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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  September 5, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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>> we're not exactly sure where the center is going we're not exactly how strong it's going to get. >> this right here nobody expected this. >> we're prepared if things wobble west which we hope they don't. >> some of those gusts were probably 50 miles per hour. >> the storm has left its mark and it's not over yet. hermine is regaining strength in the atlantic. >> and now has its eye on new england. a tropical storm warning positived for parts of the area. i'll have the latest track of hermine and what impacts you can expect on labor day. winds pick up along the cape and islands how those on the water for the rest of the holiday weekend should prepare.
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right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. where is this storm heading next? hermine is still churning in the atlantic ocean. 250 miles southeast of nantucket right now. many models predicting this storm will head out to sea before making landfall again. good evening everyone, i'm kerry kavanaugh. >> and i'm blair miller. here in the last five hours we have seen winds from the storm up to 70 miles per hour. >> our team coverage takes but let's begin with meteorologist sarah wroblewski tracking the timeline of hermine. >> reporter: it's still down to our southeast right now several hundred miles away but the storm has severe winds right now 70 miles per hour. it has continued that strength over the last several hours as we take a look at the latest track. it is expected to remain that strong as we head through the overnight hours and take a jog towards the west. a little bit of a wobble
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but noticing the time stamp this is by wednesday and then out of here by thursday. so we've got a couple days that this storm will just meander south of our region and that's going to turn up the seas, create some hazardous continues at the -- conditions at the coast as well as bring in areas of rain. i mentioned it is moving east northeast right now with 70 miles per hour but it is expected to take that northwest turn as we head through the overnight hours. if there are any impacts. but until then we do have a tropical storm warning from the new jersey coast all the way to cape cod. because we're expecting to see those tropical storm force conditions within the next 36 hours. and the waves really building 10 to 20 feet offshore. and we're starting to see some of those seas get into our area. so what we're expecting the high surf and seas especially south of the region dangerous rip currents at the beaches as you're going to be headed for any labor day plans and
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increasing tonight. gusts 30 to 50 miles per hour. strongest of the south coast, cape and islands and also tracking some showers. i'll have the latest timeline of when you can expect to see some rain for labor day and the days beyond. >> sarah, thanks so much. we have this in video tonight you are about to see that shows the strength of storm at sea. this was shot on a cruise ship as it mace its way through hermine giving us that inside look at the effects of the storm, you see the choppy waves and dark sky. the ship was recording gusts atny the storm has claimed at least two lives. thousands are still without power up and down the eastern seaboard. here in new england, a tropical storm warning has been issued for most of the south coast, the cape and the islands. fox 25's christine mccarthy is in woods hole where the coast guard, christine, preparing for rough seas? >> reporter: that's right, kerry, the coast guard is preparing for any emergency call the they may get through the rest of the holiday weekend and they're asking voters and anyone else on the water to make
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>> reporter: a crew boards the coast guard's 45 foot response boat leaving station woods hole for choppier waters to monitor wind conditions during the tropical storm watch. >> we're going to head out here in just a little bit checking on the seas and see how the winds are how they react to the boat in these type of conditions today. >> boat and second mate thomas dennehy is taking calls and coordinating potential search and butle real threat hasn't hit yet. >> taken up steadily throughout the day but probably after midnight is when the seas will be at their worst. the coast guarding why urging voters to secure their vessels when docked if they do go out to sea be prepared. >> make sure you have life jackets and your sound signaling devices work and all your light works on your boat before you head out. if the weather is going to be too much for your boat and you don't really need to go out if it's unnecessary don't go out.
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owners pulling their boats bringing in their boats altogether. >> it's your boat you know. if it was your car i'm sure you would want to make sure it's in the garage when a snowstorm is coming. >> reporter: the warning also stands for swimmers and surfers. severe weather brings thrill seekers but as monday and tuesday approach high winds and rough surf are a serious threat. >> we don't want to have to go out there. we're ready if we have to but that's the last thing we want to have to >> now since wednesday the coast guard has been contacting local agencies and harbor masters to see that their plans are for the impending storm and they're also offering any aid. live in woods hole, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. this storm is also causing some problems during one of the busiest travel weekends of the year for people on the cape and islands. ferry service is likely to be impacted. high line cruises has captured some trips between
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also said it may have to stop service tomorrow. in boston, mayor marty walsh released safety tips ahead of hermine. asking everyone to lock their doors to protect against strong winds and make sure have you plenty of supplies like flashlights, batteries and nonperishable food and check on your neighbors. our web and overnight teams are working overtime to keep you ahead of hermine. we have a page dedicated to the storm on sherried and morning team are back on the air s in berlin everyone is being asked to stay inside whole police search for a suspect who they are calling extremely dangerous. >> police say the suspect began a crime spree some berlin? >> reporter: that's right, and that suspect remains at large tonight. i just checked with police but they believe he's actually on foot after ditching his moirk at this gas station after they had to chase him for at least
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>> reporter: state and local police converge on this berlin gas station after a high-speed police chase for a bank robbery suspect left police without an arrest for at least the third time this week. >> they immediately called off the pursuit because of speeds, seconds later marlo assisted state police observed the suspect's motorcycle packed at the -- parked at the gas pump right over here. >> this man seen in surveill the commerce bank on west boylston street handing the teller a note and demanding money. he then took off on this stolen motorcycle and has since been seen in clinton, boylston, marlboro, and today in berlin each time getting a. >> i would there has been several spottings of this motorcycle with the suspect on it and pursuit was called off due to high speeds several times this week so we did not want tone danger the snub that means he's
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the public. >> he is while the 6 feet tall with dark -- >> it's a small town, so surprised that in this small town that that would happen. but we'll keep our eye open. >> police tell me the suspect did not show a weapon at the time of that bank robbery or in incident but they do believe him to be armed and dangerous. if you have any information or you encounter a person that looks like the suspect don't engage them. contact police. reporting in burlington tonight, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. in sturbridge tonight a search is underway for that man who police say attacked a woman and a teenage boy. officers were called to the home on benton road on friday night where investigators say brent young hurt the woman and the boy. investigators believe he may
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they have now narrowed down the search for this 42-year-old. they are searching a heavily wooded area. tonight boston police are investigating what caused a deadly construction accident. police tell fox 25 a worker was killed while trying to take a crane apart. the accident happened in the longwood medical area at the intersection of shad objecting and benny street. osha is investigating. we're working to gather more information. details as we get them. an elderly man was rushed to the hospital this afternoon after drowning near the el street bath house. a lifeguard and other people nearby pull him out. firefighters began first aid and the man was then taken to the hospital. we are working to find out his condition. firefighters pulled a body from the water in boston tonight police want to know how it got there. emergency crews were called to the muddy river under the overpass around 2:30 this afternoon. that's on beacon street here near charles gate. state police say the man has not yet been identified.
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killed a woman in mattapan overnight. a 46-year-old boston woman was killed while walking along morton street. police say 39-year-old anthony buchanan was driving the car involved and he stopped briefly before then taking off. he then turned himself in around 1:00 a.m. he's due in court on tuesday for motor vehicle homicide and some other charges. so just days after samsung announced it's recalling over two million of its galaxy note 7 phones one reportedly exploded inside a winthrop fire station. here's a which belonged to a winthrop firefighter. the fire department says the phone exploded in the middle of the night while charging. it triggered the fire alarm. thankfully no one was hurt. more details about that samsung recall. the company says they've received reports that the devices can catch fire while charging forces them to recall more than two million of the galaxy note 7. for customers who have the phones samsung says they will offer a product replacement for free for the new one. right now samsung is giving
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bill credit for their inconvenience. new at 10:00 tonight this man is behind bars after police say he broke into a house and painted a dog purple. police were called this afternoon for a report of a stolen car that crashed. the suspect then ran away. around the same time though a woman came home to find her house broken into and her dog painted purple. a neighbor gave officers a picture of the suspect which arrested in june. -- firefighters had to use heavy equipment to free the driver. we're working to find out that driver's condition tonight. both the car and home, obviously, were damaged. the car is believed to be a 1930s vintage it. >> happens every year around this time. still ahead tonight the signs that will now be posted to avoid accidents like this one right here. >> a franklin man remembers a close encounter with
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the gift she gave him that he still cherishes today. hermine is still churning southeast of our area. but the clouds starting to move in to the cape and islands right now. i'll show you when the winds will strengthen and the rain
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pilgrims gathered in st. peter's square to witness the canon nation of mother theresa. organizers bused in 1500 homeless people. they were served pizza after the ceremony. mother theresa died 19 years ago but a decade before her death she met a man who was working at a local jail and she has never forgotten his encounter. >> i've fortunate that i've met a saint in my life.
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brian curly crossed path with that now saint in an unlikely place. curly just out of the marine corps had take an job as a corrections officer in walpole. >> it was june saturday afternoon, mother theresa was scheduled to be there on the request of an inmate roller curly says that inmate was a franciscan monk who had written to mother theresa several times. she final lie agreed on to come in 1988. >> at the time i the inmates in an auditorium adjacent to the kitchen. she had to walk down the corridor i introduced myself she had a bunch of rosary beads. >> reporter: mother theresa gave a strand to brian curly. >> being a practicing catholic i was very humbled.
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as for the beads brian curly still has them. >> they're not worth anything other than to me. although curly is guessing their value probably went up a wee bit today. >> i tell my children about them i want to preserve them and pass them on to them. now she's a st. it just takes it to a whole different level. curly remembers mother essay's visit to the prison she not only gave a speech to the inmates but met with them in mother theresa in her life has probably seen much worse. in dorchester, jim morelli, fox 25 news. a church in dorchester is also celebrating mother theresa's new sainthood. they changed their name today. cardinal o'malley was on hand for the unveiling of the new sign. parishioners were honored that the church is being named for their newest saint. >> she has been blessed her
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she's done great work, you know, i'm very happy and very blessed. the church's priest told us he is honored that the church is now named after mother essay. world leaders gathered in china for the second day of the g-20 summit. president obama met with leaders from two vital allies the u.k. and turkey. british prime minister theresa may and obama said ties wille despite the brexit. >> president obama: turkey is a strong nato ally, a critical member of the coalition against isil. our military, our law enforcement and intelligence cooperation has helped push isil back especially along the turkish syrian border but we now need to finish the job. >> this was the leaders first face-to-face encounter
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tim kaine defending hillary clinton's e-mail controversial today. kaine says that clinton has been forthcoming in her testimony about the e-mail server and turned the spotlight to her opponent. >> but on the other hand, we've got a candidate in donald trump who won't release his tax returns to the public after he promised to do so. >> trump's campaign manager said the clinton campaign is pivoting because it does not have a good answer to the e-mail scandal. former presidential candidate ben carson says trump's push for move for the republican party. >> democrats take those votes for granted. >> now donald trump is changing that narrative. i've had many discussions with him about it. he becomes very animated during those discussions. >> congressman gregory meeks chairman of the congressional black caucus says trump's pitch is an empty promise and one that's
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libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson has snagged an endorsement from a traditionally republican newspaper. the richmond times dispatch threw its support behind johnson. up until now the editorial board has endorsed the g.o.p. candidate in every presidential race for the past 36 years. new at 10:00, for the first time in a few years massachusetts taxpayers will not enjoy a small income tax cut in 2017. now in 2015 was applied. but state revenue officials say because tax collections have not met several benchmarks there would not be a reduction in the income tax rate this year. the state's highest court is set to hear arguments this week in an appeal filed by a man convicted of killing a woman by putting a pipe bomb and a package on her front porch. stein caruso is serving a life sentence after being found guilty in the death of
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turned him down for a date. >> tonight police are searching norman who is wanted for breaking into a home in sharon. the 31-year-old also goes by the name john barbosa. if you happen to know where he is call police. new at 10:00 tonight a pair of horses are back home tonight after leaving police on a slow speed chase through that town. take a look at the pictures that police took. those horses led officers from flint road to the town's highway barn where they were eventually corralled. their owners were then called to pick them up. >> glad they're okay. take a look at this picture tweeted out by ashland fire. this car landed on its side after hitting a pole. it happened overnight. now despite how bad it looks the fire department says no one was hurt. route 135 was closed for a while as ever source made repairs. no word on possible cause
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a local barbershop sending kids back to school and with confidence. >> it's going to make them feel good about themselves. >> the question one father asked himself that led to this annual event. the center of hermine about 300 miles away. but we already have tropical storm warnings in place for parts of the cape and islands. i'll show when you we expect
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>> the the state plans to add more signs that warns drivers of height limits. we have seen this time and time again and keep showing it to you. moving trucks tractor-trailers even a duck boat they've all crashed into overpasses on the busy road despite warning signs that have been in place for years. state officials now looking to put up signs direct low those overpasses. a home's owner alston is now in investigation for operating an illegal lodging
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last week and forced 11 people out of that building. nine of them students. fire inspectors say the home was listed as a two family homestead of a multiresidential lodging house. that distinction carries specific regulations that officials say were not being followed. now the owner hash served with a number of violations related to the licensing of that building. you see firefighters that were on the scene there but nobody was hurt in the fire which actually started in the ceiling fan. >> i don't want to say any parent. >> boston public school superintendent weighed in on charter schools as kids head back to school this week. chang says he has concerns about the charter school ballot measure because there's no funding tied it to. the initiative would raise the cap on charter schools in massachusetts. a local barber wants to make sure children start their school year looking and feeling their very best. we visited the mattapan barbershop today to see how
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>> reporter: meticulous barbers trimming and buzzing. >> it's just a big day for all of us. >> reporter: stylisting scrubbing and setting some very important clientele. >> right now i'm doing a flat iron. >> reporter: those clients began lining up outside mattapan finest barbers early sunday morning. >> when i see the look on these girls face when i'm done that's what i'm in it from. >> reporter: today the stylists are paid in smiles hundreds of kids look and feel their best as they head back to school. >> today is all helping these girls build some confidence and make them feel good about going to school. give them self-assurance and self-esteem. >> the tradition of instilling confidence started seven years ago. >> one deity took my daughter to school and i looked around and i said what can i do?
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single question, and since then has cut and curled event has grown every year. >> a little conveyor belt system, if you will. >> reporter: girls are washed prepped and pressed. boys choose their style. nail teches are outside painting nails. it's a big operation not lost on these young clients. >> they do hard work. >> clients like sixth grader stewart who says she'll walk out of here feeling -- >> nice got a backpack full of supplies. >> so they're ready to tackle new school year. >> at least since the first day of school. >> reporter: an entire community coming together to make it that happen. >> i know you were out there today but you could really see it on those kids faces. people investing in them. >> they had the biggest smiles on their face. 300 of them.
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without the volunteers and sponsors. >> kudos to him. >> seven years in a row. >> that's great. new results tonight from shark tracking buoys put out near the cape. next on fox 25 news we head out onto the water with those scientists as they find out what's swimming near shore. hermine nearly 300 miles away. i'm going to show you the latest track and timeline of
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for the first time shark experts are getting a better understanding of the movements. fox 25 was on board for an exclusive look at some of the first data collected this summer from the shark buoys along the south shore. >> that starts communication
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white shark conservancy uses a laptop to wirelessly download what swam within 300 meters of the buoys after they're pulled out of the water. today in plymouth. >> 323534. the buoy's data shows a second shark was in the summer. >> shark here on on the 25th . >> reporter: back in july after a visual shark siting the buoy was checked and a 15 footer the most recent shark is named agnes. all of this data helped scientists figure out how many sharks are in the area and where they are going. >> but it also provides information for the towns which is very valuable to know what kind of shark activity is happening off the coast. >> officials are now getting a better understanding because they have almost doubled the amount of shark buoys here on the south shore they went from 5 to eight from scituate down to plymouth. >> reporter: fox 25 news was with the marshfield harbor master when the three new
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coast. they donated money to help marshfield pay for them. >> the more we understand about sharks the more we can to cohabitate. >> right now there more than 30 shark buoy detectives. in goldsston, fox 25 news. >> this is vicente fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. >> we'll be looking at our coastal waters as we're going to start to see the seas really churning over the next couple of days with high surf as well as some very dangerous rip currents. that will be one of our main threats over the next couple days. but also the risk of strong winds and some rain for some. i want to point out we've been talking about this post tropical system and sure you are in it will name the impact areas closest to the
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islands people will see the biggest impacts further north and west you go less likely although you will still see a little bit of wind and the risk of some scattered showers. but this is where we have a tropical storm warning that just means a tropical storm conditions are likely within the next 36 hours. this storm is about 300 miles away. but you can see the winds stand from this system quite large. you can already see the clouds and showers starting to expand further north and west. it has sustained its strength of hour because we have high pressure to the north and the water temperatures are abnormally warm for this time of year. so it's feeding off of this warmth but it is forecast to move further north and it will begin to lose some of its strength. i mentioned 70 miles per hour right now that's tropical storm force it is moving east northeast at five but expected to take a jog towards the west.
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miles per hour. likely begin to weaken as it gets a little bit closer. however, as it does get closer it's still going to rock the waves out there and also bring in the chances of some showers especially across southeastern parts of new england. then by the middle part of the week it zips on out of here but it's going to take that long to get out of here. so it's going to stall over our area for the next couple of days. that's just really going to bring a dangerous conditions to our coastline. taking a spaghetti our forecast models you can see it's a weird track. it goes to the left and goes to the right but a lot of these models are in consensus and that gives us some confidence to say this is the most likely scenario. however, there's still room for error and there is that potential that track to be just a little bit further to the east we would see less of an impact. if it's over a little bit further to the west jogging just a bit we could see some stronger winds in some locations. so we'll continue to monitor
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starting tonight through tomorrow. that could lead to a few scattered downed trees and power outages that are in that severe drought. rainfall amounts not enough to break the drought. best chances of seeing over an inch down across the cape and islands. elsewhere less than an inch. you go north and west of 495 likely less than half an inch. the coast is really going to get the brunt of this storm with high surf dangerous rip currents and even tonight during the high tide for the the seas out there building 10 to 20 feet. we could see a one to two foot storm surge. something we'll have to continue to monitor. disclose home right now though we've got 50s and 60s. it's cool on out there. clouds beginning to build on in. and going through time we'll notice these clouds increasing overnight tonight with a rain chances starting tomorrow morning down across the southeast. look at this. this is right around 1:00. still dry to the north and west but those rain chances will increase even out west towards worcester there's
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where we see rain and where we do not. this is just showery weather. so it's going to be off and on showers that will be likely but with the persistent on shore breeze with gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour likely going to allow for some drizzle. the risk of showers will continue into tuesday even into wednesday before we finally warm up and see some humid conditions for the later part of the week. >> all right, sarah a lot of cleaning and drying out to do in virginia. >> streets along the coast are still flooded after the remnants of herm cars are now forced to travel through washed out roads as homeowners say they're trying to mable the rest of -- to make the best of it. >> virginia has not reported any serious injuries. in hawaii tropical storm lester is treating big waves. and surfers braved the donce
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there. >> europe is about to cap the number of refugees allowed on the on continent. new numbers tonight show us how many have arrived here in the united states but particularly here in the kmeag. >> the a new iphone 7 coming
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a missing 11-year-old boy's remains has been found 27 years after his disappearance. giving a sense of relief amid sadness. jacob disappeared on a dark
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october 1989. yesterday, his remains were found. today st. joseph residents gathered at the same church where they when were jacob was taken. neighbors hoped for a long time he would be found safely. >> of course, from that moment on life changed because you were afraid to let your kids go for a bike ride alone, you were afraid to let your kids go out of your sight. >> jacob's mother helped create a nation wide sex offender registry. officials say fracking may to be blame for the hit oklahoma this weekend. fracking is the underground disposal of oil and natural gas. about 4200 waste water disposal wells have been shut down since the quake. the oklahoma corporation commission is investigating the connection. europe is close to a limit on accepting refugees according to the president of the e.u. with 65 million people who have nowhere to go tonight he is calling for other countries to help them find homes. fox 25 reported here last week that the united states
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by the obama administration. we dug through state department data and found 106 of them moved to massachusetts. >> we were able to on do all of that without cutting any corners when it comes to security. and significant screening was put in place to ensure that these individuals don't pose a threat to our national security. >> republican presidential nominee and donald trump have and many lawmakers have opposed the terrorists might be posing as syrian refugees. the world's largest living primate the eastern gorilla is one step away from extinction. a report says illegal hunting is the reason why the species is now listed as critically endangered. the organization says an estimated $5,000 -- 5,000 eastern gorillas remain in the wild. one species that did not make that list? the giant panda a 17% rise has added them to the
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atlanta this weekend are also helping contribute to that rise in population. everyone in town knows her for three decades of service with a smile. >> thank you even more for the person that you are. you had have such an impact on all of us. >> after the break the sweet sendoff for this unforgettable local mcdonald's employee. tropical storm warnings for our area, the south coast, the cape and islands. that's be pushing to the north. i'll show you when to expect
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32 years is a long time to work in one place and at a local mcdonald's it was a reason to celebrate this week. >> yeah, this needham restaurant honored a special employee who spends decades changing the people around her with every batch of fries she made.
1:45 am
street welcomes frya to her party. >> the way she welcomed customers for the last 32 years. with joy. >> i'm happy to be here. all of the meals were happy. her smiles, her enthusiasm and her daily hugs made our restaurant more than just a restaurant it made us part of fryers family. as a first first employee frya started cleaning tables and working >> we taught her how to make french tries. now we finally found a position she loves. >> we have busy lives sometimes we forget to dance. but she doesn't forget to dance. at this special retirement it it was her time to be served. a chock lamation from the state. a french try check lace and
1:46 am
long time customers stopping by to say thank you. >> they took very pure delight in opening the door. >> her family here says frya offered them so much more than they could ever offer her. >> through her hard work, dedication, and perseverance frya has accomplished all of this and that's a lesson to be learned for us. >> we love you, we appreciate you. we respect you and we're all better people for having you in our lives. [applause] good for her. that report from mark ockerbloom. even on day off she knows what she likes. the restaurant says all of her meals will now be on the house from now on. as they should be 32 years, right. >> for more information check out the wright
1:47 am
has now become the tallest building west of the mississippi river. it is 81 feet higher than the nearby u.s. bank tower which held the tallest building record since 1989. the billion dollar hotel and office complex is set to open next spring. >> there's a chance'will be unveiling the latest version of the iphone this week the company's innovations alludes to possible unveiling of the iphone 7. they have a black basketball with blurry lights. they're also likely to announce release dates for their latest operating system. authorities in paris are lifting the ban. drones will race the busy
1:48 am
>> tonight we are getting our first up close look at dupe -- jupiter's north poll. that'sa released this. >> for scientists these images reveal hardly recognizable picture of the gas giant known for its red spot. they say the north poll is bluer in color than other parts of the plan -- bill nye the science guy. he is famous for his kid show in the 1990s is now getting his new series on netflix. the show called bill nye saves the world will debut in 2017. a wild site in westfield. taken a few weeks ago he set up the familiar are a there
1:49 am
face-to-face a few times. as you can imagine he described his encounters as tense. i bet so. we have seen a lot of tributes for big papa in his last year playing for the bo
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>> we have sunshine and 70s today and a really nice evening, too. take a look at at the photo of the day. tonight forget to follow us on instagram we love pictures like this although it's quiet overnight. temperatures in the 50s. we'll notice a few showers on the cape and that's where we're going to get our best bet of seeing some of the heaviest rain closest to the center of hermine as it will be inching closer. looking pretty good. have you temperatures in the 70s and 80s and the strongest winds also down along the south coast. we'll talk more about the winds as well as how much rain to expect and the latest track at 11:00. >> nice, sarah.
1:53 am
tonight for david ortiz the boston slugger immortalized in a corn maze. >> nothing quite measures up to the latest tribute which opened in sterling this weekend. fox 25's photo journalist mike brewer there was in sterling when big papi helped unveil this eight acre art. >> it's huge. it looks fun. it's like corn but you go through it and it's a and you try to get out. it's undoubtedly the number one best corn maze every year in the world. designed into that is big papi doing his home run pose with his sunglasses and the beard. >> david ortiz. >> big papi is retiring. what a fabulous subject to celebrate.
1:54 am
>> the main event mr. david ortiz. the big papi. >> we're here and you know when you look at it just like man, i can't believe they did this. it's something you wouldn't even describe mentally. thank you very much i really appreciate everything and god bless you. >> did you see it in there. i think i can make it out. eight acre maze opened to the public on saturday. >> new at 10:00 took a jab at tom brady she snabed this picture with aaron rodgers and his girlfriend complete with the caption sorry tom and gisele i hope you understand. turning now to sports here's tom leyden. a reversal of fortune in oakland when the sox played the as. >> hold on a minute? what would do you if you were ali riseman i would take the picture, too. went from way up here to way down here in the course of 15 minutes.
1:55 am
news on andrew bennaintendy is starting to run the ankle starting to feel better. now the story today the incredible effort from rodriguez in the series finale. into the eighth inning two plays you got to see. a no-hitter still in the seventh. hanley juggles it and fires it to e-rod covering the runner is out so the no-hitter is preserved. move ahead to the five in the eighth. he can play goalie. first. they go to replay and the umps are overruled. he beats the throw so the no-hitter is lost with two outs in the bottom of the eighth. now head to the bottom of the ninth and then this happens. chris davis takes one down the line and one hops the fence and then brock plays it out there the winning run comes around to score. the as take it by a 1-0
1:56 am
low. that was today in a nutshell. tom brady, wow, looming large in foxborough even when he's not there he's there. that has to be a little disconcerting for jimmy garoppolo. we are a week away and jimmy will get all of the first team reps this week. julian edelman really captured the mood well when he was asked what it's like without brady around. >> it's pretty cool that we got that banner i just saw that. i'm not going to lie it's like one of you going to jail. the whole situation is unfortunate but it's happened and we've got to move. on we love him to death. on the field, off the field he has been a great help in my life. right now the situation is thinking about the arizona cardinals and who's going to be out there to go out and play against these guys. >> tomorrow's final round of the deutsche bank championship will start early. they will play in 30somes off both the first and tenth holes start at 7:00. the hope is that they beat
1:57 am
they should be done by 2:00 p.m. if all goes well. they will be chasing paul casey. he put together a third straight round of 66. four birdies including this shot of the day. look at his shot on 18th. simply brilliant. led to an eagle. almost sunk it. unbelieveable. he's three shots through the fell as the final round starts. so stay with us for tonight's "sportswrap".
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