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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  September 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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pulled out to the east and then out to sea. but still weakening as it moves in that direction. so that means for us as it's going to be stalling to our south over a number of days we're going to see some impacts along our coasts as well as seeing the risk of some stronger winds and even a little bit of rain. so we do have a tropical storm warning for the coastal locations here in orange. as the storm pin chillies had some scattered showers best chances across eastern and southern areas of new england. watching is the coastal locations of the south coast where we're going on to see that high surf and those seas building. 15 to 20 feet. and likely going toing to see some dangerous rip currents over the next several days that will likely last through the middle part of the week. wills very gusty on shore conditions. we're going to be talking about winds gusting as high as 40 to even 50 miles per hour down across parts of south coast. as for the rainfall ams, they don't look that impressive. i'm thinking under an inch in many spots.
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have our best shot of seeing anywhere an inch to maybe even two. of course we'll take a closer look at that track and time out those showers for you coming up in a few minutes. >> we also have new video here tonight showing hermine's strength at sea. this was shot on board a cruise ship as it made its way through hermine. you see the choppy waves and dark skies off the distance. this ship was recording gusts of 90 knot winds at the time. thousa power up and down the eastern seaboard. here in new england a trornl warning has been issued for most of the -- a storm warning has been issued for most of the south coast and island. the coast guard preparing for rough seas, christine. >> that's right, the coast guard has been preparing for this weather event for days and they're asking that boaters also be prepared.
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media leaving station woods hole for choppier waters to monitor wind conditions during the tropical storm watch. >> we'll head out here in a little bit just checking on the seas and see how the winds are and how they react to our boats. >> reporter: boston's mate second class thomas dennehy is the officer of the day sunday taking calls and coordinating potential search and rescues. but the real threat hasn't hit yet. >> we are taking notes all steadily throughout the day but after midnight the seas >> reporter: as hermine lingers off the coast they urge voters to secure their vessels if they do got out to sea be prepared. >> go through all your safety equipment. you have sufficient life jackets, if the weather is going on to be too much for your boat you don't really need to go out if it's unnecessary don't go out. >> reporter: fox 25 captured on owners pulling their boats from cape cod slips altogether this labor day weekend leaving some docks
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so if it's your sure i'm you sure you want to make sure it's in the garage when comes a snowstorm. >> this weather inevitably brings thrill seekers but high winds and rough surf are a serious threat. >> we don't want to have to go out there. we're ready if we have to but that's the last thing we want to do, you know. >> reporter: and the coast guard encourages anyone who may be try oning to get their boat out of the water any questions to go ahead and contact their local harbor master. live in woods hole tone, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> this is causing problems for travelers. ferry services likely to be impacted. high line cruises have cancelled some cruises. mayor walsh is asking bostonians to be prepared for this storm.
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doors locked to protect against any gusts. he's also encouraging everyone to make sure have you plenty of supplies, flashlights, batteries, nonperishable foods. all on fox 25 this morning we spoke with the direct areor of the national hurricane center who says it's not a good idea to get out on the roads when the storm hits. >> those winds pick up as we think they possibly could that's where it gets dangerous to be driving we should see some scattered power outages. >> the mayor is also reminding everyone to watch out for debris an power lines. working overtime to keep you ahead of the storm. we have a page dedicated to hermine on kevin, jason and the morning team are back on the air beginning at 4:00 a.m. developing tonight in berlin everyone in that town is being asked to stay inside as police search for a suspect. >> fox 25's christine mccarthy reports. >> reporter: state and local police converge on a berlin
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a bank robbery suspect left police without an arrest for at least the third time this week. >> they immediately called off the you are suit because of speeds seconds later marlboro assisted with the state police observed the suspect's motorcycle at the gas pump right over here. >> reporter: west boylston police say this man seen here in surveillance images robbed the "kentucky newsmakers" bank on west boylston street handing the teller a note and demanding mone sylvan motorcycle and has since been seen in clinton, boylston, marlboro and today in berlin each time getting away. >> there has been several spottings of this motorcycle with the suspect on it and pursuit was called off due to high speeds several times this week. so we did not want to endanger the public it. >> means he's around center. that would scare me. >> reporter: this is described as white, 6 feet tall with dark markings on his face.
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community say they'll be on alert while enjoying their families this holiday week. >> it's a small town. so surprised that in this small town that that would happen but we'll keep our eye open. >> this stolen motorcycle is in police custody. and while they say the suspect did not show a weapon at the time of the bank robbery or in this latest incident, they do believe him to be armed and dangerous. if you have or if you spot someone that be looks like the suspect contact police but do not engage that person. reporting in burlington i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. in stir bridge tonight search is underway for a man who police say attacked a woman and a teenage boy. officers were called to the home on vin road friday night where investigators say brent young hurt the woman and the boy. investigators believe young may have a wound on his neck, possibly self-inflicted.
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42-year-old to a heavily wooded area. they're actively searching that area right now. tonight osha is investigating what caused a deadly construction accident in boston. police tell fox 25 a worker was killed while trying to take a crane apart. the accident happened in the longwood medical area at the intersection of shattoc and benny street this afternoon. firefighters pulled a body from the water in boston tonight and tonight they're trying to figure out how it got. there emergency crews were around 2:30 this afternoon on beacon street near charles state. state police say that man so far has not been identified. just days after samsung announced it's recalling more than $2 million of its gal y -- galaxy note 7 phones one exploded at a fire station in winthrop. here's a look at the phone. department says the phone exploded in the middle of the night while charging. this of course triggered the fire alarm. thankfully no one was hurt. samsung says they've received reports that the
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charging just like that one did. that of course triggered the recall. for customers who already have the phone samsung says it will offer a new product for free in the coming weeks. right now samsung is giving users a $25 gift card or bill credit for the this inconvenience. right now breaking just into the newsroom tonight. a framingham state university police officer has now been arrested after being accused of a looud act on campus. that officer we -- lewd act on campus. that officer we understand has been placed on administrative charged with open and gross lewdness and witness intimidation. we'll follow these developments for you all night tonight and on fox 25 morning news. it has been almost 15 years before the terrorists flew a plane into the pentagon. a franklin man remembers a close encounter with mother teresa some 30 years ago. the gifts she gave him that he still cherishes today.
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very slowly and expected to sail south of our area. tropical storm force winds getting closer and closer to our coast. we'll break down the
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>> 10s it of thousands gathered.
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homeless people. they were given seats of honor at the mass and served pizza after the ceremony. mother theresa died 19 years ago. but she met a man at a local jail who has never forgotten their encounter. fox 25's jim morelli has their story. >> i'm fortunate i've met a saint in my life. >> reporter: he crossed paths with that now seine in the an unlikely place a maximum security prison. curly had take an job as a junction in walpole. >> i was worked this june saturday afternoon mother theresa was scheduled to be there on the request of an inmate. >> reporter: curly says that inmate was a fran kiss -- franciscan yonk and she agreed to come in june, 1988. >> at the time i was assigned to the kitchen she was going to give a speech to the inmates in an auditorium adjacent to the kitchen. she to walk down a corridor
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was working. >> reporter: mother -- >> being a practicing catholic i was very humbled. >> curly feels mother teresa deserves sainthood. people not as fortunate as i am or other people are. they're not worth anything other than to me. although curly is guessing a wee bit today. i told my children about them i want to preserve them and pass them on to them. she not only gav a speech to the inmate but met with some of them individually. he says he didn't think so that mother theresa in her
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worse. >> for the first time in a few years massachusetts taxpayers will not enjoy a small income tax cut 2017. in both 2015 and 2016, a mandatory .5% cut was applied. but state revenue officials say because tax collections have not met several benchmarks there would not be a reduction this year. the state's highest court is set to hear arguments this week in an appeal by putting her front porch. she told police after she turned down his request for a date he started stalking her. caruso is asking the court to grant him a new trial. police in sharon are searching norman in connection with a moment break-in. according to police the 31-year-old also goes by john babro sshgs a.
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lawmakers have a long to do list that includes keeping the government open. legislation to provide a billion dollars to help fight the zika virus will remain a priority. a defense poll say that could require young women to sign up for the draft for the first time. >> this 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. we have seen the towers fall again and again in a series of very powerful documentaries from tv shows. the documentary 9/11 inside the pentagon shows us for the first time what happened behind the walls of one of america's most secretive buildings. >> i just thought out loud and i said it's coming here.
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airs september 6th at 8:00 p.m. on pbs. logan airport is also remembering the anniversary. a new exhibit on display in terminal e showcases 9/11 memorials from around the country and it features the ground zero memorials that exhibit is expected to object display through the anniversary of the attacks. >> announcer: this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. >> beautiful conditions for and sunshine and now we're watching the track of hermine very closely because we're going to start to see things change and i want to break down the weather threats that we're anticipating. one is the wind it's going on to turn quite breezy as we head into the day tomorrow. winds gusting upwards of 30 to 50 miles per hour. but those stronger wind
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branches something we'll be watching. as for the rain, we're looking at very limited amounts of rain especially to the north and west but as you get closer to the coast best chance of seeing one to two inches closer to the storm. speaking of the coast mainly the cape and the islands high surf dangerous rip you too will have moderate resk because of that persist encht on shore flow. the risk of perhaps even a storm surge during the time of high tide right around noon tomorrow. so we have a tropical storm warning in place for this area shaded in orange. this is where we're expecting tropical storm conditions within the next 36 hours. so that's the south coast, the cape and the island.
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the northeast very very slightly it's expected to make a forward jog. but it does have thunderstorm extending all the way out 230 miles. it's getting closer to our area and so is the clouds and showers. it's moving north northeast but expected to make that jog on to the west. and not going to hit direct hit is going to side brush us as we head towards the mid-part of the week. it's really going to be battering our coast that's where we're going to see the greatest impacts. waves running about 10 to 20 feet. really get closer and building those we will really notice that for the
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60s it will be quite chilly where it's clear skies but the clouds are thickening up. we'll september that cloud cover to continue to advance through monday it will be dry in some locations the chances of rain will increase down across the southeast, cape and islands. noticing by your lunch hour still looking okay to your north and west for the labor day plans. we'll be watching some of these ban rotate are seeing some pockets of drizzle along the coast headed into parts of new hampshire west of worcester. even seeing that sunshine. but notice the persistent pat western the storm stalling to the south. we'll see periods of showery weather as we head into tuesday and even wednesday and as for the rainfall amounts looking like the highest total is down across parts of the cape and
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introducing dunkin's steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. finally tonight, genuine happiness. this here is the smile of a true american hero after he
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on his birthday. >> that's captain thomas hudner last week he turned 9 years young. >> a group of state police and navy personnel came together to make sure it was a birthday he would never forget. >> dan gardner there was for this salute. >> it is dad's 92nd birthday. it's pretty overwhelming >> i first heard it and didn't know what it was. i came outside and as soon as i saw military in front of his house my heart stirred because i've talked to wham he did and who he is as a kind of guy. 1, 2, 3. >> happy birthday to you. this is certainly incredibly meaningful for dad.
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away. >> it was a surprise up until about two minutes before. >> certainly the last person to ever ask for recognition so i think his humble nature makes it particularly special that men and women would feel so strongly to come out here and do this for >> what a great what a great thing they did. it's like what's going on. i love that. a lot of folks have been asking all about hermine we are anticipating to see the winds pick up as well as seeing the are risk of showers but all of us will
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for eastern parts of the state monday into tuesday may even linger into wednesday with the current track though. kevin lemanowicz will be looking at some of the new information and also figuring out exactly when the storm will be kicking on out. but afterwards summer returns. back into the 80s feeling like 90 in some spots. lots to talk about coastal concerns tomorrow, too. >> so much focus on the track after it came off the around the area impacting our on coast. >> we'll be back on the air for you. however tom leyden is here with "sportswrap". tom. >> can't wait to get it started. i know a lot of have you been watching out and about today set until we'll get you caught up. obviously edge of your seat stuff. oakland eddie recognize gez was throwing a no hit enter the eighth inning we will talk about that. butch stearns is with me going over some of the
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champion world cup champion kyle busch. we'll take a short break then be right back it a. we'll be with you until midnight so stick with us we have you covered. "sportswrap" starts right
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what's up welcome glad to have you with us tonight i'm tom leyden hope you are enjoying your labor day weekend. kyle push bun on one plus, dave o'brien and steve lions from the broadcast booth in oakland. we will start right there. an abrupt fortunes this afternoon in the bay area as the sox let the series finale with the a's get away. an incredible effort from eduardo rodriguez in the series finale into the eighth inning for first time this year you got to see these two play. hanley bobbles it at first great job covering first base by eduardo. the runner is out on so the no-hitter is preserved. you are starting to feel it.


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