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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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hurricane overnight. millions of people are in the storm's path. tens of thousands of people right now are without power. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us continue friday morning, september 2, i am gene lavanchy. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta in for sara underwood. we will get back to that storm in a few seconds, but first jason brewer is watching that storm and what it means for our labor day plan. >> jason: all is not lost. start off nice and over the weekend keep close tabs on nice and quiet but hermine slamming florida, georgia, south carolina now. it will be emerging off of the north carolina coast on saturday afternoon. then it is going to be hanging out to our south over the course of the rest of our holiday weekend and even into next week. and so with that storm to our south, we are going to have rip currents. we will have rough surf. could get win and rain and too early to tell how much on that, but we will be ironing that out so i encourage to you check that out with our holiday plan.
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lower humidity. that humidity continues tomorrow. late sunday into monday, the rain risk arrives and from the south to the north. temperatures will be in the 70s coming up this holiday weekend. i have got much more coming up. julie has a look at traffic. julie things looking pretty good. the first slow spot on the expressway right after morrissey boulevard as you make your way up to the o'neill tunnel. north of the pike bright green. love seeing that especially at 6 a.m. live look through sullivan are moving along at a decent pace. live drive times. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 14 minutes on the expressway. 21 minutes on 93 south. well, after days of waiting, gulf coast towns are slammed by thunderstorm hermine. the storm made landfall as a hurricane overnight bringing life-threatening rain and windfall in florida and georgia. >> reporter: sustained winds of 80 miles per hour that made it a category 1 hurricane and
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daniel miller joins us now with the latest on the storm's dangerous path. >> reporter: gene and catherine, millions of people are in the path of hermine. and residents took shelter as it beared down on are the coast of florida. this new video in tallahassee as the rain whipping the wind as the storm hits. the first made -- it first made landfall in st. marks florida. the area where the state's peninsula meets the panhandle, the first hurricane to hit florida since 2005. as you mentioned tens of thousands of people are without power. now rain has pounded the gulf coast since wednesday meaning residents need to fill up sandbags and flooded neighborhoods. several counties have mandatory auto he evacuations for neighborhoods in the water and low-lying areas as another 20 inches of rain are expected to drop. of course the storm heads
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the east coast. people in charleston, south carolina dpeering up for hermine. some people are already leaving town. others are staying put and preparing for the rain. now the storm is expected to be in the northeast by saturday where new york and new jersey will be hit. we are keeping an eye on the wave this is weekend. meteorologist jason brewer will have much more on that. in the newsroom, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. 6:03 this morning. a 51-year-old baby sitter is in trouble drunk while watching a 3-year-old boy. fox25's jessica reyes is live in medford where that woman will face a judge in the coming days and neighbors called police after they saw some concerning behavior. >> reporter: yeah, gene. police arrested that woman on wednesday and they called police, those neighbors, because they saw this woman walking down the street with this little boy, and they said she was so drunk and so high, just ignoring name they became worried for his safety.
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she is 51 years old and watching that 3-year-old boy in arlington on wednesday. that is when a neighbor first noticed something was off with her and called police. officers did show up just as she were trying to get back into someone else's house because she was so as drunk she couldn't remember which one she was baby sitting for. they also found empty bottles and prescription drugs in her car. neighbors on the street say making a big scene and barely paying any attention to the watching. >> asaw a woman walking and little boy and no one else around and she was about 3 and 20, 25 feet ahead of him just walking and trying to keep up. >> now crews did stop by debra's house and said off camera the whole thing was a big misunderstanding and if the bottles in her car were from before. police are not buying that. she is charged with reckless endangerment with a child and the family actually hired her
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and used her several times since then. we reached out to for a statement and will pass that along as soon as we get it. people in milford are mourning the loss of a popular town official that was killed when she was hit by a truck. barbara "sarge" clement was not only an elected official but a former national guardman. she was crossing main street when a tractor-trailer dump truck hit her and drove away. surveillance videos were released before turned herself in. it is possible that the drive didn't realize she hit clement. still unclear if that driver will face any charges. happening today, a teenager accused of stabbing his friend with a broken golf club will be back in court. curtis day is accused of stabbing dow in a neck. he survived and will make a full recovery. the teens and a third friend will use lsd, marijuana and heroin before they started fighting.
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know if that happens. a 11-year-old remains hospitalized after being shot in the face. investigating how the boy and his friend got hands. the key issue whether the gun was properly stored. the shooting happened at a home on lynwood street in abington. counselors were at abington schools to help talk to students about the accident. the district attorney's office said that the boy is in stable condition. shirtly police say a big scare involving a jogger approached by a stranger, an it turned out to be a big misunderstanding. shared hundreds of time all started with en a man driving a van offered the woman water. the driver came forward and told police he was only trying to help because she looked dehydrated. he apologized for scaring her. the run in led to increased patrols in that area. three different incidents of lasers being pointed to airplanes are being investigated by the faa. all happened wednesday night two near logan and near near
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the first incident happened just before 9 a.m. near harriman airport and 20 minutes later, similar reports at logan. american airlines and delta flights both say it happened about ten miles northeast of the airport. no one was hurt in any of these incidents. investigators believe a fire which destroyed part of a duplex in attleboro started in a garage. neighbors tell us they heard several explosions coming from the home on needham street last night. we are told those explosions were caused by carbon dioxide cartridges one of the buildings had heavy damage. the other filled with smoke and water. nobody was hurt. patriots quarterback tom brady have until tomorrow before starting his deflategate us is special. brady played the first half. a slow start for brady intercepted on the first drive of the night. but brady turned thing around a little bit later on third down. he finds wide open keyshawn martin for the easy touchdown,
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last night. the giants win it 17-9. brady's four-game suspension starts tomorrow at 4 p.m. a boston-based fantasy sports say they have a new source of funding. draft kings raised $150 million in venture capital. will move it forward following a series of legal battles in draft kings and fan duel received permission to operate in new york state but could stilt face lawsuits claiming practices. the state department will release records from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state sooner than originally planned. the logs of clinton's meetings will be released in october ahead of election day. the ap reported that last week many of the people she talked to at those meetings had donated to the clinton foundation. those news came when they had a record-breaking fund raising month. raised 143 million in august. the mother of a milford man killed by an illegal immigrant is back only after appearing
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was dragged behind a truck by an i will immigrant. supports defunding of cities including somerville but the city's mayor say it is doesn't make a difference. >> reporter: are sanctuary cities putting people in danger? >> our crime rates are at record lows. communities build each other up to make each other safe. >> the somerville mayor says trump's plan could harm the economy to come to somerville if he wants to know what america is all about. >> julie: we track weather and traffic every ten minutes. on the expressway, bumped up 16 minutes from the braintree split to the pike. jason. >> jason: julie, i am tracking the latest with tropical storm hermine came in as a hurricane overnight. right now noise and quiet in southern new england. temperatures are nice too. 55 to 60 degrees. a little warmer right in the city at 65 right now.
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i will tell you how long this weather holds into the weekend coming up. and 6:09. a little boy disappeared from a swimming pool and never came home. at 6:30, the new tools police are adding to their investigation that started 40 years ago. football players nrurt scalding hot fields. and now the feds are chiming in. the new alert from the government about dangerous artificial turf. jetblue answering big
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new hampshire college students are packing their backpacks and heading back to school. and thanks to kelly ayotte, along with the textbooks and pencils, many students are carrying more student loan debt. ayotte voted to cut pell grants and to raise student loan interest rates. because she sides with special interests
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kelly ayotte is a heavy burden we can't afford. nea advocacy fund is responsible
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it was just plain wrong. a new york mom said she was terrified when she showed up at the airport to pick up her little boy who was but was given someone else's son. her son was put on a plane to boston instead. jetblue airlines is coming under fire for that mix-up. >> reporter: a terrifying mix-up. two young children, one headed to boston. the other to new york.
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and my son wasn't there. it was -- i was given another boy. >> reporter: speaking through an pwerpter, maribel martinez arrived at jfk to pick up her 5-year-old son. when mornz got the jet blue terminal, agents brought her a different child holding her son's passport. that child's identity has not been revealed and that child was supposed to be flown to logan and instead landed at jfk. not knowing what happened to her little boy, martinez was her attorney sanford reuben stein. >> for three hours she believed her son was kidnapped. >> reporter: her son andy was flying home from the dominican republic after a stay with relatives. she demanded to know where her son was. but no answers. >> reporter: a mother's worst nightmare that her 5-year-old child was missing. this never should have happened. >> jettblue tells fox25 news, that the airline quickly got
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destination. the boys were always supervised by their employees. >> reporter: an investigation is under way by jetblue. martinez's attorney is asking the faa for an independent investigation. this morning a former stanford university student convicted of rape will walk out of jail after three months. the case sparked outrage. a judge gave him a six-month sentence for raping a unconscious woman behind a dumpster. the victim was and a social media post after the sentencing went viral and a judge will no longer hear criminal. many are released on a good behavior after serving half of their sentence. moment the space x rocket exploded on the lunch -- it happened yesterday morning as the rocket was being fueled. no one was hurt, but the rocket and the satellite were
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be used by facebook to bring internet access to africa, the midle east and europe. released a statement writing, in part, remain connected to the mission of connecting everyone and will keep working to have anyone to have the opportunity that the satellite will be provided. the satellite will provide $195 million to build the space x rocket that was supposed to launch tomorrow. we check traffic and weather together every ten minutes. good mor north of the pike. route 1, 93 south moving along fine. south will of the pike the first volume i am seeing is on the expressway. usually the case. you can see a little bright out there right now, but things slowing down in hov and in those main lanes as you head pass the gas tank. live drive times. 2 minutes from 128 to the tobin. 16 minutes on the expressway. so still not too bad. 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist jason brewer in
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jason, you are saying hermine will cause big problems for swimmers and boaters this labor day weekend. >> jason: hermine will add to to the problem. tropical storm moving into south. and you can see all those bands of powerful winds affecting a wide swath of florida and even parts of south carolina. this is south georgia right now around valdosta. that storm is pulling away it came in as a hurricane 1:30 in st. mark's florida and powerful storms across florida, tampa, orlando, daytona beach. look at the rain it is all the way up into southern north carolina. the wide swath of locally heavy downpours affecting northern areas as well. so let's track this tropical storm hermine with 70-mile-per-hour sustained winds. the latest advisory from the hurricane center as of 5 a.m. it is moving pretty quickly to
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miles per hour. it will continue to move fairly quickly until it gets out into the atlantic again off of the outer banks on saturday. then it will slow down and will be interacting with a an old front. high pressure over northern new england that will literally push things down to the south. so it is going to just lose its forward momentum. one thing it could do is restrengthen some as it gets back over warm waters. so monday, tuesday, wednesday, we will be keeping close tabs on every movfr a post tropical cyclone at that point, but the effects remain largely the same with the wind, rain, wave action, the rip current. sunday night into monday. that is when i start to get more concerned about any rain spoiling any plans. so with this to our south over of the weekend, just want to keep looking to us. download the fox25 weather app. we will keep you posted on all fronts. right now in boston 65 degrees. the dew point is only 54 now.
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light northwest wind coming through. temperatures in the 50s in a lot of spots outside of the city. so a nice, comfortable friday. it is going to stay comfortable right through sunday, then by monday, we get a bit schticker with that rain threat starting to rise. so enjoy these high temperatures today. chatham, 72. bridgewater, 76. fitchburg, westborough, mendon, mid- to upper 70s a little closer to the coastline thanks to winds that will be onshore later this afternoon. currents the north and south shore. keep that in mind. check in with the beach patrol if you were headed into the water. rip currents shouldn't be a problem all weekend long but especially area-wide sunday into monday. rain chances are low on sunday, but then monday into tuesday, we tart to see that scattered shower risk increasing. so for your beach plans, saturday, still looks dry, just high clouds. sunday, going to be rain and
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martha's vineyard and late in the day. even sunday doesn't look too bad. a bit breezier and cloudier. your seven-day forecast. watching hermine, sunday, monday, tuesday, possibly beyond. temperatures do heat up next week after that system gets out of here. a new hampshire community gathering to honor a woman killed during her weekly walk. still ahead, the pricey reward being offered for any information one year after her death. and we have all had annoying passengers sitting next to us on an airplane, but
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artificial tur much playgrounds and fields are coming under fire by the federal government. the consumer product safety co investigate the safety of artificial turf. the cpsc is focused on playgrounds and the other agencies are researching the fields. studies show strong evidence linking chrome rubber the prime component to cancer. the investigation comes just days after fox25 reported on a high number of high school football players in framingham who got heat-related blisters on their hands during practice last week. those burns happened during a drill where the players had
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go to to watch the full report of how hot the fields were when we tested them and the concerns a nearby town has about those fields. check out these bears taking a tour of one southern california neighborhood. here they are. the trio penitentiary the day taking a dip in the rerefreshing looking pool. two cubs splashed and paddled around the pool water. her here with their mama. neighbors had a mixed reaction with the wildlife. some sympathized saying they were trying to beat the heat and some were upset they were on their property. hope they got the dogs and children inside as well. when a brave little beagle ran at the bears and chased them away. >> gene: isn't a bear like on the california state seal. >> julie: on the flag. it is natural. >> gene: no the a surprise. look at him climbing in. [ laughter ] oh, good stuff. the guy in the helicopter and photographer there are right
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job. >> julie: bark larger than the bite probably. >> check out this inflight workout. this woman doing a headstand in her seat. the woman stretches and live tweeted this site. coming up with his own name for the moves. started doing headstands the flight attendant stepped in and said knock it off. i don't know if they said that exactly but that's what i would have said. the woman said she was not feeling well and most people who are not feeling well do headstands. the passenger next snoozed through the whole thing. didn't really care. i was in favor of flight flight attendants and -- long flights saying, okay, here we are -- we need to do our stretches. >> and everybody was together. >> gene: stand up, stretch, do whatever. >> julie: kind of entertaining and get the blood flowing. >> gene: they say in the long flights, keep moving around
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for me. >> jason: makes for great tv. i love the guy snoozing next to her. waiting on a long flight. got to get it done. right now watching hermine, made landfall, tropical storm now closer to southern new england. i will be taking a look at the local impacts we can feel straight ahead. wal-mart is laying off thousands of high-paying employees. why the retail giant no longer needs humans to do the work and how it is them. police are still undecided whether to charge a truck driver that hit and killed a beloved town constable. >> heyy no matter what
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norman: that's a lot of vitans before kelly ayotte gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher program that'll cost families big time. norman: uhhh... the vitamins? harold: gotta keep my family strong because ayotte also wants to raise the medicare eligibility age. norman: ohhh... i think maybe i'll pick up a few too. narrator: tell kelly ayotte: oppose medicare privatization.
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning
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now, developing on the gulf coast, a live look at tampa. and you can't make out much aside from the camera shaking in the wind. hermine made landfall as a hurricane overnight pummelling tallahassee and other gulf coast communities with 80-mile-per-hour winds and heavy rain. it is now being downgraded to a tropical storm, and millions of people are still in that storm's path and tens of thousand without power. >> gene: hermine is the big problem. an and we will figure out what will happen us to and what it looks like for labor day. fox25's jason brewer is watching what this storm means and what may happen from here. >> reporter: we have a lot to keep track of. hermine, tropical storm over georgia continuing to move northeast rather quickly. will put it off of the outer banks by saturday, and then in our back yard, sunday, monday, tuesday, possibly even into wednesday as a strong ocean storm. so we have got plenty to
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a given. the question is how much win and rain can we feel from this. that still in question. temperatures right now are looking great. 50s and 60s. how about middle to upper 70s this afternoon. low humidity. the morning sun. a few pop-up afternoon clouds. not too concerned about rain today, tomorrow or most of sunday. if we are going to start seeing rain from this, it will begin as early as sunday night in the islands and make its way farther northward into labor day. more on the holiday weekend is a brand-new look at the roads julie julie every ten minutes a look at what is going on. things looking good on route 1 and 93 south. over to the pike, nothing slowing us down framingham, natick or to the weston tolls. expressway is our easy slow pot at 6:30 when we hit the bewitching hour and things will slowly -- drive times will slowly start to climb. live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound. 17 minutes on expressway.
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tolls. back to you. checking one of our top stories. a baby sitter is due in the coming days, susan devereaux accused of stumbling around a arlington neighborhood while watching a 3-year-old boy. police say neighbors called them when she saw her acting strange. officers showed up when she was trying to get back in the wrong house because she couldn't remember which one she was baby sitting in. charged with reckless endangerment of a chl by a dump truck. the driver didn't stop, but eventually turned himself into police. michael henrich is live where people are distraught. >> reporter: distraught and building a memorial right where this beloveded woman was killed on main street in milford. as the cars pass by, the candles, the flowers and balloons all sit big that tree. unclear this morning whether the truck driver knew he had
6:33 am
charge him with any crime. >> she was a giving person. she had a heart of gold. >> reporter: milford is mourning the loss of 65-year-old barbara clement lovingly known as sarge, seen this picture as her friend's made of honor some 35 years ago. >> healthy no matter what happened. that rough, tough exterior what she had. >> reporter: police say tractor-trailer dump truck hit and killed clement yesterday afternoon after she left her bank on milford's main street and walked to her car. the truck did not stop, so police release surveillance video of that truck. and the driver turned himself into the state police barracks two hours later. police say it is not clear whether the driver knew his truck had hit someone. >> even if it is unsin tensional. >> reporter: served in the national guard for decades before retiring. milford voters elected her as a town constable.
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>> it is very difficult. my sons are at the house, and they are also very upset -- aunty. >> reporter: we will continue to follow up with police throughout the morning to see if any decision has been made about charges. we will bring you any update as it breaks. live in milford, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. an independent investigation uncovers new details of a sexual abuse allegation in an elite rhode island boarding school. among the findings, ten employees at st. school assaulted 51 students in the 70s and 80s. at least ten students were abused by fellow classmates. the cools released a statement and encouraging any victims to come forward. 40 years ago a little boy disappeared from a lawrence swimming pool and police are not giving up on the search for andrew felici. after four decades police added a new tool, an anonymous township tipline. would have been his 51st
6:35 am
friends and family are joined by the number of people remembering him. >> we hope and we pray that there will be some closure some day. >> gene: there is a person of have in the ca is, but no one knows what happened to andy. and no one has been arrested in connection to his disappearance. a billerica woman facing a serious charge this morning accused of stabbing a man she thought gave her daughter a lethal dose of heroin. barbara tucker went to the ice pick. tucker is charged with attempted murder and assault. she is out on bail and will under go a mental health evaluation. one year after a new hampshire woman was shot and killed during her weekly walk, dozens of family and friends gathered last night for a vigil in her honor. the ceremony and candlelight walk was held along the same route that denise roberts was believed to have been walking.
6:36 am
and the oldest of it brothers and sisters. >> she possessed boundless energy. she was always moving and that in was infectious. >> everybody loved her and i can't see anybody wanting to do harm to her. >> catherine: a $40,000 reward fund being set up for any information about the murder. a leading pharmacy chain will tell state regulators about doctors who are overprescribing powerful overprescribing powerful painkillers. cvs will provide with a list of doctors that the chain no longer accepts prescription from part of a $800,000 selllement between massachusetts and cvs. the team will also require pharmacists to check a database is that monitors prescription filled statewide. boston school superintendent have concerns over chatter school expansion. dr. tommy chan g sat down with
6:37 am
second year as superintendent. chang is worried about question 2 that will lift the cap on charter schools in massachusetts. he says more charter schools mean less money for those districts that need the money. >> i have concern over this ballot measure. no funding tied to it. my concern is protecting the financial staffabilities of boston public schools and advocate. >> the lift the cap on 78 charter schools and allow the state to add 12 new charters a year. there. the state says around 37,000 students on the charter school waiting list. big trouble on the football field. coming up new at 7:00, the class action lawsuit accusing the entire pop warner o of mutting players in danger. a teen goes to a sleepover and ends up foaming at the mouth and unconscious. mother's powerful message to other parent about the dangers of teen drinking. facebook has another trick
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new hampshire college students are packing their backpacks and thanks to kelly ayotte, along with the textbooks and pencils, many students are carrying more student loan debt. ayotte voted to cut pell grants and to raise student loan interest rates. because she sides with special interests looking out for their own bottom line, not our kids'. for new hampshire students and families, kelly ayotte is a heavy burden we can't afford. nea advocacy fund is responsible
6:39 am
four hundred million dollars. s public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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good morning, everyone, track traffic and weather every ten minutes. the expressway at 6:40. ten minutes past that time that kind of use as a marker to denote when things slow down. right now we are up to 17 minutes from the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. jason. julie, a nice bright start. humidity is down. we are in good shape at least for now, but hermine is do you know to our south. it is moving northeast ward rather quickly.
6:41 am
over warm water again as we head into saturday night and sunday. then next week, we will have to keep close tabs. i willing spelling out what local impacts we can see from this coming up. well, in case words aren't quite enough, facebook is adding an instant video feature to the popular messenger app. be able to film and send videos while they chat. it is not confused with radio calls available since last year. the videos work like a live stream. one user shares it with another whe to use the new feature, both must have the app open. one kick starter project wants to bring streaming to the big screen. $700,000 has been raised for a special. it can be used with netflix and hulu, and users screw it into the socket and point it at the wall. it costs board of directors 5,000. to extend to 11:30 for the
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getting extra time on september 14. the last stop on his current tour where he has been playing sets up to four hours long. the t will provide vooing a train to gillette for concertgoers to make it a little more easy. keeping you up to date on all of the top stories. coming up, a live look at florida as the state is hit with its first hurricane in 11 years. we are live in milford where a well-liked town official is killed in a tragic accident. a controversia field.
6:44 am
6:44. hope your morning is off to a
6:45 am
>> a well-known city official. and woman in medford where a woman will face a judge accused of drinking and babysitting. daniel miller live in the newsroom with the latest on tropical storm hermine. >> tropical storm hermine is pounding state of florida and getting first report of injuries from the storm. the associated press is reporting that a couple was injured when they drove into a downed tree along the coast of the florida panhandle. hermine was downgraded to a thunderstorm hours after making landfall on the state. millions of people are in the path of the storm. overnight the storm made landfall in st. mark's florida. in tallahassee and beyond tens of thousands are without power as rains and winds bear down on the state. in gulf county emergency officials are concerned about the storm sturjs that will cause serious damage to homes along the coast. north and south carolina are bracing for the storms as it moves north up the east coast. people in charleston, south carolina are already leaving
6:46 am
course the rain is expected to be in the northeast by saturday. meteorologist jason brewer is tracking the thunderstorm's path as it moves all morning. in the newsroom, i am daniel miller, fox 25 news. >> i am michael henrich reporting live where the town is mourning the beloved town constable hit and killed while crossing the street. police are still unclear whether the truck driver knew that he initially hit somebody while driving here on main street, been made about whether to charge that man with any crime. the truck, it should be said did not initially stop. after hitting 65-year-old barbara clement belovedly known as "sarge." police put a picture of the truck out and two hours later that driver turned himself in. ahead in the next report, hear from some of kle meant close friends talk about the national guard veteran and their memories of her. live in milford.
6:47 am
reyes live in arlington where a baby sitter is facing charges after police caught her drunk and high while she was supposed to be babysitting a little boy. er in name is susan devereau, 51 years old from pedestrian. they weren't sure if she was a baby sitter at first because she was walking in front of a little boy, ignoring him as he tried to keep up with her. when police got there. they watched her trying to get into the wrong house because she was so drunk she couldn't remember which one she was baby they found empty bottles in her car. arrested and charged with reckless endangerment of a child. the crews did catch up with her off camera and he has a different version of what he says happened and more on that coming up in just about 15 minutes. live in arlington, jessica reyes, fox25 news. all right, now 6:47 this morning on this friday. we are heading into a long labor day weekend. a lot of folks are off today. some schools get started. don't have school today.
6:48 am
>> a nice, long weekend. everybody wants to know if the weather will cooperate. hermine as she goes down coast. >> jason: monday, the best chance of rain. off to a great start on this friday and enjoy -- soma fall feel of the air with the humidity dropping a bit. the time lapse from rainfall around 1:30 around the florida big bend up until present and you can see how the eye is filling. the storm energy course temporarily and weakening somewhat. it is lashing south georgia with the core of its steadiest, heaviest rain and bands coming across west central florida from tampa to orlando. and daytona beach and the rain all the way to north carolina, almost to rally there and that is all headed our way. it will take its time doing so. so tropical storm hermine hasp 0-mile-per-hour sustained
6:49 am
that pace will continue until it gets offshore on saturday. then it's going to run into high pressure. it's going to get slowed down. it will be hanging out to our south monday, tuesday, even possibly into wednesday, and then look at that large area uncertainty. so still a lot to be ironed without hermine. but we do know the landfall time at st. marks will be calling to our south. we will be watching the strength and track of this very carefully over the weekend. we will have you covered wall to wall. what we do k rough surf a big problem. rain sunday night into monday if that starts to become a big issue. temperatures right now in the middle 60s in boston under sunny skies and the dew point down in the 50s so really feels pretty nice. look at that temperatures in the upper 40s in keene and orange to start the day. our dew point scale show comfortable weather friday, saturday, even sunday, not looking bad. it is monday. has a wrinkle with it with the rain chance arriving and the
6:50 am
afternoon numbers, in the lower to mid-70s. mid- to upper 70s inland with partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. beaches are looking good. now the rip current threat is already with us. a couple of systems churn things up north and south shore in particular today. the extra -- be extra cautious of the rip current. by saturday night into sunday, all you have us really start to see the seas rising from the south to the north. we are watching that rain chance. right now it looks like monday morning through tuesday is best shot to eappreciable rain. driest summer on the books june, july and august our meteorological summer. only 9.2 inches of rain. down 8 plus for the year. track the beach forecast. saturday looks good. sunday will be breezier and i don't think much rain until we get into sunday night and noon labor dayself. so beach plans, the front half of the weekend better than the last half. the seven-day forecast then on
6:51 am
tuesday too. possibly into wednesday. temperatures will be kept at or below normal on into the weekend. fresh nights, warm dayings and then byle of next week when hermine finally moves away. hot and humid and another blast of summer is not quite into summer just yet. julie is here with a look at your roads. >> reporter: route 3 south town moving along fine from 228 in rockland past route 18 volume starting to build slightly on 24 and 95 through canton approaching 128. expressway jam parked and i expect it to stay this way for the bulk of our morning commute. here are your live drive times. 9 minutes on route 3. so you are sailing there. 14 minutes on 24, and up to 15 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. back to you. well, this morning a local mom is talking about her worst nightmare. she says her 15-year-old daughter is a good girl but still wound up drinking at a
6:52 am
daniel miller joins us from the newsroom and daniel, on the way to the hospital, that girl was foaming at the mouth and started bleeding into her lungs. >> daniel: she almost lost her life and she is warning of the dangers of overdosing on alcohol. she says her 15-year-old daughter, riley, started having trouble breathing and lost consciousness. paramedics administered narcan four times to no effect until doctors discovered blood-alcohol level was .28. >> i waited 14 hours, begging for my daughter's life. and it's going over and over in my head the flashbacks of her entire life. >> reporter: aho's daughter did wake up and it was a close call according to the center of disease control. there are 2200 alcohol poisoning deaths a year. that is six every day on
6:53 am
she went through. the powerful message with the warning of the dangers of alcohol everydose she posted on facebook got thousands of shares. dallas's police chief calling it quits. chief david brown will retire next month after 33 years with the force. chief brown made headlines when a gunman killed five of his officers. he urges those dissatisfied with police to joith he did not give a reason for leaving. president obama will attend his final meeting of the world's leading economic powers. travelling to china for the summit. talks the climate change, the global economy and growth in the asia-pacific region. the president stopped in midway island to talk about protecting the environment and pay tribute to the americans in the battle of midway during world war ii. new zika concerns in florida. officials announce they had
6:54 am
traps that test positive for the virus. they are dealing with home-grown cases of zika and the first time that mosquitoes carrying the virus are found. he says once hermine finishes through standing water can be breeding ground for those bugs. a nfl compaq makes a night change to his protest. colin kaepernick took a knee during the star-spangle banner before last night's preseason game in san diego. he was joined by his teammater rick reid. change because he has been called anti-american and anti-military for sitting down during the anthem in previous games. >> we came up with taking the knee because there are still issues that need to be addressed, and it was also a way to try to show more respect to the men and women that fight for this country. >> gene: last night was military night san diego. the quarterback is protesting the treatment of minorities by police officers. a tv spokesman blaming the
6:55 am
accused of secretly recording while she was naked. former pitchman jared fogle is serving a 16-year sentence for distributing child pornography and having sex with miners. one of the victims is suing him for $150,000 for emotional distress but fogle say the girl's parents are to blame for her problems. he claims that she was already abusing alcohol and drugs and having sex with multiple partners before she met him. wal-mart will be cutting 7,000 positions and replacing them with computers. the positions bookkeeping and insenatory tracking jobs. wal-mart is making a shift to a more modernized performance instead of having workers perform those jobs. workers are not necessarily being laid off. they will have an option to work in a different role in the company if they want. how to you clean your grill? maybe you want to change after you hear this story. if you use one of those wire brushes, you may want to reconsider. bristles from these brushes are sending people to the hospital.
6:56 am
and latch on to a piece of meat and get eaten. one spent half a year plagued with stomach pain before doctors found the problem. >> i was told i am very fortunate that they found it, because it could have just pierced through the small intestine and got into my mayor organings and could have found a spot that would have just killed me. >> reporter: a doctor suggested that instead of using a wire brush, grab some tinfoil, troll in a ball and use that to >> catherine: something i would not have thought of. breaking news that might affect your cell phone. coming up at 7:00, the dangerous reason that samsung is recalling thousands of smart phones. a local company found a game changer to battle alzheimer's. up next the positive changes patients made who tested a brand-new drug. we check traffic and weather every ten minutes. 23-minute ride on 93 south from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge.
6:57 am
your friday and hermine could your friday and hermine could be a problem narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. n 2.
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>> gene: hermine hits landfall and tracking when we could feel the effects of powerful storm. >> julie:
7:00 am
a babysitter that prompted neighbors to call police. >> gene: major recall overnight. the dangerous reason samsung is pulling the new phones from store shelves. complete new england news coverage is starting now. >> gene: good morning, everybody, it is september 2nd , i'm gene lavanchy. >> catherine: i'm catherine parrotta. here at home it feels great out there this morning, beautiful 70s but boy, are things different to the south and hurricane hermine made landfall this morning and it is a dismal scene. it has been since downgraded from tropical storm. >> gene: jason brewer keeping an eye on hermine and how it


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