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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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frightening search. also braking tonight in quincy, where there's been a terrible scene on phillips street. police tell fox 25 news, a 54-year-old man accidentally backed over his 52-year-old wife in a car, and killed her. we have been updating this story since our news at 4:00 p.m. tiki: fox 25's christine mccarthy is at that scene in quincy and a shock for the whole neighborhood, christine. >> the reporter: it sure is, an we're right across the street now, live from where this tragic incident happened earlier this afternoon. see that the medical examiner just arrived with their van. they are beside a minivan that you can see just behind the quincy police car, that's the car police tell us was involved in this accident. police tell us, they responded to a report at 19 phillips street that a 54-year-old man had backed up and run over his 52-year-old wife in their driveway. police arrived and found the victim dead on the scene. now, the husband distraught and
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police believe this was simply a tragic accident, but they are still investigating. neighbors tell us, they barely heard anything until police arrived. now, back out here live on the scene, we are waiting for police to give us an update. we have learned there is a lot more that they have learned here on the scene while investigating. they are expected to release a press release, some time later this afternoon, so we are awaiting those details and as soon as we learn them, we'll be sure to bring them to you. live here in quincy, mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> blair: also breaking here tonight, another crash in starrow street. no injuries and crews had to close one lane to traffic to clear up that mess. >> vanessa: now to the weather,
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through georgia and into south carolina. we are watching the impacts of what is tropical storm hermine as it moves forward new england. >> blair: fox 25 storm tracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski joins us now, watching the storm's developments closely and the coast guard is warning people about rough seas out there. >> sarah: you know, as hermine made landfall at 1:30 a.m. this morning, it's expected to stall to our south over the weekend and as it stalls, it will churn up the seas and that's really going to allow for us to see dangerous rip seas as well as some big swells starting late sunday and into monday as well as seeing some rain too, but the exact strength and track, still uncertain. but there have been some upgrades. tropical storm warning now has been placed for the new jersey coastline. a tropical storm watch for long island and this warning extends all the way down to south carolina, because that's where the storm is currently right now, bringing heavy rain and strong winds, winds, 50 miles per hour, but it is expected to
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atlantic, water temperatures in the 80's. it's expected to strengthen. i want to point out by monday, we're talking about wind speeds about 75 miles per hour, losing some of its tropical characteristics, but still a powerful storm. i'll talk about the impacts it will have locally in a few minutes. >> vanessa: hermine smashed into florida's panhandle, heading in to georgia. it made landfall as a hurricane near st. marks, florida, pounding florida's gulf coast with heavy rains and high >> quite candidly, this is one of the worst we've seen in the city in a long time. >> vanessa: thousands in the florida panhandle and south georgia are without power. it could be days before power there is restored. hermine was the first hurricane to hit florida in 11 years. >> blair: here within the last few hours we learned at least one ferry service cancelled trips to martha's vineyard. the island queen cancelled trips sunday and monday ahead of the incoming storm.
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we are talking with people on the cape tonight who are trying to get through the last weekend of summer without any weather problems. we will have a live report ahead at 6:30 p.m. plus, for continuing coverage of tropical storm hermine, download the fox 25 weather app, get the customized weather forecast, as hermine tracks up the coast, any time sarah is back with the full forecast in just a few minutes. >> vanessa: this cellphone video has been seen more than 700,000 times on facebook. it shows a child left in a car all alone, strapped into a car seat. facing charges. fox 25's malini basu joins us live in new bedford, where the family is defending the mom. malini? >> the reporter: they are, vanessa. here we are at gas express in new bedford. police say that young mother, went into the store to get something, she left her child in the car in this back parking lot. tonight, we are argue from a relative of the mother that will be charge in this case. >> this young girl pulls up, with her newborn in the car. >> the reporter: the man who
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upset over this. >> leaving the baby in the car and goes into the store. >> the reporter: he then posted the three-minute video on facebook. >> absolutely [beep] ridiculous. >> the reporter: new bedford police picked up on the video and are now charging the mother. >> oh, by the way, her car is running too. >> the reporter: they say, briana mcgraff ran in to gas express' convenience store to buy; all while the infant was left in the car. >> i thought she was a nice girl and i thought she was -- she should come visit or whatever and i thgh kid. >> the reporter: neighbors who know the 20-year-old mother were stunned. >> she used to play over here and everything else when she was a younger kid. the man who recorded the video then confronted mcgraff as she walked out of the store. >> probably not too bright to leave a baby in the car for three minutes with your car running. you're a great mom. mcgraff's response -- >> are you allowed to videotape me? i'm pretty sure you have to ask
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>> the reporter: fox 25 spoke with mcgraff's father on the phone. he told us, i'm not going to explain anything to you or anyone else. i know this guy was in the wrong. and tonight, we've reached out to mcgraff as well as the man that posted the video. they have not gotten back to us. in the meantime, i wanted to clear mcgraff has not been arrested. she has been charged with reckless endangerment and will be summoned to court and once again, tonight, she has not returned our phone calls and we also stopped by malini basu, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: another uber driver is in trouble, arrested for sexual assault. police say 32-year-old michael verdine of brockton is accused of assaulting a passenger earlier this week. this latest arrest follows calls for stricter background checks for uber drivers. the mayor of everett is spearheading the effort after two drivers were arrested for alleged assaults in his city last month. at 6:30 p.m., robert goulston
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appearance in court and what happened inside the uber car. a local baby-sit are will be in court later this month on charges she was drunk and high while watching a little boy. susan devereaux is facing child endangerment charges. neighbors called police after they saw house of representatives stumbling in the road with the 3-year-old boy in tow. devereaux was frying to get into the wrong house hand found empty bottles of pills and alcohol in her car. the saying we have proactively reached out to local authorities to assist in the investigation in any way we can. safety is of paramount importance to and when any sift incident occurs -- any safety incidents occurs, it hits us very hard. devereaux due back in court on the 14th. a second person being held tonight without bail in the murder of an east boston teen. boston police say they used surveillance video and fingerprint analysis to arrest angel ramos olivia earlier this morning. he was arraigned on murder
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blanca lainez. she was found dead in a garage on princeton street in east boston in june. the first suspect, jose hernandez is also being held without bail if her murder. >> blair: a memorial is growing tonight for a beloved town official hit and killed by a tractor-trailer in milford. 65-year-old barbara clement, known to friends as sarge, was killed after she left the bank. the driver never stopped,ut his truck on the news. investigators tell us tonight, a fire at a duplex in attleboro likely started in the garage. last night, neighbors told us they heard several explosions coming from this home on leedham street caused by carbon dioxide cartridges for a pellet gun. no one was hurt. >> vanessa: two murdered nuns were laid to rest, one from massachusetts. sister paula merrill was originally from stoneham, but
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mississippi for decades. she and sister margaret held were found stabbed? their home last week. sister paula was laid to rest in kentucky. a mississippi man is charged with capital murder in their deaths. >> blair: drugs an weapons found in boston's public garden. investigators responded to a call near the swan boats when they noticed two men in their 20's smoking marijuana. when the officers searched the backpack, they found a gun, cocaine, marijuana, xanax an a springfield man was killed last night in this head-on crash, just across the state border in new hampshire. it happened on route 10 in the town of winchester. police say 29-year-old eric williams crossed the center line, and collided with a man from vermont and quite a scene as you can see in the pictures. that driver is expected to survive though. new hampshire state police trying to figure out what caused it crash. >> vanessa: police in lester need a hand finding the person who is responsible for vandalizing mailboxes. police got a call for what
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when they got to mulberry street, it turned out it was mailboxes being smashed. if you have any information, call police. and another day and another truck hitting a bridge on soldiers field road. today, this one was heading east. the truck ended up getting caught up at the north harbor bridge. no one was hurt, but one lane was closed for quite some time. >> blair: another blow to the patriots starting roster. it appears even if rob ninkovich's tricep injury heals overnight, he won't be able to take the field. butch four game suspension. >> the patriots open the season in arizona, a week from this sunday night and we all know, it will be without their leader on offense, while tom brady serves his four game suspension. well, now, the news that one of their leaders on defense will also miss the first four games. within the last 90 minutes, nfl announcing that rob ninkovich is suspended for four games for testing positive for a banned substance.
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and shocked, that he would never knowingly take an illegal substance. any substance i used i bought at a store and i was unaware something i bought would give me a positive test. ninkovich is recovering from a torn tricep as you said, blair, was unlikely to start the season because of that. now he serves the four game suspension while he heals. as of this hour, ninkovich has not returned our request to speak with fox 25 news. >> i keep us updated. an mbta worker coming to the rescue of a little pup. >> vanessa: the incident was caught on camera. what happened moments after this alone. >> sarah: the latest track of hermine, actually strengthens the storm as it's still south of new england this weekend. what that means for our area ahead. >> mark: but first, his life changed in an instant. next, why a paralyzed former
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>> a local. >> blair: a local man was only 15 years old when he was paralyzed during high school football practice. now, six years later, he's blaming his former coaches and >> vanessa: fox 25's jason law spoke to his attorneys about why he believes the coaches nailed to protect him. >> the reporter: six years arc couper doucette's life changed in an instant. he was a sophomore on the j.v. team at nashua north high school. during a tackle, he lowered his head and lost all feeling below his neck. >> something like this just changes your entire life. >> the reporter: larry is doucette's attorney. vogue he will man blames cooper's former coaches for his devastating injury. in the lawsuit, he says the
6:15 pm
tackle. and that there had been no instruction by defendants or any other coaches about the risk of serious injury if tackling was done without keeping your head up. >> pretty well known, that if you lower your head and expose your neck, and you collide with somebody else, there is a significant risk of spinal cord injury. >> does cooper have a case here? >> i don't know that he does. >> the reporter: brian cullen is the attorney for the school district. he says the coaches have cooper's injury was a freak accident. >> there's no question that they have an obligation to teach the students, and they do teach the students safe tackling techniques, that's important. >> what do you say to people who are going to watch this and say, well, look, as tragic as this is and as unfortunate as this is, this is football, these are the risks you take when you play the game of football? >> it's not just football. it's the -- it's part of the education of our 15-year-old and there are risks, but the school
6:16 pm
the risk and their most importantly obligation is to make sure the students under their care are safe. >> the reporter: there have been no discussions with the nashua school district about a potential settlement. if this case were to go to trial, likely wouldn't happen until later in 2017. jason law, fox 25 news. >> blair: the parents of two youth football players who died are leading a class action lawsuit against pop warner football. the suit claims organization fails to reduce the long-term risk of players. doctors found evidence of a degenerative brain disease linked to repeated head trauma in both of the players who died. the families are represented by the same lawyers who sued the nfl over concussions an retired players. the league agreed to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to settle that indication. >> vanessa: the city of quincy is suspending a police lieutenant for abusing his work hours again. the mayor placed lieutenant thomas corliss on unpaid suspension, pending the outcome of his federal criminal says. monday, corliss pleaded not
6:17 pm
hours to collect about $11,000 in extra pay. >> sarah: quiet conditions for your friday as we head into the holiday weekend, and we'll hold on to some dry and bright conditions to start your weekend, but we've got our eyes down on the south, where hermine is now churning, so today, highs, sure enough, 80 degrees away from the coast. you have that onshore influence. 75 in the wind off the water, it's now 67 with a dew point around 6 so, but not too bad. inland, dewpoints in the 40's and 50's. that's really comfortable air. open up the windows tonight as winds turn calm and we'll see mainly clear skies. temperatures will fall back into the 50's, could find a few upper 40's, puppy doered on in there -- peppered on in there too. watch for areas of fog early in the morning, but for the holiday weekend, this is how it's panning out.
6:18 pm
perhaps the best day to head outside. sunday, the clouds will thicken up some more. could start to see the chances of rain especially across extreme southeastern massachusetts later in the day and temperatures will be a bit cooler due to the cloud cover. the further north you go, the brighter the skies. by monday, we'll be watching for periods of rain as well as some winds picking up and if you're going to be heading to the coast, you'll find coolest conditions and likely going to see some hazardous conditions at the beaches, because watching hermine, still south of our area, so that is going to churn up the seas, allow for rip currents and we may even see some possible beach erosions ers the winds will be picking up. heightest rain chances across southeastern mass and a sharp cutoff where there will be rain and no rain the further north you go. winds too, may be strongest along the coast, where we could see gusts up to 50 miles per hour, an that potential sunday through monday. now, it all depends on the exact
6:19 pm
going on. high pressure in control, pushing southward, suppressing that storm to the south, but here it is down over the carolinas, really providing heavy rain, flash flooding across that region. tropical storm warnings along the coast, have now been extended into new jersey as well. while long island sound has a tropical storm watch, because the latest update actually brings some of the center of the storm a little bit further inland. this is our latest computer model and you'll notice by sunday at 5:00 p.m., most of these models begin to stalling, turning around, and then pushing out eastward as we head into tuesday into wednesday. so there's still some uncertainty. what we do know, winds right now, 50 miles per hour, expected to stay a tropical storm as it pushes off the coast tomorrow afternoon and as it loses some of its tropical characteristics through the weekend, wind speed, expected to strengthen as it hits warmer waters. we could be dealing with a storm system that's more powerful than
6:20 pm
wind speeds of 75 miles per hour as it bears if on the new jersey coastline, so we'll have to watch for the possibility of some storm surge across that region, as the storm is just going to meander and push eastward. trying to get to that seven-day forecast for you. i do want to show you that tomorrow will be a good day, temperatures in the 70's, we'll be watching the trek very closely. pay attention through sunday through even into wednesday, the chances may linger before we warm up and dry out late in the week. over to you. >> vanessa: boston lawyers are taking a sex trafficking case to the supreme court have against back >> blair: but first, controversial new policies proposed by donald trump have local immigration groups nervous.
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>> blair: new at 6 finding this woman, accused of using a stolen credit card at target. they put three pretty clear pictures on the facebook page. the woman allegedly used the card on august 25th. >> vanessa: harsh criticism from the immigrant community after republican nominee donald trump unveiled his immigration plan. fox 25's sharman sachetti spoke with advocates who tell her, this election year, there is a growing anti-immigrant rhetoric. donald trump's controversial immigration plan is being met with harsh criticism at the
6:24 pm
>> it's ridiculous, like, it's just -- it's not practical, it's not humanitarian. >> the reporter: ronnie miller is the executive director of the irish international immigrant center, a place where thousands of immigrants and refugees go for legal, wellness and education services. >> these folks are courageous, hard working, good people. this is what this country is all about. >> the reporter: but this election, he says, more than ever, has brought to the forefront a growing anti-immigrant sentiment. and so what if donald trump is elected? advocates say they have some advice for those who are undocumented. >> i tell people to lay low, keep your head down, don't get in any trouble, that's what makes you a real easy target for removal. >> the reporter: anthony is a lawyer on staff here, who deals directly with immigrants. he tells me under president obama, the country has seen record deportation and it's still unclear what a trump or a clinton presidency could mean. but he does have concerns about the rhetoric he's hearing.
6:25 pm
anti-immigrant rhetoric more palatable in the mainstream. people are more fearful in their communities because of that. in boston, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: new at 6:00 p.m., the mbta is sharing a happy ending for a local dog caught on camera. the dog followed a woman to the milton station and tried to get on the train with her. a train operator saw what was going on, and tied the dog's leash to a pole to keep it out of harm's way. the dog's owner showed up a few seconds after the train left. they >> blair: thank goodness that worker did that. who knows what could have happened. >> vanessa: so sweet of them. >> mark: reunited. looking to take advantage of great weather tomorrow during the labor day weekend. make sure you're protected. >> the reporter: severe drought leading to new concerns along the charms. the problem for voters and the public health hazard in a very public part of the river. >> vanessa: a boston crime boss facing life in prison for a murder more than 20 years ago. still to come tonight, the other high-profile criminal that may
6:26 pm
>> blair: first, as hermine continues to track up the coast, holiday weekend plans will have to change. the impacts on the cape and the islands from the storm that's
6:27 pm
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6:29 pm
safe about an hour later. >> blair: now to quincy, where police say a man backed over his wife, killing her in their own driveway. police are there and they say it appears to be a horrible accident. they believe the 52-year-old husband ran over his 54-year-old wife around 2:30 p.m. this afternoon. the husband was rushed to the hospital with chest pains in shock. outside, clouds flying over the skies in the boston commons. teer time for an incoming storm unfortunately. >> vanessa: fox 25 storm tracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski tracking the latest now from tropical storm hermine as it moves across the southeast. >> sarah: the impact we'll see will vary on the impacts and track, but some areas will see rain and strong winds, especially along the south coast, the cape and islands, but we will be watching for high surf, rip currents and some high seas out there.
6:30 pm
immediate coast. we have tropical storm warning, in effect that just got extended the lats couple of hours for new jersey coast an long island, also a tropical storm watch. as the system is moving over south carolina, moving pretty fast, north-northeast at 18, now 20 miles an hour, so it has sped up a bit. it does have wind speeds of 50 miles per hour. it's expected to stay a tropical storm as it pushes off of the coast on saturday and the track is uncertain a meander south of our area. may even take an inward track as it strengthens, loses some of its tropical characteristics, but the wind speeds could get back to tropical -- or i should say hurricane strength. how that will impact us coming up in a few minutes. >> vanessa: as a result of the impending severe weather, at least one ferry company cancelling service to martha's vineyard on the last holiday of the summer. >> blair: fox 25's erika richie is live in falmouth. some people have to adjust their
6:31 pm
>> the reporter: they certainly will and it's because of the cancellations, the island queen in falmouth has cancelled the sunday-monday ferry service to the vineyard, so on what would be a bustling crowd on this last holiday weekend push before the end of summer, it's going to look more like this over here. completely empty, because the service is going to be cancelled over the weekend. of course, what you're seeing now is simply because we're just in between trips. it could happen to the steam ship authority. they have issued a travel warning, which means they may that hermine takes. either wave, it means that folks are forced to either change plans now or risk getting stuck on the island. >> we are going to be over the vineyard probably through sunday night. >> plan to stay through monday, but yeah, again, cut a little short. >> the reporter: just about everyone traveling to martha's vineyard from the cape on the island queen ferry is going to have to cut the holiday weekend on the vineyard short. >> we have cancelled our sailing for sunday and monday. the ferry's general manager, todd bidwell announced that
6:32 pm
anticipation of tropical storm hermine. >> it's not going to be real favorable for seas, so we feel more comfortable, the captains and owner that we cancel the sales for sunday and monday. >> they're a pretty good judge of what's in front of us, so i'll be coming home on saturday night. >> i'm happy that we know. we can come home and not get stuck. >> it's definitely inconvenient, but what are you going to do. if i want to enjoy my weekend or worry about things that i can't control. bidwell says that's why the decision was made proactively, so fam weekend plans ahead of time. even though it means a financial hit to the company's bottom line. >> it is a big holiday weekend, andier, we certainly -- and yes, we certainly did make a decision that's going to hurt the, you know, the revenues a little bit, but we have had a great season. the risk is not worth the reward. >> the reporter: yeah, and that's an important key component in that decision. don't forget, oftentimes when we have a cold, rainy summer, there
6:33 pm
before the season wraps up, but because the weather has been so favorable all summer long, both the companies and the tourists themselves actually consider this labor day weekend more of a bonus. now, i should also mention that even if the storm turns out to be a bust and it winds up being a beautiful weekend here, the cancelled trips will remain as such, and service will resume again on tuesday. live in falmouth, erika richie, fox 25 news. >> blair: remember, stay up-to-date with the latest from our team of meteorologists this holiday download the fox 25 weather app and we'll be following the storm as it moves up the coast. follow fox 25 on line. a man faced a judge today accused of sexual assaulting a woman during an uber ride. that uber driver was arrested as robert goulston reports, prosecutors say the suspect assaulted her twice. >> the reporter: michael verdine of brockton appeared in dorchester district court. police say he sexual assaulted his uber passenger two times early wednesday morning.
6:34 pm
for uber or any other car service. do you understand me, sir? >> yes, your honor. >> the reporter: the woman called the uber after being out with friends, on the drive home, police say verdine stopped on ross road in the adams village section of dorchester and started rubbing the woman inappropriately. as the woman started to walk away, police say he grabbed her from behind, unbought toned her pants and sexual assaulted her again. during the initial investigation, after police seized his cellphone and vehicle, they say he call the victim from a pay phone. he told police the in court, his attorney told the judge, there was some sort of relationship between the two. >> i would suggest to the court he would have known that number by heart and called from a pay phone. did you know her michael? this is the third uber driver this week arrested for a crime while working. uber telling us today in a written statement, we are fully cooperating with boston police and will continue to work closely with them to help provide any information useful to the case. well talked to one state
6:35 pm
screening process doesn't go nearly far enough. >> once you fingerprint these drivers, it -- you know, you'll find the history, especially violent crimes and sexual assaults, that's what fingerprinting will do. >> the reporter: we did learn if court today that this suspect was charged with an indecent assault back in 2010, but it was continued without a find, so it was not on his criminal record. in boston, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the company that runs the mbta commuter rail has a new general manager named david scory has the v.p. in the u.s. he's been working as a vice-president for keolis north america. america. an 11-year-old boy remains in the hospital tonight after being shot in the face. police in abington are investigating how he and his friends got the hands on the gun and whether that gun was
6:36 pm
at a home on linwood street in abington. yesterday, some grief counselors were at town schools to talk with students about the accident. the district attorney's office says the boy is in stable condition. >> blair: a billerica woman is accused tonight of stabbing the man she thought gave her daughter a lethal heroin overdose. barbara tucker went to the restaurant tanned stabbed him with an ice pick. tucker is charged with attempted murder and assault. she is out on bail and will undergo a mental evaluation. in puerto rico was found hiding in a closet in fall river. police discovered pedro tores after being led from the home. he had been the subject of a manhunt two weeks ago. investigators also found drugs and gun in that same apartment. >> vanessa: a boston law firm is ramping up its fight against a web site, they say contributes to child sex trafficking. elizabeth hopkins spoke to lawyers who are taking a very disturbing local case to the supreme court. >> the web site is back and lawyers say the three
6:37 pm
girls, bought and sold for sex a thousand times around boston and in rhode island. attorneys at ropes and gray say it happened between 2010 and 2014. when the girls were advertised on back by traffickers. now, back page is an on-line classified site, with an adult entertainment section e. the victims' attorneys filed a lawsuit in massachusetts in 2014. they lost. the ruling said websites have immunity from the content that's posted on pages like but their attorney says there is a finer point here and now they have petitioned the u.s. supreme court to review their federal lawsuit. >> we're not suing over the ads that were placed on back page. we're suing for the conduct of back page itself in encouraging, assisting, promoting, and supporting the trafficking. >> the reporter: montgomery says
6:38 pm
illegal sexual activity stemming from the internet happens through back many of which involves children. elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: extortion charges against four local teamsters will move forward. the union workers are accused of intimidating a crew filming boston episodes of the reality show, top chef. according to the globe, the judge in the case refused to drop the charges, which now means this case could go to trial. the workers allegedly yelled profanities and racial slurs at the teamsters have pleaded not guilty. >> i. >> i the people who stole fund raising flamingos from a new hampshire community are apologizing. thieves posted this note to the weare department web page, saying they're sorry an offering a donation. the flamingos are a fund raiser for we would-year-old abbey van dyke who was diagnosed with leukemia. the thieves say they never would have taken the flamingos had
6:39 pm
in four years, massachusetts taxpayers will not see their income tax rate drop in january, because state revenues nailed to grow enough to meet the first trigger that's needed for a reduction. the department of revenue says the income tax will remain at 5.1%. state revenues grew 9% over last year, .9% over last year, that was well below the 2.5% that was predicted. rhode island closed its fiscal year with a $167 million surplus, something that lawmakers were not expect officials say rhode islanders should not expect a flurry of checks, most of that money is accounted for. lawmakers used a surplus to plug a hole for the new year. >> i. >> i cadillac frank salemme was arrested last months for the 1993 murder of a boston night club owner and federal witness, steven disarro. fox 25's bob ward was there in court today as the charges were announced.
6:40 pm
living out his life in federal witness protection, but now, he's looking at life in prison forever, and one man who may put him there, steven the rifle man fleming, whitey bulger's old partner. salemme under federal indictment for the murder of night club owner steven disarro. fleming told prosecutors he walked in on the murder that salemme watched as his strong strangled disarro and drove the body to rhode island as it disarro's body was recovered in march. former federal prosecutor brad bailey tells me, he wonders why phlegmy is cooperating. >> steven fleming is still in prison, may well die in prison, one begins to wonder what the benefit is here, whether he's just getting upgrades in his jail cell or not or whether he really might be able to see freedom from one further piece of significant cooperation here. another man, 61-year-old
6:41 pm
for the disarro murder. he tells us his clients is not guilty. >> he works for property manager as a plumber, he's married, he's got children, he's an innocent man being held now once again because of the lies of mr. fleming. >> the reporter: frank salemme was living in atlanta, georgia, under the name richard parker, he was in the federal witness protection program, but that life now long gone. frank salemme will be back in federal court next week. bob ward, fox 25 news. >> blair: a new england mobster questioned several times about the gardener museum heist is asking to be released from prison. robert genteel says his health is declining and would like to go home to die. the 80-year-old is waiting to stand trial on federal weapons charges. in recent years, the f.b.i. searched his home in connecticut at least twice. agents are looking for evidence of the missing artwork from the infamous museum robbery. want to take advantage of the long weekend ahead? be careful where you hit the water. >> vanessa: why the drought is having a dangerous impact on the
6:42 pm
shouldn't even touch the water in some spots. >> sarah: the latest track of hermine actually strengthens to a storm as it stalls over our area or south of our area this weekend. i'll show you what that means for you for the holiday weekend. >> i. >> i a car goes flying right into the water.
6:43 pm
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>> blair: this severe drought is causing real problem for boaters on the charles river, threatening boating businesses. >> vanessa: environmental officials are fighting back. >> at this boating launch, employees estimate the charles river is down nearly a foot from where it was last summer. take a look in the middle of the river. you can see that stretch of stagnant water. it's choked by invasive plants that are flourishing in the drought. the canoe rentals at the newton boat house may be more work than fun these days. >> a lot of customers come and complain that there's so many plants, it's very hard to
6:46 pm
this. >> this is just a small piece of it. >> the reporter: with every stroke. >> you can see it on the water where it's very stagnant. that's where all the plant life is. it's grown everywhere. >> the reporter: codey and his staff have been fighting an invasion of milfoil and water chestnuts because of the drought. >> they grow because there's no oxygen and the wary is very, very hot. he's using machines to circulate water around the dock but says it's a losing game. down kind of battle. >> we have 44.95. scientists are fighting a skyrocketing population of bacteria, a blue-green algae that can release toxins dangerous to humans and animals. >> like i don't know that i would boat today. >> the reporter: yellow flags fly on docks to warn boaters that a single splash of water from the charles could cause problems. health officials are warning people and pets to avoid all
6:47 pm
report of numbness, dizziness. >> the reporter: health officials say they will continue to test the river. what could help curb the bacteria and the plants here, they say, is a cool and rainy fall. in newton, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> blair: this terrifying crash caught on camera in maine. police tell us the driver lost control of his car, and as you can see, it took off at a high rate of speed crashing right into the river. the 61-ye away with minor injuries. as for the truck, it was destroyed. >> sarah: getting an early start to the holiday weekend, dry conditions out there. it's going to be mainly clear, although we do have high thin cirrus building across the sky. we'll be talking about dry conditions through saturday but the rain chances increase, that's whether we'll start to
6:48 pm
hermine, as it will be stalled to our south. we'll start to see the impacts starting on sunday and lingering all the way through tuesday, even into wednesday. now, what we'll first start to notice is the surf at the beaches. you're going to notice a very hot surf as well as strong rip currents, starting on sunday. and it will only continue to increase into monday. as we have right now, temperatures mainly in the 70's and 60's, it's quite calm, and we've got some clouds to our south, again, those high thin clouds, clearer skies to the north tonight. we fall back into the 's there. so a chilly start to your day tomorrow, but temperatures will be similar to today. climbing in to the 70's, coolest at the coast and we'll notice those high thin clouds continuing to build. on sunday, the clouds get just a tad bit thicker, it gets a few degrees cooler, and if you're going to be down across the cape and islands, especially the vineyard and nantucket, you're going to see a rain chances increasing, so the threat of rain increases into the afternoon and evening on your sunday, and monday into tuesday, is when we have our best chance
6:49 pm
hermine pushing into the region. how far north it goes, it's still uncertain at this point. but there will be a sharp cutoff, and i think best chances of seeing rain will be down across southeastern parts of the state. that's where we could see potentially locally one to even two inches of rain. but, we're also going to be watching for very gusty onshore winds especially along our coast, could see gusts up to 50 miles per hour and the potential of the high surf and se, 20 feet offshore and that's something we're going to have to watch, it's all dependent on the track. if that storm lifts further north, we could be seeing more areas seeing rain. further to the south, less an impact. high pressure in control, we'll be dipping southward overnight tonight. it's also going to strengthen the winds as we head into tomorrow, but here is hermine, pushing off of the coast, as it is expected to go to the east by sunday afternoon, it's looking as though it may actually turn inland before stalling and
6:50 pm
into tuesday and pushing out to the east, so the national hurricane center has issued its last track with that in mind, with winds right now about 50 miles per hour. it is still a tropical storm, expected to stay a tropical storm as it pushes off the coast tomorrow, it may lose some of its tropical characteristics, but the storm is it still going to be strong with winds increasing, past 70 miles per hour. could get to hurricane strength by monday, as it gets closer to the coast before turning out to sea. so although it may not be called a potential turning up the seas and providing very strong winds along our coast. something to watch over the weekend if you have plans this holiday weekend. best chances of rain, sunday night into monday, lingering through tuesday an find drier and warmer weather later in the week. over to you. >> patriots have known about tom brady's suspension for several months. they're now dealing with the suspension of another veteran. in norton today, lots of low scores. phil mickelson not among those.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> well, because of his torn triceps injury, rob ninkovich was unlikely to start the regular season now. he's certainly to be out for at least the patriots first four games because of his suspension. just a little while ago, nfl confirming what ninkovich told espn's boston mike reece. he's been suspended for four games for testing positive for a banned substance.
6:54 pm
came from an over-the-counter substance that he bought and was unaware it had a substance that was banned. long has played well this preseason. what's more surprising, that tom brady started against the giants last night or they played the entire first half? i guess nothing should surprise us about this unique patriots preseason anymore. brady had his moments, completing 16 of 26, for 166 yards. one pick an one touchdown to keyshawn martin and the pats 17-9 loss. unchartered waters of his four game suspension, but says he's not worried about the leadership on this team while he's gone. >> i think, you know, our coaches do such a great job of that and like i said the other day, we've had so many great leaders on our team. coach belicheck does a great job of getting the team prepared and motivated and they're going to understand what they need to do in order to win. i'll be cheering like hell. our fans do that too. i don't know how much it helps you win, but that's what you do when you're watching. >> 29 games left, sox begin a
6:55 pm
ones in toronto. sox trail the jays by two games for the a.l. east lead. moncada, active in oakland tonight, for the first major league game, but not in the starting lineup. david price gets the start in oakland, 10:05 p.m. first pitch. phil mickelson loves tpc boston, well the course did not love mickelson. finishing with a 4 over 75, ouch in the first round jordan spieth drains a 25 footer, three strokes back of the lead. watch this from 33-year-old ryan moore, the approach on 17. he's tied with james hahn at 6 under. what a great shot. but the shot of the day, grill low, its argentina on 18, oh, yeah, it's going to backtrack and it's going in. 4 under tied with ten other golfers for seven. lots of golfers still on the course. we will have reaction and final scores tonight.
6:56 pm
the number one player in the world, his wife, eli his wife and children were involved in a accident with a bus, she's fine, the kids were fine, there were thoughts he might withdraw, but he's going to stay. >> vanessa: glad they're ok. >> blair: how are we looking out there? we have to really keep our eyes on what's coming. >> kevin: down in the conference. >> sarah: down in the conference, heavy rain, flash flooding. that is hermine that will be pushing off the coast and stalling south of us for this weekend. we're really going to have to watch thattr i'm expecting to see rain move in, especially the southeast, late sunday into monday, also the seas are going to be building and we'll be watching for some strong winds. i'll have an update later on tonight. >> blair: until then, enjoy what's out there. >> sarah: tonight and tomorrow looking ok. >> vanessa: see you tonight at 10 and 11. >> mark: have a good one
6:57 pm
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?? the 2-year-old caught up in the chris brown allegations. could the star lose his daughter because of the drama? we're with the jilted bachelor luke, did being a diva prompt producers to drop him and switch to nick? >> i do have a bitter taste in my mouth. plus our flashback friday with beyonce tur we have a big birthday planned. then, marilu henner, fan-girling over derek hough in their first dance rehearsal. >> i'm a rabid fan. >> do they have an unfair advantage in the dance competition? and kevin hart helps you laugh into the holiday weekend. >> when i come out i'm like whoa kevin frazier came here. >> now for september 2nd, 2016 this is "entertainment tonight." hi, thanks so much for


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