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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 2, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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. now at 4:00, hurricane hermine has made landfall. right now heavy rain and strong wind is pummelling florida as parts of the east coast prepares for stormy weekend. >> anchor: i have a look at hermine and when we will see impact in southern new england ahead. plus a babysitter accused of being drunk on job. witnessed. >> this is terrible. be nice to kids. our jerk. >> daniel: the clue that made them know something was wrong and neighbors calling police. >> announcer: this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 4 a.m. on this friday, september 2, i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, i am julie grauert. the first time in 11 years, a hurricane is making landfall in florida. a live look at tampa, florida
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still feeling the effects. hurricane hermine made landfall on the pan handle near the city of st. marks 20 miles from the capital of tallahassee. jason brewer is in live for shiri spear. jason. >> jason: you saw the picture from tampa. the heavy bands through tampa, st. pete area. still a hurricane making its way northeastward inland. it will be weakening. the track friday into saturday through the carolinas as a then what happens after that is still uncertain. we have a large area uncertainty out here for sunday, monday and tuesday. bottom line, it is off to our south as a weaker storm, but nevertheless, could bring us some direct impacts by late saturday into sunday. so we are talking about that straight ahead. today, a nice day, enjoy, mid- to upper 70s. morning sun. giving way to pop-up afternoon clouds. a dry day and saturday looks dry as well.
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current and the waves will start to increase as well. by under night, when you start to see a chance of some of those direct bands. if the system gets close enough mainly toward the islands and this builds north and westward into labor day. right now i have that rain chance 30% to 40%. certainly not a dead ringer that we will see any direct rain from this just yet, but much more coming up on hermine and more coming up. right now things quiet on the roads and that's how we a lot of green speed limit north of the pike. south of the pike expressway moving along fine. 128 northbound and southbound no issues dedham, needham up to the pike. 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 21 minutes on 93 south as you approach the leverett connector. more now on the developing situation in florida. hurricane hermine moved into the tate around 1:30 bringsing with it 80-mile-per-hour winds
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a look at what the northwest part of the state has been dealing with. heavy rain soaking the area and causing flooding as you can see in some areas. experts say when all is said and done. the coastline could see nearly a foot of rain. while florida deals with a direct hit from hermine. people from north carolina are bracing for the storm this weekend. many residents around charleston are still weary from severe flooding back in october of last year and are choosing to pack up and leave rather than ride out rather than ride out the storm. there are signs up on beaches in charleston warning swimmers to stay out of the water because the current. they will be tracking hurricane hermine's movement all morning long and be sure to stay with us on air with fox25 and online. we have an entire section dedicated to our storm on our web site, you can get updates about how hermine will impact our holiday forecast and also get information to get out of the
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before a judge accused of being drunk and high on the job. malini basu say concerned neighbors saw a woman wandering down the street with a little boy in tow. >> reporter: susan dever. was found on a web site and was stumbling down the street with a boy in tow. >> she was 20 of him just walking and he was trying to keep up. >> reporter: arlington police tell fox25 that the 51-year-old was so drunk and high she forget which house he worked for.caretaker who had a 3-year-old that was really, really intoxicated and tried to if in the wrong house. >> reporter: it happened around 1:30 wednesday afternoon. a neighbor called 911 after they had concerns about the boy. >> she was ignoring the child.
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didn't know if the little boy lived in that house or he maybe was just outside and kids around. >> reporter: when police showed up they saw her stumbling down the street. officers seemed her car and she supposedly had empty bottles on there. >> she consumed multiple alcoholic beverages along with prescription drugs. >> reporter: we stopped by the 51-year-old's house and she told us through the window that, quote, those bottles were in the car before and this was a complete neighbors aren't sure what to think of this. >> terrible. be nice to kids. our jerk. >> she is in the wrong line of business. i hope she reconsiders what she is doing. >> reporter: malini basu, fox25 news. >> julie: she was facing reckless endangerment charges and was taken to the hospital after the incident. a teenager accused of stabbing a friend who had a broken golf club will be back in court.
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dowell. he survived and will make a full recovery. a teen and a third friend had used lsd, marijuana and heroin before they started fighting. he has a dangerousness hearing today. fox25 will let you know what happened. an 11-year-old remains hospitalized after being shot in the face with a gun. police are investigating how the boy and his friend got their hands on the gun. the key issue, whether the gun was reportedly stored. the shooting happened wednesday at a home on l yesterday, counselors were at abington schools to talk about the incident. the district attorney's office said the boy is in stable condition. it is now 4:0. people in milford are mourning the loss of a popular town official killed when a truck hit her. not only an elected official but a former national guardman. police say she was crossing main street when a tractor-trailer dump truck hit her. the truck didn't stop leaving clement in the road.
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driver turned himself in. >> it is very difficult. my sons are at the house and they are very upset. >> julie: police ait is possible that the driver didn't realize he hit kle meant. unclear if charges will be filed. three different incidents of lasers being pointed. two of them happened near logan and another hear harriman in north adams. the the faa. the first incident happened near 9 p.m. near hariman airport. 20 minutes later similar reports at logan. the american airlines and delta flights both stay happened 10 miles northeast of the airport. no one was hurt in any of the incidents. investigators believe a fire which destroyed part of a duplex in attleboro started in a garage. neighbors tell us they heard several explosions coming from the home on needham street last night. we are told that carbon
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pellet gun caused that explosion. one side of the building was badly damaged and the other side full of smoke and water. no one was hurt. new hampshire police will continue to work with osha to examine the construction site where a worker was killed. it happened at the flea market on avery road in londonderry. fire fighters athat a man died after pinned to the ground under the bed of a dump truck. they are trying to find out how the man became trapped. unclear if it was a mechanical problem or human error tracking a developing story in new hampshire. state police are investigating a suspicious death in the down of dumbarton northwest of manchester. the attorney general's office tell fox25 that the investigation started late last night at a home at varner hill road. we will monitoring the situation and bring out latest developments throughout the morning. student in one local town are being told to watch out for a man in lured a man in their
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and asked for help getting to the high school. police say the man then told the girl he hud get into her -- she should get into his vehicle. he was driving a dark green four-door car and he was in his 50s hand long hair. a big scare involving a jogger approached by a stranger is a big misunderstanding. the alert from police was shared hundreds of time. a man driving a van offered a woman water. the man said he wa looked dehydrated. the run-in happened tuesday morning and led to increased patrols in the area. donald trump's campaign is adding a new member toer that team. david body is the new deputy manager. he served as president of fence is united a conservative advocacy group and known for investigating bill and hillary clinton and for his rochlt in the supreme court case about super pacs. trump calls bossy a long-time friend who, quote, knows how
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release records from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state sooner than originally planned. the logs of clinton's meetings will be released in mid-october ahead of election day. the ap reported last week many of the people she talked to at those meetings had donated to the clinton foundation. now this news comes after clinton announced a record-breaking fund raising month. the democratic nominee raised $143 million in august. a new poll by suffolk university and "usa today" show clinton remains in thely of the presidential race. 48% of likely voters say they will cast their ballot for the democratic nominee in november. trump voters make 4u7 1% of those polled. clinton leads trump among women, african-americans and hispanic voters. the former stanford university student convicted of rape will walk out of jail after serving three months. the case of brock turner sparked outrage across the country. a judge gave him six-month sentence for raping an
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dumpster and that judge no longer hear criminal cases. the victim was at a frat party. a social media post after turner's sentencing went viral. in california many inmates are release on good behavior after serving half of their sentence. a federal judge will not drop extortion charges of team administers who intimidated the crew of "top chef." members threatened the crew and demanded jobs that were already filled. a jue case could eventually be tried by a jury. the team administers have pleaded not guilty to the charges. a boston-based fantasy sports company have a new source of funding. draft kings raised $150 million in venture capital and that money will help them move forward after a series of lyle battles in several states. draft kings and fan duel received permission to operate in new york city but could face lawsuits claiming
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patriots quarterback tom brady has until tomorrow afternoon to be around his teammates before starting his deflategate suspension. he played the final game. a slow start. intercepted on the first drive of the night. but brady turned things around in the first quarter. on the third down, he finds a wide open keyshawn martin right here for the easy touchdown, but that is new england's only trip to the end zone. giants win 17-9. starts tomorrow at 4 a.m. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. the drive time. love it in the single digits from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. jason. >> jason: temperatures not bad in the 50s and 60s as we are getting started early on a friday kicking off our labor day friday. we have to watch hurricane hermine made landfall in florida overnight. i am tracking the late west this and how it can impact
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>> julie: all right, jason. a major payout from a pharmacy to the state of massachusetts. the policy that cvs will crack down on to raised 1 million to settle a suit. a parent's worst
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co polo" with marco polo? surprising. ragazzini, io sono marco polo. s?, sono qui... what's not surprising? how much money amanda and keith saved by switching to geico. ahhh... polo. marco...! polo! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. polo! a terrifying mix-up for two families. a mother in new york arrived
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presented with a differentchild. it turns out her 5-year-old was flown to boston instead. fox25's elizabeth hopkins reports, the mother now wants answers from the airline. >> reporter: it was a terrifying mix-up. two young children, one headed to boston. the other to new york. each sent to the opposite city. >> when i went to pick up my son, my son wasn't there [speaking through interpreter] >> i was given another boy. >> reporter: speaking through an interpreter, new york mom maribel martinez aid she arrived at jfk airport to pick up her 5-year-old son, but when martinez arrived at the jetblue terminal, agents brought her a different child, holding her son's passport. that child's identity has not been revealed, but that child was supposed to be flown to logan but instead landed at jfk. not knowing what happened to her little boy, martinez was beside herself with fear says attorney sandra reubenstein. >> for three hours she believes her son may have been
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>> reporter: flying home from with a stay of relatives in the dominican republic when the mix-up happened. she demanded to know where her son was and into immediate answers. >> a mother's worst nightmare that their 5-year-old child is missing. this never should have happened. >> reporter: jetblue tells fox25 news as soon as they realized what had happened, the airline quickly got both children to their correct destinations. they say the boys were always supervised by their employees. an investigation is under way by jetblue. mart asking the faa for an independent investigation. elizabeth hopkins, fox25 news. this morning there is growing concern of an elderly alzheimer's patient that haven't been seen in days. ellen bino has been missing since wednesday. the 81-year-old suffers from alzheimer's. she is 5'5" and 100 pounds and last seen wearing glasses and black pants.
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shows the moment the space x rocket exploded on the launch pad at cape canaveral. it happened yesterday morning as a rocket was being fueled. no one was hurt, but the rocket and a satellite were destroyed. the satellite was supposed to be used by facebook to bring internet access to africa, the middle east and europe. facebook founder mark zuckerberg released a statement on the loss yesterday writing in part, we remain committed to our mission of protecting everyone and we will opportunity that the satellite would have provided. the satellite costs $195 million to build. the space x rocket was supposed to launch tomorrow. julie that was lighting $195 million on fire? whoa. great video too. too bad that happened though. take you out to the roads where things are nice and light. it is early out there, but it is a friday. a labor day weekend. things will be slowing down. i am guessing later this afternoon though.
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on the prey fine. route 1, 93 south look good. live drive times. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 20 minutes on 93 south. 23 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist jason brewer in for shiri spear, and i know you are really keeping an eye on hermine and how that may impact us. >> jason: right, julie, clearing skies. a front has moved through and looks like this front may protect us from the worst bringing up in the mid-atlantic. and still some question how this all plays out down the line. a look at hermine making landfall in the big bend of florida overnight and you ethose tornado watches up, the dangerous spinning storms. the worst. record indian rocks, st. pete beach, the tampa area north and west of there. there is the center of the hurricane off to the east of tallahassee there, making their way newspaper south georgia right now. you see those heavy bands
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island, maybe some of those spots you may be familiar with. our track does show hermine making its way northeastward becoming a tropical storm later this morning as it is over land. right now still hurricane, but it is moving north-northeast very quickly and moving over land and weakening somewhat. it moves fast over the next day or so. by friday night it is over toward myrtle beach. saturday, near cape hatteras, north carolina and then look what happens. it is remember i showed that you front. high pressure is coming in behind it, and just going to help to nudge hermine down to the south of new england over to the upcoming weekend. this is the official hurricane center track and has it on tuesday off the coast of nantucket. so we have a lot of time for this thing to impact our seas, rip currents, potentially bring us rain. and it made landfall 1:40 in the morning near st. marks. stalled this weekend.
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we are going to get rip current action, rough surf, minor coastal flooding and erosion and the rain if it gets here directly from hermine, it will get here late sunday night on into monday. there is the visibility right now. no problems out the doctor. something i am watching for the next couple of hours with the moisture from yesterday's rain. temperatures are running in the 5s in a few spots. norwood and bedford. nashua at 59. 61 in plymouth. 65 in boston as you are beginning your friday. dried out and feels a little more comfortable and will stay that way right on through most of the weekend. by monday, with hermine a little closer, we can see some showers and a little more humidity arriving. all is not lost this weekend. we want to you check back with us to keep you are apprised of the latest with the hurricane and into tropical storm and eresidentially an extra tropical storm down to the out. check out the temperatures today we are back in the 70s. cape cod and the islands, low
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a little cooler around beverly, boston and quincy, westward, mid- to upper 70s main gnashed and bedford and over toward fitchburg today. we did record the driest summer, june, july and august meteorology speaking. so we can use rain from hermine and wanted to show you this graphic because in august, we didn't get an inch of rain officially in boston so the summer ended up with three inches, and that was the driest on record. so what we are watching, the high surf and the rip currents. keeps you posted right here and we will keep you up to date. there you see the rain chance at 30 to 40% late sunday into monday. a simple sleepover with nearly -- near deadly consequences. a teenager hospitalized with alcohol poisoning. the reason a local mother is sharing pictures with fox25 in hopes of preventing a tragedy. new concerns of the very grounds your children are playing on.
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a pair of recalls to tell to tell you about this morning. this bump and go action egg-laying chicken is being called a choking hazard. the company that makes it dazzling toy say the chicken
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swallow. the toy is sold online through amazon and ebay. contact dazzling toys for a refund. this helmet is not doing the job. they say the classic bicycle helmet does not meet the safety standard land not protect your head. the production state. that information can be found on the sticker on the inside. contact the company for a free replacement. cvs will hefty check to the state of massachusetts. the rhode island-based company is agreeing to pay $800,000 and tighten its painkiller dispensing poly. attorney general maura healy announced the deed yesterday. massachusetts has accused cvs failure to give access to the state's prescription monitoring program. it is a key component in the fight against opiate abuse. artificial turf playground and fields are coming under fire by the federal
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investigate the safety of artificial turf. focused on playground while the epa and cdc are researching the fields. sources say strong evidence linking rubber, a primary component of artificial turf to cancer. now this investigation comes just days after fox25 reported on number of high school football players in framingham who got heat-related blisters on their hands during practice last week. drill where the players had their hands in contact with the hot artificial turf. head over to to watch the full report including how hot the fields were when we tested them and the concerns of a nearby town has about the fields. a baby sitter is due in court accused of putting a young child in danger. the disturbing behavior witnessed by neighbors that have them dialing 911. plus new details coming up about abuse allegations at a prestigious boarding school.
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now at 4:30. florida is feeling the wrath of hurricane hermine. the storm brought 80-mile-per-hour winds as it made landfall overnight. fox25's jason brewer is tracking its course. >> jason: absolutely. right now hermine is headed into florida headed our direction. i will tell you what it means for your weekend plans and any direct impacts we can feel. plus, a community mourning the loss of a beloved town figure details of that tragedy that claimed her life. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. julie good morning and happy friday. it is 4:30 on september 2, i am julie grauert. >> daniel: good morning, i am daniel miller. hurricane hermine is moving through florida florida as we speak. the first hurricane to hit the state in more than a decade and projected to move right up the coast. this is a live look at


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