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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  September 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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look at the heavy rain. check out martha's vineyard, vineyard haven, heavy rain happening, the yellow, orange, up along the coastal roads in edgartown. up to the north in the middle of
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around to our south to wednesday before finally making a move toward us. this is what i was nearing with the computer models showing a more westerly track. that would bring it very close to nantucket. the good news is it would be weakening and moving more quickly. it wouldn't be sitting around. it's not like you're getting but you're getting the center of the nor'easter to come on through with the heavy rains right up through wednesday and first part of thursday. more details what that means for our forecast. >> mark: not a great beach day at all, unless sure a surfer. jason law spent the day at horse neck beach and you talked with folks who say they live for the stormy conditions. >> the reporter: yeah, that's right, mark. we've been warning people for days about the dangerous conditions out in the water, but
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found out today here at horse neck beach, it's not just the surfers either. horse neck beach was full of spectators monday afternoon. the crowd wasn't there to watch the big waves. they were checking out the people riding them. do people think you're nuts. >> probably. we're all a little nuts. >> the reporter: 22-year-old man and his friends spent hours on their jet skis, literally launching themselves off the large swell. >> a couple of our buddies footers. >> the reporter: they're normally relegated to lakes an ponds, but they knew they had to take advantage. >> it's kind of dangerous, but we all watch out for one another. one falls out, you go over and help him out. >> he's pretty crazy. would do you that. >> i would definitely do it. >> the reporter: further down horse neck beach, we found plenty of surfers too. >> yeah, it's really good today. yeah. it's like, you know, a hurricane swell. >> any time we get a named storm that's parked off our coast, it's a good time. >> the reporter: he got in the
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he says the current isn't bad, if you know what you're doing. >> if you're not an experienced swimmer, conditions are dangerous, but i think the rip currents, they tend to be in certain spots. you can tend to see them, as much as you can a feel them. >> vanessa: we are having trouble with jason law's shot, but we'll check back in with him later in the newscast. this tree bent so much that it fell on the power lines on route 140. this happened at the hopedale town line and when it happened abou90 knocked out to more than half the town. national grid now working to restore power to this area. new ferries heading to nantucket today, but it didn't stop people already there from having a good time. the town was actually pretty busy. fox 25's elizabeth hopkins continues our team coverage tonight and elizabeth, you talked to one business owner who said business was booming. >> elizabeth: you think with the storm barreling toward nantucket, the people would be barreling down, but in new england, i have to say, this
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the island wanted to see hermine for themselves. it's not exactly the island life they signed up for. but no one is shying away. >> it's funny, because you drive into town thinking that it's going to be empty and that there's going to be nobody here, but the town is packed. >> the reporter: jeff works at the jetty's bar and restaurant. she has a front row view of hermine. it's amazing seeing all the big waves out there. >> there's a lot of surfers out there. >> the reporter: that rough surf means on this day, no one is getting on or off the island. >> all ferries were cancelled today. >> other boats have been brought to safe harbor too. blare perkins of sheer water excursions brought his fleet to protected areas he calls hurricane holes, but not everyone is doing the same. >> i was surprised to note that
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ignorance or maybe they couldn't do it. they're rocking and rolling right now, so i wouldn't be surprised as the wind picks up. and chafe has its way with some of the lines. there are a few boats end on the beach. >> the reporter: davis is always impressed to see what happens when a storm sweeps through. >> how the island can take the storm and how the island weathers the storm, you get a totally different perspective for nantucket. >> vanessa: people on n boats take on water or dragging anchor. live in the control room, elizabeth hopkins. >> mark: stay with tropical -- stay wit for coverage on tropical storm hermine. >> vanessa: you can head over to our web site,, where you can watch kevin's track of the storm, check on power outages and get information on beach closures. kevin will be back in a few
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university police officer is off the job tonight, charged with multiple sex crimes. the university has also banned him from campus. fox 25's crystal haynes has been, woulding this story and crystal, students on campus say they learned about this arrest around 10:30 p.m. last night. >> the reporter: in fact, i obtained a copy of the email that was sent to students, and it says that this is an isolated incident, and they shouldn't worry. but in talking to them, the fact that this happened on campus is disturbing. off the job campus, framingham state university campus police officer 28-year-old wilter dormaville was arrested for lewd and open sex acts and witness intimidation around 12:30 p.m. saturday afternoon. >> it's obviously scary, i'm a freshman, i've been here for only a week. >> the reporter: the framingham source newspaper shapes the student employee witnessed the whole thing. >> i can't imagine how they would be feeling. i mean, because it's a very safe place, it's a very safe school,
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>> the reporter: students received an alert via email around 10:30 p.m. last night, i obtained a copy that reads, in part, we will continue to hold our officers' conduct to the highest standards. this situation was isolated. and there is no ongoing threat to the university. >> they're really good, like, they're really good campus employees, so i think everyone is going to have one in a few. >> the reporter: fsu police say dormaville has been campus, pending a full investigation. >> as a police officer, you have a role, and just -- it's kind of creepy. it's like super creepy that that happened. >> the reporter: now, i've been digging deeper into dormaville's past and i found that he actually is an army reservist, has been since 2010, but coming up at 6:00 p.m., why the revere police department is part of this investigation and has put him on leave in that city.
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>> mark: gusty winds made this house fire in hall tax difficult to contain this afternoon. you can see the flames being whipped up here within the last 30 minutes. we have learned firefighters suffered smoke inhalation, no one was taken to the hospital. no one was at home when the flames ignited and the fire spread to nearby brush, making the fire difficult to fight through. >> vanessa: police in berlin are searching for a man they say has been terrorizing the area for nearly a week now. the man initially led police on a high let up in the interest of public safety. police in nearby marlboro found his motorcycle at a gas station that was stolen. this all started on tuesday, when he's aused of robbing a bank in west boylston. police say he is considered armed and dangerous. >> federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused an accident at the longwood medical area that killed a construction worker. police tell fox 25 news a worker was trying to take down a crane sunday afternoon when something
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the accident happened near dana farber children's in suit and children's hospital. >> vanessa: christina piecoroy's family isened, because she hasn't been in touch with them for a few days. she is 28 years old and often in the dudley, oxford areas. she drives a mean 98 escort. >> mark: the death of a well known kindergarten teacher in new hampshire is suspicious. according to police. 38-year-old wendy taft dunbarton home on thursday. they died have a single gunshot. no arrests have been made. the school will not be discussing the deaths with students and asking the parents to address the situation before classes start tomorrow. >> vanessa: jury selection will begin tomorrow in the murder of a massachusetts paramedic. it's the third time this case is going to trial. anna marie was strangled in her grand by home in 2010. police suspected her rife, carla, from the very beginning.
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rental's first two trials ended in hung jury. >> mark: a crash on 128 in waltham, this was the seen. the s.u.v. rolled over after colliding with one other car. we are told the victim has serious injuries, but is expected to survive. >> vanessa: on the campaign trial now, bernie sanders stumped on behalf of hi the first time the senator campaigned for hillary clinton. he was at the afl-cio labor day breakfast in manchester and sanders told the crowd on every issue, hillary clinton is the better candidate. both candidates for president making appearances in must-win ohio today. they're plane sat just a few hundred feet apart from one another. hillary clinton who flew to ohio with the press has been
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donald trump and rung made make pence held a round table meeting in brook park. >> mark: rough surf on the cape frommer hermine tonight, but that did not stop surfers in chatham. >> vanessa: ahead, we'll tell you what made the swells too dangerous today, even for these daredevils. >> kevin: it's going to continue to be like that for a few more days. the storm wants to spin around to our south and make a pass near nantucket. >> mark: plus, spending labor day, talking about big labor and ed question ahead, on a vote this
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>> kevin: there's our storm, that's hermine, moving back north new england, offer to the west and eventually track northward, very close to southern new england. the good news is, the storm will weaken over the next couple of days, but for tonight, gusty winds and heavy rain. i'll show you where the worst of it is hitting. >> greater council''s labor labor y breakfast. >> vanessa: donald trump has a history of leaving working people in the dust and they're zeroing in on one of the ballot questions. sharman sachetti caught up with members of our delegation and asked them all about it. >> keep donald trump far far away from the would you say.
5:15 pm
boston's labor day breakfast. >> donald trump has no business being friends with the united states. >> the reporter: she failed to mention hillary clinton while on stage, and on the f.b.i.'s latest document, dom sheet, only say this. >> so look, there's a process, it's going forward, the f.b.i. is doing its job. they're putting the emails out there. >> the reporter: we asked warren where she stands on the ballot question. big labor is taking aim at question two, which would raise the cap on charter schools. two months from election day, she's not position. >> tell people how you're voting on the ballot question in mats. >> no. >> do they know how you feel about that. >> i'm still working on some of it and i've raised issues about this one, i've talked about some of the others. but you know -- i'm not going through a checklist yet. >> the reporter: meantime, march ed markey tells us he's dying research on the question that would legalize marijuana an on the charter school question, he expressed concerns about the he
5:16 pm
>> i'm leaning against a question two. >> the reporter: boston mayor marty walsh, a founding board member of a charter school, doesn't support this ballot question. he says the cost will weigh too heavily on the shoulders of cities and towns. unless there's a funding mechanism to it, i can't support it. >> the reporter: i did ask senator warren if she's running for reelection. at 6:00 p.m. what, she says about her political future. in boston, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: president obama is in the philippines today after summit. the commander-in-chief focused on tropics like global trade and conflicts in syria and ukraine. the president also met with russia's president, vladimir putin, with the two leaders meeting on the sidelines of the conference. >> typically, the tone of our meetings are candid, blunt, business-like and this one was no difference. >> vanessa: next up for
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to laos.he was the first commander-in-chief to visit the air since it was bombed in world war one. >> kevin: it's all about hermine with this forecast, because that storm is it still causing trouble an rain appearing on the south shore, moving toward boston as well, so timely getting that rain to move farther to the north, as the storm tracks farther to the west and northwest. closer to us. not moving away, it's actually moving back toward us. there is the rain that's rotating on in, that's heavy going through some of the facebook questions and answers i had from a facebook live post i did earlier today and a lot of people saying the storm is a dud, where is the storm, well, southeastern mass, you are always going to be the place that was hit the hardest and the rain has been rotating back toward us during the day today. much like i expected it to, and now, it's out here on martha's vineyard, getting some of the heaviest rain. look at the yellow and orange showing up in here, on the western side of the island especially part of the central part too, but i'll go down farther, you see the roadways
5:18 pm
on to cape cod proper, this takes you right true a stretch, from the barnstable area, right into falmouth as well, right down to the coastline in falmouth, we're seeing some of that heavy rain, we'll drill right near surf road beach and there's falmouth, there's 28 that comes into the falmouth area, right near the coast. heavy rain there too. out to the outer cap, heavy rain arrives on this part of the cape too. route 6, circles right up here through cape cod, and that comes down through cape cod as well into the chatham area with heavy rain. to the northwest, in to quincy, now you're seeing some heavy rain near wollaston beach, there's wally right there with heavy rain happening. this is quincy, president's lane, quarry street, common street, all getting some of that heavy a rain at this time too, over to president's lane, washington street, curtis avenue. you know this air why if you're in quincy with the heavy rain. had a report from weymouth that
5:19 pm
goes along with the same batch. this is the storm center. 70-mile-per-hour winds, it's well offshore, but it's still spinning around that rain toward us. when the storms get closer to us, not only can they say strong like it is, but they widen up and you get a bigger swing of the rain back toward us and the wind field also tends to stretch out as well. as it transitions from tropical to something not tropical, or nor'easter, like we would get here in new england, typically in the wintertime, seeing it here. it's going to continue to move west-northwest, and then circle back wednesday, early morning, so really, late tomorrow night, and it's still to our south, and then makes a move toward the northeast. what's happening, it's being captured by a spin in the jet stream, coming in from our south. and it's pulling it back toward us. that spin releases it and the storm kind opens up, and fades away, into thursday, with winds only 20 to 30 miles per hour, by the time it gets out here on thursday afternoon. but that path takes it very close to nantucket on its center line, it could still come a little closer over us.
5:20 pm
a tropical storm making landfall or a hurricane, but just the center line of that nor'easter coming over the top of southbound new england at that point. wind gusts this evening, 49 miles per hour on the vineyard, last hour, 45 nantucket, so we're seeing strong winds. i've seen them close to 60 miles per hour, that's why we're getting reports of damage, trees down, power lines down, of course, the beach erosion, you saw the big wave that jason law was talking about a little while ago. the dangerous surf will continue, you've got that threat from the power lines and tree limbs, it's already happening and the heaviest rain cape and the islands, there will be some downpours that come through boston, about third of an inch of rain on average in the boston area. now, tomorrow, much of the same, more showers rotating through, won't rain all day, but there will be showers, 70's for the most part the farther north and west you go, the better chance you have of seeing breaks of sun. you're getting farther away from the storm. it's coastal areas that get affected the most by the storm system. the storm pulls pay way on thursday. mild temperatures on thursday and friday, this weekend, another front flirts with us.
5:21 pm
as well. >> mark: a woman from seattle, trying to bring back a swimming tradition this labor day weekend. she's working, working hard. erika norris swam 10.4 miles in the frigid waters on sunday. it took the 31-year-old about four hours an nine minutes. her goal is to make marathon swimming popular again in the northwest. the sport used to be common there in the 1950's, but interest soon waned. >> vanessa: most people get nervous before having surgery especially young children. later at 5:00 p.m., how a high tech device could calm them down before going under the knife.
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new hampshire college students are packing their backpacks and heading back to school. along with the textbooks and pencils, many students are carrying more student loan debt. ayotte voted to cut pell grants and to raise student loan interest rates. because she sides with special interests looking out for their own bottom line, not our kids'. for new hampshire students and families, kelly ayotte is a heavy burden we can't afford. nea advocacy fund is responsible
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>> mark: deedily building collapse in tel aviv and ride now the search is on for survivors. at least two people are dead, but several others are missing. search dogs are digging through the rubble. the collapse happened at a parking garage that was under are likely workers. nearly two dozen others were hurt. >> vanessa: baltimore police are searching for the man who shot three people, including two children. it happened around 8:00 p.m. saturday night. police say a 4-year-old girl was shot in the foot, an 8-year-old boy shot in the leg and a 61-year-old woman, also shot in the leg. they are all expected to be ok. police say the shooter walked up and shot them while they were outside with a group of people. >> it's scary, but, you know, we just keep on living regardless
5:25 pm
keep checking on each other. >> vanessa: police believe the shooter is in his early teens. he does not believe the victims were his intended targets. >> mark: police say a driver cut off a veteran officer on a motorcycle as he was guiding a funeral procession, he slammed into side of her car. after days in the hospital, the married father of five died from his injuries. police cited the driver, failing to yield to an emergency vehicle, but she could face more serious charges. >> vanessa: california's latest wildfire is growing out of chrome. it's being c and has now burned 25,000 acres. it's only 30% contained. it's been burning for more than a week now. more than 1800 firefighters are working to put it out. well, -- >> a bus driver in idaho is off the job after several cellphone video shows her pouring water on a student. the eighth grader says she did it after accidentally dropped a bottle of water. the student who recorded the video says she's mistreated him and his classmates for several years, because of their heritage
5:26 pm
fired the driver. >> vanessa: think before you connect your phone. that's the message to drivers when renting a car. >> mark: coming up at i've -- at5:30 p.m., the informatiou need to know before returning the car. >> vanessa: a major wildfire out wells. ahead at 5:00 p.m., the work they did to stop the fire and prevent possible landslides. >> mark: we are live in hyannis. how hermine is impacting
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>> mark: we continue to track hermine at 5:30 p.m. taking a look at the radar, the storm slowly churning up the atlantic right here. hermine is taking one final swing at the east coast on this labor day monday. >> vanessa: we are already seeing more than 2400 power outages in places like new bedford and newburyport. christine mccarthy is live in hyannis, talking with businesses tonight, but first, we go to fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin a hurry to get on out of here. >> kevin: does not want to leave just yet, but it will be scooting on out of here later this week, but for now, backing up, toward the west-northwest, keeping the bands of rain coming in and now pushing them farther to the north. the heavy rain bands, yellow streaked through, seeing the heavy rain on the western flank of martha's vineyard, out over the elizabeth island, off of falmouth and woods hole and around the cape cod bridges, just across the canal right now,
5:30 pm
raining hard, sandwich, route 6 and 130, 6a as well, to the mid cape and outer cape, there is den necessary with heavy rain right now and then to the north, this takes us to the south shore, norwood, heavy rain. i hope all my co-workers have the windows up. the latest track on the storm and how it will affect us later just ahead. >> vanessa: ferries to and from nantucket and martha's vineyard have been cancelled the last couple of days. hyannis, where a lot of people found their labor day plans changing at the last minute here. >> they sure are. you can see that the rain and wind sure are picking up on the cape. you can see this is the parking lot for those vacationers, who typically take the ferry. it is almost empty, which is very rare for labor day weekend. the ferries, which are docked on the opposite side, are staying here. they are not going anywhere today, and that's because high line cruises tells me all the ferries, to and from martha's
5:31 pm
interislands are cancelled today. ferries to and from martha's vineyard, only are also cancelled tomorrow. the others are still operating tomorrow, essentially on a wait and see basis. now, if hermine is making for unsafe conditions for these huge ferries, smaller boat owners, of course, are taking caution too, they're tying up the boats in more protected waters an certainly not heading to the islands either. >> we are going to be in edgartown for labor day weekend, but knowing the storm wag coming we got the forecast an we realized this is going to be bigger, so rather than staying on the mooring, we wanted to make sure we had safe harbor inside the inner harbor of iron fisherman. -- hyannis. >> the reporter: if you're wondering why i don't have a hat on, the fox 25 hat just went flying in the crazy conditions. i was in sign the high line ticket office, i spoke to the workers there, they are getting calls nonstop, because they have to rearrange people's labor day plans, some people are stuck on the islands right now and other
5:32 pm
refunds. rear live in hyannis, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> mark: stay dry. in chatham, it was mostly fun and games, watching the storm kick up the white caps. >> waves, we're hoping for crazy weather. >> i love it. i wish it was worse. we were hoping for a hurricane. >> be careful what you wish for. the weather did prove tore dangerous, with bands of rain keeping the surfers out of the water. >> the rain came in really hard. >> mark: coming up at 6:00 p.m., fox 25 that's jim morelli will report live from chatham about the effects of this storm on the town's economy, on this usually busy final weekend of summer. and you can stay up-to-date on the weather, 24 hours a day, just download the fox 25 weather app, where you can get realtime updates on hermine and how it's impacting your area. it's also the place to turn in you lose power, free to download. >> vanessa: police in dartmouth say a man turned a routine traffic stop into a violent
5:33 pm
early sunday morning and became very combative with officers, when they tried to arrest him, they say he physically assaulted them. now he's charged with battery on an officer an resisting arrest. new at 5:00 p.m., bill cosby heads back to court tomorrow, that's where his lawyers will fight to keep some key evidence out of his felony sexual assault trying, including a thousand pages of damaging testimony that he gave in the accuser's lawsuit. the 79-year-old comedian charged with drugging and woman he mentored at temple university in 2004. the judge could also set a trial date at the hearing. >> >> on the cape, two people, including a police officer are in the hospital, after this overnight crash, involving a cruiser, it happened around 2:30 a.m. this morning on norris road in bourn. police say a 23-year-old driver blew through a stop sign and hit the police cruiser. both the driver and officer are are going to be fine. >> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., boston mayor marty walsh says private eyeing the entire mbta would be a slippery slope and a dangerous way to go.
5:34 pm
sachetti, the idea may look appealing, but in the long run, more money is always dished out. the mayor also believes commuters would end up suffering. he said, he's had a few conversations with the governor about this topic. >> mark: new hampshire firefighters returned home this weekend after a two week stay in idaho, fighting wildfires. 20 members of the new hampshire forest division worked 14 hour days with about five hours of sleep at night. their job was to clean up the area already scorched to prevent landslides in the future. >> a day when the fire you know, a lot of additional acres burned in just a matter of 24 hours. >> probably the hardest, dustiest, smokiest job you'll ever do in your high. >> mark: the fire is only 52% contained, and crews could be battling it through mid october. >> vanessa: a new report out today finds the minimum wage hike helps the lowest paid workers. the massachusetts budgets and policy center says the average
5:35 pm
year. that's a 7% jump. hourly wages for the state's average middle which is a worker also rose, but only by about 3%. >> mark: for the first time in three years, massachusetts taxpayers won't be getting a tax cut. in 2015 and 2016, everyone got a .5 income state tax cut. the state hasn't brought in enough tack dollars, so the income tax rate will stay right where it is. >> vanessa: boston city councilors are trying once again to impose a tax on alcohol sales in the city. their proposal for a 2% tax on all alcohol in hopes of raising more than $20 million in revenue a year. last year, the city council met to discuss this proposal, but it got little support and was never voted on. the counselors say the $20 million can be used towards city shelters and 24-hour addiction counselors. >> mark: doctors are urging parents to get their kids vaccinated as the new school year gets underway. >> vanessa: all new at 6:00 p.m., the 1 problem doctors say parents don't realize about
5:36 pm
>> mark: a car goes up in flames with a driver still inside. ahead at 5:30 p.m., how a group of good samaritans put their hone lives on the line to save the man. >> vanessa: a man falls 100 feet during a hiking trip. how the weather and mountainous terms of accumulation rains made
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
>> mark: the terrorist attacks that claimed 130 lives was a "scaled down" version of what was posed to happen that -- supposed to happen that night. that is according to some 90,000 pages of documents obtained by cnn. those documents reveal two attackers never made it to paris and they were plotting another strike, but there were arrested. the terror group also planned to attack several european countries. >> vanessa: world leaders, including president obama, are condemning reports of a series of ballistic missile watches for its neighbor to the north. according to korea fired three missiles early this morning toward the sea of japan. officials say the missiles flew about 620 miles with no navigational warning. just two weeks ago, north korea test fired a ballistic missile off a submarine. this all comes as president obama and other world leaders continue to meet in nearby china for the g20 summit. now, at 5:00 p.m., a french prosecutor is asking for former president nicolas sarkozy to
5:40 pm
illegal overspending on his campaign. sarkozy announced his bid for next year's presidential election. if elected, he would be granted immunity and not be able to stand trial until after his five year term is over. >> mark: a boy was stranded after he tumbled 90 feet and hit his head. the. >> the helicopter didn't they lowered some medics down to the hiker, were able to stabilize the hiker, move them to a position where they could be hoisted back up to the helicopter. >> mark: the team was then taken to the hospital to be treated for serious injuries. the boys were hiking in a group of about 30 teenagers and adults from their school. >> vanessa: some friendly fishermen and the u.s. coast guard helped rescue two dozen people from a singing boat off the coast of mexico. the boat hit rocks and started
5:41 pm
apart. the 20 passengers and five crew were picked up and taken to safety by the coast guard. >> kevin: there is our storm spinning around to the south. that's hermine and it's throwing heavy rain on to the south shore now as well as cape cod and the islands. where the storm goes from here. >> mark: and up next at 5:00 p.m., a warning for the next time you rent a car. how being well connected could cost you your personal
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
>> kevin: there's heavy rain rotating back to the metro west, medway, norfolk, area of the south shore and southwest massachusetts, pushing back toward 495. so it's not just the coast seeing heavy rain right now. that's where the worst of it, is and outline of where the storm is head willing, what you can expect the -- heading, what you can expect the rest of tonight and tomorrow.
5:44 pm
triple decker flame goes up in flames, sunday night in woonsocket. police say the residents tried putting it out themselves before calling 911. three families were ultimately displaced here. three firefighters were hurt, but are expected to be ok. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> there was somebody in there, man, trapped in there. >> vanessa: a man trapped inside a burning car may not have made it out alive. if it wasn't for a group of good samaritans here in houston, texas. a group of about 20 people tried dousing the pfeiffer, breaking windows, even rocking the car help the man who was stuck inside. >> it was scary. my adrenaline was up, like, let's get this guy out, because you don't know what's going to happen. >> vanessa: the group eventually got the driver out. no word on his injuries. >> mark: incredible. new at 5:00 p.m., how much does your last rental car know about you? may sound like a crazy question, but our george colli reports, it corobas holding a lot of your personal information -- it could be holding a lot of your personal information. >> the reporter: plugging your
5:45 pm
outlet may be giving all of your information to the next person that gets inside this car. cellphone call logs, text messages, contacts, and your locations. all are at risk of being accessed by strangers if you connect your phone to a rental car's electronic system. >> you can up load your contacts and the next person who rents the car when they're looking at your contacts, their contacts may be there too. >> the reporter: federal trade commission is warning rental car drivers to think twice about what they connect their cellphone too. >> people don about it when they're renting a car, that their information may be stored on the car after they leave. >> the reporter: ed is a consumer advocate with the u.s. public interest research group, he says when it comes to privacy risk with connected cars, stored information in rental cars is just the tip of the eisenberg. hackers are also a risk. >> it's bad enough when it's your phone or your desk top computer at home, but now the hackers are going to invade your car. >> the reporter: so be aware of what you're plugging your phone into. >> the ftc advises if you're
5:46 pm
phone using a cigarette lighter adapter, instead of the usb port and before you return it, go into the car's settings and delete your cellphone from the system. in washington, george colli, fox 25 news. >> mark: look at that and you think, wow, i never even thought about that. >> vanessa: me neither. >> mark: give yourself a thrill extra time to go to the airport to drop that car off and clear out your information. >> vanessa: and use that cigarette adapter. good advice there. >> mark: they seem to be old school. now you would like the convenience of the port with the usb, but next time, i'll say, right here and keep my device clean. kevin, you've had your hands full, morning noon and night. >> kevin: well, i wouldn't have it any other way. we are tracking a big storm in the ocean, it looks like a nor'easter now, because of the way it's structured. we really get caught up in the semantics, whether it's a tropical storm, a hurricane, or just a nor'easter. this has 70-mile-per-hour winds. remember, hurricane strength is 704 and greater. this is a powerful tropical storm strength nor'easter, and
5:47 pm
looks just like what a snowstorm could look like in the wintertime, except it would be much colder and that would be a lot of snow in southeastern massachusetts, but for now, heavy rain and we're tracking that come on through. bands of rain, typical around these storms. we talk about banding in winter storms an where the bands set up, that's where the heaviest snow is going to fall. same idea with the rain, when you get the bands to form and they'll starting to go over the same areas over and over ben with the nor'easters as they stall out. this is moving somewhat to the northwest, so the bands are migrating northward as well. a couple of spots, down into the sandy neck area, barnstable, heavy rain, pushing off toward the north around will circle back around to the southwest. so the north of there, we're seeing heavy rain, near the plymouth air y. you see the yellow that's in there, this is pushing on shore, the national sea shore too, so this rain will continue right along route 3, you know people are trying to get off of cape cod this afternoon and they're running in to this heavy rain. it's got to be a mess coming
5:48 pm
as the stuff on route 6, through the sandwich area. to the north, heavy rain west of marshfield, that was right over marshfield, moving off toward the west, everything rotating from the ocean back over land, and the storm situation like this. counterclockwise circulation, so it goes like this. quincy, heavy rain all around the area, right there near the braintree split, through the granite links golf course area, over toward the east, looks like right near wollaston beach and across the nantasket getting rain. there's a closer look at the wollaston beach area, getting heavy rain. off to the west of there, that's the heavy rain through bellingham. now some rainshowers, moving over that area. winds, sustained at 70 miles per hour on the center of the storm. still being tracked by the national hurricane center, until it totally loses that structure. it's called a post tropical storm. don't get caught up in there, realize it's a powerful storm spinning out there. when you have winds that strong,
5:49 pm
the shoreline. the counterclockwise circulation, so the winds are blowing toward the coast and piling that water up, and that's why we're seeing the big waves crashing into our shoreline. the track of this now, is to continue to the west this evening, west-northwest really, a tight track to begin with, but then it already widens out. that's because it's moving so slowly, it's hard for all the computer model charts to really get a grasp on where it's going to go, when it's just wobbling around, rather than taking a direct path. but the path all begins to circle around, all th models, circle around southern new england and out of here by wednesday. but the trick is, that's very close to nantucket. if this storm were to hold together as a tropical system, i would be concerned about that. colder waters out over the gulf stream and nor'easter weakening or opening up. we have rain and wind to contend with. look at the winds by thursday, 30 miles per hour thursday -- wednesday, 40 on thursday. a weakening storm coming very close to new england.
5:50 pm
stronger than that, 40 miles per hour. i've had wind gusts as high as 58 miles per hour come on through the area. things improve, but not until wednesday in to thursday. you'll see that in the seven-day forecast. the winds are, well, those winds aren't going to die down. let me fast forward to that seven-day forecast doesn't want to pop up and it does. bottom line, warm after the storm departs later this week. look at the seven-day forecast, as i kick my clicker up in a few minutes. >> mark: this upcoming sunday will mark the 15th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. out the attacks. two took off from logan international airport. now a new exhibit is on display at international e, showcasing memorials from around the country. flight 93, pennsylvania and pentagon memorials, it will be on display through the anniversary of the attacks. a new documentary is taking us inside one of the other attacks on that day. 9-11 inside the pentagon shows us what happened inside one of
5:51 pm
it airs on pbs. >> vanessa: prices for gasoline are at the lowest level since 2004. the average price, $2.21 today, 20 cents cheaper than this time last year. we're paying less in massachusetts, $2.16. the summer of low gas prices meant big savings for drivers, almost $19 billion, compared to last year. one north shore town taking its shot on the silver screen. manchester by the sea was filmed in the city of the very same name and the tell you've ride festival in youth baseball, where it received rave reviews. the other films shown at this weekend show boxing drama, bleed for this and tom hanks' newest film. >> mark: a disturbing discovery at a boston officer's home. >> the reporter: boston police on alert after what appears to
5:52 pm
front in the front office of a police officer. what the mayor has to say about this potential threat. >> mark: a fiddler on the roof. a bizarre police pursuit through one of boston's busiest neighborhoods. plus the risque sign language distracting drivers. we've live on the cape and south coast as tropical storm hermine moves through our area.
5:53 pm
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>> vanessa: the newest verse of the iphone could be unveiled this week. apple holding its annual launch on wednesday. the company's invitations hint at the possible unveiling of the iphone 7. the iphone may have an improved camera with a duel lens system. apple will also announce release dates for the new operating
5:56 pm
games like angry birds help kids relax before an operation. the kids were randomly assigned while they take a sedative or play with an ipad 20 minutes before receiving anesthesia. researchers found the tablets worked just as well to reduce stress as did medication. new line of gatorade drinks will be introduced this fall. pepsi announced an organic version of the sports drink, called g organic. the drink will markets and only has seven ingredients, including organic cane sugar and sea salt. it will come in three flavors, strawberry, lemon and mixed berry. >> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., there is a lot of spouses hiding their retirement savings from one another. according to a new study, 21% of couples either married or living together didn't have a ballpark sense of the value of their partner's retirement account. another 43% do not consult with each other before making trading
5:57 pm
house. >> vanessa: ours too, 100%. >> mark: i know right to the penny, my wife's and she is the same. i wouldn't mind if she surprised me, by the way, we have a little extra here. i would be fine with that one. german fashion designer, karl lagerfeld is teaming up with art supplies company, to create a collection of high-end drawing tools. the carl box resembles a chinese wedding cabinet and filled with tools hand pick by the designer says the tools he chose remind him of his childhood. it costs about $3,000, only 2500 limited edition carl boxes have been made. >> vanessa: more than a thousand service members are in southern california for los angeles first annual fleet week to commemorate the event, the u.s. coast guard held search-and-rescue demonstrations and the navy allowed several people on board the vessels.
5:58 pm
thousands of people flocked to get a firsthand look at the naval forces. it is the first time los angeles has hosted the navy's fleet week. >> mark: the once endangered giant panda, it's making a comeback. the animal is off the endangered list, thanks to conservation efforts, despite the rising numbers, some wildlife experts aren't happy with the latest population estimate, but out of fear, the rebound will be short-lived. >> still talking about 3,000 individuals, like this is still not a massive population that's completely safe >> mark: new estimates bring the total number of giant pandas to 2060, including these twins born over the weekend. >> the reporter: tropical storm hermine is taking aim at new england. stay ashore and don't go swimming and out on your boat. >> mark: kicking up a strong surf. >> rocking and rolling pretty good. >> mark: whipping winds and driving rain.
5:59 pm
latest path. what you can expect in your neighborhood as it moves through. >> from the cape, tourists didn't let this storm dampen their vacation. >> the reporter: the family's weathering the storm on the south shore. fox 25 has team coverage as hermine hits home. >> mark: first at 6:00 p.m., tracking hermine. a tropical storm warning in effect in our area and we are just getting started here. the wind, the rain, starting to pick up, although it looks rather calm right to get wild in the water the the storm creating dangerous situations up and down the coast tonight. the waves are huge and there are several beaches closed tonight because of rip currents. >> mark: hermine isn't going anywhere any time fast. it is slow moving storm that has stalled in the atlantic and will bring us rain and strong wind over the next couple of days. hello everyone, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. there are 3200 power outages in our area, most on the cape and islands. tonight, we have team coverage for you from nantucket to the
6:00 pm
begin with fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and we are going to be dealing with hermine for a few days. >> kevin: a few more days for sure, but you know, we've had much worse. we've had nor'easters that have done more damage than this, but this nor'easter looking storm that used to be tropical is still churning out here and hermine wants to back up on us. we lose the clouds because we lose the sunlight. the storm is not disintegrating, i'll switch over to the in everybody is getting rain all the time and that's the situation with a storm system like this. you're not going to have rain constantly, but you will get heavy bands to come on through like this one coming right through the upper cape right now and this one to the south shore. let's go to the outer cape, eastham and that's where coast guard beach is, you're getting the national sea shore out here and it is raining hard along route 6, going through eastham, off to the west, you saw this rain coming through forest dale and falmouth, it's all rotating back to the west, the orange and


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