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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 8, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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. now at 4:00, breaking news appear a neighborhood is on edge after someone shot and killed a young man. the late night attack on a group of friends standing on a sidewalk. six months after this devastating crash. the driver that slammed into this crowded pizza shop is now facing charges. the new information about that from survivors is still traumatized from that horrific night. the candidates for president tell us why they are qualified to be commander in chief. >> because we had a relationship with russia. wouldn't it be wonderful if we could work on it together and knock the hell out of isis. >> julie: or monday donald trump's plan to fight isis and hillary clinton's very different security proposal. complete new england news coverage starts right now.
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this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: another dark and dreary start to the morning. a look at beacon hill from earlier. more drizzle as well and fog is the biggest issue this morning. good morning to you, 4 a.m. on this thursday, september 8. i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, i am julie grauert. extra time for the commute. we have fog, rain and it will slow you down. meteorologist shiri spear has a timeline when it will all unfold, shiri. >> shiri: with you how it will slow us down. the nitty gritty. most of the showers passing over the cape and island. we will find damp roadways even though we are not showing a lot of showers elsewhere but very misty and damp this morning, 66 in boston. 66 in worcester this morning. look at these fog reports. two-mile visibility in chatham. a quarter mile. dense fog in beverly and portsmouth, new hampshire. not so much better in
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as well. keene, new hampshire, i have dense fog. worcester, dense fog with visibility around a quarter mile. this is thick stuff. this fact this is the thick stuff we have seen to far this week and it will last about 8 or 9:00 this morning. foggy, misty, even perhaps drizzly this morning. temperatures start in the 60s. 73 at 10 a.m. metro west. 78 degrees by noontime and into the 80s and finally we get afternoon breaks of sunshine, so the timeline on this slow improvement with futurecast coming up. back to you, julie, for drive-time traffic. >> julie: like you mentioned fog will be something we will be watching together all morning. traffic flow moving along fine. 4 a.m. so not too many people out there north of the pike. expressway. speed limit ride up to columbia road. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. nine minutes on the expressway. 20 minutes on 93 south from
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f it is 4:02 right now. following breaking news where one person died after a shooting in dorchester. this is the scene on ripling road last night just before 8:00. the road was shut down as investigators sorted through the evidence. a hooded gunman fired seven shots killing a victim a man in his 20s while he was standing on a sidewalk with a group of friends. we are working to find out if any arrests were made. details as soon as we get them in morning. is responsible for a carbon monoxide leak that sent six people to the hospital. it happened in the rivertown square. residents reported a strange odor which they traced back to the furnace. carbon monoxide levels were 30 times above the safe level. >> we got everybody out. there were a few apartments we couldn't get into. we had to climb in the windows just to make sure nobody was in there. >> three adults and three children were taken to mass
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their exposure is not believed to be life-threatening. all the residents were allowed back in the building while the furnace was being fixed. a drive of a suv that crashed into a newton police department was indicted on several charges more than six months from that deadly accident. john monahan explains this morning the serious charges he is now facing. >> reporter: seven months after a horrific and deadly crash that killed two people at this west newton pizza restaurant, the driver has a middlesex county grand jury indicted 55-year-old bradford caster of newton on two counts of motor vehicle hospital side and one count of operating to endanger. [sirens] >> reporter: he was driving an suv on chestnut street when he crossed washington street hitting several cars and crashing through the front of sweet tomatoes restaurant. the march 1 crash left two people dead and injured
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par lar on that newton march evening. witnesses describe the scene as gruesome and chaotic. at the time castler was taken away in an ambulance. his license has since been suspended indefinitely. his mother declined to talk to station about the indictment. >> wanted to know if you have anything to say about his indictment? >> i have nothing to a. >> reporter: john monah >> daniel: not clear when the driver will be arraigned or no date when sweet tomatoes will open. we are hearing from someone inside the restaurant at the time of the crash. tony wilson and his fiancee were two of the seven people hurt. they were grabbing a bite to eat after voting in the primary. he thought he was going to die. >> i saw a tire. the place just exploded. she was on top of me, my fiancee. i had to move her off to get
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the scariest thing that ever happened in my life. >> julie: wilson tells us he is still in pain but knowing that the driver has been indicted brings some closure. 4:06. police are calling the death of a boston university student struck by a commuter rail train a tragic accident. their official investigation shows the 17-year-old freshman likely hopped the fence to explore. the tudent's name has not been released but he is an international student from china. investigate the incident which happened just hours after the start of the school year. >> just sad because i am a freshman also. what if he didn't have any classes yesterday and never had a chance to have a real college class and didn't make it to 18. >> daniel: the bu dean is asking students to call home and let their pawrnt know they are safe. happening today, the man police say terrorized the town of berlin for nearly a week will appear in court.
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arrested in westborough. he robbed a bank in west boylston last week and led percent on several high-speed chases including one in berlin over the weekend. managed to allude percent for days but spotted yesterday asleep in a car in a parking lot. police have received over 1,000 tips as they investigate the murder of a princeton jogger. it has been one month since someone killed vanessa marcotte running near brook station road near her mother's home. little information about the investigation. we spoke to a former fbi agent who said the killer has been likely under a lot of stress worried about clues the person left behind in an outdoor crime scene. investigators are looking into other less violent incidents known as knew san crimes that happened in the area that might point to a pattern's behave. >> predatory behavior doesn't just pop up in someone's repertoire of behavior when he is 25 years of age.
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>> julie: state police regulatoryers made the annex their temporary home for the last month. but they athat office will be closing soon. the candidates for president laid out their plans for national security during a primetime forum. they spoke in front of hundreds of veterans and active military members of their plans to protect the country. mary maloney reports. >> reporter: at the commander in chief forum in front of veteran and acti the members for -- candidates for president laid out their ability for the job. >> i have department with foreign companies. i have good judgment and i know what is going on. >> you what want in a president, a commander in chief is someone who listens, who evaluates what is being told to him or her. >> reporter: the focus then turned to hillary clinton's private e-mail server. >> it was a mistake to have a
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>> how can you expect those such as myself who will and are entrusted with america's most sensitive information to have any confidence in your leadership for president when you clearly cumented our national security. >> there was no statement, top secret, secret or confidential. i communicated about classified material on a wholly separate system. i took it very seriously. >> reporter: a central theme, >> we are going to defeat isis without committing american ground troops. >> i have a substantial chance of winning. if i win, i don't want too broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is. and let me tell you, if i like maybe a combination of my plan or the general rale's plan. or their plan. if i like their plan, i am not going to call you up, matt, and say i have a great plan. >> reporter: i am mary maloney reporting.
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will be september 26. former.secretary of state colin powell informed hillary clinton how to use e-mail servers. an e-mail exchange how he had sent e-mail from his private e-mail account and personal blackberry. he warned her to be very careful. he denied he gave her the idea to use a private server. he says he no longer have e-mails she sent from the personal account. primary races across the that ballots will be cast on a thursday. holding a primary on the tuesday after labor day would have been paying workers overtime to set up on a holiday. next tuesday will not happen either because this ballot would have to be sent to absentee voters early enough. one of the most contentious districts in the primary. nine democratic hopefuls are
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brian joyce. joyce decided not to run for reelection this year after a candle involving a fbi raid and allegations he misused his political power. if you have questions about today's races or where to vote, a full section for you right now. head over to our web site at it is the first day of school for students in boston and mayor marty walsh helped welcome kids back it this year. nice job. julie jewel the city of boston posted this video of the group painting and cleaning up buildings. the mayor will be visiting cities to say hello to the 58,000 students in boston. the first stop at hyde park's new mission high school. warning to watch out for kids waiting on the sidewalks, waiting for buses or taking the t to their classes today. we check traffic and weather every ten minutes. right now on 93 south, things
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andover to the zakim bridge. shiri. >> shiri: a dense fog advisory from the north shore through boston to the south shore. other spots with zero visibility. fog will be a huge issue. expect a little drizzle and mist along with it. temperatures in the 50s. coming home from work at 5 p.m., 78 to 84. more breaks in the clouds. hot and humid. and i will show you how much hotter it will get for your friday next. >> julie: all right, shiri. disturbing crime. fox25 investigates the pattern of abuse of a man supposed to be helping alzheimer's patients. a complicated drive-thru order is sparking calls for change.
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it is a coffee shop controversy. a deaf woman demanding change after she was refused service at the coffee shop she goes through every morning. the mom of three use texting app to order her coffee at the same framingham dunkin' donuts. >> daniel: as elizabeth hopkins reports, it usually works fines, but one day she got to the drive through and was ordered to go inside. >> reporter: with three little kids in tow, she says she is at her local dunkin' donuts just about every day. >> i rely on coffee a lot. >> me too. >> reporter: jessica is deaf. she says she typically uses an app to write down her order
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the window, bypassing the speaker and shows the clerk the text. but on monday, jessica was refused service because she didn't use the speaker and would not be served coffee unless she came inside. something with three little ones in the car she wouldn't do. but one of the worst parts no one came to her defense even though worker there is know she was a regular. >> none of the three people came over and said that isn't okay. she is a routine customer. she is deaf. they didn't explain anything. they all just stood back and watched. time she suffered bad treatment. >> it happens enough. not every day, but too often. >> reporter: jessica says aside from being refused service she was mocked at another location and she wants to see better training at all businesses and restaurants. >> they should expect different types of people that come into their store and they should you try to work with them. >> reporter: jessica told me she is one person with one voice, but she hopes her story
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that we are just like you. we are no different. we just communicate with our hands. and be patient. >> reporter: elizabeth hopkins, fox25 news. >> daniel: dunkin' donuts tells us that restaurant franchise spoke with the guest to apologize for her experience and resolved the matter. the employee has also been fired since the incident. the man who rode his bike from seattle to boston has successfully completed his trip get finest along the way. bill m+ orin finished his 400 mile yesterday. the bicycle unit escorted morin to police headquarters where his trip came to an end. boston police thanked him for his gesture of kindness and for making his last stop with them. >> it was nice to see the commissioner was there to talk with him. >> julie: what a perfect way
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look at traffic or lack of. nice and quiet. north of the pike, bright green traffic flow on 93 south, route 1. you what can't see on my map is the fog that is out there. i would leave 10, 15 minutes early to deal with any fog you might encounter. 13 minutes from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the tolls. .shiri spear is the real fog expert land tell us m for the morning commute and count on drizzle. an incredible thing. even though a drizzly last few day, we are running half an inch below normal rainfall at this point in september. september so far a inch of rain in boston. just over that in worcester and for the year an 8-inch rainfall deficit. we have an update at 8:30. a once-a-week update to that drought monitor. i doubt we will see any improvements here.
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involving drizzle down the south coast, over the cape and islands. it has been a bit wet. since we have fog in many other locations this morning still damp out there and still want that waterproof layer. that umbrella as well. this is plymouth. 67 degrees and look at that visibility. we have got a real issues with visibility, especially along the coastline. expect dense fog that is building near zero at times this morning until about 9 or 10 a.m. temperatures really slow to warm up. in fac until about 8 a.m. 10 a.m. comes along, lower 70s. we get into the upper 70s even the lower 80s there in the afternoon. somewhere like lawrence is going to warm up a little bit more. lawrence, you still have some fog as well. may not be as thick but i suspect it will get a little bit worse before it gets better. 68 degrees is the temperature. there you can see we are headed into the 80s this afternoon and look at that, finally breaks in the clouds. finally our pattern starts to
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afternoon in plymouth. 76 in boston. 79 in ipswich, 80s in the map at lawrence and norwood at 84 degrees. and framingham at 86. fitchburg. mid-80s in manchester, new hampshire and 82 in worcester. so we are gradually warming up. slowly seeing some improvements. as we jump ahead to 7:00 this morning, you can see we have winds coming in off the water and still very drizzly and foggy out there. toss in thetown towel. this improvements until probably after lunchtime. lunchtime comes along and winds off the water and i am counting on mostly cloudy skies. i think the drizzle is probably going to be lighting up. the fog will be lightening. we get many, many more breaks and thin pots in that cloud cover. there is another front that is shifting toward us. it is not bringing us rain until 8 p.m. or even later. and 8:00, you can see we are starting to see rain in southwestern new hampshire not passing over boston until overnight tonight, but there
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along that front early tomorrow morning and at 8 a.m., humid, cloudy and possibly showery conditions. big turn around for the second half of your friday. friday end up being sunny. gorgeous weather for your friday night plans and look how hot it is tomorrow with higher humidity counting on temperatures close to 9 in the afternoon and preliminary nought boston and framingham. fitchburg at 89 and worcester at 84. things are really heating up. over the weekend. we have temperatures going to be -- i want to say in the lower 80s most days. 82 degrees on saturday with increasing clouds sunday morning. i have got showers around and should clear out in the afternoon with a high of 80 degrees. next week looking fantastic. especially monday and tuesday. wake-up weather in the 50s. highs in the 70s. low humidity. but we are tracking wednesday morning showers. let's send it back over to you guys. >> daniel: okay, shiri, thank you. olympic swimmer ryan
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welcome back, everyone. ryan lochke won't be swimming competitively for a better part of the year. the united states olympic committee handed down a 10-month ban for lochke following his stunt in rio. that means he won't be able to compete in next year's world championship. lochke made up a story of being robbed by gunpoint after he and several other swimmers vandalized a gas station and were held by security guards. the controversial nfl quarterback protesting national anthem is denying internet rumors he converted to islam. col colin kaepernick has been take agony rather than stand during the national anthem. he say the rumors shows the growing islam-phobia and blamed donald trump for ramping up people's fears. people suggested that he changed his religion because his girlfriend is muslim. the iphone 7 has arrived. two new colors and a host of
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a lot of people are excited about that. apple lovers can start ordering the phone in friday. mary maloney shows why not everybody is happy about the changes. >> this is iphone 7. >> reporter: the iphone 7 in the larger 7 plus are water and dust resistant. the iphone 7 plus are two side by side megapixel. one is wide angle and one is telephoto to give two times the optical zoom and ten times the digital zoom, knickss the traditional headphone jack. >> really comes down to one word, courage. the courage to move on. >> reporter: now headphones plug in the same lightning port to charge the iphone or connect wirelessly. some cringe at saying so long to wired headphone featured if apple's early ipod ads. new phone also include an adopter for tradition -- an adapter for traditional headphones.
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pods that will cost $15. the internet had a field day. one user tweeting a pick of a headphone jack with a caption only '90s kids will remember. others saying i don't own air pods yet. i already lost one. not just about the iphone amle's new watch will be waterproof with a brighter display and 50% faster. and apple announced something gamer also love. the apple watch and pokemon go will be compatible. and to the apple ios. the first time super mario can be played on a system that wasn't made by nintendo. for consumer watch, mary maloney. >> julie: a lot of changes. >> daniel: good ones. super mario brothers and the fact we can jump in a pool with a phone. >> julie: or drop it by accident. apple is known for innovating. it is what they do. >> daniel: and wait until next year, something new will come out.
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getting a little help this fall. how the state will help out companies that lost money because of the historic drought. plus tom brady's suspension has officially
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oh, absolutely. i like that. get fios with virtual tech support for $69.99 a month. . breaking now at 4:30, a young man shot and killed while standing on the sidewalk with friends. the late-night attack that shut down this entire neighborhood. the driver to slammed into a popular piz is facing serious charges. the new information we are learning about this devastating crash and reaction from survivors six months later. fox25 investigates uncovers a pattern of abuse at an adult day care. the confession from a bus driver who admits abusing women with alzheimer's.


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