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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  September 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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tracker weather alert. anchor: wind whipping across the cayman islands today as the coast feels the full effect of anchor: these are the latest headlines at hermine begin to hit new england. sheets of rain are moving across the coast. and tonight fox 25 has team coverage and let's begin with kevin. kevin, you were in with our
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are showing up now. meteorologist: so it's a dale of two cities where you're seeing sunshine and that heavier rain you discussed in south eastern massachusetts. and this is still an intense storm. this is where it's gone in the last six hours. it's northwest in motion rather than pushing out of the sea and getting out of here, it's coming back for a visit. there's the bands seeing and you can see the lightning strikes and let's zoom in on south eastern massachusetts. heavy rain has been circling the rain and it's about to hit
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northwest-nothing. here's future clouds showing the continuous band and rain is not going to be your issue. we'll continue to see the strong winds the biggest problem in evening. this is the last track of the storm during the 11:00 this morning. at 2:00, here's the position and the latest track is towards 5:00. it's coming back towards us and we're still in the possibility of a direct hit. that's why we're seeing the effects. i have m about the track coming up in a few minutes. anchor: i want to show you the video of the surf or plymouth. this is of course just one of the many spots with issues across the coast. this is the type of coast he's talking about. you can see how tough the seas are around boston.
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it bent so much that it fell on a hotel building. power was knocked out for more than half an hour. power was able to get restored within the last hour. >> there are more than 700 power outages throughout the state. a lot of those are around the vinyard. and we'll keep a tab of those outages throughout the night. rain battering the cape today as the force of hermine came to shore. we'll find jim rally tonight. and jim, that rain fell early afternoon. >> reporter: yes, it was just about noon time and it fell in chatham. the wind here is it the constant and when the rain comes, it's
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uncomfortable to be here. we fled many tourists flocking to see this storm. at chatham it was much fun watching the waves. >> i love it. i wish it was worse. >> we were hoping for like a hurricane. >> in a pattern, a band of rain moves across people thought it was hail and they made for the doors. >> before the rain came conditions were tranquil enough for peter to get kite surfing in. >> though some were treating the storm as somewhat of an novelty,
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>> today, it's incoming tide so the current was coming up. >> the message on the sea, no swimming from the red flag-important today. >> it was still a force to be wreck /* to be wreckened with. >> it's absolutely amazing that we're getting a glancing blow from of course this was the last weekend on the cape and there was a concern on businesses coming in to see how they might do. live in chatham, fox 25 news. anchor: jim, we'll see you there. the storm is effecting boston harbor communications.
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being canceled and ferries service a canceled. anchor: be sure to download the fox 25 weather app. it's a place to turn if you lose power. anchor: tonight a framingham police officer is behind bars. they identify his at walter dorpham. he's been band from the campus. crystal haines has been getting information all day on that story. anchor: you can see the flames in this house. the fire spread through the nearby brush and firefighters are work to go determine if anyone was hurt. anchor: police are looking
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dangerous. he's on the run after robbing a bank. there's concern for safety as police hunt down the criminal. police in berlin are looking for a man that have been terrorizing the neighborhood. he was spotted at a gas station. they lead him on a high-speed chase of safety. >> they observed his motorcycle at the gas pump. >> they have taken the motorcycle as evidence. this started tuesday as he's accused of robbing the bank. you can see him hand a note to the teller and it's hard to see
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people in the area shaken up knowing that someone is considered armed and dangerous is on the loose. >> that means he's around somewhere. that would scare me. >> it's a small town and i'm surprised it's happening. people did not identify the man in last week's robbery. they're still they're asking if anyone sees the suspect, not to approach him. anchor: police are looking for help finding a missing woman. her family is worried because they have not been in contact with her.
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police told fox 25, workers were trying to take a crane down when something happened by the boston children's hospital. anchor: hillary clinton unveiled a new campaign plane. clinton and tim trump is ready to fight for the battle ground state. >> they're ready to push for votes. reporter: they're making appearances and must win ohio. their planes sitting a few hundred feet apart in the same airport. trump and mike pence has held a
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abused by incompetant press. >> i think it's pretty cool don't you? >> she's been criticized for holding few press conferences. she did take questions on the national black conference. >> tim kaine appeared in a national convention in ohio. >> he thinks we're chumps. >> and bernie sanders sat with trump in a breakfast. >> trump says wages are too high
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billionaire lives in. i'm kim hutchinson reporting. anchor: trump headed to lebanon since he's been campaigning. sending the kids back to school in style. why he says it's so important for kids to look good on their first day. anchor: they're never-ending mission to update the mall in d.c. meteorologist: this storm is backing up in new inland. and we're wondering where the heavier winds are going to be tonight.
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sfx: "gulp" what are you doing? sfx: "burp" i'm having a small snack. gross. don't live with ants. get raid ant & roach spray. raid??? raid kills bugs dead. sc johnson anchor: there's our storm hermine continuing to spin to the south. it's moving southwesterly pushing heavy rain bands. and they're getting reports of damage the boats, downed powerlines and power outages.
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anchor: a bring theme was for people to vote no on question two. and about her own political future. >> our u.s. senator elizabeth warren. >> reporter: i caught up with senator elizabeth warren moments after she took the stage labor day festival. >> she continued a tirate on trump and refused to speak on the issue. >> reporter: are you running reelection? >> this is the not the place to comment on that but i can tell you i like my job. >> big labor is pushing people
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signs hang everywhere. >> do they know how you're working on it? >> i'm still working on it. >> reporter: i'm going through a checklist yet. we're not there. because i'm really asking questions about some of these ballot >> warren says she's concerned about outside money being pumped through massachusetts. >> there's people that are pushing money through to raise these issues on the ballot that are not from massachusetts.
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tyrate on the republican party. anchor: and the union workers have all pledged to stand with the janitors as they fight for better pay and better jobs. one reporter said that too many workers are struggling to make ends meet. police officers are in the hospital because of the crash. a 23-year-old driver blew through a stop sign and hit that cruiser. both the driver and the officer are going to be fine. this man turned a routine traffic stop into a violent arrest. daniel was pulled over and physically assaulted them.
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police officer and resisting arrest. anchor: and a new report shows that an average page increased from $8.38 to $9.38. it rose from about 3% for average rate pay. meteorologist: and it is a pretty looking storm but we have seen a lot of lightning strikes on the fringes. it's moved from the last six hours and started zipping off towards the northwest towards us. and it comes from the national hurricane center just before 5:00 this evening. stick with us. this is the rain on the northern shield of this.
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center. radar doesn't reach that far out. the radar beam may go that far out but it eventually shoots off the top. there are going to be limits on these jobs. if we can see this radar, it would not be wrapped around the center. it's become a storm that brings snow but this time it brings rain. look at rain that came through nantucket and more rotating towards you. where it's seeing some of that, it's coming from the northwest to the southeast. it's not moving directly towards boston or plymouth, while there's a couple of those towns making their way there.
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a few shours /* /* a few showers. bands of rain are going to continue to move on in. unless the path can bring the center to us, we'll have a more steady rain fall. and it starts to make a move towards nantucket and that's when you get steadier rain on modify. the last time the track was updated was 11:00. they're updated 11:00 and 5:00. there's intermediate data as well. but the track is going to be 11:00 and that's when it will be updated towards the 5:00 advisory. notice we get into this range of traction.
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several days. it go either way out to sea or closer to us. this time it's been coming towards us but we'll watch closely. if it were to come towards us around nantucket then it's going to be steadier rain towards us. the closest path will be around 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. the storm will move by have been gusting at 45 miles per hour around nantucket. some of the winds have been reporting on 58 miles per hour on nantucket. and some say 52. and we're weighing that newest information from the hurricane center to bring it to you.
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had a bigger plans in the works. and here's vannessa with our upcoming stories. anchor: we're looking at the charge that is have the officer banned from campus. and as we watch the storm
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new hampshire college students are packing their backpacks and heading back to school. and thanks to kelly ayotte, along with the textbooks and pencils, many students are carrying more student loan debt. ayotte voted to cut pell grants and to raise student loan interest rates. because she sides with special interests looking out for their own bottom line, not our kids'. for new hampshire students and families, kelly ayotte is a heavy burden we can't afford. for the content of this advertising. someone's finally ready to start her day.
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anchor: there are new details coming out about isis and the paris attacks. last months's attack was a scaled-down version to attack most of the european countries. documents obtained by cnn show that attackers were planning another attack but got arrested in are missing and looking for others. those killed are likely workers. nearly two dozen other were hurt. anchor: world leaders are condemning of a balistic attempts of missile launches.
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miles and also off the coast of submarine. this is coming as others continue to meet in china for the summit. >> the president also met with vladmir putin as well. pi meetings were blunt, candid and business-like. negotiations between the two nations are still stopped by gaps of trust. anchor: california's latest gas fire is burning out of control, burning 25,000 acres. only 30% is contained.
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trying to put it out. anchor: still to come, behind the scene looks of a massive project to renovate parts of a mall. meteorologist: wind gusts are over 50 miles per hour and
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this is a storm tracker weather alert. anchor: we're watching hermine's progress and the full impact of the storm is being felt across cape islands. anchor: chief meteorologist is giving us the latest with the storm, and kevin, >> meteorologist: a storm that tracks farther east is moving around towards nantucket. these are going to pivot around vinyard and right on the bridges it's raining and on the middle
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awful. and heavy rain is happening too. through the evening we'll see the bands continue to circle and not going to rain at any one time and it will rain from time to time and throughout the day. 70-mile-per-hour winds are jogging to the west and the latest updated track will come out about 5:00 this evening. wind gusts will be around 50 miles per hour. falmouth, 48 miles per hour. we've seen sign /* wind gusts as far as 50 miles per hour. right here on the sea shore, 12-feet waves hitting the sea
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dangerous rip tides. 8-feet sides in nantucket and west port, 9-feet waves pounding into the coast right now. it's going to get worse as the night goes on. i'll pass it to you. anchor: hey, when you can't fish on the seas, do this instead. he was not going to be stopped island new york. >> he's like what is for dinner? what do you mean there's a storm out there. totally committed. anchor: well, these boaters had to take precautions to secure their boats. we spoke to one boater out there
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boat. reporter: take a look here and you can see that it's bobbing and just to give you a different ideas, you can see the boats bobbing up and down the water. that's a bit of a concern and we spoke to one man that says at that time the conditions were already rough. i moved the boat to the inside much as a beating. >> he decided to move the motor because he lost one last year. as tropical storm hermine inches coaster, they're asking everyone to pull their boat out of the water or secure them with lines. >> he's taking it to heart. >> reporter: the coast guard is
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situation. but the agency is asking everyone to stay inside and take precautions. taking a look behind me, the waves are really getting another idea of how hard that winds is pushing those waves. again, if you want to by walking along the beach. anchor: we'll stay up to date with your neighborhood for the forecast by downloading the fox 25 weather app. it's a great resource today. and you can check it as we go through hurricane season and beyond. anchor: early yesterday the police were called and it was
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body in the water. the police are still trying to identify that man. police are looking for a hit and run suspect that backed over an 11-year-old child. he took off and retreated from the scene. their looking for a male driver and a female passenger. the residents tried putting out this family before calling 911. three families were displaced but are okay. police are investigating the cause of the fire. anchor: the construction process is now on the final stages in washington d.c. lauren blanchard is in
4:36 pm
the project is unvailed. reporter: stepping from the banks of the home of the u.s. president from the banks of the patomic, the mall is one of the heaviest tracked ground throughout the year. >> how do they keep it looking great? well, it has n looking that great. now they have kept up the yard. >> the effort started in 2007 and is now nearing completion. the final phases include the mall's turf restoration. >> as far as i'm concerned, it's
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>> reporter: the main goal of the project was to ultimately improve the park's events. >> to accomplish the fundraising goals, they rely on corporations, foundations, and businesses. reporter: after five years, they're happy to announce that the ready for the inauguration. >> in washington, lauren blanchard, fox 25 news. anchor: you might want to check your phone.
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we will see memorials taken all over the country. the exhibit will be on display for weeks. >> 911 inside the pentagon will show you what happened in the most secret of buildings. reporter: killed in that attack on the pentagon. anchor: everyone needs to stop using smart phone, android 7. the phone burst into flames while it was charging. >> last week samsung released a
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samsung says they will have a new device coming in weeks. in the meantime they're giving customers a $25 gift card. anchor: and we told you about sirloin, the lobster statue earlier in the what effort they have taken to get it back. anchor: but first, a local get it back. anchor: but first, a local barber shop is sending k which you are you? be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara? just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara? may lower your ability to fight infections
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didn't have their hair done and i thought, what can i do? >> boys choose their styles. nail teches are outside painting nails. >> it's a big operation not lost on these girls. >> clients like 6th graders
4:47 pm
here feeling nice for school. >> reporter: children also got a pack a backpack for be ready for school. an entire community coming together to start these kids right. anchor: the shops estimates 300 kids got haircuts yesterday. the for all the people that helped. anchor: police say purple paint helped link felix regan and to the crimes.
4:48 pm
anchor: the statue was bolted weighing 75 pounds and locked to a 750 block of cement. sirloin was decorated with glass tile. >> many have donated but still no suspects. anchor: we're paying less in massachusetts for gas. the savings have been big for
4:49 pm
last year. meteorologist: the latest information from the hurricane 70 keeps it at 60 miles per hour just below hurricane strength. it's the kind that we get as opposed to a warm tropical but first, it's moving west, northwesterly towards us. but run for us in boston. anything under 80 degrees will help this storm fall apart. there is what is happening right now-the rain bands circling on top of massachusetts making its way to boston right now.
4:50 pm
right around the elbow to harlitz, it's rotating there as well. it's then going to go off shore. we waited for the center to see where it's going to go. if it were go to the center towards us, it's going to give us steady rain. we discussed that how that was possible. we with all of them points to the northwest and all of them kind of getting moved around. if you look where the concensus is, everything shoots to the northeast. so the national hurricane center comes through the track.
4:51 pm
around. it's weakening because of the colder water and then coming northward and check that out. it's over towards nantucket. and the trend is to come back towards us. that will bring stronger rain we're down to 40 miles per hour by thursday. if that weaken did in fact happen over the colder water, we're going to look at colder air and beach erosion with the center coming towards us. if this was a hurricane or tropical storm, i was concerned
4:52 pm
watching because of the 70-mile-per-hour winds around the center. we have seen gusts as high as 50 miles per hour today. that will give us a severe thunderstorm criteria but in this case it's just a tropical winds. we're going to continue to see damage out there and there are power outages reported as well as a lot of beach erosion. we're going to be left with tropical air and we're going to deal with hermine before we can deal with that. anchor: a manchester by the sea was filmed with the same name and was filmed in colorado.
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>> anchor: sorry, i was distracted by a shirtless man. sorry about that. and the surprising comment about kaepernick not wanting to stand during the national anthem during the summit. anchor: and tonight this
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anchor: local olympian is having a little fun on twitter. she tweeted sorry thomas, i hope
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and now kaepernick was thrown into the spotlight after he refused to stand after the national anthem was played. another soccer star is following in his footsteps. she did that again. >> president obama sounded o today. >> my suspicious is overtime he's going to refine how he's thinking about it and maybe some of his critics will start seeing that he has a point around certain concerns about justice and equality and that's how we move forward. anchor: the president
4:58 pm
saying it was his constitutional right not to stand during the anthem. anchor: the panda conservation efforts are underway but the activists are still not happy about the population. anchor: new estimates bring the total number of giant the atlanta zoo. meteorologist: and the storm is moving towards us. the winds and rain are picking up and we'll bring you more. plus a campus police officer banned from the school after a
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and putting personal information in the hands of hacker.
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look at the heavy rain. check out martha's vineyard, vineyard haven, heavy rain happening, the yellow, orange, up along the coastal roads in edgartown. up to the north in the middle of


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