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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 8, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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now. >> daniel: six months after devastating crash, the driver who slammed into the crowded pizza shop is now facing charges. reaction from survivors who were still traumatized from the horrific night. >> jessica: what we learned about the shooter as the seven seven -- search continues this morning. >> julie: major league tim tebow. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good thursday morning, everyone, 9:00 on september 8th, i'm julie grauert. >> i'll daniel miller. dreary start but visibility is improving and shiri spear and stormtracker weather center with look at the conditions. good morning. >> shiri: great news.
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marshfield, plymouth, over to plympton, carver, middleborough, still got drizzle on the map and light rain has picked up in the last half hour in the towns and cities. boston doing all right though, mostly cloudy at 70?, 67 worcester, 70 in nashua and we got lower 70s over the cape. what you will find though is visibility is getting better. we still got light fog spots like falmouth and plymouth we actually had dense fog this morning. now visibility over a mile there. marshfield still in the thick of better over there quite yet but within the hour i do expect you will see some improvements, still a little foggy in nashua and same deal within the hour you should find things getting better. we have temperatures today that are going to work their way all the way into the lower 80s in metrowest. see it gets brighter here during the afternoon. i will time out the thinning clouds in your city. julie is back right now and you have been very busy with the
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northbound 53 which is broad street and happened in merrimack and right now two of the four lanes open. that's including breakdown lane. still pretty extreme backup which you see reflected in drive times. as we shift slightly south, slow going on 128 southbound and on 93 south near route 16 and route 60. want to remind you major issues on blue line as well, experiencing severe delays in both directions because of a power problem and you have been seeing a lot of tweets from frustrated passengers as everyone is crammed on the platform. over to the live drive times, typical 31 minutes on the expressway, but you're looking at over an hour on 495 northbound in this 13-mile stretch from route 110 to broad street because of that deadly accident. 30 minutes on 128 as you head to the weston tolls. >> daniel: we continue to follow breaking news out of dorchester where a young man was shot and killed. >> julie: reports say he was just talking to a group of friends when someone opened fire. fox25 jessica reyes is live at
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growing. >> they got a call for shots fired around 7:45 last night when they got here they found this man had been shot several times and he was pronounced dead on scene. over here you could see there's a memorial for him. we understand this all happened here on ripley road last night. we have some video from the scene we want to show you now. it is a pretty big police response here and as you said, this victim is apparently just sidewalk when a man in black hoodie ran up and shot him several times. while the police were out here investigating we know the victim's family members and friends, they did show up here and was emotional scene as police continued investigation well into the night and spent several hours talking with people who were here at the time and collecting evidence but this morning they are still trying to find this shooter. back out here live again this is another look at the memorial
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we have been seeing people come by and leave things for this victim over the last couple of hours. police do say he was in his 20s but they are not releasing his name just yet. we do expect further updates throughout the day and more information tonight on the fox25 news at four, five and six. live in dorchester, i've jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: six months ago when suv car slammed into a newton pizza shop killing two people. now the driver of the suv is facing some serious fox25 catherine parrotta is live in newton this morning. catherine, sweet tomatoes put up safety features from happening again but the restaurant is still not open. >> catherine: these were installed yesterday according to workers installed earlier this morning in effort to keep something happening again and restaurant still boarded up six months after the fact, dried flowers still on the ground. for those that survived the
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day as we learned that the driver has been indicted on serious charges. >> primary day and we voted and get a pizza. >> catherine: march 1st started off as ordinary night. in split second it took a turn that still haunts him six months later. >> wasn't like you saw a car. place exploded. >> catherine: casler and hitting several cars before crashing into sweet tomatoes restaurant. >> fatalities around us and fatality laying on top of me and fiance and had to move her off and to get me out of there. >> catherine: two people were killed that night, eleanor miele and gregory morin and driver facing serious charges. the middlesex county d.a. casler
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of motor vehicle homicide and d.a. called wilson to tell him. >> a little bit of closure helped. a lot of lives destroyed. >> wilson continues to live with the effects of that night. he said he suffered a broken back and ribs and has ptsd and says that night taught him an important lesson. >> hug your loved ones. you never know when it might be the last time you see him. >> catherine: bradford casler, he will anybody court at later date. it has not been announced. we will explain what happened there coming up next half hour. for now live here in newton, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: new this morning mazda recalling over 700,000 cars and suv's because of a dangerous problem with rear hatch. they say corrosion protection on the door wasn't sufficient and door can fall on people and injury them.
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five vans from 2012 to 2015. certain 2016cx .5 s and cx thee's also being recalled. >> julie: carbon monoxide leak in watertown. happened at riverside condos near watertown square. people started smelling a strange odor and they traced it back to the furnace. firefighters levels were 30 times above what is considered safe. the exposure not believed to be life-threatening. >> daniel: investigating murder of jogger in princeton. it has been 1 month since vanessa marcotte was killed while running and police have released very little about the investigation. we spoke with the fbi animal that says the killer has likely been under a lot of stress,
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in outdoor crime scene. she says investigators are looking at other less violent incidents known as nuisance crimes that have happened in the area and that might point to pattern of behavior. >> predatory behavior might be in repertoire of behavior when he is 25 years of age. that's behavior that starts a long time ago. >> daniel: state police investigators have made princeton town hall annex temporary home for the last month. the fox25 sources say that office will be >> catherine: first day of school and mayor marty walsh helped get the doors open nice year. city of boston posted video of the group painting and cleaning buildings yesterday and mayor will be visiting across the city to say hello 58,000 students in boston. his first stop is at hyde park's new mission high school. the city is reminding everyone to look out for the kids walking on sidewalks, waiting for buses
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today. new at 9:00, wynn casino will hold the first job fair this weekend and local construction workers expected to attend. there will be career fairs next two weeks, first at malden school on saturday. subcontractors will be to answer any questions and explain job requirements. it is estimated 10 million hours of labor will be needed to construct the resort. >> daniel: signing tim tebow to minor the former nfl quarterback will be sent to the arizona fall league or instructional league to begin his professional baseball career. tebow decided to try out the baseball skills after not signed to the nfl this season. tebow played three seasons with the denver broncos and jets and member of the patriots for a brief time. michael henrich on scene this
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by exit 53 in merrimack. it is because of a deadly rollover. i also saw another tweet from the photographer, medical examiner just left the scene with the person who passed away. so we will have more on this later in the morning for you. meanwhile, let's check in with shiri spear. >> shiri: 80 to 86 this afternoon, it is going to be a warm day after morning fog and drizzle and a lot of that fog starting to lift. got breaks in the clouds finally this afternoon. afternoon. how much hotter as well next. >> daniel: local man confesses to disturbing crime. coming up at 9:30, fox25 investigates uncovers pattern of abuse by local bus driver who was supposed to be helping alzheimer patients. >> julie: curious george fighting eviction.
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>> michael: northbound lanes one person sadly lost their life. another is, quote, gravely injured and two more have life-threatening injuries. the early indication from this van, the only vehicle involved in this crash, lost a wheel and rolled over which caused one of the four people inside to lose his or her life. obviously we are still very early in the fact gathering faces here so victims about the victims, ages, genders. we do not have that just yet. we are working hard to get that
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the ground which crew a little bit closer, did take not only video but still pictures as well and tweeting them out. this is a still very active investigation and very tragic investigation. somebody lost their life here from a traffic perspective though you can see the impact is significant. right now the breakdown lane is open, right lane open and 53 on 495 north, the they have been closed for quite sometime and backup expends from miles and miles and keeping you posted for traffic implications and personal experience and get you latest from the scene here and get off on exit 52 which is route 110 in haverhill if you're familiar with the area and we snaked up 110 and then couple side roads to get to this
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reporting from a sidewalk to give you these images of the backup here on 495 and have the latest bit here 495 north, mass state police saying this crash, this van that rolled over had four people inside. one person lost their life. medical examiner has removed that victim from the scene. another person gravely and bring you very latest. live in merrimacking with fox25 in his. >> daniel: laying out plans for national security for prime time forum with candidates and spoke with military members about plans to protect the country. at the commander in chief forum in front of veterans and active service members, the candidates for president laid out their qualifications for the top job
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all over the world, dealt with foreign countries, good judgment, know what's going on. >> what you want in president, commander in chief, someone that listens, who evaluates, what is being told to him or her. >> daniel: focus turned to hick private e-mail server. >> it was a mistake to have a personal account. i certainly would not do it again and make no excuses for it. as myself trust with america's most sensitive information to have any confidence in your leadership as president when you clearly corrupted our national security? >> there was no statement top secret, secret or confidential. i communicated about classified material on a wholly separate system. i took it very seriously. >> daniel: defeating isis.
9:18 am
without committing ground troops. >> i have a substantial chance of winning. if i win i don't want to broadcast to the enemy. if i like maybe a combination of my plan or general's plan or general's plan. if i like their plan, matt, i will not call you up saying, matt, we have a great plan. >> daniel: candidates face off for the first presidential debate on september 26th. >> julie: get back to breaking traffic news and head back we are seeing the live pictures on white van involved in a deadly accident this morning. michael was telling us four people were in the van, one person died, three people have very serious injuries and van getting towed off the shoulder and wooded area left-hand side and back on to the road. the medical examiner took one of the bodies away about a half hour ago, but many police cars,
9:19 am
several hours. two left lanes blocked, right lanes moving along at snail's pace and that's why we are seeing such high drive times still for that section 495 northbound. as we shift slightly south, pretty typical delays on 128 south as you head through the lexington area. 93 south normal volume right around route 16 and route 60 as you head into somerville. this is another look at that traffic backup on 495 that michael tweeted out. relief yet on 495 northbound hovering right around hour and a half from route 110 in haverhill to broad street in merrimack. we will have more on this accident coming up in a few minutes. first let's check in with meteorologist shiri spear. >> shiri: looked at drought situation that continues to grow in southeastern new hampshire. no changes to the drought situation in massachusetts, but so far this month and days of
9:20 am
rain that we picked up this september so far in the boston area just over that in worcester and half inch below what we have and eight inches below what we have for for the year and anothr look at map coming up in the next half hour and for now more drizzle. spots like plymouth this morning, touch foggy this morning, find things missing, even a a little bit doctorizly, drizzle hard to especially in and around boston and use more rain getting and at least get a little break in the pattern and mornings of drizzle and for the afternoon we see brighter conditions develop, probably upper 70s in plymouth and along much of the coastline here so that takes boston to 77, ipswich 79, 70s cape and islands and brightens up first, so we have where today 86?, worcester at 83?. mid-80s in framingham,
9:21 am
new hampshire. your timeline here on those improvements because we have the morning drizzle and fog, we have winds coming off noon time and fuel mostly cloudez -- cloudsy skies noon time and eastern sprinkle eastern mass or eastern new hampshire into the afternoon and should be turning brighter here in time for evening commute and especially dinner time tonight looking pretty good. we have a front that comes through overnight bringing us widely scattered showers through about 8:00 tomorrow morning a very high humidity and humidity takes a little step back tomorrow with sunny skies and highs near 90?. there's a quick look at the weekend. tell you what, patch sun and high 82 on saturday and sunday morning showers and high 80?. back to you. >> julie: suspected bank robber behind bars accused of terrorizing several small towns.
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9:25 am
the real estate firm is hoping to seek approval for the project at commission meeting tonight. city plaza major makeover in time for the holidays and boston wants to turn into a winter wonderland and looking at rendering of the plan. city wants to set up 50 vendor stalls to have european inspired for the holidays and ice-skating path and city announced 3-year deal yesterday with owners of the td garden to create the winter garden and goal is to get pe around. >> julie: check out photo shoot inspired by the notebook. the couple celebrated 57 years of marriage pretending to be characters in notebook movie. they are holding hands and kissing and it has been shared
9:26 am
grandkids think it is more than the photo, but the fun taking the photo. >> daniel: i would agree. very nice story. couple from michigan waited almost a decade to open one of the wedding presents and they are glad they did. on the wedding day they got a gift with strict instructions. do not open until first disagreement. well the couple says they were both too stubborn to open the box while thinking about upcoming wedding they decided to find out what was inside. both of them found a note and some cash. for them to enjoy. the husband has money to buy flowers. the president helped them keep their marriage strong on their own. whatever works, right? >> julie: nine years of not opening a present. >> >> daniel: the fact they waited nine years shows how much
9:27 am
>> shiri: sky high through tomorrow morning, oppressive humidity, and when will there be showers? >> julie: aly raismain olympic plans weeks after narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts.
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vote yes on 2.
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>> julie: 9:30. following breaking news in merrimack. a white van rolled over earlier this morning killing one person. the crash has just started to clear. we saw a tow truck working to pull the van off of the left-hand shoulder. see traffic getting by right now on the far right breakdown lane and we have crews hosing down the road trying to get everything clear and we will take you to the scene for live report in just let's get to shiri spear joining us with more on drizzle and fog we have been seeing. a little bit of fog hanging on in boston and bedford up to nashua, worcester, down to new bedford. still some fog in plymouth. beverly visibility under a mile, nantucket and only spots really
9:31 am
i expect continue to mix on out this morning, drizzle to go along with the fog for the south shore down to the southcoast right now, boston running dry at 70?, worcester right now at 67 and nashua, new hampshire at 70, but here is great news. today we make a turn around, so not all day clouds, not all day drizzle, going to run mostly cloudy here at noon at 77? and afternoon we get into the middle 80s for kids coming home from school, very warm and muggy stuff this turn partly sunny. some of the brightest weather we got today actually developing by dinner time tonight. let's get you back to julie now for the latest on the accident. >> julie: still seeing significant delays on 495 northbound right at broad street because of the earlier deadly crash we have been covering. backups stretching a little over a mile. as we shift south new accident on 128 northbound. want to make sure you commuters closer into afternoon are aware of what's going on in their
9:32 am
still seeing severe delays in both directions because of power problem at maverick station. see a lot of tweets of people on packed platforms, so if you're going to use the blue line, plan to leave a little early. trouble spot though still 495 northbound, over an hour and a half for the drive time in a 13-mile stretch from route 110 to broad street. speaking of that breaking news on the road, we know that at least one person has died in the crash involving a construction van. fox25 michael henrich is live at the scene and new information for state police. michael? >> massachusetts state police. our 95 and merrimack just shy of the exit 53 and distance you could see the firefighters are now hosing down roadway where earlier we saw a lot of debris from this van that appeared to
9:33 am
construction worker vehicle. now, state police say that of those six people inside that van, one person lost their life this morning. another is in gravely injured condition and other four in life-threatening condition taken to area hospitals. no more specifics were given about who these people are. of course, we are in the very early stages of the police investigation and of the situation as a whole. from a traffic perspective of the video from earlier, tow truck has now removed the van involved in this crash which sources tell the crew who was a little bit closer to the scene just a couple minutes ago, sources saying that that van lost the wheel, may have lost a whole leading it to flip over. it was the only vehicle involved in this crash. but that said, from the traffic perspective here, the van is now gone as you could see the
9:34 am
before they started hosing everything down, the breakdown lane was moving and the right lane was moving with the left two lanes still closed. but with the hosing down it does appear that this is certainly clearing up and we could see this road open up fully within the next several minutes. that's just based on prior experience with covering these sorts of crashes. bottom line here is somebody lost their life in this van injured, one of whom described as having grave injuries. julie grauert has been keeping us posted and twitter, facebook as well. live in merrimack, mass, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: more than six months after deadly crash at local pizza restaurant, the driver is facing charges. the news is forcing some of the victims to relive that tragic day.
9:35 am
restaurant is still boarded up. >> metal pole all morning, been in place sinc bradford casler real estate agent and at the time of the car crash he was seen being taken away in an ambulance, license was immediately suspended. now, the middlesex county casler of motor vehicle homicide and officials haven't gone into evidence what led into the charges. march 1st, after 6:00 p.m., officials say casler was driving suv on chestnut street in newton
9:36 am
through sweet tomatoes restaurant. crash killed two restaurants, eleanor miele and gregory morin. one witness has this to say. >> a lot of lives destroyed. hug your loved ones. you never know when you're going to -- might be the last time you see him. >> catherine: at the morin home they asked for privacy. i believe she is gone was also said. the driver will be in court at later date. the date has not been announced. catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: man terrorized and kicked off crime spree robbing bank in west boylston and next few days and spotted in four
9:37 am
motor cycle going too fast for police to ensue. he was finally caught in westboro asleep in car in extra mart parking lot. julie: hooksett, new hampshire police armed robbery of elderly store owner. thomas ford junior was arrested about an hour ago. he is accused of going into a food market and assaulting 81-year-old owner. he is charged with a murdering his own daughter smiles in court angering family and friends. he admitted to shooting his 19-year-old last summer. police say desilva had been upset because he was dating an orlando man. he felt his daughter disrespected him and he is held without bail.
9:38 am
street when driver of sedan hit her and took off and victim released from the hospital. investigators are still searching for the car and driver that hit her. >> daniel: sexually assaulted by someone that pretended to be uber driver. offered girl a free ride from the townhouse apartments to the north apartments on campus early saturday morning. police say the assault happened during the ride and was arrested and arraigned on tuesday and as uber driver before. >> julie: next few weeks city of champions will be in the back drop for the 1967 detroit riot and many have a front row seat for the filming of director kathryn bigelow latest film. according to the mayor's office the city getting $70 million for the use of the streets.
9:39 am
or five weeks and spending money in the cafe next door. movie have hundreds of extras including many locals. >> daniel: sequel to the cult movie super troopers now in full production and part of it took place in the area. this picture sent out by the crew while they shot a scene in hopkinton yesterday. last october the movie filmed quabbin reservoir. the sequel was crowd funded by a campaign on indy go still going. the original super troopers came out back in 2001. no release date has been set for super troopers two. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. we are still following that breaking news on 495 northbound. deadly crash happened self hours ago and drive time still in the triple digits in this stretch of 495 from route 10 to broad street. the car involved has been towed
9:40 am
>> shiri: jason aldine and kidd rock playing friday night and 88? and increasing clouds and 75 and thinking rain will hold off until probably after the concert. latest on today's showers and this weekend's rain next. >> daniel: why product used in toothpaste despite warning from the fda. up next the lot of fancy new features but
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>> daniel: iphone seven has arrived and they can start ordering this friday but not everyone is happy about the changes. >> this is iphone seven. >> daniel: the iphone seven and larger seven plus are water and dust resistant. the iphone seven plus is too si cameras. one is wide angle and one is telephoto to give users two times the optical zoom and ten times the digital zoom but apple saying hit the road jack by taking away the head phone jack. >> comes down to courage. >> daniel: they plug into the
9:44 am
adapter for traditional headlines and releasing air pods that are wireless and those will cost you $159 and internet had a field day. one user tweeting to pick up a head phone jack with caption only '90s kids will remember. another saying i don't even own air pods left and already lost one. it wasn't just about the phone. proof with brighter display and will be 50% faster. apple also announced something gamers may love. the apple watch and pokemongo will now be compatible and super mario is coming to apple's operating system ios. this is the first time a super mario game can be played on portable system that wasn't made by nintendo. if you want the new iphone preorders start friday but i will have to wait until next
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stores. updated watch and headphones will be available next month. >> julie: they go on sale at 3:00 tomorrow morning and we will be awake. julie: paraolympic games last night during the final stretch brazilian marsha slipped and fell on torrential rain dropping the torch and former gold medalist who needs to walk we claimed the torch and finished her portion of the relay. back in 1984 she became the first brazilian ever to win a gold medal in the paralympics. >> daniel: ryan lochte won't be swimming competitively for better part of a year. he handed down 10-month ban to lochte following rio and won't be able to compete in next year's world championships. he made up story about being robbed at gunpoint after he and
9:46 am
then held up by security guards. needham's own aly raismain will once again try for gold medal. she plans to compete for spot in the 2020 summer olympic games in tokyo. raismain told ellen degeneres plans on taking year off before training again. raismain whose name is grandma needs one more medal to tie shannon miller to tie the most she would be 26 in 2020. >> julie: red sox feel good heading to toronto. big papi picked up latest gift, custom made surf board with his picture on it. the sox dominated. top of the second smashed homer deep to right and scores jackie bradley junior, two-one boston. dustin pedroia rips one to left
9:47 am
sixtieth rbi of the year. boston stayed hot and hailey ramirez and both hit homeers. play again on friday night. >> back to bruins -- breaking news, center lane back open by exit 53 in merrimack. michael henrich just tweeted that out. he is on the scene and 495 northbound and that section is about to open up completely. we have been covering extensive several hours after a deadly accident that happened there several hours ago. as we shift closer into boston, the accident on 128 northbound after route 2 has cleared. still seeing severe delays on the blue line though, so leave early if you plan to use the blue line this morning. over to those live drive times, slight improvements on 495 northbound. we are now down to hour and 15 minutes as you head from route 110 in haverhill to broad street which is right near where
9:48 am
meteorologist shiri spear and looks like at least in the traffic cameras the fog has lifted in a large portion of them. >> with the fog came a little bit of drizzle, take what are we can get, even as drizzle we need more substantial rain here and with hermine all the rain fell offshore. very few reports of anything attached to hermine in new england over an inch of rain. current conditions here drop monitor gets updated once a week that update happened an hour and aal drought a little bit further in southeastern new hampshire. so it has gone a little bit further north. don't have any changes to the situation in massachusetts so as expected the little bit of rain we got this week kind of helped whole conditions as are but not seeing it get worse, not seeing it get better and more breaks in
9:49 am
muggy here with temperatures in the upper 70s in boston but warmer conditions a little bit further inland. winds coming in off the water that are really helping to pump in all of that moisture fueling this morning's fog and mist that we had a little bit of patchy drizzle as well and noon time we can see mostly cloudy skies continuing for good chunk eastern mass and eastern new hampshire, spot spring until there, most of you will see dry conditions at lunchtime and look at how much brighter it turns, new hampshire and still stubborn clouds across eastern areas, but it should be a bit brighter than what you're seeing, certainly what you're seeing out there now. by tonight we have to track a few more late night showers, but these will be pretty spotty around the cold front and passing west to east here as we go overnight and not going to be a ton left and 8:00 in the morning that point forward tomorrow we should dry out and see the clouds lighten up as well. if you're on the roads tomorrow, mostly cloudy, a little more
9:50 am
this afternoon i got 77 in boston, 80? in beverly, 79 in plymouth, vine in -- 79 in portsmouth smith and bedford over to lawrence and nashua, new hampshire, worcester tops out at 82 and tonight lows near 70? and slight risk of passing shower really muggy stuff and not the night to crack your window. if you do that you will wake up really sticky in the morning and starts out pretty muggy. at least as temperatures go up, humidity is going down ait the 90s, but humidity will be dropping during the day on friday. saturday partly sunny and 82 with increasing clouds. overnight we see showers straight through sunday morning and then we clear out sunday afternoon. 80? sunday's high, 75 on monday, 78 on tuesday, couple nice mornings in the 50s where it feels a little bit like fall when you wake up early next week and got more tuesday night to wednesday morning rain. back to you. >> daniel: shiri, thank you.
9:51 am
supermarket? there may be a reason why.
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9:54 am
north. confirm total of six people were inside the construction van when it slipped out over just after 7:00 this morning. traffic signaled for hours. some drive times well over two hours as crews work to clean up debris from the road. vehicle has been towed from the scene within the last hour. no word yet on name of the victim and what may have caused terrible accident. stay with fox25 for the very latest updates. travelers are getting through security at airport a lot quicker. long lines used to be the site when traveling by plane but new changes made over the summer meant to speed up tsa lines nationwide are working. according to homeland security jay johnson average wait time now ten minutes in the nation's busiest airports. >> antibacteria chemical that was recently banned from soaps might still anybody toothpaste. the chemical was banned last week for years the fda has argued that it messes with children's hormones and promotes
9:55 am
colgate still uses it and toothpaste and only brand to do so. company says it helps fight plaque and jen jasiteis. >> daniel: bill that would fought the zika virus. the number of cases in the united states is now in the thousands. >> julie: students have new option for the meals and school first university in the u.s. to offer completely gluten free cafeteria. they added cafeteria after
9:56 am
gluten intolerance. their bodies can't break down wheat and flour. but some that follow the diet don't actually have a intolerance. it may not be the best to lose weight. because it is gluten-free doesn't necessarily mean it is healthy. >> daniel: experts say best way to avoid waiting in grocery store lines is to get behind someone with a full cart. greet the cashier, pay and leave. meaning line of customers with few items each could take longer than line with one person with big purchase. experts say self-checkout lanes are faster when they are available. it is estimated americans spend 37 billion hours a year waiting in line. >> shiri: 40 seconds? get behind me. hello, swipe, leave.
9:57 am
facebook and catch up or weather app. >> shiri: weather app. fantastic stuff. updated it here and early morning drizzle and fog and showers brightens up afternoon things starting to brighten up and look at heat. heat and humidity here today and tomorrow. 80s and 90s. >> daniel: thank you so much for joining p?p?o?gv ugh, this pimple's gonna last forever. oh come on. clearasil ultra works fast to begin visibly clearing up skin in as little as 12 hours. and acne won't last forever. just like your mom won't walk in on you forever. stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! see what i'm sayin
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it's september and time for great viral videos "right this minute." with heavy breathing and adrenaline pumping, a thrill seeker is about to do -- >> something you've always wanted to do. >> the moment he realizes he's going to regret it. >> oh! a chill lion warms up to some tourists. >> doesn't that make y >> see the main attraction on a safari close encounter. why do you think it would be okay to hang out with a 13-year-old girl home alone? >> it's a bad day when you're busted by crime watch with chris hanson. now he kicks off season two of the hit show with a warning about predators lurking on social media. >> there are many more places where children can be


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