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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  September 8, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> announcer: now with breaking news this is fox 25 news at 10:00. complete new england news coverage. breaking tonight carbon monoxide forcing evacuations at an apartment building. good evening everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. the incident on riverside street in watertown has been going on for about two hours now. fox 25's ted daniel is there. ted, six people have been taken >> reporter: vanessa and mark, this is the building behind me here the riverside condos. it's just down from watertown square. all 16 units in that building had to be evacuated tonight. three adults and three children taken to mass general hospital. this all started when one of the residents smelled a strange odor in the building. he was able to trace that odor to the oil fired furnace in the basement. when the watertown fire department showed up they tested the air quality in
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carbon monoxide. anything above three parts per million is considered unsafe. the levels here were as high as 90 parts per million. >> we came home after work we were still cooking up some dinner which is still in 31 cooked. but there was a carbon monoxide leak and so we didn't know that at that time. i just saw the fire truck when i came out and smelled it in the hall. >> reporter: in addition to testing the air quality inside, tested the tenants who were in the building at the time. six people found to have high levels in their blood. the three adults and three children all taken to the hospital and they are being treated now. residents were just able to return back into the building about 20 minutes ago. the fire department says the building is safe and they gave the all clear. that's the latest reporting live in watertown, i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. breaking right now in dorchester, reports of
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road within the last hour. the road there has been shut down at harbor avenue as investigators try to sort through all the evidence. we're working now to find out how many victims there are and what conditions three in right now and the city suspects have been arrested. we'll let you know soon we know more. >> more than half a year after an s.u.v. crashed into this restaurant killing two people the driver has been indicted. fox 25 has team coverage tonight malini basu has victim reaction but we begin with john monahan who is liveut outside of the sweet tomatoes. john, that restaurant is still closed? >> reporter: that's right, mark. as you can see it's still boarded up at this point. much has changed except that these barers are now in place. barriers that may have prevented the crash back in march. seven months after a horrific and deadly crash that killed two people at this west newton pizza restaurant, the driver has been indicted. a middlesex county grand
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bradford casper of newton on two counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of operating to endanger. he was driving an s.u.v. on chestnut street when he reportedly crossed washington street hitting several cars and crashing through the front of sweet tomatoes restaurant. the march 1st crash left two people dead, and injured several others who were inside this popular newton pizza parlor on that early ma witnesses describe the scene as gruesome and chaotic. at the time, cassler was tracken away in an ambulance. his license has since been suspended indent -- indefinitely. one of the things you have to say about the indictment? >> i have nothing to say. >> reporter: through her door she told us she had nothing to say. at this point no date has been set for cassler's
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reopening of sweet tomatoes. live in newton tonight, john monahan, fox 25 news. more information now on the two people killed inside the restaurant gregory moore was eating with his family, eleanor had stopped in to pick up a pizza. seven other people were hurt. fox 25's malini basu continues our team coverage now from west newton. malini, earlier this evening you spoke to a man who survived this crash? >> reporter: we did earlier today, account of what happened inside of that restaurant. the couple they just finished boating and wanted to get some pizza when the driver slammed. >> reporter: some of the victims from the sweet tomatoes crash tell fox 25 they are reliving march 1st after learning about the charges bradford cassler is now facing. >> a lot of lives destroyed.
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were just two of the seven injured that day. two people were killed inside of the restaurant. gregory moran was a boston attorney, through the-year-old was eating pizza with his family. eleanor maley was 57 years old. maley worked as an office manager at a newton law firm. she stopped in to pick up pizza. >> it wasn't like you saw a car. >> reporter: wilson says she and his finacee had just walked in to the restaurant. >> it was had voted and we came up here to get pizza. >> reporter: wilson tells us he thought he was going to die. >> the tower was laying on top of me and my finacee had to move her off to get me out of there. it was very scary. >> reporter: they moran household loved ones left a sign at the door saying please respect our privacy.
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her neighbors i can't deal with this. i still can't believe she is gone. >> hug your loved ones. you never know when when it might be the last time you see them. >> reporter: wilson goes on to say he wants everyone to know "make sure that you love everyone every day because you could go at any time." is what he told us. in the meantime, he also tell us us that he and his finacee are both suffering from ptsd and they still have pain throughout malini basu, fox 25 news. >> a student at the restaurant reopened fox 25 will be there. we'll also be in the courtroom when bradford casper -- cassler is eventually avained. new video of a hit-and-run. police say a 19-year-old was crossing street when the driver of this car hit her then took. on the teen has since been released from the hospital. she's not a student at the school and police are still
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accused of murdering his own daughter smiled as he faces a judge for the first time. prosecutors say 45-year-old walter desilva admitted to shooting his 19-year-old daughter sabrina. he was upset because she was dating an older man. prosecutors told the judge he confessed and told police where to find the gun adding he felt his daughter had disrespected him. the judge ordered he be held without bail. new at 10:00 counsellors were on hand today after a student died fro overdose. the junior attend td timber lane high school. the teenager died early this morning. superintendent earl memberser will told the eagle tritune it's the first school's first overdose death since he arrived in 2012. the school has posted resources for students and parents to deal with the grief on-line. a u-mass amherst student scpooully assaulted and the suspect pretended to be an uber driver. the 18-year-old holyoke resident identified himself as an uber driver and
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from the townhouse apartments to the north apartments located on campus. the 18-year-old holyoke resident then allegedly identified himself as an uber driver and offered the girl a free ride from the townhouse apartments to the north apartments located on campus. the unidentified victim then got into the 2014 black dodge charger it was during that drive when police say he instantly assaulted her outside of the north argument -- indecently assaulted her osi apartments. >> the victim told him to stop the vehicle which he did giving the victim an opportunity to exit the car. >> i think people got to careful when they get into ubers and make sure that who they are, who they really are. >> reporter: he was later arrested on tuesday and arraigned in belcher town district court on charges of sexual assault and battery. he's currently being held without bail. police do not believe this is the first time he
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driver. new at 10:00 the state fire marshal announced a propane leak is on to blame for a deadly explosion last year. nancy and richard brown an unknown source ignited propane. the gas may have come from a fireplace or the heating system. the browns had recently moved from florida to be closer to their grandchildren. also new tonight an abington woman is behind bars accused of robbing a gas station with a knife. it happened in holbrooke. ll larceny, armed robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon. police released surveillance photos hoping to identify her. creed was arraigned in court today. the remnants of hermine are still out there. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz in the storm tracker weather center. kev, it's going to create patches of rain and fog overnight. already seeing some of that fog develop out there, vanessa. this will continue to track
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skies through the evening hours these some fog developing into worcester county tonight 68 in boston and 70? in bedford. when they are the same the air is saturated that's when you you can get fog to form. the convict three miles that's up a little bit clearly there's some fog developing over there. same thing in worst somewhere fog developing and some clouds. those will break up in the afternoon but the 74 even before the sun comes out. i'll show where you hermine will do when the sun finally coming back. >> fox 25 investigates has earned the contract in the commuter rail has fired six
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they first reported the fraud yesterday the mbta and keolis still haven't told us the cost to taxpayers. it reads in evths to reform an improved service the administration expects the t to hold all of its contractors to the highest standards and is pleased keolis has taken steps to hold its employees accountable. the deaf woman says her local coffee shop suddenly >> they should expect different type of people coming into their store. >> the people see says could have stepped in to help but decided to just sit and watch. on fox 25 news at 10:00 we broke the news that an adult daycare worker facing charges of abusing alzheimer's disease patients. what we are learning from the court documents we exclusively obtained. we continue to follow breaking news out of watertown. in the past 30 minutes people were allowed back into their homes after a
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sent six people to the hospital. 16 units in total were evacuationiated. firefighters tell us that the carbon monoxide levels were roughly 30 times the levels considered to be
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an assault daycare bus driver is accused of sexually assaulting elderly women with alzheimer's. jacqui heinrich working on this story for months. >> since you first broke this story at 6:00 the court family members had no idea this alleged activity was going on? >> reporter: that's right, according to interviews detailed in this police report the families had no idea. but several care gives and relatives did wonder why their elderly mothers were often dropped off late when returning from carewell. one victim had to undergo a rape kit test. >> reporter: court documents show at least 12 incidents over two years involving six women ranging in age from their 60s to their 80s all with alzheimer's or other
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now considered victims of sexual assault. robert mcneil, 57 of pembroke facing multiple charges of indecent assault and battery of a disabled person after he allegedly reported the crime to his managers at carewell adult day well center to police. according to police documents, mcneil who is a veteran, was working as a bus driver for the adult daycare company since 2013. then on july 4th he told his bosses "he was attending church and then decided that he needed to spk had done that he felt remorseful about." state police interviewed the family members and loved ones revealed disturbing details. one person reporting an incident in 2016 when her mother had come home and had on different pants and underwear than she originally left with. another allegedly having an anxiety attack inside one of the company vans back in july. mcneil is accused of groping and kissing the women while transporting them to and from the adult daycare center. now according to those court
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services to the brockton v.a. after reporting the incident. he has no previous record involving sex crimes according to state police but he has been arraigned several times for d.u.i. foch he's scheduled to be arraigned monday. neither mcneil nor carewell have applied to our -- have replied to our request for comment. if have you something you would like fox 25 investigates to look. into just e-mail us into fox 25 you can also give us a call 1877-fox 25 news. new at 10:00 a car crashes into the car this morning in ray monkd new hampshire. it happened just before 10:00 on free -- raymond, new hampshire. it happened just before 10:00 on fremont road. no word on any charges against the 30-year-old. a house fire in hingham went three firefighters to the hospital -- sent three firefighters to the hospital with minor injuries. you can see heavy smoke and
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six people inside the home say that's where it started. >> they smelled some smoke. approximately 20 minutes after the initial smell of smoke they discovered smoke in the scplirm they evacuated the house -- living room and they evacuated the house and made the call to 911. firefighters are expected to be okay. salem police officer is suing after losing part of her ear during an arrest. this woman emma wylie is accused of biting off the officer's ear a month ago. now the the officer is suing for negligence and civil battery. she's also going after the restaurant's corporate owner for serving alcohol to wiily who is only 19. the officer is asking for lost income, medical expenses and money for her injuries. boston's top cop is not backing down when it comes to body cameras. commissioner bill evans took the stand today to talk about the city's pilot program. as fox 25's kerry kavanaugh reports tonight the future of the police body camera
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this is getting dragged out in court because people look at us like we have something to hide. >> reporter: boston police commissioner william evans says the only thing standing in the way of his officers volunteering for the city's body camera pilot program is the union. >> if the union volunteers the boston police patrolman's association says their fight has nothing to do with body cameras. >> -- fwoth sides were back in court on thursday as the union seeks to halt the body camera program arguing that it violated the agreement when it assigned 100 officers wear the cameras. no volunteers stepped forward. >> he supported body worn cameras our membership supports it and our union supports body one cameras. >> we were hoping to institute this with volunteers but as you know after several weeks nobody stepped up. i want to get this plan off the ground.
1:19 am
necessary tool. the pushback isn't coming from the officers it's from the union. >> they made a commitment to the as transparent and accountable and the officers have nothing to hide. i'm sure they will embrace this program. >> reporter: the union issued a statement this afternoon saying the city failed to sufficiently solicit volunteers for the program and they said the commissioner himself was lukewarm to the idea. if the judge denies the injunction 100 boston police officers will begin body cameras monday. i'm kerry kavanaugh. fox 25 news. the man police say terrorized a town is in jail. they arrested the man in nearby westborough. police say he robbed a bank in west boylston and led offers on a high-speed chase. he was arrested armed and dangerous. sunday marks 15 years since the 9/11 terror attacks. >> when i smile i don't think of him and think about towers coming down. >> the special way a local
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father's memory. >> first patriots quarterback jimmy garoppolo raising a few eyebrows when asked what it's like without tom brady around.
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on the campaign trail today donald trump lines out his national security vision calling for a big boost in military spending. nation's cyber defenses, unleash a state of the art missile defense system and demand a new military-led plan to destroy isis. it's new approach for trump who claims he had a secret strategy for defeating isis earlier this year. >> i will ask my generals to present to me a plan within 30 days to defeat and destroy isis. >> trump says he would end the forced budget cuts on defense spending known in
1:23 am
campaign trail in orlando today to highlight his wife's commitment to diversity. he spoke to a crowd at a community center at a predominantly black neighborhood. he lashed out at donald trump and also poked fun at the g.o.p. nominee's campaign slogan. >> here's what i want to tell you, saying you're going on to make america great again is like me saying i would like to be 20 again. actually i would. [laughter] but i wouldn't vote make me 20 again. >> clinton's visit underscores the importance of florida in the race for president. the area from tampa to daytona beach which includes orlando known as the i-4 corridor is considered the nation's biggest swing region. one of the people running for president is about to have a warrant issued for her arrest. still ahead at 10:00 what harvard graduate jill stein did that has her in some hot water tonight. plus, a person promising to punish several democratic lawmakers in washington. and the thought process
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massachusetts primary election on a thursday this year instead of its traditional tuesday. today a man who bicycled more than 4,000 miles ended his cross-country trek today at the old north church in boston. back in june bill warren peddled out of seattle down to florida and then up the east coast all to say thank you to as many police officers firefighters and members of the military as he could. we talked with him on the phone this morning. >> they do a job that is probably one of the tough test jobs we ask do and they do it with pride, they do it with dignity. >> he started training last november before that he hasn't owned a bike in 20 years. today he met with police departments. nice job. on sunday, the new england patriots take on the arizona cardinals and the nfl season opener. it will be jimmy garoppolo's first start and today the young q.b. referenced how things are without tom brady
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>> yeah, it's a smoother operation i'll say, you know what i mean it's just me and jacoby all the reps just between the two of us now we know where we sit on that. not much time to rest or anything like that but there might be something new we see sunday night we just have to react to it the right way. stay, calm, cool and collected. >> they will have a lot of eyes on him. >> big audience for sure. >> again the patriots take the field sunday night against arizona. still ahead here tonight a deaf woman to order the coffee from a drive-thru is suddenly refused service. 15 minutes from now what prompted the sudden change in a place she goes to almost every day. before we get to that we'll talk about what's left of hermine how it will impact us and the heat on the way as it finally pulls out of here. first police have received more than 1,000 tips in the princeton jogger murder case. the reason a former f.b.i. profiler is not surprised the reason a former f.b.i. profiler is not surprised police arekeeping qu
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>> fox 25 staying on top of breaking news in watertown. it people are being let to their homes after a carbon monoxide issue forced evacuations. the incident has been going on for a few hours now. six people were rushed to the hospital, including three children. fox 25's ted daniel is at the scene gathering new information. he will have a live report coming up next on fox 25 news at 11:00. it has been one month since princeton jogger murdered. late this afternoon they announced think received more than 1,000 tips in the case. fox 25's kathryn burcham to youed to a former f.b.i. profiler about the investigation. >> reporter: -- dying flowers scattered a reminder of the murder that's left many speechless. >> pretty awful. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: andrew knows vanessa marcotte's family. he still remembers that horrible moment when he learned she had been killed.
1:29 am
all the state police were looking for her and stuff. >> reporter: the google account manager was visiting her family for the weekend when she went for a jog on august 7th and never returned. >> they were pretty upset about all this and they just wish they could find smn that did it. the family could have some
1:30 am
>> 80s and 70s today is expected. the 80s here in the south shore and into bedford as well. boston hitting 76?. northwest, by the way the colors get deeper red and orange up here because it was hot there as well. in between we county. a lot of clouds around but some sun broke out. you could see that here. beautiful shot sent in that's our picture of the day. here's what's happening out there. we have what's left of hermine spinning around to our south. it looks really good in that visible satellite picture. it's throughout and it's still rotating. you can see the circulation. in fact check this out way back here in new york and pennsylvania storms are
1:31 am
gigantic circulation in our atmosphere. so it's coming. it's moving north where the center of the ocean part of the storm circulation that used to be hermine will pass by us. as it's been pushing toward us slowly today the clouds have been around there have been showers from time to time we're seeing some fog develop tonight. here's live storm tracker radar. earlier tracking some showers coming on through. all that's left is spots of drizzle being picked up on radar that is it. 68? in boston, 69 norwood problem is the dew points are watching that and that caused fog to develop when you have a temperature and dew point right together that saturated air. in this case the clouds at ground level you walk through it you are walking through a cloud. half mile visible but that has been going lower and higher but it's now going to get much higher than three miles for a while.
1:32 am
out there and a lot of clouds. by 10:00 a.m. maybe some breaks of sun farther and north to the west. showers and showers circling in they will be few. some drizzle and some showers early. on 72? by 10:00 a.m. and the sun is not even out yet. here's that circulation late tonight, that's just about an hour from now. then moving off toward nantucket but kind of disintegrating opening up becoming a weaker tomorrow. by noon time much left to it and it keeps on pushing off to the north. so let's look at this a little more closely. how it's going to impact us. that's the closest path of what's left of the circulation of what used to be hermine. then we get some sun to break out in the afternoon. we'll warm up, too, temperature also jump into the 80s when the sun comes out. then you have to watch back here. because a cold front coming at us in western new england and northwestern new england. it takes us to 9:30 tomorrow
1:33 am
central new england by midnight then to eastern new england by 1:00 in the morning. cape cod by about 2:00 to 3:00 a.m. then after 4:00 a.m. we'll start to see drying and clearing throughout the day tomorrow. high temperatures tomorrow warm. near 80s at the beaches. inland it will be into the 80s at the coast near 80?. he's your seven-day forecast. that shower threat early friday morning from the storms coming on through then clearing in the weekend. your weekend always in view and sunshine and 82 that's your pick of the weekend. by the way, friday night that jason aldean kid rock show looks great. excellent weather humidity dropping and temperatures nice and warm. back in a few minutes with your wake up forecast just ahead. new video shows a new perspective of the damage earthquake struck in italy. it will speed up the recovery process without needing emergency service
1:34 am
safety at risk in unstable buildings. last month's earthquake claim the lives of nearly 300 people and injured hundreds more. it's happened again, another truck has crashed into the notorious e-street bridge in westwood. police posted this video grove a box truck hitting the overpass this morning. earlier this year the state announced plans to lower the road and raise the railroad track above because the bridge has become such a problem. construction is set to begin though next summer. just days before the terror attacks a unique way a local man plans to honor the father he lost on that day. plus, boston's indy car dream is on hold for now. what some of the cars that were supposed to promote the race fetched at auction. first apple's newest iphone hits store shelves later this move.
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1:38 am
today at a walgreen's in quincy. he says the move is part of an ongoing plan by walgreen's to install 500 of the medication kiosks in his stores across the country. t.s.a. wait times in boston logan international airport are among the shortest in the nation. you might remember those long lines this spring and early summer. changes made this summer to increase security while speeding up t.s.a. lines nationwide are,ing would. at least according to homeland security chief jay johnson. johnson says more than of passengers are spending less than a half hour in line and in boston the wait time is less than 10 minutes. >> today at our nation's seven busiest airports average wait time is less than 10 minutes. at the same time, this fiscal year will likely be a record year in terms of guns seized in carry on luggage by t.s.a. during t.s.a.
1:39 am
modernizing security at our airports with investments in new technology. soon jetblue customers will be able to fly from boston to atlanta. the airline is opening up their service to atlanta for the first time in 13 years. flights will begin in march of next year. jetblue also looking to expand flights to fort lauderdale, orlando, and new york's j.f.k. apple fans are excited tonight the company announced the new iphone 7 and seven plus are on the way. one of the biggest changes no more headphone jack instead the phones will come well as an adapter for old headphones. both the 7 and 7 plus will get an impressive camera upgrade. they will have two camera lenses to take professional-grade photos. the iphone isn't the only apple product to welcome a dip in the water. you new apple watch can now be used while swimming the second generation. the watch will also feature a built in g.p.s., gamers are excited for an iphone
1:40 am
supermario game. pokemon go, anybody heard of that? will also be connected to the watch's workout app. preorders for the new devices start on friday. thursday, not tuesday is primary day in massachusetts. the way money influenced the decision to move voting day that year. but first after being denied service at her regular coffee shop the people this deaf mother of
1:41 am
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's coffee shop controversy. a deaf woman demanding change after refused service at the coffee shop me goes to every morning. the mom of three uses a texting app to order her morning coffee. >> reporter: as elizabeth hopkins reports it usually works fine but one day she says she got onto the drive-thru and was ordered to come inside. >> reporter: with three little kids in tow busy mom -- jessica says she's at her local dunkin' donuts just >> me, too. >> reporter: jessica is deaf. she says she typically us an app to write down her order then pulls up directly to the window by passing the speaker and shows the clerk the text. but on monday jessica was refused service because she didn't use the speaker and would not be served coffee unless she came inside. something with three little ones in the car she couldn't do. but one of the worst parts is that no one came to her defense. even though workers there know she's a regular.
1:44 am
that wasn't okay. she's a routine customer she's deaf they didn't explain anything they all just stood back and watched. >> reporter: it's not the first time she's suffered bad treatment it. >> happens enough. >> not every day but too often. >> reporter: jessica says aside from being refused service she's been mocked at another location. and she wants to see better training at all businesses and restaurants. >> they should expect different type of people come into their store and they them. >> reporter: jessica told me she's one person with one voice but she hopes her story makes a difference. >> we just want you to know that we are just like you, we're no different. we just communicate with our hands and be patient. >> reporter: in a statement dunkin' donuts told us in part the restaurant's franchisee spoke to the guest to apologize and try to resolve the matter.
1:45 am
the crew member involved in the incident. but that's not enough. jessica told me that her hearing and deaf friends and family plan to soon all place orders the think what she does by passing the speaker and using text. so that every worker at that location knows how to properly treat the deaf who are patrons there. live in the control room. elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> the housing crunch in boston is getting worse. middle and lower income buyers can only afford about 50% of the homes and condos on the market in the city. -- and condos on the market in the city. it's a big dip when that number was 42%. the group found the average price for a family size home jumped nearly $300,000 during the past two years. getting our first look at plans to turn city hall plaza in boston into a winter wonder land. the city plans to set up 20 stalls for the holidays. as you can. >> this rendering right here. there will also be a custom designed ice skating path
1:46 am
3-year deal today with the owners of the t.d. garden to create what they're calling a winter garden. their goal is to get people to visit the plaza year-round. >> tonight there's more drama surrounding maine's controversial governor only this time he's the victim. >> take a look at this building that popped up on this in oregon. including targeting massachusetts about mineors and the nation's drug problem. but portland's mayor says the mu given the state's history with the clang. >> their hateful legacy and the terror they put on this country is something we have to always remind ourselves of. >> the mural has since been covered up with messages that read no hate. some people say it fell under free speech and should have stayed. green party presidential candidate jill stein is in trouble with the law. stein joined an environmental protest in north dakota where she was caught on video spray
1:47 am
construction site. stein has released a statement in response saying she hopes state officials will take action against the pipeline company she was protesting. election day is tomorrow massachusetts voters will hit the polls. it's the first time since 2012, ballots will be cast on a thursday. holding the prime on tuesday after labor day would have meant town workers would have had to come in and received overtime to set up polling places on a holiday. but next tuesday wouldn't work either election ballots have to be sent to absentee voters early enough if you have questions about the races or where to vote we do have a full section up right now on our website. just go to new at 10:00 house democrats could face punishment for a sit-in earlier this summer. house majority leader kevin carthy says house rules were broken and those responsible will be punished. house leaders are discussing several options. one being fines for rule violators. as communities prepare
1:48 am
local man is honoring his father by running 100 miles. fox 25's stephanie sat down with him and he shared how losing his father has shaped his life and inspired him to give back. >> i think of him and smile. i don't think about him and think about towers coming down. >> reporter: now 35 years old with a family of his own peter was a junior in college when his father was killed on september 11th, 2001. phil guzo was he saw a plane crash into the first. >> my father had called my brother left him a voice mail after first plane struck and said you know i'm up here crazy accident at the tower next door. from the 105th floor he was looking down at what occurred. he said well, back to work. that was his work ethic. >> reporter: peter, who lives in north andover says losing his father forever changed his perspective on life.
1:49 am
what you do have. i still have my mother, i still have my brother, i have my family now and, you know, i feel blessed for that. >> reporter: that outlook inspired him to establish the phil guza memorial scholarship to honor his father who was a mathematician they provide scholarships for students hoping to pursue degrees in math or science. later this month peter will fly to arizona to run 100 miles to raise money for the foundation. it's a goal peter admits many, including his own fa crazy. but he says it's one his father who is ambitious and quirky would appreciate. >> i'm very excited about it and i am confident that when i'm tired in the middle of the night, 80 miles into this event i'll be thinking about my dad and i'll be encouraged to move forward and get to the finish line. >> reporter: as the 15th anniversary draws closer people says he's looking forward to commemorating those who lost their lives so tragically that day.
1:50 am
everyone to appreciate what we have and to realize just how blessed we are. in north &over, stephanie, fox 25 news. >> quite a tribute. his contribute really touched me -- his tribute really touched me being grateful for his family members. >> we wish him the very best on 100 mile run. a long day and a lot of miles. >> collectors and race track owners picked over the remains of the cancelled boston. >> today's auction in holbrooke brought in $35,000 far less than spemged. one of the indy cars sold for $10,000 the other $7,000. organizers had estimated the pair were worth $50,000. we saw -- caught up with a newton man. it will go with my match box collection when i was growing up.
1:51 am
recover the cost which was supposed to bring race cars to the seaport this past weekend. next at 10:00, transforming the city of champions into the motor city. a special look behind the scenes of a movie shoot in i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems
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>> businesses in essex and middlesex county may be able to get some relief from the drought. business owners will be able to apply for economic injury disaster loans. the representat the area says the loans are intended to help the agricultural community affected by the drought. kevin is back now kev, that drought continues but there are some showers out there and certainly a lot of fog tonight? >> yeah a little bit of drizzle too. we said for weeks we needed a tropical system to get us out of that drought. got the tropical system it's weakening now but didn't get us out of a drought. had some rain this morning. look at this from nantucket this morning how about that. there was some clouds with some breaks of sun, too just
1:55 am
tonight before the sun went down. but the visibility has dropped on the north shore especially as some fog develops that's going to be a problem overnight and first thing for you tomorrow morning. on average 65 degrees a little warmer in boston a little cooler on out in worster. the areas of fog and some spots of drizzle are going to form but some breaks of sun tomorrow, too. we will add in more sunshine in the afternoon. that means even warmer temperatures to go with the humidity we already have. how hot we get on friday too before the weekend arrives. >> researchers people with the sleep apnea were more likely to fail a simulated driving test than people without it. those with sleep apnea say they had a high risk of sleepiness while driving they were more likely to admit to falling asleep behind wheel. the study authors say the findings suggest assessing lane deviation on a driving simulator may help determine if sleep apnea patients are at an increased risk for a crash. lights, camera, action. hollywood took over the city of champions today.
1:56 am
dorchester. fox 25's crystal haynes was in brockton in the middle of all the action. >> reporter: traffic was bumper to bumper and main street was packed with people as smoke from an explosion filled brockton's downtown. but it's not an emergency it's movie magic in the making. >> the activity is certainly healthy and brings people down gets more exposure for everyone. >> reporter: paul marion had a front row view as crews turned this lot next door into a scene from the detroit riots, part of the latest film from oscar award-winning director kathryn bigelow. >> all the work is creating the set come in they patronize the local stores. so how can you beat it? >> reporter: according to mayor bill carpenter's office the city is receiving $70,000 for the use of city streets and property in addition to the money spent by the crew. >> we've been watching this for about four or five weeks now. they're down here they're
1:57 am
out bill hogan's hobby shop. he welcomes the addition of another industry to the city that produces the baseball mitt and rocky. >> boston has everything. we have hospitals and hotels and infrastructure retire while the set is pretty quiet now i'm told the movie will feature hundreds of extras including many locals.
1:58 am
1:59 am
2:00 am
>> today on "fablife"... >> fresh herbs, a little sour cream. >> i feel like if i eat it with a green bean, it's actually making me thinner. >> trish suhr and culinary genius geoffrey zakarian. >> this is how i serve pasta. >> done. >> yes! >> it's all in my hand, and i don't even care. >> get warm and cozy with creative ideas for your space. >> listen to that sound. (tinkling) plus, hottest must-have down-home fashion. >> this, a halter? i mean, my head's gonna pop off. >> welcome to "fablife." kick your feet up and make yourselves at home because today we're giving you some tips and tricks on how you can get that living space to be warm and cozy. and here to help us out and joining us for the whole day is lifestyle expert, comedian, tv host, and creative director of pixels, trish suhr. >> yay! welcome to our show! >> thank you, baby. >> nice to see you again. >> it's so good to see you, and i finally get to meet leah,


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