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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  September 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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begin with fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and we are going to be dealing with hermine for a few days. >> kevin: a few more days for sure, but you know, we've had much worse. we've had nor'easters that have done more damage than this, but this nor'easter looking storm that used to be tropical is still churning out here and hermine wants to back up on us. we lose the clouds because we lose the sunlight. the storm is not disintegrating, i'll switch over to the in everybody is getting rain all the time and that's the situation with a storm system like this. you're not going to have rain constantly, but you will get heavy bands to come on through like this one coming right through the upper cape right now and this one to the south shore. let's go to the outer cape, eastham and that's where coast guard beach is, you're getting the national sea shore out here and it is raining hard along route 6, going through eastham, off to the west, you saw this rain coming through forest dale and falmouth, it's all rotating back to the west, the orange and
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heaviest is and it just pushed off to the west, rotatings off that way. to the north, heavy rain arrives along route 3 through the plymouth area. east bridgewater, red and orange showing up in here. it's coming down very hard, along route 27, trying to get in and out of the town of east bridgewater. to the north, heavy rain rotate from quincy, milton, a spot of yellow showing up there and even farther to the west and it's gone farther to the west still. now through uxbridge and whitenville, mendon, the rain was coming down a few minutes west but the rain is making it out that way now because the storm keeps coming a little bit closer to us. we'll talk about the track and what it means for our forecast this week ahead. >> mark: surf is up in westport, brave people suited up to wide the huge waves whipped up by hermine. it's not all fun on the south coast. there is big concern. the families who live there are bracing for big problems. fox 25's jason law in westport, they had problems in the past and these families are ready to leave home at a moment's notice.
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you know, the wind has been whipping pretty good all day, but up until the last hour or so, it's been dry, but now the rain is starting to come down, it's coming inside ways and the rain is what has hole owners and residents here in westport really concern, because they remember irene, they remember what sandy did and now they're wondering what hermine is going to do. >> mother nature is tough. >> when. >> the reporter: its fire department gave gail a notice to be ready. >> be prepared, remove all trailers off the lot. she lives on east beach road in rolls through, there's almost no stopping the rising water. the last one we had the water came right over into here. it comes right up to the side here. >> the reporter: east beach road in westport is notorious for getting washed out and crumbling away. you can see the line where the road has been rebuilt and repaved from previous storms. everyone here still remembers the mark irene left in 2011. relentless rain, and vicious winds pounded the area. eroding the beach around
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>> the reporter: jim lives on the beach and has a perfect view out to sea. he and his wife are ready to go if they have to. >> keep things picked up, and just ready like you say, ready to go, hook up and haul us right us right out. >> the reporter: again, as you just heard kevin say, we'll see the effects on the coastline for the next couple of days at least. the town of westport is asking people to secure small items in their yards, because again, the wind is very significant out here. they're also asking ho we're live in westport, jason law, fox 25 news. >> mark: some good advice, jason. hermine's impacting felt all around, this is a picture from nantucket, where several boats sank or been dragged. elizabeth hopkins talked to people on the island. hear from them at 6:30 p.m. >> vanessa: rough seas on the south shore, fox 25 viewer sent us these pictures, a huge wave crashed over the seawall in marshfield. high tide wars still half an hour away. >> the reporter: surf is up further north as well.
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seas making for a rough day on the water. >> vanessa: this is always one of the biggest vacation weekends of the year. there were a lot of concerns that this tropical storm would have tourists and visitors cancelling their plans and reservations. fox 25's jim morelli live in chatham, where shop owners are still smiling tonight. >> the reporter: yeah, they certainly are. they are smiling through the rain, because this was the day they were worried about, the last day of the labor day inclement weather. this was main street in chatham. it was windy, there wasn't a lot of rain coming down and the sidewalks were absolutely packed, a scene which seemed to beg the question, what storm? and it was a surprisingly rousing hurrah, it did not rain on the retail parade. main street bustling. at chatham penny candy store,
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forecasters wobbled back-and-forth on the potential severity of the storm. >> the reporter: but to have people still around, still shopping is a nice little perk for the merchants. >> the reporter: no, outdoor dining was not on the menu, but the lunch hour drew plenty of indoor diners, catching the owner says, a rory bus weekend. >> we thought it would drop off, but people didn't seem to run away. they stayed in town and had a good vacation. >> the reporter: and the market for cape cod memorabilia also standing up to the winds. bella of cape clothing retailers on main street, enjoyed a steady flow of customers. the storm was coming. were you guys thinking it wasn't going to work out? >> we were a little worried. people seem to be shopping and t it looks like the rain is holding out. >> great shopping, great chowder. >> the reporter: leave the cape early for this visitor and apparently an option for many others that was not on the table. >> i don't have to work today, so what do i say.
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sidewalks do not have many people on them right now, but a lot of that is not just because of the rain, but because a lot of the tourists have he had haded home. we're hearing the traffic coming off the cape is quite heavy. i checked in with chatham police, because i wanted to find out the trees whipping around all day, when they've had any reports of trees coming down, limbs coming down and the answer they say is so far, it's been pretty decent. as far as outages go, none here in chatham so far and numbing in about the hundreds on the entire cape. so despite weather, it hasn't been too bad so far. >> vanessa: a big concern tonight, the strong winds. in upton a tree fell on power lines near the hopedale power lines, it knocked out power to more than half the town. the wind also taking down a tree and some wires on main street in westport. no one was hurt, but a building has some minor damage. we wants to see your storm picks, show us what hermine looks like where you are, if it's safe, get out there, take
6:07 pm >> mark: a dangerous and disturbing discovery in boston, what appears to be a molotov cocktail found on the front lawn of a police officer's home. tonight, police all over the city warned to be on alert. fox 25's bob ward joins us live from boston police headquarters in roxbury and this is the latest in a string of incidents that ameer to target police officers. -- appear to target police officers. >> the reporter: yeah, all of these incidents involve police officers, away from work, and this incident, like the others, under investigation. and he told us, he is determined to get to the bottom of this. sunday morning, just before 8:00 a.m., boston police say, this in sendry device, what appears to be -- incendiary device, what appears to be a molotov cocktail was found on the front lawn of a police officer's home. the blackened area suggests burning on the lawn. it prompted the boston regional intelligence center or brick, to issue an alert for all officers, urging them to remain vigilant. boston mayor marty walsh tells
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direct threat on police. >> i don't know how it was put there, why it was put there, it was intended to be there, but i know that we're doing an investigation on it. when somebody looks apparently to target somebody's home, or their personal vehicle, that's a whole different story. >> the reporter: over the summer, fox 25 has reported on other disturbing cases of apparent threats against boston area police officers. since mid july, the personal vehicles of three officers appear to have been targeted when the lug nuts that hold tires in place were the a1 station downtown actually lost a tire off his personal car. these incidents prompted an alert for boston police to inspect the tires on their cruisers an their personal cars. former boston police chief dan linski tells me these incidents are tough reminders for everybody. >> police have to worry about the challenges on the street. they don't need to worry about the challenges as they're driving home or in their homes.
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is under investigation and i should tell you, the boston fire department arson squad is looking into this. reporting live from roxbury, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> mark: firefighter was injured in this massive house fire in halifax, he suffered smoke inhalation, was taken to the hospital. no one was at home at the time. the windy conditions pushed the flames on to nearby brush, making it hard to keep under control. >> it was very windy, we had heavy which made it difficult. >> mark: the calls of the fire remains under investigation. >> vanessa: police in berlin are searching for a man they say has been terrorizing the area for nearly a week now. the man initially led police on a high-speed chase but officer let up in the interest of public safety. police in near by marlboro found his motorcycle at a gas station. they say that motorcycle was stolen. this all began last tuesday when he's accused of robbing a bank in west boylston. people in this area are shaken up.
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that would scare me. >> it's a small town, so surprised that this small town, that that would happen, but we'll keep our eye open. >> vanessa: police say although the man did not show a weapon at the bank, he is considered armed and dangerous. >> mark: two people, including a police officer, are in the hospital, after this overnight crash involving a cruiser on its cape. it happened around 2:30 a.m. this morning on norris road in bourn,. police say a 23-year-old driver blew through a stop sign and hit >> vanessa: one person was thrown from an s.u.v. during a crash on 128 north in waltham. this was the scene near the exit to route 20, just after midnight. the s.u.v. rolled over after colliding with at least one other car. we're told the victim has serious injuries, but is expected to survive. >> mark: boston police arrested a suspect, they are calling a fiddler on the roof imitator in the north end. police say a man from new york tried to break into several apartments through their roofs earlier on sunday.
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gentleman by the name of takata walked into his apartment. officers found him, took him into cuss dill. police also noted at no time during the booking process did they find a fiddle. a local doctor is having a warning for moms and dads, they need to hear. >> vanessa: they say it's very important to vaccinate your children for the new school year. i think one of the problems is that people don't see the diseases anymore, and so they don't realize the importance of preventing them. >> vanessa: public health leaders say more parents are reluctant to kids. why that's putting their classmates at risk. >> kevin: 70-mile-per-hour winds around the center and very close to southern new england. the only saving grace this storm is going to weaken. who is getting worst of it until that happens, just ahead. >> mark: but first, as students head back to class, a local campus police officer is banned from stepping foot on school property.
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ve money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. >> kevin: there it is t hermine backing up slowly to the west-northwest, pushing this storm still has 70-mile-per-hour winds around the center, a powerful storm, it is going to weaken, but it's also going to come very close to southern new england. we'll be dealing with it for at least another day. details on that trek just ahead. >> vanessa: also tonight, a campus police officer is under investigation, he's facing disturbing charges. that officer is off the job and banned from the framingham state university campus. >> mark: police say a student witnessed the sex crime. crystal haynes live in framingham and this man is a
6:15 pm
the job in revere. he was on the auxiliary police force there and they just confirmed that to us just about an hour ago. that's not all i found out about this man's background. >> i think everyone is going to have like -- >> the reporter: framingham state university police officer, 28-year-old water domeville was arrested for lewd and open sex acts and witness intimidation around 12:30 p.m. saturday afternoon. >> it's scary, i'm a >> the reporter: the framingham source newspaper says a student employee witnessed the whole thing. fsu police say domeville was immediately put on leave and has been banned from campus, pending a full investigation. >> i can't imagine how they would be feeling, because it's a very safe place, it's a very safe school, so i'm not sure how they would react to something like that. >> the reporter: i dug deepner to domeville's background, he's been in the u.s. army reserve since 2010 and the revere
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police officer for the city since 2015. the department tells me, he's been put on leave in revere, and they are cooperating with framingham lips. >> as a police officer, you have a role and it's kind of creepy. it's like super creepy that that happened. >> the reporter: domeville is set to be arraigned tomorrow. fox 25 will be in that courtroom and bring you the very latest. for now, reporting in framingham, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: boston poli camera program heads to court tomorrow. the police union filed a temporary injunction last month to stop the pilot program. the city chose 100 officers to wear the cameras after no one volunteered, but the union says that violated their agreement. mayor told fox 25 he's not sure if police commissioner bill evans will testify during the hearing. >> we'll see what happens. we're moving forward. the officers have been trained and we're ready to hit the streets with them and now we'll see what the judge does, but we're ready to go. >> mark: the city plans to start the program a week from today.
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electronic tolling is happening in worcester. massdot will hold seven meetings in total. the all electronic tolling will collect tolls on i-90 in worcester. >> kevin: hermine continues to spin around to our south, it's a powerful storm, winds are 70 miles per hour around the center of the storm, and it's sending waves of rain, into southeastern massachusetts. it's been doing that since this morning when i was the boston area seeing some of those downpours move on through and metro west, you too, not going to leave you out either. there's the bands of heavy rain, one coming through plymouth, another coming across cape cod bay, out to wellfleet. look at the rain coming down hard out here, along route 6 and wellfleet and the surrounding roadways around here and to either side of the beaches. route 6 cuts right through the center of this heavy rain, coming on through. tropical downpours, no doubt about it. around a formerly tropical
6:18 pm
kingston, seeing some of the heavy rain, along route 44, you're seeing this yellow straddling 44 and the yellow is where the heavier rains are, a snappette road, pleasant street, brook street seeing heavy rains. off to the north of there, on the south shore, people are telling me, i'm not seeing any rain on the south shore. i bet you are now. weymouth, rockland, brockton, couples. not everyone getting downpours, but there is heavy rain right here, right on the boundary with weymouth, that's some heavy rain and on to sharp street too, so you're seeing that in the boston area. moderate rains an even a little spot of heavy vein right in the brookline area it looks like and there's that yellow, trying to hide for us on huntington avenue, seeing that heavy rain in billow pond road as well. metro west, got you covered too. takes you out to natick, south of route 9 it looks like, and that's heavy rain right in here along 139, heavy rain to the
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seeing the heavy rain, rotating offer the ocean and back in with gusty winds with those downpours too. seeing damage reports coming in with wind gusts over 40 miles per hour still on nantucket. we had higher gusts earlier and there may be a few higher gusts to come. here's an updated list of some of the reports. the first one, nantucket shoals buoy, offshore clearly of nantucket, 64-mile-per-hour wind gusts out there. nantucket, on the island, marshal's mill, 48 miles per hour, with a wind gust, that's why we're hearing about tree limbs coming down and power outages on cape cod and the islands but with. so of the high are wind gusts in the 20's and 30's accruers inland areas, weaker trees can come down and knock out power by hitting some of the power lines. latest track, first of all, the setting, 70-mile-per-hour winds at this setting, moving west-northwest at 7 miles per hour, expect to continue that path tonight, and into tomorrow, before turning northward, cutting accruers or very close
6:20 pm
and early thursday morning. with this caveat, obviously, it can go this far to the west dale and this far to the east. there's some variability in there. bottom line is the center comes close, but it's also weakening from 40 to 30 miles per hour. this is as far out as the hurricane center tracks it. that's the last point that it puts on there, because this will disintegrate as it moves off into the north atlantic from there. the storm system will churn up the waves, hour-by-hour, breezy is an understatement. temperatures in the 's tomorrow in between the rain bands, much like you saw today. hour-by-hour in worcester, dropping down into the 50's tonight by 4:00 a.m., right near 60 degrees and tomorrow, high temperatures, again, you can see some breaks of sun in between the bands, temperatures close to 70 degrees with the winds off the water. your seven-day forecast, warms it up, once the storm departs, but theodore roosevelt, friday and into the start of this upcoming weekend.
6:21 pm
heads north tonight. >> vanessa: signs nearby say you need a beach sticker to, pa, but there was likely plenty of parking spots in bourn. the police department sent us that video, reminding folks, conditions will be like this, as kevin has been telling us for several more hours. >> and a similar scene on the vineyard right now. this is new video from south beach, edgartown police posting this video to their facebook page less than an hour ago. >> vanessa: new video at 6:00 p.m., showing how this is video of coast guard helicopter crew rescuing three fishermen host vessel was disable off the cools of virginia during the storm. the men realized they were in trouble when the rudder got damaged and the fishing vessel started to take in water. the heavy seas kept the coast guard from towing the trip or transferring the men. >> mark: all new in the next half-hour, you might have seen it if you were in new hampshire. the risque sign language distracting drivers on a local highway.
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new hampshire college students are packing their backpacks and heading back to school. and thanks to kelly ayotte, along with the textbooks and pencils, many students are carrying more student loan debt. ayotte voted to cut pell grants
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because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] >> mark: some of massachusetts biggest names in politics spent labor day working. >> vanessa: a big theme of this year's event including big labor, encouraging people to vote no on question two, raising the cap on charter schools. >> mark: sharman sachetti asked elizabeth warren about and her own political future. >> our u.s. senator, elizabeth warren. >> the reporter: i caught up
6:25 pm
stage at the greater boston council's labor day breakfast. >> donald trump has treated working people not just badly but horribly. >> the reporter: they continued her tirade against donald trump. i did ask her about her own political future, but she refused to talk about it. >> are you running for reelection? >> this is not a place to make an announcement like that, but i can tell you this, i sure like my job. >> the reporter: we wanted to know where the senator stood on the ballot question facing massachusetts voters in just a the question to lift the cap on charter schools is something that divides even democrats, but big labor is pushing people to vote no on it. and no on two signs hang everywhere you turn at this gathering, so i asked her. >> tell people how you're voting on the ballot question here in massachusetts. >> no. >> why not. >> shouldn't they know how you feel about it. >> i'm still working on and i've raised issues about this one, i talked about some of the others, but you know -- i'm not going
6:26 pm
we're not there, because i really am asking questions about some of these ballot initiatives. >> the reporter: warren says she's concerned about the impact of lifting the cap on charting schools and is suspicious of outside money being pumped in this election season. >> it seems like a lot of people not from massachusetts are spending a lot of money to push through some of these ballot initiatives, and boy, i don't know about you, but that kind of raises the hair on the back of my neck. >> the reporter: in boston, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> mark: also today, as part of elected officials rallied in boston in support of thousands of january authorizes who clean restrooms across boston, including at the mbta. they are fighting for a new contract. their current one expires at the end of the month. other union workers have all pledged to stand along with the janitors as they fight for better pay and full time jobs. one ruiner leader told fox 25 the boston office market is booming, but too many workers are being underpaid and
6:27 pm
>> vanessa: students are rushing to get their required shots for the upcoming school yearly. why medical experts say only a few students who don't get the proper vaccinations could put the entire school at risk. >> also ahead, now an upcoming movie shot in boston gave one local suburb a very rude awakening over the weekend. >> kevin: hermine tracking off to the northwest, it's making a run at us, believe it or not. the good news is, i suppose, it's going over colder water. the storm is going to weaken,
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>> vanessa: if you are just getting home at 6:30 p.m., we continue to track hermine, a tropical storm warning if effect in our area and we are just getting started tonight. the wind and rain starting to pick up and as you can see out there. the water getting rough. most of the boats are in the harbor, getting ready to weather the storm. >> mark: hermine isn't going anywhere fast. this is a slow moving storm stalled in the atlantic will bring over the next couple of days. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. there are 250 customers in chill mouth on martha's vineyard without now we are and 800 without power outage in the local area. we'll begin with fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, an kevin, we are going to be dealing with hermine for a few days. >> kevin: yeah. this one is going to be slowly spinning by us tuesday into wednesday and finally, exiting by thursday. that's how slowly it's been moving, moving off to the northwest at 7 miles per hour and i wanted to note, sometimes
6:31 pm
churned up too much, just a little choppy, because when you have boats and you're in marinas an harbors, they tend to be shelter, which is why they're harbors or marinas. open water on the national sea shore, horseneck beach, you're seeing huge waves. nantucket, you are too. there's the heavy rain rotating on through. you're seeing bands of yellow coming in to the sandwich area, sandy neck, wellfleet, over the harbor there, into carver, we're seeing heavy dennisport and yarmouth area, there's the rain coming through the cranberry bogs of carver, route 3 getting rain. steady rain from weymouth to stoughton, braintree split, quincy area seeing some of that. heavy rain through brookline. not quite as heavy as on cape cod. that's a downpour right there, to the southeast of natick, over wellesley with the heavy rain too. wind gusts up over 40 miles per hour, continue on the vineyard and nantucket.
6:32 pm
cape cod. when you have trees stressed from the drought, you can get them to come down with 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts. wind reports on land, 59 miles per hour offshore. buoys, as high as 64 miles per hour. pretty impressive storm continuing tonight. we'll track it on out of here in a few minutes. >> mark: seas are getting really rough as kevin mentioned. many beaches are closed because of huge waves and rip current an many ferry runs twine the cape and islands, they've been cancelled. fox 25's christine mccarthy live vacationers and visitors about the holiday plans. it's usually very busy out there this weekend. what are you seeing tonight? >> the reporter: what we're seeing is an empty parking lot. you can see that the wind and the rains really are picking up right now. it is almost completely empty out here, outside the ticket office, for the ferries, which is of course, a very rare site for the holiday weekend. if you'll take a walk with me across the other side of the parking lot, you can see right here, we have the high line cruises ferries, they are docked
6:33 pm
and that's because high line cruises tells me that the ferries to and from martha's vineyard, nantucket and the interislands are cancelled. ferries to and from martha's vineyard only are cancelled for tomorrow and others are still operating tomorrow, essentially on a wait and see basis. now, this of course, is not good for business, but one restaurant across the street called the black cat had a busy lunch hour, as patrons packed in essentially to ride out the stormy weather. they have covered up their a little warmer for vacationers. >> the weather is not beautiful, but you still have the view. people want to sit out there, we have the heaters, it stays warm. >> the reporter: now, i was just inside the ticket office for a high line cruises, i was speaking with the workers there, they are picking up its phone left and right. they're talking to a lot of people who are maybe stuck on the islands or who are trying to rearrange their labor day plans and also those who are just hoping to get their money back, to get refunds. live in hyannis, christine
6:34 pm
>> mark: hear that? winds whipping down the boardwalk in sandwich, video from a fox 25 viewer. taking a look at the boat in the center the screen, if your can make it out right there, it appears to be pretty far from home. >> vanessa: some wild waves in nantucket, the harbor master tweeting out these pictures that really gave you an idea of how strong the surf is and tonight, hermine is far from over. this is the view from space. you can see just how big it is, and it's still churning in the atlantic. as elizabeth hop didn't dampen spirits in nantucket. the ferries may have stopped, but business there, still booming. >> elizabeth: it's not exactly the island life they signed up for. but no one is shying away. >> it's funny, because you drive into town thinking that it's going to be empty, and that there's going to be nobody here, but the town is packed. >> the reporter: jeff davis works at the jetty's bar and restaurant. she has a front row view of
6:35 pm
big waves out there. >> and there's a lot of surfers out there. >> the reporter: that rough surf means on this day, no one is getting on or off the island. all ferries were cancelled today. >> the reporter: other boats were brought to safe harbor that. blare perkins brought his fleet to protected areas he calls hurricane holes, but not everyone is doing the same. >> i was surprised to note that a lot of people did no ignorance or maybe they couldn't do it. they're rocking and rolling right now, so i wouldn't bex? surprised as the wind picks up and chafe has its way with some of the lines. there are a few boats that end up on the beach. >> the reporter: davis is always impressed to see what happens when a storm sweeps through. >> how far the island can take the storm, and how the island weathers the storm, it's my favorite thing, because you get
6:36 pm
the island, there are reports of boats taking on water or dragging anchor in the midst of the storm. in the control room, elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: check out the surf at white horse beach in plymouth. those are big waves out there. one woman said the winds were so strong, they almost carried her away. >> mark: some people taking advantage of the strong winds and monster waves if plymouth. video from long beach, these wind surfers are making the most of hermine, as the storm churns up the coast. wow. >> vanessa: the wind and waves are starting to pi this is what's happening in newport. rough surf out there, but it looks like people are listening to the warnings and they are staying out of the water. >> mark: hermine rolls through, you can keep an eye on it, on our web site,, you can check for updates on power outages, beach closures and of course, get our latest forecast from our team of meteorologists. it's the top story right now on our home page. >> vanessa: bill cosby heads back to court team, where his lawyers will fight to keep key
6:37 pm
sexual assault trial. >> mark: that evidence includes nearly a thousand pages of damaging testimony he gave in the accuser's lawsuit. he is charged with drugging and molesting a woman he mentored at temple university in 2004. the judge could also set a trial date at the hearing. >> vanessa: the death of a well known kindergarten teacher in new hampshire is suspicious. that's according to police. 38-year-old windy taft being worked at glen lake school, she was found dead in her dunbarton home last thursday. police say she died from a single gunshot the school will not be discussing the death with students. they are asking parents to address the situation at home before classes begin tomorrow. >> mark: the holliston man accused of threatening to kill president obama bombed police station and attack a mosque is due bark in court this week. a detention hearing is scheduled for joseph gargoula on wednesday. he's been held without bail since his arrest last month. the f.b.i. raided his home and found a stash of weapons. he denies making any threats.
6:38 pm
over for a routine traffic stop. this is 62-year-old daniel gill. police say he was pull over early sunday morning and became combative with officers. when they tried to arrest him, they say he physically assaulted them. he's now charged with battery on an officer an resisting arrest. >> mark: police are investigating how a body ended up inned muddy river under the overpass. emergency crews were called to beacon street near charles gate sunday afternoon. it was there they pulled the man's body from the water. state police are still working to identify the man. federal investigators are still trying to determine what caused an accident at the longwood medical area that killed a construction worker. police tell fox 25, the victim was working to take a crane down, sunday afternoon, when something went wrong. the accident happened right here the dana farber cancer institute and boston children's hospital. >> vanessa: police are trying to figure out why the driver of this antique car lost control and crashed into a home in newburyport. the home on spot ford street suffered quite a bit of damage.
6:39 pm
likely totalled. the driver is expected to be ok. >> mark: new at 6:00 p.m., helicopters filming scenes from art wall burg's upcoming movie about the boston marathon bombings had people fired up. the helicopter buzzed above watertown in belmont, including early sunday morning. police reached out to the filming company, after they were flooded with calls from concerned residents. the company apologized for not giving communities a heads up. also new at 6:00 p.m., a state highway crew in new hampshire has removed this image after it appeared on a highway sign that's supposed to display nearby attractions. the silhouette distracted drivers on route 101 in raymond sunday. state officials don't know how the 3-foot tall sticker got there, but it was taken down shortly after police reported it last night. >> vanessa: police say a man broke into a home on martha's vineyard and painted a family's dog purple. the purple paint had lidgeed felix rage an to a string of
6:40 pm
home and giving one dog a brand new collar. when police caught up with him, they found evidence on him linking him to the break-in, including the purple paint on his pants. well, donations there are pouring into find a missing lobster statue in plymouth. we first reported the theft on saturday night. the statue weighs 75 pounds, it was bolted and locked to a 700-pound block of cement. sirloin was one of 29 lobsters on display, each customed designed and hand painted by local artist. since multiple businesses in plymouth have donated to put out a reward for some suspects, but so far, police have not found any. >> kevin: tracking hermine has it backs in towards southern new england, throwing heavy rain and strong winds our way. where the worst of it will be from here on out this evening. >> mark: parents making a potentially life-threatening decision for other people's children.
6:41 pm
norman: that's a lot of vitamins there, harold. harold: oh, i'm stocking up before kelly ayotte gets her way on medicare. norman: what do you mean? harold: well, she wants to privatize medicare, turn it into a voucher program that'll cost families big time. norman: uhhh... the vitamins? harold: gotta keep my family strong because ayotte
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
>> >> kevin: there it is, hermine backing up toward us, thunderstorms, heavy rain, circling around the center of that storm, that's how it looks in southeastern massachusetts, waves of heavy rain, coming in bands, across the area. not going to rain all the time tonight, that's where the heaviest rain is going to continue to be along with the gusty winds, more on the track of the storm just ahead. >> mark: doctors are saying that more parents are reluctant to immunize their kids and that's putting their classmates at risk. >> vanessa: they're urging parents to get their children vaccinated as the upcoming school year gets >> the reporter: 11-year-old haley burke got her tetanus shot for the upcoming school year. katie says all three of her kids are vaccinated. a pediatrician at the cambridge health alliance in somerville says she's seen an uptick in parents bringing their kids in for immunizations shots the past few weeks. >> it makes it tricky were the start of the school year being right now. >> the reporter: the state of massachusetts requires students to be updated with their
6:45 pm
exemption. she's dealt with a few parents who are reluctant to give their kids shots. >> each parent has different concerns about it, and i asked parents to really bring them up. >> the reporter: she is not alone. the american academy of pediatrics found 87% of pediatricians surveyed back in 2013, encountered parents who refused to vaccinate their children. >> i think one of the problems is that people don't see the diseases anymore and so they don't realize the importance of preventing them. >> the reporter: dr. layerry from -- the doctor from the department of public health says some of the diseases have a tendency to reappear. >> not being immunized put not only themselves but their classmates at risk. >> the reporter: getting vaccinated will protect the very few who can't or won't. >> vaccination is always safer than the diseases they prevent. >> the reporter: here in massachusetts, hall vaccinations are free, for children through a mix of state and federal grant
6:46 pm
vaccinated, which is one of the highest rates in the country. coming up on fox 25 news at 10:00 p.m., we look at which counties around the state had the highest exemption rates for immunizations and also some recent measles and mumps outbreaks in the bay state. >> mark: boston city councilors are once again trying to impose a tax object alcohol sales in the city. the counselors will reintroduce their proposal for a 2% tax on all alcohol in the hopes of raising more than $20 million in revenue every year. the counselors say the $20 million could be used for city addiction counselors. no tax cut for massachusetts taxpayers this year. for the first time in three years, a mandatory .5% income tax cut will not be applied. the state revenue officials say the state hasn't brought in enough tax revenue, so the income tax rate will stay where it is. >> kevin: this is what hermine looks like. a good view on satellite-radar and how the rain is circling around that very intense center
6:47 pm
of mexico, and came ashore as a hurricane in florida. it has winds now of 70 miles per hour. not much weaker than when it was a hurricane coming in to florida, but tonight, it is not a tropical storm, but a nor'easter, with powerful winds around it, sending the bands of heavy rain across southeastern massachusetts especially. there have been a couple of downpours in the boston area and metro west, but the heaviest has been here, where we expected it to be and it's going to continue to be that way n so the sagamore area, the bridges, getting poed next to craigville beach, that's this indentation right here, southern part of barnstable, the town of barnstable, near hyannis, that's heavy rain in here, the orange and yellow showing up along the beaches in hyannis. through sandwich and bridges, and back here through marian and wareham, heavy rain along buzzard's bay. that is stretching over to mattapoisett as well. outer cape, getting off shore, heavy rain and to the northwest
6:48 pm
to holbrooke. avon. notice the spots of yellow that show up in holbrooke. they're trying to hide in the radar, we can find them by zooming in them, on pine street in holbrooke. metro west part of town, sciate, framingham, yellow showing up in here, a little more in framingham. some of the roadways being affected by that heavy rain, water street. this is brooks field circle getting heavy rain. to the southwest of there, one last stop, this takes us into getting some rain tonight. oxford, douglas, webster area, looks like it's into the town of oxford, main street into webster and lake shore drive as well. heavy rain in batches. just spots of it out that way. more so in southeastern mass, where you're getting the strongest wind gusts to come on shore. some of the strongest we've seen are in the list, this is updated. 59 miles per hour. nantucket shoals is offshore hat
6:49 pm
edgartown, east falmouth, plymouth, 44 miles per hour. all of the tropical storm strength wind gusts that we've been seeing. around the center, it's 70 miles per hour. the forecast track now is to push off to the northwest, then the variability comes into play. will it come farther to the east an make a landfall, so to speak in southern new england, or it will go farther out to sea. they're still the variability, because it's moving so slowly. we know for sure it's going to continue northwest tonight. but then a turn to the north expected, northeast, but this takes you into the day evening, coming very close to nantucket, at least the center is. don't think of it as a tropical storm making landfall. it's going to be the center of a storm system moving on through during that time period, 40-mile-per-hour winds reducing to 30 miles per hour by thursday afternoon. these are estimates, based on computer models remember, because we have to keep watching the storm and tracking it from this point on. it's been going back and forth wobbling, rather than take a
6:50 pm
computer charts to put it together. show you the spaghetti plot and they're all over the place in here, but they basically keep it in this region and exited on thursday to the northeast and that certainly is good news. we'll get rid of it finally. the dangerous surf and seas will continue through thursday, even as the storm departs, the waters take a little while to calm down. the oceans have a memory and they remember the winds and keep the waves going until it pulls away from a far distance. reports of trees down and power outages, we've had that this evening. we've been reporting on it in the islands. once we get rid of the storm thursday, we will warm up in the wake as the sun pops out thursday in to friday. another chance for the showers over the weekend. nothing to do with hermine. we'll keep tracking that storm tonight and of course i'll have the latest for you at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. >> very sunny in california. the red sox in san diego for the start much a three game set. dustin pedroia clearly ready for this one. we're going to update the action from petco park and norton was
6:51 pm
bank championship. rory macilroy charged up the
6:52 pm
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>> red sox in san diego for three games against the padres. the first one is underil. drew pomeranz facing his former team. an awesome defensive play. wil myers is up, laces one to second, but look at dustin pedroia get up. head to the fourth, man on base
6:54 pm
again, trying to line it up, but he can't get it, so there you go. it's 2-0, it's live now onens. the padres lead the red sox, 2-0. bluejays in new york today face the yankees. we've got a familiar face doing damage. jacoby ellsbury up with the yankees down around the first, and that didn't last long. deep shot off r.a. dickey put the yankees on top, they would never trail again. 5-1 game in the seventh. deep shot to right field. aaron judge, gets to the top of the wall. yankees win it today, 5-3. deutsche bank championship wrapped up early this afternoon. 7:00 a.m. to beat the bad weather, but high winds still factored in the outcome. the man on top as the day started was paul casey. minus 15 at the 5th hole, but the putt, a bit short. so he takes a bogey. rory mcilroy started the day, six shots back, loves playing in the wind apparently and in position for a birdie on the
6:55 pm
we're engaged ever gaged in a one-on-one -- we're engaged in a one-on-one battle. casey, this was the kind of day he had. just misses. can't believe it. this was the day for rory mcilroy. third shot on 18 out of the sand, and that's going to be a gimme for the birdie. finished the round up two and that's exactly how it ended much rory mcilroy's first win on the pga tour since may of 2015. >> i was always positive going into that, to today, i thought it was a long shot, thought i could really give it a good go. there's certain courses you go through on the tour that you just know you'll play well or you have a good chance of playing well an winning. hopefully this is one of them. i hope to come back to boston each year and have a chance to win. >> it was a fantastic weekends of college football. to me, the most touching moment happened in nebraska. the cornhuskers lot their punter, sam foltz in a tragic
6:56 pm
they lined up in missing man formation without a punter on the field. it was their way to honor foltz. players on both sides cheered, both sides did. fresno state declined the penalty. that's a chilling and emotional way to honor a young man taken far too soon, loved by so many people and you can see how moving that moment was in nebraska on saturday night. >> vanessa: yeah. >> mark: that's. >> kevin: that's a nice moment, hard to follow that up. show you a forecast. this is what you're rain bands coming on through but in between the bands, much like you saw today off the northwest, breaks of sun, so it's going to be one of those days, but this system is going to push toward us eventually on wednesday and into thursday and exit88?k? on f here. it is a powerful storm right now, will weaken over the colder waters and i'll have the latest track and strength coming in for you tonight.
6:57 pm
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it's "e.t.'s" labor day special. >> good for you. get ready. >> as hollywood says good-bye to summer, we show you how to vacation like a star. >> aloha. >> aloha. >> exotic trips and honeymoons. inside getaways. >> look where we are. >> the couples overseas to the stars who are back home in the usa. plus, two diva vacation exclusives. >> ciao, mariah. ciao, bell la. >> mariah's unbelievable getaway. >> paris.


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