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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 6, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today. >> shiri: hermine brings more wet weather and winds and where feel the strongest gust and where the storm will finally leave new england. >> julie: rough seas but ferries back >> daniel: showdown happening hours from now that could put program on hold. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: cape and islands especially nantucket expected to feel the strongest wind gust today and rain lingers throughout the area for everyone
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tuesday, september 6th, i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. meteorologist shiri spear in the tracking center right now with look at wet forecast and when we could see sun, shiri. >> shiri: breaks of sun between the sun and some communities getting tweet trying to fight the way out and hopeless effort because the clouds are going to kind of thicken back up and post tropical storm hermine wind right wind lightning 40 miles per hour and until the system dissipates and close by we will have risk of showers, we will have clouds, bit of breeze and this morning waking up to temperatures 65 in boston, 61 in worcester, 70 in hyannis and we got some patchy showers in place right now.
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move on in as we move throughout the day. current wind gusts, these are not that impressive, compared to what we have yesterday, winds gusting 21 miles per hour in mashpee, 28 miles per hour in nantucket more like 60 miles per hour yesterday in nantucket and wind are lighter but still breezy out there and we got forecast any time of the day there will be lots of dry times wedged in there as well. so at 11:00 a.m. 68?, 1:00 p.m. 73, this is for the boston 71. at 3:00 p.m. so i have a timeline on those showers and when the rain ends for good coming at new just a couple minutes. julie back now with live drive time traffic. >> julie: rough day on pike. push alert so you were aware of triple digit drive times, usual spot from the braintree split up to morrissey boulevard. pike still sluggish approaching
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weston tolls. live look at the zakim where volume steady heading into town. over to the live dive times at least below hour and a half pike eastbound and slight improvement. 53 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: suspicious death investigation is underway in small town of danville. that's just north of plaistow. that's general and crime unit spent several hours investigating at 23 caramel drive. neighbors tell us police arrived at the scene shortly after 7:00 last night. right now the a.g.'s office not confirming any details about the investigation other than saying the death is suspicious. fox25 michael henrich is live at the scene and he will have a full report coming up at 9:30. >> rough seas and dangerous rip
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the coast. out of nantucket pulled into port. >> you know passengers were telling me that it was a little bit chop and he spoke with the father that told me he had two sea sick passengers but taking a look behind me you could see the crowd right here. these are the dozens of passengers that just came back from nantucket and they are just thankful that they are back here in hyannis because they weren't expecting to be back here this morning so finally good news. i want to this is the very first ferry that headed out and full of passengers and mostly employees going to the islands and a lot are vacationers headed out there because of hermine and because of those very difficult conditions. before making condition whether to head out and weather data this morning determined that it was safe and calm enough to head on out, but definitely a good
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heads on out and if conditions start to worsen once again and unfortunately service is still canceled today for martha's vineyard as well as between the islands and this is what the captain told me when he analyzed the weather data earlier this morning. >> look at weather buoy 3-foot seas this morning and not bad. light wind and first round trip and see how it is. >> stephanie: a lot of relieved faces as folks headed back from the vacation nantucket a lot of them weren't expecting perhaps to stay this long on the island. now, there's another ferry that's set to ship off 9:15 this morning. as of now heading out and
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>> daniel: police searching for man wanted for sexual assault on rose kennedy greenway. she was walking home when she was attacked by a stranger. jessica reyes live on the greenway where this incident has neighbors on edge. good morning, jess. >> jessica: supposed to be part of downtown boston and where it happened in the heart of the greenway and if it were a nicer day, th you would see people out playing with kids or walking dogs, so to learn about this this morning, not only surprised and a lot of them now thinking twice about coming here. >> terrific. surprising it would happen here. >> early monday morning police say woman was sexually assaulted on rose kennedy grown way. >> busy during the day, i don't
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>> jessica: man approached and assaulted a woman near the carousel and she did not know the suspect and believes he was homeless. she was able to give police a brief description of the suspect saying she was white or hispanic in his 40s to 50s and had scruff on face and wearing a dark-colored breaking news jersey and baseball hat. the greenway is just a few hundred yards from boston's busiest attractio aquarium and faneuil hall. thousands of people pass through here every single day but some who live here now thinking twice about heading out alone. >> doing 360 and everything around me. >> jessica: police are, of course, continuing to help the case trying to track the person down and public for tips this morning and anyone with any
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jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> daniel: framingham state police officer accused of multiple sex acts. wilter dormevil was arrested for lewd and open sex acts saturday afternoon. he was banned from the university campus when the school heard about the charges. according to the school's newspaper student employee witnessed the entire thing. >> very safe plac school so i'm not sure how they would react to something like that. >> daniel: dormevil has been police officer since 2015 and they have also placed him on leave. >> julie: state trooper rear-ended after being parked on southbound side of the highway last night when driver plowed into the back of the suv. happened after 1:00 this
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the accident and taken as precaution. lilly read was arrested at the scene for drunk driving. >> daniel: man accused of using pepper spray on two boston police officers will be in court today. police say fabio armelio used mace on officers as they chased him through this apartment building in brighton. armelio arrested for trying to break into the apartment and had more than 20 warrants out for arrest. the injured officers will be ok. will hear arguments on use of body cameras by boston police officers. the union representing the officers wants to stop a pilot program due to start next week. 100 officers have been selected to wear the cameras. the union claims that is a violation of an agreement it has with the city. >> daniel: tonight massdot.
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drivers without ez pass will receive a bill in the mail. six other hearings will take place over the next few weeks. >> daniel: new at 9:00itt technical institute announcing this morning that it will close -- it will be closing their campuses for good. that statement released from the school this morning says 8,000 employees will lose their jobs and tens of thousands of students will not be able to attend classes that were supposed to start next week. government last month and told it would not be able to grant student's aid. they announced last week they will not be enrolling new students for the coming semester. itt tech has several campuses in massachusetts. today students in winthrop are heading to class in their brand-new school. this is the ifis day of classes at new winthrop middle high school. construction on the 80 million-dollar building started nearly two years ago. it is on the side of the town's
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other buildings for the last two school years. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. drive times hour 15 minutes 495 to mass ave but also want to mention an accident 95 northbound and near route 140 and 5-mile backup right now. shiri? and really weak and strongest gust happened this morning where we could see some gust perhaps as high as 35 miles per hour. i really don't see tropical storm force gusts here locally through the afternoon. in fact, the afternoon is going to bring in some lighter wind so now talking sixties, windy, foggy, bit rainy coming home from work, still patchy rain a little bit breezy with temps in the 70s and time out the warm-up and weakening winds when
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>> daniel: dangerous device found on property that has the whole force on high alert. >> julie: social media post could lead to prison time. >> daniel: eyesore for local
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damp conditions and patchy showers extending up to boxford, wilmington, franklin this morning and then next band of rain is actually coming ashore. moving out of the vineyard up toward falmouth and eventually the >> daniel: sky and family lived in home for 20 years and this is the view from the back deck and here is what you see from the backyard.
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>> daniel: sky says the property line extends to the fence. as you could see the scoreboard close. how close? 54 inches or just about four and a half feet. >> honestly we were grateful it was terrible because we don't wish anything ill upon the neighbors, of course. >> daniel: befor began everyone had a certain level of privacy. >> everyoneas's property line were protected. >> daniel: there was a buffer between the homes and field. sky not sure how that is going to work for him. >> show me. >> have to be a pretty skinny tree. >> fox25 e-mailed mayor director policy and information to ask about the scoreboard but haven't
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construction on the new field is supposed to be completed by the end of the calendar year. >> julie: canton man claims giant adventure park man not notified about projects over the winter and operator of the park used the wrong address on public documents. the man claims the wrong notified by the town. >> let's start north of the pike route 1 fine until we get down and start to approach the tobin. that's where it starts to slow down. 93 south sluggish in medford route 16, route 60. 128 southbound slow typically through the lexington area. expressway still seeing heavy steady volume as head from the braintree split up past columbia road and route still a little
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so visibility has been a little tough. expressway -- pike rather finally looking better slightly. we are at hour and ten minutes. we will take that over the two hours we saw in the mid and -- midst of the morning commute. 31 minutes on expressway, 50 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. shiri spear joining us now and can expect foggy conditions to linger throughout the day. >> there's going to be fog into the early afternoon here, showers, we got fog, and even got gust. i think the strongest gust that we see today are going to be early in the morning over the cape and islands and southcoast. still going to be a little bit breezy during the afternoon. but absolutely nothing like what we had yesterday. occasional showers but mostly light to moderate stuff. so again kind of low impact, bit of nuisance if you're doing traveling or running any errands today, but shouldn't slow you down too bad.
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the way through probably thursday and stop seeing the winds and bans from hermine. right now we got winds sustained at 21 miles per hour nantucket and 13 on the vineyard, 17 in boston and ten in worcester. some stronger gusts, yes, but the gusts are kind of hard to come by. 22 miles per hour in worcester and 28 miles per hour in nantucket. that is not tropical storm strength wind. we did have yesterday nantucket look at that 64 miles per hour yesterday. gusting into the 50s miles per hour range for the cape and islands, even plymouth with 43 miles per hour gust. so it was a breezy day. there you could see orange that i still have those tropical storm warnings. i think any gust that that's even up to 39 miles per hour today and incredibly isolated, best bet would be nantucket or martha's vineyard but i think
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basically shrinking as whole system is slowly inching away from us westward at 6 miles per hour and this is a slow more and this is why it is going to stay in the area next couple of days and post tropical storm hermine still has 65 miles per hour winds but where we will find storm as whole continues to weaken over the next couple days. so through noon time a band and very tough to pinpoint exactly where we will see those, so i think the gift -- gist where you ar in southern new hampshire, get ready for drizzly, wet times out there. i mentioned a lot of the rain will be light. it continues here for the evening commute when we don't have the rain we get cloudy time and even some thin spots and clouds develop during the day. tomorrow very similar set-up but really not until late on wednesday that you see hermine finally start to make that little bit of jog out to the north and east and rain totals today probably in addition to what we already have ranging from tenth to quarter inch of
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7-day forecast with the weekend always in view because we drop down into the sixties overnight, bounce back over 80 tomorrow, breezy, still remaining chance for couple of showers straight through thursday morning and turns hot and humid the end of the week, 86 on thursday, 89 on friday with a few morning showers and partly sunny saturday partial sun and 82. sunday more rain showers around with temp around 79? and pick of the weekend will be saturday. back to you. >> daniel: classroom could help kids maintain a healthy body weight. students who had standing desk had lower body mass index at the end of the two day two-year period. those that had traditional sitting desk did not see much of change and researchers say letting kids move more throughout the day can help decrease risk of obesity and diabetes. daniel: comedian bill cosby heads to court in preparation for the sexual assault trial.
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comedian drugging and 2004 and trial date at today philadelphia. >> more reports of clowns targeting children and police in winston-salem man dressed as clown tried to lure kids into the woods. it happened last night. adult heard the clown trying to entice kids into woods with treats and adults in communie on edge. >> perhaps oddest part of the whole thing, and investigating similar reports. >> connecticut daycare caught growing more than young minds.
9:26 am
backyard and 600 plants, some up to 10 feet tall. the plants found by state inspectors doing routine check. naked photograph posted of another woman in the gym and danny mathers with dissemination of private images and mathers posted the photo of an elderly woman earlier this year and making comments on woman's b taking photo down. >> shiri: watching the coast closely here. we have the high risk of rep currents. we also got waves three to 6 feet, worst of the rip currents of waves and outer cape as well as the north shore and the sea coast. i'm also breaking down the wind and rain attached to hermine
9:27 am
new hampshire college students are packing their backpacks and heading back to school. and thanks to kelly ayotte, along with the textbooks and pencils, o cut pell grants and to raise student loan interest rates. because she sides with special interests looking out for their own bottom line, not our kids'. for new hampshire students and families, kelly ayotte is a heavy burden we can't afford. nea advocacy fund is responsible
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration."
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nal gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2. for stronger public schools. >> daniel: hermine moves out
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hanging low and pretty interesting. >> julie: can't see top of the pru. >> daniel: nice sleeping weather. >> julie: sleeping, napping weather, maybe get comfort food, hot coffee, that would be way to cope with it. >> shiri: soup day. definitely we do, post tropical storm hermine, this is an item that we will be talking about, today, tomorrow, probably thursday as well. although she is over 100 miles to the south she still close enough to bring us wind as well. still got tropical storm warnings posted and i'm just not seeing those strong kind of gusts there. i boston you there's situation where tropical storm warnings are actually canceled later today or early tomorrow. we got current conditions here and barely seeing any wind gusts being reported but light rain from melrose over to newton, framingham, natick, down to norfolk this morning over to foxborough. i got marion, falmouth, vineyard, all with lighter rain
9:31 am
gust at 17 miles per hour so obviously we are in a situation where winds aren't quite as active as they were yesterday. we got 60s, we got cloud, fog right now and winds gusting into the 20 miles per hour range but over time i expect any gust reports we get are going to be lower and lower so at noon time 70?, the chance for showers and wind invent -- 20 to 30 miles per hour and samet most towns and cities and time out bands of rain for you and rain, wind gone for good and julie grauert again with live drive time traffic. >> julie: things looking better on the pike especially compared to 2-hour drive time we had in the middle of the morning commute. expressway a little slow from the braintree split up to morrissey boulevard, that's typical. 93 south sluggish through medford as you pass route 16 in route 60. 128 southbound still seeing high
9:32 am
live look at the expressway some rain drops still lingering on the lens and roads are slightly damp. over to the live drive time, 30 minutes route 1 from 128 to the tobin and 50 minutes on 93 south. almost an hour on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: we continue to follow breaking news in new hampshire where the attorney general's office and state police investigating a suspicious death. they say someone was killed inside a home on caramel drive in quiet town of danville. that's where we find live at scene where just got a statement from investigators. michael, what did they have to say? >> they did release couple basic new information, daniel, coming from the attorney general's office talking about this suspicious death investigation that is still underway. state police still on scene here on caramel drive guarding this house locking down the fort here there's yellow police tape surrounding the front of the property.
9:33 am
danville police yesterday and the responding officers found an adult dead inside the home. neighbors told us earlier that happened around 7:00 p.m. the rival of the officers. person's identity not being released yet and investigators are still notifying relatives. i did ask the a.g. and don't ve believe that public is at risk due to this incident. however, we are investigating a suspicious death and nority -- arrest has been made so would ad-- advise public to take into account and aware of surroundings and autopsy is scheduled for later on today and we are continuing to work to get the latest on exactly what happened behind me here. so as soon as we do have those
9:34 am
for now live in danville, new hampshire, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: disturbing site causing concern. molotov cocktail found in police officer's home over the weekend. it is not certain if the device was meant as threat against police but boston mayor marty walsh found investigation underway. >> it was intended to be there but investigation on it and somebody looks apparently target somebody's home or personal vehicle, that's whole different story. >> daniel: arson squad investigating incident over the summer police were targeted when the lug nuts on tires of three officers personal vehicles were loosened. today a dorchester man is said to appear before judge accused in deadly hit-and-run accident. anthony buchanan's arrest was breaking sunday on fox25 morning news and accused of hitting
9:35 am
buchanan later turned himself into police and investigators say he was drunk at the time of the crash. he is facing multiple charges including motor vehicle homicide while operating under the influence of alcohol. >> julie: shiri said we could see some pockets of sun. rough seas turning up big waves but ferry service has resumed. stephanie coueignoux live in hyannis where first ferry pulled into port about >> stephanie: second ferry leaving about now and second passengers out on the deck and wind is now at least temporary ily gone and a little bit of smoother ride and first ferry this morning and told me it was a little bit choppy and just relieved to be back here in hyannis. passengers high pressure
9:36 am
forced them to stay on nantucket for one more day and carter jackson he wasn't sure when he had make it back on the mainland. >> happy you're back. wasn't completely smooth sailing. >> it was a little choppy. not sea sick p better than expected and didn't think we could get off last night. >> we were there as very first passenger boarded great lady for heading it the nantucket around 6:30 this morning before shipping out we caught up with captain who told us he thoroughly analyzed the weather data before making the decision to head out but he says because conditions can change within minutes he is rechecking the data before every trip today.
9:37 am
3-foot seas this morning which is really not bad for the boat. >> stephanie: really taking this case-by-case basis and wind has now completely calmed down and may not be the case later on today. they have continue to cancel services between islands. however, the steamboat authority -- steamship authority which carries the cars, they have now resumed also on trip by trip basis to and from martha's vineyards in minus, i'm stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> daniel: massive house fire in rhode island and shows what firefighters in gnarring -- narragansett home. the owner is late co-owner of the posak and worth more than $3 million and cause is under
9:38 am
hermine's wind also plate a pared. destroying on thompson street yesterday and took hours for crews to knock it down and one firefighter had to be treated for smoke inhalation. witnesses say the flames were as tall as the tree at one point and no word yet on cause. >> sara: >> julie: investigators say hit by member of family who was speeding on their jet ski. filed. investigators in new hampshire say this is little girl killed in accident. four-year-old mckenna may colder died friday. she was thrown from horse during riding show. last summer father and young daughter were killed when circus tent collapsed at same fair ground. >> unusual bit of help over the weekend. check out pictures here residents on borel avenue used
9:39 am
show why university students and this is not a party house and other reads that is the party house. on twitter police wrote welcome back bridgewater state and thank you for trying to make the jobs easier. road sign causes to rubberneck on highway and not and sticker dancing on pole on blank nearby attraction sign on highway. stape say they don't know who put work crews removed the sticker. >> daniel: offshore wind turbines. no word what the announcement will be but governor baker signed landmark energy bill setting stage to bill hundreds of surtines in federal waters off the coast of martha's vineyard. >> julie: red sox started
9:40 am
last two days they have scored 1 run. sox and san diego yesterday watched dustin pedroia leaping grab in the third and padres get on the board. sending a ball deep to left. tries to go up and get it. so close. just misses. sox down two-zero. in the eighth chris young cuts the lead in half with solo home run but just not enough.
9:41 am
>> daniel: trying to get into hotel room that was not his. older couple was in the room. miller ended up in altercation with the husband and couple's adult son. miller went outside the hotel and vomited and cut by the 49ers after his arrest >> shiri: quarter inch in norwood and less than other towns and cities, most rain has been pretty light and pick up another tenth to quarter inch of rain by day's end and time out the light showers and wind coming up. >> daniel: dispute between neighbors gets out of hand. this isn't a home improvement project. tell you why one man bull dosed neighbor's house.
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>> shiri: on and off showers
9:45 am
winchester and showers in bellingham, canton, mansfield right now, keeping very close eye and i got a track coming up on post tropical hermine. >> daniel: two months out from election day and brand-new look what voters are thinking. new cnnorc poll just released and table are turning and still expect clinton to make the presidency come n through battle ground states of florida and virginia after trying to win undecided voters in ohio. and take to hick to labor day rally was the catch in her throat and taking break in stride. >> every time i think about
9:46 am
>> spent a minute with them. so exciting. >> daniel: clinton camp bringing traveling media on board. not to be outdone. donald trump also invited small batch of reporting on to trump force one. >> turned the case down. and clean sign the fall election season has begun but for clinton fall also means fits like these. >> attack american institutions. >> concerned about conspiracy they are beyour health. >> i'm not concerned about the conspiracy theory. there are so many i lost track of them.
9:47 am
and complete coverage on air on >> julie: president of the fill means regrets making a crude comment about president obama. he used son of bleep when talking about mr. obama and canceled a meeting about 2 meters scheduled for today. both leaders are in lause for summit involving the u.s. and southeast asia and expected to talk about the war in drug >> daniel: 2-week stay in idaho. park division worked 14-hour day's working to fight wildfires and five hours of sleep a night the crew helped clean up the burnt area in boise national forest. clean-up efforts should help prevent future landslides in the area. >> day when the fire behavior was extreme and actually saw a lot of additional anchors burned in matter of 24 hours.
9:48 am
job you will ever do in your life. >> daniel: the fire the group was battling only 52% contained. they could be battling through mid-october. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. good morning, everyone. new accident route 1 southbound right after the jughandle lights but overall volume in that area of route 1 still moving along fine. 128 southbound still sluggish through lexington approaching route 2 the zakim. accident as well on 95 as you approach 128 in canton. we have a truck that jackknifed on the ramp, one lane closed right now and one lane open. if you can see things going on the expressway. here are live drive times, 44 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 31 minutes -- 32 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. 41 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear
9:49 am
the brightest that it has this morning, not quite as foggy. >> not quite as fog and he slowly thinning as we head into the early afternoon or even late-morning. rain, wind, it is going to be out there, it will be breezy showers today, i think the impact is going to be kind of low. a lot of rain will be light, winds are not going to be as strong as yesterday. maybe biggest concern of all will be the high surf and rip currents at the local beaches today and even beyond. we are talking potential of some big waves all the way through going to be offshore, further out we get the bigger waves 10 miles off the cape and closer to the coastline and 7 feet off the cape, off of cape ann as well, protected areas like south side of the cape seeing only 2-foot waves, so that's why we have been able to get the ferries going today. but keeping very close eye on that because, of course, the waves are driven by the wind. wind very active with post
9:50 am
65 miles per hour and don't have the strength wind reaching us here. next couple days will wobble to and fro and today will get further away, tomorrow closer but you could see by early thursday morning expected winds about 40 miles per hour and after that we usually take about five days and no five days out and system kind of dissipates. breezy forec today we have gusts and teens and 30 miles per hour and occasional shower, most kind of light and don't see it creating too big of headache. and some with clouds, some with breaks in the clouds and still rain on radar. continue to pivot from east to west as it is moving on shore and it is attached to hermine
9:51 am
gusts tomorrow from ten to 20 miles per hour and definitely not stronger to do other damage here wednesday morning based on these numbers and spotty showers to get to wednesday at noon time where future cast right there and 5:00 p.m. for tomorrow and breezy for showers and don't have the rain we get partly to mostly cloudy skies. highs today upper over to hull and brockton at 77 and boston today 73? and lowell and lawrence 74, mid-70s and framingham, 71 in worcester, 75 in mildford, new hampshire. tonight we will dip into the 60s. from there we head into 80 tomorrow. breezy with spot showers through about thursday morning. thursday turns hot and humid at 86?. we got a few friday morning showers. highs will come close to 90. a little more comfortable over the weekend, personal sun and 82
9:52 am
showers on sunday. back to you. >> julie: woman gets revenge on wrong person.
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>> julie: one plan used backhoe to bulldoze's neighbor's house. they don't understand why it happened. >> why would you want to put family out of their home unless just cold hearted. >> julie: official paint a different picture and people shining lights into house and suspected neigor higdon was arrested hours before the home was destroyed for firing warning shots into the woods. >> daniel: florida woman behind bars after setting what she thought was exboyfriend's car on fire in hoping of getting back of exboyfriend but turns out it wasn't his car. the honda accord belonged to another man. the woman has been charged with
9:56 am
back in rehab. chevy chase checked himself into addiction treatment center. chase has history of substance abuse. he spent time at the betty ford clinic in 1980s after becoming addicted to painkillers. julie: massachusetts matetive ready to reless first rock 'n roll album. michael chickless won emmy on influence and inspired by bruce springsteen and queen. >> daniel: shiri joins us now look at forecast. gloomy, wet day. >> shiri: back to work and school and temperature in the 70s. going to be breezy and occasional rain today similar tomorrow but going to be a little bit lighter, a little bit
9:57 am
hermine and then gets hot and humid the end of the week and we could be talking '90s here on friday. poor kids back at school. 90s maybe on friday. so, yeah. >> much needed rain. >> whatever rain week get but don't see a lot of rain. will be mostly light today. >> daniel: thank you so much
9:58 am
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it's an all-new show today with great viral videos "right this minute." hikers are horrified to see an avalanche. >> cracking and tumbling and sliding down this space. >> how they dodged some high drama at 13,000 feet. >> a jet skier spots a creature in trouble. >> there it is. right in the two kayakers. >> what he saved that waved et tail all the way to shore. she's an instagram superstar but a lot of people are saying, don't look quite right. >> she's not a real person. >> see if you agree in the great debate over real or fake. plus, a couple back in each other's arms after a canceled wedding 30 years ago. and -- >> yes. >> listen to me. >> see why daddy's getting


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