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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  September 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the restaurant. the night of the crash, fox 25 got this video of the driver, being taken to the hospital. the d.a.'s office says bradford casler is now facing two counts of motor vehicle homicide charges. two people were inside of the restaurant at the time. gregory morin was eating with his family, and eleanor miele stopped to pick up pizza. seven other people were hurt. casler will be arraigned in middlesex district court. at 6:00 p.m., you will hear from one of the seven injured in the crash, he says, he and his girlfriend just stopped over to pick up some pizza and his words, again, at 6:00 p.m. malini basu, fox 25 news. >> mark: also breaking at 5:00 p.m., the man police say terrorized the town of berlin for nearly a week, has been captured. detectives tell fox 25, they arrested him in nearby westborough, as we first reported over the weaning, investigators say the man stole a motorcycle, robbed a bank in
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short in the interest of public safety. >> vanessa: we are following breaking news in hingham, where crews have been battling the stubborn house fire. this is video of the fire on elm street about two hours ago. we've been told within the last 15 minutes, three firefighters, two from hingham, one from for well, were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. fox 25's john monahan is on the scene now, waiting to speak to investigators, look for a live report from him at 6:00 p.m. >> mark: now to a developing story, a teenager is struck and killed by a commuter rail train. we broke overnight. >> vanessa: and new tonight, we know the victim is a 17-year-old boston university student. his body was found on the worcester-framingham line near the yawkey way stop and as fox 25's sharman sachetti reports, police are still piecing together the circumstances around his death. >> the reporter: we're live just off buick street, which is off comm. avenue here in boston and we can tell you that up there, that is the mass pike, down below, those are the tracks
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that's where it all happened. we can tell you that police haven't released his identity just yet, because next of kin is yet to be notified. emergency crews on scene on buick street in boston near where the 17-year-old boston university student was killed overnight. how this all happened is still unclear. what transit police are saying is the student was struck and killed by an mbta commuter rail train while crossing the tracks for the worcester line overnight. >> we're all very shocked and very upset, >> the reporter: students tell me, they did get an email from the university, but with few details. all of it coming one day after fall classes started here at b.u. >> it's just sad, because i'm a freshman also and it's like, what if he didn't have any classes yesterday, what if he never got a chance to have a real class and he didn't even make it to 18. >> the reporter: keolis says 38 passengers were kept on board the train and stayed there until after 2:30 a.m. in the morning. buses later transported the passengers after that.
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provost and dean of students telling us the university's thoughts and prayers are with the student's family. students here clearly touched by the sad incident on the first day. >> it's really sad. just coming here, you know, hearing things like that, it's unfortunate, but i mean, we -- we'll be able to get past it. >> the reporter: and transit police tonight are still investigating, b.u. is offering counseling offered its thoughts and prayers and would not release the name -- excuse me, what happened with engineers or the crew, whether or not they're out on paid leave. we're told by a spokeswoman, they can't confirm that at all. live in boston, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: bargaining rights, not body cameras, the head of the boston police union says that's why they're looking to halt the city's pilot program. as we told you at 4:00 p.m., the police commissioner says the union likely discouraged members
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fox 25's kerry kavanaugh joins us live with the impact the commissioner believes this debate is having on his department. >> the reporter: vanessa, the commissioner says the bickering isn't representative of his officers, whom he says, are trained and ready to wear these cameras, come monday. >> it's unfortunate that this is getting dragged out in court, because people look at us like we have something to hide. >> the reporter: boston police commissioner william evans sales the only thing standing in the way of his officers volunteering for the city's body camera pilot program is the union. >> if volunteer, they'll volunteer. >> the reporter: the boston police patrolman's association says their fight has nothing to do with body cameras. >> the request for injunction was strictly about bargaining, that's all it was. >> the reporter: both sides were back in court thursday, as its union seeks to halt the body camera program, arguing the city violated a bargaining agreement when it assigned 100 officers to wear the cameras. no volunteers stepped forward. >> we supported body worn cameras, our membership supports
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supports body worn cameras. >> we were hoping to institute this with volunteers, but as you know, after several weeks, nobody stepped up, so i want to get this plan off the ground. >> the reporter: evans says he believes his officers see the body cameras as a necessary tool. he says the push back isn't coming from the officers, rather, the union. >> we have delayed this program enough. i made a commitment to the community to be as transparent and accountable as possible, and the officers have nothing to hide, i'm sure they're going to embrace this program get going. the union issued a statement this afternoon, saying the city failed to sufficiently solicit volunteers for the program. the commissioner said -- they said the commissioner himself was lukewarm to the idea. now if the judge denies this injunction, 100 boston police officers will begin wearing the body cameras on monday. back to you guys. >> mark: the storm formerly known as hermine is still spinning offshore, bringing showers and sunshine. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz
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back and kevin, it was humid out there. >> kevin: already feeling that, right,s marks, but there are warmer temperatures coming too thursday afternoon, but more so on friday. 70's out there for your dinnertime this evening, but it is sticky. the dewpoints, when they get up near 70, you know you're feeling tropical, upper 60's and even a few 70's out there tonight. we're going to have that tomorrow as well, another sticky day. coming up. these are your heat indices, bosley and hawkins it feels like when you faculty member -- what it feels like whether you factor in the dew point. a few go back up to the 80's. you an idea of why it feels so warm out to you tonight, despite the thermometer. golf temperatures, hit the links, go ahead. a couple scattered showers, in the upper 60's, north dropping very much through 10:00 p.m. tonight. there's what used to be hermine, still spinning around to our south, still sending those showers our way. i'll track where these are going and how they will affect you through the evening hours in a few minutes. >> vanessa: today marks one month since vanessa marcotte was killed in princeton.
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family. she went out for an afternoon jog an never returned. her body was found less than one mile away from her mother's home. she was visiting from new york city, where she worked for google. right now, detectives are sifting through nearly 1,000 tips searching for clues. coming up all new at 6:00 p.m., fox 25 is with investigators in princeton, as they continue to search for her killer. >> mark: a second person has died from their injuries after a school bus crash in mendon. richard drainville died saturday if worcester, drainville's sedan collided with a van on batesville and 124. his mother died that day. the crash is still under investigation. >> vanessa: lawyers for the danvers teen convicted of killing his math teacher had the audience of the supreme judicial court today. phillip chisholm was found guilty if december of murdering 24-year-old colleen ritzer, his lawyers want the video and transcript of chisholm's confession to be released. it was originally dismissed from
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a salem police officer is suing after losing part of her ear during an arrest. this woman here, emma wiley, is accused of biting off the officer's ear outside of tavern on the square a month act. the officer suing wiley for negligence and civil battery and going after the restaurant's corporate owner for serving alcohol to wiley, who was just 19. the officer is asking for lost income, medical time lost. >> mark: they cut phone lines and pried open the doors to get inside. miss say they got into the cash register. brockton investigators are trying to figure out if two other robberies reported near the mall this morning and sunday are related. >> vanessa: in the intersection 90 minutes, massdot will hold another public meeting about new overheld tolls. it wants a chance to explain how
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last night in worcester, many people were concerned about having to pay more per toll as if they don't have an easy pals. the d.o.t. tells fox 25, it's all about covering costs. the meeting will happen tonight at the north shore community ledge in lynn. it begins at 6:30 p.m. with recent polls showing a tight edge race in the upcoming presidential race, debates could be pivotal in helping decide who will be the next commander-in-chief and as joel waldman reports, voters will get a preview of what's to come will appear at a forum in new york focused primarily on national security. >> the reporter: ahead of what's being dubbed the commander-in-chief forum in new york city this evening, donald trump making a pit stop beforehand in philadelphia. the republican nominee, giving a speech on military preparedness. >> three crucial words that should be at the center always
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peace through strength. >> the reporter: trump's speech on his defense strategy coming the same day a new poll shows him leading hillary clinton by double digits, when it comes to getting the support of active and former military service members. a national poll meanwhile showing the two candidates in a virtual dead heat with trump up by two points, but still, within the margin of error. >> you go to the banquet, you have to choose chicken, you have to choose fish. you've got to pick. you may have not like the choices, this may not be what you want, but you have to and having a higher number of undecideds this time is a reflection of dissatisfaction. >> the reporter: the clinton camp with some positive news of its own. "the dallas morning news" endorsing the democratic candidate for president for the first time since before world war ii. as clinton made her case to veterans in a speech in florida tuesday. >> we will do whatever is necessary for as long as it takes to bring isis to justice. and end their reign of terror once and for all. >> the reporter: with the
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that 95 retired generals and admirals are publicly supporting her. yesterday, donald trump came out and said, he had 88 in his corner. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. >> mark: in forages, the jimmy g era will begin for a four week trial run as tom brady serves his deflategate suspension and while the patriots suspensions for the arizona cardinals are underway, all eyes are on garoppolo, as he takes his first football league. now, with brady out of the mix, the patriots signal caller is on his own right now. sink or swim, the first four weeks of the season. sports director tom leyden will join us with more on what garoppolo said today, that's coming at 6:00 p.m. no pressure. no, not at all. >> vanessa: looking forward to what he had to say. a new movie is boosting business in one local town. the city of champions turns into a hollywood movie set and it's
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>> details coming up. >> kevin: the storm just won't die. it's still spinning around out there. it looks pretty good on satellite view and tracking back towards southern new england. how that will impact us in the next 24 hours. >> mark: apple fans can't wait to get their hands on the new goods. the highly anticipated iphone 7 is unveiled.
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>> vanessa: time to check out the roads with the live
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the southbound side, but it is moving along out there a little bit. let's go to the maps where you can see an accident son 128 northbound, just -- on 128 northbound. the backups extend back to route 3. we have the live drive times for you. tobin bridge to 128, 28 minutes. o'neill tunnel to the split, 29 and the weston tolls to route 1, 36 minutes. >> mark: apple fans are excited tonight, the company made it official the new iphone 7 and 7 plus are on the way. wireless headphones, as well as an adapt every for old phones. the plus model will have two cameras lenses to take professional grade photos. it is also the first water resistant iphone. the iphone is the only apple product to welcome a dip in the water. the new apple watch can now be used while swimming as well. the watch will feature a built-in g.p.s. and gamers are
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version of the nintendo game, super mario. pokemon go will also be connected to the watch's workout app, preorders for the new devices start on friday. >> vanessa: pokemon go watch now. congress came back this week from the summer recess in the battle over how to fund the fight against the zika virus continues. >> mark: today, additional calls for action on both sides of the aisle. gallagher has this report on the latest congressional battle. >> the reporter: as the fight against the rise of zika continues from the air and on the ground if florida -- >> on this, -- >> the reporter: a different kind of battle drags on, on capitol hill, over funding to combat the zika virus. >> please bring a clean bill to the floor. the people of america are depending on you.
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are depending on you. >> the reporter: now, democrats are crying foul over provisions in the $1.1 billion house bill, strapping a ban on confederate flags in military cemeteries and blocking planned parenthood funding. >> republicans continue to play politics with the crisis. >> the reporter: but house speaker paul ryan objects to the criticism. >> the house did its job and the senate has been blatantly political with zika funding, we'll figure out how to get this done, but we have done our job over an over again, and i filibusters. not all members of his party agree. the politics of zika have gone on far too long. >> the reporter: florida republican, david jolly, bringing a container of 180 mosquitoes to the house floor. >> can you imagine colleagues, the fear an anxiety in this chamber, if these 1-mosquitoes were outside this jar, not inside the jar. members of congress would run down the hall to the physician's office to be tested. they would spray themselves
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right here. >> the reporter: how far republicans are meeting friday, and say they believe they can get this funding through by the end of the month. in washington, diane gallagher. >> kevin: well, there it is, that's the storm that used to be hermine. the one that was being tracked by the national hurricane center, came on shore as a hurricane in florida, and it's still looking kind of hurricane-ish, isn't it? as it spins around to our south. it it once was, clearly, waves are down to between three and six feet on the south coast, nantucket and martha's vineyard, out to rhode island and long island as well. still, high surf advisories there, but this swirl continues to plague us. by sending showers our way. these aren't heavy showers, but they're out there. well some of them are heavier, but they're spotty is a better word for these. come in close and personal to the coast and south shore area. this one is in rhode island, not
5:19 pm
bridge water, along 495, a heavy shower, this one just moved out of berkley, to the north of there, between avon and brockton, it's small but there, comes down hard for a few minutes. into southern worcester county, oxford, webster, douglas, getting light to moderate rainshower activity right there in douglas, getting that heavier shower, and over to southbridge as well. so they're out there. this is it thompson, connecticut, getting that downpour right now. temperatures, well in the 70's for your dinnertime and dewpoints, close by. upper 60's to the temperature drops a bit more toward the dew point, likes last night, we'll have areas of dense fog that start to develop. have to watch for drizzle to come out of that fog as well. but there will still be showers too. that circulation to our south, you clearly see it here, see the winds coming in from the east, they circle back around in here, because the circulation is moving farther and farther to the north, at least slowly, through the day tomorrow, and as it comes up the coast, you can see that circulation still going around the center, it's going to pass on by to our south and
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for what center that will be left at that point. it's a weakening system. don't expect a land falling hurricane or tropical storm here, but the center of; laying actually ends up coming close to us tomorrow and as it passes by the last gasp of any showers will come on through as well. tomorrow, i expect a good deal of sunshine to the north and west, after clouds break up in the morning, much like we saw today and the areas of fog have to burn off too. 84 arlington to watertown. 82, brookline. quincy, you'll un80 degrees tomorrow. -- yo cape cod, better chance of showers, onshore winds, temperatures generally in 70's everywhere you look and in the immediate boston area, i expect temperatures over the brookline area to be 82. 86 in lowell up to the north and wells. more sun the farther you are from the center of circulation with the some center going on by. if you're going to the jason aldean concert, things are looking good. by then the system will have passed on by, we're getting into sunshine. it is going to be a sticky
5:21 pm
humidity will be dropping by the end, but be prepared for temperatures up near 90 degrees for highs on your way into fenway park friday evening. on saturday, concert 2, looks more comfortable. 82 degrees, dropping in to the 70's during the evening. on sunday, that's when i expect the next showers to arrive after we get rid of hermine and a weak front pushing toward us friday morning. we'll talk about the timing of that front coming on through in a few minutes. >> mark: small businesses in essex and middlesex county may get re government. seth molton has announced that economic injury disaster loans are now available to small businesses and private non-for profit organizations. these loans are intended to provide help to the agricultural community hand can be used to pay fixed debts and other bills that could have been paid off if the drought did not happen. >> vanessa: changes are being made to improve security line waits at the airport. at 5:00 p.m., how long you did expect to wait the next time you fly.
5:22 pm
boy, decades ago. up next, the gut wrenching
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>> vanessa: federal officials are now saying a deadly plane crash in west georgia was caused by two small planes colliding in midair. the f.a.a. says two single engine planes collided over the west georgia regional airport, just before 11:00 a.m. this morning. local officials say three people died in the crash. that airport is about 45 miles west of atlanta. >> mark: the kidnapping and murder of an 11-year-old in
5:25 pm
after almost 27 years. danny heinrich confessed to taking jacob wetterling at gunpoint, sexually assaulting him and shooting him back in 1989. he gave a detailed account of the night and the location of jacob's body to a federal judge in minneapolis yesterday. with the confession, jacob's mother forced to confront a reality she's dreaded for nearly three decades. >> for us, jacob was alive. >> mark: confession is part of a plea deal, in exchange, heinrich won't be charge in the murder. instead, he'll likely receive 20 years in federal prison for child pornography charges. jacob's family agreed with the deal, so they can receive closure. well, this afternoon, there's more drama surrounding maine's controversial governor. take a look at this mural that popped up on a building in portland. that's governor paul lapaige in kkd garb.wn?@" governor has been -- kkk garb. the governor has been hit with
5:26 pm
comments, including targeting massachusetts. but portland's mayor says the mural was inappropriate, given the state's history with the klan. >> we are one of the founding states to the klu klux klan and their hateful legacy and the terror they put on the country is something we have to always remind ourselves of and make sure we never get back there. >> mark: the mural has since been covered up with messages that read, no hate. so people say, it fell under free speech and should have stayed. who died 15 years ago this sunday in a september 11th attacks. >> even a small $10 donation means a lot to me, and you know, a note that your father would be proud means a lot. i like to think that i'm doing just that. >> vanessa: coming up at 5:30 p.m., the unique way he's raising money in his father's honor to help children.
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light pole during a dramatic police chase. the other reckless behavior police say put lives in danger. >> vanessa: rioting going on in one local city.
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wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. >> mark: breaking tonight, the driver prosecutors say caused a deadly crash, at sweet tomatoes in newton. two people were killed when a car slammed into the pizza shop six months ago.
5:30 pm
for the driver, bradford casler, d. a.'s office says casler faces charges for motor vehicle homicide. we have just gotten reaction from the scene from a man who was inside the restaurant when the s.u.v. barreled through. we are putting that together right now. look for a live report at 6:00 p.m. >> vanessa: some showers passing through the area today, thanks to the remnants of hermine. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz here now and kevin, you're telling will not stick around too long. >> kevin: it's not going to but it's in and out and it's spotty out there, because of the circulation to our south, the storm that used to be called hermine. we're still calling it that so we can communicate. the bands of showers of moving from the ocean back to the wells. not the tip storm direction. here is live storm tracker radar. heavy showers in eastern connecticut, but on the south shore, hiding in this mess, you'll find some spots, some
5:31 pm
here, see that orange and yellow that shows up, it's coming down hard in those locations. to the north, avon-brockton area, hiding right new here. you have to look for it closely. you can clearly see the yellow showing up on some of the local roadways in the brockton area. showers in southern worcester county, i'm tracking all of these and the movement of hermine or what's left of it. i'll have that for you coming up. >> mark: a major movie shoot is underway in brockton. the city turning into hollywood. the film based in detroit riots is being filmed there. >> vanessa: as fox 25's crystal haynes discovered, cameras began rolling today and people in this community, crystal, they're pretty excited. >> the reporter: extremely excited. well, less so about this traffic that this movie shoot has actually created, but that's ok. the excitement again, still there and they're also happy about the boost to the economy, locals also say that the boost to community morale is huge, as
5:32 pm
brockton. >> brockton could use a break. >> the reporter: for the next couple of weeks, the city of champions will become the backdrop for the 1977 detroit riots in the latest film from director, katherine bigelow. >> it's good that we have some activity here's some positive things that are happening. >> the reporter: paul marian tells me he's excited to see a movie set rather than a crime scene next door to the tux shop. a recent study listed brockton as one of the top ten most dangerous cities to massachusetts, based on f.b.i. crime data. >> the activity is healthy. >> the reporter: a boost to the economy. according to the mayor's office, the city is getting $70,000 for the use of its streets, not to mention the money spent by the crew in the city. >> people actually are involved with the movie, very good, very friendly. >> the reporter: hobby shop owner bill hogan says it's not the first time a movie is shot here and hopes it won't be the last. >> brockton has everything, you
5:33 pm
are here. >> the reporter: now, i'm told the movie will have hundreds of extras, including many locals. reporting here in brockton, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: a new hampshire mary ann faces a judge accused of beating and sexual assaulting a woman. the assault happened in july but police weren't able to arrest tyrehall knew his victims. >> vanessa: a vandal toppled a ten commandments tablets last month, following complaints about its religious implications. the city voted to reinstall the monument. the monday document complies the mayor says with both the first amendment and the constraints of church and state separation. as communities prepare to remember the 15th anniversary of september 11th, terror attacks, one local man honoring his father in a very unique way,
5:34 pm
sat down with peter, who shared who losing his father has shaped his life and inspired him to give back. >> i think of him and i smile. i don't think of him and think about powers coming down. >> the reporter: now 35 years old with a family of his own, peter was a junior in college, when his father was killed on september 11th, 2001. phil was at work inside the south twin tower when he saw a plane crash in to the first. >> my father had called my brother, left him a voice mail after the first and said, you know, i'm up here, crazy accident at the tower next door, and from the 105th floor, he was actually looking down at what occurred. and he said, well, back to work. and that was his work ethic. >> the reporter: peter, who lived in north and oversays losing his -- andover, says losing his father forever changed his perspective on life. >> you need to understand and appreciate what you do have. i have my mother, i have my
5:35 pm
that. >> the reporter: that outlook inspired him to establish the phil gouza memorial scholarship to honor his father who was a mathematician, this foundation provides scholarships for students hoping to pursue degrees in math or science and later this month, peter will fly to arizona to run 100 miles to raise money for the foundation. it's a goal peter admits, many, including his own family, believes is a little crazy, but he says, it's one his father, who is ambitious and quirky, would >> i'm very excited about it and i'm confident that when i'm tired in the middle of the night, 80 miles into this event, i'll be thinking about my dad, and i'll be encouraged to move forward and get to the finish line. >> the reporter: ration the 15th anniversary draws closer, peter says he's hooking forward to commemorating those who lost their lives so tragically that day. he hopes this sunday will serve as a reminder for everyone to
5:36 pm
in north andover, stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news. >> mark: wish peter the best of luck on that venture, running 100 miles. worcester is looking to regulate short-term rentals set up through sites like airbnb. a draft proposal the city council says is a good starting point. anyone renting out a room on airbnb would need special licensing insurance and need to make sure their property is up to code. leaders say they also need to make s protected. this all started after people in one neighborhood complained about a home being used as an airbnb. >> vanessa: some local news for jetblue passengers, flying out of logan airport. jetblue resuming flights to atlanta for the first time in 13 years. starting next march, the airline will begin offering five daily round trips to atlanta, the carrier also plans to add additional service from atlanta to new york, fort lauderdale and orlando. jetblue currently offers 140 daily departures from boston.
5:37 pm
remains on the loose. >> mark: coming up new at 6:00 p.m., a former f.b.i. profiler weighs in about the pursuit of that killer, as investigators update how many tips they're running down. >> vanessa: plus, fewer teens are getting pregnant and no, it's not because they're having less sex. ahead at 5:00 p.m., the one reason for the decline. >> mark: and a woman is accused of leaving her special needs patient in a hot car while she went shopping. up next, what another shopper witnessed that had her calling 911. now, time to check out the roads we take a look right here. we can see, 93 through somerville, heading north, we've got some company tonight. go to the map, shall we? on the map, can you see a little bit of red south of boston, also north of boston as well. drive times, you saw, there's an accident there as well, slowing things down. tobin bridge to 128, 44 minutes. o'neill tunnel to the split, 30, and not too bad, weston tolls
5:38 pm
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>> vanessa: the last patient remaining in the hospital after the mass shootings at the pulse night club in orlando is now home. the orlando regional medical center tweeted the news, the hospital treated a total of 35 patients from a june attack and performed 76 operations. last month, orlando regional and florida hospital said they will not build bill the survivors for out-of-pocket costs for their medical care. >> mark: police chase ended in a fiery crash in los angeles. take a look at this right here. there goes the light post right
5:41 pm
afternoon. the chase ended when the driver and the car actually drove straight into the light pole, dragged it for several feet before stopping, that's when the front portion of the car smarted smoking. the driver jumped out of the car, falling face down on the pavement. the man was taken into custody. no word on what started the chase. college in washington state is facing backlash for hiring a controversial professor, melissa click has signed on to lecture at gonzaga university in spokane. she became infamous last fall after threatening a journali the university of missouri. the umass amherst alum was fired earlier this year and people are using facebook to blast her employer for giving her a job. the gonzaga university is only commenting and saying it is to assure people that their feedback has been heard. >> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., a caregiver is facing charges after leaving her special needs patient in a hot van while she ran errands.
5:42 pm
handicapped patient behind with the windows shut and the doors locked in nearly 90-degree heat. she was in the mall for an hour, grabbing dinner, cashing a check, using the bathroom an even visiting a salon. >> dear lord, he could have died. if one of my caregivers did that, i would be fuming. that's unacceptable. >> vanessa: a shopper actually called 911 after seeing the man red faced and unresponsive. paramedics took him to the hospital with an internal body temperature of he could face up to 15 years in prison. >> kevin: south shore, you have some showers in your area right now from bridgewater to east bridgewater and over to halifax as well. i'm tracking where the showers are going for your plans, dinner and practice, whatever you're doing this evening. >> mark: up next, the show cars from the failed indy car boston race go up for auction.
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prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today. >> mark: new at 5:00 p.m., the two boston grand prix show cars
5:45 pm
other items. collectors and race track owners picked over the remains in the cancelled indy car race. >> vanessa: bob ward joins us. the items sold for much less than the auctioners said they were. >> the reporter: the auction brought in $35,000 today, but that was a lot less than what was expected. fox 25 was at today's auction in holbrooke. one of the indy cars sold for $10,000, the other for $7,000. earlier this year, grand prix estimated that both of those, $50,000. two trailers, also brought in about $10,000 and about 300 concrete barriers, they sold for $25 each. the sales are the latest attempt to recover the cost of preparing for the event, which was supposed to bring race cars to the seaport this past weekend. the two cars are just show pieces. they can't actually be driven. we caught up with a newton man who bought one of them. >> it's cool. look at it. it's fun. i mean, it's a race car.
5:46 pm
box collection from when i was growing up. that's where it's going. >> the reporter: thousands of people who bought tickets are still waiting for refunds. if you are 1 of them, contact attorney general maura healey's office if you haven't already done so. there's only a couple of months left to file a claim, so you should get on that. live in the studio, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the workers at harvard's dining hall are getting ready to go on strike. the workers union has been negotiating the details of a new contract with the university for more than three months. least $35,000 a year in pay for hall employees, and more affordable health care. the current contract was a no strike clause expires in ten days. >> mark: new at 5:00 p.m., travelers are getting through security lines at logan international airport a lot quicker. you might remember the long lines, spring and early summer. changes made this summer to increase security while speeding up t.s.a. lines nationwide are working according to homeland secretary, jay joy son, the homeland secretary, i should say.
5:47 pm
passengers are spending less than a half-hour in line in boston and plus the ten minutes. >> today, at our nation's seven busiest airports, average wait time is less than ten minutes. at the same time, this fiscal year will likely be a record year in terms of guns seized, carry-on luggage by t.s.a. during t.s.a. screening. >> mark: t.s.a. says it hopes continue modernizing security at our airports with investments in new technology. >> vanessa: teen pregnancy is on the decline, and it's not because teens are having less sex. a study from the journal of adolescent health sales the reason is more effective use of contraceptives. from 2007 to 2013, births to teens, age 15 to 19, dropped 36%. between 2007 and 2011, pregnancies fell 25%. the study also shows abortion
5:48 pm
>> mark: the only option to protect children against the flu this season is a shot. the popular alternative, flumist, won't be an option for kids this year. the c.d.c. says it just doesn't work well enough. according to the american academy of pediatrics, everyone six months and older should be vaccinated against the flu by next month. >> kevin: circulation to our south, the old tropical storm around hurricane hermine still losing sunday like like we do every night around this time. the center is here, far away from us, but close enough to spin some more rainshowers our way. aren't we lucky, had some clouds today and a few showers, but also many breaks of sun, sunny skies out there around southern new england. i've just switched over to live storm tracker radar, so we can go down very close and find a couple of showers out there. east bridgewater, bridgewater, halifax, yellow and orange popping up in here. briefly heavier shower that
5:49 pm
washington street, 106 coming through town as well. off to the north and west of there, more showers in southern worcester county. these are fairly weak, but here in webster, seeing a little bit of darker green in here, so a moderate rainshower passing through this area right now. there's new boston road and eagle drive, route 12 that comes through downtown webster. dinnertime temperatures in the 70's. dew point temperatures are also very close to 70. so as at temperature drops a few more degrees tonight, to get to the dew point, the air becomes saturated, y night in many spots and possibly drizzle. to go along with the increased threat or continued threat of a shower here or there. most of it will be to the south for now, but as the storm lifts northward toward u some of the showers can make their way farther north, but the storm fortunately for us will be weakening. you'll see showers from time to time passing on by through the morning tomorrow and into the afternoon as well, but these are not a huge threat. but they are out there. and you have to be aware of that.
5:50 pm
tomorrow, beyond the showers, some breaks of sun come out, 70's to near 8 aoki in southeastern mass, much like you saw today. northwest, i expect more sunshine, it's going to be sticky and temperatures getting into the middle 80's out here. you go farther north of us, heading to vermont or upstate new york or even western mass, temperatures will be very close to 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon. with more sunshine and still very stick. >> i. thursday night, a cold front is approaching. so we get rid of that swirl off to the east, the one that was hermine, around now this front is coming in from the northwest to bring a it's a small threat though, that front too is weakening, much like hermine did, so maybe a shower early friday morning. then that passes on by and look what happens on friday. we take the clouds in the morning, and scoot 'em out of here an we're into some sunshine. it will be a warm day, the clear skies by 5:30 p.m. in the ege, that bodes well for fenway park. the humidity dropping as the night wears on. going to be more comfortable when you leave the ballpark. seven-day forecast, weekend
5:51 pm
the pick of the weekend, although there will be some clouds with sunshine, not perfectly blue sky, but it is the better of the two days, on sunday, we're expecting showers to roll back into the area. yeah, right. this drought stricken summer, we really get the showers. the threat is there. there will be a front coming on through. i'm forecasting that. we'll keep an eye on it as the latest information comes in this evening. >> mark: tiger woods plans on getting back on the links next month. he will compete in the safeway open and hopes to add two more events for the end of the year. woods had two back year and at the point in his rehab where he's comfortable playing again. he hasn't played a competitive round on the paling tour since august 2015. >> vanessa: a wrestling team in indiana is helping a teammate in a fire. bobby glen and his family lost everything in a fire on sunday, including his wrestling equipment. so the team decided to rally together to collect whatever the family needs. >> gift cards are always a good
5:52 pm
wrestling gear. and stuff like that. i'm personally going to donate wrestling shoes. >> vanessa: for now, firefighters are ruling the fire accident am, but they say there's too much damage to determine the actual cause. >> mark: it is a busy night of breaking news. here's a look at the new stories we're working on for fox 25 news at 6:00 p.m. a man is supposed to be caring for senior citizens, is accused of abusing them. the disturbing details on the charges he's facing all new at 6:00 p.m. also breaking the driver in this deadly crash in a west newton restaurant in march, will face charges. all new at 6:00 p.m., we speak to tomatoes when the s.u.v. plowed through and we've just learned six keolis employees have been fired one day after fox 25 investigates first reported that several workers were being investigated for cheating on their time sheets. plus --ism. >> the reporter: one month, since a woman was murdered while out for a jog, the investigation into her death continues. why a former f.b.i. profiler says vanessa marcotte's killer made a huge mistake. >> mark: these stories and much more when you join us at
5:53 pm
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5:56 pm
>> mark: delta's computer outage in august really hurt the airline financially, costing them $150 million. the five hour outage at the airlines atlanta's operation center started august 8th, affecting the computers needed to book passengers and fly their jet. the airline eventually cancelled 1,000 flights that day and grounded a flights over the following two days. >> vanessa: volkswagen is reportedly in talks to team up with the chinese company to create a line of electric cars exclusively in china. confirmation of this deal could come as soon as today. the other company already one of china's top electric car sellers, while china is volkswagen's biggest market. >> lego, the word's motor
5:57 pm
building blocks. it purposely reduced its marketing in america, although it would have time to reduce more of the blocks. they have invested in a new factory in china and hope to increase sales again for the holiday season. instagram is doing away with photo maps, the social network will no longer allow users to see a map of where a photo was taken. instagram says the feature wasn't widely used so they decided to remove and focus on other priorities. a week ago, instagram ruled out a feature that allowed use zoom 0 in on their photos. >> vanessa: less may not be always more when it comes to shampooing your hair, despite a fashion trend that some celebrities are ditching their shampoo routine to maintain more of their natural oils, doctors say it's doing more damage than they think. when bacteria on your scalp overgrow grows, it can cause dandruff and itchy hair.
5:58 pm
if you need more caffeine, more of a boost in the morning, a new brew may be just the answer. a cafe in australia has create add turbo powered super brew, so strong, it has a health warning. the drink is a concoction of four expresso shots and two different drinks of cold drip and its inventor says it contains 80 times the amount of caffeine of a standard expresso shot hand it promises to keep coffee lovers for up to 18 hours. >> mark: the drive behind the wheel of this deadly crash into a west newton restaurant will be carriage with motor vehicle homicide. two people were killed when an s.u.v. slammed into sweet tomatoes back in march. good evening, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. fox 25 was there when the worker
5:59 pm
indictment. you talked to a man who was inside the restaurants when the crash happened. >> the reporter: we did, vanessa, and mark, within the last hour, we spoke to tony wilson, he and his fiancee were inside of the restaurant and here we are, six months later, he tells us, he is still in pain. and look at this, also six months later, the restaurant is still closed. tonight, wilson says, there is some closure, knowing the driver has been indicted. now, let me take you back to that heartbreaking scene in march. the restaurant was packed, all of a sudden, a came down, in west newton. the driver, crossed over washington street, hit several cars, and plowed right into the restaurant. the night of the crash, fox 25 got the video of the driver being taken out of the s.u.v. there, and he was taken to the hospital. the d.a.'s office says bradford casler now faces two counts of motor vehicle homicide, two people were killed. seven others were hurt. now the two people inside of the restaurant greg morin, was
6:00 pm
pick up pizza and again, there were seven others hurt. tony wilson tells fox 25, he and his fiancee were among the victims that were hurt. >> my body went in shock, so just get out of there. it's really scary. fatalities around us, and fatality laying on top of me, you know, my fiancee had to move her off, and to get me out of there, and it was, you know, it was very scary. it was the scariest thing i've ever been through in my life. >> the reporter: and wilson also tells fox 25, if there is one thing he wants to tell everyone, he says, hug your loved ones, because you never know when your last day will be. in the meantime, it's still unclear when casler will be arraigned. for now, we are live in newton, malini basu, fox 25 news. the. >> mark: another big story breaking tonight at 6:00 p.m.


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