34 pm
been turned into illegal apartments, some of the people displaced are college students, who had just moved in. fox 25's blair miller spoke with fire commissioners who say it's amazing no one was killed. >> we can show you what's left of the damage here of this fire. boston firefighters say it took them five hours to put out the flames, but their real concern they tell me is what they found on the inside. everything inside this home on clothes, shoes, whatever residents could save, now sitting on the lawn. >> oh, god. it's just terrible. >> the reporter: kathy moody lives next door to where the fire started. 11 people lived here, nine of them college students, some had just moved in yesterday. >> i think that it's a very scary thing, and thank god that everyone got out ok. investigators tell fox 25, the fire started in a ceiling fan, this home is technically a two-family home, but fire inspection commissioner buddy
6:35 pm
up into several units, which is illegal. >> this is a classic example of landlords not paying attention to what their responsibilities are. investigators say they plan to cite the landlord tomorrow morning. today, at an event to focus on college students and fire safety, boston fire commissioner joe finn told he he has serious concerns about college students moving into similar situations this week. it's ironic that we had the every year we seem to have a significant fire in areas of the city involving students. >> the reporter: investigators plan to meet with the owner of this home tomorrow morning. i'm told they have not had any issues with that owner before, but that he likely will face citations and violations for what happened here overnight. in austin, blair miller, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: an instagram post lands a 17-year-old in handcuffs. police say the teen posted a picture of a gun tucked into his pants, with a reference to the
6:36 pm
regional high, which was today. the gun turned out to be an air soft pistol, but the teen was still arrested. he is charged as a juvenile were communicating a threat to a public school. a manchester man went out for his daily walk and never came home. now, police are asking for your help to find a killer. richard carlson's body was found in a manchester parker sunday morning. fox 25's katherine burcham spoke to neighbors an friends who were rattled by his death and are now wondering if it could be relate to was never solved. >> richard carlson was murdered almost exactly one year ago to the day that denise robert was killed. both were in their 60's and enjoyed long walks in quiet neighborhoods. it's enough of a parallel that has those close to carlson worried. >> when people said it was him, it just didn't steam possible. >> dale used to wave at richard carlson across the parking lot they shared in their manchester apartment. he and other neighbors were
6:37 pm
>> that was devastating. very, very sad for me. >> the reporter: kathy says she last saw carlson late saturday night, as she drove past him to pick up her daughter. >> i was going to stop and give him a ride, but i was late to go get her, and i wish i had stopped. now that makes me feel bad that i didn't stop and pick him up. >> the reporter: perhaps that would have stopped what happened next. police say carlson was passing through this nearby park, when he was apparently attacked. hours later, officers found his body, sprawled bleachers behind the baseball diamond. >> you get a lot of people that go around there. it's a good place to be. but if you go late at night, you don't know who you can expect. >> the reporter: carlson was killed near the one year anniversary of denise robert's death. robert was shot to death while walking in manchester's north end. the two murders are not related. still, the death of two innocent people under eerie circumstances is concerning. >> we're locking our doors and keeping an eye out.
6:38 pm
investigation, and they're asking anyone who might have been near prout park this weekend to contact them. in manchester, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> mark: tonight, the zakim bridge will light up purple to remember those lost in the battle against opioids. it is international overdose awareness day, a day for families to come together to heal. in salem, activists raised a purple flag and handed out t-shirts, bearing the name of someone who struggled with substance abuse. the city has earmarked more money to help its recovery and prevention programs, but ca it's time the federal government stepped up. up. >> we need to fund programs like we did in salem. not all the communities i represent have the resources to do this on their own. congress needs to help. >> mark: so far this year, salem has seen 110 overdoses an ten deaths. last year, they had 11 deaths. >> vanessa: right now, we continue to track the tropics very closely, because of this tropical storm that's brewing in the gulf and kevin, that
6:39 pm
change our forecast for labor day. >> kevin: it's something that has the potential to mess up your labor day weekend forecast. let's talk a little bit about hermine in the gulf of mexico. center of the storm is out here and the national hurricane center, they fly aircraft out here and those aircraft go through the center of the storm, several times, to try to get a fix on where that center is going to be and by the time they were done, the center ended up being right there. 45-mile-per-hour winds and tracking off to the northeast toward florida, that's the official track. don't pay i keep cautioning you, this area is where that track can go. as you go farther out in time, that gets wider and wider, because there's more an more uncertainty in the computer model forecast, so in this area, which includes southern new england is where this will be by monday. if it's on this track or a little farther to the north, we're going to get some heavy rain and some winds for your labor day forecast. a lot of questions to answer. we'll talk more details about this and track some showers out there right now in a few minutes. >> mark: genuine happiness. right here.
6:40 pm
surprise on his birthday. captain thomas hudner is a medal of honor recipient and today he turned 92. >> vanessa: a group of state police an navy personnel came together to make sure it was a birthday he will never forget. >> mark: fox 25 photojournalist dan gardener was there for this amazing salute. >> dad's 92nd birthday. it's pretty overwhelming. ? victory, bathe cry ? i first heard it and didn't know what it was. came outside, as soon as i saw military in front of his house, my heart stirred because i've talk to him and what he did and who he is as a kind of guy. >> 1, 2, 3. ? happy birthday to you ? >> this is, you know, certainly incredibly meaningful for dad.
6:41 pm
>> it was a surprise up until about two minutes before. certainly the last person to ever ask for recognition, so i think his humble nature makes it, you know, particularly special, that the men and women that feel so strongly come out here to do this for dad. >> left, left, left, left right. >> mark: gives you goose bumps and a lump in your throat watching that. a true american hero. we say congratulations to the captain. >> vanessa: and happy birthday. >> mark: salute as well. you can read more about the captain's incredible i have life on our web site, >> vanessa: the tributes keep rolling in for big papi panned most of us agree, he deserves every single one of them.
6:42 pm
plate at fenway park. >> vanessa: first, the trouble brewing in the tropics, creating a dangerous situation at our beaches. what you need to watch out for to keep your family safe from
6:43 pm
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>> mark: two beaches on the cape were briefly closed this afternoon, after four sharks were spotted nearby. coast guard beach and nauset light beach in chatham were shut down for about an hour. a spotter plane reported seeing four sharks 300 yards off coast. >> vanessa: the situation in the tropics has us keeping a close eye on our coast an we are seeing the effects before the rain and wind get here. flags are already up in local beaches, warning swimmers about riptides. meteorologist sarah wroblewski tells us how to stay safe and smart in the water. >> the reporter: as labor day approaches, many are trying to squeeze in the last beach day of the summer. be aware, you're likely to come across red flags like this one at lifeguard stations indicating
6:46 pm
currents. major hurricane gaston is over 1,000 miles away and creating large swells in the open atlantic, bringing rough surf an dangerous riptides into our beaches. while gaston is forecast to move away, three-point play two-run systems we're watching, one off the coast of the carolinas and now tropical storm hermine, both have the potential of bringing hazardous beach conditions to southern new england through the holiday weekends as they get closer. and while this weekend beaches won't head to the water, the chandlere chances of getting caught in a rip currents will be higher. how do you get out of one. i spoke to local lifeguards and they taught me how to identify and get out of a riptide. >> first thing, stay calm. next, make yourself visible. yell. and remember to breathe. if you can swim, swim parallel to the beach to get out of the riptide. when a lifeguard does come, they
6:47 pm
board, and then paddle if you can. swimming against the rip will only tire you out and you'll likely to continue to drift out to sea. if you are headed to beach this weekend, check in with a lifeguard first. they can warn of you potential hazards. make sure you have a buddy to swim with or at least tell someone that you're entering the water. things in the water can happen quickly and without notice. i'm fox 25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski. >> kevin: the question remains, will it be beach weather this weekend? it's all depending on the tropical systems. we'll start with what's happening for your dinnertime. 81 in boston, average for this time of year. 70's out on cape cod. we've got a lot of clouds around today, some breaks of sun an even a couple of sprinkles. not much in the way of rainfall. at the blue hills pavilion, 70 degrees, going down to the 60's by 11:00 p.m. it is sticky and you'll have to watch for a shower or storm especially after the concert on
6:48 pm
morning, 70 in boston, but notice the thunderstorm icons, that's because the threat is there overnight, and first thing tomorrow. doesn't mean everyone is going to get one, but you're in that threat zone hand that's why they're there. there are showers to our west, nothing around boston, really nothing around worcester either or on cape cod. it will come in later. wider view, front pushing our way, had some showers and storms on it. lightning in northern vermont, that's far away from us. some of these can come across an become more heaviest downpours and potential for a thunderstorm or two. this is futurecast showing that potential later on tonight after midnight, 2:30 a.m. north shore, some more coming through during the early morning hours and meteorologist shiri spear will be tracking them on through here. the front goes offshore during the later part of the morning, leaving us with. so breaks of sun, but any breaks of the sun with the sticky air can fire up a couple of showers. once the showers go pay way tomorrow evening, once that threat is over, we're into dry air for friday and saturday and i'm promising you, nice weather
6:49 pm
conditions, low humidity. high temperatures tomorrow though come in the 70's to low 80's with that threat of thunderstorms around. shirley, 81. lawrence to 82 degrees. now let's talk about the tropical storm, hermine, spinning around in the gulf of mexico. 45-mile-per-hour winds and tracking to the north and then northeast. that's what all the computer models seem to want to do with the storm. the consensus, is to push it through florida, with winds of 70 miles per hour. almost a the rain, heavy through florida. this will push heavy rain into georgia, likely alabama, mississippi and northward in to the carolinas. now it becomes an l, because over land, it would lose its tropical characteristics, as it comes offshore, questions whether it stays an l or becomes tropical. this far north, stays what we call subtropical. think nor'easter. anywhere in the yea is where the track can go. that's the uncertain area or the potential track area. it's fatter as you go out in time, because you're getting farther away from the time we
6:50 pm
become more uncertain the farther out you go. even with the advanced computer model information we have. that's why it's a wide view, that can come farther north in to new england or farther south out to sea. even if it's further out, where it's positioned south of us by monday, means big waves and the riptides that sarah wroblewski was talking about. seven-day forecast, certainly nice friday and saturday, plenty of sunshine, only in the 70's though. and then sunday into monday, that's the time we could be perfectly sunny, with with drenching tropical rains. make sure you're here at 10:00 p.m. an 11:00 p.m. >> mark: big papi will be sticking around the green monster after he retires, at least in lego form. that's him on the right. the lego on the left. david ortiz an deangelo had the chance to preview the trophy at fenway park. it took 290 hours to make.
6:51 pm
kid's concourse. >> kevin: the corp. maze yesterday, we have the -- corn maze yesterday, the legos today. tom brady may be facing a suspension. but we're learning what will keep him busy. apparently a trip to ann arbor is on the on horizon. a grand day for hanley ramirez at fenway park.
6:52 pm
norman: that's a lot of vitamins there, harold. harold: oh, i'm stocking up before kelly ayotte gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher program that'll cost families big time. norman: uhhh... the vitamins? harold: gotta keep my family strong because ayotte also wants to raise the medicare eligibility age.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
fits. it is rare to see the rays blow out tampa, and that wasn't to be. a tight battle in the series at fenway park. 3-1 in the fourth. logan morrison teeing off on a hangar, so the sox had to work from behind this afternoon. hanley ramirez up there with the sox juiced in the fifth. how about this? boom. grand slam over the monster, the fifth grand slam for boston this season and that made it you know what this means. two outs in the eighth, sox up two, logan forsythe. up the gut. that brings up two and suddenly it's 6-6. eric hillsman in a huge slump, runners on its corner, a slice to right field. they add another, making it 8-6. craig kimbrel comes into slam the door in the ninth. the red sox win it today, 8-6.
6:55 pm
tomorrow. monkato might be called up. batting .280 in double-a portland. he's been playing third throughout the month of august. likely it's going to happen they head out to the west cost tomorrow. all three quarterbacks making the trip to new jersey, which means they all hub in uniform tomorrow whether the pats play the giants in a preseason finale. we learned today, tom brady is going to be in ann arbor on september 17th as the honorar football team hosts california. the pats play the dolphins at home, september 18th. brady instrumental in convincing john harbaugh to come home, so yes, he is loyal to his alma mater. james harrison and clay matthews and yule just peppers were cleared of any wrongdoing related to the al-jazeera america report which suggested all three, plus peyton manning,
6:56 pm
the league found no credible evidence in the case, and just as they cleared manning earlier this summer, they cleared the other three today. deutsche bank championship on tap for this weekend. tomorrow is the pro am at tpc boston. some of the big names arriving getting used to the course. also a familiar case from hopkinton. john curran, 29 years old, hoping for some success close to home. and he should have a few people following him around this weekend. >> i'm sure there will be a lot of people out here for me, but i'm not like a draw, like keogan going to draw a ton of people. i was really gunning to get into this event last year. i was really bumped out that i couldn't play here. this year, it feels incredible to be here. >> someone to root for as the weekend begins. >> mark: indeed. i was going to say that. >> kevin: we don't want rain this weekend, is that what we're saying? >> mark: no. >> kevin: we're going to be beautiful friday and saturday, no question about that. potential for tropical rains,
6:57 pm
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