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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  September 6, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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now at 10:00, tracking hermine where the heaviest rain and winds are happening tonight. >> the same wind bringing ferry service to a near halt kept fueling this house fire for house. -- for hours. only fox 25 was speaking to the coast guard crews staying out of dealing with 55 miles-per-hour winds the specific group they're telling to handback to land. >> in the front this sign reads victory from the back it reads nightmare. all new at 10:00 the solution the city has come up with to fix this major eyesore. >> this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. now at 10:00, hermine continues to produce strong winds that are still gusting over 30 miles per hour inland and that's creating
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of hampton, new hampshire good evening everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welsh. scattered power outages are being reported all along the coastline. kevin lemanowicz you are telling us these conditions are expected to last for a few days. >> it will gradually come down. this is still winning around to our south and the storm is not going away totally for a couple days. here's a close-up shot of the rain that has been swirling in off the ocean rememberle counterclockwise circulation around storm hermine that's why these winds are coming in just like this. we're seeing some of that heavy rain still happening out here in cape cod just off of wellesley and here in yarmouth seeing some heavy rain, too. there it is, right there that's some heavy rain coming on through and pushing off towards the rest of the middle cape. off to the north and the quincy area have you some heavy rain coming down here as well. right there right along 93 the southeast expressway pushing through quincy out
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framingham and holliston right there along 156 you see the yellow showing up on live storm tracker radar and some of the streets in the path of that heavy rain coming on through. north had shore it took you a while today to get into the rain but tonight have you some. ipswich, haverhill and danville. this all coming ashore with winds gusts like this. out over the ocean 64 miles per hour. nantucket thols, actually on the island as opposed to the offshore buoy. rockport 45 miles per hour wind gusts today and tonight the winds have come down just a bit but still between 35 and 40 miles per hour. still wind gusts near tropical storm strength out there. there have been all kinds of problems because of those winds. i'm awaiting the latest track from the national hurricane center and i'll show where you this storm is going to go in the next couple days just ahead. >> break right now the oceanfront rhode island home
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this is a picture of the scene in narragansett in just the last 30 minutes. officials say the flames ignited inside the home and not helping the situation the wind gusts. up to 45 miles per hour from hermine. we do have a crew on scene right now gathering details. we'll bring you those details as soon as we hear more. about five hours ago this is what it looked like in hyannis. the ferry landing virtually empty as hermine forced the high line company to cancel service. fox 25's christine barnstable where the winds have been howling all night long? >> reporter: we've only seen [inaudible] as hermine churns up the ocean along cape cod an unusual sight for labor day the hyannis inner harbor parking lot empty and high line cruises ferries docked
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don't bother. >> i'm a little rainstorm in iowa we have tornadoes. >> reporter: no high line ferries at all on monday and no trips to the vineyard on tuesday mean the murphyes aren't going anywhere. >> we're not leaving going back to iowa until we hit nova scotia and martha's vineyard. >> reporter: across the street at the black hat tavern an unwillingness to accept the unseasonable weather. >> no, not yet, we're not ready for this cold chilly we >> the weather is not beautiful but you still have the view. we have the heaters so it stays wine. >>. >> reporter: patron randall left in time to secure his boat on the docks. instead he's staying on the mainland taking the storm in stride. >> these things happen in new england. we always have storms.
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ticket office they tell me they have been on the phones all day trying to rearrange vacationers labor day plans and refund their tickets. live in west barnstable tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> christine battling the elements out there tonight. new tonight one of the coast guard's biggest ship also spend the night on the sea anchored down. blair miller has more. you spoke exclusively with the crew about why they are out on the water right now in the extreme >> reporter: exactly, ock. you were talking about being one of those bigger ships it's similar to the one you may be able to see behind me off to the distance. tonight it's 75 miles to our south anchored out there. far enough to be out there to answer any call for help and quickly. headed into the storm the it shows the conditions of the
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england coast. >> with the wind making it hard to hear much more, the crew reported gusts reaching 55 miles per hour. the waves swelling five to six feet and that's just in narragansett bay protected by land. the crew is anchored there tonight telling me on the phone they're finding boaters and pointing them back to the coast. >> they are docked significantly in about the last four to five hours. we spoke to a lot of fishermen out there on the water and explained to them the weather come in and were all telling us their plans to head in to the docks it. >> reporter: in boston tonight, with a storm extending its effects here other members of the coast guard tightening down boats. >> our concern is the inner harbor. >> reporter: with the boston harbor escaping much of the force of the storm, crews here sit and wait hoping it stays that way. while their fellow crews face down the storm. >> i worry about your recreational boaters, your seasoned sailors then the people that just don't know any better going out thinking that they can
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that's becomes dangerous very quickly. >> reporter: and that crew out there tonight was telling me earlier on this evening they were hoping they would get to come back tomorrow but now they're not so sure. they're watching the storm to see how long it may be parked off our coast. live along the boston harbor, blair miller, fox 25 news. waves packing quite the punch on martha's vineyard. it was closed because of the really the only people enjoying the beach today were surfers and jet skiers. we talked to some folks who live for these stormy conditions whether it's by board or by ski. >> a couple of our buddy do 20 footers one falls off as soon as you go over and help them out. one thing that's madz hard
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can get pretty strong. many said they plan to be back out there again tomorrow morning. the gusts from hermine caused other problems farther away from the coast in halifax the wind gusts were 40 miles per hour and flames did spread to some nearby brush. it was very heavy today one firefighter was treated for sm investigators are still working to figure out how the spird. >> you are on coverage of short-termin continues throughout the next 90 minutes. windsurfers weren't scared away seil see if blaibd shoppers and what people vacationing on the island did to make the best of a stuff situation. down load the fox 25 weather app now to track the radar
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or tablet just search fox 25 in your app or google play store. new at 10:00 boston police are searching for a man who actually sauled a woman in the green way it happened in the area of state street and atlantic avenue early this morning. the victim said she was walking toward the carousel when a man attacked mother and took off. she believes he was homeless. a 7-year-old boy is dead after being pulled from a house fire in rhode island. a middletown police officer was on patrol around midnight when he spotted some smoke pouring from the house. he pulled two teenage girl firefighters rescued the boy but he died at the hospital just a short time later. five police officers were treated for smoke inhalation. police say the children were home alone. the state fire marshall believes the fire started in a second story bathroom. new at 10:00 a wrav runner crash on a new hampshire lake sends one person to the hospital. police say the driver of one of the waverunners was parked when another waverunner crashed into her. she suffered a serious leg
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still under investigation. and the death of a well-known kindergarten teacher in new hampshire is suspicious, according to police. 38-year-old wendy tepp worked at glen lake school. she was found dead last thursday. police say she died from a single gunch shot. the school will not be discussing the death with students and is asking parents to address the situation before classes start tomorrow. the new school year is underway and doctors are once again calling for children to be vaccinated. >> i think one of the problems is don't see the diseases anymore and so they don't realize the importance of preventing them. ahead in the next 30 minutes the diseases from the past that are turning up in massachusetts. a three minute coffee fit for hillary clinton today on the campaign trail. a joke she told to break the awkward silence. a couple hours ago this was the fix on hermine still 70 miles-per-hour winds that's a powerful
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allergic to stelara? or any of its ingredients. most people using stelara? saw 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara?. new at 10:00 police say this man turned himself in tonight after he was caught on camera stealing from a tip jar. take a look here we first showed you this video saturday night. you see 21-year-old christop the jar when the store clerk turns his back. he made off with about $60 which he now has to pay back. mcphee is also facing a class b misdemeanor. one high school's newly renovated football field and it just happens to sit feet away from one man's yard. >> new tonight fox 25's ted daniel is in north quincy where that homeowner is crying foul tonight. ted? >> reporter: mark and vanessa, the scoreboard is
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right now in north quincy high school. it's big, it's state of the art and for one homeowner an eyesore. >> reporter: at 25 feet wide, and 20 feet tall north quincy high's new scoreboard is not scoring any points with sky shen. >> i say oh, my god that's too big. >> sky and his family have lived in this home for more than 20 years. this is the view now from the back deck and here's what you see from the backyard also,. >> reporter: sky says his property line extends to the fence you can see it's pretty close to the back of the scoreboard. how close, 54 inches of just about 4.50 feet. >> honestly, we were just grateful that it wasn't behind our house. isn't that terrible because we don't wish anything ill upon our neighbors of course. >> reporter: quickly lives two houses down.
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of privacy. >> everyone's property line used to be completely discovered with mature trees so they took down all the trees. >> the city plans to plant new trees along the property line to create a buffer between the homes and the field. skies not sure how that's going to work for him. >> that's going to have to be a pretty skinny tree. >> so we e-mailed the city's policy director to ask about the scoreboard but we have yet to hear back. construction on the new field that is supposed to be finished by the end of the calendar year. reporting live in quincy, ted daniel, fox 25 news. following breaking news at 10:00 a tree foul on a house in may mouth. in the past 35 minute -- in weymouth. and in the past 35 minutes the people who lived there returned home. >> reporter: we are here where the huge tree same
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homeowner who just got home she tells us she is out camping for the week she got a phone call from her neighbors saying there was a loud crash that came directly from her house and that's when they looked outside and they saw the tree. luckily again no one was home and tonight, that homeowner tells us she's just got this and here she she's forced to deal with this. and wind gusts were just up about to 40 miles per hour in this area. for now we are in weymouth, malini basu, nothing says the end of summer more than long lines of people buying back to school supplies. >> fox 25 was at the staples in boston tonight. despite the mad rush the people we talked to were in good spirits. >> i just finished moving into my dorm and i'm doing last minute shopping. >> it's not expected to be so busy but then again everyone is going back to school. >> today is probably the busiest day of the year.
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>> reporter: the manager told us the line was all the way to the back of the store for most of the day. police in berman are switching for a man they say has been terrorizing the area for nearly a week now. the man initially led police a high-speed chase. police in nearby marlboro later found his motorcycle at a gas station. they say that motorcycle was stolen this all started last tuesday when police say a man rabbed a bank. police say he is considered armed and dangerous. the boston camera program heads to court in the morning. the police union filed a temporary injunction last month to stop the pilot program. the city chose 100 officers to wear the cameras after no one volunteered. but the union says that was a violation of their agreement. the mayor told fox 25 he's not sure if police commissioner bill evans will testify during the hearing. >> we'll see what happens we're moving forward. the officers have been trained and now we'll see what the judge does. but we're ready to go.
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new information tonight about the campus police officer banned from framingham state university after police say he committed a lewd act in front of his students. the suspect is also an officer in another town. >> i think everyone will have like -- >> reporter: framingham police officer was arrested for lewd and open sex act and witness intimidation around 12:30 saturday afternoon. >> probably a little bit >> reporter: the framingham source newspaper says the student employee witnessed the whole thing. as i see police say he was immediately put on leave and has been banned from campus pending a full investigation. >> i can't imagine how they would be feeling. i mean, because it's a very safe place, it's a very safe school so i'm not sure now they would react to something like that. >> i dug deeper into the background he has been in the u.s. army reserves since
1:19 am
has been an auxiliary police officer for the city since 2015. the department tells me he's been put on leave in revere and they are cooperating with framingham police. >> as a police officer you have a role and it's kind of creepy. it's like supercreepy that that happened. >> reporter: i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> the suspect is due in court for the arraignment tomorrow. fox 25 will be in the courtroom. a molotov cocktail is designed for one thing damage a of their home. minutes from now the alert sent to offers across the city and the promise from mayor marty walsh. senator elizabeth warren doesn't hold back when it comes to the presidential race. >> trump has no business being president of the united states. >> next at 10:00, the question we asked that had the state's senior center saying now is not the time
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[coughing] every time i think about trump -- >> hillary clinton with some comedic relief during a coughing nate lasted three minutes. the democratic nominee suffers from allergies during a speech in cleveland this afternoon. >> >> that was clinton explaining what happened to her pros corp who she travelled with for the first time today. >> donald trump also in ohio today. in fact the two campaign planes were just a few hundred feet apart at the same airport. donald trump and running mate mike pence held a roundtable meeting trying to win over voters in the
1:23 am
>> it's must win not just ohio it's every state. trump also said today he plans to participate in all three transportation dshts. no labor day break for some of the biggest names local politics. they spent the morning discussing question two on the ballot at an annual breakfast. >> reporter: fox 25's political reporter sharman sacchetti there was and caught up with senator elizabeth warren as well to ask her about her political future? >> i'm u.s. warren. >> i caught up with senator elizabeth warren moments after she took the stage at the labor day breakfast. >> donald trump himself has treated working people not just sadly but more me. >> she continued her tirade against donald trump. i did ask her about her own political future but she refused to talk about it. >> are you going for re-election. >> this is not a place to make an announcement like that.
1:24 am
to know where the senator stood on the ballot questions it'sing massachusetts voters in just a couple months. the question is something that divides even democrats but big labor is pushing people to vote no it on. >> and no on two sign hang everywhere you turn at this gathering. so i asked her -- >> how are the voting on the ballot question? >> do they know how you feel about that auto i'm still working on some of that and this one. i have talked about some of the others. but you know. i'm not going through a check list yet. >> we're not there. because i really am asking questions about some of this ballot initiatives. >> reporter: warren says she's concerned about the impact of lifting the cap on charter schools is suspicious of outside money being pumped in this election season it. >> seems like a lot of people not from massachusetts are spending a lot of money to push through some of these ballotting issues and boy, i don't know
1:25 am
raises the hair on the back of my neck. >> reporter: in boston, sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. a businessman arrives more than a dozen times the reason an owner feels she's being targeted over and over. in the meantime we'll tackle what's going on out there. >> cases of mumps and measles are popping up in massachusetts next at 10:00 we'll look at whic counties
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if you are just joining us we continue to follow breaking news out of rhode island. a massive house fire erupted in narragansett. according to tax records it longs to the former and late owner of the pawtucket red sox. the home is worth $3.1 million. crews on scene are not only dealing with the flames but the 45 miles-per-hour winds from hermine. they are working to get you some video from the scene
1:28 am
just as soon as we can. >> medical professionals are stay saying more parents are reluctant to immunize their children and that's putting their classmates at risk. they're urging parents to get their kids vaccinated for the upcoming school year, especially after a few diseases recently appeared in massachusetts that were thought to be things of the past. 6. >> her mother katie says all three of her kids are vaccinated. >> i just don't want my kids getting sick. canali a pediatrician at the cambridge health alliance in somerville says she's seen an uptick of parents bringing their kids in. >> reporter: the state of massachusetts required students to be updated with their vaccinations unless there's a religious or medical exemption. canali said she's dealt with a few parents who are reluctant to give their kids shots. >> each parent that has different concerns about it and i ask parents to really
1:29 am
alone. the american academy of pad contribution found -- pediatrics found that 87% of pediatricians encountered parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. >> i think one of the problems is that people don't see the diseases anymore they don't realize the importance of preventing them. >> reporter: dr. larry madoff from the department of public health says some of these diseases have a tendency to reappear. in may a european union tourist visiting boston was diagnosed with measles which shutdown this espresso on newbury street after they immunized. >> before we have measles vaccine in this country every year we would have hundreds of deaths due to measles. >> reporter: there was also a mumps outbreak at harvard university. there were 64 cases in their final report. some of those tin fected were vaccinated. the c.d.c. says the mumps vaccine is only 88% effective but madoff says that doesn't mean you shouldn't protect yourself. >> even here in massachusetts where we have
1:30 am
overall there are small pockets where children are not adequately immune used. >> about 97% of incoming kindergartens are evacuationiated. according from immune records counties on the cape and cape islands along with some western counties in massachusetts have the highest exemption rate. these counties also have relatively smaller student populations which means a few unimmunized students can make the percentage rates look much larger. >> even a few kids being themselves at risk but their classmates. >> there are kids who are sick if you don't vaccinate your own kids you're putting those other kids at risk. >> reporter: madoff says getting the most people possible vaccinated will protect the very few that can't or won't. >> vaccination is very safe and vaccination is safer than the diseases they prevent. >> here in massachusetts all vaccinations are free for children through a mix of state and federal grant
1:31 am
we posted those numbers for you in our story just go to >> we are following several new stories ahead. first police make a troubling find. how much marijuana detectives discovered inside a daycare. we continue to follow breaking news after a tree falls on a house in weymouth. hermine's strong winds are to blame. our reporter on scene malini basu gathering new information. she'll have that for you ahead at 11:00. >> mark we have seen wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour causing that damage. for the most part in the south shore that's pretty much it. that's the storm offshore
1:32 am
you will find yellow embedded in the green here. getting out of east ham that will continue out into the shore coming back onto the mainland so to speak. you will find some yellow inside the green here as well showing where the heaviest rain is located between needham and west roxbury in brookline actually is where that is. from the south of there framingham to holliston on 126 again more heavy rain in the holliston area. right there along 126 and taylor road. heavy rain in that area. there's some lighter rains out in worcester county. getting big noun the word you will find the yellow
1:33 am
we had a wind gust at least one in rockport of 45 miles per hour. offshore of pan nuct they buoy 64 miles per hour. all of that tropical storm strength not hurricane strength. so keep that in mind when we're talking about hurricanes coming toward southern new england you wonder why we get all hyped up about it that's the kind of damage we can do. if we can get damage from 40 miles per hour imagine a minimum hurricane 74 miles per hour what kind of damage that can do and western even alive the last time we had a hurricane hit us. 24 miles per hour is the wind gusts in beverly now not too bad. boston is at 73 those are under tropical storm force. i suspect we will see gusts but the highest seem to have gone by the wayside now. this point on 30 to 40 miles per hour will seem to be about the best we'll get. 10 foot waves slamming into the national seashore right
1:34 am
feet we saw earlier at some of the buoy locations. outside of boston harbor 12 foot seas right now. pretty strong it's all because of that persistent northeast wind blowing across the ocean strong northeast winds at. that then closer in to nantucket here nine foot seas hitting the south coast of nantucket right now. we've seen some of the video. so we have dangerous surf that will continue through thursday at the very least. the sea will gradually. the power outage reports we've been seeing tonight from the winds and rain. boston will be up around half inch over an inch out there in nantucket already. that was the last fix with 70 miles-per-hour winds i await the latest track but it looks like it's going to try to circle up toward us. now i wanted to show you this really quickly the spaghetti plots and they all seem to meander to the west. then all come very close to us over the next couple of days. so that's where i expect the
1:35 am
next half hour. seven day forecast shows you pull out of it with warmer weather to end this week. back in a few minutes. >> see you then concerning. predictions of a interruptive tomorrow on the way. fox 25 found tourists telling us they no intention of cutting their visits to cape short because of the stormm and of them went shopping. retailers along main street saying business was surprisingly good this weekend. >> we thought it would drop off but people didn't seem to run away. a good vacation. it looks snrik that rain did come in heavy. wind-driven bands but by that time many of the tour histories already gone home. the stormy weather on the mainland is one thing it's another when you're stuck on an island. >> it's amazing seeing all those big waves out there. >> straight ahead the reason some vacationers told us they were happy the storm hit. >> plus, the f.d.a. releases some information that could have you rethinking of that
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or difficulty breathing or swallowing. do not take invokana? if you have severe liver or kidney problems or are on dialysis. tell your doctor about any medical conditions and medications you take. using invokana? with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana?. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about it by name. the firsts public meeting on electronic tolling is happening tomorrow in worcester. mascot will hold seven meetings in total. it's set to go live in ok. it will collect tolls via cameras. the first meeting is at union station in worcester at 6:30. new at 10:00 police have
1:39 am
christina family was concerned because she had not been in you touch with them for a few days. thankfully the 28-year-old was found safe tonight. >> some not new hampshire firefighters returned them week after a two week stay in idaho fighting wildfires. 20 members worked 14 hour days with about five hours of sleep a night. their job was to clean up the area already scorched to prevent landslides in the future. >> a day when the fire behavior was extreme and actually saw you know a of additional acres burned in just a matter of 24 hours. >> it's probably the hardest dustiest dirtiest filthiest job you will ever do in your life. >> that explains a lot. the fire is only 52% contained and crews could be battling it through mid-october. two people, including a police officer are in the hospital after this overnight crash involving a cruiser on the cape. it happened around 2:30 this morning. police say a 23-year-old driver blew through a stop sign and hit the cruiser.
1:40 am
are said to be fine. >> one person was throne from an s.u.v. this was the scene with the exit to route 20 just after midnight. that s.u.v. rolled over after colliding with at least one other car. we're told the victim has serious injuries but is expected to survive. a slingshot used to shatter a business window the own nowhere stranger to crime. >> gunshots. just ahead the tharks have come saying this was a hate crime. first a new work from boston police after one of their officer finds what appears to be a (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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a dings discovery in boston. a police officer finds what appears to be a molotov cocktail in front of their home. officers all over the city now are on alert. as fox 25's bob ward reports this is now the fourth incident this summer involving police officers away from work. >> reporter: sunday morning just before 8:00, boston police say this incendiary device what appears to be a molotov cocktail was found on the front lawn of a boston police officer's home.
1:44 am
it's prompted the boston regional regional intelligence center to issue an alert. boston mayor marty walsh tells fox 25 it's not yet certain if the incendiary device is a direct threat on police. >> i don't know how it there, why it was put there it was intended to there be but i know that we're doing an investigation. when somebody looks apparently to target somebody's home or their personal vehicle that's a whole different concern. >> reporter: over the summer fox 25 has reported on other threats against boston area police officers. since mid-july, the personal vehicles of three officers appear to have been targeted when the lug nuts that hold tires in place were loosened. one officer driving home from the a-1 station downtown actually lost a tire off his personal car. these incidents prompted an alert -- former boston police chief dan linski tells me all of these
1:45 am
everywhere. >> police officers have to worry about the challenges on the street. they don't need to worry about the challenges as they're driving home or in their homes as well. >> bob ward, fox 25 news. no one was hurt in the incident and the home didn't damaged. boston police tell us they continue to investigate. a new report out tonight shows the minimum wage hike helped the state's lowest paid workers. the massachusetts budget and policy center says its average pay increased from $9.08 to $9.74 an hour between 2014 to last year. that's a hourly wages for the state's average middle class worker also rose. for first time in three years, massachusetts taxpayers will not be getting a tax cut. during that time everyone their mandatory .5 income tax cut. the state has not brought in enough tax dollars so the income tax rate there stay right where it is. boston city councils are trying to impose a tax on alcohol sales in city. they will reduce their
1:46 am
alcohol sold in hopes of raising $20 million in revenue over year. last year, the city council met to discuss the proposal but it got little support and was never voted on. supporters argue the $20 million could be used towards city shelters and 24-hour addiction counsellors. boston mayor marty walsh says privatizing the entire mbta would be a slippery slope but a dangerous way to go. he told sharman sacchetti today the idea may run it couldn't pay off. >> jury selection will begin tomorrow in the murder of a massachusetts paramedic. she was strangeled in her home in 2010. police suspected her wife from the very beginning. she's maintained her innocence ever since. her first two trials ended in hung juries.
1:47 am
by their ipads. french researchers say playing games like angry birds worked just as well as sedatives to make kids less anxious right before an operation. the small study looked at 112 children between 4 and 10 years old. those kids were randomly assigned to either a sedative or play with an ipad 20 minutes before receiving anesthesia. researchers found the tablets worked just as well to reduce stress as did medications. new line of gatorade drinks will be introduced this fall. version. the drink will be sold in select markets and only have seven ingredients including organic cane sugar and sea salt. it will come in three flavors, strawberry, lemon and mixed berry. all right, gray sky over boston earlier today. the picture of the day great shot of the city as the storm was still moving on. in your wake up forecast tomorrow includes some breaks of sun to the northwest. but continued showers in eastern southeastern massachusetts averaging close to 60 degrees.
1:48 am
not the damaging winds we saw today. that was the last fix for hermine waiting for the latest from the national hurricane center but looking at the different computer models coming in tonight plotting them altogether on that spaghetti plot what i'm seeing is starting point going to the west like it has been a few outliers here. you can see the divergence because of how it's stalled or just barely moving. but all of these eventually end up turning towards us. these all look like they're going to be very close to na track to stay very similar to what it is now. a slow weakening overnight into the day tomorrow and continuing for the next couple of days. the oceans will still be churned up but the end is near for this storm. we'll talk more about it and i'll have that latest track coming up at 11:00. and as kevin just told us hermine is far from over. this is the view from the storm from space. you can see it's still churning out here in the atlantic. as elizabeth hopkins reports it didn't dampen spirts in
1:49 am
but the business was still booming. >> reporter: it's not exactly the island life they signed up for. but no one is shying away. >> it's funny because you drive into town thinking that it's going to be empty there's going to be nobody here but town is packed. >> reporter: jess davis has a front row view of hermine. >> it's amazing seeing all those big waivers out there. >> reporter: from her stand pete cling >> there's a lot of surfers out there. >> reporter: that rough surf means on this day no one is getting on off the island. >> all ferries were cancelled today. >> reporter: other boats have been brought to safe harbor, too. blair perkins but not everyone is doing the same. >> i was surprised to note that a lot of people did not pull their boats either out
1:50 am
couldn't do it. they're rocking and rolling right now so i couldn't be surprised as the wind picks up and some of the lines a few boats end up on the beach. >> still she's always impressed to see what happens when a storm sweeps through. >> how the island can take the storm and how the island weathers the storm it's my favorite thing. because you get a totally new perspective for nantucket. >> reporter: for friends on the island that they told us there are reports of boats taken on water or are dragging of the storm. in the control room, elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. a big concern the strong winds in upton a tree fell on some power lines on route 140 and knocked out power to more than half the town. but power has since been restored. >> the wind also took out a tree and some wires on main street in westport. no one was hurt but a building did suffer some minor damage. we want to see your storm pictures. show what us hermine looks like in your backyard.
1:51 am
traditional soap or antibacterial wash. >> a new ruling that could have you think which one is better for you. >> first our cantonous video
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new at 10:00, the new hampshire fisher cats retired their long time bat retriever tonight's. ali the adorable bat dog is calling it quits after six year hampshire aa ball club. fisher cats ended their season tonight with a big victory for the dog. 69-73 record for the season. a utah man is not letting anything stop him from taking on the great outdoors, including his heart condition. the 51-year-old father just completed his 100th hike. after having open heart surgery back in april. his surgeon was actually waiting for him at the bottom of the climb just in case. he says while his patient was in good shape before the
1:55 am
slow down. >> walking to the bathroom is a marathon for a lot of these patients. >> so the first hike shortly after heart surgery that was 80 minutes just barely making it. this time 30.50 minutes so i didn't huff and puff. >> good for him. he estimates he's hiked more than 300 miles since his surgery. >> you mention all the altitude change. >> if thank you think antibacterial soap is better you may want to think final rule. the new rule bans antibacterial soap and body washes that contain certain act gives from being marketed. the banned ingredients were not proven to be safe and effective for long-term daily use. well, vandals have targeted a specific store in california over and over again. the owner says it's because of her race and a fellow business owner is backing up that claim.
1:56 am
seen this and it's just sad. >> reporter: becky morris is a business owner and says what happened to her friend karen rogers specialty boutique happened because of hate. >> one time not twice, not three times, not five times it's on and on and on. >> 12 or more times we've had things happen. >> reporter: karen rogers says the latest incident occurred friday night when someone used a slingshot to shoot a rock through the front galleria bra room then threw his body through the glass to grab languagery and take off. she -- lingry and take off. >> the fact that i'm an african-american female owner town i think that in some ways this individual has it in their head that they are not tolerant of that. >> reporter: rogers biggest concern is the vandalism gets bolder team time. this is what happened last
1:57 am
the three what appeared to be gunshots through the glass. however, now with this escalation of him actually coming and going through the glass i believe this just gets imbolden. >> reporter: rogers says she doesn't want to close the shop for good but she's fearful for safety of her customers who can't get this kind of service anywhere else in town. >> the store owner continues else in town. >> the store owner continues to file police reports but (?) (?) ahead of you, try mucinex 12-hour. only mucinex has a unique bi-layer tablet. the white layer releases immediately. mucinex is absorbed 60 percent faster than store brands. while the blue extended release layer lasts a full 12 hours.
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>> today on "fablife"... (laughter) ...the one, the only, paula deen. >> not yo' mama's banana pudding. >> wait, what are you doing? >> okay, i just got schooled by paula deen. i'm just gonna stop. >> plus, it's a "fablife" style-off. >> yay! >> do you think if i win you can throw in a date with paula? >> you know i'm a cougar. (yowls) >> next look is a garden party baby shower. >> gonna make you pregnant? (buzzer) >> i do feel sorry for this poor baby. >> welcome to "fablife." y'all, grab your sweet tea because we're talking all things southern today in honor of a very special guest, but i'm gonna get to that in a minute. coming up today, joe is partaking in a second installment of a "fablife" style-off, and this time he's going head-to-head with his fianc?, rob younkers. plus, with mother's day a little over a week away, i know some of you probably haven't figured out what to get the most important


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