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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  September 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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police say it was around 2:30 p.m. this afternoon when they came here with a report of a man, a 52-year-old husband, who unfortunately had back up and run over, killing his 54-year-old wife. we're told that that man was distraught, experiencing economies pains and was in some sort of shock and rushed to the hospital. we're told at this time police are still investigating exactly what happened. at this time, it's too soon to say exactly what occurred here. investigators will be here throughout the afternoon, and possibly this evening. we're to still here, in front of the vehicle right now. so at this time we're still waiting to get some more details about exactly what happened, but again, this man, a 52-year-old husband, we're told, backed over his wife. a 54-year-old woman who was pronounced dead at the scene. we're live in quincy. christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> blair: thank you, christine. obviously, having audio issues there. we'll be talking with her throughout the evening. we're tracking tropical storm hermine.
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after the gulf coast was pounded with heavy rains and winds. today, people in savannah, georgia, are seeing the effects of hermine. the storm damaging homes and ripping down trees, leaving thousands of people without power. >> vanessa: hermine making its way toward the carolinas, where residents there are bracing for heavy winds and flash flooding. >> i. >> i new information just came in on the storm's track. fox 25 storm tracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski joins us now with how this will impact our labor day >> sarah: the hurricane did make landfall today in florida, the first hurricane to make landfall in the sunshine state since wilma if 2005, that occurred around 1:30 a.m. this morning. what i'm expecting is for the storm to weaken, but stall to our south this weekend. there are still some uncertainties on exactly the strength it will be and the exact track. how far north. that means, it's going to be some areas seeing some rain and some areas may luck out and not.
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definitely going to be there as long as -- as well as rough surf and the risk of that rain does look to be moving in for sunday night into monday, lingering through tuesday, so we have a tropical storm watch in effect for long island sound, warnings down across the south, because here is the storm right now in south carolina, expected to push off of the coast, as we head through the weekend, and taking a look at this latest track, you'll see that it looks to stall just to our south, but there's some uncertainties exactly how close it will get. i'll show you what that means area this weekend in just a few minutes. >> blair: we will track hermine's every moment all weekend long, stay with fox 25 here on air and on line. we have an entire section dedicated to the storm on our web site,, you can get updates on how hermine will impact the forecast. a mother is accused of leaving her small child in that car while she went shopping. a witness shot this evidence on
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a man videotaped the whole thing and fox 25's malini basu has that story tonight in new bedford. >> this young girl pulls up, with her newborn in the car. >> the reporter: the man who shot this video was clearly upset over this. he. leaves the baby in the car and goes into the store. >> the reporter: he then posted the three-minute video on facebook. >> absolutely [beep] ridiculous. >> the reporter: new bedford police pick up on the video and are now charging the mother. >> oh, by the way, her car is running too. >> the reporter: they breen that mcgraff ran into gas express's convenience store to buy something, all while the infant was left in the car. >> i thought she was a nice girl and i thought she come visit or whatever and i thought she was taking good care of the chubby little kid. >> the reporter: neighbors who know the 20-year-old mother were stunned. >> the man who recorded the video then confronted mcgraff as she walked out of the store. >> probably not too bright to
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running. you're a great mom. >> the reporter: mcgraff's response -- >> are you allowed to videotape me? i'm pretty sure you have to ask me. >> i don't have to ask you. why don't you wake up. >> the reporter: yet, another uber driver in court, for allegedly sexual assaulting a passenger. this is the third arrest of an uber driver in just the past five days. fox 25's robert goulston live in dorchester, near where police say this happened, andro what happened. >> the reporter: vanessa, something happened in this parking lot, an one business owner here says that one of his surveillance cameras caught some of it on camera. that has been handed over to police, to hopefully shed some light on exactly what happened. michael verdine of brockton appeared in dorchester district court. police say he sexually assaulted his uber passenger two times
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service. do you understand me, sir? >> yes, your honor. >> the reporter: the woman called the uber after being out with friends. on the drive home, police say verdin stopped on ross road in the adams village section of dorchester and saturdayed rubbing the woman inappropriately. as the woman walked away, police say he grabbed her from behind, unbuttoned her pants and sexual assaulted her again. during the initial investigation, after police seized the cellphone and vehicle, they say he called the victim from a pay phone. he toldol encounter was consensual. in court, his attorney told the judge, there was some sort of relationship between the two. >> i would suggest to the court, he would have known the number calling from a pay phone and was more cognizant of the relationship between the two. >> the reporter: this is the third uber driver arrested for a crime while working. uber telling us we are fully cooperating with boston police and will continue to work closely with them to provide any information useful in this case. when we asked if they were making any changes in the wake
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wrote, that is all the information we are providing since this is an ongoing investigation. and the a.d.a. did ask for the bail to be set at $50,000, and for him to be put on g.p.s. monitoring, but the judge decided to release him on his own recognizance. now a story we are working on for circumstances p.m., we talked -- 6:00 p.m., we talked to one state lawmaker that believes one thing needs to happen to prevent this from happening. goulston, fox 25 news. >> blair: today, big news from the pats, rob ninkovich is suspended for using an banned substance. butch stearns joining us and this news just breaking this afternoon. >> moments ago, the nfl confirming the news that rob ninkovich broke earlier this afternoon himself. the patriots vet hand has announced that he failed an nfl drug test for a banned substance
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the 32-year-old says he's devastated and shocked and he tells reece that he would never knowingly take an illegal substance. he says few things are more important to me than my name and reputation. this might equal that into question for some, which has me heartbroken. i don't want to cut any corners, i want to do things the right way with high integrity and that's what i've always wanted to stand for. any substance i have ever used i bought at a store. i was unaware something i bought would give me a positive test. failed his test and the nfl just announced that he'll be suspended for the first four games of the season, same tom period as tom brady. patriots open the season a week from this sunday in arizona. blair. >> blair: breaking news we've been following for the past hour. two missing girls in kingston, new hampshire, have now been found safe. they disappeared around 2:30 p.m. this afternoon on mill road in kingston, but thankfully, both found. they are being evaluated right now as a precaution, but right
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they're ok. >> vanessa: a second suspect is charged in connection with the murder of an east boston teenager. boston police arrested angel ramos early this morning. ramos was arraigned on murder charges late this afternoon. hoe say hernandez is -- jose hernandez is also charged in the murder of 18-year-old blanca lainez, she was found dead in a garage on princeton street in east boston in june. investigators have not released a motive in her death. >> blair: new hampshire state police are investigating a suspicious death tonight. they're not releasing much it happened in the town of dunbarton, northwest of manchester on a road on bernard hill road. the attorney general tells fox 25 news the investigation started late last night. we will of course continue to monitor that situation and bring you any new information as we get it here tonight. >> vanessa: a local baby-sitter will be in court later this month on charges she was drunk and high while watching a little boy. susan devereaux is facing child endangerment charges. neighbors called police after they saw her stumbling in the road with a 3-year-old boy in
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devereaux was trying to get into the wrong home and they found empty bottles of alcohol and pills in her car. >> blair: this teenager accused of stabbing his friend with a broken golf club is due back in court for a dangerous hearing. curtis day is charged with stabbing matthew dow in the neck at breakheart reservation in wakefield. it happened tuesday. dow has already been released from the hospital, but police say the teen and her friend had used lsd, marijuana and heroin before they started attleboro likely started in the garage. last night, neighbors told us they heard several explosions coming from this home on leadham street, caused by carbon dioxide saturday ridges for a -- cartridges for a pellet gun. >> 65-year-old barbara clement was killed as she left a bank in milford yesterday. the driver never stopped, but
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seeing his truck on television last night. so far, the drive of the truck has not been charged. clement served in the national guard for decades. she was also milford's first female town constable. two murdered nuns were laid to rest today, one of them is from massachusetts. sister paula merrill was originally from stoneham, but had been helping the poor in mississippi for decades. she and sister margaret held were found stabbed in their home last week. sister paula was laid to rest in kentucky. sister milwaukee. a mississippi man is charged with capital murder in their deaths. >> a new hampshire man is charged tonight after police found inappropriate pictures of underage girls at his home. 24-year-old matthew real of goffstown is facing nine counts of possession of child sexual abuse images. police say they found the images on electronic devices in his home. he's been ordered to stay away from the internet and children under the age of 18 until his arraignment, which will happen some time later this month. >> vanessa: a sex trafficking investigation could go all the
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>> blair: at 5:00 p.m., how a local law firm is taking on a controversial web site to protect women. >> the reporter: hermine bringing heavy rain, as well as strong winds to the southeast, pushing off of the coast this weekends. i'll show you how it will impact our area locally, coming up in just a few minutes. >> the reporter: the local immigrant community is skeptical over donald trump's controversial plan to deport thousands of people.
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>> blair: on this friday afternoon, get a check on the roads, using live drive time traffic. expressway heading south, doesn't look bad at all. near the gas tank. let's shift over the map. there are serious delays on 93 near quincy. much slower there, i imagine a lot of people getting a start already on the holiday week end. live drivetime, tobin bridge to 128, 32 minutes. 93 there. o'neill tunnel to the split, about 17 minutes. and on route 128, the weston tolls to route 1, 48 minutes right now. >> vanessa: police are warning involving people who claim to be working for verizon. chelmsford police say they've had reports of scammers going door to door, trying to get elderly residents to give them their personal information. in one case, they used the information to make fraudulent purchases. >> blair: donald trump's controversial immigration measures are being met with skepticism in the immigrant commute. >> vanessa: fox 25's sharman sachetti met with advocates today, who told her her policies for undocumented immigrants are
5:15 pm
controversial immigration plan is being met with harsh criticism at the irish international immigrant center in boston. >> it's ridiculous, like it's just -- it's not practical, it's not humanitarian. >> the reporter: ronnie miller is the executive director of the irish international immigrant center. it's a place where thousands of immigrants and refugees go for legal wellness and education services. >> these folk are courageous, hard working, good people. this is what this country is all about. election, he says, more than ever, has brought to the forefront a growing anti-immigrant sentiment. and so what if donald trump is elected? advocates have some advice for those who are undocumented. >> i tell people to lay low, keep your head down, don't get in any trouble, that's what makes you a real easy target for removal. anthony moreno is a lawyer on staff here who deals directly with immigrants. he tells me under president obama, the country has seen record deportations and it's
5:16 pm
but he does have concerns about the rhetoric he's hearing. >> this campaign has made anti-immigrant rhetoric more palatable in the mainstream. you hear more of it. people are more fearful in their communities because of that. >> the reporter: in boston, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> blair: a new hampshire man pair lied during a high school football practice is suing the school district,. six years arc cooper brock his neck during a tackling drill high school. his lawsuit claims the coaching staff did not teach players how to properly tackle an opponent before starting the drill. last month, a judge rejected a motion by the school to dismiss the case. the trial will start next year. >> vanessa: police in one local town getting aggressive when it comes to catching people who text and drive. west bridgewater police will ride around on their bikes and roll up to drivers who are texting at stoplights and hand them a ticket. public safety experts nationwide say the problem is only getting
5:17 pm
killed in crashes involving distracted drivers just last year. >> sarah: filling in for kevin lemanowicz this evening as temperatures today were really nice out there. 75 in boston. but we touched 80 degrees inland and started off with sunshine and saw some of the clouds and sure enough, it's 69 now with that wind off the water. dew point in the lower 60's, but it is much more comfortable to 50's and when you have mostly clear skies, light winds, your can actually have your temperatures fall back to the dewpoints. tonight, open up the windows. we fall back mostly into the 50's, could be a few 40's out there especially to the north and west and also just outside of the city. as we go on through the day tomorrow, it's going to be another really comfortable day, because we're going to hold on to these comfortable conditions with dew points staying pretty low through sunday and monday, we may start to notice the stickiness arrive and that's
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now that also means the clouds will increase tomorrow, temperatures in the mid to upper 70's, coolest at the coast and sunday and monday with more clouds in play and threat of showers increasing. highs only in the lower 70's. so high pressure keeps us dry tonight. it's going to scoot to the south, sort of suppress the storm from actually making it too far north. the latest models actually indicating that it may take a curve inland before scooting out to sea and south of our area for a long enough time. it will the coast. hermine, down here over the carolinas right now, really providing a lot of rain to the region, strong winds, isolated tornadoes, are possible through this evening. as hermine is expected to just scoot off the coast as we head into the weekend. i wanted to show you the latest computer models. sunday across the state 4:00 p.m., most of the models bring it out to the east and notice this latest movement toward the coast. this is a new trend that we have
5:19 pm
inland and then going out as we head through tuesday. so with that, the national hurricane center has actually changed the track, just a bit, and that would also mean that the tropical storm force winds would actually be hugging the coastline from d.c. through new jersey, the tristate area, even parts of rhode island, and martha's vineyard could be dealing with some of those winds on sunday and then it moves inland on monday before the skiing out. tropical track right now, holding tropical storm force through the overnight hours, into your saturday. it is forecast to, by sunday, start to move towards the west inland, before, by tuesday, moving out to the east. there's still a large spread though, exactly -- the exact path and that will have some direct implications for us and with water temperatures so warm, there is the chance it could be strengthening as well. so what we'll see is the clouds increasing on your saturday, there is the rain for sunday,
5:20 pm
rain along our south coast, hate sunday into monday. with the heaviest amount occurring down along the south coast, cape and islands, but the risk of rain definitely as we head into monday. dangerous surf and satisfy -- seas is what we're expecting to see. gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour along our coast. we'll have to continue to watch hermine as it tracks, but looks as though it should be moving out here by mid to late week. over to you. >> vanessa: mother teresa will pope francis will cannonnize her at the vatican. those who knew mother teresa where had he lived in an indian town say it's very well deserved, considering all the work she did with abandoned children, as well as the dying and poor. people who thrift in that town still work to keep her legacy alive 19 years after her death. >> blair: former new england mob boss, francis cad lake frank salemme delighted for his role in the murder of a boston night club owner.
5:21 pm
>> vanessa: a college student served just three months in just a minute for raping a college student. what he was carrying in the brown bag that caught our attention as he walked out of
5:22 pm
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porch. >> vanessa: brock turner, the former stanford swim are convicted of rape is a freeman tonight. turner hurried out of the san jose jail after serving three months of a six month sentence this morning. that brown bag you see him carrying was a packet full of hate mail given to him on the way out. turner's sentence for the attack
5:25 pm
being so lenient. state lawmakers are pushing for stricter laws. the law must be state prison for people who commit this type of crime and that's what we need to push. the system had a flaw in it. >> vanessa: protesters greeted turner on his way out of jail. he must register as a sex offend are for life. >> blair: a key hearing in the charlton church shooting massacre has been continued to later this month. that hearing will look at suppressing evidence in dylann roof's trial. roof faces hate crimes and other charges in the shootings at emanuel ame church that left nine parishioners dead. his defense attorneys want certain evidence kept out of his trial in november. >> vanessa: a self-trained d.n.a. expert involved in several high profile murder cases, including casey anthony's as mitted on the stand that he failed basic proficiency tests in the past. the forensic scientist will not be allowed to testify in a denver trial, now that he has discredited himself. no word yet tonight on how the
5:26 pm
witness. >> blair: you may be among many people whose personal information has been stolen by felons looking for jobs. >> vanessa: the surprising number of cases identified by the i.r.s. that victims never knew about. >> blair: the ail fated cost concordia making its trip four years. the salvaging and scrap effort that's costing a lot of money. >> vanessa: up next, how a local
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>> blair: right now, we continue to follow breaking news at 5:30 p.m. out of quincy, where a man backed over his wife, killing her right there in their own driveway. quincy police are at that home right now, and say this appears to be just a horrible accident. they believe the 52-year-old husband ran over his 54-year-old wife around 2:30 p.m. this afternoon. the husband was rushed to the hospital with chest pains in shock. we'll keep you updated as they continue to investigate that scene. >> vanessa: we continue to track tropical storm hermine, expected to make a path far south to us late this weekend. >> blair: if you made plans to head to the island, check your schedule. the island queen has cancelled trips to the vineyard. >> vanessa: fox 25 storm tracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski, joining us now 70. >> sarah: possibly beach erosion and rough surf that is going to
5:30 pm
high surf, high seas as the storm is expected to stall to our south. how far north it stalls will really allows us to see how much rain we'll see and how strong the winds will be, so we have it in the moderate category, but i have to point out, we have a tropical storm watch for long island sound, a tropical storm warning has now been extended for the new jersey coast. so i just tweeted that out, as the tropical storm is still churning down in the southeast, providing heavy rain. it is forecast to winds right now at 50 miles per hour. as it pushes off of the carries, through the weekend, you can see the latest track, just keeps it just south of our area for the next several days. i'll show you what impacts it will bring for our area coming up in just a few minutes. >> blair: people on hawaii's big islands are breathing a sigh of relief after a tropical storm moved on. we have a look at some of the damage caused by tropical storm mad line. it's not nearly as devastating arrested a short it could have been. the storm still had an impact,
5:31 pm
powerful winds, enough to force schools and businesses to close. >> vanessa: you can download the free fox 25 weather app to track hermine and what's happening over the holiday weekend in your own backyard. >> blair: the one time head of the new england mob, now indicted on a new charge that could keep him in prison for the rest of his life. frank salemme and another man indicted on a charge of murdering a federal witness. fox 25's bob ward joins us live from the courthouse in south boston. potentially carries the death penalty. >> the reporter: yes, it does, but it appears likely the feds will not seek it. this indictment today was a long time come, and it appears a star witness against frank salemme may be whitey bulger's longtime partner. cadillac frank salemme, the one time head of the new england mob, now under federal indictment for the 1993 murder of night club owner, steven disarro, disarro's remains
5:32 pm
rhode island. the feds allege salemme's son strangled disarro and frank salemme transported the body to rhode island. one time white bowling partner, steven fleming told investigators he walked in on the murder and salemme was present for t. the u.s. district court in boston, salemme did not appear, but another man, 61-year-old paul wedick of burlington was arraigned on one charge of murdering a federal witness. he pleaded not guilty. his lawyer claims his client is >> my client has absolutely nothing to do with the murder of mr. disarro. the government is restrictly on testimony of mr. fleming, an admitted murderer, liar and conman and he's once again disrupting an individual's life. >> the reporter: frank salemme himself will be arraigned on this charge here. in south boston next week. coming up next at 6:00 p.m. former prosecutor brad bailey tells me how rare this kind of prosecution really is.
5:33 pm
>> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., a boston law firm is rapping p up their site against a web site they say contributes to child sex trafficking. lawyers are taking a local case to the supreme court. >> the reporter: and what a case this is. vanessa, the website is back and lawyers say the three victims are 15 and 17-year-old girls. bought and sold for sex a thousand times around boston and in rhode island. attorneys say it happened between 2010 and 2014. when the girls were advertising on back by traffickers. now, back page is an on-line class need site with an adult entertainment section. victim's attorneys filed a lawsuit in 2014 and lost. they say websites have immunity from posting on websites like this. but the attorney says there's a fine are point and now have petitioned the u.s. supreme court to review their federal
5:34 pm
we're suing for the conduct of back page itself in encouraging, assisting, promoting, and supporting the trafficking of children that occurs on their web site. >> now, john montgomery with boston based ropes and gray says a law enforcement study showed that more than 80% of all illegal sexual activity stemming from the internet happens through back, which involves children. live in the control room, elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> blair: a spring feel man was killed overnight in a head-on crash just over the state border in new hampshire. it happened on route 10 in the town of winchester. police say 29-year-old eric williams crossed the center line and collided with a man from vermont. that driver is expected to survive, but quite a scene out there in this picture. new hampshire state police are trying to figure out exactly what happened and ask anyone who saw the crash to give them a call. >> vanessa: three different
5:35 pm
now being investigated by the f.a.a. they all happened wednesday night, two of them near logan and another near hairman airport in north adams. this is the information confirmed to fox 25 by the f.a.a. the first incident happened just before 9:00 a.m. near hairman airport and then 20 minutes later, similar reports at logan. the american airlines and delta flights say, it happened about ten miles northeast of the airport. no one was hurt in any of the incidents. >> blair: a new england mobster who has been questioned several times about the heist is asking to be released from prison. robert gentile says his health is declining and he would like to go home to die. the 80-year-old is waiting to stand trial on federal weapons charges. in recent years, the f.b.i. searched his home in connecticut at least twice, agents are looking for evidence of the missing artwork from the museum rob. >> the parents of two youth football players who died are now leading a class action lawsuit against pop warner football. the suit claims the organization fails to reduce the long-term
5:36 pm
players. dock force found evidence of a degenerative brain disease linked to head trauma in both of the players who died. the families are represented by the same lawyers who sued the nfl over concussions and retired players. the league agreed to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to settle that case. >> vanessa: the people who stole fund raising flamingos from a new hampshire community are apologizing tonight. the thieves posted this note to the weare department web si the flamingos are a fund raiser for abbey van dyke, recently diagnosed with leukemia. the thieves say they never would have taken the flamingos if they had known their meaning. and making it right. good for them. well, local man who was paralyzed during high school football practice six years ago, now suing his coaches because of it. >> i. >> i new at 6:00 p.m. tonight, why his attorneys believe they have failed to protect him. >> vanessa: a new at this time opens at the 9-11 memorial
5:37 pm
away from them. >> mark: the former spokesperson of subway is being sued by one of his victims. up next, why jared fogle is blaming the parents of a young girl he's accused of secretly recording. >> vanessa: now let's check out the roads with our live drivetime traffic. a look at the zakim bridge, traffic moving if both directions. blair, i think a lot of people left early to go to the beach. you can join the holiday weekend early. now to the maps where once again, an awful lot of green out there. a little bit of red on 90. tobin bridge to 128, 32 minutes. o'neill tunnel to the split, 13 minutes.
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>> vanessa: a disgraced tv spokesperson is blaming the parents of a young girl he is accused of secretly recording while she was naked. former subway pitch man, jared fogle is serving a 16 year sentence for distributing child pornography and having sex with minors. one of his victims is suing distress. but fogle says the girl's parents are to blame for the problems. he claims the girl was already abusing alcohol and drugs and having sex with multiple partners before she met him. this evening, we are hearing more of the frantic 911 calls from the night of the pulse night club terror attack, the calls are from loved ones and they're heartbreaking as they desperately try to get sons, daughters and siblings help. in many cases the operators could provide little
5:41 pm
crying in the bathroom. i would like to get a call to find out if she's ok. >> take a deep breath and hopefully she'll call you really soon. >> vanessa: the 911 calls were released after 25 news organizations and news advocacy groups sued for them to be made public. >> blair: some critics are targeting penn state after the athletic department announced plans to honor late football coach joe paterno. the 50th anniversary of paterno's first game as coach, but plans to commemorate paterno sparked backlash because of his role in the jerry sandusky lawsuit. an alleged sandusky complained to paterno in 1976, but was rebuffed. a cruise ship that capsized four years ago, killing passengers off the italian coast has just been brought back to port.
5:42 pm
liner, costa concordia, across a port if italy. it headed into a dry rock where the final remains will be recycled. the concordia, struck a reef in january of 2012, capsizing in the mediterranean. 4200 passengers and crew members died. the ship's captain was convicted of manslaughter in the deaths and sentenced to 16 years in prison. >> sarah: tracking hermine right now, pushing through the carolinas, expected to move, just to our south for the weekend. i'll show you the impact it will bring to o >> vanessa: you may have been the victim of employment-related identity theft and even if the i.r.s. finds out, you may never know about it. up next at 5:00 p.m., we reached out to the i.r.s. to find out
5:43 pm
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>> i. >> i the federal election commission is trying to figure out who filed a run for president with the name god.
5:45 pm
names submitted. they're sending letters who verify, who is serious and who is not. >> vanessa: this month marks 15 years since the september 11 terror attacks. a new exhibit in new york stay, paying tribute to those affected is now set to open. the national september 11th memorial and museum unveiling a display called, rendering the unthinkable. it features pieces from 13 different new york area artists, whose lives and work were impacted on 9-11. >> i had the idea that i would do one pain who died and at that point, we had no idea how many people it was going to be. >> vanessa: the exhibit officially opens to the public, september 12th. >> blair: your social security number stolen and used by someone else to illegally get a job. the i.r.s. noticed it happening to more than one million people, but didn't bother to tell the victims that their identity had been stolen. an undocumented immigrant needs a social security number to get most jobs. sometimes a convicted felon
5:46 pm
one million americans whose social security numbers were stolen in a four-year period. the thieves using those stolen identities to get a job. >> what i.r.s. knows is that someone used their information to gain employment, that's not related to the individual who filed the tax return. >> the reporter: but the inspector general found that the i.r.s. didn't notify the victims, didn't tell people their identity was stolen. >> if someone steals your your life. >> it happened to one of my daughters, and it's giving her some grief, with, yeah, with banking, with employment. >> the reporter: the i.r.s. doesn't notify victims or employers right now, because there's no system in place to do it. the i.r.s. has agreed to make a big change here, starting in january of next year, they will begin informing people when they become the victim of employee-related identity theft. >> i would think the most important thing is that they're notified. so they can take action. >> the reporter: there is a
5:47 pm
social security administration of the stolen numbers, but the inspector general found that in nearly a quarter of the cases, that didn't happen either. reporting in washington, justin gray, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: more an more people are trying to protect themselves from the receiving and for some, that means spraying areas with pesticides. turns out, for one south carolina city, the spray is doing more than just killing mosquitoes. in charleston, an aerial spray used to control mosquitoes ended up killing millions of honey bees. it's something apologizing for. honey bees are many residents livelihoods, being the world's most important pollinator of food crops. >> sarah: pretty nice day out there. low humidity and it was fairly dry, although we were watching some of the clouds bubble up. we have dry conditions tonight, and for the start of your holiday weekend. if you have any plans tomorrow, looking ok, but you want to pay close attention to the forecast
5:48 pm
you have any outdoor barbecues planned, as we head into sunday and monday, because we're going to be watching the track of hermine very closely, as it does have the potential to start impacting our area as early as sunday and may linger as late as wednesday, but starting sunday, that's when you're really going to start to notice the waves going, rough surf, as well as some rip currents. especially down across our south coast, the cape and island. down to our south, we have clouds in the play, 70's, upper we're in the upper 70's, 79 in fitchburg. it is cooler in boston with that wind off the water, so tonight, if you've got plans, expect 60's with some high clouds out there, and we'll be waking up to temperature in the lower 60's in boston, but inland, you're going to see temperatures fall back into the 50's and 40's. we'll go with mainly clear, although we could see isolated areas of fog. the winds are going to be quite light and for your saturday, we'll notice the clouds increasing from south to north,
5:49 pm
mostly in the 70's, cooler at the coast, and then a touch cooler for sunday as the clouds thicken up, hermine gets a little closer, and it could get close enough that it may start to bring the risk of some showers, especially down across the cape and islands. so the chance of rain will actually increase later on sunday, and then through monday and into tuesday. the extent of how far north the rain goes, all dependent on the track, and it's really going to be a tricky one, because yes, hermine is down across the carolinas right now, providing heavy pressure to our north. that's going to be sliding southward. that may actually suppress the storm to make it stall and stay to our south, but the combination of high pressure to the north and that system trying to move up northward, it is going to allow for the winds to also be quite gusty along our coast, so we've got a lot of things going into play, but the national hurricane center, has issued the latest track, and it does push hermine off of the coast, as we head through the weekend. winds right now, about 50 miles
5:50 pm
and it holds on to tropical storm force through saturday afternoon. now it goes into the open water. we'll have to see if it does intensify. water temperatures in the 80's, but they like that type of water and it may actually increase with its wind speeds and you'll see as it gets a little closer by monday, it may get closer to the coast before then pushing to the east. there's a lot of questions exactly where it will go once it stalls off into just south of new england. so what we could see impacts, high surf and seas, could be talking about seas building 15 to even 20 feet, dangerous rip currents, gusty onshore winds as it will be very similar to a nor'easter. we could be dealing with winds gusting over 40 miles per hour and then possibly locally heavy rain. i think the best chances of that will be closer to the storm to the south, but if this bunches to the north a little bit, we could be dealing with more rain. so if you have plans this weekend, definitely want to pay close attention to the forecast, but the further north you go, the better the chances you will
5:51 pm
going to see it. so we'll be watching hermine's track very carefully sunday true wednesday, and then we should be talking about brighter and warmer conditions late week. >> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., it is the world's largest sand castle. the guinness book of world records disqualified this 40-foot sand structure on a technicality. part of it started collapsing halfway through the process. the german artist who built it say that they're proud of their apart. >> blair: heartbreaking. an iconic rock band will take the stage in worcester this weekend. you expect to see plenty of people walking around with their faces painted big time and here's why. kiss is playing at the dcu center tomorrow night, it is part of the freedom rock tour. this is the first time the band played worcester since 1996. fans of gene wilder can catch several of his films.
5:52 pm
factory and the blazing saddles. one of the top names in nascar will be off the race track for the rest of the year. dale earnhardt jr. will miss he the remainder of the nascar season because of a concussion. a crash at michigan international speedway in june is believed to be the cause of his injury. during his absence, jeff gorton and alex bowman will split the schedule in the number 88 car. >> vanessa: the news continues. at the top of the hour, here's what we're working on all new at 6:00 p.m. we showed you this video a mother leaving her baby in an unlocked car while running in to a convenience stormy. new at 6:00 p.m., what her father is saying about the incident in his daughter's defense. also, a high school football practice ends in a life changing second. why a paralyzed man is now suing his coaches for his debilitating condition. plus, tv an uber ride that ended with a trip to jail. >> what happened inside an uber on this dorchester street? we're learning more about a
5:53 pm
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s public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
5:56 pm
>> vanessa: the f.d.a. is banning several common ingredients in anti-bacterial as soon as possible, saying there's not enough proof they actually work. companies will no longer be able to market as soon as possible that contain the 19 ingredients. the companies were told in 2013 they had to prove the products were safe for long-term daily use, and preventing the spread of germs. the f.d.a. was newt convinced by the -- not convinced by the data. some research suggests the ingredients interfere with hormone levels and spur drug resistant bacteria. >> blair: a laying chicken being recalled, called a choking hazard, the company who made it says the chicken can break apart and coke a child. the eggs are also small enough to swallow. the toy is sold on-line through amazon and e-bay. contact dazzling toys for a refund. >> vanessa: the makers of this company say this classic bicycle helmet do not meet the federal safety standards, it will not protect are head if you fall. the ronald reagan is with a classic version of the helmet.
5:57 pm
that information can be found on the sticker inside, contact the company for a replacement. >> blair: wal-mart has now announced it will cut 7,000 positions and replace them with computers, including inventory tracking jobs. it is moving to a more modernized system. workers are not necessarily being laid off because of the switch. the employees will have a different option to work at the employee if they wt another slowdown in hiring could be coming. employers added 151,000 jobs last month. that's about 30,000 less than economists had expected. the unemployment rate stayed the same at 4.9%. the hiring slowdowns were across most industries, with job growth slowing sharply in professional and business services. >> vanessa: changing the way you cook may help reduce the risk of
5:58 pm
that's compared to people who fried, baked, or grilled their food, which produces substances that can affect insulin resistance. researchers say the types of foods you eat can also make a difference, so they're now working on a larger scale study to confirm their results. well, if you have a sweet tooth, listen up. blue bell ice cream has got a new flavor, it's called camo and cream. it combines three different flavors, pistachio almond, milk chocolate and cream cheese, swirled in a camouflage pattern. heels. the new flavor is already in stores in limited quantities. >> the reporter: now at 6:00 p.m., tracking tropical storm hermine, how it will impact our area over the holiday weekend. >> the reporter: also at 6:00 p.m., a mother facing charges, for a quick trip to a gas station. >> a baby was left in a car while police say the mom went shopping. the whole thing was caught on video. we'll show it to you next on fox 25 news.
5:59 pm
at practice. the evidence he claims proves it's his coach's fault. >> the reporter: drought conditions leaving kayakers on dry land and now causing new health concerns. the public warning for those who go to the charles river. >> blair: tonight, we are following a number of local breaking stories aft 6:00 p.m. let's start with good news and update one of good evening everyone, i'm blair miller in for ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. sky fox flew over the scene as the girls were reunited with their family. in this video, as you look through the circle, you can make out one of the children being taken out of an ambulance. a big hug for the parents picking them up. you can imagine the parent's relief. the girls are ages 4 and 7. they were reported missing on their bikes on mill road. the rockingham county sheriff say both of children are safe tonight.
6:00 pm
frightening search. also braking tonight in quincy, where there's been a terrible scene on phillips street. police tell fox 25 news, a 54-year-old man accidentally backed over his 52-year-old wife in a car, and killed her. we have been updating this story since our news at 4:00 p.m. tiki: fox 25's christine mccarthy is at that scene in quincy and a shock for the whole neighborhood, christine. >> the reporter: it sure is, an we're right across the street now, live from where this tragic incident happened earlier this afternoon. see that the medical examiner just arrived with their van. they are beside a minivan that you can see just behind the quincy police car, that's the car police tell us was involved in this accident. police tell us, they responded to a report at 19 phillips street that a 54-year-old man had backed up and run over his 52-year-old wife in their driveway. police arrived and found the victim dead on the scene. now, the husband distraught and


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