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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> michael: effort to keep college kids safe as they move into town. laid out plan to deport thousands of undocumented immigrants. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: it is 9:00 on thursday, september 1st, i'm daniel miller. >> julie: i'm julie grauert. what's going on in florida, tropical storm heading right for florida and growing stronger.
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the state and could move up the coast and ruin weekend plans. we go to meteorologist sarah wroblewski who has the latest on storm and rain some people getting today. sarah? >> sarah: we have been monitoring hermine all morning long and panhandle we have the tropical storm and hurricane warning in place. as hermine is moving north-northeast with winds 65 miles per hour. it is expected to become a hurricane before it makes really this entire area needs to be on guard for the potential of a storm surge as well as five to ten inches of rain along with hurricane force wind gusts. as it moves over land it will begin to weaken somewhat and then it will move off the coast and we will have to watch for where it will be heading because we could have some impacts later in the holiday weekend forecast. but the rain that you're seeing right now, that's all due to a cold front that's going to be coming on through, scattered showers out there, have the umbrella handy this morning and
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some clouds and scattered showers approaching 128 and steadier rain indicated in darker green and yellow that's where you see the steady rain too. temperatures in 60s and 70s. mild out the there and temperatures going to be stuck in the 70s with the cloud cover in place. we could see a few breaks in the cloud cover to the north and west as we go on through the day and chance of isolated shower and thunderstorm. i will detail that for you coming >> live look at zakim bridge and individual auand -- accident has been cleared. cleared in the commercial break, 93 south between exit 23 and 20 mass dot tweeting out, all lanes have been reopened. that's why things look good, back on the zakim. expressway still a little bit slow. here are live drive times, 37 minutes on pike eastbound from
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46 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> 11-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital after he was shot in the face. >> julie: he and friend were playing with a gun and officers are trying to determine where he got the gun. >> catherine: active investigation and still a lot of questions he abington they plan to have counselors on hand so they can talk this through as they need to. as 11-year-old needs to recover. >> never seen anything like it in my life. >> scene that left neighbors on linwood street shaken in the driveway of the home investigators seemed out of place as children's bikes stood in the driveway. investigators working to piece together how 11-year-old was shot. >> was it rifle or handgun? >> at this point it is a handgun
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everything. >> catherine: police got the call around 3:15 yesterday according to the plymouth county d.a. two sprays 11-year-old boys were inside playing with gun when it went off. 111-year-old suffered gunshot wound to the face. >> put him in the back of the ambulance and he was crying really hard and he had -- he was covered in blood. >> catherine: neighbors say one of the boys lives in this house. the other just a few doors down. investigators said they didn't believe the shooting intentional but rather a tragic accident, leaving this neighborhood stunned. >> i just don't think there should be guns around anywhere and going to be locked up somewhere that they can't get them and reach them. >> catherine: didn't know of change in the condition and listed in stable condition at boston hospital. again, the investigation is
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catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: city inspectional services commission handed down punishment against landlord of allston apartment that caught fire early wednesday morning. you're looking at the video here. fox25 michael henrich live in mission hill this morning where inspectors will soon be looking at student housing. michael, yesterday's fire is an example of what the city is looking to nervous about the living situations. address supposed to be a two-family home. instead after the fire it was discovered by inspectional services that 11 people were living there. nine of them college students. some of them had just moved in. i want to show you the video again from the inspectional services wrapped up and another one of the fox25 colleagues gathering information at that scene and here is what she found
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services commissioner plainly stated owner of myrick street home instead of two-family home is violation. formally handed out two different violations. also about a failure to gain an occupancy permit for the people who were situation all plays out and live here we are in mission hill, this is the location that inspection at services and other fire officials invited us to come by and walk along with them and off campus housing is supposed to look like when it comes to the safety point of view. we will have that report for you later on today on fox25 news at
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>> julie: it is 9:06. one of the survivors of deadly shuttle bus crash near logan airport all she remembers waking up on route 1a with shattered glass all around her. it was breaking news yesterday on fox25. woman from el paso, texas tells globe she was heading to local hotel to husband and friend and husband hit from behind that was in the car. all three ejected from the bus. >> julie: curtis day, matthew denice had been doing heroin, lsd and marijuana before they started to fight and
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dow remains in stable condition. >> gene: mexican president says he told gop presidential nominee donald trump mexico would not pay for a wall at the southern border. fox25 jacqueline fell live in washington with what trump is saying and why there may be some confusion, jacqueline. >> reporter: donald trump had meaningful conversation with mexican president and talked about building a wall at the southern border. but the topic who was going to pay for come up. but this is what he said at rally a few hours later in arizona. >> we will build a great wall in south he were border and mexico will pay for the wall. 100%. >> reporter: trump said they didn't know -- mexico didn't know yet they were going to pay
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different account of what happened. he said he told trump during the private meeting that his government would not pick up the bill. in a tweet he said very beginning of the conversation he made it clear mexico isn't paying. that tweet came after trump left mexico and it didn't come up at the joint news conference. trump's campaign waved off the mexican president statement calling the last minute meeting a first attempt at building a relationship. reporting live in washington, jacqli >> gene: >> daniel: parents of matthew denice were behind trump. he was on a motorcycle and dragged down a road by driver that did not stop. the driver was an illegal immigrant from ecuador. >> my name is maury malone and he our son matthew denice was dragged quarter of mile to his
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horrifying witnesses were trying to stop him. >> if donald trump were president in 2011 our son matthew denice and other americans would be live today. >> daniel: matthew denice's parents have been vocal since their son was killed. nicholas guaman was sentenced to pris campaign in new hampshire. kaine will be joined by his wife >> julie: "t" wasting hundreds of dollars per year on phones it doesn't use. paying for 550 phones and mobile devices it didn't need. they will cut service to the phones and reduce the number of minutes on agency's plan. they expect to save $650,000
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we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. watching live drive times. just saw that one on 93 drop down to 43 minutes into the yellow zone. now it is back up to the red. so still sluggish conditions -- sluggish conditions on 93 south as you head from 495 in andover to the leverett connector. sarah? >> sarah: seeing rain drops and scattered showers 495, 93 area, especially down across the southeast where temperatures in the 70s and brighter skies central and northern new england but we need this rain. i had the latest drought monitor that has just been updated. i will show that to you coming up in just a few minutes. >> daniel: a lot more coming your way this morning. another local community on edge after a female jogger approached by a suspicious man. coming up at 9:30, the description of that suspect police want everyone to see. >> plus big foot has been spotted outside school on west
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teaching kids morning back to school. >> daniel: pentagon employees exposed. new report that says they were taking trips to strip club come on...
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narrator: tell kelly ayotte: oppose medicare privatization. stand up for new hampshire seniors. >> daniel: employees continuing spending even after
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warned about the problem. sara underwood has the story. >> sara: run at slots or strip clubs paid for by credit card and official pentagon business. >> inexcusable. >> sara: warned more than a year ago there were thousands of transactions taking place at casino and adult entertainment venues. now the new take steps to stop the wrongdoing. according to the report, quote, management did not take action to eliminate additional misuse and travel program remains vulnerable. >> reinforcing bad behavior not taking action against those that should be doing these things. >> sara: lieutenant colonel flagged in 2015 for spending $2,000 at casinos.
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another $5,000 at casinos. >> pentagon has agreed to make changes to travel card program by the end of the year. >> julie: paul lepage blamed state's drug crisis minorities in cities like lowell and lawrence. critics also say the remarks. >> family behind me. >> no longer speak to reporters. all the future remarks will be put in writing. >> daniel: 9:16 right now. touchdown in cuba by jetblue was won for the history books. the plane which left fort lauderdale, florida yesterday, was the first commercial flight
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years. this marks the beginning of regular commercial travel between the u.s. and cuba after decades of isolation. yesterday was a celebration as a cuban band played at the gate. jetblue ceo encouraging passengers to book a flight. >> i'm number one and safety, wouldn't be flying there unless we were completely confident in the safety and security of operation >> daniel: commercial flights a day between the two countries and americans begins flights next week. >> julie: 9:17. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. slow spots south of the pike is the expressway. things heavy and steady on morrissey boulevard. north of the pike things opened up on 93 and accident in the o'neill tunnel cleared and
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19 minutes route 1 on 128 to the tobin. 42 minutes on 93 south. 30 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist sarah wroblewski joining us now and mention showers starting to come down. some spots outside of been, sarah. >> sarah: we need the rain. like need it. we got the latest drought monitor and just updated the past hour and sure enough extreme drought has expanded south of boston and also into parts of new hampshire. pretty much encompassing 495. as for the severe drought, that has now pushed over the cape as well. so we are really in a bad situation as we head over the next couple of months as we have very dry conditions and have scattered showers but we need a good soaking rain. we need a tropical rain but we just don't want it all at one point and time of the season and tropical activity it is going to
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sticky today, few scattered showers, especially to the south, it does turn dry again tomorrow into saturday but sunday into monday, monitoring tropical storm hermine, down in the gulf of mexico now and it is going to be pushing into florida as we head into the evening and overnight hours. currently it is a tropical storm with wind speeds of 65 miles per hour but it is strengthening, guys. it has increased as we were going through the morning hours and rain bands already pushing into the panhandle here. we have hurricane warnings,
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24 miles per hour push through georgia and south carolina head through friday and early saturday pushing off of the carolina coast, it will weaken considerably and looks as though it may stall out south of new england. we will have to continue to monitor the track because it could still wiggle closer to the coast and wiggle further out to sea and big impact and with the current track there will be ribbon of rain five to ten inches for parts of the southeast and even southern new england, especially cape and islands dealing with soaking rain along with onshore winds similar to nor easter that could cause dangerous conditions at beaches with high surf and seas and also beach erosion and watching for the potential of that wind as well as that rain. as for today. it is this front that will be pushing southward. we got scattered showers across the region and chance of showers toward southern area and breaks to the north and west and pop-up shower in the afternoon and
9:21 am
tomorrow and as for temperatures today, we are going to be right around 80?. depending where we see the sunshine. i think most of us will be in the 70s. especially along the coast. 70s once again and partly sunny, sunshine on saturday, cool feeling like fall and then risk showers increase sunday into monday. >> daniel: hundreds of birthdays, cell phone numbers and even security numbers posted coming up why local police chief says he made a big mistake. and two football stars are making a tv show and one of them is from our backyard. the new six episode documentary
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>> daniel: threatening with a gun from chris brown after she complimenting another man's necklace. singer refused to come out of home until officers had a warrant. brown free on $250,000 bail and allegations against him are false. >> >> julie: tom brady becoming a television producer.
9:25 am
on cultural impact on sports around the world and stories will focus on nascar, ufc and rodeo. >> julie: david ortiz and son got to look at life size of big papi. it took 290 hours to make. statue on display in the kids >> daniel: if you have not seen it in person, you got to check it out. it is incredible. daniel: seeing pictures are meant to be memorable. unexpected guest in the background turned her pictures into something she will never forget. julian henry was taking pictures along the river when she was photo bombed by a naked man and dog. you could see that silhouetted out. no word what the two were doing out there. when jilian saw the final pictures, she had to share them
9:26 am
more than 40,000 times in matter of days. >> memorable. very memorable senior pictures. >> julie: helping a few students to the school it had make sure they got there on time and reminding drivers school is back in session so be alert. >> i'm trying to send a message of presence and hope they are stpe creatures in the road. >> julie: big foot is like us, trying to help people. >> daniel: help people out. >> julie: sasquatch reminding drivers to take it slow in school zones to keep kids safe. >> daniel: notice from the video the kids weren't scared of him. >> julie: no. they must have pulled kids
9:27 am
temperatures out there in the 70s right now and getting close to 80 inland with a few breaks of sunshine but got scattered showers out there too and i think we will see more clouds loon the coast and down -- down across the coast and cape and pop-up shower as well and latest timeline is minutes away. >> local town on edge this morning after strange man approaches woman walking alone. morning after strange man approaches woman walking alone. >> jessica: wha narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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>> daniel: landfall wet weather. >> shot over the skyline and of. >> >> julie: said sarah wroblewski passed the word on to her and what more to expect. >> sarah: cracks in the clouds extend to use linger working together and known each other for ten years. of course, taking a look at situation down in the gulf of mexico, tropical storm hermine, sure enough, it is bringing
9:31 am
northern florida, hurricane warnings in effect and tropical but expected to strengthen over the day today as it makes landfall as category one hurricane. it is going to bring in not only rain and as well as very strong winds but a storm surge that could be very dangerous situation. continue to monitor that for you throughout the day but locally we have our own rain situation going on as we got scattered showers across the region as west, continue to slide southward. so waking up this morning, 60s and 70s, brighter skies if you travel north of manchester right now, but you're stuck under the clouds and showers in the boston metro area. down along the south shore, cape and islands, where in the 70s. we will be climbing close to 80, 70s along the coast with muggy conditions, cracks in the clouds and down across the south that's where you will see a shower or two. i will have the full timeline for you and take a look at the path of hermine and how it will
9:32 am
let's get check of traffic now with julie. >> julie: things looking better route 1, still a little bit of volume as you approach the tobin. 93 south sluggish right around route 16 and route 60 in medford. little bit of stop and go traffic right around the weston tolls and expressway seeing typical volume pass freeport street, exit 13. here are live drive times, 35 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 22 minutes on the expressway. 33 minutes on 93 south. >> daniel: police stepping up patrols after woman says she was approached by a suspicious man while jogging. shirley about 25 minutes away from princeton. that's where vanessa marcotte was murdered while jogging near her mother's home. fox25 jessica reyes is live in shirley this morning. jess, this woman wrote a detailed and passionate facebook post about her experience. >> jessica: working to get more information about this and
9:33 am
information from them in just a little bit, but the victim, she did post it on facebook and she says she was pretty much ran off the road by a guy driving a big green van but when she went up to that van she saw he wasn't alone. >> unfortunate it got to that point, but it is really sad. pretty scary. >> jessica: police in shirley asking everyone to be on the lookout this morning after a suspicious man approached a woman as she was running alone. it happened on hazen road on saying she had just dropped her kids off at school and headed out for morning run when a man in a big green van drove up. she says it came so close to her it pushed her down into a ditch and the man then offered her water. when she looked inside she says she could see someone else sitting in the back. in that facebook post she says at this point my heart was beating pretty fast since, number one, i am completely aware that a woman was murdered in princeton while out on run
9:34 am
plus years being a runner no one has ever run me off the road to stop and offer me a water. >> i was completely freaked out. >> word spread throughout the town in just matter of hours. >> made everyone in the community quite nervous. >> police have not connected to vanessa marcotte in princeton. because it is a jogger people are shaken up. joggers are arming themselves with pepper >> beautiful areas around here to run and ride bikes and stuff like that and shouldn't have to be in fear of doing that. >> jessica: police have a big description. it was a big green van that looked to be a couple years older with a partial place 930 and last seen on hazen road here in shirley on tuesday morning. once again, police, they are working with victim to get some more information about exactly what happened. we do expect an update from them
9:35 am
we will bring it to you as soon as we get it. live in shirley, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> daniel: following breaking news in boston. city's inspectional services board has just handed down punishment against allston landlord who owned a house that was damaged by fire early wednesday morning. the board officially cited the landlord for code violations including having three apartments and what was supposed to be a two-family home. the landlord will not be allowed to apply for r until he fixes all the problems. he has 30 days to appeal. 11 people were living in the home when it burned down. no one was hurt. >> julie: 11-year-old boy recovering in the hospital after he was shot in the face. police say the boy was playing with another young neighbor when the gun went off. catherine parrotta is live in abington and, catherine, last we heard he was in stable condition. >> d.a.'s office told me earlier
9:36 am
last night when he was listed in stable condition. d.a.'s office also saying this is still active and ongoing investigation as 11-year-old recovers in the hospital. but police say all of this started unfolding 3:15 yesterday afternoon at a home on linwood street and children's bikes in the driveways and according to the d.a.'s office, 211-year-old were playing with handgun went it in the face. didn't say if the boy shot himself or friend pulled the trigger but it wasn't intensal. one of the boys lives in the house. other a few doors down and shaken by what happened. >> crying real hard and he was
9:37 am
uncertain whether any adults were home when the shootings happened and didn't say who owned the gun and this morning the d.a.'s office wouldn't comment whether charges were being filed again pointing to the fact it is still ongoing investigation. boys attended middle school here in abington and today that school planned to have counselors available to other students. superintendent also sending out e-mail to parents saying that kids need ample opportunity to talk about this and they also included some links with resources for parents as well. for now live here in >> daniel: people live near popular new hampshire park are worried a killer is on loose in neighborhood. richard carlson was beaten to death late saturday night while out for a walk in proud park in manchester. body was found on bleachers near baseball field. right now investigators have no suspects. friend of the victim says she saw carlson shortly before she was killed. >> going to stop and give him a ride but late to go get her and i wish i had stopped.
9:38 am
bad that didn't stop and pick them up. >> daniel: friends say carlson liked to walk down the neighborhood and didn't know who would want to hurt him. this case very similar to the murder of denise roberts. she was killed one year ago while walking in another part of manchester. no one has been charged and police have few leads to go on. investigators tell fox25 the two cases are not related. tonight there will be a public service to remember robert in the neighborhood where she >> julie: man that broke into and stole from sharon jewelry store will be in court this morning. sharon police say they arrested michael meade. police were able to find meade after receiving tips on social media posts. >> daniel: local police chief is apologizing after accidently putting hundreds of people at risk for identity theft. social numbers, birthdays, addresses and cell phone numbers were posted on the walpole police department's website yesterday morning.
9:39 am
inadvertently posted the prior week's dispatch log on department's website. dispatch log contained the personal information of hundreds of people who contacted the police department about incidents. chief john carmichael didn't know about the mistake until we notified him. told fox25 owns up to the era. >> notify me that we had made the mistake, looked at it, confirmed it, and we immediately took it down and replaced with feels awful the information was released. he said he sent the log to the town's local newspaper and then passed it along to be published on the police department's website. right now the department says they have not received information that anyone's information has been further compromised. police officers in boston will not wear body cameras for at least 12 more days. a judge pushed back hearing that was scheduled for today. union representing city police officers wants to stop the
9:40 am
it was supposed to start tomorrow but the union and city agreed to hold off until september 12th. 100 boston police officers have been assigned to take part in the trial program. >> daniel: hawk system new type of stoplight that is triggered when pedestrian is waiting to cross the street. installation of cross system part of the longfellow bridge two systems also installed in quincy center. >> julie: if you're going to grocery store you might want to bring reusable bags. ordinance applies to single use shopping bags. businesses with more than 10,000 square feet of florida space being asked to promote paper bags instead. the ban is supposed to reduce the environmental impact of plastic bags. somerville joins number cities
9:41 am
policy. >> daniel: coast guard beach and nauset beach were closed for about an hour yesterday after spotter plane reported seeing four sharks just 300 yards off the coast. alert was sent out on sharktivity app and tells people about citings, beach closures and allow to submit reports. daniel: wild sight in dorchester had some double double take. picture of coyote sent in by fox25 reached out to boston animal control who said the drought may be to blame with less wild food and water. animals being forced to look for meals in new areas and at new times of the day. official recommend people keep an eye on small dogs and young children while outside. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. right now on the expressway looking at drive time 22 minutes as head from the braintree split
9:42 am
sarah? >> sarah: live look and dew point in upper 60s and will see clouds, few breaks to the north and west but tracking scattered showers out there this morning and then again popping up in the afternoon as temperatures today in the upper 70s to near 80?. coming up i will show you where the rain is falling right now and threads we have heading into the holiday weekend. >> daniel: hundreds of animals into massachusetts farm and terrible conditions. coming up we facility nursing them back to health, getting them ready for a new home. >> julie: plus they were all smiles this the sun but international investigators saying the girls were getting more than a tan on dream cruise. what investigators norman: that's a lot of vitamins there, harold. harold: oh, i'm stocking up before kelly ayotte gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher program that'll cost families big time. norman: uhhh... the vitamins?
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for new hampshire students and families, kelly ayotte is a heavy burden we can't afford. nea advocacy fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. where there's been explosion on launch pad. nasa says it happened during routine test of the unmanned space x rocket. it shook and multiple explosions that lasted several minutes. right now it is not clear if anyone was hurt. the space x rocket taken israeli satellite this weekend. >> daniel: woman strangled while out on jog and police
9:46 am
police stress the sketch is not a suspect but may be a witness that can provide information. man was seen running in the same park where the woman was killed. investigators waited to release the sketch until they had watched all the surveillance video from that area. >> daniel: police in australia said they had more than 200 pounds of cocaine hidden in suitcases on board a cruise ship. they were arrested when docked in they were worth more than $2,200. the woman were documenting the entire vacation on instagram before they were caught. >> julie: major recall for something that could be packed in school lunches today. entemann's recalling a popular snack after finding small plastic pieces in them. they were for little bites brownies and blueberry muffins and single packs and variety packs. all were shipped to retailers last few weeks.
9:47 am
mediterranean diet might help your health. people with history of heart disease that stuck to the diet lowered risk of death by 37%. the mediterranean diet is heavy on olive oil, fish, fruit and veggies. it avoids red meet and sugar. darn. earlier studies have found the diet lowers risk of heart attack and stroke. i see red wine on table there. work that into the mediterranean things looking a little bet better around morrissey boulevard. north of the pike just a little red left on our map, lingering on route 1 southbound and head into the chelsea area and tobin bridge. on the expressway few brake lights lighting up heading past the gas tank. live drive time 16 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 29 minutes on 93 south, 24 minutes on 128 southbound. we are back in the green zone as head from route 1 in peabody to
9:48 am
tracking some incoming showers and then what may happen over the weekend. >> i've also in the green zone of rain. not the kind of green you want to see and actually we really need it with drought monitor being so severe. heading north and actually got breaks in the cloud cover otherwise in city of boston southeast and temperatures in the 70s but tracking scattered showers out there. you need that umbrella. steadier shower north of chatham and places like plymouth. noticing some pockets of steadier rain from franklin to mildford, grafton, southbridge as well, dealing with pockets otherwise as widen out the shot you're going to see there's a cold front to the north. that's going to be pushing southward and keeping the clouds in place as well as the threat of those showers ongoing for some parts throughout the day today before high pressure builds on in and brings dryer weather overnight and for the day tomorrow and into the beginning part of the weekend.
9:49 am
showers to the south and not pinpointing exactly where the showers will fall but say where chances of timing of day so even north of boston you may see isolate shower into the afternoon and there will be dry times too. temperatures climbing into the upper 70s to near 80?. through the evening hours if there are any showers and thunderstorms kevin lemanowicz will be tracking these as pushing on through. i'm expecting by the evening breaks in cloud cover. especially to the north and west before we dry out a hours. so this afternoon temperatures 70s along the coast to near 80 inland with the wind light out of the west turning to the north and tomorrow the wind out of the north-northeast. a little bit cooler along the coast. we will go low to middle 70s feeling like fall with partly sunny skies, mid to upper 70s to the interior and feeling a little bit dryer. sneak peek at the weekend forecast. we stay in the 70s with dry conditions on saturday but sunday turning our attention to the chances of showers
9:50 am
rain but also wind especially down across the southeast because we are going to be watching the track very carefully of tropical storm hermine, which is now churning in the gulf of mexico, forecasted to be a category one hurricane as it makes landfall later tonight for the northern portion of florida. bringing tropical rains as well as strong winds expected to pick up the wind through the afternoon, may even see a few isolated tornado in the upper rain bands as pushing on in and we will across the region. likely going to see a very dangerous storm surge evolve. now, as it pushes through southeastern georgia and carolinas, over the next couple of days, it will push off the mid-atlantic coast by sunday and this is where we are having our uncertainty exactly where it is going to end up but may meander south of the region giving us a glancing blow but it does look like it will impact us with high surf and dangerous rip currents
9:51 am
and could provide some locally heavy rain, especially across the southeast. we are going to have to watch the track carefully over the next several days and stay tuned to the forecast. 7-day forecast does show temperatures falling back into the 70s, feeling like fall on saturday and then the risk of rain increases sunday into monday and as the storm pulls away, if it eventually does, then we will see temperatures warm back up as we head into the
9:52 am
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>> julie: live look from the kennedy space center in cape canaveral where explosion on launch pad used by space x. heavy smoke there's no threat to the public. right now it is not clear if anyone was hurt. we will continue to stream this live shot on website on fox25 and the fox25 news app. >> daniel: birds rescued from poor condition at westport property now finding new home. it is animal sanctuary in new
9:55 am
animals have been receiving animal care over the past month and sanctuary says it is taking donations to help with the cost of caring for the animals. >> julie: this is the favorite story of the morning, maybe the entire week. picture getting a lot of attention. florida state football player sitting down having lunch with students who had no one to eat with. his name is bo pass key and better. bo has plenty of kids to eat lunch with. >> sixth grade sitting all alone when nfl player travis rudolph asked if he could join. >> i was so psyched. like fsu football player came
9:56 am
>> started off having a great conversation. great convo and great kid overall. >> showers of times both mother posted it. >> mom overwhelmed with messages autistic children all over the world. she hopes this speaks to all parents and children. >> if you see somebody that's sitting alone, if you see somebody that's kind of isolated from a group, just say hey, want to sit with us?
9:57 am
believing in me. >> julie: they have been invited to team dinner and season opener. >> daniel: don't forget travis rudolph's name. >> julie: special guy. >> sarah: tracking tropics and kevin lemanowicz will have the latest tonight. >> daniel: thank you so much
9:58 am
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all new today on "right this minute" -- a terrible accident leads a mom to panic. >> because her 10-year-old is trapped. >> see how a crowd of heroes come together to save a life. reunion time when a plane lands carrying collie. >> that's his pet dog. >> the story separated during a ten-day ordeal. >> hello, princess. a carrier pi john is used by prison smugglers. >> it's pretty old school. >> what guards caught it trying to carry in. and a video to make you say -- >> what? >> what is in there you got to see to believe. >> what? >> no! >> pretty incredible the way these folks in moscow came


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