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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 7, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> julie: group of boys swarm a apple store to get away with apple phones and robbery they are investigating. conversation with kids all the time whatever is out there is out there. >> disturbing messages some students have gotten that have police pretty concerned. why more than 100 people are about to go swimming in the same local river where an anaconda may be lurking. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good morning, everyone, it is 9:00 on wednesday, september 7th.
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on radar. >> shiri: radar and tale not two different cities worcester cloud and he it cloudy skies in fitchburg, over to nashua, rain in beverly, boston and norwood. the sun is shining right now in nantucket. i just got a beautiful picture on twitter, retweeted it, full on blue skies there. so don't have much in the way of foggy issue over the cape and islands, norwood, where we have had showers pop up where we have the so got norwood two and a half miles visibility. worcester, the worst of the fog i had this morning, still reports of visibility near zero around the airport, but hour-by-hour forecast in boston isn't all rain today. but it is also not all completely dry. mostly cloudy skies, temperatures will get into the low to mid-70s and hover there for the afternoon. we got occasional sprinkles that will also be falling. so overall temperatures today
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into southern new hampshire, areas of fog this morning through about 10:00 a.m. we should start to see some improvements in the next hour. drizzly times also both morning, afternoon and even overnight tonight. i will show you when the showers finally let up for good in a couple minutes. julie back now with live drive time traffic. hey, julie. >> julie: drive times let up on 93 south, traffic slow looking slightly better on 93. when i say slightly better red isn't as far and long. amount of red starting to finally dissipate. average speeds 8 miles per hour on 128 southbound through lexington. south of the pike 95 still trouble spot today as you approach 128. unfortunately still slow going on the zakim bridge but not nearly as bad as what we saw earlier this morning. over to the live drive time, 49 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 38 minutes on the expressway. about an hour and ten minutes on
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leverett connector. >> julie: we have update to developing news on body found in commuter rail tracks in allston. body of man believed to be 18 years old found in the tracks under the mass pike by boston university. investigators believe the victim may have been struck by a commuter rail train after jumping from the elevated road. foul play not suspected. they were stopped as police gathered evidence at the scene. >> stranger using ao teens. >> julie: police say someone sent messages to several male students asking for nude pictures. jessica reyes live outside police station where students have been reluctant to come forward. >> so far no one involved in all of this has come forward and as you could probably imagine, this made word around the high school pretty quickly and this morning a lot of kids that go there, pretty creeped out as a thought that person behind the account
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school official in weston sending a strong message to students as a snapchat scandalun folds at the high school. >> it is frightening because i know the kids are on that all the time. >> superintendent sent out warning this week. he says someone, they don't know who, started a fake significant account targeting sophomore boys trying to get them to send naked photos over the app. principal concerned about rumors that some of the boys had actually sent explicit photos back but it is not quite clear one has come forward. administrators and police have no idea who this person could be or if they are from in or outside the school. >> it is terrible because it has serious consequences or could have serious consequences. express how life-changing one photo could be. >> authorities have to find out where it is starting, where it
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of parents are worried kids might not grasp how serious this is. >> i think we have the conversation with our kids all the time that whatever is out there is out there forever, but i don't know it really gets through to them. >> now, because no one has come forward and there's no real evidence at this point, police are not investigating right now but they are seen anyone with information about the account or people behind it to come forward. live in weston, i'm jessic >> daniel: hingham police trying to identify a group of teens that swarmed a local apple store and made off with 22 new iphones adding up to $14,000 in merchandise. officials say about ten teen hit the store at derby street shops about six monday night and witnesses say teens were wearing sweatshirts with hoods on. some took off with license covered and ran across the parking lot and waiting for them
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soon as the investigation continues. >> julie: prosecutors say video from the scene driver stopped to look at the victim's body before taking off. those details were revealed during anthony buchanan's arraignment yesterday. he is accused of hitting johnette sims with rental car saturday night. before that prosecutors say buchanan nearly hit a scooter. the scooter's driver had small-capture that captured the moments after the deadly crash. buchanan pled not guilty to charges an >> daniel: borne man facing charges after driving car into cape cod canal. rescue crews pulling man out of the water after he swam to safety. people that witnessed crash yesterday morning told the cape cod times the man seemed to be scoping out the area first. police have not released his name but say he will face several charges including operating to endanger. still no word on cause of crash that killed 74-year-old marlboro
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car as you could see after it went off elm street and rolled into the trees. neighbors told fox25 they didn't see the accident but they definitely heard it. >> it was a bang, bang, bang and then a huge explosion almost. it shook the house. >> daniel: driver was pronounced dead at the scene. the neighbors said the intersection where the accident happened is known crashes. >> daniel: >> julie: new this morning salem police officer suing after losing part of her ear after an arrest a month ago. the officer is suing emma wiley for civil battery and going after the corporate owner for serving alcohol to wiley whose
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>> julie: treated for a stroke that left her with diminished mental capacity. prosecutors say exams show the woman is capable of making her own decisions. kidnapping charges against colnonhave been dropped and woman getting treatment at different facility. >> daniel: closing doors leaving students around the country deep in that includes more than 500 students right here in massachusetts. itt tech made that big announcement yesterday citing recent federal move that bans the for profit from accepting new students that use federal financial aid. massachusetts attorney general maura healey tells fox25 she is not surprised. earlier this year she filed a lawsuit accusing school lying about the graduation rates, job placement and curriculum. >> this is one of the typical
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has been out there taking advantage of students in massachusetts and across this country. >> daniel: healy says the state's lawsuit will continue and meantime there are three things she says students should do immediately. first cancel all payments to the school. second save all documents related to payments already made and finally, know that they are eligible to discharge federal loans. >> daniel: new this morning regulate short-term rentals like starting point. under the plan anyone renting out room at airbnb would need special licensing and property up to code. leaders say they also need to make sure be neighborhoods are protected after one neighborhood complained about a home being used as airbnb. >> daniel: fox25 investigates the company that runs the commuter rail investigating workers for stealing from taxpayer money by cheating on time sheets.
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discrepancies for laborers and electricians that work at engineer terminal in somerville. the investigation comes at time when mbta officials are looking to outsource more services to contractors. keolis would not tell us how much money was stolen due to fraud. >> today massdot holding another meeting about new overhead tolls. it wants a chance to explain how the tolls will work and how much money they will cost drivers. today's meeting is happening at north shore community college in people were concerned about having to pay more per toll if they don't have an ez pass. massdot tells fox25 data it collected by the toll will only be used in emergency situation. >> daniel: workers at harvard dining hall getting ready to go on strike. they have been negotiating details of contract with university for more than three months now. the union is pushing for at least $35,000 aior and pay for all employees and more
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workers are scheduled to announce plan for rally at 2:00 this afternoon and current contract with no strike clause expires in ten days. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. more issues in the area of the zakim bridge and leverett connector. brand-new accident on the leverett connector outbound and see the left lane is blocked, two cars are involved and people just creeping along the right-hand lane. we have one person walking along right next to those cars on the left-hand lanes and just happened within the last few minutes and keep you posted on timeline in last few minutes. >> shiri: two-hundred of inch of rain and more in worcester as well so it has been a damp morning. we have had kind of steady light to moderate rain and many towns and cities, 68 in boston,
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today and also breaks in the clouds and which should end up being the brightest of them all when we come back. >> julie: one boy able to stay safe while thief ransacked the belongings. >> might as well get one lantern fired up because cyclist ending 4,000-mile trek right here at
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timing out scattered rain coming up. >> daniel: 4,000 miles to say thank you to police officers he meets along the way. bill morin left on june 6th in seattle and started preparing for the journey last november. michael henrich is at the old north church where, michael,
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today. >> michael: old north church, 3-month track, just a little bit longer than paul revere midnight ride. the journey is long. >> trying to find a road that's not too busy. >> road sometimes lonely but bill would not change a change. >> this is a wonderful country we live in. >> michael: bill spoke with us, last day of 3-month he 4,000 miles ago the man from tennessee peddled out of seattle, zipped across to the midwest, down to florida and up the east coast. all to say thank you and as many police officers, firefighters and members of the military as he could. >> probably one of the jobs that we ask anyone to do and they do it with pride and they do it with dignity, interestingly
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thing. can i help you? and i'm not the one needing help right now. >> michael: before training last fall he hasn't owned a bike in 27 years. >> move away, too old, job, don't have bike. you think of it, i thought of it. >> michael: yes pull of showing gratitude of bravest men and women and scene that again in 23 states. >> put my hand out and tell them thank you and they say for what?
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>> daniel: giant snake lurking in main despite concerns over the 10-foot anaconda and more than 100 triathletes will die into the river this weekend. we first showed you the picture last week. giant snake skin found in westbrook. the snake itself dining along the banks of the river earlier this summer and organizers major league triathlon told the globe they got the green the group is playing up the anaconda angle giving out giant plush snakes to the top finishers. what do you think? >> julie: let's hope everyone gets a plush snake and don't
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>> julie: 37 minutes on expressway, about an hour and ten minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri sp shiri, the traffic camera looked overcast and just kind of dreary all day. >> shiri: crazy thing is location. check outbreak of blue out there, 15 minutes old, nantucket looking fantastic this morning. we got gorgeous whether you skies there and then on flip side of the whole thing and tweet and this is 146 south looking toward the blackstone
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mass most of the day and decent fog with near-zero visibility and on and off showers through at least the rest of the morning hours and working way into the middle 70s and the greater worcester area and boston though at 68?. right now we have some drizzle very close by get drizzle and temperatures here making it into the middle 70s. yes, there will be warmer locations. here is future cast and still got the remnants of hermine off to the south and still going to do a number on our own local forecast. it is still drawing in the moisture, still pivoting in some showers through the rest of the day, so at noon time it is not going to be necessarily norwood and risk of spotty showers
9:21 am
southern new hampshire, just be ready for wet times today, best bet for breaks in the clouds north and west of boston and you can see not painting a pretty picture here and for the evening commute we could even have a couple areas here with steadier rain. breaks in cloud cover and turns partly sunny, going to be warm and humid as well. this front then goes through the area and as it does, not going that potent but could stir up late thursday night showers like when sleeping. this afternoon we got temperatures at 74. in boston 76 in worcester. couple 80s in between, brightest spot going to be right there over nantucket but even there we will have to watch out for the clouds thickening up and bands of rain moving on in.
9:22 am
going to wake up to very similar conditions tomorrow morning. highs in the low to mid-80s with morning drizzle and then partial sun awesome and nice crisp 50s when we wake and up highs in the 70s. >> daniel: top apps kids are using to hide behavior for parents. using to hide behavior for parents. personal information exposed in narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results"
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four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few. vote no on question 2. >> daniel: attack compromised personal information belonging to 22 million people. >> reporter: associate numbers, fingerprint records, security clearance information, hackers got it all on current, former and perspective employees as well as contractors. in two separate security breaches with it 014 and two it 015. u.s. office of personnel
9:26 am
basic cyber security recommendations that could have prevented major attacks. according to new congressional investigation being released today. failing to secure sensitive data despite warnings for years that it was vulnerable to hackers. agency just put in basic massive breach suspected to be linked to the chinese government led to resignation of opm director and top democratic on overnight panel reportedly rejected the report's findings in a memo to other democrats claiming the report had factual deficiencies and did not take into account mistakes made by federal contractors. >> julie: disney announced
9:27 am
they have been scanning fingerprints of adults for years and stop use of stolen and shared tickets. parents that do not want children fingerprint scanned can use their own instead. >> daniel: 12-year-old boy came face-to-face and in his room watching television when heard knock on door. when didn't answer the man came in through the kitchen won't. the boy then ran and hid in the bathroom where he called 911. police arrived but the dollars in jewelry and electronics. >> waves that will be pretty decent, three to 6 feet, moderate to high risk of rip currents, temperatures at beaches maxed out and high surf advisory surf coast and islands until 6:00 p.m. wait until you see the big turn around by the end of the week
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and big change that will make it a little harder to listen to favorite music. >> never seen active and
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>> julie: covered up by rain, feeling humidity and summer still in sight. >> wednesday september 7th, i'm daniel miller. >> julie: i'm julie grauert. let's check in with shiri spear. >> shiri: clouds breaking up in boston and beverly and lawrence, we still got a little bit of light rain and drizzle in place, worcester really been struggling this morning. still reports of dense fog out there. but it is a little tricky because we got some light rain from boston to norwood and down to norfolk this morning and over to wrentham. but areas like the outer cape and nantucket have seen some sunshine this morning. temperatures there warming up a little more easily into the
9:32 am
69 in amherst, new hampshire. your day planner, especially in greater boston area involved a lot of clouds. kind of drizzly and foggy now. it is going to be mostly cloudy at noon. 3:00 p.m. 78? with spot showers and 7:00 this evening, 73?. not a total washout and there will be breaks in the clouds that you can look forward well. 93 south and expressway and new accident on the expressway northbound right as you approached the o'neill tunnel. so very busy spot of the expressway and going to increase drive time. 93 south still slow going as 128 southbound to the lexington area and panned out shot of the zakim
9:33 am
there we go clearing up as we speak. and leverett connector outbound opened back up in just a moment. >> point out 71 minutes on 93 south and hour and ten minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: defending department's plan to equip officers with body cameras. fox25 catherine parrotta is live in boston. catherine, union wants to >> forcing officers to violate body cameras they reached in july and going into the courthouse around 8:30 and first to speak this morning war left off and hearing resuming right
9:34 am
about the body cameras for boston police. boston police commissioner william avians believe that's why the city's officers haven't volunteered. controversial issue now going before a judge after boston's largest police union filed to temporarily stop wear it. >> like gun in badge. >> aclu filed a gun saying they are not sure they are on board the idea with the program and reported yesterday the boston police patrolman's union posted notices urging members not to participate in the program until reached with the city about it and according to globe one warning had officer sanctions any officer that volunteers across the top but union denies situation officers from the
9:35 am
>> discourage members from volunteering. >> it is on board with the program but wants answers answered first and commissioner evans says the police have nothing to hide but camera only show and will launch monday. >> catherine: judge intend to have a decision made on tremendous. catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: warning for parents in one local town. teen boys were asked for naked pictures. investigators are having a hard type to get students to come forward. jess? >> jessica: none of the kids involved have come forward, so police really don't have a whole lot to go on and even though we know they are pretty concerned about this especially because
9:36 am
behind this mysterious account. these superintendent of schools we know sent out warning to parents this week and someone, they don't know who, has been targeting sophomore boys trying to get them to send explicit photos over snapchat. the principal was especially concerned when he heard some of the boys may have actually sent the photos that person was asking for. these kids have no doubt been warned over and over again to never police sergeant to try to impress upon them just how serious this can be. >> jessica: they are asking anyone with information on account and perhaps who could be
9:37 am
call. >> daniel: framingham state police officer now denying allegations he committed a sex act in front of a student. wilter dormevil was fired from his job yesterday. he was arrested saturday for allegedly performing the sex act in front of a student employee working in the dispatch center. fsu police chief bradford told us the officers gohave to pass more than 25 step screening process before they are given a badge. right now police are trying to track down the driver who h 19-year-old on umass lowell's campus and then took off. happened just before 2:00 a.m. yesterday on akin street. witnesses told us the victim who was not a student was walking with friend when she may have stepped out in front of a vehicle and was knocked unconscious. the victim was taken to the hospital and released. the car is described as gray or silver sedan with possible front
9:38 am
>> julie: controversy continues about hiramba the gorilla's death and largest university is right in the middle of it. >> reporter: hiramba gorilla has been dead but one e-mail gorilla named heir ram bay. >> people can continue to reference. >> warned remarks would be considered dering on tore and he micro aggressions that are direct attack to our campuses african-american community.
9:39 am
threatened to report to dean of students. >> four-year-old boy for the enclosure and national debate about animal welfare and parenting. of course, sitarcal means follows. >> see people wearing shirts and computer stickers and not racially based at all. >> people obviously making comments had no idea about it or like we are just thinking of it as a joke for the world. >> reporter: hiramba sound like umass african-american heritage program in coolage hall and ra's were trying to be sensitive and says intentions were good. >> needs to be placed in proper context, that's all. >> reporter: quick internet search already returns more than ten pages of content surrounding
9:40 am
doesn't look like hiramba would be going away any time soon. >> daniel: hillary clinton and donald trump will be taking the same stage answering questions about national security. they are taking part in national in chief forum that will help flush out foreign policies for voters. meanwhile donald trump has just received endorsements from military. armed forces called for overhaul of the nation's military. trump says he plans to increase defense spending and end budget cuts but hasn't said much about how that will happen. >> julie: hillary clinton calling out donald trump on defense plans. at her campaign event in florida yesterday she criticized his past comments on military families and veterans. the democratic nominee says she doesn't agree on plans for national security. >> when it comes to fighting isis, he has been all over the
9:41 am
american ground troops. not on my watch. that's not what we are going to do. hillary clinton getting support from local politicians. senator elizabeth warren hitting the campaign trail again this week to rally for the democratic presidential hopeful. the senior senator from massachusetts will return to philadelphia just a month after she delivers her convention speech there. warren has events at university of pennsylvania on friday. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. let's take you back to on 93 south were at an hour there and much better than the three hours we saw earlier and slow going on 128 southbound where we are seeing hour drive time from peabody to the weston tolls. shiri? >> shiri: one benefit to all of this rain, lowers the pollen levels and keeps them in check and weekend things are drying out and that's why pollen levels
9:42 am
>> julie: local fire department adding five new women to its department. the advantages women say they have when it comes to male coworkers. >> and we told you about the dangers of snapchat but it isn't the only app predators are using. coming up app you probably haven't heard of that kids are turning to to new hampshire college students are packing their backpacks and heading back to school. and thanks to kelly ayotte, along with the textbooks and pencils, many students are carrying more student loan debt. ayotte voted to cut pell grants and to raise student loan interest rates. because she sides with special interests looking out for their own bottom line, not our kids'. for new hampshire students and families,
9:43 am
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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apps apthat put them in danger and might not realize it. facebook, instagram, those are all popular and elizabeth hopkins uncovered the obscure app that should keep parents on alert. >> elizabeth: what you don't know can hurt your kids. >> apps that we know, like and trust but they are, in fact, fake apps designed to confuse or lie to the parents. >> hot spot shield and countless apps that can fall off a parent's radar. >> this is designed to mask itself and parent would not know that, in fact, that child installed it essentially to hide all of their inappropriate pictures. >> another decoy app, audio manager. >> it is designed to pose as audio manager but, in fact, to
9:46 am
photos, inappropriate text messages, anything that tiled -- wants to hide from parents. >> elizabeth: burn note. >> designed like snapchat and hide and mask data and in the end it erases and deletes any instant messages quickly and efficiently so the parents can't see it. >> elizabeth: savvy online creditors child's smartphone and you mit >> another one of those apps that can facilitate chats with complete strangers. so your child could be communicating with a user name 14-year-old charlie who's, in fact, 40-year-old ed and your kid or you may never know it. >> robert advises simple step for parents to keep an eye on kids app. >> it is really important
9:47 am
stink with icloud and if child installs an app it is on the adult's apps too. >> julie: all the app makers agree any abuse needs to be reported immediately. >> daniel: apple fans wait for announcement of new iphone. biggest news circling around the latest version of the phone is its lack of head wall street journal reports users instead will have to use wireless headphones or headphones that plug into the charging port. other rumors swirling include that the iphone seven will include five color options, water resistance and two year camera lenses. apple end speculation this afternoon around 1:00 when it unveils the phone. instagram kill photo maps. they will no longer have users to see where map where photo was
9:48 am
decided to remove and focus on other priorities. they rolled out feature that allowed to zoom in on photos. >> julie: extra time to produce more of the blocks. they invested in new factory in china blossom and what and -- >> run on in legos, all of sudden run on legos. >> didn't use a lot for the big papi stash. >> that's where they all went. you're right. taking look at roads right now. expressway still slow going from the braintree split up to columbia road. north of the pike 93 south continues to be a real thorn in the side and not nearly as bad as it was earlier this morning and still very slow going. 40 minutes on the expressway right now. hour on 93 south as you head
9:49 am
22 minutes on 128 northbound university avenue to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and have to get through dreary conditions before it will feel like brief return to summer. >> essentially kick the system out of here. this was hermine. it is no longer a named storm. does not have an official track. but it is still a storm. you could see it is still spinning away as area of low pressure does. it is also swinging in showers, swinging in a lot of moisture that w occasional drizzle today, so future cast i'm hopefully we will get a couple breaks in the clouds here at noon and thinking more than anything it runs mostly cloud and he still got a couple spots, sprinkle out there, and very tough to determine exactly where the showers are going to develop and where we will have the rain shower, so at 5:00 p.m. we have a little bit of everything. we got mostly cloud and he dry conditions. spot showers that were watching. kevin lemanowicz may have one or
9:50 am
partial sun and unsettled pattern that continues again today overnight and future cast at 7:00 a.m. and essentially find improvements tomorrow afternoon and pattern finally changes and remnants of hermine no longer have a grip on local forecast. for today they do mostly in the form of clouds, not in the form of folks and sustained winds the vineyard and nantucket. that's strongest that i have seen so far this morning and strongest that we will see gust at 20 or 25 miles per hour over the cape and islands and rest of the area including boston probably tapping into 10 miles per hour winds through the day but those winds coming in off the water again, dragging in moisture, that's giving us mostly cloudy, overall mostly cloudy skies today and chance for some drizzly times 74 in
9:51 am
norwood and 80 in new bedford and 77 hyannis and 60s and not going to be 60s and comfortable crack window open kind of weather. this is going to be muggy, going to be a little misty again, potential of fog and drizzle in morning hours and give warmer temperatures, close to 80 in boston, 85 in norwood and lawrence and fitchburg at about 86? and benefit of having a little rain and helps keep the ragweed in check but since things are drying out, once we hit the weekend that's where we will find the pollen levels going up. drizzle levels honestly thursday night while sleeping we could see a couple more weak showers on front and temperature at 88 here on friday. it is turning hot and humid and then over the weekend i got saturday as my pick, about 82?,
9:52 am
conditions and sunday mild with scattered showers and scattered thunderstorms before we clear out for early next week. back to you guys. >> at least they will have rhode island. taylor swift saying so long to summer romance and why they are (?) (?) when you are suffering from chest congestion but you have got a full day ahead of you, try mucinex 12-hour.
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>> julie: helmets come off and people noticing something different about the firefighters. they are all women. the women tell fox25 they can do everything a man can do and then some. >> lighter smaller one that can fit through that happened to be left unlocked. >> the groveland fire department and one of them has many years of experience and other four will go through the fire academy together this fall. >> rare 200-pound turtle being cared for at new england aquarium after being stranded on cape by hermine. take look at video sent in by fox25 viewer. the female leather backed turtle was found in barnstable harbor yesterday afternoon and turtle rehabbed at the aquarium and then will be released back into
9:56 am
fans. match made in tabloid heaven. three months of taylor swift cuddling around the world. that may be the reason the couple split too. the huffington post reports that swift and hill stone didn't agree on how public the relationship should be and wanted things out in the open while swift wanted a little more privacy. >> daniel: you know, i think -- i don't know what to one. >> shiri: stand by the girl. >> julie: new material for next song. that's what fuels so many the hits. >> daniel: what i want to talk about since we have the time. facebook post is awesome. >> shiri: right after labor day. i did it on purpose to be a rule breaker. >> daniel: question i ask. do you or don't you? >> shiri: do you. there's no rule.
9:57 am
is raining. white might not be the best friend today, scattered drizzle that will continue into tomorrow morning and looking very warm, summer like and very bright. >> daniel: thank you for joining us. >> julie: watch fox25 news at
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let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful! i smell bad!
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it's september 7th, time for great viral videos "right this minute." >> got it got it. >> a woman tells a school boy to run after he just escapes being kidnapped. >> how a crowd tries to comfort one terrified kid. she's a 700 pound bbw model with a large following online. see why to get so much bigger. a trapped cow tenses up when he hears that sound. >> coming near your head with a chainsaw. >> how it turns into a rescue by one handy man. we've got christian, oli, charity, gayle and nick breaking down the hot videos on the web, including the newest way for guys with wives to check in. >> what emoji do you use?


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