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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 1, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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. now at 4:00, tracking a few showers and eyes on the tropics. the latest track of tropical storm hermine and the impact for labor day weekend. local kids go back to school and one their classmates recovers in the hospital after being shot in the face. the questions police are trying to answer how two the community already on edge while the killer remains on the loose. the suspicious encounter a woman had while out on the run. there will be no amnesty. you can't just muggle in, hunker down, and wait to be legalized. it is not going to work that way. >> julie: the two local parents who stood on stage with the republican nominee as he laid out his plan to keep the border secure.
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coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, it is 4 a.m. on this thursday, september 1. i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, i am. >> julie. a humid but cooler day here at home but first want to show you some video. take a look. this is happening right now in florida. a tropical storm is headed right for florida, and it is growing stronger hour by hour. rain and lightning have already hit parts of tampa all the way north to tallahassee. forecasters say it could even become a become a hurricane before landfall tonight or early tomorrow morning. the governor of florida already declared a state of emergency for 42 counties. we go to meteorologist sarah wroblewski for the latest on that storm and the rain that some people are getting today. sarah? >> sarah: we already have hurricane warnings and tropical storm warnings up for part of the coast of northern florida as we got hermine still churning in the gulf. you see the outer rain bands pushing into parts of florida. to they are going to see that
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some of those winds starting to strength but i will be showing you this track. the current track coming up in just a few minutes. taking it locally, i do want to show you we have a lot of clouds around. a real thunderstorm push through southern worcester county earlier this morning and we have a few scattered showers out there. a little bit stronger in places like still in mansfield right now pushing to the east. we will track a few scattered showers this morning. ticky and temperatures in the 70s. upper 60s and we are going to see the risk of another shower as we head into the afternoon. i will have that timeline and a look at the tropics in a few minutes. check of traffic with julie. >> julie: things are nice and quiet. a lot of green on the map what we see at 4 a.m. south of the pike moving along fine. don't be intimidated by the icons overnight construction work that clears out by 5 a.m. 9 minutes on the expressway. 20 minutes on 93 south.
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be school in abington as a little boy shot in the face fights to recover at a local hospital. officials tell fox25 that this was a tragic accident. two 11-year-old boys were playing inside a home on lynwood street after school yesterday. it is not clear this morning if the victim shot himself or was shot by his friend. the boy has severe injuries, but he is expected to survive. neighbors watched in horror as medics put the boy in an ambulance. >> he was and he had -- he was covered with blood. >> reporter: as of now, it is not clear where the boys found the gun. we are told the gun is legally owned but police would not say who the gun is registered to. both the victim and his friend are students at the woodsdale school in abington. since the death of this woman, vanessa marcotte. local runners have been on edge knowing her killer is still out there.
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away from marcotte was killed in a morning run in princeton. jack yack reports one woman's suspicious en kourpter with the man out on a jog. >> made everybody in the community quite nervous. >> reporter: people in shirley athis kind of thing never happens here but what they said when a young woman was murdered 25 minutes away in princeton. after what the victim described by police as an attempted abduction on hazen road on tuesday, police and community member residents to be on high alert for an older green van. >> so a post repeated by one of the people who actually rides in our group, and we had a heightened sense of awareness and concern given the situation happening in princeton. >> reporter: porting goods stores say not only are people informing them is selves, they are arming themselves. joggers especially with pepper spray. sales up about 60% at the army barracks in princeton. >> there have been increased
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has an arm band for joggers and that sale has increased as well and definitely the hand-held ones. not the ones that would you normally put on, but on your person and ready. >> reporter: shirley police hope to come to the bottom of it before something terrible happens. >> here we go again. it's crazy. >> reporter: jack yack, fox 25 news. -- jacqui heinrich, fox25 news. >> julie: police working backing down from his original speech. he made the speech in arizona following a quick trip to mexico to meet with the country's president. the candidate made his plans to secure the border very clear. >> i have just landed. having returned from a very important and special meeting. >> reporter: donald trump giving a major speech in arizona clarifying his position on immigration just hours after a advice wit
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importance of ending the illegal flow of drugs, cash, guns and people across our border and to put the cartels out of business. [cheering] >> reporter: democrats and some republicans have been questioning trump's stance on immigration recently saying he was softening on positions. trump reconfirmed his commitment to securing the mexico pay for the wall. mexico's president on twitter told trump his country will not pay for that wall. >> mexico, you know will work with us -- i really believe it. >> reporter: meanwhile, hillary clinton blasted trump's visit to mexico. >> certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. >> reporter: the visit comes as hillary clinton's poll
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tries to recover from slip-ups. >> he has a lot more latitude than normal politicians do because his followers. his core group of believers will do whatever they say because they think he is just the right guy. >> reporter: as part of trump's speech. he plans to implement new screening tests for people trying to enter the u.s. for a, quote, ideological certification. steve rappaport. the parents of matthew trump. he was hit and killed in 2011. he was dragged down the road by a driver who did not stop. that driver was an illegal immigrant from ecuador. >> our son matthew denice was dragged a quarter of a mile to his death by an illegal alien. horrified witnesses were banging on the truck while trying to stop him. donald trump for president in
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and other americans would be alive today. >> daniel: denice's parents have been vocal about illegal immigration since their son was killed. the driver nicholas gauman was sentenced to 10 to 14 years in prison. tim kaine campaigning in dover, manchester and nashua. this is the first time kaine has become to new hampshire after being hillary clinton's vp pick. kaine will be joined by his wife. the victim of a deadly shuttle bus crash near logan airport said all she remembered waking up on route 1 a with shattered glass all around her. it was breaking on the fox25 morning news. a woman from el paso, texas was heading to a local hotel with a husband and friend and their hutle bus was hit from behind by a car. all three were ejected from the bus. the woman's husband yo self rodriguez and her friend was
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any charges against any driver involved. fox25 investigates looks into the company which operates the shuttle bus. in the past two years nine federal inspections were made. as a result, four fans and two drivers were temporarily taken off the road. one driver was cited for not wearing a seat belt the other for not having a valid. an 18-year-old accused of stabbing his friend with a golf court after a judge decided to hold him without bail. curtis day is charged with stabbing matthew dowell. day, dowell and a third friend had been doing lsd, marijuana and heroin before continuing to fight. they are investigating the cause of the fight and it may have been over a girl. dow remains in stable condition. thousands of college students are moving back in
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all of boston and city numberal services will be out making sure that apartments are safe, clean and up to code. this morning a landlord on a house on myrick street will meet with inspectors. yesterday the building was destroyed in an early morning fire that started in a ceiling fan. several of the people living there were college students that just moved in. investigators say there should be only two apartments but they were illegally split into three. the landlord was citing for not having working smoke detect teres. he is expected to be cited following the fire. the attorney the state will transform the gender rights law. that law takes effects november 1. it allows transgender people to use bathrooms and locker rooms with the gender they identify with. maura healy talked about how state leader also develop the rules that will work today. >> work with members of the business community and others that put together items that
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>> reporter: healy is expected to talk about situations in which a person could be arrested for lying about their gender identity. we will bring out details of the new rules this afternoon on fox25 morning news starting at 4:00. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. on the expressway northbound right now, things moving along fine. love it when it is in those single digits. nine minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. sarah? ? >> sarah: few hours out there. sticky and mild. we get stuck in the 70s with a lot of cloud cover through the afternoon and tracking a pop-up shower. still sticky. but drier air working the beginning part of the weekend. the full details what to expect for your holiday weekend coming up. neighbors near a local park are worried that a killer is on the loose. the investigation of a death of a man found on a set of bleachers. pentagon employees exposed. coming up next, the new report
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a mark in history as the first commercial flight between the united states and cuba in 50 years makes a landing. phil keating shows the excitement following the first commercial airliner to land in cuba since 1961. >> reporter: a cuban band at the gate fueled the excitement for this sold-out flight. jet blue begins to santa clara and other areas as well.
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and next week, american airlines begins its highly anticipated commercial flights departing from miami, part of the cuban exile community to the cities of cien fuegas. initially per the agreement, 110 commercial flights will be connected in the old cold war foes. charter planes flying from havana to florida for years and the restoration of diplomatic relations. carnival through. still passengers say this is big. >> easier to actually get on board. you can just buy a ticket now. you always just buy a ticket. the fact that some of the regulations around who is allowed to grow are easy to get to and self-certified instead of applying for the state board to come back. this makes it easier. >> reporter: cuba's ambassador is on hand pledging more changes are on the way. >> security and safety of in
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concern. >> reporter: here cuban tourism remains illegal for americans. officially one of 12 government approved reasons for business and cultural exchanges must apply. after the party threw a water cannon salute. jet blue flight took off and one hour later ended in santa clara, cuba amid more excitement. >> julie: a lot of great energy on that flight. tourism they must be traveled for the one of 12 reasons to go to cuba. the country's ambassador will continue to work with the stou make more changes. u.s. employees have been misusing their credit cards by using them at strip clubs and casinos. they warned about the use of government issued card. but the department of defense did nothing to discipline those misusing the system.
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they aid the alleged wrongdoing users less than 1% of the travel card budget. president obama is on a two-day environmental tour including a trip to his home state of hawaii, but before he left, the president stopped in lake tahoe where he delivered a speech of preserving the iconic lake. the trip comes days after the president announced he would quadruple the size of marine reserve in hawaii. his next stop is asia where climate change is at the top of the agenda. it will be his last trip as commander in chief. we check traffic and weather every ten minutes and things are still quiet and i imagine they will stay quiet for the next hour and a half because it is still early. expressway wide open. north of the pike moving along 9 and 93 south. 2 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 29 minutes on 93 south. 23 minutes from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls.
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her shiri spear tracking the showers this morning. >> sarah: you look outside spotty showers. not everyone is seeing one. still a little sticky too. we also have a risk of a pop-up shower into the afternoon for eastern and southern areas. it doesn't turn dry until we see the overnight hours and for your friday and saturday, cooler, feeling more like fall, but then our eyes turn to the tropics because we are monitoring tropical storm hermine impacts to our area as early as late sunday into monday. and it is not just hermine that we are watching. td number 8 out there and hurricane gaston. still pretty strong hurricane with winds of 105 miles per hour, but it is decreasing in forward speed as well as intensity as it pushes to the east. as for tropical depression number 8, it is well to the south and will ter up the seas a bit.
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to the north and east. hermine that we are watching very closely and so is florida as we have hurricane warnings in places. tropical storm warnings. wind speeds 60 miles per hour right now moving north at 6 miles per hour. the outer band starting to push into parts of florida, so our warnings and watches go like this. we have the warnings along the western coast, but it is the east coast that we have a tropical storm watch that goes all the way into south carolina as the path from the national hurricane strengthen the storm to a category 1 hurricane before it makes landfall later on this evening. this will be the first hurricane to make landfall in florida since 2005. now it is expected to push over georgia into south carolina as we head over friday into saturday, and then as we head into the weekend, still some uncertainty exactly where it will track and we have to monitor it very
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the northern edge will brush us with impacts of heavy rains and wind. what we are watching, we will watch it very closely as it will change over the next couple of days. this cold front that will be slowly be pushing southward through the area. will lead to scattered showers especially through the morning hours. by your midday, breaks in the cloud cover to the north and west and then as we head toward the afternoon a few pop-up showers and storms especially to the south as this front will slowly be pushing southward. highre in. taking a look a that the seven-day forecast with your weekend in view, trying to get that you -- look at that. we are trying to get that seven-day forecast. it is not coming up. guess what, guys what to expect this afternoon temperatures near 80 degrees. i will have that forecast for you coming up in a little bit. >> daniel: sarah, thank you. new traffic lights are up and running in one local city, but they are not for drivers. the new safety lights for pedestrians that cambridge hopes will keep people safe. plus a woman runs her car
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woods. daniel was telling me about this story.
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could be once again set free from jail. ethan couch gained internation ail tension after sentenced to probation for the drunk driving wreck in 2014. he broke the terms of his probation and flew to mexico. police arrested in mexico and sentenced him to two years in prison. four months into his sentence his attorneys are trying to get the probation conviction tossed out claiming it never belonged in adult court because couch convicted as a juvenile. a fight over a 911 memorial. the issue is the wording on the oswego saying that islamic terrorists carried out the attack. the islamic organization wants isla new york city stay out of of it. >> i don't live in a politically correct word but a historical flight, cross terrorism, whether american, home.-grown, christians ante, islamic, call it what it is
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>> julie: as of now there are no plans to change the memorial. a man will head to court accused of a smash and grab in sharon, police say michael -- [inaudible] -- stole a display case. he wore a hoodie and a big pair of headphones and looked right at the security camera during the burglary. he is facing several charges. meade is being held on $25,000 bail. a driver in rhode island crashed -- chased, that is, some pokemon a bit too far and road. he was speeding just after midnight wednesday and lost control. the driver is fine. her car, as you can see, isn't. no word on any charges this morning. are remarkable group of children enjoyed a spellings day with police officer mentors. the kids to the a behind-the-scenes of fenway park. percent in brookline, cambridge, chelsea and woodbridge joined forces with
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partnership. >> for the better. everything that i used to do back then is not the same as right now. i focus on school. >> he has responded tremendously. 's great, bright young man. he has a positive attitude. >> julie: in the past year 50 children have gone through the children. papi's final season at fenway but still signs of him near the green monster. still ahead at 4:00, the giant lego sculpture to honor the the purple flags line the front of the building in a local town to raise awareness.
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4:29 am
of boston college students. where the city is focusing its efforts this morning to make sure apartments are safe and sanitary after a damaging fire. plus -- >> there will be no amnesty. you can't just muggle in, hunker down, and wait to be legalized. it is not going to work that way. >> daniel: why two local parents stood on stage with the republican nominee as he laid out his plan to keep the >> announcer: complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. good thursday morning and happy september 1. i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. a cooler more humid day down home, but video down south. take a look. this is happening right now in florida. tropical storm headed right for florida and it is fwroing stronger by the second. rain and lightning have already hit parts of tampa all the way north to tallahassee.
4:30 am
become a hurricane before landfall tonight or early tomorrow morning. the governor of florida already declaring a state of emergency for 42 counties. we go to meteorologist sarah wroblewski now with the latest on that storm, and our local weather. good morning, sarah. sarah archdiocese good morning. we are watching tropical storm hermine very carefully because the path could have an impact to our area. right now turning in the gulf of mexico. the outer band is pushing into parts of florida. it is moving very slowly about 6 miles per hour, but the winds currently at 60 miles per hour. as it gets closer later this evening, it is expected to strengthen to hurricane force. we will talk more about that track coming up later on this half hour, but i want to get to where we have some showers out there right now mainly through parts of connecticut. actually seeing lightning in eastern connecticut heading eastward. we will have to watch that as it pushes into southeastern mass later on this morning. further north and west, temperatures in the 60s and 70s.


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