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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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charges. the new information about that deadly accident. and reaction from survivors that are still traumatized from that horrific night. and give yourself extra time this morning. i have dense fog and drizzle that will slow you down. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us continue thu it is september 8. hope your morning is off to a great start were i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. a damp and dreary start to the day. shiri spear says it will take a while for the muggy weather to break. >> shiri: i am trying to find something positive about the forecast this morning, but it is not cold. it is warm. long sleeves. and light to moderate rain
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map. bellingham, medway to the framingham area misty and foggy. it is mild and upper 70s to low upper 60s to lower 70s rather across the board and thick fog over the outer cape and visibility over a mile and a half. quarter inch visibility -- quarter-mile visibility in boston. dense fog there. dense fog to the seacoast. dense much better for worcester. fog, clouds, mist for the whole morning commute. this afternoon clouds start to break apart with highs in the 80s. julie grauert is back now with live drive time traffic this morning. julie, take us out there. >> julie: fog a big concern in our area. leave 10, 15 minutes early to accommodate for the low visibility. route 1, 93 south, volume looks fine. it is early and traffic maps bright green on 128 and the expressway.
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avenue. 10 minutes on the expressway. 19 minutes on 93 south from andover down to the zakim bridge. back to you. it. breaking news in dorchester where a young man was shot and killed standing on the sidewalk. emotions boiling over as one person was killed during this altercation. >> sara: the victim was talking to a group of friends when bullets started flying. jessica reyes is live in dorchester this morning and, jess, a memorial for the victim is growing victim is growing this morning. >> right, you can see just over my shoulder on ripley road, and police say this man was shot and killed here on ripley road around 7:30 last night, and this is video from the scene you are seeing right now. as time went on hortly after this man was shot, a big group of friends and family members showed up here to wait for answers from police. "the herald" says the victim was standing with a group of friends on ripley road when a
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police were up here for several hours talking to witnesses and marking evidence, but this morning we do know that the shooter is still on the loose. as for the victim, we know necessary his 20s but police aren't making his name public just yet. we are going to continue to check in throughout the morning and will keep you posted on any new information as we get it. live in dorchester, i am jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. it was more than six months ago that a car slammed into a people and leaving others hurt. the driver of that car is facing criminal charges. catherine parrotta is live in newton this morning and catherine, that restaurant is still boarded up. >> reporter: still boarded up as you can see behind me with still some flowers on the ground. in fact over my other shoulder, you might be able to make silver pillars put in this spot to try to prevent something like that from happening like this in the future. the driver involved in this is facing serious charge.
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45-year-old bradford casler. he was behind the wheel of the suv march 1, 2016. he was taken from the scene in an ambulance and his license suspended. now the district attorney has announced that he was indicted on two counts.motor vehicle homicide and one count of operating a motor vehicle to endanger. police have not gone into the evidence relating to the charges. one victim said this. >> closure helps. a lot of lives destroyed. of your loved ones. you never know when that might be the last time you see them. >> reporter: that crash killed two customers that night eleanor miele and gregory morin. one person that survived that and you just heard from that as well. driver bradford castler will be from court at a later date. that date has not yet been announced. we don't know exactly what led investigators to indict him on those charges.
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forward. you will hear more from that surviving customer coming up in about an hour. he will talk about that ordeal he went through and some of the lasting effects he still has for this day. live in newton. catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. m+ alfunctioning furnace to blame for a carbon monoxide leak that sent six people to the hop in watertown. it happened on riverside condos in watertown. a strange odor they traced back to the furnace. carbon monoxide levels times above what was considered safe. >> we got everybody out. a few apartments we couldn't get into that probably started climbing the windows to make sure no one was in there. >> gene: three adults, three children taken to mat general. their exposure not believed to be life-threatening. all the residents were allowed back into the building where the furnace was being fixed. police are calling the death of a boston university student struck by a commuter rail train a tragic accident.
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17-year-old freshman likely hopped a fence to explore. the student's name has not been released but he is an international student from china. police continue to investigate the incident that happened hours after the start of the school year. >> it's sad because i am a freshman also, and didn't have any classes yesterday. never had a chance to that. and he didn't make to 18aa the dean is asking students to call home and let their they received 1,000 tips as they regulatory the murder of a princeton jogger. one month since vanessa marcotte was killed along brooks station road near her mother's home. police released very little information about the investigation. we spoke to a former fbi agent who said the killer was likely under a lot of stress worried about clues may have left behind in an outdoor crime scene. investigators are looking into other less violent incidents
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might point to a pattern of behavior. >> predatory behavior doesn't just pop up in someone's repertoire of behavior when he is 25 years of age. that is behavior that starts a long time ago. >> gene: state police investigators have made the princeton town hall annex their temporary home the last five months, but they say that office will be closing soon. new hampshire police are awaiting autopsy results in a suspicious searched boucher's home in hazmat suits including a burn mark over one of her windows. she was found dead after a call to police from a man outside. she was frequently seen with a man named richie who was a registered sex offender, but police do not know if he is connected to her death. this morning we know a propane leak is to blame for a deadly explosion in franklin that happened last year. nancy and richard brown died
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yesterday the state fire marshal announced an unknown source ignited propane leaking into the home. the gas may have come from a fireplace or a heating system. the browns had recently moved from florida to be closer to their grandchildren. and fox25 investigates has learned the contractor that runs the commuter rail has fired six workers for cheating on their time cards. we first reported the fraud on tuesday. and this morning, we know final decisions are still pending for three other keoli employees. the mbta and keolis still haven't told us the cost of taxpayers. the governor's office sent fox25 a statement saying accountability is part of reforming and approving service and pleased that the t is holding its contractors to the highest standards. the first day of school for students in boston and mayor marty walsh helped to get the doors open this year. >> welcome back bps. >> the city of boston posted this video of the group painting and cleaning the building yesterday. the mayor will be visiting
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to say hello to the 58,000 students in boston. the first stop at hyde park's new mission high school. the city is reminding everyone to look out for kids looking at sidewalks, waiting on buses or taking the t to their classes today. the world's only curious george store in harvard square could be facing eviction. a real estate firm has plans to turn the store and several others into a shopping mall. location have been reaching out to the cambridge historical you commission ou the real estate firm is hoping to seek approval for the project at a commission meeting tonight. lots of aggressive wild turkeys are attacking people in foxborough. may be a preemptive strike before thanksgiving. animal control officers have been getting calls for weeks now. she says the is a man-made one. offered these tips before getting attacked. don't feed the turkeys and keep your bird feeders clean. will make it comfortable for humans.
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if you were attacked, act square. instead move your arms and shout, wave a large object and spray the birds with a garden hose. julie, i feel like i am being punked here. wave your arms. >> julie: create a large base and carry your garden hose at any time. the only way to protect yourself. animal kingdom is coming to us. traffic looking good. 19 minutes from 495 to z demonstration of how to fend off turkeys. please, please! dense fog advisory to the seacoast of new hampshire. winds up and down the coastline and i am seeing major fog issues even outside of the coast. fog and drizzle. 60s right now sending you home from work later today. hot and humid. a lot of 80s on the map. a little bit of sunshine as well. i will show you when we start to clear out next. ten minutes after 5:00. he is accused of robbing a bank and leading police on several high-speed chases.
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coming up at 5:30, where police were able to catch up with him after days on the run. a controversy surrounding a nfl quarterback spreading into soccer. one player stepped back that prompted a change to pregame ceremony. candidates for president lay out their case to hundreds of veterans and military families out their case to hundreds of veterans and military families and never went i absolutely love my new york apartment, but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it.
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. 5:14. hillary clinton and donald trump both on the attack -- on the deck, rather, of the uss intrepid and on the attack against each other when talking to military members while they would be the best commander in chief. the forum focused on national security. >> daniel: they were never on stage together they talked to hundreds of veterans and active military members back to back. hillary clinton says steadiness is the most important quality that that a president should are and
5:15 am
as the commander in chief forum in front of veterans and active servicemembers, the candidates for president played -- laid out their qualifications for the top job in the united states. >> i have built a great company. i have been all over the world. i have dealt with foreign countries. i have great judgment. i have good judgment. i know what is going on. >> what you want in a president, a commander in chief, is someone who listens, who evaluates what is being told to him or her. turns to hillary clinton's private e-mail server. >> it was a mistake to have a personal account. i would certainly not do it again. i make no excuses for it. >> how can you expect those such as myself who will and are entrusted with america's most sensitive informing to have any confidence in your leadership as president when you clearly corrupted our national security. >> there was no statement top secret, secret or confidential.
5:16 am
separate system. i took it very seriously. >> daniel: a central theme, defeating isis. >> we are going to defeat isis without committing american ground troops. >> i have a substantial chance of winning. if i win, i don't want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is -- and let me tell you, if i like maybe a combination of my plan and the general's plan or the general plan. if i like their plan, i am not going to call you up and say, matt, >> daniel: there are now 61 days before the first link. and the first debate on september 26. fox25 will have you covered every tempt way on air and online at in the newsroom, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. happening today, a -- massachusetts voter also hit the polls to determine primary rates across the state. the first time since 2012 that mrots will be cast on a thursday. holding the primary on a
5:17 am
overtime to pay on a holiday. next tuesday would not work either because general ballots need to be sent to absentee voters early enough. >> the suburbs south of boston are one of the most contentious district for the primaries. nine hopefuls are trying to snag two open seats both created by the exit of senator brian joyce. he decided not to run for reelection after a scandal involving a fbi raid and political power. if you have questions about today's races or where to vote, we have a full section up on our web site at it is 5:17. good morning, everyone. south of the pike, things moving along fine on the expressway and on 128. north of the pike, volume is manageable right now across the board. i do want to take you out to a dark and already foggy look at the zakim bridge. it isn't because it is out of focus but because visibility
5:18 am
the live drive times. 12 minutes from route to 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes south. 22 minutes from the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. speaking of that fog, shiri, you are calling it the biggest headache by far in the boston area for the morning commute. >> shiri: yeah, because so stubborn out there, julie. it will be misty and foggy and at times it will even be drizzly throughout the morning commute. so back to cool in boston today, and we are looking at some kind of murky conditions. we have only a quarter inch of rain so far this entire month, of a an inch below average. an 8-inch deficit in boston and worcester. the latest on that drought monitor when it is issued at 8:30 this morning. only gets updated once a week and i am hoping it doesn't get worse. and current conditions involve that drizzle from new bedford, the cape, the islands and check out plymouth at 68 degrees right now.
5:19 am
and out of the fog. i hear it will thicken up and be dense fog here and kind of stay like that through 6, 7, 8:00 this morning. 9 a.m., we should start to see slight improvement. so until then, temperatures are going to get stuck essentially where they are. i think that 71 at 9 a.m. is a little optimistic. i think we will have a lot of 60s. by 11 a.m., 76 degrees. into the afternoon, it is upper 70s to lower 80s at the coastline. it is even hotter inland with enough breaks in the clouds later today, we will land at 84 in norwood. 8 in framingham. 84 in lawrence and manchester, new hampshire. possibly 87 in fitchburg. boston upper 70s there. upper 70s in portsmouth down to ipswich. upper 70s for the cape and islands, and not rain or fog or drizzle all day. that will be your morning forecast and we maintain that at 7 a.m. with the rains off
5:20 am
air. a similar set up this afternoon. across eastern mass a couple more pockets of drizzle and then the turn around. this afternoon we bring in more breaks in the clouds and will turn partly sunny, at least inland and more clouds than sun at the coastline. start to see things get a little brighter for the evening commute. by 8:00 the first of the showers making their way into southwestern new hampshire and you see some pass through overnight. not rain for everybody but with a front in the area tomorrow morning when you wake it is going to be cloudy and we have a risk for a couple of early morning showers on friday. and friday afternoon, the sunshine is back and things are spectacular for your friday night plans. look how hot it will get. 90s in the boston area for the day tomorrow. a little cooler over the weekend. the seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view after a couple more overnight showers. 82 on saturday. partly sunny. sunday morning we are watching out for a couple more showers and clear out during the
5:21 am
cool to start off next workweek with highs in the 70s. monday, tuesday and a chance for more wednesday rain. back to you. the red sox putting themselves ahead of the pack. still coming your way. the big offensive effort to push the sox into first place in the al east. finding something more than just sea shells on the sand. why experts believe these [bell] (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything.
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>> the controversial nfl quarterback protesting the national anthem deny internet rumors that he converted to islam. colin kaepernick claims he has been take agony instead of standing during the national anthem to br he says the rumors show that the country is growing islam-ophobi a and blames donald trump for growing fears. people suggested that he changed his religion because his girlfriend is muslim. a female soccer star showed her support for colin kaepernick's protest. megan rapino planned to continue her protest. the seattle rain. the club place national anthem
5:25 am
we decided to play the anthem in our stadium ahead of schedule rather than to inflict to our fans and friends of the disrespect. he aid she was disappointed by the actions. a woman found more than these things in the sand. a dinosaur footprint this they believe they are 130 years old and hidden under the sand until now. they believe the prints belong to you believe that. >> gene: no. footprints in the sand usually walk away, they don't last -- >> julie: 130 million years. to last that long. >> gene: they are the experts and we are -- >> julie: we are not paleontologist. >> gene: nasa is sparking conspiracy video with newest video and audio from jupiter.
5:26 am
nasa says its spacecraft sent back these high resolution pictures of an aurora from jupiter. they also recorded that creepy sound from the red planet. they ait simply plasma ray radio outbursts and we have never heard them before because they have never been recorded in such details. aliens is possible -- they didn't actually say that. that was our comment. maybe like shows -- l out through television signals over the year and finally making their way to jupiter. catching the first season of "all in the family" something like that, i don't know. >> julie: that's it and kayne will samplele it in his next song. jupiter as the backtrack. we can use it in our news open. >> gene: many possibilities here, shiri. we will investigate this a little further. as a kind 'tis i know -- by don't like aliens.
5:27 am
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. out there this morning. and you got a few more hours just like this. >> gene: but we are finally going to break the pattern we have been in lately this afternoon. so that's some good news. a a that is great news. >> gene: we will take that. meteorologist her shiri is in the stormtracker weather center. how long will we be in the thick of it this morning. >> shiri: pretty nasty out there probably until 9 a.m. i expect the fog to get worse. look at that report in boston now worse than it was last time we checked it half an
5:31 am
dense fog there. and an 8th of a mile visibility. dense fog in prove rinsetown. not that much better in plymouth and norwood. we are seeing fog in nashua and keene. most towns and cities will find fog. any kind of misty conditions out there. a deadyer light rain over porks of the upper cape, bourne and the vineyard and new bedford this morning. temperatures starting out in the upper 60s, lower 70s there. 67 in boston, wayland and foxborough. boxford right now at 66 degrees. i have 69 in barre, 56 in worcester and 68 in nashua, new hampshire. 7 a.m. more of the same. upper 60s. drizzle anding if at noon. 77 degrees. still a lot of lingering clouds. even a spot sprinkle left at lunchtime. there you go your improvement. 3 p.m. 84 degrees. kids coming home from school.
5:32 am
by 7 p.m. julie grauert with live traffic north of the pike. >> julie: things are looking good beside the fog that you were mentioning. i recommend leaving 10, 15 minutes to accommodate for any foggy spots. pike wide open. expressway speed limit ride. one of those rare times where you don't have an issue until now. accident just popped up on our map at the opening of the emi le tunnels. more details and tweet that out for you. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass 21 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. to our top stories this morning. police are investigating after a deadly shooting in dorchester. this is the scene on ripley road last night just before 8:00. the road was shut down as officers sorted through evidence. the herald reports that a hooded gunman fired at least seven hots killing a victim. a man in his 20s while he was standing on the sidewalk with
5:33 am
any arrests were made, details this morning. a man who crashed into the sweet tomatoes pizza shop in newton is facing criminal charges. bradford casler has been charged with two counts of motor vehicle whom identify and one count of operating to endanger. two people were kivd. seven others certiously injured in this crash. the city of newton has installed concrete in front of storefronts for safety and that restaurant remains criminal covered his face with a bandana and helmet while he terrorized their town for days. investigators in berlin say he robbed a bank and led police on self-high speed chases before he was arrested several towns away. live this morning where that man will be arraigned today. michael, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that bank robbery and high speed chase suspect will be arraigned a couple of miles away from where i stand right now after he spent more than a week on the run and spent that
5:34 am
here at westborough police. these surveillance images capture the attention of several massachusetts towns. this mugshot show who police captured. matthew aldin jr. found sleeping in his car at the extra mart in westborough yesterday afternoon and arrested after what westborough police describe as a minor scuffle. police say a 22-year-old from hudson kicked off a cri robbing the commerce bank on west boylston street. and handing a teller a note and demanding cash. police in boil our top stories, clinton and berlin reported spotting the tolen they say aldin. went away on traveling at such high speeds that officers needed to call off their cases. on sunday, posted it their facebook page warning residents to stay inside and use caution during their
5:35 am
police departments helped now bring to a close. >> reporter: technically taken into custody on a failure to appear in mallboro district court but will be arraigned in westborough court on those bank robbery charges and fox25 will be there. michael henrich, fox25 news. manchester police are searching for a suspect who beat up an elderly clerk during an armed robbery. police say they believe thomas board jr. went food market where he assaulted 81-year-old store owner. 5'10"with a thin build last seen wearing a gray zip-up hoodie and gray sweatpants. anyone with information call police. bus drivers accused of assaulting elderly women in alzheimer's. he worked for care well, and court documents show the victim's families had no idea what allegedly was going on. fox25's jacqui heinrich has been working the story for
5:36 am
at least one victim had to undergo a rape kit test. >> reporter: court documents show at least 12 incidents over two years involving six women, ranging in age from their 60s to their 80s all with altar or other developing disability. and now considered victims of sexual aall the. robert mcneil, 57 of pembroke facing multiple charges of indecent assault and battery of a disabled person after he allegedly reported the crimes at the and then to police. according to police documents, mcneil, who is a veteran, was working as a bus driver for the adult day air. on july 24, he told his bosses he was attending church and decided he needed to speak to someone about things he had done that he felt remorseful about. interviews with people and their loved one reporting disturbing details.
5:37 am
left with. another having an anxiety attack inside one of the company's vans in july. mcneil is accused of groping and kissing the woman transporting them to and from the adult day-care center. >> gene: that was jacqui heinrich reporting. he admitted to mental health services after reporting the incident. he did not return our calls and will be back in court on monday. summer is not technically over, but boston city hall is already thinking of winter. coming makeover being planned just in time for the holiday shopping season. new iphones getting ready
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we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. good morning. a 13-minute ride from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. shiri tracking that first day of school forecast for kids in boston. >> shiri: that's right. boston. i don't have an official sunrise. 67 degrees and dense fog with that visibility a quarter of a mile and we will keep the frost and even the potential for a little mist and here for those bus stop kids and commuters. 6 a.m. 78 degrees. kids may appreciate a raincoat and have short sleeves underneath because a warm and muggy afternoon. well, red sox say goodbye to california, and they are feeling pretty good about it. they are now in first place as they head to toronto.
5:41 am
custom made surfboard with a picture on it. that is pretty cool. the sox dominated. travis shaw smacks one deep to right over and out. jackie bradley on board. sox up 2-1. later in the fourth, dustin pedroia rips one to left and core twos more run. 60 rbis on the year. and in the 8th and 9th. hanley ramirez, brock holt sox twin 7-2. they are off today and play tomorrow night opening up a big weekend series in toronto. ryan lochke won't be swimming competitively for a better part of the year. the united states olympic committee handed down a 10-month ban following his stunt in rio. that means he won't be able to compete in next year's world championships. lochke made up a of being robbed at gunpoint after he and several other swimmers
5:42 am
he and others were held by security guards. breaking news a deadly shooting in dorchester and charges are filed six months after a deadly accident at a pizza shop. we will check in with our reporter. the bizarre stunt for zika. what had lawmakers running for the bug spray. a coffee controversy at a
5:43 am
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5:45 am
last. >> sara: one person is shot and killed. jessica reyes has the live story in dorchester. >> reporter: sara, that man was shot and killed on ripley road when he was standing with a group of his friends and standing with a group of friends. a small memorial growing in his memory. we have video from the scene last night. it all happened just after 7:30, and as time went on here, a big group of distraught friends and family members met answers from police. the herald says the victim was standing with a group of friends when a man in a black hoodie ran up and stopped him. this morning they are still searching for a suspect. the victim it in his 20s and police haven't made his name public just yet. we are checking in with him this morning. another live report coming up in 15 minutes. for now live in dorchester, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news.
5:46 am
parrotta live in newton at sweet tomatoes restaurant the scene of a deadly crash just about six months ago. we learned that the driver in that case is facing serious charges. according to officials, that driver 55-year-old casler, a real estate agent, he was seen taken from the scene in an ambulance following the crash. casler has been indicted on two counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of operate operating a vehicle to endanger. driving his suv on chestnut street in newton when he reportedly crossed washington treat hitting several cars and crashing through sweet tomato's restaurant. that crash killed two customers and many others were injured. we spoke with one of the survivors of that crash, and you will hear from him coming up in 15 minutes. live in newton, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. and i am michael henrich reporting live in westborough where police arrested a bank robbery suspect who is also accused of starting self-high
5:47 am
have ended up arresting this man, 22-year-old matthew alden jr. at the extra mart yesterday afternoon. that is more than a week after west boylston police said robbed a bank. he will be arraigned in district court and fox25 will be there. ahead at 6:30 though, what alden was doing according to police when they caught up with him. michael henrich, fox 25 news. 5 if you feel like you have a little fog around your head this morning, you do. so -a-aa your hair is just slightly damp, it is. >> shiri: or slightly puffy. that is the case as well. murky, humid forecast boiling down to fog and a little bit of drizzle on the map. not a whole lot you can zoom into. the cape and islands getting the steadiest light rain now, and where we have the fog, we are going to have the mist. probably only trace amounts of
5:48 am
an inch of rain this morning and yoj we will get to most spots. rainfall totals in new bedford and has been out there. we need it. drought monitor for much of eastern massachusetts and new hampshire. i get a fresh update to that once a week comes out at 8:30 this morning. hoping fingers are crossed that it stays as is. i don't think it will show much in the way improvement. 67 degrees right now in boston. we have we have got fog. fog is going to be pretty thick through 9:00 this morning. until then, temperatures probably don't move very much. by late morning at 11 a.m., i have got 72 degrees. lunchtime to me still looks mostly cloudy. perhaps a spot sprinkles or two, and in the afternoon, we will see the clouds begin to break up, plus highs that make it into the upper 70s there. so you can see. we have all this wind coming off the water. the onshore flow picks up moisture over the ocean and
5:49 am
ongoing clouds and drizzle and mist, and this is where we are going to be stuck through the morning hours. next weather maker tracks through tonight that will bring us another chance of rain. so futurecast here for the next two hours. just plan on the fog and mist. a little bit of drizzle out there. i think morning commuters, bus stop kids. you might want that waterproof layer. it feels very moist. noontime, pockets of drizzle along the coastline and during the afternoon, more of those breaks in the clouds. coming through we are going to see some pockets of rain out here. some of them can be locally heavy until 8:00 tomorrow morning. slight risk of a shower from the friday morning commute and big friday turn around. highs in the upper 60s in boston. 80 in beverly. 81 in plymouth. 83 in worcester. a whole string of 80s in between. we will be back down to 70 degrees with a risk of a passing shower and tomorrow's highs, there tough. a little summer i got summer.
5:50 am
slowly clear out. saturday, partly to mostly sunny skies. 82 degrees and we will clear out during the afternoon and high 80. looking great on monday and tuesday and we will have some wednesday rain. send you over to july with live drive time traffic. take it away. >> julie: shiri, an accident. overall volume is so light that it is not causing any problems. route 3, moving along fine. live drive times as i a 15-minute ride from the braintree split to the pike. 13 minutes on route 1. 23 minutes on 93 south as you approach the zakim bridge. back to you. a deaf woman demanding change after she was refused service at a dunkin' donuts. she said ordered morning coffee every location until a new employee was working the drive through. daniel miller joins us with more on the controversy. >> daniel: yeah, good morning. the mom of three uses a
5:51 am
it usually works fine, but one day she says she had to go through the drive through and was ordered to go inside. with three little kids in tow, busy mom of three jessica says she is at her local dunkin' donuts just about every day. jessica is deaf. she says she typically uses an app to write down her order and then pulls up directly to the window, bypassing the speaker and shows the clerk the text. but on monday, jessica says because she didn't use the speaker and would not be served her coffee unless she came inside. something with three little ones in her car she couldn't do. one of the worst parts is nobody came to her defense, even though workers there know she is a regular. >> none of the three people came over and told him that wasn't okay. she is a routine customer. she is deaf. they didn't explain anything. they all just stood back and watched.
5:52 am
she suffered bad treatment. >> it happens enough. not every day, but too often. >> daniel: jessica says aside from being refused service, she has been mocked at another location and she wants to see better training at all businesses and restaurants. >> they should expect different type of people that come into their store, and they should try to work with them. >> reporter: jessica told fox 25 she is one person with one makes a difference. >> we just want to you know that we are just like you. we are no different. we just communicate with our hands. and be patient. >> daniel: in a statement, dunkin' donuts told news part the restaurant's franchisees spoke with the guest to apologize for the experience and to try to resolve the matter.
5:53 am
that not enough, jessica said her hearings and deaf friends and family plan to all place orders the way she does, bypassing the speaker and using text so that every worker at that location knows how to properly treat deaf people who are patrons there. in the control room this morning, daniel miller, fox25 news. it was a busy day for florida police who had to corrall several gators lurking near children. they found an 11-foot-long alligator weighing 450 pounds. middle school near miami. officials trapped the reptile with help from local wildlife conservation group and an alligator near west palm beach caused a dangerous commotion at the playground. the 5-foot gator found its way into the playground area and chasing children. when police arrived it returned to the water but the deputies were able to capture the animal and bring it to a gator farm. time runs out for a woman caught in the trunk of a car
5:54 am
saying she was abducted and kidnapped but died before anyone could find her. rita mays was abduct from a montana gas station on tuesday morning. her body was found inside her car. yesterday in at airport parking lot in spokane, washington, 250 miles away. police are searching for the person who abducted her. travelers are getting through security at logan international airport a lot quicker. long lines used to be the site when traveling by airplane, but new changes over the summer meant nationwide are working. according to homeland security chief jay johnson, average weight times are ten minutes in the nation's busiest airports. two former itt tech employees are trying to sue the school. on tuesday, the same day the for profit school closed down, the two workers filed a class-action lawsuit claiming itt violated a federal law which guarantees 60 days' notice any time mass layoffs
5:55 am
under the radar of both federal and state investigators over its recruiting tactics, lending practices and job placement figures. a bizarre stunt on the floor of the house this week. republican lawmaker brought in a container of mosquitoes to washington to draw attention to the zika crisis. representative david jolly says he was trying to instill in lawmakers the same fear that floridians feel every day. senate democrats struck down a bill that would have provided according to the cdc, the number of zika cases in the united states is now in the thousands. the new iphone 7 and 7 plus are on their way, and people are talking about what is missing. apple announced yesterday its new phones will not have headphone jacks. user also have the option to purchase wireless headphones instead that many are expensive and look like they are easy to use.
5:56 am
headphones and will have a new home button and improved camera. and the new apple watch can now be used while swimming. the watch will also feature a built-in gps and new versions of popular video games. it is compatible with super mario game and pocono go will be connected to the work outapp for the watch. if you need caffeine, a new that is so strong, it comes with a health warning. the drink is a concoction of four espresso shots and two different strengths of coffee. contains 80 times the amount of caffeine of standard espresso. it promises -- -- it promises to keep you buzzing for up to 18 hours. >> i need a cup of that right now. >> gene: 18 hours. that means forget about sleep,
5:57 am
that is the point, i guess. an inspiring moment inside ceremony of the paralympics. >> the big reaction from the crowd when this woman with a cane fell carrying the torch. and the student largest university after a student is attacked by a fake uber driver. the offer police say the driver made to the student before assaulting her. we are tracking traffic and weather together every ten minutes. on the expressway, 17 minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike, fog is your ?? why do banks treat you and your money like this? they nickel and dime you with fees and minimum balances. capital one won't do that. they've reimagined banking, and built a checking account that's free of all that nonsense. no fees. no minimums. no gotchas. at capital one, your money stays your money.
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breaking down at 6:00, what a victim was doing when a gunman open fired. six months after a pizza shop crash. the driver is now facing charges. new information about that deadly accident and reaction from survivors who are still traumatized from that horrific night. and give time. i have fog and drizzle that will slow you down. what time the sun finally makes a return. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. good morning, everybody. now 6:00 on this thursday morning. it is the 8th day of september. we hope your morning is off to terrific start. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. a damp and dreary start to the day sad to say.


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