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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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cancel it all together. what the coast guard wants everyone to remember as the cape prepares for hermine. state and local police are trying to catch a suspected bank robber who is accused of taking off on a stolen motorcycle. the reason they can't get a good look at his face despite surveillance photos. and an officer who was supposed to protect a local university now banned from campus. the serious charges that officer faces this morning. >> announcer: complete new right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us this monday morning, september 5. happy labor day, by the way, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. tropical storm hermine is creeping close they are morning. meteorologist jason brewer is is in for shiri spear this morning, and he is in the fox25 storm tracker weather center tracking the timeline for when this rain and strong winds are planning an event.
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gene, hermine is to the south of nantucket. this is a brand-new advisory. look at this, a powerful storm, 70-mile-per-hour winds out here, and those winds are going out far from the center. so it is a large storm. it will be moving its way northwestward. a brand-new track. making its way closer to the coast and weakening as it encounters cooler water and losing some of its support as it gets into early wednesday, so probably has seen its peak intensity as of early this morning. as we go into time, we will sele threat. we will get rain -- the rain right now is 20 miles from nantucket and just another hour or so we will continue to watch as that outer band of rain gets closer to the island. tropical storm warnings remain in effect. south coast, cape and islands wind gust has to 50 miles per hour. here we have our forecast wind gust map showing winds peaking this afternoon at 45 to 55 for cape cod the south coast, the vineyard and nantucket, and
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it is not going to be anything too out of the ordinary for any blustery day. tomorrow the winds become less of a threat. it becomes breezy and a look at showers. the chance of that cape cod, the island through 7 a.m. a few of these light showers westward by noontime into boston and the afternoon time, a great threat for heavier downpours to arrive and eastern mass that has the best chance. the farther west you go, we may not get anything for this labor day, for your barbecue. upper 60s,ow scattered showers continue on tuesday. well, coast guard is preparing for any emergency calls they may receive as hermine continues to sfoyn our south. urging boaters and swimmering to be safe over the next few days. the crew boarded a 45-foot coast guard vessel at a station in wood's hole to check wind conditions at the sea. they are telling boaters to secure their boat to the dock and if they do go out, make sure you have everything that you need. >> safety equipment, life
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devices, make sure all your lights work on your boat before you head out. the weather is too much for your boat and you don't need to go out, if it is no, sir necessary, don't go out. >> gene: the coast guard is.warning swimming and surfing off the coast because of the potentially life-threatening rip currents. a crew headed to the type keep an eye on the conditions as they get worst throughout the morning. a report coming up in the next half hour. people are relying on ferry service to get off of nantucket and martha's vineyard are facing the possibility they could be stuck after some boats cancelled service in the name of safety. high line cruises are calling off its trips between hyannis, martha's vineyard and nantucket. the steamship authority is considering following suit. diverted trips to and from oak bluff to the vineyard. we will let you know if it cancels service all together. as we prepare for
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the east coast. reid binion is looking at the damage the storm is causing when making landfall on friday. >> i urge people to be careful. listen to your lifeguard. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie worried about the lingering danger from post tropical cyclone hermine. >> the rip currents will get fairly aggressive even before you see any type of outward manifestations. >> reporter: millions of residents are expected to continue feeling the effects of hermine as it meanders up the eastern seaboard. the storm was moving off to sea. east of ocean city maryland where officials cautioned residents not to be fooled by apparent improvements in weather. >> once the weather improved, the sky looks great. sunny. the rain goes away and but the rip currents. always following events like are our biggest concern when people think it is safe to go back in and that's when it is really most dangerous. >> reporter: around midnight, the tropical storm warning for new york city had been cancelled but still active for
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by the state's governor. >> there is a possibly that there could -- i repeat significant challenges but not limited to loss of power, flooding and transportation issues. >> reporter: one person died in north carolina saturday amid high winds from hermine and a falling tree killed a man in florida as the storm approached. officials are could not determine if the storm was the cause. i am reid binion reporting. >> sara: make sure you are prepared as it moves our way. now is the time to download our weather app. you can get real. time updates on hermine's path, winds and where the heaviest rain also hit. it is the place to go if you lose power. it is free to download. five minutes after 5:00. state and local police are looking for a man that robbed a bank and took police on a multicar car chase, more than one. jessica reyes is live in berlin. and, jess, police are warning people that that man is armed and dangerous.
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inside their homes as they continued to search for him. he led police on several high-speed chases last week including last night, and this morning, police are still trying to track him down. now this all started last tuesday, we understand, when he robbed the commerce bank in west boylston and soak off in a motorcycle. yesterday, police in marlborough chased him to a gas station in berlin, but they did call off that chase in the have of public safety. he left that motorcycle which police of the pumps at that gas station and took off running. now he did not show a weapon during last week's bank robbery, but despite that, police do believe he is armed and dangerous. police who live around here were worried that he is still on the loose this morning. >> he is around somewhere. that would scare me. i would worry about if everybody is around him. >> reporter: and this is a photo of a suspect in surveillance video right here. you can see he is wearing a
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so it is a bit tough to see his face. this morning we do understand that police do have his motorcycle in custody. once again that motorcycle that police say was tolen, and they are asking anyone who may recognize him or perhaps know more about this to give him a call right away. live in berlin, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. there is breaking news on the cape this morning. two people including a police officer are in the hospital after this overnight crash involving a cruiser that happened around 2:30 on norris the fire department tells us the injuries are not life-threatening. new this morning one person thrown from a suv during a rollover wreck on 128 north. just after midnight in waltham near the exit to route 20. the suv rolled over after colliding with one other car. the victim had serious injuries but is expected to survive. all lanes of 128 are back open. this morning, a police officer at a local college is off the job and facing several charges. fox25's daniel miller is here
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>> daniel: yeah, sara, that officer worked at framingham state university. accused of submitting a lewd act while on campus and has been charged with witness intimidation as well. the university is not saying much about the incident, but after 12:30 saturday afternoon, framingham state university police command staff was notified of an incident involving one of the university's police officers and inappropriate conduct. the officer was immediately relieved of his duties at the university. was also notified and started their own independent investigation. now the university's officer who hasn't been named yet, was arrested and charged with several offenses including open and gross lewdness. now in a statement, the school said framingham state university regards the safety of our students, faculty and staff as paramount in our duty from the university community and will continue to hold our officer's conduct to the highest standard.
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situation was isolated and there is no ongoing threat to the campus. the officer is on administrative leave and has been banned from the university's campus. in the control room this morning, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. this morning, massachusetts fire officials say everyone should stop using samsung's new smartphone after galaxy note 7 exploded in winthrop saturday morning. pictures of the phone. it belongs to paramedics for action ambulance and burst into flames il the fire department -- the department of fire services as owner of galaxy note 7 should get them replaced right away. last week, samsung had a recall on the phone. reports of dozens of phones exploding. they have have a new device available in coming weeks and customers will be able to replace their current phones. the company is giving users $a 25 gift card or bill credit for the inconvenience.
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will be held at the park plaza hotel. this year's speakers include mayor marty walsh and attorney general maura healy among others. the breakfast will include discussions about charter school expansion, mbta job cuts and service workers who are looking for a new contract. the event is held every year as a way to promote labor issues in our area. boston city counselors are once again trying to impose a tax on alcohol sales in the city. the counselors will reintroduce their proposal for a 2% in hopes of raising more than $20 million in revenue every year. last year, the city council met to discuss the proposal, but got little support and was never voted on. counselor says the $20 million could be used toward city shelters and 24-hour addiction counselors. the bizarre crime spree has come to an end on the vineyard. coming up at 5:30, how purple paint and a dog helped police catch their suspect in a home break-in.
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see every day. an elk with a tire swing stuck on his antlers. why he picked the perfect back yard to wander in for help. and vermont senator bernie sanders is hitting the campaign trail for his former rival, up next, how he plans to win votes in new hampshire for hillary clinton. if you were just waking up with us. right now we are tracking a leading edge of some of the rain with hermine. only 20 minutes away from nantucket. we are beginning to see the
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back at 5:14. new this morning, world leaders including president obama are condemning reports of a series of ballistic missile launches to its neighbor to the north. north korea fired three missiles this morning to the sea of japan. the missiles flew 620 miles with no navigational warning. just two weeks ago, north korea fired a ballistic missile off the submarine. it comes after pamsz and other
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meet in nearby china for the g-20 summit. also this morning, the white house says it will keep working with russia to ease -- to reach a cease-fire agreement in syria. john kerry and russia's foreign minister have met for the last two days at the summit in china and president obama spoke with russian president vladimir putin for 90 minutes. right now both sides are far apart. they are working on a deal to end the five-year-old civil war in syria. russia is a key supporter of former presidential candidate and vermont senator bernie sanders will be spending labor day in new hampshire. sander also start his day in manchester at a labor day breakfast. he then heads to lebanon where he will campaign for his formal rival hillary clinton. and this is the first time he campaigned for clinton since he endorsed her in july. sanders is expected to talk about the economy and how clinton will work for everyone while trump will work for just
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back on the campaign trail in ohio when donald trump takes the day off before heading to an event in virginia tomorrow. over the weekend, the vice-presidential candidates did all the talking. >> reporter: two months to go before the presidential election, the trump campaign is still trying to clarify the candidate's position on immigration. vice presidential presidential nominee mike pence said undocumented immigrants will be treated humanely but no details of how the gop nominee will living and working peacefully in the country. >> we are going to build the wall. enforce the ends of the country. inland catch and release and do all of the things that politicians in both political parties have been talking about for more of a generation. >> reporter: one of trump's top supporters insisted that the candidate is backing a i away from mass deportation. >> re, very dove throw out a family that has been here for 15 years and have three children, of two woman who are citizens and that is not the
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democratic have theal nominee -- vice presidential nominee tim kaine is trying to move away from the e-mail server issue when she was secretary of state. clinton through polls have a huge unfavorability. >> she did make a mistake. she wanted to use one device rather than multiple devices. she apologized for that and he has learned with it. >> reporter: when pressed why clinton had not had a press conference. >> there has been one last month. >> referring to an event where clinton spoke in front of three supporters. the last time she held a former news conference watt december 4. good morning, i am fox25 stormtracker meteorologist jason brewer. i am tracking hermine's every move. we have dangerous surf and seas that have already built up. it is only going to get worse. a high ti de system at noon.
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with the astronomically low tide. the south coast, the cape and islands watching out for potential tree limb and power line damage as tropical storm warnings are in effect for these locations. it looks like one, possibly two inches of rain for the cape and islands. only about a quarter to half an inch of rain over the next several days with hermine coming closer to our coastline. not making landfall. here is the latest though from the hurricane center. the brand-new 5 a.m. advisory. it is moving northward at 3 miles per hour. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz here right now. we are tracking the rain and we are waiting on this bend back to the west to occur. this really haven't happened yet, but all the computer forecast models showing that twist back to the west putting it a little bit closer to the coastline as it is coming northward. it is going to be weakening and will start hitting cooler water and will push a lot of wind and seas our way today
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now by thursday, this thing is out of here and out over the open atlantic. we are not talking about it anymore. we got our hands full over the next day or so with what her mine has to offer. you can see the rain. about 20 miles from nantucket. eaten up on the west edge here. it looks like nantucket at 6 a.m. and now it looks like between 7 and 9 depending on how much dry air we have to overcome. showers will be coming ashore. bands of heavier at the wave heights 22 feet over the open ocean. all that swell is building toward the outer cape. our southern beaches. right now the waves are 5 to 10 feet, but they will go as high as 20 feet for our offshore waters by midday into the afternoon. temperatures right now, want to start you out on your labor day with good news. a little cool. west and north of boston, 50s, some difficulties to the south and east. the winds right now not bad
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25-mile-per-hour sustained, cape cod, nantucket. we got a gust of 33 in nantucket. not tropical storm force but kind of getting the idea. a breezy morning in many spots already. hour by hour wind gusts peaking 2:00 today. 45 to 55 miles per hour. cape, south coast and the islands. now late tonight. we will begin to see these wind gusts taper down. tomorrow will be breezy. we will have scattered showers and they will no longer be a damage threa forecast. we are finally clearing things out by the end of the week and they heat up again, another little shot of summer weather late in the week. i am back with a brand-new look at the radar coming up. local art destroyed by vandals, and police want answers. still ahead this hour, why one town has decided to relocate its giant lobster statue. [whispering] really quiet.
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new hampshire college students are packing their backpacks and heading back to school. and thanks to kelly ayotte, along with the textbooks and pencils, many students are carrying more student loan debt. ayotte voted to cut pell grants and to raise student loan interest rates. because she sides with special interests looking out for their own bottom line, not our kids'. for new hampshire students and families, kelly ayotte is a heavy burden we can't afford.
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allow to zoom into photos and features in the app. something that has not been possible in the past. ios users can expect the update on wednesday and android devices in the several weeks. in the past year addition of stories and a video loop feature. maker of gatorade will introduce a line of drinks this fall. pepsi the organic drink called g organic. it will be sold in select markets and have seven gr sugar cane and sea salt. it will come in three flavors, strawberry, lemon and mixed berry. a lucky break for a tangle of elk in arizona. the elk was running around with a tire swing caught in its antlers caught attention of a homeowner. she took those photos. and spent 12 miles per hour freeing the elk. the woman said cutting the
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passengers on board a southwest airlines flight in chicago received a special treat when they reached the runway. check this out. >> i am bugs bunny here and the southwest crew and welcomes you to chicago, the windy city. please remain seated. -- >> gene: flight attendant zack hameser. you can see he welcomed passengers with the voices of looney tune character. he did more than bugs bu from elmer fudd and pepe le pew. the passengers gave him a round of applause. succotash, that was aim press sieve. should hire comedians to do those announcements sarz sarz when the flight is bumpy and when the -- >> sara: when the flight
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mood toe follow through on that plan. >> jason: we need a little comic relief on labor day when we want it to be sunny and calm. we have clouds on the way. we have rain on the way. winds beginning to pick up in spots. i have got the latest on what to expect for your holiday coming up. and police, believe it or not, are investigating a earthquake out west. why experts say drilling for oil may have caused a ground to shake. we are already starting to see choppy waves and windy conditions. choppy waves and windy conditions. gold deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it. america runs on dunkin'. emma dreamed of honeymooning in aruba. but with the jetblue card, she got there faster than
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d... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. this is fox25 stormtracker weather alert. >> gene: 5:30, a live look at chatham this morning. there is still a tropical storm warning in effect for the cape and islands. we have a live report from the beach in just a few minutes where neighbors are already prepared for rough and high surf. not too bad but the seas are starting to kick up just a a little bit. >> sara: a that's right. go over to jason brew we are
5:30 am
looks calm out there right now, but those winds are going to pick up. >> jason: they are and stephanie out there live with a report. 6 to 10-foot seas along the coast. look at the latest from the national hurricane center. 70-mile-per-hour storm. hurricane hunter finding those powerful winds still a problem. the northwestward turn still forecast to occur and then bend back to the northeast and leave us alone. it will get closer to us right now. it is 265 miles it is 265 miles from nantucket. as if gets closer, the wind and rain impact. you can see right now the showers are only 16 miles from the island of nantucket, and the tropical storm warnings for 45 to 50-mile-per-hour gusts on the south coast, the cape and islands are in effect through the day today. rain, tape cod, the islands through the morning. a couple of these come ashore through the midday but really the afternoon where we have a better chance for heavier band of downpours to make their way westward. if you live west, though, and
5:31 am
rain at all the further south you go, the wetter your labor day will be. temperatures today in the breezy upper 60s and lower 70s. i have got much more straight ahead. for the third time this week, a bank robbery suspect avoid local police trying to chase him down. this a picture of the suspect during a robbery on tuesday at the commerce bank in west boylston. he left the scene on a black motorcycle. yesterday police in marlborough spotted the suspect and the bike but he raced off at high speeds evtu motorcycle at a gas station in berlin. he is considered armed and dangerous but he did not show a weapon during the bank robbery. a police officer at framingham state university is now off the job and facing several charges. the officer is accused of committing a lewd act while on campus and also charged with witness intimidation. the officer is on administrative leave and has been banned from campus. the main story today is the weather. tropical storm hermine has already made an impact on many
5:32 am
>> ferries from martha's vineyard to the cape were cancelled yesterday afternoon. fox25's stephanie coueignoux is live in chatham and stephanie, those ferries were cancelled because of the thunderstorm warning that has been issued. >> reporter: yeah, we already started to feel the wind pick up it is very breezy where we are right now. it is not raining, but i do want to have you take a look at the harbor and you can see some of of the waves kind of crash and not that bad right now. as that tropical storm continues to churn closer you are expecting these waves and choppy conditions to get even worse, and because of that the coast guard is now preparing for any emergency situation connected with this tropical storm. again, high winds and big waves already making for some dangerous situations for swimmers and surfers, but also they are warning about boaters, and in fact we were here yesterday when a crew with the coast guard boarded one of their boats at wood's hole to check on the wind condition. because of these windy
5:33 am
those boats, but also if you do plan to go out on the water just make sure that you are prepared. >> go through all your safety equipment and make sure you have sufficient life jackets and sound signalling devices and all your lights working on your boat before you head out. if the weather will be too much for your boat, and you don't need to go out and it is not necessary, don't go out. >> reporter: again, that is really what they want to you take away from all of this. if do you not have to go out, do not go out; however, they harbor masters and other local agencies to coordinate their storm plans, and, again, if there is an emergency that you will be absolutely prepared to respond. we will be out here all morning long in chatham and have another live report coming up in 15 minutes as these conditions continue to progress. in chatham, i am stephanie coueignoux, station news. a few ferry services taking a hit to their bottom lines by cancelling service at
5:34 am
highland cruises between hyannis, martha's vineyard and nantucket and the steamship authority is considering following suit. diverted trips to and from oak bluff to the vineyard. we will keep you updated on cancellations to eif they will cancel service all together. to the south, hermine is taking many of the same places devastated by super storm sandy in 2012. beaches from the jersey shore to nantucket are closed and residents ar further south, large parts of the carolinas lost power. up and down the coast and the storm is being blamed for at least two deaths. make sure you are prepared as hermine moves our way. now time to download the fox25 weather app. we can get real-time updates. where the heaviest rains hit. it is free to download.
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what caused an accident at the longwood medical area that killed a construction worker. police tell fox25 that a worker was trying take a crane sunday when something happened. police would not say whether the man was hit by something or died some other way. and a death investigation continues in new hampshire after a 38-year-old woman was found shot in her dunbar continue to home. identified as a beloved kindergarten teacher in the school district. suppor for teachers and students as they prepare to start the school year tomorrow. but the principal of glen wake cool say her death will not be discussed with her young students. principal kathy storrow says in a statement, we leave it to you as parent and guardians to address it if and how you see fit. police have not released an information. oak bluff police have made
5:36 am
reagan to a list of crimes. he is accused of stealing a car, breaking into a home and painting a dog purple. they found evidence on him linking him to the break-in including tell-tale paint on the pants. he is accused of trying to kick his way out of a police cruiser and kicking an officer. police are investigating and more charges may be filed. police continue to investigate the theft of a lobster tach ewe in plymouth. the five-foot rimmed from its base and they believe other statues were target today. each were designed by a different local artist. residents were upset by the disappearance of the ceramic cruise tai tayshauns. >> we were talking about how beautiful it was -- crustaceans. >> we got our picture taken with it and we came here and were horrified. where is it? >> gene: local businesses are
5:37 am
the stolen statue. 5:36. going back to school in style. coming up, the local basher that gave away 3,000 haircuts to kids so they would look their best for the new cool year. . plus nearly 20 years after death, mother teresa is now a sain four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts
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this is a fox25 storm tracker weather alert.
5:40 am
meteorologist jason brewer. the heavier rain north of our island. the clouds are building in and the winds are gusting 20 to 35 miles per hour. cape cod and higher on nantucket. hour-by-hour forecast, let's look at lowell. not a bad day for our labor day. not much rain and passing shower later in the day. temperatures peak in the lower 70s for the early afternoon. we have a lot of clouds coming in. along the south shore a b showers move in with temperatures in the upper 60s here. high temperatures in the middle 70s the further west you go. we will keep it a little cooler at the coast, of course, on the proximity of the showers. greater boston area to the west, better chance to stay dry. a breezy day. we are back with more straight ahead, sara. local catholics are sharing their memories of the
5:41 am
teresa a saint. in 19 years since her death, the church certified two miracles linked to her work. here in new england a former corrections officer told us met saint terry a back in 1988 when visited an inmate in walpole. >> she had to walk through a corridor where i was working. as she was walking down the corridor i introduced myself and she had a bunch of rosary beads. >> reporter: a local church has also been renamed in mother terry a's saint teresa of calcutta church. red sox are in san diego with a three-game series. rodriguez had a no hitter into the 8th inning when the ball bounces back to the mound. throws to first. runner originally called out. but then they go it replay, and he is called safe. it is overturned. an infield hit, and there goes the no hitter. game scoreless in the 9th. gives up the double.
5:42 am
that allow the game-winning run to score. oakland wins 1-0. and as a result, sox are now a game behind toronto in the american league east. local olympian aly raisman having fun. the got to meet green bay quarterback aaron rodgers and his girlfriend olivia mum. tweeted sorry, tom and gisele, hope you understand.maybe tom and >> gene: time to pose for photos. >> sara: a the perfect time. >> gene: ring him up. checking in live with all of our reporter. we are live where police are looking for a suspected bank robber on the run. a live report on the latest weather conditions as hermine makes its way to the cape. plus a local fair hit twice with tragedy. the investigation under way into the death of a little girl in the same place of a deadly circus tent collapse.
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giant pumpkin.
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and welcome back, everyone, it is 5:45 monday morning labor day. if you were just joining us, we are getting up to the minute on all of the top stories. >> live in berlin where police are searching for a dangerous man they say led them on a car chase more than once. fox25's stephanie coueignoux live in chatham with a look at how the cape is preparing for hermine. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: this morning the wind is really the big story. it has been whipping up the waves. do want to show you this particular sunrise here because reminds us of this old
5:46 am
as tropical storm hermine churn closer, the waves have will be become pretty choppy here along the fish pier in chatham. a couple of these signs are whipping around, and because of that the chatham harbor laster is asking all boater toes have their storm plan in place. they are also working to respond to any emergency situation. and they are coordinating with local agencies with those storm plans, but, again, they are asking all boaters to secure the boats not to go out on the water if you don't have to and if you go go out on the water make sure you have the emergency supplies including, of course, life jackets. we will be here all morning long monitoring these wigs. they are not -- it is not raining right now but the bigger conditions are windy conditions and the choppy waves. in chatham, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. former presidential candidate and vermont senator
5:47 am
sander also start his day in manchester at a labor day breakfast. he heads to lebanon where he will campaign for his former rival hillary clinton. the first time he campaigned for clinton by herself since he endorsed her in july. i am jessica reyes live in berlin where police are looking for a man they say has been terrorizing this area and led police on a high speed chase through several towns last night. officers say he isrm ask people to stay inside their homes while they search for him last night. this started last tuesday when he robbed the come percent bank in west boylston and took off on a motorcycle. police chased him to a gas station in berlin but eventually they called off this chase in the have of public safety. he left his motorcycle at one of the pumps there and took off running and police say that motorcycle was, in fact, stolen. now coming up in 15 minutes, we are hearing from some
5:48 am
were asked to stay inside their homes during this massive search. i am jessica reyes, fox25 news. and back at 5:48. and we have been talking about this since the end of last week. hermine making this way and what would it mean when she finally arrives. and wind seems to be the big story right now, jason. >> jason: absolutely. we have a 70-mile-per-hour post tropical storm, so the name, yeah, a little bit different than it was a few days ago, but the effects the same, and these winds are far-reaching. they are out here over the owing 200 miles from the center. we are -- the ocean, 200 miles from the center. and movement on hermine moving northwestward and weakening. tuesday 2:00 a 50-mile-per-hour storm. that track becoming better focused now. looks like it will pass southeast of nantucket on -- nantucket on wednesday and by the end of the week it will be out of here.
5:49 am
there is this dip in the jet stream, trough of low pressure that will try to pull this back over toward the coastline, and that is going to send some waves. it will send the rip currents, talking about this all day long and the rain and winds a concern. you can see the rain heaviest well south of nantucket. we are getting pockets of heavier showers and about 15 minutes away from the islands right now. so over the next couple of hours. it is a dry air that we are seeing. cool dry air mass proceeding so it is eating up some of the rain that could already have been here, so it is a fairly comfortable morning to begin. but show you the wave heights. they are up to 22 feet out here over the open ocean and right now we are getting 7 to 10-foot seas surrounding our coast. and all that is just going to start to build and pile in and create those rips and create some minor beach erosion. high tide cycle around noon.
5:50 am
our labor day. and the winds not a big problem yet. we are seeing winds 15 to 25 cape cod over to man in fubingt. a gust of 33 over in nantucket. a breezy morning and nothing that is doing any wind damage. the winds will peak and gusts high as 50 miles per hour and cause tree and power line damage. i am here to monitor that. temperatures today in the upper 60s at the coast and middle 70s the farther north and west you go. and your rain chance will be very low as you go north and we will see a shower chance through 9 a.m. confined really to cape cod, the islands. by noontime, one or two of those showers may have a chance to get farther inland and really the afternoon where we will wait on heavier bands of rain to impact the coast, to possibly get back to the north and west near the worcester area, but as you go north and west from there. you will have an even lower chance to have any rain to impact your labor day plans. a tight cutoff like we see with a nor'easter.
5:51 am
to a 10 tots a quarter of an inch north and west of boston. and then we are looking at half an inch to an inch of rain on cape cod, the island. some spots locally there could get a couple of inches inside the heavier bands that are coming through. here is your seven-day forecast. we do warm up, back to more summerlike weather by the end of the week as hermine rolls away. a brand-new look at the radar coming up. and an investigation is under way into the 5.6 5.6-magnitude earthquake that hit oklahoma. experts are concerned that frac k may to be blame. the underground dispoture of oil and natural gas. a possible link between fracking and earthquakes for decades. when it hit on eight morning, one of the first things that officials did watt shut 32 of the 37 active wells. no major damage was reported in saturday's earthquake, but the rumble could be felt in at
5:52 am
former stanford university swimmer brock turner is back in ohio after serving half of his six-month sentence in a california jail and he is not alone. turner made headlines when he was sentenced for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. many believe the six-month sentence was too lenient. they have set up outside the 21-year-old's house. california lawmakers are in the process of passing a bill mandating prison time for similar crimes. neighb celebrate the third birthday of a toddler killed by an alligator. releasing the balloons helped their boy celebrate his first birthday in heaven. lane graves was standing in shall bow water when the alligator attacked. disney has changed its policies to keep visitors further away from the water. we are less than a week out from a somber anniversary for our nation. sunday mark 15 years since 9/11.
5:53 am
that features the ground zero memorial and flight 93 and pennsylvania and pentagon memorials. the exhibit will be on display through the anniversaries of the attack. four planes were used to carry out the 9/11 attack. two from logan airport. wipedlife experts have released a new list of endangered animals. the living private the eastern mountain gorilla has been added to the list. the world congress made the list and as endangering the animal. only 5,000 eastern gorillas left in the wild. another species is seeing a 17 % rise in its population. the giant panda is now off of the endangered list and bumped up to the vulnerable list instead. twin pandas this weekend and helping to contribute to the rise in population. an easton man celebrating its new title world pumpkin paddling champ.
5:54 am
the world record by taking an 8-mile adventure near the taunton river. the whole journey in the 1200-pound pumpkin and started in dighton and ended with battleship cove in fall river. >> i went five miles and my body was like -- no one else will ever be able to say they took a 1200-pound pumpkin to the battle of massachusetts. and that is a cool thing. >> gene: at least we don't think so. someone ma who knows. not the first foray into boating. last year set an unofficial world record and made it three and a half miles in a 814-pound gourd. man loves his pumpkin. >> sara: he sure does. a local barber wants to make sure that children start their school year looking and feeling their best. we were there as kids went to the mattapan shop to get their free haircut. kerry kavanaugh shows us how the barber made it all happen.
5:55 am
>> reporter: meticulous barbers buzzing. >> a big day for all of us. >> reporter: stylists scrubbing and setting some very important clientele. >> right now i am doing a flatiron. i already pressed her. >> reporter: the clients began lining up outside of mattapan's best barbers. >> when i see the look on these girls' faces. that's what i am doing it for. >> reporter: the stylists are paid in smiles as they help hundreds of kids look and feel their best as they head back to school. these girls build some confidence and make them feel good of going to school. >> keep them self-assure, self-esteem, confidence. >> reporter: installing confidence started seven years ago. >> i took my daughter to school and i seen them, no haircuts. girls had no curls. they had no -- i said what can i do. >> reporter: father of six and barber hospital owner jamie mitchell asked himself that single question, and since
5:56 am
>> a little conveyor belt system, if you will. >> reporter. washed, prepped and pressed. boys choose their style. nail techies are outside painting nails. the operation not lost on these young clients. >> everybody was like -- they really care and they have -- they do hard work for it. >> reporter: clients like 6-year-old soroya stewart who will walk out of here feeling -- >> nice, >> reporter: students got a they are ready to tackle a new school year. >> i think the first day of school it brings their self-esteem high. >> reporter: an entire community coming together to make that happen. >> sara: good for them. what a great thing. >> gene: that awesome. >> sara: that is awesome. those kids get to go to school with a smile on the first day, confidence. >> 300 kids got haircuts. the basher is thankful for sponsors and volunteers to
5:57 am
the first day and get the year off on the right foot. >> sara: absolutely. you are right. city councillors are trying to tax alcohol sales for a second time. coming up at 6:00, what the money will be used for if there is a tax on booze in boston. plus a local university officer is off the job and banned from school. the serious allegations against him this morning. and hermine getting closer to our coast. th showers just offshore. showers just offshore. chief meteorologist kevi discover card. i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. (to dog)give it. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! (to dog)i'm so proud of you. well thank you. get your free credit scorecard at
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now at 6:00, we are tracking hermine as it tries to make its way to southern new england to mess up your labor day plans. people around at area are forced to leave early from their holiday weekend and cancel it all together. what everyone to remember as the cape prepares for hermine. state and local police trying to catch a suspected bank robber who is accused of taking off in a stolen motorcycle. the reason they can't get a good look at his face despite surveillance photos. vermont senator bernie sanders will hit the campaign trail for the very first time since endorsing his former rival. how he plans to win votes in new hampshire for hillary clinton. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now.


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