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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  September 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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controversial body cameras on patrols. the superintendent william ross and seven other members of the command staff will wear the cameras to show support for the officers who have been assigned to participate in a pilot program. the patrolman unions and the department have been battling in court this week, over the cameras. a decision from the judge could come tomorrow. the union says it is a violation of their bargaining agreement. in a statement today, commissioner evans says, when i asked members of my command staff to volunteer to wear the cameras, they all stepped up. get comment on this from the police department and from the mayor. we'll have a live report for you ahead at 6:00 p.m. >> mark: also tonight, new concerns about polluted water at the pease trade port that could be putting everyone allies health in danger i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. fox 25's katherine burcham has been covering the story for more than a year an cat rain, you
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why people are so concerned. >> the reporter: for the past year or so, there have already been concerns about polluted drinking water from wells near the runway behind me here at the airport. but these legal documents that we obtained now outline new concerns, saying that officials here violated federal law with how they're handling storm water runoff from the trade port. >> it is troubling. we believe that the time is now for pease to come into >> the reporter: compliance or a lawsuit for the pease development authority, after an investigation at new hampshire's conservation law corings uncovered pfc's around pease traitport. >> these are chemicals that pose significant risk to the environment, and, in particular, to developing fetuses and to newborn children. >> the reporter: investigators identified the risk in areas where rain and snow melts ran
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lawyers notified pease officials of their intent to sue over what they say is a violation of the federal clean water act, saying the pease development authority has been illegally discharging storm water without a permit. >> this is a government agent sill, and they ought to know better. >> the reporter: according to documents, testing at creeks and streams near pease showed high levels of pfoa and pfos, jeopardizing the health of individuals. irwin says not only do the great bay, and in the river, but some toxins could also pollute sources of drinking water. >> the reporter: these are chemicals that we definitely need to take -- keep out of our environment. >> the reporter: an executive director of the pease development authority told me that he has no comment about these allegations of pollution. but those pfc's are the same source of concern for the thousands of people who worked and lived here on the former air
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those community members say, their requests for environmental tests off base went unanswered. for now, live in portsmouth, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: contaminated water also on the minds of parents as students in boston went back to school today. fox 25 has reported on the on going issue of high leaves of lead in the water at some schools. mayor marty walsh told us student safety is the top priority. >> some of the schools, there have been trace that is have we're flushing them all ought. but if we test them and test them for positive, the kids are not drinking the water. >> vanessa: bottled water was brought into the school where lead was found in the water. sky fox over a crash involving an ambulance in lincoln. this was the scene on route 2 around 1:30 p.m. a car rear-ended the ambulance. no word if there was a patient on board at the time. fire officials tell fox 25, there were injuries. we're working to find out how many people were hurt and their conditions. state police right now are
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attorney says it's not unusual that a it took six monday to charge the driver who drove through a newton restaurant killing two people. a grand jury indicted a local realtor on serious charges. fox 25's kerry kavanaugh is live in newton, where you have information about this man's driving record. >> the reporter: ock, we talked about the driving record in the past, when this accident first happened, but in light of these charges, we're taking a closer look. >> we want to do this right. we want to be fair to everyo >> the reporter: marian ryan says each investigation is different, and that she wanted to get this right, but the district attorney said little about what facts led her to prevent the serious charges against driver brad casler to a grandup. six months after this horrific crash. >> the place exploded. >> the reporter: tony wilson was among the seven injured that night. >> fatality laying on top of me, you know, my fiancee had to move her off and to get me out there.
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and greg morin. this week, six months later, the grand jury indicted brad casler on three charges, two counts of motor vehicle homicide, one count of negligent operation. he's a local realtor. many wondered if charges would ever come in this case. can you talk about the duration of the investigation leading to the charges. >> these are complicated situations. we do a full and fair investigation and in these situations, it takes a long time. >> the reporter: as fox 25 previously reported, casler's driving record asphalt accidents if 2010, 2004, an 1998. families of the deceased asked for privacy at this time. meanwhile, family of the driver declined to comment to fox 25 about the charges. >> wanted to know if you wanted to say anything about the indictment, brad's indictment? outside. restaurant here, these metal barriers were installed this week to hopefully prevent a tragic accident from happening again. sweet tomatoes remains closed, it is under construction as they
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we reached out to the attorney for the driver, we haven't heard back yet. the d.a. says he should be arraigned in a couple of weeks. live in newton, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> mark: a sticky and warm end to the work week. we could see scattered showers move through tonight as well. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is watching that warmer air move in, an kevin, it's about to get really hot again. >> kevin: well, at least for september it would qualify, up in the upper 80's, maybe even 90 tomorrow, but before we get there, we have to deal with the sticky air we have in mace. te 70's at the coast, 80's inland, barely into the 80's, but the dewpoints in the 65 to 70-degree range in many towns, at least in the 60's everywhere. makes it feel warmer, makes it feel more stuffy out there and that's how it's going to be tonight. we watched hermine, the last of it spin on by, but now it's opened the door to this, a front pushing toward us with severe weather on it. i'm tracking it into our area, including this storm out ahead of it that has thunder and lightning ahead. >> vanessa: revere police need help identifying an armed robber on the run.
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surveillance video from a seven day store on winthrop avenue tuesday night. the man pointed a knife at the cashier. we're told he is a regular customer. he's known as john. if you know know more about him and who he is, call police. >> mark: police are searching for the person who shot and killed a man in dorchester. this was breaking last night on fox 25 news, it happened on riply road, the man in his 20's was talking with friends on a sidewalk when a man in a block hoodie ran up and shot him several times, he died at the scene. >> vanessa: libertarian party while answering a question about the refugee crisis in syria. take a look at the clip that's gone viral. >> what would you do if you were elected about allepo. and. >> and what is allepo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> allepo is in syria. it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> ok. got it.
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governor bill weld. fox 25's elizabeth hopkins joining us now with more on the fallout, including what weld is saying tonight. >> it's really quite frankly a clip that's hard to watch, although johnson is defending himself, he thought allepo was referring to an acronym and just blanked. he says he does understand the significance of the syrian city. his running mate and former massachusetts governor, bill weld, is in boston tonight, and he says, this mishap distract people from the message of johnson's campaign. >> you have to take the bad with the good in a campaign, an above all, you can't, you know, fly into crisis mode every time that there's something that happens that excites some people. i mean, i use the word hysteriaist advisedly. >> the reporter: so his reaction there, although that clip was essentially the clip heard around the world, it's reverberating throughout the
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what he said is that he argued he doesn't believe in military intervention on foreign countries. coming up at 6:00 p.m., fox 25's ted daniel speaks to weld, who explains why he thinks hits running mate stumbled on that particular word. live in the newsroom, elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> mark: now, functioning furnace is to plame for a carbon monoxide leak that sends six people to the hospital in watertown, it happened common square. carbon monoxide levels were 30 times above the safe level. well, officials ruling the death of a local woman a homicide. >> vanessa: coming up new at 5:30 p.m., we are live in danville, where investigators are trying to piece together the murder mystery. >> kevin: i'm tracking a line of showers and storms coming at us from the northwest, pushing toward new england. a timeline on when you can expect them. >> mark: up next ahead at 5:00 p.m., how a new bill could help families impacted by the 9-11 attacks and how it can
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ragazzini, io sono marco polo. s?, sono qui... what's not surprising? how much money amanda and keith saved by switching to geico. ahhh... polo. marco...! polo! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. polo! >> vanessa: time now to check out the roads with our live drivetime track. this is a live camera over the expressway, showing some brakes lights an some backups while you're passing the gas tank. let's go to the maps now where conditions have really slowed down, south of the city, since we showed you the map last half-hour. we're also seeing stop and go conditions on its pike westbound and typical slowdowns on the map
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35 minutes. o'neill tunnel to the split, 30 minutes. the ted williams tunnel to the weston tolls, 30 minutes. >> mark: police say a student has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after shooting and injuring another student at a high school in texas. the 14-year-old freshman shot another girl inside the school in alpine today. the injured student is expected to survive. investigators are still trying to figure out the motive. also a federal law enforcement officer responding to time to throw shooting was shot in the leg when other accidentally went off. >> in remembrance of the lives lost in the attacks of september 11, 2001. >> vanessa: this morning, the u.s. senate marks the upcoming 15-year anniversary of 9-11 with a moment of silence. >> the house has plans to vote anonymous a bill to benefit the survivors' family and joining us now is jason law with what that will happen new at 5:00 p.m. >> the reporter: mark and vanessa, a top republican aid
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tomorrow. it would allow families to sue saudi arabia in american courts for any role in the attacks. lawmakers think allowing lawsuits against foreign governments may answer lingering questions about who financed the hijackers. congressman steven lynch from south boston serves on the oversight and government reform committee, which oversees the department of defense and homeland security. >> i think it will educate us all if a very detailed manner about what led up to the attacks on i don't think that's generally known right now among the public. >> the reporter: the senate has already unanimously approved that 9-11 lawsuit bill. in the control room, jason law, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the iconic american flag that disappeared from the rubble at the world trade center following 9-11 has reportedly been found. the flag was brought to a fire station in everett, washington, two years ago, by a man who claimed to be a marine. he said it was the grouse flag. the flag then underwint forensic
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need the ground zero flagged raised famously over the rubble of the world trade center. >> first examining the particles on the flag and comparing it to the trade tower dust that was collected right at 9-11, i realized the same assemblage of particles were found on the flag, and that the 9-11 ground zero dust. >> vanessa: the iconic flag is now at the 9-11 museum, ready for this weekend's commemoration ceremonies. the identity of the man >> mark: donald trump talked about education during an event in cleveland, ohio. part of his plan includes spending $20 billion to allow families to make choices on where kids go to cool school. meanwhile, hillary clinton spent the day in charlotte, north carolina, where they questioned her opponent's authenticity. they is losing to trump by three points in the tar heel state. it's a primary day in massachusetts, but turns out,
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low, as far as turnout goes. one closely watched state, the senate race is happening in south boston or south of boston, i should say. two democrats are facing off in a primary as they battle for the seat currently held by embattled state senator brian joyce. fox 25's political reporter sharman sachetti is live at the cunningham school in milton, where voters are casting their ballot. sharman? >> the reporter: that's right. they're behind me, they've been coming in all afternoon, casting their ballots in this primary race. you know, 126 legislators this year this area, this race for state senate, that's not one of those races. there are two democrats vying for brian joyce's seat, a seat he's held for 18 years. when the federal corruption investigation of brian joyce heated up, including this raid at his canton law offices, the state senator, who represents parts of milton, randolph and stoughton and other cities and towns south of boston, announced he would not seek reelection. now, two democrats are working
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>> my records proven over the years of serving in the house. >> the reporter: state representative walter timelty who was first elected in 1999, calls public service a vocation, not a career, because the senate is a smaller chamber on beacon hill, he believes he can have a greater. packet for voters and calls local aid a main focus. >> financially your police, your 5, your dpw, and of course, your public school to me are the most important institution we have in america, anywhere. the opiate crisis. >> i really felt like it was >> the reporter: the other democrat run something nora harrington, she founded a behavioral health company and is focused on funding it full day pre-k and early childhood education. she tells us it's time for new blood and new idea on beacon hill. >> people are eager for change. people want more things to happen on beacon hill. they want to know that beacon hill is listening to their problems and that we're getting the funds we need for our towns, for our schools, for our infrastructure.
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8:00 p.m., at 6:00 p.m., hear from the independent candidate in this race, whomever wins the democratic primary will face off against that independent candidate. there's no republican candidate in this race. why he got in at 6:00 p.m. live in milton, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> kevin: temperatures in the 70's at the beaches right now, pleasant evening, because it feels a little warmer with the humidity, take a stroll out there at theea and there are some showers and storms we're watching, moving into our sticky air mass. when it's this sticky, dewpoints in the 60's to even 70 degrees in some spots. beverly has slipped down to spirit of south carolina ever -- has slipped down to 69. when you have the humidity, the showers and storms can hold together even during the nighttime hours and i expect some of these will. this is the front pushing toward us. that last blast of hermine, the last swirl of clouds moving offshore, and that opens the gates to allow some weather systems to actually move in from
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everything had been all blocked up, but now here come the storms and these are severe thunderstorms moving through upstate new york and moving right toward albany at this time, so right along i-90, which is of course the mass pike in massachusetts and pushing off toward the southeast. so the main line of storms, back here, gets in to pittsfield, north adams, near 7:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m., an eventually to keene new hampshire and athal by 8:00 p.m. if they can hold together. a couple will. the main line of storms are these showers and even a thunderstorm and right near saratoga springs on this side of i-87. this is all pushing off toward the east and i picked on the strongest storm center here to push in here as a track and get you to bennington, vermont, around 6:00 p.m.? a. just after this greenfield and central and western mass at 7:30 p.m. and swansea. now, whether or not these hold together is still open to debate, but my contention is, with this very sticky air here, we'll get some of these to make it on in. i don't think you should be cancelling your evening plans
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won't get here until late tonight. but be' wear if you're going to be out -- aware if you're going to be out laid, central massachusetts and eastern massachusetts, you have to be aware, some of these storms will make it on in. around midnight, they break apart, but there's spotty showers making it into eastern mass and there's energy in the atmosphere to produce a few showers in morning and there's a few around and finally, we goaltend into sunshine through the morning, and into the middle part of the day. in the afternoon, full on along the south of our stalled front. not a big concern to me. on saturday, some clouds drift on by, but the shower threat looks even less than what i was talking about a little while ago with you, with the latest computer model run. hour-by-hour in boston, going to hold in the 70's, we'll watch for a chance for a shower or thunderstorm. notice the risk is fairly low, it's actually hit boston, but it's not zero. there are going to be a few out there. high temperatures during the day tomorrow, north shore, up here, in this area, i'm expecting
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andover, 92. at the coast, cooler, he essex at 86 degrees and south shore, cooler at the coast, falmouth and sciate showing up hat 91. the green coloring, many of the beaches will stay in the 80's, inland parts in the 90's. tomorrow evening, jason aldean and kid rock at fenway park, nice and warm. no that sticky and by the late night, temperature drops down below 80 degrees. seven-day forecast, takes you into the upcoming weekend, where temperatures are cooler, that's because there are more clouds ou sunday and then we really cool off to start next week. >> vanessa: the first openly gay miss america contestant will compete for this year's title. erin owe flaherty is competing for the crown but regardless of the outcome, she is thankful to be visible in this capacity. the pageant is sunday night. >> mark: a local 7-year-old does the right thing after finding a $100 bill. the reward for police officers to handing in the money. >> vanessa: plus, the parents of
5:22 pm
accused of nearing starve him to
5:24 pm
>> mark: colorado special needs teenager is in the hospital after nearly starving to death and his parents are facing felony charges. doctors told police the 17-year-old boy weighed
5:25 pm
malnutrition. one doctor said the boy's condition was "consistent with someone no would have been in a concentration camp for several years." neighbors were shocked to learn of the allegations. >> there's no excuse that we wouldn't expect, you know, something that, i don't know, where it's just a little bit scary. >> mark: officials say it will likely take a half year for the boy to achieve an appropriate weight. the boy's mother and father are due back in court later this month. >> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., people in wisconsin are cleaning flooding left parts of the state under water. rising waters forced officials in at least one community to close and evacuate schools wednesday. parts of a highway were also closed as volunteers piled sandbags to divert the flow away from homes and buildings. meteorologists say up to five inches of rain has fallen since tuesday night. >> it's just rain, and raining, and raining, and it just doesn't want to stop. >> vanessa: flash floods also triggered mudslides, which washed rocks and debris on to the road.
5:26 pm
from the government. the local emergency management agency for kokomo says the damage does not meet the criteria for federal assistance. there is a chance officials will apply for some kind of public assistance and some local organizations are already volunteering to help rebuild. >> mark: family is tied up and robbed during a frightening home invasion. >> vanessa: coming up later at 5:00 p.m., why they believe a recent sale made them targets.4q >> mark: plus, nasa is less than two hours away from chasing down a potentially the mission they are trying to complete so it doesn't collide with earth. >> vanessa: up next, we are live
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>> vanessa: breaking tonight, some of boston's top police officers will wear controversial body cameras when they find themselves out on the streets. superintendent wilmothie ross and seven other members of the command staff will wear the cameras to show support for the officers who have been assigned to participate in the pilot program. the patrolman's union and the department have been battling in court during the past two days about the use of the cameras, and a decision from a judge could come as early as tomorrow. the union says it's a violation of their bargaining agreement. fox 25 working right now to get comments on this, from the police department and from the mayor. a live report ahead at 6:00 p.m. developing right now at 5:30 p.m., a homicide investigation is now underway in danville, new hampshire. that's where a 51-year-old joanne boucher was found dead on monday.
5:30 pm
investigators have been back on the scene. malini. >> the reporter: mark and vanessa, neighbors tells us they are heartbroken after they learned the news. the 51-year-old only wanted to keep the house, she worked many jobs and all she wanted to do was help people. tonight, investigators are back at this house and we've learned once again that this is a homicide investigation. it was on monday, danville, new hampshire, and state police were called to 23 carmel drive for a we now know 51-year-old joanne boucher was killed. >> we're as shocked as everybody else. one morning i thought i heard an araymond james going off. >> the reporter: aft first, neighbors broke up to a burning smell over labor day weekend, but they have didn't think anything of it. neighbors saw police looking at burn marks on the side of boucher's house. investigators will only say this is a "homicide investigation" and they are back in the house
5:31 pm
>> she was living there alone for a while, i guess. i think she had different people staying with her at different times. >> the reporter: neighbors tell fox 25, joanne introduced them to a man who began living there just a couple of months ago. fox 25 has learned the man has a criminal past. we found him on the sex offender registry with this address listed. >> he came and went a lot. we don't really know much about him. sometimes it seems like they sporadic. >> the reporter: longtime neighbors are heartbroken. >> they had to have no conscience at all. i mean, to do this to a single woman, she was 51, she wouldn't hurt anybody. as a matter of fact, she tried to help people. >> the reporter: local and state police are being extremely tight lipped about their investigation. the district attorney's office, they're not even saying how she
5:32 pm
custody, or if they have someone in mind. in the meantime, folks living around here say they just want some sort of closure. for now, we are live in darnville, new hampshire, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: you spent any time outside today, you know the humidity has returned. a live look here at the evening commute over the zakim bridge right now. slow going out there and some scattered showers could also move through tonight. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz here now, an kevin, you're also tracking that big warmup for tomorrow. >> kevin: it is going to be chase the record, which by the way, just was set last year, meteorologist sarah wroblewski alerted me to that. 93 degrees last year on this date. in the middle of a heat wave, three days in a row. 96 on the state last year. we're being left with sunshine as what's left of hermine spins offshore. to our northwest, here comes thunderstorms and showers. now the severe threat has diminished. albany is in charge of warning this area. but this line is moving off
5:33 pm
pittsfield just after 7:00 p.m. bennington, vermont, 6:37 p.m., coming out of southern vermont and northwest massachusetts, a few showers have popped up ahead of the main line and these two are tracking the same direction, just a little more slowly, but bennington and in southern vermont, northcentral, massachusetts, all in line for the storm system and there are some of the times, for instance, greenfield at 7:34 p.m. this evening. futurecast shows. so of these will survive the trek into central massachusetts later tonight. i'll track these through the area, into the morning and show you how hot we're >> mark: 20-year-old man is facing charges, accused of robbing and assaulting the 81-year-old owner of a local food mart. thomas ford jr. was arrested in hooksett for the robbery yesterday at hans food mart in manchester. police say, the 81-year-old owner was assaulted by in order, who also took off with some cash. >> two high school football teams will be in the showdown tonight to help the family of a fallen police officer. auburn police officer ron tarentino jr. was shot and kill during a traffic stop in may.
5:34 pm
inaugural top cop game. they're playing lester high school and everyone who works at the game will be a volunteer. all money earned will be given to tarentino's family. the top cop game will be played at auburn high school at 7:00 p.m. this evening. >> mark: wynn casinos will hold its first job fair this weekends. local construction owners are encouraged to attend. they will have seven career fares over the next eight weeks. union trade members and subcontractors will fares to answer my questions and answer job requirements. it's estimated $10 million of labor will be needed to construct the resort. >> vanessa: a 10-year-old is rewarded for handing in a $100 bill. he found the money in manchester. when no one came forward to claim the money, the police gave
5:35 pm
>> mark: nasa is embarking on a mission to intercept an asteroid. thousands of people are gathering at cape canaveral. the agency hopes to recover parts of that asteroid and bring it back to earth. >> the reporter: it's a mission billions of years in the making. nasa launching its first effort to collect and return a sample from an asteroid. sending a spacecraft to the mass, known as benu. >> this is >> the reporter: about the same height as the empire state building, scientists believe the asteroid may hold clues about life here on earth, and whether life could have started somewhere else as well. >> we think it contains molecules that contain carbon, which is of course, critical to life, so we want to go touch and taste this time capsule of the early solar system. >> the reporter: is will take the spacecraft two years just to reach benu. once there, will orbit and map
5:36 pm
two ounce sample. >> i am really hopeful that we will get some unique material that isn't in our meteorite collections, because probably fridayble, not easily surviving atmospheric conditions. >> the reporter: the sample is set to arrive back on earth for analysis two and a half years later in the year 20203e. -- 2023. at least 75% of it will be saved at houston's giant space the samples will be archived separately as a gift for future generator rations of young girls and boils, it will invent new techniques to study them in the future. >> the reporter: the entier mission lasts seven years and costs $800 million, all to bring back to earth about 60 grams of an asteroid, about four tablespoons of brown sugar like this. at the kennedy space center, phil keating. >> mark: a lot of effort going
5:37 pm
>> vanessa: 800 million. >> mark: people will guess about that until the cows come whom and it starts tonight. >> vanessa: controversy other blue ribbons, put up to support police officers and now they've been ordered taken down. >> mark: coming up new at 6:00 p.m., the reason for the abrupt about-face. >> vanessa: frozen strawberries are linked to a multistate hepatitis outbreak. the smoothies many patients said they had before getting sick and why the c.d.c. experts for cases. >> a woman is attacked by a shark off a popular beach. to bring her ashore. a live look at the zakim bridge, pretty crowded on this thursday afternoon. now to the map, where you can see things are very sluggish getting in and out of the city. slow near the braintree split and expect stop and go conditions. tobin bridge to 128, 27 minutes. 44 minutes take you to go from
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have. >> vanessa: two more people v been charge with being part of a terror group lipsed to the paris attacks. austrian prosecutors charged the men with helping other suspects by providing logistics an information. the suspects are from morocco and algeria, believed to have lived in a salisbury shelter with other attackers. >> mark: the search continues for a woman who fell off a cruise ship, 30 miles off the
5:41 pm
some passengers say they say the 32-year-old woman fall off the 11th deck around 2:30 a.m. yesterday morning. carnival released a statement saying she jumped overboard. more than 3200 firefighters were on scene battling wildfires of about 80 fires yesterday. two fires are still a concern today. this year, the wildfires have destroyed more than 260,000 acres in portugal. popular hawaiian beach tonight after a woman was seriously hurt in an apparent shark attack. it happened while the east of fresno 1-year-old woman was swimming off a beach in oahu yesterday. shark warning signs has been posted and no swimming allowed until the situation is assessed. lifeguards rushed to her rescue. >> she had been bitten by a shark and i said, you're going to be ok, you're going to be all right.
5:42 pm
feet up, because i knew she was bleeding and you know, there was a shark in the water. >> vanessa: an expert will examine the wound to confirm it was in fact a shark bite. >> kevin: thunderstorms rolling toward new england right now, a timeline on when you can expect these to reach your area. >> mark: football season is back and many people will likely be betting on a game by the end of the weekend. up next as 5:00 p.m., the big push to lift the federal ban on sports betting outside of
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
i object. >> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., police are investigating a frightening home invasion robbery. a family was tied up and threatened in their own home. three men broke in to their home in pawtucket elderly man yesterday and tied up a husband, wife and their three kids before making off with thousands of dollars. the family was able to escape using the knife the robbers used to stab the hulls. according to the family, the men got away with $19,000 from a
5:45 pm
business. >> mark: ryan lochte is banned from swimming through next june, lochte will also give up the $100,000 in bonus money that went with the gold medal he won at the olympics and this is part of lochte's punishment for vandalizing a gas station in brazil during last months's game. the u.s. olympic committee and u.s.a. swimming announced the penalties today. he agreed to a ban that includes next year's world championships as well. the other three swimmers involved have been suspended until the end of the year. >> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., state officials will be looking into on-line gaming and fantasy informed future policy decisions. the state gaming commission voted to appoint chairman steve crosby as its representative on the panel studying the game. with the emergence of on-line gaming, like fantasy football, lawmakers have expressed interest in taxing the industry. that's not going to go over well with a lot of fans. >> mark: i don't think so. >> vanessa: it is opening weekend at the nfl seasonnd a it's likely someone you know will be making a bet on the game by the end of the week, despite
5:46 pm
a push to have congress lift the federal ban on sports gambling, so states can start cashing in. >> the reporter: when the nfl season kicks off tonight, tens of millions of dollars in thefts are riding on the results, most of it illegal. >> the illegal sports betting market, it's football and every other sports out there, it's a $150 billion market. >> the reporter: the american gaming association 98% of the $90 billion gambled on illegally through on-line sites. only nevada is allowed to legally take bets on the game and now some people want a piece of the pie and asking congress to lift the ban. >> no tax revenue being sought by that. >> the reporter: legalizing sports betting will allow more consumer betting and protect the game. >> you'll be able to track when
5:47 pm
that may be falling outside of the norm. >> the reporter: the four major sports leagues have stopped in their stance regarding legalized sports gambling. >> it's an important question for us to debate. certainly, left unregulated, left unchecked, probably has opportunity for abuse. >> the reporter: opponents say legalizing it will encourage gambling in all the negative side effects that come with it. this summer, a federal court denied new jersey a third attempt hat legalizing sports the case could end up in the supreme court. george colli, fox 25 news. >> mark: more athletes may be planning to stay seated during the national anthem alleges the nfl season kicks off tonight, including the entire seattle seahawks team, a protesting of racial inequalities and cases of police brutality in merge. at 6:00 p.m., fox 25 talked to a local lawmaker who said standing for the anthem isn't about rights but respect. how he's pressuring sports team to get on board. >> vanessa: needham's aly raisman will try for a gold medal.
5:48 pm
she plans to compete for a spot on the 2020 summer games in tokyo. raisman told ellen degeneres she is taking a year off before training again. her nickname is grandma and she needs one more medal to tie shannon miller for the most medals by an american gymnast. raisman will be 26 years old in 2020. >> kevin: we're just posting something from our 20-year anniversary for tomo fox 25 on facebook. and i was 26 years old back then. so we have a long way to go, young -- you have a long way torque young lady. not a grandpa yet either. 87 westfield. 89 in hartford. hot temperatures back here. that's the kind air we're in for tomorrow. this is hermine going by to our east, what was left of hermine anyway, spinning in the clouds moving on by. look to the northwest, there's a line of showers and thunderstorms pushing toward ursula. here's live storm tracker radar and a thunderstorm warning,
5:49 pm
dropped, now there's a new one. this is all tracking toward the southeast at 40 miles per hour. at least that line is stronger line, and there are some of the towns that are in line to get this, so it's into southern vermont and western massachusetts, there's north adams, just before 7:00 p.m. and fits field, 7:15 p.m. if they hold together, chicopee, central and western massachusetts. there are showers out ahead of that main line, the severe line back here and vetted downpours. i want to track these as moving off toward the northeasterly direction, 25 miles per hour, but getting into southern vermont, minutes from now, crossing the border n to bennington at 6:11 p.m. and also to brattleboro by 7:30 p.m., so southern vermont, those are for you mostly and could clip northwestern massachusetts, these are the storms we're talking about, notice they are hold together, through 10:30 p.m. tonight. doubtful they'll be severe, but something i'll be watching and tracking through the evening hours, and i'll be on the air of course at 10:30 p.m. to update you on that situation. some of those showers make it in to eastern massachusetts, on to
5:50 pm
lingering showers around into early tomorrow morning, during our morning newscast. those will be tracking on out of here and watch how far the sun appears for the middle of the day. showers here, because the front, well it's stalled to our south, so we'll have to watch to make sure those don't stay farther to the north and the clip us, but i expect the boston area and worcester area to stay dry and southern new hampshire as well for sure, through tomorrow night. tomorrow morning, 74 degrees, some breaks of sun and it will be sticky true 10:00 a.m., 82 degrees, so y and it will still be rather sticky. that humidity starts to decrease in the afternoon, 80's out on cape cod, 70's, nantucket. some 90's to the north and west, and may include boston. going to make a run at it. record sits at 93, set way back in 2015 last year. that would be our 21st day of hitting 90 if we can get there. we've had 20 already this year. been a very warm summer to be sure. tomorrow evening, 89 at fenway park at 5:00 p.m., likely hitting 90 at fenway, dropping
5:51 pm
and lower humidity for the jason aldean-kid rock show. on saturday the front lifts back northward, a small risk of a shower, but these showers and storms are coming in sunday morning, under the cold front part of the system, you see that here, your weekend always in view. let's pop it out for u.81 on saturday, 80 on sunday. a small risk of a shower on saturday, smaller on sunday, clearing out in the afternoon leading us to cooler air to start next week. an update with live storm tr >> vanessa: kevin, we'll see you then. a river in russia went from normal hues of blue to this bright red. take a look here. stunned people from the northernmost city in siberia shared the pictures. some saying it looks more like a giant blood vessel than a body of water. environmental experts are trying to figure out what happened. they believe a pipeline that i nearby metal plant may have broken spilling contaminants into the river. people who live nearby say it's not the first time this river has turned red. >> mark: interesting.
5:52 pm
and audio from jupiter. not halloween yet. nasa says the juneau spacecraft recently sent back the high resolution pictures of an aurora from jupiter and also recorded that creepy sound you heard from the red planet and they say, it's simply plasma wave radio outbursts and they've never heard them before, because they have never recorded them in such detail. underway, and the iconic clean man look right here is what casting crews are searching for this week in new york. actor lutz is helping to find a replacement after he wasn't picked for the role. >> it was that childhood dream of mine to become mr. clean, because like the mister, i'm incredibly clean, hard working. and he has very clean, crisp style that i can appreciate.
5:53 pm
$20,000. >> vanessa: we are working on several new stories for fox 25 at 6:00 p.m. tonight, fox 25 investigates a troubling new court ruling. how it could keep you from knowing if a dangerous sex offender is living nearby. also, ahead, a local town saluting police officers with blue ribbons. days later, the town demands the tribute be taken down. we're asking why the change of mind. toxic chemicals in the drinking water for years, but nothing wa >> the new effort to protect people from getting sick. >> vanessa: and one of the biggest cities in the state using some drastic measures, because of the drought. what it's asking the fire department and restaurants to do to conserve water, as extreme drought continues and there's no
5:54 pm
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in,
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really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that. get fios with virtual tech support for $69.99 a month. , dozens of people have been sickened with hepatitis a and he 0 fishes say the outbreak is linked to imported frozen strawberries from egypt.
5:57 pm
carolina to new york, oregon and wisconsin. the c.d.c. says the first reports were from august, but more cases are popping up due to a long incubation period for the virus. hepatitis a is a viral liver infection, that is highly contagious. >> mark: ford is adding 1.5 million vehicles to a recall involving doors that can pop open while moving. ford says the additional cars include the focus sedan, escape s.u.v., mustang, and transit connect vans. the years range 2016. dealers will replace the malfunctioning latch on the vehicles for free and there are now a total of more than two million cars under this recall. meanwhile, mazda is recalling more than 700,000 cars and s.u.v.'s because of a dangerous problem with the rear hatch. they say corrosion protection on the door that wasn't sufficient and the door can fall on people and injure them. the recall covers mazda 3's from 2010 to 2013, as well as mazda 5
5:58 pm
also be recalled. >> vanessa: new studies show health warning labels may steer teens away from sugary drinks. researchers put labels on containers describing the risks of sugary drinks, including type 2 diabetes. scientists said teens were 16%s less likely to select a sugary drink that contained a warning. a chemical was banned from a toothpaste, the f.d.a. says it affects children's hormones and promotes drug resistant infections. colgate use it is in its toothpaste and is the only brand to do so. the company says it helps fight plaque and gingivitis. >> the reporter: now at 6:00 p.m., does a sex offender's
5:59 pm
investigates, uncovers a new court ruling that could keep dangerous sex offenders out of the public eye. >> mark: also, a major mishap for the libertarian party's presidential candidate. >> allepo. >> what is allepo? you're kidding. >> no. >> mark: gary johnson didn't know syria's largest city. tonight his running mate in massachusetts doing damage control. >> plus, blue ribbons tied with love, as a show of support for police. >> the reporter: the reason one town allowed them to be put up and now, they're taking them back now. >> kevin: i'm tracking our next frontnmoving in overnight. when the showers and possible thunderstorms arrive. >> mark: a star spangled scandal. >> how disrespectful. >> mark: new local calls bring everyone to their feet for our national anthem. >> mark: breaking news tonight, fox 25 investigates, uncovering a brand new court ruling that could impact what information becomes public about sex offenders. good evening, everyone, i'm assemblywoman. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch.
6:00 pm
required to register their whereabouts with the state after they've been classified by the sex offender registry board. under state law, you have access to that information for level 2 and level 3 sex offenders. >> mark: but a new court ruling may threaten that. fox 25's bob ward got a hold of this ruling today and bob, this would affect thousands of sex offenders. >> the reporter: yeah, that's right, mark. this is a copy of that ruling. it could be precedent setting. basically, what this means is that even after a sex offender is offender is classified, he can still legally hide his whereabouts from the public. this ruling targets one level two-hour sex offender, a john doe, but it is a decision that could impact your right to know about hundreds of other dangerous sex offenders. on august 16th, salem superior court judge, timothy feely found the sex offender registry board violated one sex offender's constitutional right to due process, by publishing on the


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