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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  September 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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required to register their whereabouts with the state after they've been classified by the sex offender registry board. under state law, you have access to that information for level 2 and level 3 sex offenders. >> mark: but a new court ruling may threaten that. fox 25's bob ward got a hold of this ruling today and bob, this would affect thousands of sex offenders. >> the reporter: yeah, that's right, mark. this is a copy of that ruling. it could be precedent setting. basically, what this means is that even after a sex offender is offender is classified, he can still legally hide his whereabouts from the public. this ruling targets one level two-hour sex offender, a john doe, but it is a decision that could impact your right to know about hundreds of other dangerous sex offenders. on august 16th, salem superior court judge, timothy feely found the sex offender registry board violated one sex offender's constitutional right to due process, by publishing on the
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was classified before he could file an appeal. in a harshly worded injunction, the judge ordered the sorb to pull the sex offender's information down off the internet until the sex offender could get a court hearing appealing his sex offender classification. it's a move that effectively hides the offender's whereabouts from the public, even though he already been convicted an even though the level two sex offender. safety concerns cannot trump due process for section offenders, the judge wrote in his 25 page decision. victim rights advocate wendy murphy. >> the judge got the law wrong and because the judge got the law wrong, the judge got the result wrong and now we have a situation where a dangerous sex offender, who has been declared dangerous by a board with experience, lots of experience,
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>> the reporter: now, in a statement to fox 25, sorb chairman wrote the sor b's top priority is advancing its public safety mission by working to inform the public about sex offenders, as always, the sorb will abide by court decisions imposed on it and work to balance the requirements of those decisions with its public safety mission, but the sorb will not comment specifically about the ruling, will not say if it's going to appeal the ruling. sex offenders can remain off the public eye, out of public attention, until they get a hearing and that could take years. reporting live from belmont, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> mark: all right, bob. breaking news for boston's police department. one of the city's top cops agrees to wear a controversial body camera when he's on duty. superintendent william grass and seven other members of the command staff agreed to volunteer for the pilot program. >> vanessa: as we told you will at 5:00 p.m., their decision
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rams. new at 6:00 p.m., crystal haynes spoke to the superintendent about his decision. crystal? >> the reporter: i actually spoke with police commission every william evans, who is out here in mattapan for a peace walk, for a young man that died on wednesday night. the commissioner tells me that when he asked his command staff to step up, they did right away. he said that they lead rather out here in the communities and should in this program. now, the six month pilot program start on september 2nd, but no one volunteered, and when commissioner evans assigned them to patrolmen, the city's largest union filed a lawsuit in superior court, claiming it was a violation of their contract. now, commissioner evans says having his command staff wear the cameras shows support for the patrol officers assigned to the program, and chief grass, i spoke with today, he volunteered weeks ago, he says, and was wearing one of the cameras at a
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topic last month. >> i think they wanted to show solidarity with the officers, who are going to wear them, you know, when the court makes a decision, whether it's monday or some time after, but i think it shows the accountability and transparency we want to send. you know, those commanders are out on the street, they were out last night here on ripley road when it got very heated and the crowd broke a window on us. that would have been nice to have it on camera. grass back when an officers got shot, how valuable the cameras are. the officers are out on the street, a lot of incidents, hope any they can work hand in hand with the officers. >> the reporter: the officers will be bound by the policies of the program, like the other patrolman, but will not be part of the study group and evans was i nashville my against having these police wearing the body
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the video and showing it to the public after three police-involved shootings. for now, reporting in mattapan, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a man hit by a car in fitchburg was taken to the hospital with only minor injuries. we first told you about the incident at 4:00 p.m., and at 5:00 p.m., we learned he was taken to the hospital just as a precaution. the 22-year-old man who was hit on marshal road before 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, at this hour, police are still looking into what may have led to the crash. we had stay on top of this story and bring you come in. >> mark: big controversy on the campaign trail tonight. libertarian vice-presidential candidate bill weld is in boston defending his running mate. this morning, gary johnson stunned people when a reporter asked him how he would deal with syria. >> what would you do if you were elected about allepo? >> about? allepo. >> and what is allepo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> >> mark: the awkward interview had the political world buzzing.
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late this afternoon. ted? >> the reporter: mark, bill weld spoke to us, and a small group of communications students here at emmerson college, even the students were curious about his running mate's apparent brain freeze today on national tv. with only 31% of u.s. voters able to identify him by name, libertarian presidential candidate, gary johnson, has been seeking media attention. >> we have to alt something unbelievable, doppler radar johnson just said. >> just not -- gary johnson just said. >> just not this type of media attention. >> what would you do if you were questioned about allepo. >> about? >> allepo. >> and what is allepo. >> you're kidding. >> no. >> the reporter: allepo, once the largest city in syria, is at the center of the country's
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the word, i don't know, i think that could happen to anybody. >> the reporter: speaking to emmerson college students this afternoon, libertarian party vice-presidential candidate, bill weld, down played his running mate's gaffe. the former massachusetts governor says the momentary lapse should not exclude johnson from being a serious candidate for commander-in-chief. >> i think probably 85% of the people in the country couldn't put ahelp on a map. -- allepo on a map. you can't, you crisis mode every time that there's something that happens, that excites some people. >> the reporter: and at the time of weld's appearance this afternoon, he said he had yet to speak to johnson about the allepo interview. weld also added that johnson had been traveling a lot lately ago, may have not had time to read newspapers, the ones he normally reads. that's the latest reporting live in the city, ted daniel,
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the district attorney, why it took six months to bring charges against the driver 0 grove through a newton restaurant, killing two people. a grand jury indicted brad casler yesterday on three charges, including motor vehicle homicide. he crashed into the sweet tomatoes restaurant in march. marin ryan told fox 25, every case is different and she wanted to get this one right. >> these are complicated situations, which do a full and fair investigation, and in these situations, it takes a long time, we are also often dependent on information from other agencies. >> vanessa: ahead at 6:30 p.m., fox 25's kerry kavanaugh taking a closer look at casler's driving record. >> mark: second person mars died in this violent rollover on 495 north this morning, it happened after 7:00 a.m. in merrimack. we showed you the snarled traffic on fox 25 morning news, while crews worked to clean up debris from the road. mass state police say six people are inside the construction van when it flipped. troopers said this afternoon, they are looking into the
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possible cause. the four surviving people in the yarberry were all seriously injured. also developing at this hour, the guest of a woman in dan rim, -- death of a woman if danville, new hampshire, has officially been ruled a homicide. 51-year-old joanne boucher was found dead on carmel drive on monday and today the medical examiner ruled her death a homicide. the manner of death is not identified. boucher leaves behind a daughter and son. >> ves new hampshire. the pease trade port is polluting streams and rivers with toxic chemicals. this comes as no surprise to families who live at pease. >> the reporter: well, yeah, after elevated levels of toxic chemicals were found in water wells newer the runways behind me, the state appointed a community advisory board to oversee the issue and members of that board tell me that in the
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asked about environmental testing, in the water around pease, worried about effects on wildlife and fish. they say, that's when pease officials admitted that they had failed to do so, in the past. >> pease is a very significant source of storm water pollution. >> the reporter: new concerns about toxic water at pease tradeport after an investigation at new hampshire's conservation law foundation uncovered high levels of chemicals, or pfc's arou pose significant risks to the environment, and in particular, to developing fetuses and newborn children. >> the reporter: investigators identified the risk, in areas where rain and snow melt ran off into the waterways around pease. clf lawyers notified pease officials of their intent to sue, over what they say is a violation of the federal clean water act, saying the pease development authority has been illegally discharging storm water without a permit.
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and they ought to know better. >> the reporter: according to documents, testing ate creeks an streams near pease, showed high levels of ppfoa and pfos, jeopardizing the health of individuals. not on did it hurt the wildlife, but that some toxins could pollute sources of drinking water. >> it is troubling. we believe that the time now for pease to come into development authority does have 90 days to address the pollution concerns to avoid a lawsuit. the executive director says he had no comment about the allegations or how they plan to answer them. we're live in portsmouth, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: it is much more than just a game. what two local football teams are doing tonight to honor auburn police officer ron tarentino, killed in the line of duty this year. >> mark: also ahead, it's a topic that everyone seems to have an opinion about.
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allowed to kneel during the national anthem? now, a local lawmaker is weighing in. >> does mr. kaepernick, does he a right to do this? >> yes, he does. do i think it's right? absolutely not. >> mark: what he is asking professional sports to do, and why this is such a personal fight for him. >> vanessa: but first, blue ribbons put up all over the state to support police, suddenly taken down in one town.
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>> mark: a show of support that wept up april over the state. bruski ribbons tied to trees and light posts to support police officers went up in august in one local town and the town agreed to it. >> vanessa: but now, just days later, the ribbons are coming down. fox 25's robert goulston went to royalston to find out why. robert? >> the reporter: vanessa and mark, when these blue ribbons went up on the town common here, there was a verbal agreement that they could stay up until the end of september, but not everybody was on board. in royal royalston, the color blue is catching people's attention. longtime residents like gene don't feel one way or the other about them, but after town officials voted this he can would, the blue ribbons are coming down. -- this week, the blue ribbons are coming down. down. >> the town, collectively, it's
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>> i was disappointed. it stands for something we need. >> >> the reporter: a local wife of a law enforcement officer put the blue ribbons up back in arcs a tribute to all police organized by mspy. they agreed they would take them down by september 30th. >> we're just here to support law enforcement in general and whether you're purple, green, pink, they're in law enforcement. and we just want th are here, we are one huge family here. >> the reporter: but in royalston, permits to display something like this are usually for a couple of weeks. at first, the select board didn't even think to do an official permit, because it was for police. but when two residents voiced concerns this week, the selectmen voted to grant a retroactive permit for two weeks, which ends on friday night. >> it's just something we're very proud of. and for this to happen, it really kind of stomps on the
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>> the reporter: residents are already lining up to show their support on private property. >> i'm going to put one up. i hear they're looking for people. >> i'm not usually very, very involved in town politics. >> the reporter: and some residents are also talking about rallying outside the next selectmen meeting. we are live in royal stops, robert goulston, fox 25. >> mark: a former mob boss pleaded not guilty in the killing of a night club >> vanessa: cadillac frank salemme made the plea today. a an affidavit revealed a former rhode island mobster is it also cooperating with this investigation. the f.b.i. now offering a reward for any information into an alleged gang member who was last seen in everett. they're offering $20,000 to anyone who can lead them right to them. the 34-year-old is an alleged member of the gang, ms-13, and was last seen in jim. he's wanted for murder,
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charges. >> kevin: two things of note on this satellite-radar picture. one would be that swirl going by nantucket, and out to sea, finally getting rid of what's left of hermine, not going to bother us anymore. the waves will calm down, if they're still up there out on some of the beaches, those are the high surf advisories we dropped last night and into the west, this front. it has not been able to come at us, because that swirl, hermine sitting there was blocking everything up, but now, moving through upstate new york, they'll slide south of albany new york and toward western massachusetts, southwestern massachusetts, way out there in the berkshires. i'm track them just in case. this whole line is making its way off toward the northeast at 35 miles per hour. north adams, 7:21 p.m. athal, 8:50 p.m. and concord, new hampshire in line for the unsevere weather
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then there is these, out ahead of that main line. these are making their way through southwestern vermont right now and tracking off toward the east at about the same pace, these will get into the brattleboro area by 7:23 p.m., right along the boundary in new hampshire an keene new hampshire, 7:54 p.m. and swansea, 8:00 p.m., if they can hold together. good chance the storms hold together as showers. we have a lot of humidity in the air, so there's some juice to the atmosphere to allow them to hold together. 8:00 p.m., western mass, likely some i'll track those into central massachusetts and tracking them at 10:30 p.m., during our 10:00 p.m. newscast. slide east ward, break apart a lot and a few showers make it through eastern massachusetts and southeastern massachusetts through the morning hours. by 6:00 a.m., still a couple lingering showers potentially, but those go away, break apart the clouds, get into sunshine for lunch thyme and through the afternoon -- lunchtime and through the afternoon.
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the one coming through tonight and the front wants to make a run back at us on saturday, but we will stay dry tomorrow night. i don't expect these showers to make their way back north, so i'm going to keep it dry in my forecast into saturday. we'll talk more about saturday in a moment. ly lunchtime tomorrow, already into the 80's. the standing high temperature record for boston is at 93 degrees, set just last year. i do not think we'll get there, but it's going to be a close run at it. 20 days is where we sit for 90-degree days this summer, this 21st day tomorrow, in the way to that record. we'll see if we can get there. now, the forecast high temperature in boston for me is 88 degrees, but it's going to be close. 91 in the computer models, 92 quincy. metro west will be 90 degrees, as well. northwest, merrimack valley, 90's. cape cod, 80's. this is affront coming back northward on saturday, with clouds, a small risk of a shower on that front, but a higher risk of showers tomorrow night into sunday, with a cold front coming on through, look at your temperatures, much cooler this
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close to 90. we'll call it between 85 and 92 degrees across the area. saturday and sunday, cooler because of all the clouds in the air, cooler monday and tuesday, even with the sunshine, around update on the live storm tracker radar and thunderstorm coming our way in a few minutes,. >> vanessa: there is is something special brewing in boston. up next, we'll take you inside the bruins new practice facility. >> mark: voter turnout is in the single digit on voting day to races being voted on today
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>> vanessa: it is primary day in massachusetts, and this year, more than 100 legislators are running unopposed. but it's an uphill battle in a race for senator brian joyce's seat. he's held that seat for 18 years, but now he's under f.b.i. investigation and is not running for reelection. fox 25's sharman sachetti talks with all the candidates vying for his seat. >> the reporter: when the of brian joyce heated up, including this raid at his canton law offices, the state senator, who represents parts of milton, randolph, and stoughton and other cities and towns south of boston, announced he would not seek reelection. now, two democrats are working to win over his seat. >> my record is proven over the years, of serving the house. >> the reporter: state representative walter timlety, elected in 1999, calls public service a vocation, not a career, because the senate is a
6:25 pm
he believes he can have a greater impact for voters and calls local aid a main focus. >> financially fuels your schools, police, fire, dpw, and of course, your public schools to me are the most important institution we have in america anywhere. the opiate crisis. >> vanessa: i. >> i really felt like it was time for me to step up. >> the reporter: the other democrat running is nora argue ton, is focusing on helping small businesses, funding full day pre-k and early childhood education. she tells us it's hill. >> people are eager for change. people want more things to happen on beacon hill. they want to know that beacon hill is listening to their problems and that we're getting the funds we need for our towns, for our schools, for our infrastructure. >> whichever one of them wins that, let's to lose against me in november. >> the reporter: the winner of the primary will run against jonathan lutz, a teacher, who is just 24 and told us what drove him to run. >> most of opiate epidemic
6:26 pm
there are so many career politicians throughout massachusetts who run unopposed year after year. >> there is no republican candidate in the race. polls close at 8:00 p.m. >> mark: special day and night for the boston bruins, as they open their new state of the art training facility. the bruins teaming up with new balance, to debut the brand new warrior ice arena in brighton. drove by it today. it looks good. rink being locker rooms, training, weight rooms. it is first class all the way and as bruins nealy tells our butch stearns, boston hockey fans deserve this. >> it's exciting, to be able to be a part of this new facility and offer this to the players for years to come. this is such a great hockey community, in new england, hands you know, to be able to see a nice massive bruins logo off the mass pike spirit of south carolina pretty cool. >> mark: sure is. bruins open training camp just a couple of weeks, and practices will be open to the public by
6:27 pm
uses for the public, so you can get out there, lace 'em up, go out and take some spins. for more pictures on the warrior ice arena, go to our web site a- at it's creating a firestorm of controversy. >> vanessa: should athletes stand for the national anthem? tonight, a local lawmaker is weighing in. >> yes, i'm an elected official, but more importantly to me, i'm proud of my record. >> vanessa: the reason this issue is so personal for him, and what he's asking pro sports league. >> mark: plus, we're digging deeper into the charges the driver of?? the deadly sweet tomatoes crash is now facing. next, we asked the district attorney why it took a half a year to charge that driver. >> vanessa: but first, a tribute to a fallen officer and a father. we are live at a special football game being held tonight
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>> mark: fox 25 is staying on top of several breaking stories. fox 25 investigates uncovered a superior court judge ruled that concerns for public safety cannot trump a sex offender's right to due process. last month, the judge found the sex offender board violated a sex offender's right to ar hearing. his sex offender status was posted own the internet the same day he was classified before he could file an appeal. the judge ordered the board to
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a court hearing to appeal his classification. >> vanessa: also breaking being some of boston's top police officers will wear controversial body cameras when they join control provessers on the streets. superintendent william ross and several other members of the command staff will wear the cameras as a show of support for the officers who have been assigned to participate in the pilot program. the patrolman unions and the police department have been battling in the courts latest system two days about the -- in court the last two days. a decision by tomorrow. >> mark: at 5:00 p.m., we learned a man was taken to the hospital only as a precaution, the 22-year-old man was hit on marshal road before 3:00 p.m. this afternoon and at this hour, police are still looking into what may have led to the crash. we will stay on top of this story for you and bring you any more updates as they become available. and tonight is more than just a game for two high school football teams. auburn and lester had kick off at the top of the hour. >> vanessa: before the game tonight, there will be a very
6:32 pm
fallen officer. also, money raised tonight will be donated to the family of auburn police officer ron tarentino, killed in the line of duty this year. >> mark: fox 25's christine mccarthy joins us live and this will certainly be an emotional night, hopefully a big turnout, looks out right behind you, you have one at this hour. >> the reporter: that's right. particularoff starts a half an hour from now and there will be a pregame ceremony in ten minutes, that will be to there has been a big turnout at auburn high school. people getting a little bit quiet right now, because that ceremony will be starting soon, people are lining up on the field, they've been pouring in here for an hour or so and filling in the stands. now, a top cop game committee member tells me 3,000 tickets, that's at $5 each, had been sold for the game by 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. t-shirts also being sold, all proceeds going to the officer ron tarentino jr. memorial fund,
6:33 pm
kids. now, the game, which kicks off massachusetts high school football for the season is between auburn and lester. tarentino lives in lester and worked for lester before joining auburn police and all the people working here tonight, many of whom knew him, police, firefighters, e.m.t.'s, event staff, and more, all volunteered their time in honoring tarentino. >> it's just -- it's kind of crazy, like seeing that people that i probably never even met are supporting me and my fami has even met them, so it's just really cool to see, you know, the community come together, that they care so much about us. us. >> the reporter: now officer tarentino's son spencer, he is going to be surprising his mom, he was away at school and he has come in here to surprise his mom, his mom is going again to be part of the ceremony, starting in just minutes, we're told there will be a state police flyover an we are told by
6:34 pm
for this game tonight. we're live in auburn, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> mark: well tonight we are getting some answers about why it took almost six months to charge the driver who plowed into a newton restaurant, killing two people. it was breaking news on fox 25 yesterday, that a grand jury indicted this driver on several serious charges, and tonight, fox 25's kerry kavanaugh is in newton with the reason the d.a. says this amount of time is it not unusual. -- time is >> the reporter: marian ryan says each investigation is different and that she wanted to get this right, but the district attorney said little about what facts led her to present the serious charges against driver brad casler to a grand jury, six months after this horrific crash. >> the place exploded. >> the reporter: tony well son was among the seven injured that night. >> fatality, laying on top of me, you know, my fiancee, had to move her off, and to get me out of there.
6:35 pm
and greg morin. this week, six months later, the grand jury indicted brad casler on three charges, two counts of motor vehicle homicide, one count of negligent operation. he's a local?? realtor, many wondered if charges would ever come in this case. >> request you talk -- can you talk about the duration of this investigation leading to the charges. >> the reporter: these are complicated situation. we do a full and fair investigation, and in these situations, it takes a long time. >> the reporter: as fox 25's previously reported, casler's fault accidents in 2010, 2004, an 1998. families of the deceased asked for a privacy at this time. meanwhile, family of the driver declined to comment to fox 25 about the charges. >> want to know if you want to say anything about the indictment, brad's indictment? >> i have nothing to say. >> the reporter: these barriers here were recently installed, to hopefully prehaven't another tragic accidents like this from happening. again, the restaurant still closed and under construction. it's been that way since the accident in march.
6:36 pm
heard back yet. we'll let you know when we do. marian ryan says the arhinement should be in the next couple of weeks. >> mark: breaking right now, logan airport, sky fox is over an emergency landing, fox 25 has confirmed with mass state police that an unruly passenger was pulled off this british airways flight that landed in boston at 4:15 p.m. that person is in the cuss difficult of customs officials after being removed from the plane. we have a crew on the way and wo to land the plane. look for more details tonight on fox 25 news at 10:00 p.m. >> vanessa: a woman was found dead in her home and now investigators are ruling her death a homicide. fox 25's malini basu reports from danville, where right now, investigators are once again searching through the house. >> the reporter: it's been four days and crime scene investigators are back at the house, tonight, we've learned the homeowner was killed, leaving this tight knit community on edge. >> i still haven't really sunk in.
6:37 pm
moved here. >> the reporter: it was on monday, danville new hampshire police and state police were called to carmel drive for a suspicious death. joanne boucher was killed we now know. >> one morning, i thought i heard an alarm going off. >> the reporter: at first, neighbors woke up to a burning smell over labor day weekend but didn't think thinking about it. neighbors woke up to burn marks on the side of boucher's investigators will only say this is a homicide investigation an they were back in the house today, collecting evidence. >> it's sad. >> she was living there alone for a while, i guess, i think she had different people staying with they are, at different times. >> the reporter: neighbors tell fox 25, joanne introduced them to a man who began living there, just a couple of months act, fox 25 has learned the man has a criminal past, we found him on the sex offender registry with this address listed.
6:38 pm
we don't really know much about him. sometimes it seemed like they fought, but it was very sporadic. >> the reporter: longtime neighbors are heartbroken. >> she wouldn't hurt anybody. as a matter of fact, she tried to help people. >> the reporter: still haven't really processed it. it happened so fast and it seems unreal. the district attorney's office as well as local investigators are being extremely tight lipped about this investigation. they aren't saying if they have a suspect in mind, or if they even arrested anyone. for now, we are in danville, new fox 25 news. >> mark: new at 6:00 p.m.,worcester is ordering restaurants to stop serving tap water, unless asked for it. the city's reservoir system has dropped to nearly half its capacity, outdoor watering is also banned. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz there's no end in site, cities an towns getting desperate as evidenced by the ban if
6:39 pm
clouds blowing over the top of us, blowing off the big thunderstorms to our west, but much of that is going to fizzle as it makes its way into central and eastern massachusetts and southern new hampshire, but also wouldn't be nearly enough to put a dent in the incredible drought we're experiencing. these are the showers hand storms i'm talking about coming through albany, making their what in to southern vermont, moving off toward the east at 35 miles per hour. keene, new hampshire, 7:15 p.m. these cool in to southern vermont, the two are moving off toward the east. if you have evening plans, have a game you're going to, or something outside, be aware, there are showers headed your way, rockingham and keene in the next hour. shower and shower threat overnight and how hot we'll be tomorrow. >> mark: boston police have identified the man killed in an overnight shooting in dorchester. officers say a man was shot and killed on the sidewalk, on westfield street. it happened shortly before 2:00 a.m., reports say the 24-year-old was talking with a
6:40 pm
black hoodie walked up to them. investigators are still searching for that man. if you have any information, call boston police. >> vanessa: new at 6:00 p.m., a construction worker in cambridge was taken to the hospital today after getting stuck in a trench on faucet street. the worker was 30 feet deep and had his leg pinched in between two pieces of steel. the department says his injuries appear to be nonserious. osha is investigating. >> mark: revere police have released this surveillance video in hopes of catching an armed robber who is still on the run tonight. it happened at the seven day night. the man pointed a knife at the cashier, we're told he is a regular customer, known as john, if you know who he is, call police. >> vanessa: new at 6:00 p.m., local schools are offering help to students, displaced by the closure of itt technical institute. the medford vocational technical high school offering students discounted class rates and mass bay community college offering extended registration periods.
6:41 pm
earlier this week, leaving thousands of students without options. wynn casinos holding its first job fair this weekend and local construction workers are encouraged to attend. it is the first of the everett resorts seven career fares that will happen during the next two weeks. the first is at maldin high school on saturday at 9:00 a.m. in the morning, it's estimated 10 million hours of labor will be needed to build the resort. >> mark: new at 6:00 p.m., one in ten massachusetts strengths have unclaimed cash and you could be runs batted of them. the state treasurer announced businesses have been added to the list of unclaimed money. that includes the red sox and patriots. if you want to find out if you're owed money, we've posted a link to the list on our web site, it's at >> vanessa: coming up, colin kaepernick has angered many fans by refusing to stand for the national anthem. everyone seems to have an opinion on this issue and now one local lawmaker is voicing his. how he's pushing to make sure
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>> mark: it's the star spank he will scandal that has everyone talking. it started with nfl quarterback colin kaepernick, refusing to stand during the nationals anthem and then a u.s. soccer star supported them. some say it's their personal right, but others says it's down right disrespectful. a lowell l and making sure every pro athlete shows respect during our national anthem. >> nfl quarterback colin kaepernick created a firestorm with his decision to kneel during the national anthem to support the black lives matter movement and now a lowell state representative is weighing in. >> how disrespectful. >> the reporter: state rep david nangel incorporate it his three year quest to require professional athletes to stand at proper attention when the national anthem is played.
6:46 pm
do i want -- look, does mr. kaepernick, does he a right to do this? yes, he does. do i think it's right? absolutely not. >> the reporter: it's clear this controversy isn't going anywhere, any time soon. just this week, team u.s.a. hockey coach tort rel la state his players won't take to the ice if they protest and last night -- the national anthem played at a u.s. match without the players on the field. its team made the decision because they didn't want player meghann to kneel during the an them. she has spoken out in support of kaepernick and said she would continue to kneel before matches. as for representative nangel, this is personal. my father served in world war ii, three uncles served in world war ii in the service, countless family members and friends and to me,
6:47 pm
and why can't we all use common sense today here in america? >> mark: that was jacqui heinrich reporting. the nfl kicks off tonight. we don't know if any player will kneel down during the an them, but commissioner roger goodell said earlier this week, the league believes strongly in patriotism. >> kevin: finally getting rid of what was left of hermine spinning on out of here, that's opened the atmosphere up to allow other systems from the west, the cold front, that's pushing our way. not going to chill us out during the day tomorrow. certainly, but tomorrow's forecast hinges a lot on the forecast. we'll track the showers and thunderstorms, see the lightning strike live. there's one that just happened. these are all progressing off toward this section, severe thunderstorm with a batch coming on through, and that's expired. moving off toward the east, bennington, keene, new hampshire, 8:15 p.m.
6:48 pm
thunderstorms, these are racing toward i-91, but again, weakening before they get to new hampshire, so it shouldn't be a big concern for you. however, through the evening hours, there will be some showers that make it in to central massachusetts. a possible thunderstorm holds together, we have a sticky air mass that's conducive to the weather. we'll see a few slide through eastern and southeastern massachusetts before pushes on out, but the front coming through stalls to our south tanned that will allow more i'm keeping us dry in massachusetts through the day, with some sun popping out. how much sun you get will determine your high temperature. it is going to be in to the 90's back here. it will be into the 90's in some spots in massachusetts. not everyone will get there because of the clouds. if the clouds break up more so than i'm forecasting right now and we'll check it at 10:00 p.m., we'll get temperatures into the 90's even more shower chances. the high temperature in boston, record is 93, set just last year. we'll make a run at it, upper 80's to low 90's.
6:49 pm
northward, it will bring some clouds and a couple of showers potentially, by a low refreshing for any one spot -- but a low -- temperatures will warm up on saturday. much of the day, a mix of clouds and sun. i'm keeping the temperature down due to that as well. 74 at 6:00 a.m., to 82 by 10:00 a.m. in the area, it had been in the 80's, with the exception of the outer cape and nantucket. it is gog if not hot day tomorrow. high temperatures in to the 80's on cape cod. 70's on nantucket. and in to the 90's south shore, north shore, merrimack valley, going to be very close at logan airport, fenway park, certainly gets into the low 90's and that's important for?? festivits heading there tomorrow night. let's stop for a second and talk more about saturday. i?y? showed you the clouds comig on through with the warm front, but you have to look back here. showers and thunderstorms will be pushing toward us saturday night, and into early sunday morning, you'll see the thunderstorm icons that are in
6:50 pm
more so because of the clouds, but on sunday, the humidity starts to drop behind that front, which is. coming through early in the morning and then by the beginning of next weekend, or next week, temperatures only in the 70's despite all the sunshine. tomorrow night, hour-by-hour, for jason aldean, kid rock, 89 at 5:00 p.m., 78 at 10:00 p.m., with clearing skies at the park and for the concert. >> all right, kevin. it is tebow time. the former new england patriots quarterback was a the new york mets. he'll be in the instructional league to begin his professional baseball career. tebow played three seasons in the nfl with the broncos, the jets and the pats. >> channeling my inner tebow. the latest from foxborough which includes an update on gronk's injury status and the reaction
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
partment, but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance. >> it's a smoother operation, i'll say that. i mean, it's just me and jacoby. all the reps between the two of us how and we kind of know where we sit on that. it's different without tom, no question about it, but it is what it is at this point. >> jimmy garoppolo's comment before yesterday's practice, saying that without tom brady around, it's a smoother operation. has everyone speculating exactly what he meant, well, today in
6:54 pm
might have meant when he said smoother operation. >> that's his opinion. that's how he feels and yes, that's their opinion, so i'm not going to disagree request jimmy's opinion, because that's how he feels. he's entitled to feel however he does, so answered your question. i'm not going to tell you how somebody else feels. that's ridiculous. >> this is not ridiculous. it's a bit concerning. rob gronkowski limited at practice today. ian rappaport saying gronk is not a sure thing for sunday night. here's gronk's answer when asked if he was 100%. >> no, i'm not, since that one time during the practice, it's just been week to week, with a little hammy thing. just feeling better every day. it boils down to coach's decision, the medical team, and myself, we'll all get together, collaborate, and see where i'm
6:55 pm
bruins and for local hockey fans. the debut of the bruins new practice facility in brighton, really cool. the warrior ice arena, is spectacular. we got an inside tour and sneak peek today and as cam nealy told me, the rink, the locker room, it sends a strong message to all hockey fans. >> it shows the level of commitment from ownership to winning, because something like this, the location it's in, and what's in this our fan base an our players the commitment to winning, you know, this is such a great hockey community, new england, and you know, to be able to see a nice massive bruins logo off the mass pike is pretty cool. >> we take you back to foxborough. with the season upon us, bill belichick in midseason form. here's his answer when mike reese says, i don't imagine
6:56 pm
none. you can set that bar below the ground, because that's where it's at. >> so fur sending out tweets, expecting the coach to respond, don't. bill has made up his own social media channels, he has my face, instaface and my favorite is snap face. year book too. he spends a lot of time on year book. i have no idea what that channel is. >> vanessa: unreal. >> kevin: coming soon. all right. so let talk about the weather, shall we? this you'l feed and on facebook and anywhere else i can put it. >> mark: and he may be watching right now. >> kevin: that's what we do. tomorrow showers around in the morning, coming through late tonight and in to tomorrow morning and saturday morning, we'll watch for a small chance for a shower, but late saturday night into sunday morning. i'm tracking showers and storms right now into the area. right now into the area. i'll alert you on any of those fios is not cable. right now into the area. i'll alert you on any of those we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan.
6:57 pm
i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that.
6:58 pm
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor.
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erica runs on dunkin'. . a network news anchor's alcoholic confessions. elizabeth vargas opens up about rehabs, blackouts, and the moment with her young child that will haunt her forever. >> i don't know if i will ever forgive myself. >> then, a disaster, models fainting, boots breaking, what was kanye thinking? plus, an et first look, is ben affleck's movie a must-see ? >> and then, we're inside marie


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