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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  September 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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it's ended up doing. meanwhile, back home, the effects are less today, and we have some rain showers rotating through including a couple downpours in the plymouth area right now and near carver. i'm tracking those effects and where the storm is going next ahead. >> kevin, thank you. the cape and the islands were hit hardest and it's a problem for travelers trying to get back home still after the long weekend. stephanie coueignoux caught up with passengers in hyannis. >> reporter: today was a at the hyannis harbor was bustling and that was not the case yesterday, the ferry services were canceled. and as folks were heading back here to port, they told me, as you can imagine, they were very relieved to be back here in hyannis. the great lady 4 pulled into port full of passengers ready for vacation to finally end, after strong waves and wind forced them to stay on nantucket for one more day. the rough conditions canceled ferry service to and from the
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sure when he would make it back to the mainland. are you happy to be back on the mainland? >> very much so. >> reporter: while he was happy to make the ferry, he said it wasn't completely smooth sailing. >> it was a little choppy. i have two sea [sic] passengers and two not sea [sic] passengers. , better than expected, we didn't think we were getting off last night. >> we were there, as the very firs great lady 4 heading to nantucket at around 6:30 this morning. before shipping out, we caught up with the captain who told us he thoroughly analyzed the weather data before making the decision to head out. but, he said because conditions can change within minutes, he is rechecking data before every trip today. >> we look at the weather buoy in the middle of the sound. which had it at 3-foot seas this morning, which is really nod bat for this boat. >> but again the conditions could definitely change very
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by trip basis here for the highline of cruises and ferry, they still canceled the ferry services to and from martha's vineyard as well as between the island, however, the steam ship authority resumed services on a trip pi trip basis from martha's vineyard as well as nantucket. >> conditions improved for some ferry service to the islands to resume today. highline cruises resumed service on a trip by trip basis to nantucket and the steamship authority is running to the vineyard but to and from oak bluffs are diverted to wood haven, ferry service will probably resume tomorrow, but the lines for all ferries are expected to be long. also, we will keep you posted op all of that. what's left of hermine's strength could be felt on long island today. wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour battered the new york coastline, kicking up big waves.
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hermine heads out to sea. >> tonight, the death of a person in new hampshire is being called suspicious, the story was breaking on the fox 25 morning new, when we first learned about the scene unfolding in the small town of danville, new hampshire, just north of plaistow. new hampshire police along with the fire marshal were in and out of 23 carmel drive in danville all day. they also looked at this charred area above a basement window, the homeowner's family telling us the police notified them this found dead, (^), neighbors told her a man was living with her since the springtime, now, police have not released any information about the victim or whether they are looking for a suspect. they are only calling the death suspicious. we have a crew live in new hampshire, just talked to the woman's family, we are working on that story and we will have it for you at 5:00. a person hit by a car in the
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afternoon, police need help finding the driver they say took off. the 19 year-old who was not a student at the university was crossing the street at about 2:00 monday morning when a speeding silver sedan slammed into her, launching her into the air. the impact was significant enough, police believe, the sedan should have known about the accident that the sedan should have damage to the front end. she was released from the hospital last night. if you think you can help police. >> a driver is recovering after his car plunged into the cape cod canal. bourne police posted this video of crews lifting the car from the water just a short time ago. police say the man in the car got out on his own. emergency crews helped him to shore as you saw there, and then rushed him to the hospital with minor injuries. the investigation is ongoing, but police say they determined the man intentionally drove his car through a fence and down the path next to the canal. >> a quincy woman will appear in
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crashing into a state police cruiser. the trooper inside that cruiser was hurt, but is home from the hospital tonight. state police say the cruiser was responding to a crash early this morning on the southeast expressway when 21 year-old lily reed plowed into the back of the suv, she is on bail tonight. >> breaking new, a framingham state university police officer has been fired after he allegedly committed a lewd act at a dispatch center. crystal hanes has been working e served as a security officer in boston as well. >> fox 25 has learned this officer, in addition to his position, at fsu, also worked in revere, and in boston. he has no record, and today, denies these allegations. the 28 year-old framingham state university police officer wilber domeville denied allegations he
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a student employee. that young woman allegedly told police she turned around from working at her desk on saturday and discovered dormerville in the act. she alerted another student employee and an fsu officer. dormerville has been put on leave in revere where he has been an auxillary police officer for about a year. after some digging i have also learned dormerville was also a longwood security officer vetted by the boston police department. their vice president told me he hasn't wke >> hopefully all the facts come out and he gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, because just because he is an officer didn't mean he should get cut slack. >> many students and fox 25 wanted to know what kind of background checks are performed at police officers for fsu, i put that question to the chief and the answer at 5:00, reporting crystal hanes. >> a man accused of using pepper
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opinion arraigned, armelo is suspected of breaking into an apartment, he had more than 20 warrants out for his arrest and a history of resisting arrest. >> a well-known technology school is suing down all of its schools months after fox 25 reported, massachusetts attorney general maura healy sued i.t. t. tech, mark ocker bloom joins us (^ held a news conference. >> she said she is not surprised by the announcement. she said she is glad i.t.t. shut down, then said the for profit school has been taking advantage of students in massachusetts and across the country for a while now. her office sued i.t.t. tech earlier this year and said the case will continue because she wants the school held accountable, they marketed a program specifically at its norwood and wilmington campuses that offered computer technology
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el sell computers rather than learn i.t. programs and accused i.t.t. tech of lying a you bout job opportunities and graduation rates. this afternoon the attorney general gave this advice to students currently enrolled. cancel all payment, including automatic ones. do not give any more money to i.t.t. tech and also save all documents related to the school and any payments already made. most importantly though, students enrolled right now are elib student loans discharged. she told fox 25 she feels bad for the students but now they have the chance to move forward. >> to me, it is really important that students who are victimized by this predatory for profit school have their opportunity for a fresh start and a clean start. >> healy said current students should contact her office to fill out an application to get their federal student loans discharged. she said luckily most students funded their education through
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last week the federal government cut off money to i.t.t. tech and she said the majority of students applied for loans to go there, we are gathering details for the fox 25 news at 6:00. >> late this afternoon a local judge listened to arguments on the use of body cameras by boston police officers. the union representing the officers wants to stop a pilot program due to start next week saying it is a violation of an agreement it has with the city. the police commissioner bill evans is testifying now. we have a crew at the hearing and we will have a live update for you coming up at 5:00. >> bill cosby could face as many as 13 women who accused him of sexual assault in his upcoming criminal trial. this is our first look at cosby arriving to the pennsylvania courthouse this morning. at the pretrial hearing the d.a. introduce add motion to have 13 women who have accused cosby of sexual assault be witnesses in his felony sexual assault trial. the judge set the trial date for
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>> new at 4:00, yarmouth police making an arrest in a brutal beating that left a victim in critical condition. 47 year-old paul edwards is accused of beating the victim on sea view avenue in south yarmouth sunday morning. police found the man lying in the round unconscious. edwards is known to police on the cape, officers say he appeared drunk, when they arrested him. >> in a few hours drivers will have their first chance to essentially chime in on the new electronic tolling system coming to the mass pike. starting october 28th, drivers will have to use an ez pass pay tolls on the pike. drivers will receive a bill in the mail without one. the meeting starts at 6:30 in union station in worcester, six other hearings will take place over the next few weeks. >> new at 4:00, maine governor said he will not talk to the media anymore except for respectful and fair talk radio hosts, paul lepage said although he doesn't like the radio host questions he thinks they are appropriate. the governor said he wants to
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controversies, house members have less than an hour to say whether they support a special session to take on his conduct. trouble along a popular family spot in boston. >> coming up, the violent attack that happened at the rose kennedy greenway near the kids carousel. >> still seeing bands of rain frommer hermine across the south short, lighter today but the storm sim packeting us. >> instead of looking out onto a field when he grills in his yard, one local man now has a massive scoreboard to ahead at 4:00, how his city is trying to make things right. >> donald trump is seeing a spike in the polls but slammed by a major newspaper, why they are not doing for the first time
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mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that. get fios with virtual tech support for $69.99 a month. time to check out the roads with the drive time traffic, zakim bridge and there is none. that is a miracle, it's not even the holiday. and then we look at the maps an you can see dwn not too bad. >> looking at some drive times now from route 1, tobin bridge to 128, give yourself 17 minutes. average speed 40 miles per hour. tunnel to the split will take you 15 minutes and the boss ton toll to route 1, just under half hour. >> we never see times like this. i'm guessing it's all the people stuck on the island after the holiday weekend. >> i like that. especially for the morning commute, it was brutal. >> it was. labor day marks the beginning of the home strength of general election campaign season, and
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this vote could very well be very close. as kim hutcherson reports, the poll shows a significant number in changes from a few weeks ago. >> with campaign 2016 entering the home stretch, a new cnn poll shows a dead heat between democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump. the survey, which was conducted byphone between september 1st and 4th, finds trump leading clinton by 2%, 45-43% among likely from the 7 point lead clinton held after the democratic national convention. cnn's poll followed several other surveys released in august, which also show a shrinking margin between the two candidates. clinton, in must-win florida tuesday, on the way, she joked with the press corp. on her campaign plane that she can't take her doctor's advice after monday's coughing fit. >> better, now the advice, of course, is don't talk to the
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to work. that is not going to happen. >> trump in virginia tuesday was optimistic about his chances against clinton. >> i think we will get a lot of bernie people because of trade, if you want to know the truth. a lot of the bernie people are coming with us, for one thing, he was right about the fact that our country is being ripped off like never before on these trade deals. >> with just over 2 months left to go before election day, both candidates still have plenty of work to do. that cnn orc majority have unfavorable views of both clinton and trump. i'm kim hutcherson reporting. >> more details in a surprising move, a prominent newspaper is refusing to throw its support behind donald trump. the dallas morning news editorial board announcing today it would not give its blessing to trump. that ends a streak of endorsing every republican presidential nominee since 1968. the board said trump is at odds with almost every gop ideal,
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and former stanford swimmer brock turner is officially registered as a sex offender. turner registered in oh high yo this morning. after being released from a california jail last week, turner to only served half of his controversial six months sentence for raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster after a frat party. turner is registered in ohio. since that's where he is living with his parents. the 21 year-old must register as a sex offender for life. >> it is the most heavily president obama has pledged to help laos heal. today the president became the first sitting u.s. president to visit the small communist southeast asian country. he announced a $90 million plan to help remove tens of thousands of unexploded bombs left behind in the vietnam war. >> and now your storm tracker weather team. >> we were still talking hermine, and i'm standing right in front of it.
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jersey new jersey coastline today, fortunately, it's weakened. though still winds of 50 miles per hour around the center of hermine. now, that would still qualify as a tropical storm if it's still had tropical characteristic, it is still a powerful nor'easter, less powerful than last night, which enmoos less rainfall moving in and less wind gusts being seen along the south shore and coast. getting a couple spots of heavy rain here in carver, right under the p. in plymouth, here in kingston, seeing some around fall river, too, heavy rain showers of heavy downpour. the most of the south shore, not getting any rain. the gentlemen tweeted at me earlier, where are the rain bands you forecasted for the south shore? they have been coming in but they are not hitting everyone. they are broken up bands and that is case today thanks to a weakening system that moved farther away. this is the last fix from the national hurricane center, 50 miles per hour winds, moving west, west, at 7 miles per hour. this has been spinning around
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atmosphere that came off the shore to the south. and because of that counter clockwise nature of the storm as it comes up here to capture this storm, hermine, it swung it right back around toward the coastline. we will show you the latest track coming up about 5:00 when the new one comes in. here is how it's been looking so far. all of these will be clumped together because it's not moving very much at at all. 7 miles per hour is not much. but, it will eventually turn off to the northeast as it ejects on out of here. but, weakness at 35 miles per hour. on thursday, when it comes up this w showers out there, on cape and the islands, that will be the end of this unwith. i will show you that as it comes toward us in a moment, current gusts, 30 on nantucket, that's at nothing real damaging out there anymore. and waive heights, boy, they have come down considerably. only two foot waves on nantucket sound, seeing some bigger wave, 5 feet, smashing into horse neck beach there up around 10 feet yesterday, same with the national sea shore down to
4:20 pm
reporting live in a little while, 5' wave, out in the ocean we have 9fee waves but yesterday they were upwords of 20' wave, not seeing as big an impact on the waves today. this is the futurecast showing the storm spinning south and ejecting on out of here to the northeast on thursday, as a nor'easter weakening, as it goes on by. it's kind of filling in. so what we call in meteorology when the storms start to eck whatten. here is a closer look what will happen. we will get some showers from time to and into thursday, but watch as it makes a close pass, more showers on the ciemedz on thursday morning, and then out of here, all the while, we will see a break of sun tomorrow, more so on thursday, and even more on friday. high temperatures tomorrow, generally in the 70s. some towns will hit 80, newton 81 though, it will all depend on where the sun does breakthrough the clouds. seven-day forecast shows you here we get more of a chance on thursday, especially second half of the day and definitely more
4:21 pm
next chance for showers this weekend, but fortunately by then we won't have anything do with refer mine, i expect the latest track within the hour and will have it coming up. >> the gas prices in massachusetts remaining flat this week according to aaa. the average price of regular unleaded is $2.11 a gallon right now. that's 9 cents below the national average, and 16 cents lower than the price we were paying last year at this time. >> a major headache for traveler, why protestors shut down arrivals and departures in in the united states. now here is mark ockerbloom with what we are working on for 5:00. >> elizabeth there is a lot of concern about kids getting concussions, new at 5:00 we will show the study is parents are overreacting when treating kids for concussion. and another important reason to lead a balanced diet, new at 5:00, the types of cancer that
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the first person to receive a face transplant has died. i belle ben you of perhaps passed away from cancer in april, but her family did not release the the information until now. she received a transplant in 2005, after she was mauled by her dog. the heavy use of antirejection medication weakened her over the the year. she was 49 years old. >> >> a "black lives matter"
4:25 pm
headaches, a protest shut down the departures and arrivals for hours, ripple effects were felt as far away as san francisco, the protestors may have ruined their purpose. >> i don't think they helped their cause too much with the general public by closing the airport. >> demonstrators have been arrested and the airport is back up and running tonight. >> congress returned to washington with a long to-do fox 25 jacqueline fell is there with what is topping the lawmakers' list. >> a 7 week vacation is over, as lawmakers head back to town today. keeping the government funded, avoiding a government shut-down will be a top priority. the house and senate will have less than four weeks to pass a temporary spending bill to keep the federal government operating past october 1st. funding for the zika virus requires attention, they left in
4:26 pm
over money for zika. the virus has now in florida and is a public health emergency in puerto rico. the senate is making its first order of business holding a vote that's not expected to pass due to political gridlock. congressional investigators are ready to scrutinize the skyrocketing price of epi-pens and house conservatives will try to impeach the i.r.s. chief. lawmakers are not expected to address the president u.s. supreme court nominee in washington, jacqueline fell, fox 25 news. >> the latest on hermine, still expected to come in. that is the storm spinning off the coast to our south, it's moved away from us, we are still feeling the impact. i will have phthalatest coming g up (^). >> fox 25 is on board the coast guard ships as it faces down hermine, how they protect boaters up and down the coast. >> the kennedy greenway is a hot spot for families in boston.
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right now police are searching for a man wanted for a sexual assault on the rose kennedy greenway, the victim said she was walking home when she was attacked by a stranger. >> fox 25 jessica raez reports from boston where the incident has neighbors on edge. >> it's horrific. it's surprising it would happen here. >> reporter: it is one of the most family. >> friendly parts of the city during the day, but early monday morning a woman was sexual assaulted on the rose kennedy
4:30 pm
i don't know about night. >> i'm kind of shocked it happened in this particular area. it is not aer hoable area. >> it happened just after 4:00 in the morning, police say a man approached an sexual assaulted a woman near the greenway carousel and took off running. the victim said she did not know the suspect and believed he was homeless. she was able to give a brief description saying she believed he was white or hispanic and 40s-50s, he had scruff on his face and was wearing a dark baseball hat. the greenway is just a few hundred yards from some of boston's busiest attractions, including the aquarium and fan yule hall. (^) thousands of people pass through here every single day. but some who live here now thinking twice about heading out alone. >> i will be more hyper alert, doing a 360, make sure i'm sure of everything going on around me. >> i won't be walking around alone at night. >> fox 25 jessica raez, fox 25 news.
4:31 pm
hermine. we have a little fog on the pru in boston, you see it in the distance? half of it? chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is forecasting what is next in the storm that really doesn't seem to want to move away here, kev? >> you could have told us it was any building and said it was the pru, couldn't you, elizabeth? it's shrouded in clouds. this is hermine still spinning to the south and a main storm, has a lot of rain or thunderstorms wrapping around the back side of it, but not around the center, which is a sign that the storm is weakening. here is a view closer up from what the storm is looking like to us, well, it's a wider picture. it shows where it's looking like, rain showers or way, not a lot of them, but there are some out there. some actually coming down fairly hard right now. first i will take you to the randolph area, 128 part of the beltway in the randolph vicinity. you will see the yellow that pops up here. there is heavy rain and roads
4:32 pm
near the intersection of 24 and 128. farther south of there toward the coastline, seeing heavy rain here, too, fall forever to freetown over to ash cushion net (^), areas of yellow a orange showing the heavy and rain. hermoon is a post tropical storm, nor'easter, we will call it. 50 miles per hour winds. we will get the national weather center, what is different from way up here last night, ejecting off to the northeast. now it looks like it wants to sit and spin and may die a slow death along here. this is the hurricane center what they have to say about it with the computer models in a bit. >> we feel the impact of hermine here in massachusetts, and it's created rough seas up and down the east coast. this is video of a coast guard rescue off the coast of virginia. three fishermen needed to be pulled from their sinking boat, the bad seas forced the coast guard to use a helicopter for that rescue.
4:33 pm
situation the coast guard in our area is hoping to avoid, but should the call come in, they are ready. one of the guards' biggest ships was anchored at sea ready to deploy. blair miller got exclusive video and spoke the to the crew about the dangerous conditions they are facing. >> heading into the storm, the coast guard crew aboard the ship, the tahoema, gave fox 25 this video they took, showing the conditions of sits off the new england coast. >> with the wind making it hard to hear much more, the crew reported gusts of 55 miles per hour, the waves swelling 5-6' and that's just in narragansett bay, protected by land. other members tightening down boats. >> our concern is the inner harbor, that's where we focus. >> with the harbor escaping much of the force of the storm, crews sit and wait hoping it stays that way while their fellow
4:34 pm
recreational boaters and the seasoned sailors and people who don't go any better who think they can handle it and getting into a situation that becomes dangerous quickly. >> blair miller, fox 25 news. >> we have breaking new, the principal at weston high school is talking about a social media scheme tarrette going the sophomore class involving snapchat. he said someone create add fake snapchat account and is targeting boys. so far the principal said there is no information that girls have been targeted. it is asking parents to talk to their kids about snapchat as the school investigates. fox 25 is working to get more details about this right now, stay with us as it continues to develop. >> family and friends prepare to say good-bye to a 4 year-old new hampshire girl killed in a horse show in lancaster last week. may calder died friday after she was known from the horse during the lancaster fair. now, calling hours begin at 5:00
4:35 pm
funeral home in woodstock. a vermont man and 6 year-old daughter were killed when a storm toppled the circus tent at the same fair last year. >> high winds made things difficult for crews battling a house fire in rhode island. it shows what firefighters in narragansett were battling yesterday, look at, this incredible. it shows the multimillion dollars ocean front home is owned by james sceffington, the late coe owner (^). the home is worth more than $3 million. the cause of the fire is under investigation. hermine's wind also played a part in this house fire in halifax, heavy flames destroying the home on thompson street yesterday. it took hours for crews to knock it down and in fact one firefighter had to be treated for smoke inhalation. witnesses say the flames were as tall as the trees at one point. no word yet on the cause. >> new at 4:00, portsmouth new hampshire police posting this
4:36 pm
realistic bb gun they confiscated at a dwi check point. it looks real. >> i didn't think they made them. >> i didn't either. it was in reach of the driver but taken away safely. the department said it is proof of the split-second decisions officers make in the line of duty, every single day. and a new hampshire man is facing charges for stealing a tip jar from a restaurant in portsmouth, police say christopher mcvee only made off with $60 over the weekend this. is the video that led to the arrest. he turned himself in last night hands in the jar. he is facing a misdemeanor theft charge. >> today students went to class in a brand new school. the fist day of classes at the new winthrop middle school. the construction of the $80 million building started nearly 2 years ago. it's on the site of the previous high school. students have been merged in other buildings for the last two school years. >> new at 4:00, advice for people returning from areas with an outbreak of the zika virus. the world health organization
4:37 pm
have safe sex or go without for six months, once they are back home, up until now the advice was only for men and for a shorter period of time. the mosquito-borne virus is linked to birth defects. >> apple unveils a new iphone but with less fanfare than usual. we have no detames but reports say they won't have any ground breaking feature, the wall street journal said it plans more red call changes on the iphone's tenth anniversary (^ some on-line speculation said the iphone 7 is expected to look a lot like the 6 and 6s, and more than one report said the standard hadphone jack will be replaced by a second speaker. apple is expected to announce apple watch 2 and the new macbook pro. >> chris brown is speaking out for the first time since his arrest. still ahead at 4:00, how he said what happened to him has hurt his reputation. >> an iconic sculpture is
4:38 pm
proving otherwise, the search for the people in the video. >> and now it's time to check the roads with live drive time traffic. here is store row drive near b.u., you can see (^) 93 north, oh, we don't have that. >> there we go. >> little congestion in and around quincy and we will take a look at the drive time. >> we have 19 minutes going from tobin bridge to route 128, 15 minutes from the o'neill tunnel to the split and just under half hour from the
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it's a mile. that's sports this morning. i, the city of chicago never wanted to hit. no city wants to see this. as of this week, the city of chicago saw its 500th homicide of the year. that means 2016 is chicago's deadliest year in two decades. city's homicide rate is already higher than new york and los angeles. gun sales are on track to break a record this year. background checks conducted by the fbi every month this year since then, there are no industry figures for actual gun sales, background checks are the best indicator we have. industry experiments say mass shootings may have helped drive up sales, as gun buyers worry more about restrictive gun control laws in the future. >> and an nfl player is outf a job and facing felony charges after police say he punch add 70 year-old man. bruce miller formerly a fullback for the 49ers was arrested early in san francisco, he was trying to get into a hotel room
4:42 pm
the older couple opened the door and told him he was in the wrong place. miller ended up in an altercation with the husband and the couple's adult son. he was cut by the 49ers immediately hours after his arrest. >> an iconic sand foreign formation on the oregon coast is destroyed. this video show as group of people causing the large rock formation known as the duck bill to topple over. the collapse was originally thought to be natural, until this video surfaced on the internet. ohio state park officials say dangerous and fragile the rocks along the the coast can be. the men could face a fine of up to $435 each and criminal charges if they are identified. >> one extra step before kids see mickey and mini, why some children are going to have their fingers scanned before they can enter disney world. >> this storm visited disney last week, when it came through florida. now off shore spinning around still affecting the coastline, what hermine will do next.
4:43 pm
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a lee call high school's newly renovated football field comes complete with a scoreboard and it happens to sit feet away from one man's yard. fox 25 ted north kincy where the homeowner is upset. >> at 25 feet wide, and 20 feet tall, north quincy high's new scoreboard is not scoring any points with sky chen. >> i said oh my god, that's too big. >> sky and his family have lived in the price street home for more than 20 years. this is the view now from the back deck. and here is what you see from the backyard. >> the summertime we have the
4:46 pm
dangerous, too close to property-sky said his property extends to the fence, you can see pretty close to the back of the scoreboard, how close? 54." or just about 4 1/2 feet. >> honestly we were just happy it wasn't behind our house, which is terrible, because we don't wish anything ill upon our neighbor, of course. >> vickie wong lives two houses down, before construction she said everyone had a certain level of privacy. >> everyone's op mature trees so they could -- they took down all the trees. >> the city plans to plant trees between the proper line with the old field and and the home. sky is not sure how it will work for him. >> you show me three feet? >> it will have to be a skinny tree. >> ted daniel fox 25 news. >> we e-mailed the mayor of information and policy to ask about the scoreboard but we have not heard back. construction on the new field is
4:47 pm
>> there are more reports of clouds targeting -- clowns targeting children in north carolina, police in winston-salem say that a man dressed as a clown tried to lure children into the woods. it happened sunday night. police say an adult heard the clown trying to entice kids into the woods with treat, luckily the clown was not successful, but has adults on the community on edge. >> round up some people and let's get them, i think we will be in a big fight. >> start counting my grd >> really a bizarre story. the same clown was spotted hours later in another neighborhood. so police are now investigating there, but so far they have not been able to find their suspect. perhaps the strengthest part of the whole thing, it's not the first time this incident has happened. recently south carolina police have been investigating similar reports there. >> i was watching comments on
4:48 pm
seen (^) a rain drop despite predictions. guess what, her comes hermine back at you, i think we have heavy rain towards the jersey coastline, but the most amazing part of this is to find the center is it's still on satellite pictures, it is still strong at 50 miles per hour and wants to track toward us. it will do so, but it will be in a weakened state. still churning up waters out there and there are still showers rotating around that center, far away from , afternoon. couple of these are heavier, too, teak you the the whitman area, a little yellow heightened here above the t. in whitman. you will see it right there, heavier rain showers along culver boulevard off 27 coming through downtown whitman. off to the south here, lakeville, to rochester, wareham, carver, clen ton seeing heavy rain and we will see what is happening in blimpton, (^) 44 perhaps? right here, yeah, that's 44.
4:49 pm
locations. these are not for everyone. i get that, south shore, but a few spots getting the heavier showers right now. still waiting for the latest track for her mine to come in now. 50 miles per hour winds, westward movement at 7 miles per hour. so, the forecast will go that by and then eventually turn to the northeast and eject as most of the storms tend toto. to do. as it does, it will keep the clouds, on-shore winds will spread showers. wind gusts are not like they are only gusting in the 20s, no more tropical storm for us, no more tropical storm warnings, we are in southern new england, it's all dropped because the storm weakened enough. rain showers circle through, really you can't pay attention to where these are at 6:30 in the morning, raining in worcester not so sure. what futurecast is trying to tell us is there is going to be more showers that circle on in, don't go by the place of employment, go by the fact that
4:50 pm
into the thursday as well. by the same time you get breaks in the cloud here there, too, we saw some in the way into work they were brief but they were there and that happens between some bands of showers with the tropical system, you get a shower and sinking air and a break of sun and then another band of showers that comes through. by thursday morning, that storm ejects, more showers coming across cape and the islands, if it's still holding together that will be the last gasp of the storm as it comes on by. high temperatures tomorrow, here on caip there, 80 degrees barn stable, 78 dennis tomorrow afternoon. back here to worcester county, temperatures going to be mostly in the 70s with 80s in places like bellingham and ux brinl. north shore, out there, well, malden 75, boston 75. that's not exactly north shore. we will get up there. merrimac valley temperatures around 90, says sex only 74 degrees with the on-shore wind continuing to blow in. seven-day forecast, things get better as we progress. the storm pulls away thursday, whatever is left of it anyway.
4:51 pm
will be sticky and 85 degrees. friday a mixture of sun and clouds and 87. a cold front pushing toward us, it will increase the clouds on saturday. i expect it to bring showers to the area on sunday, so your weekend is always in view. here is a better look. 82 degrees on saturday and down to 80 on sunday as the front comes on through and the increase in clouds that comes with it. behind that front, we will cool off substantially. temperatures in the 70s for highs even with sunshine, on monday and tuesday, right now still waiting the latest track from the national hurricane center to update you on everything hermine. >> kevin, thank chris brown is maintaining his innocence a week after police had a stand off at his los angeles home. in a video brown said his character has been defaced but the truth will come out. fox 25 told you last tuesday the police swarmed his house after a woman accused him of pointing a gun at his head. officers arrested him. >> comedian which i have chase n rehab, he checked himself in
4:52 pm
his recovery. he has a history of substance abuse. he spent time at the betty ford clinic in the 1980s after becoming addicted to pain killers. >> this one is for you, bob. get ready, it can change your weekend. >> okay. >> starbucks is testing out a weekend brunch menu. the coffee giant added waffles and quiches, which are pronounced quickie? >> no, it's not a new england word. >> dozens of storms washington state and a few other, if it is successful it could be added to shops in our area. >> boston is ranking as one of the best cities for boater, according to red fin they are no. 9, the median sale price of water front home, the number of months with high temperatures, and the number of registered boats in the state. we have all had bad neighbors but one person is accused of
4:53 pm
far. >> this is private property, no trespassing, what he doing over here pushing my house over? >> coming up at 4:00, the men who drove a bulldozer, yes, a bulldozer right into his neighbor's house. why bright lights could be behind the whole thing. here is vanessa welch with what we are working on for the fox 25 news at 5:00. vanessa this is. >> bob, we track hermine at this hour, this is picking up surf along the coastline. our meteorologist jason brewer is live on the south shore with more on how long it will be sun comes back out. plus, for years now obesity has been linked to cancer. coming up at 5:00, the results from a new study that has added
4:54 pm
four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes.
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let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few. vote no on question 2. it's about time the taco... came out of its shell. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
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>> my husband and i went over and saw the crosses that were designed for the victims and it was really touching and i wanted to do something to honor them. >> elizabeth: shoes took 45 hours to make, but they're not for sale. the she will only give them to the keepers of the permanent memorial or a victim's family member. >> walt disney world will now scan the fingers of young children as they enter theme parks. the goal is to fight fraud to block the use of shared tickets. children between the ages of three an nine will now be scanned. older children and adults have already had their fingers scanned for years. >> a dispute between neighbors is likely why one tennessee family is without a home. police say one man reportedly used a backhoe to bulldoze his neighbor's house over the weekend. john and his family who lived in that destroyed home said they don't understand why this happened. now, officials are painting a different picture, saying it was
4:58 pm
they say john reportedly told people that people were shining lights into his house and he suspected his neighbor's employees. he was arrested hours before his home was destroyed for firing warning shots into the woods. >> boy, that got out-of-control real fast. >> it certainly did. happening right now, we have the latest on the fading storm, hermine that is still churning up the water, just off the coast. >> the fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. >> mark: now at 5:00 p.m., we continue to track hermine, she's moving slowly. >> kevin: here's that storm, spinning farther away from us, but still impacting our coast. >> the reporter: ferry service resumes, but rough seas for travelers coming home from nantucket. >> it was a little choppy. i had two sea sick passengers. >> how long dangerous conditions will continue to affect our coast. plus -- >> an s.s.u. police officer faces a judge for sex crimes. the unlikely place we've learned he was allegedly caught in the act.
4:59 pm
to court. the key evidence he hopes to keep out of his sexual assault case. >> >> vanessa: the principal at weston high school is warning parents about a social media scheme targeting the sophomore class. it involves snapchat. the principal says someone has created a fake snapchat account and is targeting boys, soliciting compromising pictures. sofa have been targeted, but he warns, besides causing embarrassment and emotional distress, sending pictures like this qualifies as dissemination of child pornography, which is a felony. the principal is now asking parents to talk with their kids about snapchat as the school investigates. fox 25 is working right now to get more details in weston, look for a live report all new at 6:00 p.m. >> mark: also tonight, a tropical storm warning is no longer in effect for hour area,
5:00 pm
good evening, every i'm, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. that storm is slowly moving out to sea, but we could see dangerous surf and rip currents at the coast. we have fox 25 news team coverage for you tonight. meteorologist jason brewer live in duxbury with more on the conditions there. >> mark: but first, let's go to fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, with more on where hermine is now. >> kevin: yeah, spinning around to our south, guys, an believe it or not, moving toward the west, so in the first couple of -- see the thunder, moving this way, toward the new jersey coastline, sending ban these storms when they open up, they're weakening. what i mean by that, there is no real right side to this storm. there's a low level circulation, but everything is on the west side. it's a half storm right now. that's what we call a weakening nor'easter as this point, and when you look to the north, it's still close enough, even though it's far away, to send rain bands into southern new england. they're just not all that heavy. and a couple spots coming down pretty hard. it does come down hard briefly in some of these as they rotate


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