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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 7, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. now at 4:00, students at a local school are being asked to share naked photos on snapchat. how officials are having a hard time contacting the person making these claims and the charges this suspect could face. a bunch of thieves swarm an iphone store stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. to hide their identities from police. days before 9/11, national security is the new focus of the national campaign. coming up, the big boost donald trump just received from dozens of military members. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 4 a.m. on this wednesday, september 7, i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, i am yule yule. wind not expected to be an
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meteorologist her shiri says we are expecting a few more showers. she is in fox25 storm tracker weather center with drizzle for the morning drive and shiri, you and i will be keeping an eye on the fog as well. >> shiri: yeah, we will. one of those drives that will be a little bit of a nuance out there. light rain. these are still attached to what was hermine. now just the remnants of hermine. has a little spin down to the south. right now we are tracking that drizzle, inching toward boston, moving through norwood as well. we in the in between. misty and hit the windshield wipers every now and then just because such a moist atmosphere out there right now. light fog in the cape and islands into boston and starts getting thicker off the north and west. portsmouth 3-mile visibility. quarter-mile visibility means dense fog right now. we have this patchy fog that we will be coping with until 10:00. the hour-by-hour forecast in
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though mostly cloudy icons. i would count on an occasional drizzle breaking things out. 8 a.m., 68. 70s at 10:00 this morning and high temperatures should make it into the mid- to upper 70s in and around boston. guilt 74 to 80 degrees. area of fog this morning. drizzly times ahead. i will show you when the drizzle is done for good coming up. send it pack to you for live drive-time traffic. >> sumner tunnel is closed overnight until 5 a.m., the detour is the ted williams tunnel westbound. as far as the roads, things nice and quiet out there. nice and early expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway. 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 4:02 right now. an urgent warning to local high school students from police. beware of a potential predator on snapchat.
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sophomore class. a user is contacting teens on the app ands can them for explicit photos. administrators at the school don't know anything about the fake accountholder including whether or not they are connected to the school. the principal says he has gotten some reports that some of the boys had sent photos back to that fake accountholder. now students are being reminded by police and staff that taking or sending such photos in a felony. >> it's frightening because i ow the time. so it is very concerning, and actually i wanted to know more about it. >> administrators held an assembly to warn students about it and they sent home letters to parentsing can them to remind students that images on apps like snapchat autodelete from phones and can be stored on a network and can be used in court. investigating a well-organized theft at a apple store.
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off with phones. they kept their heads covered with weighthits and grabbed 22 phones and took off in a white car with the plates covered up. police are hoping surveillance video brings more clues. back in july a similar crime at a convenience store. surveillance and footage show a mob rushing in and ripping items off the shelves before getting away. new details of a deadly hit-and-run in mattapan. video from the scene show the driver stopped to look at the victim's during anthony buchanan's arraignment yesterday. he is accused of hitting jeanette sims with a rental car saturday night and just before that, prosecutors say buchanan nearly hit a shooter. the scooter's driver had a small camera that captured the moment after the deadly crash. buchanan pled not guilty to charges and held on $5,000
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for intentionally driving his car into the cape cod canal. people who witnessed the crash yesterday morning told "the cape cod times" the man seemed to be scoping out the area first. police are not released his name but he will face several charges including operating to endanger. still to word on the cause of this crash that hild a 74-year-old marlborough man. there wasn't much left of the car you can see after it went off elm street and rolled into the trees. not see the accident but definitely heard it. >> it was a bang, bang, bang, and then a huge explosion almost. it shook -- it shook the house. >> reporter: the driver peter norton was pronounced dead at the scene. the intersection where that accident happened is known for frequent classes. a decision is expected this week in the controversy over a body camera pilot program at the boston police department.
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expected and back on stand today to discuss the program. while testifying yesterday, the commissioner said he believes the pilot program should move forward. as first reported, 100 officers were randomly chosen to wear body cameras after no one volunteered. the union insists they never discouraged members to wear them. we stand united association says don't volunteer, you would be ostracized. >> do you discourage your members from participating in. >> not at all ever julie the body camera program was set to start on monday. 4:06, a salem police officer is suing after losing part of her ear during an arrest. accused of biting off the officer's ear outside tavern in the square.
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negligent and civil battery and she is going after the restaurant's corporate owner for serving alcohol to wile host was only 19. the ifer is asking for lost income, medical expenses and money for her injury. it is now 4:7. happening today, a quincy woman will be arraigned, accused of driving drunk and crashing into the back of a state police cruiser. now only on fox25, catherine burcham is talking to the colonel who says drives are not listening and putting men >> a serious concern. >> reporter: the colonel sits down with fox25 just hours after learning another one his troopers was sent to the hospital by a suspected drunk driver. >> they are trained extremely well how to stop the vehicle and where to position themselves. nevertheless, it is the unexpected. >> reporter: the unexpected this summer, a rise in crashes on the side of local highways. in march trooper thomas clardy
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several others were injured and highway workers hit by apparent drunk drivers. >> i think we owe society in general the respect to be able to allow people to work hard without being injured in their jobs. >> reporter: just a few weeks ago, state police and mass dot begin a new partnership to combat the rising criminal issue. while the campaign for the rule over law has been successful, the driving public still seeks to disregard warnings against those >> it can be very frustrating. we have communicated this message time and time again. >> reporter: the state's top cop is appealing drivers once again to protect those who protect pus. >> really feel the empathy on what some of those responsibilities and duties are. >> reporter: the end of the construction detailed season they hope to move some of those back on patrol for
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zones. already this month with a new task force, they have arrested 20 impaired drivers in weston, catherine buncham, fox25 news. fox25 investigates has learned the company that runs the commuter rail is investigating workers for stealing taxpayer money business cheating on their time sheets. a union leader says officials held discipline hearings last week on time discrepancy for laborers and electricians that work the investigation comes when officials are looking to outsource more service to contractor. they would not tell us how much money was stolen due to fraud. donald trump is asked to call on congress to boost military spending and receive endorsement from 90 members of the military. the republican nominee received a alert of support signed by 88 former members of the armed forces after calling for an overhaul of the nation's military. trump says he plans to
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end budget cuts but have not said much about how that will happen. at his rally yesterday, he said he wants to make health care more accessible for veterans. hillary clinton is calling out donald trump on those military plans at her campaign in florida yesterday. she criticized his past comments on military families and veterans. and the democratic nominee doesn't agree on his plans for national security. >> when it comes to fighting isis, he has been all over the map. he tal american ground troops. not on my watch. that is not what we are going to do. >> hillary clinton has been getting support from local politicians. senator elizabeth warren is hitting the campaign trail again this week to rally for the democratic presidential hopeful. the senior senator will return to philadelphia a month after she delivered her convention speech there. warren has events at the why have the of pennsylvania on friday. a major deal to fight the zika virus did not get the
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senate. democrats shot it down saying it was too political. the $1.1 billion bill includes moves to block planned parenthood funding and end a ban on confederate flags in cemeteries. several congressional republican want to lump zika in with other measures. and this comes as more cases of the zika virus have been reported in south florida. clay buchholz helped to red sox move for tie for first place in the american league east. highlights from last night's game in the west coast. top of the 4th and one on. jackie bradley jr. is at the plate. high and in the zone and makes the padres play with a two-run shot to the right. looking good. next batter up, chris young sends one to left. it hits the top of the wall. oh, right there making it a 3-game. the sox will drive in two more runs in the fifth and this
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toronto. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. the expressway is part of your morning commute. we are in the single digits right now. 9 minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. shiri. a dense fog advisory in effect for southeastern new hampshire until 10:00. on top of that we do need other areas with patchy fog. light fog and plan on drizzle as well. temperatures hanging out in the mid- to upper 60s there. i will time out the warm >> julie: all right, shiri. new hope for hundreds of animals in one of the cases of worst animal cruelities. new at 4:30. the movement across the northeast to help those animals. apple fans are counting down to the unveiling of the newest iphone.
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happening today, christmas is coming early to silicon valley as apple fans wait for the announcement of a new iphone. biggest news circling around phone is the lack of the headphone jack. users instead will have to use wireless headphones or headphones that plug into the charging port. other rumors that the iphone 7 will include five color options that are water resistant and two rear camera lenses. apple will end the speculation this afternoon at 1:00 when it unveils the phone. instagram is killing photo map. the social network will no
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map of where the photo was taken. instagram said the feature wasn't widely used and decided to remove and focus on other priorities in just a week ago instagram rolled out a feature to allow users to zoom in on their photo. mass dot is holding another public meeting of its new overhead tolls. it wants a chance to explain how worked. today's meeting happening at north shore community college in lynn. last night in worcester, many people were concerned about having to pay more for a toll if they don't d.o.t. tells fox25 that it is all about covering cost. >> we are not punishing you, but it costs us money to process your transaction, so is that there for the 2.4 million people who have gotten an easy pass transponder issued by the commonwealth. >> fox25 says data collected by the tolls can only be used in emergency situations like during an amber alert. log on to for more on that, and the pricing
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month. just about 4:17 in the morning. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. a lot of green on our maps right now at this early hour. that means things wide open on the expressway and 128. north of the pike. want to remind that you sumner tunnel closed until 5 a.m. detour ted williams tunnel westbound. live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 29 minutes on 93 out and 23 minutes from route 1 in peabody meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. and shiri, you describe today as kind of nuisance weather out there. >> shiri: yeah a little headache conditions between the fog and drizzle that you know will slow you down. no longer tracking hermine as a post-tropical. the remnants linger to the out and this is responsible for bringing in the clouds and showers today more patchy drizzle at times here through your wednesday. high surf at south-facing beaches.
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find some of the biggest waves today. 66 degrees is the temperature right now in boston. see that we have a little bit of drizzle heading into the city. mostly cloudy skies. expecting some light rain out of those showers this morning and that's what you can see here at 6 a.m. i don't think it will only be 6 a.m. we will hang tight to mostly cloudy skies, occasionally we will get those patches of drizzle with winds coming in off the water so at 8 a.m., 68 degrees. kind of slow warm-up. 10 a.m., 70 degrees we will reach the mid and upper 70s in and around the boston area. another thing we are watching worcester currently at 66 degrees. see that visibility. we have quarter-mile visibility right now in worcester. there is fog out on the roads and going to be misty, it is going to be foggy and even a lot of the spots where we don't necessarily have green overhead will be moist enough to grab raincoat and umbrella when you leave the house. worcester today will get up to 70 degrees. at noontime making it into the
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future cast here. this is what was hermine no longer, but it is an area of low pressure that is hanging out to our south today. notice the motions of the winds around this disturbance coming in off the water that is picking up a ton of moisture over the ocean, swinging it onshore and will help fuel some ongoing clouds today as well as that risk for drizzle. at noontime, i think that we will have a lot of cloudy spots. a couple of sprinkles on the map, and also the potential couple of cracks in the clouds every now and then. you might see a little hazy blue up above and will not last very long and something you can bust to for a little while. 5 p.m. like yesterday, a couple of patched drill -- drizzle, a couple of areas of rain on the road to get you home from work. not a very heavy rain and no rain at 8:00 and get ready for overnight drizzle and fog and
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morning. the good news is tomorrow through the day, a warm and humid at least second half of the day with more and more breaks in the clouds. i think the later we go. some high temperatures today from 74 in boston and 75 in worcester to the upper 70s and lower 80s inland. at about 75 in hyannis and 78 on the vineyard. here is your seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view because overnight is 60s with drizzle and fog. 89 degrees with late breaks in the showers. friday 88 degrees. it is hot and humid. 82 on saturday win creasing clouds and sunday, watching the risk for some more showers before we clear out to start off next workweek. back to you guys. >> daniel: shiri, thank you. new concerns of concussions in kids. still coming your way this morning, what the majority of parents are doing that could actually be making it worse. a local fire department adding five new women to its department.
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happening today, one man's cross country bike ride is coming to an end right near in boston. bill has pedalled 4,000 miles
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back in june and visited 23 states this summer. his goal was to meet as many police officers as possible to say thanks for the job they do every day serving the people of the u.s. he will finish his ride today at the old north church. >> wow, what an exciting ride. >> the fire department has added five i women to its team of fire fighters. that makes them 20% of the entire staff. fox25's vanessa welch show us how these moms are the best fit for the >> something different about this fire fighting team in groveland, it is made up of five women. they can do everything their male counterparts can do and their size have its advantages. >> because i am the lightest smaller one that can fit through that bathroom window that happened to be left unlocked. >> reporter: lisa evans is the veteran that worked for the west newbury fire department for six years before coming to groveland. >> i really wanted to help the
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>> reporter: that inspired jennifer hicks, a mom of two. >> i want somebody who is passionate about it running in out of my kids and i am passionate about it and i will go in after your kids. >> reporter: talking to these women, you can hear their compassion for helping others. she watched her husband go through the fire academy and says his passion for the job was contagious. one day she said, i can do this too. >> going in as a female in primarily an all male department, it can be a little nerveracking. >> reporter: helps to have four female force. together they are challenging themselves mentally and physically. >> i am pushing my stove a different limit. >> reporter: with strength and determination, these women are crushing stereotypes while serving their community. >> we hope that we show that you can be male, female, doesn't matter. anyone can go and do this job. >> reporter: vanessa welch, fox25 news. groveland fire fighters are paid, but they are referred to as called fire fighters meaning they are not staffed at the firehouse but called in when needed and have
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call. students at one holyoke elementary school getting a big surprise when they went back to school. kelly elementary school students will not be getting any homework this year. that's right. principals say students do better in school when they spend more time with their family. students will be at the school two hours longer than previous years. the no homework year will be considered a pilot year and will be evaluated next sunday to see if standardized test scores improve. a college student earned crumbled up piece of paper. the crowd goes wild. viny in his chemistry class at ohio state university. every year the professor of that class tosses a paper ball into the crowd of students while demonstrating the process of donating a proton. he offers the class a perfect score on the quiz if one student can throw it across
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ended up on the snapchat story and went viral. >> daniel: thing is fantastic. let's see if we can -- >> julie: yes, he made it! >> daniel: by a longshot. missed it. still ahead this morning, it was out toed as a needle-free option for the flu vaccine but not this year. why doctors won't recommend the flumist for kids. first, big pap circumstances getting capital one believes your bank should work for you, so capital one reimagined banking... ?? with a place that feels nothing like a bank. and helpful people that talk to you...not sell to you. with free checking accounts that are actually free... no minimums. no fees. and a top-rated app, let's you bank right here. that's banking reimagined.
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now at 4:30. police warning of a stranger targeting local high school students on a social media app. that popular app that suspect is using to solicit naked photos and why investigators are having a tough time tracking that person down. boston police commissioner will take the stand as a hearing respwums a controversial body camera pilot program. why the commissioner believes that program haven't gotten any support.
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gorilla at a zoo over the summer is the focus on talks on local college campuses. why students aren't allowed to mention his name. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. julie good wednesday morning, everybody, 4:30 on september 7. i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. thank you for joining us. a dreary start of the day in many towns and cities and meteorologist shiri spear to fox25 stormtracker weather sent we are how long and drizzle will stick around, shiri. >> shiri: yes, we will deal with patchy fog. probably dense in a couple of spots until 10:00 this morning. this morning definitely not winning any rewards. not looking so pretty out here. and the fog in worcester with quarter-mile visibility and official points north and west of boston into new hampshire. merrimack valley. where we have some of the thickest fog early on this morning. we also have sprinkles we are watching with light rain over scituate, and norwood down to


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