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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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breaking down at 6:00, what a victim was doing when a gunman open fired. six months after a pizza shop crash. the driver is now facing charges. new information about that deadly accident and reaction from survivors who are still traumatized from that horrific night. and give time. i have fog and drizzle that will slow you down. what time the sun finally makes a return. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. good morning, everybody. now 6:00 on this thursday morning. it is the 8th day of september. we hope your morning is off to terrific start. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. a damp and dreary start to the day sad to say.
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murky water to break but not too long from now. >> shiri: it is sara's birthday. everybody wish her a happy birthday. sick and tired of these drizzly, foggy mornings. one of the foggiest you have seen but steady rain is restricted to the cape and islands this morning widespread upper 50s in woes right now, but fog is our big issue and we are seeing dense fog in provincetown but visibility under two miles in chatham. three miles infork almouth. six mile in plymouth and lower than that in taunton. big issues in boston. quarter-mile visibility mean dense fog there. seacoast as well. north shore looking pretty thick. and one-mile visibility in
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my big concern it will get worse before it gets better. before 10 a.m. but the worst before 8:00. 8 a.m. we inch closer to 70 degrees. by 10 a.m. lower 70s. 78 at noon. here we come 80s in metro west and here we come breaks of sunshine this afternoon. i will walk you through hour by hour with futurecast. julie grauert is back with live drive time traffic. julie, seeing that fog from your camera. >> julie: when shiri says "fog" this is what she means. you can see it in all of our expressway cameras. expressway poe tally fogged out. storrow bridge, tough to see and center camera is skyfox. won't be flying because ceiling is too low. new accident 93 south on the shoulder before montvale avenue. south of the pike, the expressway moving along fine. the earlier accident south hampton has cleared. 18-minute drive time from the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. back to you.
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a young man was shot and killed while standing on the sidewalk. >> reporter: >> sara: a reports say the victim was talking to a group of friends when the bullets started flying. fox25's jessica reyes is live in dorchester this morning and jess, a memorial for this victim is growing. >> reporter: and sara, it will be -- it was a pretty upsetting scene here last night as the victim's family waited to get information from police. he was shot and killed on ripley memorial that is growing in his honor. we have video from the scene that just happened after 7:30, and this morning the "the herald" is reporting that the victim was talking with friends on the street when the men in the black hoodies ran up and shot him. police were talking with witnesses and gathering evidence but they are still searching for the shooter in this case. the victim is in his 20s but police have not made his names public yet.
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and as soon as they get more information, we will pass it along to you. live in dorchester, jess yes, sir, fox25 morning news twa more than than six months ago that a car slammed into a pizza place killing two people and leaving several others hurt, and now the driver of that car is facing criminal charges. fox25's catherine parrotta is live in newton this morning and catherine, that restaurant is still boarded up. >> yeah, it is still boarded up and you can still see flowers on the sidewalk as well. what you may be added to the walk in an evident to keep something like this happening again. and six month ago when this deadly crash happened and now we are learning the driver is facing serious charges. >> it was primary day and we voted and we came here to get a pizza. >> reporter: march 1 started off as an ordinary night for tone hey wilson and his
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>> not like you saw a car. just that the place exploded. >> reporter: the driver of that car was bradford casler. he was driving on newton and crossed washington street hitting several cars before crashing into sweet tomatoes restaurant. >> the fatalities around us. there was a fatality laying on top of me. my fiancee -- i had to move her off. and -- to get me out of there. >> reporter: two people were killed that night. drive is facing serious charges. the middlesex county da announced casler has been indicted on two counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of operating a motor vehicle to endanger. the da's office calls wilson to call him. >> a lot of lives destroyed. >> reporter: wilson continues to live with the effects of that night. he suffered a broken back and ribs and has ptsd and that night taught him an important
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be the last time that you see them. >> reporter: as for the driver in this case, bradford cassler. he will be in court at a later date. that date has not yet been announced. fox25 did reach out to his family. also the families of the two victims who died in this crash. and we will explain what happened there coming up in about an hour. live in newton, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. 6:06 this morning. a malfunctioning furnace is to blame for a carbon monoxide leak that sent six people to the hospital happened at the watertown condos. residents smelled a strange odor that they traced back to the furnace. carbon monoxide levels were 30 times what was safe. >> a few apartments we couldn't get into and started climbing out windows to make sure nobody was in there. >> gene: two adults and three children taken to mass general. their exposure was not life-threatening.
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back into the building while that furnace with a was being fixed. police have received 1,000 tips as they investigate the murder of a princeton jogger. a month since vanessa marcotte was killed jogging along the street of her mother's home. police have not released much information about the investigation. we spoke with a former fbi agent that the killer has likely been under a lot of stress in last month worried about clues history lined in an outdoor crime scene. investigators are looking nonviolent incidents knew san cinls that might point to a pattern of behavior. >> predatory behavior just doesn't pop up in somebody's repertoire of behavior when he is 25 years of age. that is behavior that starts a long time ago. >> gene: state police investigators made the princeton town hall annex their temporary home for the last month. but fox25 sources say that office will be closing soon. new hampshire police are waiting on autopsy results in
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investigators searched joanne boucher's home for clues and has mat suits including a burn mark above one of her windows. boucher was found dead after a call to police from a man outside. neighbors say she was frequently with man named rich' registered sex offender and don't know if she was connected to her death. fox25 investigates has learned the contractor that runs the commuter rail hasp fired six workers for cheatin on their time cards. we first reported the fraud on tuesday, and this morning, we know final decisions are still pending for three other keolis employees. the mbta and keolis still haven't told us the cost to taxpayers. the governor's office sent fox25 a statement saying accountability is part of performing and performing service and pleased that the t is holding its contractors to the highest standards. the first day of school for students in boston and
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>> welcome back bps. >> gene: posted this video of the group painting. the mayor will be visiting schools today to say hello to the 58,000 students in boston. the first stop at hyde park new mission high school. warning people to watch out for the kids walking on the walks to take their buses and the t to their classes. the world's only cur george store could be facing eviction. a real estate agent wants to turn the store and several others into a shopping mall. turning to the cambridge commission about concerns of businesses. the real estate firm is hoping to seek approval for the project at a commission meeting tonight. city hall pla gla is getting a makeover in time for the holidays. want to turn it into a winter wonderland. a rendering of the plans. the city wants to set up 50
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shopping area for the holidays and ice path as well. a three-year deal with the owners of the t+ d garden. their goal is to visit the plaza year round. a hill hans brinker coming down in city hall plaza. >> julie: i like the sound of that. i am not doing ice-skating. you may are to knave gate through fog. 32-minute ride from and sglovr down -- andover to the zakim br seacoast to north shore to allston to the south shore. big fog issues, drizzly and misty. temperatures in the 60s to start the drive home from work. humid. highs in the 80s and more breaks in the clouds. i will time out the clearing in your town coming up. he is accused of robbing a bank and leading police on several high-speed chases but this morning investigators say that bold thief is behind bars. coming up at 6:30. the mistake he made that led to his arrest.
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quarterback spreading into soccer. one player's pledge to step back that prompted a quick change to a pregame ceremony. and it is a precursor to this month's debate. the candidates for president try to convince veterans why they are the best choice for commander in chief.
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?? the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time.
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new hampshire college students are packing their backpacks and heading back to school. and thanks to kelly ayotte, along with the textbooks and pencils,
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and to raise student loan interest rates. because she sides with special interests looking out for their own bottom line, not our kids'. for new hampshire students and families, kelly ayotte is a heavy burden we can't afford. nea advocacy fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. back at 6 :14, hillary on the deck of the u.s. intrepid speaking to military members why they think they are the best choice for president. fox25's daniel miller joins us now you and the forum focused on national security. >> daniel: that's what it is it was all about. while they weren't on stage together, they talked to veterans and active military members back to back. hillary clinton said steadiness was the most important quality a president should have and donald trump said his judgment makes him fit to be president.
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in front of veterans and active servicemembers. the candidates for president laid out their qualification for the top job in the united states. >> i have built a great company. i have been all over the world. i dealt with foreign companies. i have great judgment. i have good judgment. i know what is going on. >> what you want in a good president, a commander in chief, is someone who listens, who avail wait what is being told to m to hill a private e-mail server. >> it was a mistake to have a personal account. i would certainly he not do it again. i make no excuses. >> how can you expect those such as myself to entrust you with the most serious confidential information to have confidence in your leadership as president when you compromised national security. >> i communicated about classified material on a
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>> reporter: a central theme, defeating isis. >> we are going to defeat isis without committing american ground troops. >> i have a substantialal chance of winning. if i win, i don't want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is -- and let me tell you, if i like maybe a combination of my or general's plan, or the general plan, if i like their plan, i am not going to call you up and say, >> daniel: the first debate will be held on september 26. fox25 will have you covered every step of the way right here on air and online at in the newsroom this morning, i am daniel miller, fox 25 news. it appears former massachusetts governor mitt romney will be voting for the libertarian candidates in november. in rare tweet, romney set out this message that he will hope that will get to see gary
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the libertarian candidates have to reach 15% in the polls to join in on the debates. meanwhile, warrant out for the green party jill stein, the lexington resident joined in a protest where she was caught on video spray painting a bulldozer at a construction site. stein released a statement that hope state officials will take action against the pipeline company that she was protesting. 6:17 and start with the variety of traffic cameras that i am monitoring. most of them are fogged out. our camera on one financial center can't make out anything. tough to make out the expressway and zakim bridge from our camera at mass general. also skyfox won't be flying because the clouds are too low. we have an accident on 93 south waiting for this to clear off to the shoulder at montvale avenue and backed up into the woburn area. things are okay on the expressway.
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settle. live drive times. 15 minutes from route 1. 37 minutes on 93 south. 27 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. so we are dealing with a lot of fog in -- a little bit of fog this morning but you are seeing sunshine fighting their way through the clouds. >> shiri: no the an easy battle because all that fog and drizzle and mist to get through this morning. you k in boston, quarter inch of rain. half an inch below average. we have an 8-inch rainfall deficit for the year in boston and worcester and we haven't made up a whole lot of ground for mid-september. i don't think we will see a huge improvement with the drought monitor, but i will break down what will change. 68 in boston. 66 in worcester. a little drizzle over the cape and islands. at least the steadiest of the
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visibility being reported at six miles. the event in and out of that dense fog this morning we are not done with it yet. it could get thicker before it is outer here. through 8 a.m., we have fog and a little mist along with it. 68 degrees your temperature in plymouth. it will be in the low 70s at 10 a.m. we will hang on to a whole lot of clouds through noontime, even a sprinkle in there through lunch today and this afternoon highs in the lower 80s in most towns and cities that we start to s so it is upper 70s will be the rule for the most part at the coastline straight through the cape to plymouth, boston, ipswich and portsmouth, new hampshire. go a little further inland and break in the cloud cover first. the longest breaks in the clouds. warm up a little more. 84 in norwood and lawrence. 86 in framingham. 83 in worcester and 85 in manchester, new hampshire. here is futurecast today. patchy drizzle and fog through the morning commute.
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the water and at times, so you can still see pretty thick clouds and even a couple of sprinkles around at lunchtime today, in particular eastern new hampshire and eastern massachusetts. afternoon, this is when we start to make a slow turn around. we get more and more of these breaks in the clouds through the afternoon. should be brighter and warmer for you as you head home from work later today. starting at 8 p.m., we will be watching some of these showers moving from western new england into eastern new england overnight. front and a couple locally heavy showers. for the most part scattered overnight rain, waking up tomorrow, humid, cloudy. more fog. more sunshine on friday afternoon. look how high it gets. highs up to 90 degrees in boston. again tomorrow. if you want summer, there is your summerlike forecast. increasing clouds on saturday. sunday, i do have rain. perhaps a thunderstorm in the forecast that most of that wet weather is going to be in the
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sunday with clearing during the afternoon. a nice cool mornings to start off this workweek. monday, tuesday in the 50s. highs in the 70s with lots of sun and more wednesday rain. back to you guys. 6:21. red sox putting themselves ahead of the pack. still coming your way, the big offensive evident to push the red sox in first place in the american league east. she wasn't going for the gold but the torch goer stole the show.
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6:24. the travel nfl quarterback who has been protesting the national anthem is denying internet rumors that he converted to islam. colin kaepernick claims he has been of standing for the national anthem to bring attention to injustice in america. he says the rumors just show that the country has growing islam-ophobia and blames donald trump for ramping up people's fear. people say he changed his religion because his girlfriend is muslim. megan rapono says she plans to continue her protest at every game, but the seattle
6:25 am
chance to do that. the club played the national anthem before both teams took the field. in a statement, the owner said planned to play the anthem ahead of schedule rather than to make our fans and friends deal with the disrespect that is meant to represent. rapino was disappointed by the action. a day to remember. this photo shoot inspired by the couple celebrated their marriage pretend be to be noah and alley. posing in front of a pickup truck, holding hands, kissing in a yard. since they were uploaded in facebook the pictures have been uploaded 40,000 time. it was more than the photos but the fun they had taken too. >> sara: sweet photos. i never saw the movie, i read the book. >> julie: only watch the movie if you need a good cry. that will guarantee it and
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but gets me every time. samba, fireworks and the cheering of thousands of fans opened rio's paralympics. former brazilian -- she slipped, it fell in the torrential rain dropping the torch, but too deafening applause and cheers, the gold medalist, stood back up, reclaimed the torch and claimed her portion relay. she became the first brazilian to win a goad medal in the -- gold medal in the paralympics. i have the goose bumps but not because it is cool in the studio but -- >> julie: it encompasses everything that the paralympics is all about. >> shiri: heartwarm can for sure. high humidity levels. it is going to fuel some
6:27 am
i will show you what time the drizzle stops this morning and then it is back late tonight when we come back. and a drink that gives you more than just a jolt. why beverage needs a health warning. after more than a week on the run, a bank robbery suspect spends the night in the police department. what officers say he was doing
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. well, it is definitely foggy and a lot of drizzle conditions through the right now, and we have a few more hours just like this. >> gene: certainly hope the weather improves today for the -- for somebody's birthday. >> sara: nobody is counting anymore. >> gene: i didn't say
6:31 am
>> sara: a as is 35 for a long time for now. >> gene: we can do the math. leave it at that. will it clear up for sara's birthday. >> shiri: today is the day the pattern breaks. happy birthday sara, but we have issues that will continue for most of the morning commute unfortunately, and it includes dense fog still in boston and portsmouth, new hampshire and visibility under a mile in lawrence. we have pretty wide that will tend to be thicker the closer to the coastline you get. a dense fog advisory until 9 a.m. hopefully by then, we see things beginning to clear out. steadiest light rain over the cape and islands over the last several showers since 4 a.m. we had green on the map. with the foggy conditions and 68 in boston. it is very muggy and kind of misty as well. the kind of morning even though you don't see a lot on radar, you may want that waterproof layer. new ipswich, new hampshire at 65.
6:32 am
along with patchy drizzle and fog at 7 a.m. noontime, 77 degrees. still cloudy. serious improvement by the afternoon. first day of school in boston. 84 degrees at 3:00. it is going to be humid, and we are going to start to see breaks in thin spots by 7 p.m. and even by the evening commute, it should be brighter at 76. we are drying out but short-lived because overnight tonight, i have more showers to time out for that you will impact your commute. julie grauert standing which with live drive time traffic. >> julie: earlier accident has cleared but an accident on the shoulder before 129 as you approach the cloverleaf. as you shift south, things slowing down slightly on the expressway and 95 approaching 128. here is some of that fog that shiri has been telling us about. leave 10, 15 minutes early to deal with the fog and to deal with the school and buses that
6:33 am
take it real easy on the roads. we will have kids at the bus stop waiting for car pools as well. live drive times. 34 minutes on the pike eastbound. 46 minutes on 39 south from andover down to zakim. back to you. to our top stories this morning, police are investigating after a deadly shooting in dorchester. this is the scene on ripley road last night just before 8:00. the road was shut down as officers sorted through evidence. the herald reports that a hooded gunman fired seven shots killing the victim, a man in his 20s while he was standing on the sidewalk with a group of friends. we are working to find out if any arrests were made. details as we get them this morning. the man who crashed into the sweet tomatoes pizza shop in newton now facing criminal charges. bradperiod casler has been charged with two counts of vehicular whom identify and one count of operating to endanger. two people were killed and seven others were seriously injured in this crash.
6:34 am
installed concrete in front of storefront for safety and that restaurant remains closed. police track down a bold criminal who terrorized self-small towns while wearing a helmet and bandana and he is now behind bars. he allegedly robbed a bank and led police on several high-speed chases. michael henrich is live in westborough, and michael, a police officer found that suspect asleep in a car. >> reporter: westborough police made the arrest. west boylston that details for us on the phone early this morning, gene. the suspect for the high-speed chase was on the run for more than a week but he spent last night at the westborough police department. these surveillance images obtained by fox25 captured the attention of several massachusetts towns. this mug shot shows who police captured. matthew alden jr. found
6:35 am
arrested after what westborough police describe as a minor scuffle. police say the 22-year-old from hudson kicked off a crime spree in west boylston on august 29. robbing the west commerce bank on west boylston. handing the teller a note and demanding cash. police in clinton, marlborough and berlin reported spotting the stolen motorcycle that he rode away on. traveling at such high speeds that officers their chases. on sunday, they posted to their facebook page warning residents to stay inside and use caution during their search. a search several police police departments helped now bring to a close. >> reporter: now technically police brought alden into custody on a failure to appear warrant out of marlborough district court. he will be arraigned on the bank robbery charges in westborough district court at
6:36 am
henrich, fox25. manchester police are searching for a suspect who beat up an elderly clerk during an armed robbery. police say they believe thomas ford, jr. went into the hans food market where he assaulted the 81-year-old store owner. 5'10" with a thin build and last seen wearing a gray zip-up hoodie and black sweatpants. anyone with information is asked to call manchester police. a sect person has died following a richard drainville was behind the wheel of his sedan when it collided with a school bus in mendon. his mother cheryl was the passenger. she died the day after the accident. we learned that richard died from his injuries on saturday. the crash is still under investigation. the umass amherst student sexual assaulted by someone who pretended to be a uber driver. this man offered the girl a
6:37 am
apartments. the aall the happened during the ride. he was arrested and then arraigned on tuesday. he is being held without bail. police believe that he has posed as an uber driver before. grabbing groceries and getting through the line. coming up new at 7:00, what experts say is a sure-fire way to pick out the fastest line at the supermarket. new iphones are getting ready to hit stores. the features it includes and customers outraged. ryan lochke will have a lot of time on his hands. the tough punishment handed
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we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. good morning, everyone. foggy conditions out there right now. and they will linger. shiri will have more of that in a moment. slow going. the headlights. 29 minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. foggy as well. >> shiri: foggy and kind of feels a little bit damp when we have a thick set-up like this. the fog and low clouds right now. 68 degrees in boston. kids going back to school for the first time this year in the city. so we have got temperatures hovering in the upper 60s at the bus stop this morning. commuters, kids, and it will take a little longer between the drizzle, the mist and the fog we have. i will time out the afternoon
6:41 am
coming up. red sox say goodbye to california and feeling very good in first place as we head to toronto for the weekend series. big papi picked up this on his goodbye tour. a custom-made surfboard with his picture on it. pretty cool actually. >> sara: a very cool. >> gene: travis shaw smacks a home run deep to right a two-run shot. 2-1 red sox. later in the fourth inning, justin pedroia rips left that scores two more runs. up to 0 rbi of the year and sox stayed hot in the 8th and 9th. hanley ramirez. sox win 7-2. sox are off today and open that big series in toronto starting tomorrow night. ryan lochke won't be swimming competitively for a better part of a year. the united states olympic committee handed down a 10-month ban to lochke following his stunt in rio. he won't be able to compete in
6:42 am
next year's world championship. lochke made up a story of being robbed at gunpoint after he and several other swimmers vandalized a gas station and then were held by security guard. updating breaking news of a shooting in dorchester and charges being filed six months after a deadly crash at a pizza shop. we will check in live with all of our reporters right after this break. plus a bizarre stunt in the fight for zika funding. the prop brought into the u.s. capital that had lawmakers running for the bug spray. a
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6:45 am
we are giving you up to the minute on all of our top stories. at driver that crashed into a pizza restaurant indicted for killing two people. and fog is here this morning. the good news is though, it will not last. >> one person is shot and killed. fox25's jessica reyes has the breaking story live in dorchester. >> reporter: sara, that man was shot and killed on ripley road. if you look over here. a small memorial growing for him this morning. we have we want to show you now. this all happened just after 7:30 last night. and as time went on, a big group of the victim's friends and family members gathered here to wait for answers from police. this morning, the herald is reporting that the victim was just standing on the sidewalk talking with some of his friends when a man in a black hoodie showed up and shot him out of nowhere. police were here collecting evidence but this morning they
6:46 am
shooter. we know the victim is in his 20s. the police are not making his name public just yet. we are continuing to check with police on any new information they might have throughout the morning. we will have another live report in 15 minutes. live in dorchester, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. >> reporter: i am catherine parrotta live in newton. it was about six months when a deadly crash happened at sweet tomatoes restaurant that you see still boarded up behind me. now we learned that the driver in that case is facing charges, and officials have identified that driver as 55-year-ol a real estate and seen that day being taken from the scene in an ambulance. now cassler has been indicted on two counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of operating a motor vehicle to endanger. on march 1, officials say casler was driving his suv on chestnut street in newton when he crossed washington street hitting several cars and
6:47 am
that crash killed two customers and left many survivors but many were injured in that crash and we were able to speak to one of those survivors after the charges were announced. you will hear from him in 15 minutes. catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. i am michael henrich reporting live in westborough where police have arrested a bank robbery suspect also accused of several high speed chases. nut man in cuffs, 22-year-old matthew junior it comes a week after west boylston police say alden robbed a commerce bank over there. alden will be arraigned at west district court. fox25 will, of course, be there. ahead in our next report in 45 minutes, you will hear what police said alden was doing when they finally caught up with him. live in bestboro, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. 6:47 on this thursday morning. not the best start of the
6:48 am
yucky stuff. >> sara: foggy and damp and shiri, you say it is all going to clear out of here. >> shiri: ends up clearing out later today. we are you struck with this dreary, dank forecast. steady stuff over the cape and islands just getting up to the canal. the rest of the a area seeing these misty, foggy conditions and we just haven't -- we haven't picked up that much rain. trace amounts in new bedford. we are hoping for trace amounts in a couple spots and we are not getting over a 10th of an inch of rain. drought monitor and last week's update. it comes out he thursday. an 8:30 update this morning. extreme drought for eastern mass and eastern new hampshire. i don't think that we will see much in the way of improvements in week. i am hoping that we will possibly face static and not see many changes not hoping that it gets any worse. 68 degrees the temperature in boston right now. we do have fog in the city.
6:49 am
about 9:00 this morning. 10 a.m., 71 degrees. noontime, 74. it gets into the upper 70s in boston with breaks in the clouds happening this afternoon. but straight through lunchtime, winds coming in off the water and that is just pushing a ton of moisture into play and boiling down to clouds, drizzle and fog. and this shift will happen later on this afternoon. through 8:30 this morning, a little mist. we will see the drizzle on the map and eastern mass and new hampshire at noontime with this afternoon. more and more thin spots. brighter as you head home from work. overnight a front coming through that will bring us widely scattered showers overnight, and possibly into the early friday morning commute. i don't really see them lasting past 8:00 tomorrow morning. after that it will clear out again. 77 in boston. a lot of the coastline. upper 70s and inland, middle 80s. that is counting on the breaks in the clouds.
6:50 am
little optimistic. 83 in worcester and 85 in nashua, new hampshire. the brakes really start to open up for the afternoon and a low of 70. still really muggy tonight and when you wake up tomorrow, highs in the 90s and clearing skies. eventually humidity starts to drop in the afternoon and hopefully you will find things getting more comfortable through the day tomorrow. saturday, partly sunny and 82. for sunday, 80 degrees with morning showers clearing in the afternoon. there will be some tuesday night into wednesday rain. julie grauert is up with live drive time traffic this morning, and julie, kind of nasty start to the morning. >> it has, and these cameras are not broken, just fogged out. tough to see the traffic flows and we are not making out the expressway or the zakim bridge in this shot. it is a little hard to see. to the maps and this accident is just about cleared on 93
6:51 am
expressway, slow going from the braintree split up past morrissey boulevard to columbia road. looking better on 95 and that elbow that you call it as you approach 128. we are orange here not in our deep reds that indicate a total jam. here are our live drive times. in the red zone on route 1. 30 minutes from route 1 to 128. 128 to the tobin rather. almost an hour on 9 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 40 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. back to you. a deaf woman demanding change after she was refused service at a dunkin' donuts, a coffee shop she says she goes to every morning. fox25's daniel miller joins us with more on this controversy. >> reporter: gene, the mom of three uses a texting app to order her coffee at the same framingham dunkin' donuts opinion it usually works fine, but -- -- dunkin' donuts. it usually works fine but one day she went through the drive through and was ordered to go
6:52 am
little kids in tow, busy mom of three is at her local dunkin' donuts just about every day. jessica is deaf. she said she typically uses an app to write down her order, then pulls up directly to the window, bypassing the speaker and shows the clerk the text. but on monday, she was refused service because she didn't use the speaker and would not be served her coffee unless she came inside. something with three little ones in her car she couldn't is that no one came to her defense, even though workers there know she is a regular. >> none of the three people came over and told him that wasn't okay. she is a routine customer. she is deaf. they didn't explain anything. they just stood back and watched. >> reporter: it is not the first time she suffered bad treatment. >> it happens enough. not every day, but too often. >> reporter: jessica says aside from being refused
6:53 am
at another location, and she wants to see better training at all businesses and restaurants. >> they should expect different types of people come into their store, and they should try to work with them. >> reporter: jessica told fox25 she is one person with one voice, but she hopes her story makes a difference. >> we just want to you know that we are just like you. we are no different. we just communicate with our and be patient. >> reporter: and in a statement, dunkin' donuts told us in part, the restaurant's franchisees spoke with the guest to apologize for the experience and to try to rethe matter. the franchisee did terminate the crewmember involved in the incident. daniel miller, fox25 news. a busy day for florida police who had to corrall several gators lurking near children.
6:54 am
alligator weighing 450 pounds. the gator was found near a middle school near miami. officials trapped the reptile with help from local wildlife conservation group. and an alligator near west palm beach caused a dangerous commotion at a playground. the 5-foot gator found its way into the play area and was chasing children. when police arrived it returned to the water but the deputy was able to capture the animal and bring it to a gator farm. >> gene: there. a chemical was banned from soaps last week because of health concerns but may be in your toothpaste. colgate total uses it. it has no overwhelming health benefit when used in soap, but in toothpaste shown to reduce plaque and gum inflammation. a republican lawmaker
6:55 am
crisis. david jolly was trying to give to lawmakers the same fear that floridians deal with every day. they struck down a bill that would have millions to help fight the virus. according to the cdc the number of zika infections are now in the thousands. the new iphone 7 and 7-plus are on their way and people are talking about what is missing. apple announced yesterday its new phones will not have headphone jacks. headphones that many say are expensive and look like they are easy to lose. instead the phones will come with an adapter for old headphones. both bones will be water resistant and new upgrades, a new home button and improved camera. the iphone is not the only apple project to welcome a dip in the water. a new apple watch can be used. the watch features a built-in gps and new versions of popular video games.
6:56 am
nintendo super mario. pokemon g with the workout app. preorders for the new devices on friday. and if you need more of a caffeine boost in the morning, a new brew may be the answer tampa a cafe in australia has created a turbo-powered super brew that is so strong it has a health warning. the drink is a con koungs of -- concoction of four different he is press toe shots. and it amount of caffeine of a standard espresso. it keeps coffee buzzing up to 18 hours. >> gene: could be dangerous. huge swarms of the infamous midges returned to the game of baseball last night. they could be seen on video surrounding the players as. pitcher carlos carasco had to stop at one point after getting a bug in his eye.
6:57 am
games for the indians including playoff games in the 19 -- in 2007 however. they are annoying and all over the place. >> sara: all over the place. >> gene: don't like them. is aly raisman ready to hang up her leotard. what she is saying of a possible run of the games in 2020. going gluten free is recommended for millions dealing with celiac disease, but now a study shows that many are making a major diet we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. 27 minutes on 93 south from the cloverleaf to the leverett connector. shiri? >> shiri: fog your biggest headache and tracking a little >> shiri: fog your biggest headache and tracking a little narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around.
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question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2. for stronger public schools. [bell] (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even mer-mutts.
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(burke) and we covered it, february third, twenty-sixteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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