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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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impact arlington plans. >> jessica: police found drunk and high and supposed to be watching three-year-old little boy. they were concerned they called 911. >> julie: one new hampshire man surprised everybody about the death and made big difference where he spent better part of past 50 years. complete new engnd this is the fox25 morning news. >> good morning friday september 2nd, 19:00 a.m. we appreciate your company this morning, i'm did i ever. >> good morning, everyone, i'm julie grauert. overnight hurricane hermine hit the florida gulf coast. tens of thousands are without power and while the tomorrow is weakening, it is not done yet. >> daniel: how the storm could impact holiday weekend. good morning. >> jason: front right now
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however, this hermine is tropical storm now. town from 80 miles per hour winds from landfall and look at track how really slows down, run into high pressure and sitting out to the south of us in sunday, monday and possibly beyond and cause issues, definitely going to be high surf and rip currents. question is how much heavy rain and strong wind will we get and have for that. for today though enjoy mid to upper 70s, low humidity, pop-up clouds that i don't think any rain or saturday stays dry, but it is sunday night into monday where that rain risk starts to rise. i had have more on holiday weekend and have beach forecast coming right up. >> julie: look at roads right now, nice and quiet, lots of green on map and route 193 south moving along without any issues
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and looks good and nothing slowing you down on pike east or westbound through brighton. here are live drive time, 24 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 12 minutes on the expressway. 20 minutes on 93 south from andover down to the zakim bridge. now back to tropical storm hermine. right now the storm over southern georgia as florida's gulf coast continues to clean up. >> daniel: millions in the path and first made landfall in st. mark's first where it meets the pan handle and see crews removing a large tree have the road. a couple was hurt when they drove into that downed tree in the area. now, this video from tallahassee about 20 miles north where the storm made landfall, they have been getting pummeled by rain all morning. it is the first hurricane to hit florida since 2005. campus of florida state
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vopower and, of course, storm has north and south carolina in path as moves north up the east coast. people in charleston, south carolina weary after flooding last fall and gearing for here mean. some already left town, others staying put and preparing for the heavy rain expected at a storm also approach the northeast this weekend. >> we will be tracking hermine every movement all weekend long. sure to stay with fox25 on air and online. we have an entire section dedicated to the storm on see and and how impact the holiday forecast. >> daniel: local babysitter facing charge after police say they found her drunk and high and wandering around a neighborhood with three-year-old in tow. the child's parents say they found the sitter through fox25 jessica reyes is live in arlington this morning where neighbors, jess, called 911
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into the street. pretty concerned how she was acting and called 911 because worried about the safety. little boy in tow it was obvious something wasn't right. >> neighbor showed up trying to get into the wrong house and told us she was so drunk and high couldn't remember which one she was babysitting for. >> really really intoxicated and tried to go into the wrong house. >> this all happened around 1:30 tuesday afternoon and people that live here say she was making a pretty big scene even before police showed up.
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invent feet, 25 feet ahead of them and trying to keep up. >> first hired devereaux through in the springtime and had used her several time since then. police say she wreaked of booze and officers searched car where they found empty bottles prescription drugs. our crews stopped by devereaux's house and says off camera the whole thing was a big misunderstanding and bottle in her car were from before. neighbors say they hope she gets importantably stays away from kids. >> i think in the wrong line of business and hope that she reconsiders what she is doing. >> jessica: since been released and later date examine decide later on. live in arlington, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> 11-year-old remains hospitalized after being shot in
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how they got the friends on gun. the key issue whether the gun was properly stored. the shooting happened wednesday on home on linwood street in abington. yesterday grief counselors abington schools to talk about the accident and a. -- d.a. says boy in stable condition. popular town official willed when truck hit her. barbara sarge clement guardsman. tractor-trailer dump truck hit her and truck didn't stop leaving clement in the road. police released surveillance video photos before he turned himself in. live report from mildford in half hour. >> three different incidents of lasers being pointed at airlines being investigated by the faa and all happen wednesday night, two of them near logan and another near harryman airport in north adams.
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confirmed to fox25 by the faa. first incident happened before 9:00 p.m. near harryman airport and then about 20 minutes later similar reports at logan. mailer and delta flights say it happened 10 miles northeast of the airport. no one was hurt in any of the incidents. >> julie: 9:07. shirley police say big scare jogger approached by stranger is big misses -- misunderstanding. starte offered a woman water. the driver came forward and told police he was only trying to help because she looked dehydrated and apologized for scaring her. the run-in happened tuesday morning and had police stepping up in the area. >> daniel: tom brady will be around the teammates before starting the deflategate suspension. last night brady played the first half of the final preseason game against the giants.
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in the first quarter. on third down they find a wide open keyshawn martin and that was new england's only trip to the end-zone. giants win 17-nine and brady's four game suspension starts tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. boston based fantasy sports program has new source of funding. still could face lawsuits claiming deceptive advertising practices. major recall involving a popular cell phone. samsung says it is galaxy note seven could hurt a user. fox25 live in washington d.c. with details that were released overnight. jackie. >> reporter: good morning.
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galaxy note seven after reports of it catching fire while charging. the company sent me official statement citing a battery issue. caught fire or even exploded while charging. samsung confirmed 35 such cases caused by faulty batteries and customers already bought the phone will be able to swap them for new smartphones. the globe recall comes two weeks after sam samsung and not very good timing. big rival apple expected to reveal the latest iphone just next week and samsung sold more than 2 million phones since the launch of the product and undoubtedly going to impact the company's body line. reporting live in washington, jacqueline fell, fox25 news. >> daniel: university of new hampshire librarian passed away last year and making very huge impact at the school.
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left 4 million-dollar to the university and spent almost 50 years of the life cataloging the diamond library. the school says it will use money to support students in library studies and provide scholarships to work study students. additional funds will be used for video scoreboard at the football stadium and career center for students. what an awesome awesome awesome deed. >> julie: nice calm commute today. >> jason: watching front that has given us great friday and going to start to help hermine move northeast ward and could brick -- bring wind, rain, rough surf and when to expect all of this coming up.
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mom found out she was finally having a girl after six boys. coming up the one rule that everybody had to follow for girl's first birthday. >> catherine: terrifying experience for mother when heads to airport to pick up child only to find he had been sent to another city and given another boy instead. why she says it took three h narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results"
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new hampshire college students are packing their backpacks and heading back to school. and thanks to kelly ayotte, along with the textbooks and pencils, many students are carrying more student loan debt. and to raise student loan interest rates. because she sides with special interests looking out for their own bottom line, not our kids'. for new hampshire students and families, kelly ayotte is a heavy burden we can't afford. nea advocacy fund is responsible
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>> catherine: woman's son wrongly flown here to boston and jetblue coming under fire and catherine parrotta has the story. >> catherine: two young children one headed to boston, one to new york even sent to opposite city. >> when i went to pick up son, my son wasn't there. i was given another boy. >> speaking throu marble martinez arrived at jfk airport on august 17th to pick up five-year-old son. when martinez got to the jetblue terminal, agent it is brought her a different child, holding her son's passport. her child's identity has not been revealed. that child was supposed to be flown to logan and instead landed at jfk and not knowing what happened to little boy martinez was behind herself with fear. >> for three hours she believed her son may be kidnapped.
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flying home from dominican republic when the mix-up happened and demanded to know where her son was and no immediate answers. >> mother's worst nightmare that five-year-old child is missing. this never sheldon fulbeck -- should have happened. >> boys always supervised by employees. >> julie: investigation underway by jetblue and asking faa for independent investigation. >> daniel: 9:15 right now. warning video we are about to show you may be disturbing to some. two separate videos out of austin, texas, hit by cars right after getting off school buses. first video shows 17-year-old being hit. the bus had stop sign out and lights flashing blue 16-year-old driver says she did not know she had to stop.
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12-year-old being hit in a crosswalk. both children are okay. both drivers were cited by police. massachusetts based pharmaceutical company biogen says they may have developed a game changing drug in the battle against alzheimer's disease. the new drug destroys plaque in the brain that experts believe is part of the cause of early-onset alzheimer's. patients that took the drug had noticeably less plaque is it and rates of mental decline. until 2020. >> catherine: somewhere gave 6-month sentence for raping unconscious woman behind a dumpster. the victim had been at frat party before the attack. sentencing went viral and judge will no longer hear criminal cases. in california many inmates are
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serving half of sentence. >> catherine: that video shows had not the rocket explodes. we brought that to you as breaking news. no one was hurt but the rocket and satellite were destroyed. satellite was supposed to be used by facebook to bring access to africa, middle east and europe. mark statement on loss saying weria main -- remain to connecting everyone. satellite cost $195 million to build. the space x rocket was supposed to launch tomorrow. >> gene: the man that shot president reagan 35 years ago will be released from a psychiatric hospital next week. john ink hadly junior will be living with his mother full time in virginia starting next saturday. in july judge ruled 61-year-old
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or others. hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity. under the terms of his release hinckley will be allowed to register and voted in the presidential election, something he has tried to do several time over the years while hospitalized. >> catherine: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. it has been a relatively calm morning. we have a new accident but the volume is so light, not impacting drive times. route 9. northful pike route 193 south moving along fine and pike eastbound there you brighton wide open. here are live drive times, teen minutes route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south, 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist jason brewer keeping eye on conditions here and how hermine will be
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at tropical storm and going to continue to move its way most ward and eventually stall out to the south over the weekend. so we are going to watch the track and strength of this as it gets back over warm water very carefully because that will determine how much wind and rain we may or may not get. we are going to get rip currents. we have already seen that and get more in rough surf. big seas will be building. track this live and looking at 12-hour loop so you can see the landfall there early in the see the very heavy rain coming in across central and southern georgia and also here into florida still downpours, gusty winds. look at bowing out line of showers and thunderstorms making its way right down toward the fort myers area and then back here just south of raleigh, that's where the reason shield is. rain running into dryer air. there's a front there but the question is will that front be able to hold and up hold off the moisture from southern new
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totally dry. let's tack the traitest here, 8:00 a.m. advisory, 60 miles per hour winds still moving north, northeast ward and particular northeast turn and several get here on saturday afternoon off into the outer bank. get into warm water and high pressure to the north stops this from going northward very quickly. and going to have time to sit out there and possibly regenerate some intensity. you see the hurricane center to large errors but you get the idea. there's plenty of warm water here, temperatures in the middle 80s in the water where the gulf stream is and that's what it would need to feed off and develop some more thunderstorm activity and eventually some wind and rain for us. so that's what's got the eye. right now though enjoy. it is blue, 71 out there, we have low humidity, we got some nice conditions on this friday, upper 60s in bedford, middle 60s in worcester right now and dew points are in the 50s, almost area wide.
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comfortable and going to keep it there for most of the weekend. going to get breezier on sunday and eventually on monday with moisture levels rising, filet bit stickier. 72 hyannis, 75 brockton and near 80 fitchburg and keep in the middle 70s around beverly and beaches are looking fine today other than the fact that we got rip currents, especially the north and south shore. that's the spot to watch for the rips that have saturday night sunday and monday and rain chance low until we get to sunday that andle that be the southern area. so when arrived on islands after dark and monday scattered and heavy at times on current track from hermine. get out there and enjoy the beaches on saturday, sunday does look a bit greater and that chance for some showers developing to the south. 7-day forecast we will tart to clear things out wednesday into thursday and heat it up again
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through tuesday. >> a former mobster police believe is connected to the largest art heist in american history wants out the of prison. coming up why the man connected to the gardner museum heist says he should be allowed to head back home with his family. >> catherine: isn't always comfortable to get on the airplane but some woman felt norman: that's a lot of vitamins there, harold. harold: oh, i'm stocking up before kelly ayotte gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher program that'll cost families big time. norman: uhhh... the vitamins?
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use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. why mess around? for powerful flea and tick protection, ask your vet about nexgard. the #1 choice of vets for their dogs and yours. four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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>> catherine: passenger captured a woman doing a head stand. when she started doing head stands flight attendants stepped in and asked her to stop. here she is right there. woman told feel well. as for the passengers sitting next to her wasn't really phased by the excitement and slept through the entire thing. >> whole new flying experience for me. if helps her feel better, go ahead. >> daniel: bear taking a tool
9:26 am
neighborhood. two cubs splashed around the cool water and neighbors had mixed reaction to the wildlife. some sympathize with the bearing saying they were trying to beat the heat. ended after lunch at nearby dumpster when a brave beagle chasing them away. >> daniel: >> catherine: very brave. they have a few pounds on beagle. catherine: woman learned out she was having a girl memory. >> excited. >> little girl just turned one. the familied had a big party to celebrate and everyone. here you can see even the six boys and dad had to wear pink. >> not a bad way to support little sister. >> i'm worried about any boyfriend she may have.
9:27 am
>> she is going to get her way throughout her entire life. think? >> she ought to, daniel. >> good morning. off to a great start today. look at blue skies, 71?. nice low humidity. how far, hermine is lurking to the south. i will tell what you impacts to see over the holiday weekend. >> daniel: lawsuit could forever change football in america, coming up two mothers that could bring down pee wee league in america. >> michael: constable killed while walking across the street.
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a lipton meal is what you bring to it. and the bright refreshing taste
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 moin the big question will she make it all the way to new england? >> catherine: question jason brewer has been tracking and asking. >> jason: labor day, i think monday, that is the day we will have to watch for the great of threat for showers and thunderstorms and locally strong winds as hermine what's left of it get back to the southest
9:31 am
the track and out into open atlantic by saturday afternoon and hang out there and slow down on monday, tuesday, even into wednesday so models are agreeing that we have the potential for the system to hang out and regain strength even on into labor day and beyond. so rip currents and high surf definitely a concern. heavy rain and strong wind question remains how much of that will we get and tied to the down the road. for today down the road, enjoy, mostly to partly cloudy skies. start to develop into labor day and beaches start to go downhill and rip currents and much more on beaches and rest of the
9:32 am
>> julie: looks like something we see at 4:30 than 9:30. but we will take it. live look at pike through brighton as things are wide open. live drive times, 23 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. nine minutes on expressway. 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> more now on developing situation in florida. hurricane hermine has been downgraded to tropical storm after high winds and heavy rains and footage out of say there are hundreds of trees plus countless power lines down. they predict 60% of the county could be without power the next day or so. sheriff reporting a few injuries but mostly minor at this point. while florida deals with the direct hit from hermine, people in south carolina bracing for
9:33 am
weary of severe flooding from last year. >> catherine: they are tending to pack up and leave rather than ride out the storms. there are signs warping people to stay out of the water because of the current. >> daniel: beloved local town official is dead this morning after a tractor-trailer hit and killed her. >> julie: there's a growing memorial at the site of the accident. >> daniel: just another piece of the memorial added just across the street from me here on main street in mildford. you could see the fla flowers, the balloon, candle, all in memorial to this woman that meant so much to so many people here, so many unanswered questions. in fact, i just went back into the police station. chief still not there. trying to get the answer for you whether any charge might be brought against the truck driver. >> giving person, heart of gold. >> michael: mildford is
9:34 am
as sarge. >> she was healthy no matter what happened. rough, tough, exterior what she had. >> tractor-trailer dump truck hit and killed clemente yesterday afternoon after she left her bank on mildford main street. the truck did not stop. so police to release surveillance video of that truck and driver turned himself into a state police barracks two hours later. police say it is not clear truck had hit someone. >> even if unintentional. >> served in the national guard for decades before retiring. mildford voters elected her as town constable for so many close to her. the sudden los badly hurt. >> very difficult. son at house and also very upset and this is someone that they knew was sarge.
9:35 am
folks that live and work in this area of main street. they say they are very concerned about pedestrian safety. there's a light in crosswalk a block this way and block that way but busy intersection and no crosswalk where clement is walking and worried about that for the future and post any updates from the police on news app throughout the >> julie: police say 32-year-old accused of assaulting a passenger earlier this week. he is set to be arraigned earlier this morning. fox25 will be there. latest arrest calls for stricter background checks. the mayor of everett was spearheading the efforts after two uber drivers were arrested for alleged assault last month. >> julie: mobster questioned about the gardner museum heist
9:36 am
prison. his health is declining and he would like to go home to die. he is waiting to stand trial on federal weapons charges. in recent years fbi has searched the connecticut at least twice. agents are looking for evidence from the artwork from the infamous museum robbery. >> daniel: billerica woman accused of stabbing man she thought gave her daughter a lethal heroin overdose. police say barbara tucker went to the restaurant where the man worked and stabbed him with ice pick. tucker charged with attempted murder and assault. undergo a mental evaluation. teenager accused of stabbing friend with broken golf country club will be back in court. curtis day accused of stabbing matthew dow at breakheart reservation on tuesday. dow survived and will make a full recovery. police say the teams and third friend had used lsd, marijuana and heroin before they started fighting. day has a dangerousness hearing today.
9:37 am
happens. >> julie: dozens of friends and family gathered for vigil in honor. ceremony and candlelight walk held in manchester's north end. along the same route the 62-year-old named denise robert was believed to be walking when she was killed in a drive-by shooting. the ceremony included many remembrances of a dedicated sales woman who worked for the union leader newspaper. she was also the oldest of 12 brothers and sisters. >> she energy. she was always moving and energy was infectious. >> everybody loved her. i can't see anybody wanting to do harm to her. >> $40,000 reward fund offered for any information about the murder. >> daniel: investigators believe a fire which started part of -- destroyed part of duplex in garage. neighbors told fox25 he heard
9:38 am
the home. it was caused by carbon dioxide cartridge for a pellet gun. one has heavy damage, other side full of smoke and water. no one was hurt. >> daniel: new hampshire police continue to work with oshaa construction site where worker was filled at flea market in londonderry. it is here. man died after he was pinned to ground under the bed of dump truck. police trying to understand exactly how the man came they say it is unclear at this time if it is a mechanical problem or human error. >> julie: new details about sexual assault allegations about elite rhode island boarding school. among findings ten employees assaulted 51 students in the 970s and 80s. at least ten students were abused by fellow classmates.
9:39 am
forward. dr. tommy chang discussed upcoming school year which will be the second year as superintendent. change told us he is worried about question two ballot initiative that would lift the cap on charter schools in massachusetts. he says more charter schools mean less money for restriction that desperate low need the money. >> i have concerns. there's no funding tied to it. but my concern is making sure we are schools so i have to advocate for bps. >> julie: list cap of 78 charter schools and add 12 new charters a year. no question the demand is there and there were 37,000 students on waiting list. >> daniel: 2011 maureen maloney's son was dragged by a truck.
9:40 am
immigration for funding of sanctuary cities this would include somerville but the city's mayor says that doesn't make a difference. >> put in danger? >> absolutely not. crime rate historic lows. titles don't put people in danger. communities build each other up to make each other safe. >> as a resultville mayor says trump's plan could harm the economy. he invited trump to come to somerville if he wants to know what america is all from secretary of state sooner than originally planned. the logs of clintons's meetings will now be released in mid-october, ahead of election day. the ap reported last week many of the people she talked to at those meetings had donated to do the queen's foundation. these news comes after clinton announced record breaking fundraising month and raised $143 million in august. new poll shows clinton remains in the lead in the presidential
9:41 am
the ballot for democratic nominee and trump voters make 41% of the polls and trump leads among women, african-american and hispanic voters. >> leading pharmacy chain will provide attorney general with list of doctors who the chain no longer accepts prescriptions from. it is part of an $800,000 settlement between massachusetts and cvs that violations of state law regarding prescriptions. the chain will also require pharmacists to check a database which monitors prescriptions filled statewide. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. it has been light holiday on the roads. we are back down to single digits on the expressway. enjoy it now because later this afternoon i have a feeling things are going to slow down as
9:42 am
labor day weekend. >> what happens on atlantic could play role on labor day forecast and latest on what we could feel and when state ahead. >> daniel: disabled navy veteran taking on state of new hampshire this morning. why he says he is being charged hundreds of doctors in order to show his sacrifice for this country. >> julie: ?? dogs - sure can be messy. but with nexgard, their flea and tick killer doesn't have to be. nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take.
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use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. why mess around? for powerful flea and tick protection, ask your vet about nexgard.
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norman: that's a lot of vitamins there, harold. harold: oh, i'm stocking up before kelly ayotte gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher program that'll cost families big time. norman: uhhh... the vitamins? harold: gotta keep my family strong because ayotte also wants to raise the medicare eligibility age. norman: ohhh... i think maybe i'll pick up a few too. narrator: tell kelly ayotte: oppose medicare privatization.
9:45 am
>> daniel: 15-year-old daughter reilly started trouble breathing and lost consciousness and paired medics administered narcan with no effect and doctors discovered blood alcohol level was .28%. she spent hours in the hospital. >> i waited 14 hours begging for my daughter's life. and just going over and over in my head flashbacks of her entire life. >> daughter reilly did wake up
9:46 am
according to the cdc there are 2200 alcohol poisoned deaths a year. that's six everyday on average. wants to make sure no parent has to go through what she did. the powerful message with warning about the dangers of alcohol overdose she posted on facebook has gotten thousands of shares. >> julie: new hampshire man paralyzed is suing the nashua school district. six years ago cooper broke his neck during a high school. his lawsuit claims the coaching staff did not teach players how to properly tackle an aponte before starting to drill. last month a judge rejected motion to dismiss the case. the trial will start next year. the parents of two youth football players who died are now leading a class action football against pop warner football. suit claims the organization reduce the long-term risk of brain and repeated head trauma
9:47 am
the families are represented by the same lawyers that sued the nfl over concussions in tired players. the league agreed to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to settle that case. >> 9:47. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. nice light commute. 128 wide open. even the expressway things moving along nicely. north of the pike you will sale on route 193 south and 128. as you can see on the pike through brighton not too many cars out there. i think everybody is getting ready to p ready to enjoy the long holiday weekend. live drive time, teen minutes routes 1, 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. somebody consider as heading into the holiday weekend and how hermine may impact us. >> jason: hermine made landfall at 1:30 in the morning and over the weekend we are going to have to watch very carefully the strength and track of this to determine who gets
9:48 am
what we do know rip currents and rough surf. been saying that all along and that's already a problem and just going to get worse. let's track this with the time lapse. that was landfall and now you could see that storm moving inland over georgia and weakening as over land now. you see 60 miles per hour sustained winds in there, still nothing to stalk scoff at, powerful storm with lines of heavy showers and thunderstorms across central and south florida today and then the tornado watch issued now for portions of north carolina as well. so there's tropical storm hermine, current stats it is moving north. northeast ward, going to take more of northeast ward turn and move into the atlantic. this is saturday at 2:00. so i'm very confident that that will be the case on into the short-term. long-term high pressure going to come in across northern new england, help to slow this down and just going to get kind of bottled up if you will, not going to have any steering winds one way or another.
9:49 am
water, wind sheers light, there's a chance to start to restreamline governmenten then again and don't want to say all in okay and all clear and watch carefully look at warm water, extends from the gulf stream all the way up here off the outer banks and be in 80 to 85 water as comes back into the atlantic and watch this carefully and we will do that right throughout ought labor day holiday for direct impacts that we maybe feeling. right now looks likes monday is best shot for wind and rain if we get any out of this. low humidity and nice upper 60s and worcester to start the day, dew point it is are low now, going to stay low through sunday and better shape on monday and what we need are rain and some could be beneficial and think about the drought
9:50 am
at the coast, middle to upper 70s inland and looking great on friday and rain free and monday afternoon into tuesday and on guard for some of the shower showers to come ashore. weekend at beaches, saturday definitely better than sunday and sunday see mere clouds than rain and islands have the best shot on sunday. and move ahead to monday. high seven and seas, eight 13 feet. and south of nantucket and whole area with broadbrush. dangerous rips absolutely gusty on shore winds, 20 to 30 miles per hour closer to the track of low. so again 50 to 100 miles will make a big difference is to who gets rain and wind. but locally heavy downpours are going to be a concern on monday, especially south and east of boston on current track and lasts into tuesday and wednesday and heat up and dry out late in
9:51 am
temperatures in store again. back to you. >> michelle: tomorrow kicks off king richard's fair in harbor and step back to 16th 16th century market place withinnen chanting 80-acre wooded site and musicians, jugglers, acrobats, royal court and this is a fair to remember. king richard fair running renaissance in new england and offer wedding packages, birthday celebrations, royal proposal and how romantic and rock 'n roll all night, tomorrow night catch kiss at dcu center and live the good life with kanye west at td garden and amazing performance by steven tyler at the wang. for more what's happening around town this weekend, make sure you have the fox25 news app and in the menu click on around town
9:52 am
whatever you do, make it a great weekend. i'm michelle lazcano for fox25 news. >> daniel: gene wilder is gone but films move on. >> get full fios is not cable.
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>> julie: a disabled navy veteran fighting a new battle. 91-year-old robert lion proud of the purple heart we mourned world war ii and wants to show on license plate and waive fees on veterans license plates and isn't about him and all of those that gave what they did in the service. >> some gave a little, little and got the purple heart. >> the state has said there are free plates available for veterans, not purple heart plates. local lawmakers tell lions they will try to change the laws and make plates free in the next session. >> good morning for the labor day barbecue. doctors want you to stop using wired grill brushes. they say the bristles are sending people to the hospital. small get off the brush and get stuck on the grill and latch on
9:56 am
with stomach pains before doctors found the problem. >> i was told it was very -- i was very fortunate they found it because it could just pierce through the small intess tine and got into major organs and until found the spot that would have killed me. >> doctors say instead of a wire brush you can grab some tin portfolio, roll it into a ball and begin to scrub. >> julie: if not going to barbecue, member you want to hit the movies. fans of catch films. willie wonka and blazing saddles. two classics. that includes the amc theater boston common. also see willy wonka at the regal fenway stadium. >> daniel: that is a film i will never forget. >> julie: willie wonka? >> seeing chocolate coming down like waterfall.
9:57 am
will stay outside at least for the beginning part of the weekend. >> jason: today is gorgeous, not cloud in sky and no rain and sunday evening into monday a better chance to see some showers moving in and we will have latest on hermine throughout the weekend here. >> have a wonderful holiday weekend. >> julie: thank you so much for joining us and watch news at
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all-new today on "right this minute." >> oh, yeah. >> here's the sweet little lamb having big trouble. >> wasn't growing. it wasn't gaining weight. >> but see the remarkable turnaround after vets discovered the perplexing problem. the high end rides attract unwanted attention even though -- >> these guys are just driving their cars. >> why cops may not be buying that story. a pilot doesn't just go close to the trees. >> he goes through them. >> the daring flight that defies the laws of nature. plus a girl with a toy cell phone who just needs a bigger pocket.


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