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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  September 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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information coming in on hermin. the latest on the watches and warnings just issued and what that means for your holiday weekend. >> plus all boats ought of the water. some are coming to an abrupt end on the cape. how residents and tourists are preparing for hermine. >> also a local family furious after their beloved artwork is are helping to restore this classic piece. >> and they say their college degrees are worthless but they'e still stuck paying for them. >> right now i owe over $10,000. >> how the state attorney generl is working to get them some relief. >> this is a fox25 storm tracker weather alert. >> active weather churning up te coastline and we are tracking it all. hermine has been ripping across the southeast with strong winds and now it's headed our way. hello everyone, i'm carrie
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meteorologist jason brewer tracking the storm. jason, a number of local spots under a tropical storm watch. >> and now post tropical hermine is making it's way northeast wad off of east ward as of the last advisory. the winds are still at 70 miles an hour. this is a powerful and large ocean storm. keep in mind even the tropical storm force wind gusts are going out 200 miles from the center. something we have to watch very closely, because it could have a impact on southern new england. let's take a look at the latest hurricane center, 5:00 p.m. it shows the storm turning north award and hanging out over the ocean, monday, tuesday, into wednesday. as a near hurricane force storm with 75-mile an hour winds. then by thursday it's moving away. keep in mind there's still a lot
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hour. but we do have tropical storm watches and warnings up. seas in nantucket up to 25 feet, gusting through monday and tuesday. we could see gusts up to 50 mils an hour along the south coast ad the cape and the islands too. some scattered power outages a concern, also the threat for wid and rain. i have an hour by hour look at that coming up. >> jason, the tropical storm storm watches are in place even though hermine no longer has the official designation of a tropical hurricane center not taking any chances here. >> absolutely. they can electricity to continue to issue tropical storm watches, warnings, hurricane watches and warnings, that's the lesson we learned in scene. there was so much confusion when we had a hurricane warning and all of a sudden we didn't, but e still had hurricane force winds. so we focus on the effects, the impact. they're the same. we don't focus on the title of the storm. >> all right, jason. we'll be watching it all. rough seas, high winds, strong
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coastline from south carolina to as far north as connecticut as hermine makes its way into the atlantic. thousands of homes in the carolinas have already lost power. further north city officials are taking every precaution. >> we can say we learned some very powerful and painful lessos from sandy, and we've made a number of changes to the way we prepare for this kind of situation. >> mayor of new york says no swimming will be allowed at the beaches sunday, and in new jersey, atlantic city officials canceled two outdoor urging owners to get theirs out of the water. the incoming storm expected to create rough seas and boats coud take the brunt of it. fox25 christine christine mccarthy is live. >> this is time for boaters and coastal residents to be making those storm preps. take a look behind me. you can see that nearly all the slips at the hyannis yacht club
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owners to have their vessels out by 5:00. they have been taking on top of all the forecasts and taking proactive steps. right now docks are tied up and boats are gone to protect the safety during this tropical stom watch affecting the cape and island as you heard jason say. of course we won't see the winds and flooding florida has seen as hermine made landfall there, but we're talking high winds and waves and rough surf. this area of the coast club has seen boat and dock damage in the past during past storms. >> it's disruptive as heck, because we're supposed to be enjoying labor day weekend. everybody is supposed to be having a great time, right? >> and we are also hearing that several ferries going from hyannis to the islands are being canceled. we're staying on top of those schedules, but they're continuig to change.
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that's to include an outdoor lie band, but we don't know if the plans will fall through. right now they're hoping for the best. we're live in hyannis, christine mccarthy. >> in plymouth many visitors are turning around after tropical storm warnings were issued for the cape and the southern coast this afternoon. but that's not the cause for -- case for one couple who tell us they're not letting hermine rain on their plans. >> it's not going t with paddle boarding maybe we'll fall in and get a little bit we, but waves won't stop me from getting out there. >> hopefully they stay safe. they told me they were going to head out to the cape but chose o stay a little more local. >> those who are on the cape might need alternate travel plans, the island ferry in falmouth canceled ferries throuh monday. >> we decided to be proactive
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let families go and make travel arrangements accordingly. >> the storm is promptly some travel warnings. the steam ship authority has issued a travel warning saying t too may cancel service depending on the storm's track. remember to take the forecast with you wherever you go. just download the new fox25 weather app. it has detailed forecasts and alerts from our team of meteorologists that tracks your weather down to the zip code. it's available on google play ad in the app store for free. >> developing right are actively looking for this woman last seen yesterday. donna plunkett was last seen driving a gray volkswagen pasat in town. police say she was heading out o meet a friend but never showed up. >> contact the police if you see her or her vehicle. >> also developing right now, a new jersey officer was rushed to the hospital after someone shot him outside caesar's casino in atlantic city. police officers stopped a car
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one of the men fired, hitting te officer. another officer fired back hitting one of the suspects who ran from the scene. he was later found dead. police are now searching for the remaining two suspects. the injured officer is in critical condition. >> a search is underway in sturbridge for a man who police say attacked a woman and a teenage boy. officers were called out to the home on vincent road around 7:00 last night where investigators say brent young injured the woman and boy. investigators believe young may have a his neck. they have narrowed down the search for the man to a heavily wooded area. the department of children and families is also involved tellig us they've received a report and are investigating. they're working in conjunction with law enforcement. >> a search is on tonight after an unusual theft in plymouth, someone stole a 5-foot lobster statue overnight and town officials believe the thieves tried stealing more than one. robert goulston is live with details of the damage to this at
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>> kerry, yeah, there are actually 29 of these status all around town. the one here was 5 feet tall. its name is sir loan "the lobster." it was down here, but someone helped themselves to it. >> i was horrified. i was like, where is it? >> broken pieces, a drag mark across the pavement. the rest of it is now missing. >> i'm just blown away. it's too bad. >> pictures with it. >> the plymouth area chamber of commerce called police first thing saturday morning. >> this is exactly how we found it. >> after one of the 29 lobsters displayed around town was stole. >> we've already received word that there were two men in their 50s spotted in a green pickup truck trying to steal another lobster about 1:30 in the
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lobster" was -- we talked to the artist who created "the lobster" using ceramic and glass tiled. >> sir liin was one of 20 lobsters on display. each hand painted by local artists. >> it was taken overnight. >> are you flattered or upset? >> i'm not flattered. >> the town believes others were targeted. today some of them wereo locations and as people got wind of what happened, the frustratin grew. >> how do you feel about yoursef to destroy something everyone enjoyed. >> it's sad. it's terrible. it really is. >> one piece of good news, a lot of businesses around plymouth ae already collecting donations to replace sir loin. live in plymouth, robert goulston. >> robert to sutton where police
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vandalized this church last night. someone sprayed graffiti on several parts of the church. two cars were also damaged. if you have any information, cal the police. >> concord police are investigating a fatal crash whee they say a woman ran off the rod crashing into a tree. the 59-year-old died at the hospital. officers said today the woman ws driving on main street when she hit the tree. at this time police do not believe that speed or alcohol were factors. they have not yet released her identity. >> one person went to the hospital after this bedford, it happened just before midnight on route 18. you can see the car landed upsie down on its roof. the fire department told fox25 the person in the car was partially thrown. we're still waiting to find out that person's condition as polie continue to investigate. >> new video into the newsroom shows the moment when the magnitude 5.6 earthquake shook a large part of the midwest. watch this video outside of a
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>> the kasich could be felt as far away as iowa and as far souh as dallas, texas. no reports of any major-or injuries. >> for the third time an uber driver is accused of committinga crime while on the job. the latest incident happened in dorchester where police say a driver sexually assaulted a passenger. >> michael verdine is accused of touching the woman inappropriately and trying to unbutton her pants. he t was consensual in court friday his lawyer told the judge there was some sort of relationship between the pair. he was released on his own recognizant and has been ordered not to drive any delivery vehicle. >> police arrested a man who thy say broke into his neighbor's apartment attacking him. >> they later found him inside his own home. they took him into custody, charging him with burglary and
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a jar, grabbing the money. the tip jar when the clerk turns around. if you recognize him, call police. >> a local man on a mission to set a world record inside a giat holistic load out pumpkin. still tonight the hour long attempt and the message the skipper is trying to send while navigating this squash. >> angry towards southern new england and i've got timing on wind and rain for your holiday weekend. coming up. >> but first a none with ties to the bay state killed in a shocking murder in mississippi was laid to rest. her local nephew speaks about te
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straight ahead. >> family and friends said good-bye to two nuns who were brutally killed in mississippi. sister paula merrill and sister margaret held were killed in their home last week. for sistee was simple. after moving to massachusetts se focused on those living in rural mississippi, providing healthcae to families who couldn't afford it. >> she listened when so many others would not listen to stories of jobs lost, of a minimum wage not covering both medicine and food on the table. >> during her funeral mass insie saint vincent suffer, it wasn't just her face and fellowship mentioned but her sense of humo. >> we cannot close this reflection without acknowledging her great devotion to donald
6:16 pm
unparallel. >> a technique that came in hany when helping children at the clinic feel at ease. >> her nephews david merrill frm her hometown of stoneham. >> she had a very strong faith and her mission, her goal in lie was to live that faith rather than just talk about it. >> it will take time to heal knowing just how sister paula ad sister margaret's lives were taken in such a >> if there's any good that come out of this tragedy, it's two humble lives in a very small place that we all ignore can be shown and demonstrated to all these people so that we can inspire other people. >> many friends and sisters got the chance over the years to see the two women in action. an impact that will live on forever. >> i was truly inspired or more inspired than i ever could have been just by their simplicity,
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and their true love for all of god's people. >> a lasting legacy there. rodney earl sanders is facing capital murder charges. police have yet to identify a motive. >> a tragic accident in maine. a massachusetts woman died after falling 10 feet from her sleepig loft. >> the woman got up, possibly disoriented in the dark and fell from her bed. >> a u.s. senator from new hampshire donation from the company that makes epipin. the drug well, mylan bumped up the price for more than $600 for a two pack. they're not doing enough to sole the problem and has not made it clear why they hiked the price. >> mylan donated $1,000 to her campaign. >> come november voters in new hampshire will have more options
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both candidates needed 3,000 signatures to get listed. he has yet to visit new hampshire. >> this is a fox25 storm tracker weather alert. >> all right. welcome back. let me show you what we're watching with hermine. we have dangerous surf and seas. we've been talking about that fr many days now and that's going o really start taking effect sundy afternoon right through the middle part of the week with ths there. now, the good news is we have astronomically low tide so only minor beach erosion and minor coastal flooding is expected. now, there's still uncertainty with the exact track of this storm and the strength of it, hw close it gets to our coast and how strong it is when it does s. i'm going to show you what's going on with that coming up, bt the south coast, the cape and te islands, the take away is these areas will have the greatest sht
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some scattered power outages. let me show you the satellite ad radar picture. they're the center of hermine of the outer bank. it's still moving out to sea but it's going to start slowing down and turning more northward. so you can see here it's continuing to move east, northeast, 70-mile an hour wind, guys, this is a powerful ocean storm and then it starts to bend back towards the west. we've been talking about high pressure coming in overhead, bending it with low pressure ovr the top of it. here, it's going to meander, its going to slow down. as we go forward in time, it could even gain more intensity back near hurricane strength where it already stands at 70, o certain a little more indication possible as it gets some strengh from some warm water at the surface and cool air a lot. tropical storm advisories, the watches in yellow, the warnings in the orange there for the waters. so the south coast, the cape and
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monday. let me show you the typing, hour by hour wind gusts, this is 1:0, 2:00 in the afternoon. on sunday you start to see near tropical storm force winds on te islands, not so much anywhere else yet, but that changes late sunday evening into the overnight. this is monday morning, 45-mile an hour wind gusts forecast on the islands, 35 for cape cod, around nashua, boston, 18, 25-mile an hour gusts, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing tht would do get as far north as, say, bristl and plymouth county before some of them subside late monday and another shot of some winds could come in tuesday depending on the exact track of hermine. right now enjoy the 65 degrees. the dewpoint is low. the air is dry. your saturday evening plans look great. still in the low 70s in fitchburg right now.
6:21 pm
around. lower 60s when you wake up tomorrow. not too much went yesterday. metro neighborhoods could dip down into the 50s overnight. we'll be in the lower 60s in the city. some high clouds this evening, but even a bit of clearing late and that will let temperatures drop down nicely. tomorrow we're stuck in the low to middle sevens and i do want o highlight the beach concerns. check out this wave height map. you can see those bright greens and yellows. 20 to 22-foot seas out here building to the north. right now the seas are a nice beach day, but tomorrow things start to go down hill in the afternoon. this is one model representation of when the rain will start. it's fairly slow. we have others that are a bit quicker, so most of your sunday is dry as we've been saying, but cape cod and the islands by dark on sun the chance for rain and then the bands of showers start to pivot during the morning drive -- we're off on labor day,
6:22 pm
for your barbecue plans on mondy evening there's going to be a threat for some passing showers. i don't see a steady rain but i do see the threat for on and off showers, even three the middle part of the week. let's talk about how much we could get. where you see those yellows that's where you get the higher amount, we begin to see possibly an inch or more of rain for cape cod and the islands. much more coming up in the next half hour, but we do heat up by the end of the week. stay with us. >> thanks, jason. they oh thousands of dollars in loans after borrowing just a couple hundred. what one massachusetts woman sas happened to her that could causs financial ruin. but first paddling down the rivr in a 1200-pound pumpkin.
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kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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new hampshire college students are packing their backpacks and heading back to school. and thanks to kelly ayotte, along with the textbooks and pencils, many students are carrying more student loan debt. ayotte voted to cut pell grants and to raise student loan interest rates.
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for new hampshire students and families, kelly ayotte is a heavy burden we can't afford. nea advocacy fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> inside a giant pumpkin with nothing but a paddle. an easton man set a world record today on the taunton river. the 8-mile paddling adventure wasn't just for athletic achievement. he says it's his unique way of inspiring future farmers. >> it takes a giant crane to get a giant pumpkin into the water. the 1200-pound hollowed out pumpkin was his vessel as he set out to squash a world record. he dubbed this the south shore great pumpkin challenge or the longest journey in a pumpkin bot paddling. on saturday he grabbed his padde and attempted to go 8 miles from the taunt on club to the
6:26 pm
>> i got about 5 miles and my body was just like -- >> but he battled the current with that paddle. >> i just didn't feel like i was moving. >> this wasn't just about athleticism. this is about agriculture. it's about getting kids -- supporting local agriculture. >> he runs a grant program that provides pumpkin seeds to local schools and encourages students to plant and grow. >> his hours on the taunt river, a record way to send that message. >> no one else will be able to say they took a 1200-pound pumpkin to the bow of massachusetts. that's a pretty cool thing. >> he said an unofficial record last year in an 1800-pound pumpkin. the world record will stand as the longest journey in a pumpkin boat by paddling. congratulations. >> so they oh thousands of
6:27 pm
useless degree. still to come on fox25 how the massachusetts turn general is working to get these students some relief as they try to rebuild their lives. >> plus a special dedication today on the cape. the soldier being remembered 10 years after he lost his life fighting for our freedom. but first hermine still posing a serious threat to the cape and the south coast. the latest track on how strong
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we're following breaking news. a 2-year-old is being flown to the hospital after falling into what officials are describing as an open fire. officials tell fox25 the girl suffered second degree burns to her face, arms, hands and lower body. we're working to learn more abot what happened and we'll keep you posted on her condition. >> this is a fox25 storm tracker weather alert. >> meanwhile we are still under this fox25 weather alert. hermine is barreling up the coat making its way towards new en coast of massachusetts under a tropical storm watch. fox25 meteorologist jason brewer is tracking the latest, and jason, this storm could actually strengthen back up again. >> it's continuing to do just that, kerry. look at the cinnamon swirl in te satellite picture. really a beautiful storm to look at from outer space, but it's a broad storm. the tropical storm force forms that can do damage extend 200 miles out from the center.
6:31 pm
in fact it could even be more wide reaching as it's a large storm. here's the latest from the hurricane center. it's got 70-mile an hour winds n there, it's moving east, northeast now but it's going to take a turn more north and eventually even northwest. it might even loop around over the ocean once or twice in the upcoming days. you can see the winds are near hurricane force. you can see we're moving the storm away from us by the end of the week. the exact timing is still unclear. but i can tell you we have tropical storm watches, south is for sunday afternoon right through monday. wind gusts to 50 miles an hour, could do some damage to power lines and those weakened trees from the drought. 50 teen to 20-foot seas. dangerous rip currents, we've been talking about that threat all along. those gusty on shore winds. >> jason, we want to go out to the cape which is one of several spots on the south coast expectd
6:32 pm
fox25 christine mccarthy joins us live in hyannis. where, christine, owners are getting boats out of the water. >> they sure are. we actually just saw a family carrying their dingy back to the boat. this is time for the boat owners and residents along the coast to make their storm prep. take a look behind me. you can see nearly all of the slips at the hyannis yacht club are empty. the boats are gone that's becaue yacht club managers have asked all boat owners to g vessels out by 5:00 and they hae been watching the forecast, consulting with the commodore of the club and taking the proactie steps. right now docks are tied up and boats are gone during this tropical storm watch affecting the cape and islands, and of course we won't see the winds ad flooding that the southeastern part of the country has seen as hermine made landfall there, but we're talking high winds and waves and rough surf. this area of the coast is not very protected i'm told, so the commodore tells me if they didnt
6:33 pm
could be problems. >> we've established a protocol because of the damage and things that we've experienced in the past. so now we're trying to avoid all that and protect our assets. >> there is a big party that is still being planned for here at the hyannis yacht club and that is to include lobster and also n outdoor live band, so they're hoping that mother nature doesnt change those plans but they're ready if that is the case. just down the road a couple of miles away there are some hyannis out to the islands. we'll be staying on top of those cancellations and those adjustments to the schedule and we'll be sure to bring you those updates later on on fox25 news t 10:00. for now live in hyannis, christine mccarthy, fox25 news. >> download the new fox25 weathr app to stay on top of the track of hermine. it has detailed forecasts and alert from our team of meteorologists. it tracks weather down to your zip code. the app is available on google play and in the app store.
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high statue of a lobster. it was stolen overnight and town officials believe the thief trid stealing more of them. the plymouth area chamber of commerce called the police after 29 lobster displayed was stolen. the statue weighs about 75 pouns and it was bolted and blocked to the 700-pound block of cement. we spoke with the artist who created "sir loin" the lobster, using ceramic and glass tiles. heard about it this morning. again, "sir loin" one of 29 lobster on display, each custom designed and hand painted by local artists. "sir loin" was the only one takn overnight. >> in laconia, a domino's pizza driver says her car was stolen and crashed into a fence. she left her car running in a parking lot last night and found it 20 minutes later on fairmont street. police are seeking information from the public on this one.
6:35 pm
shooting death of a woman who ws found shot in her home. the attorney general's office identified the victim as 38-year-old wendy taft. she was found thursday at a helm in dunbarton. her sister arrived at the property she said she lived thee with two other people and recently they became concerned another family member who had moved in. >> a few months ago we talked to her she said everything she had messaged my husband back saying everything was okay and there was nothing to worry abou. >> an autopsy she died from a single gunshot wound. so far no arrests have been made and police aren't saying much about any suspects or possible motive. >> a quincy woman is dead run over by her husband in their driveway. police are still investigating but say the whole thing appears tore -- to be a tragic accident.
6:36 pm
with the minivan. the 54-year-old husband was hospitalized with chest pains. he's not facing any charges at this time. >> a second person now facing charges for murdering an east boston teenager. angel ramos made his first court appearance just hours after his arrest on friday. he pleaded not guilty and is being held without bail until a probable cause hearing later ths month. police say surveillance video ad finger prints linked the 21-year-old to the murder. death in a garage on princeton street back in june. 16-year-old jose hernandez is also in custody in connection with her murder. >> police say two men were smoking marijuana on a bench thursday night when they saw officers and ran off. when police caught up to them, they say they found a handgun
6:37 pm
cash. this is just the most recent of drug activity in the public garden. >> a mother is being summoned to court accused of leaving the bay alone in the car while it was running at a new bedford gas gas station. the whole incident was caught on video and posted to facebook. take a look at the footage thats gone viral. >> leaves the baby in the car ad goes into the store. >> minutes later the camera stil rolling as the mother returned o the car. >> probably not too bright to leave a baby in the car f three -- three minutes. was your car running? you're a great mom. >> are you allowed to video tape me? i'm pretty sure you have to ask me. >> i don't have to ask you. why don't you wake up. >> that's footage caught the attention of new bedford police. they identified the mother at a 20-year-old woman. she wasn't arrested but is being charged with reckless endangerment. dcf also investigating now.
6:38 pm
with the latest edition of mass most wanted. >> summer winding down, but that doesn't mean crime is taking a bike. police around massachusetts need your help solving some of the state's tough to crack cases and maybe you can help. this this week's mass most wanted. detectives in milton are looking for these men. they're wanted for placing a skimming device at an atm machie at a bank on august 14th. the man in the baseball cap is tall with a medium build. ther suspect has a larger build contact milton police for -- or the fbi. quincy are looking for these women. detectives say they stole a pure from a woman's cart at the home depot and proceeded to use the woman's credit card at the cvs. both women are said to be of medium height and medium build. give quincy police a call to hep track them down. >> this woman is wanted for breaking into an office building
6:39 pm
neighborhood health center. this happened on august 8th. if you know who this guy is, please contact the police department. >> she's cases all come to us from the law enforcement websit, mass most wanted. we also have them up on our website, fox25 for mass most wanted, i'm bob ward, fox25 news. >> a busy week for for tsa agens as labor day travel picks up ahead of the weekend. they found 58 firearms, the ones you see here. 48 of those they say were load and had 17 had chamber. they were discovered last week. >> families living paycheck to pay check are falling into abusive debt traps. this according to an analysis of recent consumer complaints that is sent to the feds. jacqueline fell reports and speaks with consumer advocates that say more needs to be done o protect consumers. >> lisa johnson took out a short term high interest rate loan to to get her through to pay day.
6:40 pm
money back quickly. >> they've been accused of irrelevant responsible practice, driving families further into debt. >> people can't afford them in the first place and they're beig set up to take out loan after loan after loan and fall into te trap. >> a u.s. analysis of 10,000 complaints to the federal government found that 91% involved predatory debt collection practices, companies charging triple digit interest rates and long term cycles of we found one from a massachusets woman struggling to pay rent because we are husband wasn't working at the time. she said that she was surprised to find triple didn't interest rates when she thought she would just be paying a $200 fee. >> in june we told you about proposed federal rules that woud for the first time determine whether a consumer could repay a loan and still cover basic livig expenses. the report shows the rules shoud be stronger. they say there's a loophole that
6:41 pm
before verifying income. >> one loan is enough to get you in trouble and get you stuck in this cycle of debt. >> lenders say the proposed ruls would force business owners to close shop and cut off borrowers from a lifeline. >> the public has until mid october to give their feedback o the proposed rules before they'e finalized. >> the in an explosion 10 years ago. today the family paid tribute to their fallen hero. he served in the army for five years. >> they pay thousands of dollars for a degree they say they can't use and it's left them with a huge financial burden. only on fox25 how the attorney general's office in massachusets is trying to make them whole again. >> and hermine is a nasty ocean storm, it's getting closer to or coastline.
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brewer tracking the latest with post tropical storm hermine. there's strong winds out there. i'm tracking the latest watches and warnings straight ahead. >> they say their college degres are worthless but they're still stuck paying for them. >> right now i still owe over $10,000.
6:45 pm
and the promises of good paying jobs never banned out. the massachusetts attorney general now taking steps to get them some relief. >> inside this classroom, students who got a lesson in broken promises. >> you feel like a failure. >> students like diana. she graduated with a certificate to be a medical assistant. she quickly got a job but -- >> it didn't last very long because they told me my skills weren't up to par. >> that after a nine month program she is now attending a four year nursing program while still paying student loans for her everest degree. >> i owe over $10,000. it's frustrating because it was expensive. there were a lot of sacrifices that went into place giving up the job i had to be able to go o school. >> they promised job after this and i don't have a job. >> this woman is now attending roxbury community college despie
6:46 pm
now being converted into condos. >> they've left these students high and dry, they've left taxpayers high and dry. >> the massachusetts attorney general says that's why massachusetts and several other states sued to shut down the everest institute. they closed the campuses nationwide in 2015 after an investigation revealed the schol misled students on job placemens and earning potential. >> instead all they did was suck students in, s through the form of federal loas and offer really nothing in ters of a meaningful education. >> she says her office is taking this fight a step further. >> hosting a series of events to walk students through the proces of asking the u.s. department of ed to discharge their federal student loans. >> these students now hopeful fr some relief as they move forward with a valuable lesson tucked
6:47 pm
into a school like go down there and actually get a feel of them. if not, then you're going to be wasting your money. >> in their final letter to students, parent company stood y them. we have the next information for the next outreach event on our website. >> this is a fox25 storm tracker weather alert. >> all right. i'm tracking the latest with seas are going to be the big problem starting tomorrow. possibly even some strong winds that could gust up to 50 miles n hour and cause some scattered power outages. the greatest threat for that, te cape and the islands, even the immediate south coast. so with these weakened trees frm the drought we've been in, we've seen them coming down a little more readily in the past couple of storm that we've had, so that's a big concern. now, there is still some uncertainty with the track and
6:48 pm
exact track really is going to be -- i guess not as important s it could have been with a much tighter storm. this is a very broad storm. as we see it wobbling around, it's got a wide field, the tropical storm force winds are going out 200 miles from the center, so there will be areas impacted. we're just going to be watching hour by hour, really almost a nw cast here over the coming days s we're seeing the bands approach the coastline. this was a 70-mile an hour tropical -- now it's a post tropical storm, it's getting soe energy from cold air aloft and the water down below and you can see the intensity ramp up over the next couple of days and that's pretty much where we stad now with 70-mile an hour. you can see why. look at all this warm water. as it gets closer to our coastline it will encounter the cooler water and that will help it weaken some. you can see the track starts to bend back to the west as it gets
6:49 pm
high pressure to the north, low pressure over the top of it, and then if it follows this exact track it's not likely to, but i want to put this on there for yu so you can see. it's about 40 miles an hour away from nantucket as its closest approach sometime early thursda. that timing could change, but it's a general view right now. so we have the tropical storm watches in yellow, cape cod, the islands, the immediate south coast. this is the area with seeked see 50-mile an hour wind gusts late sunday into monday and that's te problem with the power lines and the trees coming down there. gusts. right around 40 miles per hour, that's the cry terrible yarr for nantucket and the vineyard where you could see some minor tree limb damage and start to see a yum of power outages. this is monday morning. lock at these wind gusts. 39 to 50 miles an hour, encompassing all of cape cod as you get down to the islands as well and even part of the immediate south coast and boston gusts of 30, that's not too far
6:50 pm
any blustery day and we'll see the winds taper late million, bt they could return tuesday, possibly beyond depending what actually happens down the road with the track of hermine. let me show you the numbers rigt now. looking good. middle and upper 60s. even a few low and mid 70s back to the west and those normally warmer locations. cape cod tonight, partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies wih lower 60s, right around 55 to 60 in the metro neighborhoods closer to bos 70s, most spots cooler at the coast with an onshore wind, but the beach weather starting to go downhill, because look at these big seas out over the ocean. 20 to 22 feet, that's building our way. right now the seas are flat. you wouldn't have any idea, but by tomorrow afternoon they'll start looking a lot an rear and let's take a look at futurecast to see you when some of the rain involves. this model keeps us dry for the daylight hours sunday.
6:51 pm
question, although if we're goig to take rain in the sunset, it's the cape and islands on sunday evening. we wake up with showers coming ashore and potentially even on into tuesday with the storm sitting to our south. it won't kick out of here quickly. as far as rain amounts the heaviest will be the south shor, the cape and islands and possiby even the north shore and you can see through thursday and friday we have those rain showers possible and they're amounting and islands. there's your seven day. getting hotter by the end of the week, another taste of summer will be on the way then. >> the sports day on the boston sports scene got started early this morning in dublin, ireland, as the eagles open up across the pond. the day will end with him gettig
6:52 pm
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shire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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and the patriots released 20 players to get down to their season open be 53 man roster. the pats cut a bunch of receives and keeping four >> so anthony johnson makes the team and on offense they cut fie wide receivers. >> and rookies, and running back is let go for the moment. making the team along with gron. >> to dobson a bit of a surpris,
6:56 pm
being a second round draft pick. mart tin is a surprise to me, because the patriots are hoping nobody signs him up. if they're hoping for that, i would imagine another team will take a shot on him. he's been injured for two years, but he had a ton of college. >> boston college opening in dublin, ireland. >> he stopped him 73 yards and we're tight at s patrick tolls. they tie it up, dedrick mills wins it, 17-14. can't get the monkey off their back. 9acc losses in a row. the eagles will come home and
6:57 pm
>> the sox won last night and it was super prospect yoan moncada debut. he got to third base and makes a nice play. he would walk and score in his first at bat. tonight he will get to start at third. he's batting eighth against daniel mengdon. >> the championship second round today, kevin chappell's third shot. he leaves the under. we will have full highlights and the story from round two later n tonight when we come back. a lot of guys moving in the nfl today. mark sanchez and philadelphia. you told me his name. sam bradford. >> we're watching hermine.
6:58 pm
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secrets from inside rob lowe's labor day roast. >> get ready to bring it and take it. >> stars recreate his teen heart throb cover, but which attendee claims she hooked up with him. >> then -- ? pure imagination. >> remembering gene wilder. wh y hollywood icon. >> if this is it. i have no regrets. >> the willy wonka actor in his own words. his passionate love story with late wife gilda radner. plus "dancing with the stars" new cast. we break down the top contenders and reveal the pros lost audition tapes. >> on the dance floor i'm very wild, aggressive, and sexy. >> also behind the scenes of melissa mccarthy's musical moment.


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