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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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now at 6:00, we are tracking hermine as it tries to make its way to southern new england to mess up your labor day plans. people around at area are forced to leave early from their holiday weekend and cancel it all together. what everyone to remember as the cape prepares for hermine. state and local police trying to catch a suspected bank robber who is accused of taking off in a stolen motorcycle. the reason they can't get a good look at his face despite surveillance photos. vermont senator bernie sanders will hit the campaign trail for the very first time since endorsing his former rival. how he plans to win votes in new hampshire for hillary clinton. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now.
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this is the fox25 morning news. now 6:00 good morning. it is september 5, happy labor day. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. many people are putting the labor day plans on hold because of tropical storm hermine. we have team coverage this morning. fox25's stephanie coueignoux is live in chatham. and we have meteorologist jason brewer in the newsroom, but first we begin with kevin lemanowicz who is tracking the storm's latest >> jason: what a cooperative storm it has been. left us alone for most of labor day weekend, and packing up from labor day, that is when the to were is moving to us. it is so slow. the center is way down here. we are talking 260 miles away from nantucket from the southern edge of nantucket and outer bands still trying to rotate in. they are not having very good time doing that and in fact as i try make it toward nantucket. we are seeing those bands continuously eaten up by the
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we talk about dew points in the summer time in the 60s and 70s. in nantucket the dew point is 59. that is just too dry. the rain keeps trying. a three-hour loop of rain right into nantucket and keeps going to the southwest than the northwest. there is a band out here the last couple -- that try to make their way here. and notice it goes from yellow right down to green, being eaten away by that dry air. the storm now called post tr keeping the same name for the same storm so we don't get confused. winds 70 miles per hour. just below hurricane strength. look at the movement. north at 3 miles per hour, essentially stationary sitting out there and churning up the waters. if you were going to go to the beach or boating today that is an issue for you. big waves, 1 to 20-feet waves. a jog to the northwest
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around to the northeast. it will happen in between early morning hours of wednesday, late tomorrow night into thursday and make its way to the northeast and on out of here. this will be in this part of the world here. quite a ways out and the storm will be weakening by then. meteorologist jason brewer is here as well. jason, looks like inland locations at least need to cancel their labor day picnics. >> go forward with your plans. we will be here to watch. get the fox25 weather app because you will want to sta the farther north and west you live, the drier we are going to be. we have been talking about that all along. go ahead and show you through today at noon the best place to get wet cape cod and the island and into the afternoon where a few bands of showers pivot back inland and make their way westward over as far as, say, the worcester area. but if you live north and west of boston, you have a good chance to stay dry. places like lowell no reason
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if you live along the south shore, you will have to watch showers coming in off of the ocean. plymouth that chance coming up this afternoon with temperatures generally in the upper 60s for you. the farther west the warmer. the farther south and east. the wetter on this labor day. well, tropical storm hermine has already made an impact on many people's labor day plans. >> areas from martha's vineyard to the cape are cancelled yesterday afternoon. fox25's stephanie coueignoux ferries are cancelled because of a tropical storm warning issued for this area. >> and if folks are waking up on this labor day monday were not looking like an ideal die go boating or possibly head to the beach. it is really kind of windy out now and cloudy. taking a look behind me. you can see the water is already choppy and, again, jason and heaven has been saying that the storm is still far out. again, we are expecting these
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and taking a look at the sky, you can see unfortunately we showed you that sunrise 15 minutes ago and now that it is completely covered by the clouds, so, again, the harbor master asking anyone if off boat. just to make sure it is secured or to take it out of the water completely, and just to give you a different perspective, you can see these american flags whipping in the wind. that is just to show you how high the wind is already and, again, as tropical storm hermine continues to churn closer, we are expecting those windy conditions to get even the coast guard already making preparations for emergency situations. they have already been coordinating their plans, and, in fact, we were out there yesterday as they were working to secure all of their preparations and their plans. they are now working with local agencies. they are asking anyone if you don't go out in the water, don't go out in the water. boaters secure your boat and take them out. swimmers, surfers, we are dealing with chopper conditions. something to definitely keep
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heading out to the beach. however, the coast guard is aware that many people may try go out on the water. and coming up in 30 minutes. the warning they have for those folks. in chatham, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. to our south, hermine is taking aim at many of the same places devastated by super storm sandy in 2012 from the jersey shore to nantucket. residents are preparing for dangerous storm surge. widespread flooding in florida this of the carolina and virginia. they all lost power. states of emergency up and down the coast and the storm is being blamed for two deaths. make sure you are prepared as hermine moves closer to our way. now time to download the fox25 weather app where we can get realtime updates. where the rain and wind will hit. the place it turn if you happen to lose power and it is free to download. this morning, state and local police are looking for a
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took police on a multicar chase. and police are warning people that this man is armed and dangerous. >> reporter: and sara, police did try to chase him down last night, but they say he got away from them for a third time and police say he is armed and so dangerous they actually asked everyone living here in berlin to stay inside their homes last night as officers searched for him. police in berlin searching for a man they say has been last night state and local police converged on this gas station after he was spotted here. initially led police in a high speed chase and police stopped in the have of public safety. >> they immediately called off the pursuit because of speeds. and marlborough police observed the suspect's motorcycle parked at the gas pump right here. >> reporter: police have taken that motorcycle as evidence and say it was stolen. all started last tuesday when
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commerce bank in west boylston. he handed the teller a note and you can see her handing him cash in the surveillance photo. it is a bit tough to see his face 37 he is wearing a bandana, helmet and sdmrass. he has been spotted in clinton, west boylston, marlborough and west lynn before getting away. people in the area shaken up knowing that someone people consider armed and dangerous is on the loose. >> that means he is around somewhere. that would scare m >> a small town. and surprised that this small town that would happen. but we will keep our eye open. and police say he did not show a weapon during that bank robbery but they are calling this guy armed and extremely dangerous. we are asking for anyone with information to call police but do not approach anyone you think might be the suspect. live in berlin this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 morning
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north. the scene after midnight in waltham near the exit to route 20. the suv rolled over after colliding at least one other car. the victim had serious injury and is expected to survive. all lanes of 128 are now back open. on the cape, two people including an officer are in the hospital after this overnight crash involving a cruiser that happened around 2:30 on norris road in bourne. the bourne fire department te life-threatening. a police officer at a local college is off the job and facing several charges. fox25's daniel miller is in the newsroom with more on this story. >> daniel: yeah, sara, that officer worked at framingham state university. accused of committing a lewd act while on campus and charged with witness intimidation as well. the university is not saying much about the incident but just after 12:30 saturday afternoon. framingham state police command staff notified of an incident involving one of the university's police officers
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according to the globe, that officer was immediately relieved of his duties at the university. now the town of framingham police, they were also notified and they are starting their own independent investigation. the university's officer whose name haven't been released was arrested and charged with several offenses including open and gross lewdness. in statement, the school says framingham state university regards the safety of our students, faculty and staff as paramount university community and we will continue to hold our officer's conducts to the highest standards. the university says that the situation was isolated and no ongoing threat to the university. that officer by the way is on administrative leave and has banned from the campus. in the control room, daniel miller, fox25 news. police continue to investigate what led up to a deadly accident at a new hampshire fair. lancaster police say a girl was riding a horse like the one you see here when she was
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during a riding club show at the lancaster fair. witnesses told the union leader the victim looked like she was about 5 years old. police are not released any more details about the incident in was the first weekend the fair has been open since the deadly circuit tent collapse last year. this morning massachusetts fire officials say everyone should stop using samsung's new cell phone. when it exploded in winthrop. the pictures of the phone that happened to belong to the and burst into flames while charging on a table. no one was hurt. the fire department -- the department of fire services rather says that owners of galaxy note 7 should get them replaced right away. samsung issued a worldwide recall on the phone. a bizarre crime spree has come to an end on the vineyard. coming up at 6:30, out purple paint and dog helped police catch their suspect in a home break-ins. something you see every day.
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on his antlers. why he picked the perfect back yard to wander into for help. we are tracking hermine still lurking offshore trying its best.
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we are back at 6:15. the annual greater boston labor council labor day breakfast will be held at the park pla gla hotel. speakers include mayor marty wall are and attorney general maura healy among others. discussions about charter school expansion, mbta job cuts and service workers looking for a new contract. the event is held every year as a way to promote labor issues in the area. boston city councillors once again trying to impose a tax on alcohol sales in the city. the council will reintroduce a proposal for a tax on alcohol sold and raising $20 million in revenue every year. last year the city council met
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got little for and was never voted on. it can be used for shelters and 24-hour addiction counselors. former presidential candidate and vermont senator bernie sanders will be spending labor day in new hampshire. sander also start his day in manchester at a labor day breakfast and heads to lebanon where he will campaign for his formal rival hillary clinton. the first time he will campaign for clinton since he endorsed her in july. and hillary clinton will be back on the campaig trump takes the day off before heading to an event in virginia tomorrow. over the weekend, their vice vice presidential candidates did all of the talking. >> reporter: two months to go before the approximately shall election. the trump campaign is trying to clarify the candidate's position on immigration. vice presidential nominee mike pence said undocument will be treated humanely but no details how they will deal
6:17 am
working peacefully in the country. >> we will go build a wall. end catch and release. we will do all of the things that politician in both political parties have been talking about for more of a generation. >> one trump's top supportys insisted that the candidate is backing a away from mass deportation. >> very, very difficult to throw out a family that has been here for 15 years and three children, of two whom are citizens and that is not the kind of america he -- he wants. >> reporter: meanwhile, democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine is trying to move past hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. most polls show clinton with huge unfavorability numbers. >> she did make a mistake. and she made it by deciding she wanted to use one device rather than multiple devices. she has apologized for that. she said it was a mistake. and she has learned with it. >> reporter: when pressed why clinton has not received a
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year. >> there has been one this last month. >> an event where clinton poke in front of three reporters. last time she head a formal news conference was december 4. all right, so we continue to track hermine. hermine is a problem for us pause it is still spinning around out there in the ocean and doesn't want to make a clear movements. there it is. there is the storm. the center of it 260 miles out in the ocean. seems far away, right. but typically with a tropical storm this far north, i wo be concerned, because they tend to speed up when they get up here. not this time. it has been running into that wall. and heard sara and jason talk about it all weekend long. the high pressure to the north and a traffic jam in the atmosphere and this storm does not want to move through it. trying its best to move northward. typically moving to the northeast in a normal situation. this is anything but normal. instead of it sitting here and spins and waiting to be picked up and pushed back believe it
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the coast to our south in allies that to come together. a delicate dance the atmosphere has to do to make this work out. the rain meanwhile keeps trying to rotate toward nantucket and keeps getting eaten in a way. the current location 70-mile-per-hour winds moving north at 3 miles per hour. called post tropical storm hermine. don't get caught. you that. nearly hurricane strength and looks more like a nor'easter. there is that northwestward jog and turns to the northeast. this storm to do. a look in our computer models that try to make its way toward us. our sun rent wind gusts are not tropical storm strength. in the 20s out in cape cod, but later today expected to ramp up. while it is not going to be a big problem inland jason. looks like out in cape cod, really going to be aware of the winds. >> cape cod, the islands, at the beaches, a moderate to
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the water. no reason to go in, it will be tough out there. south shore forecast does include some rain as we get into the afternoon today. weaponing seeing some showers making their way all the way inland as well into the afternoon, but many of us will stay dry. so let me show you what we have. this is futurecast this morning. it shows the center of the storm out here over the open atlantic, and you ethose heavier bands of yellows there come islands, early on today. so kevin, just showing where you they are. and kevin, i guess we will have to hit the pace bar to get this thing to advance if you were back there. we will get the maps rolling for the viewers at home. right now i have got not much luck here with my clicker. so as we zoom in, you will see showers trying to make their way westward. flow to occur. kevin was telling but the dry air that was around. let's go into the midday. best chance to get wet, cape
6:21 am
we will see a couple of showers making their way along the north shore and as far west as worcester and not making their way much farther than that. if we are in southern new hampshire, not changing any outdoor plans. same for worcester county as temperatures climb on into the 70s today. as we get into the boston area, temperatures in the upper 60s closer to the coast with lower to mid-70s back to the west and a few afternoon showers from time to time. certainly possible. as we go ahead some drier weather by the end of the week. we got to get through the next couple of days. tomorrow, scattered showers out there. kevin. >> kevin: all right. i did a little job for you. the tropical headlines look like this. you got the idea from jason this will not be for everyone. you go inland, things are a lot quieter than this. the dang youest surf and seas. this storm will continue spinning. a weakening trend.
6:22 am
threat quarter of an inch to a half inch in boston. a third inch seems to be the consensus. not drought-busting rain but some rain that will work its way on shore. if you were northwest of the cape cod bridges, i would go ahead.your plans if you just have a picnic or things like that. the people with the concern are people who want to go with a swim in the ocean or boating. that is where the concerns will be. local art destroyed by vandals and police wa town decided to relocate its giant lobster statue. [whispering] >> we have reached your destination. >> what's up doc. >> gene: he just might be the most creative flight attendant ever.
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free was, quote, amazing. passengers on board a southwest airlines flight in chicago received a special treat when they reached the runway. check this out. >> this is bugs bunny here. and on behalf of this flight crew and southwest airlines, welcome to chicago, the windy city. please remain seated. keep your seat belt fastened. >> gene: that is flight attendant zack hameser. he welcomed passengers with the voices of looney tune characters. he did elmer fudd to pepe lepew. passengers gave him a round of applause. when he landed he said another thing. i thought i saw a purdy cat. mel blanc is smiling -- >> the flight attendant sitting next to him looks like she is a little embarrassed. >> gene: she might be he does this every time we land. enough already.
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go to kevton talk about hermine. >> if you want to. spinning around. hermine has dominated the headlines all weekend long and seeing the waves get churned up to bigger and bigger to nantucket and cape cod. how to affect your labor day plans. >> now talk about the police. they are investigating a earthquake out west. why experts say drilling for oil may have caused the ground to shake. already this morning, we are seeing some pretty choppy conditions here o a the warning from the coast the warning from the coast guard golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it.
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6:31 am
lemanowicz has the latest on the timeline that looks to be a lot worse as we progress through the morning, kevin. >> kevin: as long as that storm sits out there and even if it doesn't move toward us at all, bigger and bigger waves. and the winds are blowing across the ocean, and they are way out in the center. the rain is on the northern side and wrapping around the back side. look likes a nor'easter. that is exactly what we are dealing with. a nor'easter type storm. that will continue to push toward us with the rain bands i am expecting this rain to try to continue to advance on us, but it is not having a very good time getting here. it is being eaten by dry air on the northern fringes of the storm. unfortunately the storm will continue to just spin around out there and eventually push toward us with that rain. and here is the rain that is just offshore. heavy rain that is sitting out there. it just keeps trying to rotate on in and not doing very well. winds are 70 miles per hour on the center of the storm moving us to the north at 3 miles per hour. but expected to turn to the
6:32 am
circle around underneath us. we haven't seen this happen yet and it was looking like it would do that for days. waiting for a piece of energy toward the south and make that turn and churning to the south. whether the rain makes its way in here is another story. winds are not gusting with tropical storm strength yet, but they are expected to eventually get here. in the meantime, show you this with the wave height technology. 22-foot waves out here. closer in there, they drop to 16 feet and 8-foot waves already and off of rhode island 10-foot waves. there are some danger with those ocean, and if the rain will make it farther inland. >> that is what we will have to keep close tabs on. labor day and people want to be outside with their barbecue. hour by hour, north shore forecast, mostly cloudy skies. and not much rain. it might be late day before some of those ocean showers try to pivot ashore along the north shore.
6:33 am
holds off at least lunchtime or beyond, so the morning plans still looking pretty good. afternoon, just be watching the radar. fox25 weather app a good idea. our greatest boston area forecast a dry start. it turns breezy and that afternoon chance for showers. we stay dry. so as you get up into parts of western new hampshire and around worcester, not much rain for this labor day. i will have much more coming up. >> gene: all right, kevin everyone is bracing for the storms. >> sara: the cape and the islands are expected to feel the most impact. stephanie coueignoux is live in chatham. stephanie, you have been out there since 5:00 this morning and the wind is picking up. >> reporter: it is blowing the hair around. it is blowing the waves around. really a dreary morning with clouds in the sky and kevin and jason has been mentioning, the rain haven't arrived just yet, but looking at the water already in the last hour or so, it does seem like the
6:34 am
bit choppier. again, certainly not seeing the most intense part of the storm as tropical storm hermine is coming closer, but, again, you can see those waves being whipped around by the water right now, and because of that, the coast guard is preparing for any sort of emergency situation here out on the water. we are here at the chatham fish pier. what they are saying is that, again, these high winds and the big waves, of course, could make for very dangerous situations for swimmers and surfers, but they are also dangerous situations for boaters as well, and in fact we were there yesterday as the crew with the coast guard boarded one of their boats and was told to check these wind conditions, because, again, the one is really causing all of those waves to whip around. they are asking poet boaters to secure their boats and even yet get them out of the water and they say if you plan to head out on the water today, make sure that you are prepared.
6:35 am
equipment and sound and life jackets and if the weather will be too much for your boat and you don't need to go out, if it is unnecessary, don't go out. >> reporter: that is what we are saying. please do not put yourself in any kind of dangerous situation if you don't have to. don't go out on the water if you don't have to. they are on standby and ready to work with any emergency situation. they have been working with the local harbor masters and storm plans as well. we will be out here all morning long. again the story of the moment is just the wind and the waves that are really churning up. other issues we are not seeing at this point in time. we will have another live report for you coming up in 15 minutes. in chatham, i am stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. and to our south, hermine is taking a look at many of the places devastated by super storm sandy. beaches from the jersey shore to nantucket are closed and residents are preparing for
6:36 am
further south, it was a widespread flooding in florida this weekend in large parts of the carolinas and virgina lost power. states of emergency are in place up and down the coast and storm is blamed for at least two deaths. be sure to be prepared as hermine moves our way. now is the time to download the fox25 weather app where you can get real-time updates on hermine's path, expected winds and where the heaviest rain will hit. it is the place to turn if you lose power, and it looking at other top stories this labor day weekend. a bank robbery suspect avoid local police to try to chase him down. this is a picture of the suspect during a robbery on tuesday at the commerce bank in west boylston. he left the scene on a black motorcycle. yesterday police in marlborough spotted the suspect and the bike and he raced off at high speed eventually ditching the motorcycle at a gas station in berlin. he is considered armed and dangerous, but he did not show
6:37 am
framingham state university is now off the job and facing several charges. the officer is accused of committing a lewd act while on campus and also charged with witness intimidation. the officer is on administrative leave and has been banned from campus. he will be in court later this week. this morning, federal investigators are still trying to determine what cause an accident at the longwood medical center that killed a construction worker. police told fox 25 that a worker was trying to take crane down sunday afternoon when something happened. it is not clear exactly what went wrong. the accident happened right near the dana farber cancer institute and boston children hospital. oak bluff police have made an arrest in a bizarre crime spree. purple paint helped link felix rageton a series of crimes. he is accused of stealing a car, breaking into a home and painting a dog purple. when police caught up with reagan, they found evidence on him linking to the break-in
6:38 am
he is accused of trying to kick his way out of a police cruiser and kick a police officer. police are investigating and they say more charges may be filed. police continue to investigate the theft of a lobster statue in plymouth. the 5-foot-tall, 70-pound lobster was ripped away from its base on friday night. plymouth police believe other statues were targeted too. the stolen statue was one of 29 lobsters in downtown disappearance of the crustaceans. >> how beautiful it was and just came down today and i was horrified. i was like, where is it? >> some of the lobsters moved to new locations following the vandalism. local businesses are taking donations to replace the stolen statue. a movie shot in a massachusetts town is already getting oscar buzz. coming up at 7:00, the rave reviews about manchester-by-the-sea. and going back to school in
6:39 am
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this is the fox25 storm tracker weather alert. >> kevin: good morning,
6:42 am
kevin lemanowicz. we are tracking and along with meteorologist jason brewer tracking this storm hermine that we talked excessively since last week. the last talk on thursday was making landfall in florida and several days later we are still talking about it spinning around south of new england becoming extra tropical and looks like a nor'easter doesn't have that circle high with the -- rain is displaced to the north. it is still a powerful storm. don't get caught up in the semantics for the meteorologists to worry about. the rain is trying to make it the first raindrops to come ashore from this storm. 70 miles per hour. nearly hurricane strength and even though post tropical or extra tropical. don't get caught up because the wind is very powerful and still forecast to track off to the northwest and circle just underneath us. the good news is it is weakening by then. seeing effects by the coast and back in a few minutes with more details, sara. >> sara: local catholics are sharing their memories of the church's newest saint.
6:43 am
teresa a saint. the nun was famous for her work with the poor in indo he i can't. certified two miracles linked to the work. here in you england, the former correction officers met mother teresa in 1988 when she went to visit an inmate at mci cedar junction. >> she walked down the corridor where i was working and i introduced myself and she had a bunch of rosary beads. >> sara: a local church has been renamed in moth teresa's honor. st. margaret's church is called saint teresa of cal cut atv church. red sox are in the padres. rodriguez had a no hitter until the 8th inning look how that no-no got stopped. originally called out but with the replay called safe and ruled a hit and there goes the no-no and there goes the game.
6:44 am
walked one batter and gave up a double to davis. played the ball to the left for the error and loy the game winner to score. the red sox are one game behind toronto in the american league east. aly raisman is having fun. got to meet green bay quarterback aaron rodgers and his girlfriend actress olivia munn and captured the picture, sorry tom and gisele. i think they are cool with it. >> sara: i think they will be really cool with it. >> gene: no problem, aly. we are keeping you up to date. live in per lynn where police say a dangerous bank robber is on the run. >> a live report on the latest weather conditions as hermine makes its way to the cape. plus the back to school is up fly could ruin your entire
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and time now 6:47 on this monday morning, labor day, and if you were just joining us, we are getting you up to the minute on all of our top stories. >> gene: we are live in berlin where police are searching for the man they say led them on a than once. first we want to check in with fox25 stephanie coueignoux live in chatham with how the cape is preparing for hermine and what the conditions are looking like at this hour. good morning. >> reporter: gene, i have to tell that you the wind is starting to pick up and gust a little heavier. we are here and taking a look behind me, you can see this fishing and whale watching sign. that has been really rattling in the wind, and in fact you can see the wind starting to push all of the waves here to
6:48 am
boats to bob up and down and because of that, the coast guard is asking anyone if you can take the boat out to to the water. if you plan on keeping the boat here, definitely make sure it is secure. they are asking anyone who is out on the water just to make sure that you have that storm plan in place. we have been working with local agencies, as well as the harbor masters to come up with that emergency plan situation in case they do have a rescue anyone out on the water, but, again, they are asking anyone to make sure tt life jackets and all of those lights. make sure that your boats are completely ready for this storm as they prepare, but, again, right now, we aren't seeing any rain. we are seeing a lot of cloudy conditions and, again, the story of the morning continues to be that wind, and it is starting to finally blow just a little bit harder in chatham, i am stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> reporter: i am jessica reyes live in berlin where police are searching for a man they say has been terrorizing
6:49 am
a high-speed chase through several towns last night. police are calling this guy armed and dangerous so much so that they are asking people in this area to stay inside their homes while they search for him. this all started last tuesday when police say he robbed the commerce banks in and took off on a motorcycle. last week, police chased him to a gas station in berlin but eventually they called that chase off in the have of public safety. he left his motorcycle and he did take off running. now police have that motorcycle as evidence. coming up in just about 15 minutes, we are hearing from some people who live here who were asked to stay inside their homes last night. for now live in berlin this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. all right, 6:49. of course this labor day story that we are following is hermine. and what she is going to mean for us, and she is kind of hanging out there, kevin, on the ocean, trying to make up her mind. >> kevin: can't blame her.
6:50 am
world. get out of her hermine. made landfall in florida when i was last on thursday night. it it was after midnight when it made landfall. and after the newscast already bearing down there and we are still talking about the storm and here we are the monday following. there is the rain. first rain drops getting on to the southwest corner. southeast corner. yes, i know my directions. the southeast corner of nantucket right now getting light rain. a little heavier rain about to those outer bands from the storm the storm haven't made its way farther to the north like it rotated right at us. band northwest or northeast at 30 miles per hour. the bottom line rain moving to nantucket right now. that is the situation today. there will be some bands that make it on to the islands and cape cod as the storm tracks to the northwest slowly and makes a turn. this is tomorrow afternoon, taking a turn back to the
6:51 am
to the northern waters of the atlantic ocean and out of here. this is the closest path between today and through the late-night hours. that is not going to make the landfall here. but as long as it sits out here and spins around like this, it is churning up the waters and sending a banned of rain every once in a while toward us and that continuous heavy tropical rain. 30 miles per hour nantucket. and over to chatham. expecting those to pick up. look at the wave heights. down to 22 feet. in here at 16 feet right off of nantucket. 8-foot waves. they get a little less. and inside near nantucket only 4 foot and contraindicationville beach, 4-foot waves are not something you see very often flowing there. the waves will be a problem today, jason.
6:52 am
>> the. a higher risk of rip currents. the outer cape. you showed the wave heights coming in and a moderate risk to the maine coast as well. temperatures not bad in the lower to middle 70s away from the water. it is just we are going to have those clouds thickening up day -- hour by hour throughout the day. there is 9:00 in the morning. best chance to get wet, cape cod and the islands go to the kind of that same deal. this is a slow mover but heavy pockets of rain by midday. the late afternoon and evening, a chance of a couple of heavier downpours rolling into the greater boston area as you go west down the pike, a much greater chance you will stay dry. in southern new hampshire, temperatures in the middle 70s. the seacoast in the low 70s, and we will see temperatures near 70 around worcester and a very low threat for rain to
6:53 am
upper 60s closer to the water. lower 70s back to the west and a better chance for a shower to interrupt the barbecue. take a look at the seven-day. tracking cater showers and kevin told us about the storm spinning to the south moves out of the way. we get a taste of summer warmth again by later in the week, kevin. >> kevin: how about that chasing 90 by the end of the week. later on today the winds will pick up and the storm will track up to the north. the wind gusts will be over 50 miles per hour on the island. important to note with the drought, those trees are weaker and we have done stories about this. it doesn't take much to knock some of these town. be aware of that and potential power outages on the cape and islands later on today. the headlines will continue will be the waves, the rip tides and the currents. tracking the rain moving ashore as well. new details are coming out
6:54 am
attacks. we are now learning last november's attack which claimed 130 lives and left hundreds more hurt with a scaled-down version of the terror group's original plan to attack multiple european countries according to 90,000 pages of documents obtained by cnn. those documents reveal two attackers who never made it to paris were plotting another strike but were arrested first. an investigation is under way into the 5.6-magnitude experts are concerned that fracking could be to blame. the underground exposure of oil and natural gas. experts have been investigating a possible link between fracking. when the quake hit, one of the first things that state officials did was shut down 37 of the state's 3200 active wells. no major damage was reported in saturday's quake. but the rumble could be felt in at least seven states. a local barber wants to
6:55 am
school year looking good and feeling their very best. we were there as kids filed in or filled up the mattapan shop to get their free haircuts. fox25's kerry kavanaugh show us how the barber made it all happen. >> reporter: meticulous barbers trimming and buzzing. >> a big day for all of us. >> reporter: stylist scrubbing and setting. some very important clientele. >> right now i am doing a flatiron. i already pressed her. began lining up outside mattapan's finest barbers early sunday morning. >> when i see the look at these girls' faces when i am done, that is why i do it for. >> reporter: the stylists are paid in smiles as they volunteer to help hundreds of kids look and feel their best as they head back to school. >> today is all about helping these girls build some confidence and making them feel good about going to school. give them self-assurances. self-esteem. confidence. >> reporter: the tra of
6:56 am
>> i took my daughter to school and saw these kids with no haircuts, no durls. i said what can i do. >> reporter: father of six and barbershop owner jamie mitchell asked himself that single question and since then, his cuts and curl events was year. >> a little conveyor system. >> reporter: girls are prepped. boys choose their style. the big operation not lost on these >> that means like they really care and they do hard work for it. >> reporter: clients like soroya stewart who will walk out of here feeling -- >> nice and pretty. >> reporter: student got a backpack full of supplies and ready to tackle a new year. >> the first day of school their self-he is steam is high. >> reporter: an entire community coming together to make that happen.
6:57 am
the shop estimates that 300 kids got their hair cut yesterday. the basher is grateful for volunteers and sponsors that make all that possible. >> sara: they will be all set and ready with confidence. >> sara: they will be all set and ready with confidence. >> gene: looking good narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope"
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mber one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. for your pet, we go beyond. look at latest track for the storm and timeline how it will impact massachusetts. >> stephanie: wind already picking and up churning up waves and closer. >> gene: police searching for a masked man that robbed a local bank. how the thief has been able to outrun police three different times in the past week. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody, 7:00 on monday morning, september 5th, hope your labor day is off to a terrific start so far, i'm gene


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