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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  September 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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massachusetts state -- good evening, i'm vanessa welch. >> and i'm mark ockerbloom. ted daniel joins us now live with the exclusive details. >> this information is exclusive to fox 25 and we just got confirmation from state police within the last hour. two troopers and a lieutenant have been suspended. worked in the state police's armors section. according to the official mass state police newsletter, the armors section handles the selection control and operational readiness of all lethal and non-lethal weapons, and it's based at a shooting range located at the state police academy. here's the official statement state police just released to fox 25. it reads, the massachusetts state police have opened an internal investigation into
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armory. the investigation is reviewing the transfer of a limited number of surplus weapons to a state authorized vendor. the three department members have been suspended without pay indefinitely as the investigation proceeds. in addition, the state police have asked the state attorney general. a source has provided the names of the three suspended troopers to fox 25. we are working o them. live from our control room, ted daniel, fox 25 news. to the radar now. rain is moving in from the west and heavy downpours are happening right now in the worcester area. fox 25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz timing out the storms from the fox 25 weather center. >> yes, i've been tracking these all evening long, they've been
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new york and more back here. i want to show you where some of the heaviest is happening right here along this line from concord to manchester, new hampshire, back to worcester county and into the springfield massachusetts area. these are tracking off to the east-southeast. here are some of the towns like nashua, new hampshire, just after 10:00. boston by 11:48 this evening on the path this line is holding together, coming out very heavily in the hollis new hampshire area. here in massachusetts the heaviest is right in here, especially right here in templeton. you'll see red showing up right here in the middle this doppler radar scan and some of the roads like berry hold getting hit very hard right now. i'm tracking the storms as they move towards boston in the next hour. i'll have the latest on live stormtracker radar coming up. >> and this here is the new map released today showing the areas affected by the drought. look at all the red on the map. that portion is the extreme drought area. ahead in our next half-hour, we'll show you the extreme sacrifices some restaurants are
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>> an unruly passenger forced a british airways to land at logan airport. customs removed the passenger from the plane this afternoon and we're toe the person will be deported tonight. the flight took off again a couple of hours later. british airways sent us this statement reading, quote, our customers should enjoy their flight and not deserve any type of buys. the appropriate action will always be taken for any inapproprie delay to the other customers on the flight. on the eve of a supreme court decision, a controversial body camera program for the boston police department, commissioner evans announced his superintendent in chief police and seven other members of the staff will participate. crystal haynes is live. the police union who brought this lawsuit to court is praising the move. >> he actually started wearing the camera several weeks ago, these officers.
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shows leadership by the boston police department. but the community group that calls for the use of body cameras in the city to begin with are saying this is just grand standing. >> reporter: the afternoon before supreme court decision on a boston police union requested delay of the city's body camera program, commissioner bill evans announced his chief and seven other command staff members have volunteered. >> i think it shows the accountability and transparency those command remembers on the street. >> reporter: evans and members of that have command staff joined clergy, friends and family of a young man killed wednesday night on ripley road in matapan for a peace walk. >> it got very heated and the crowd broke a window. that would have been nice to have on camera. >> reporter: the chief says he wore a camera to this city council meeting in august. days later he signed in what was
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prompting the union to file a lawsuit in supreme court claiming it was a violation of their contract. union president patrick rose tells me they're applauding the leadership saying, quote, we believe that the commissioner and his staff have made a positive move forward with this display of leadership by doing what other cities have done in wearing body cameras. >> the first thing that came to my head was cute. that's great. i'm glad they're doing that now, two months after the agreement was made. >> boston police camera action team cofounder this is just grand standing. >> i applaud commissioner evans for taking this step, but we're ready to move past symbolism. >> and coming up at 11:00, why the group you just heard from thinks that the boston police, their president should be embarrassed for his role in the entire controversy over body cameras. for now, reporting in boston,
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a worker found the camera, his lawyer says the father of two plans to appeal. he will be sentenced later this month. skyfox captured this hit and run in fitchburg where police are still searching for the driver involved in the crash on marshal road. the 22-year-old man who was hit by the car only had minor injuries. he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. local schools are offering help to students displaced by the closure of itt technical institutes. medford vocational technical high school is offering students discounted class rates and extended application periods and special tests for students looking to transfer their credit. itt closed its 136 campuses suddenly earlier this week, leaving thousands without options.
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gets a sinking feeling every time he leaves his driveway due to the sinkhole that's forming there. fox 25's jacqui heinrich and billerica for us tonight with a buyer beware story that could happen to any of you was. >> they plan to spend their retirement money on a lot of things, but one of them was not a sinkhole. now they're finding they may be buried in cuts. >> the attitude has become buyer beware. how can a buyer beware when something is hiden from view so that they have no idea what is going on until after a cavity opens up. >> reporter: more than 30 feet long and 15 feet wide, they say it's growing bigger and deeper every day. significantly growing in the last few weeks. this pole is about 5 feet tall, and as you can see, this pole gets swallowed up by the sinkhole. the couple worries that if it's not repaired before winter it could end up costing them a lot more. more than the initial estimated
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change, based on what they find underneath. and after a problem with their garage sinking a few years ago, they expect the same issue. tree stumps and trash, the shaporians say were buried by the contractor when they laid the foundation about 40 years ago. >> it was a situation where no contract is responsible. the town is not responsible. they're holding the bag for many thousands of dollars. >> reporter: ideally they want a law in place to homeowner in their situation and say the town issued construction permits but didn't oversee the contract. the contract's liability term is up. >> all of the things that are preventing us from doing the things that we really wanted to do by the time we retire we couldn't do them. >> jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. mazda is recalling more than 700,000 cars and suvs because of a dangerous problem with the rear hatch. they say corrosion protection of the door wasn't sufficient.
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mazda 5 vans from 2012 to 2015. certain 2016cx5s and cm3s are also being recalled. a mistaken 911 call caused a lock-down at a local high school. it sounded like shots were fired but no one speaking. it prompted a school wide lock-down at carver middle high school and then discovered that the mistaken dial came from a construction gun to renovate the school's gym.
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>> the hunt is on tonight for a person who shot and killed a man in dorchester. this is an update to breaking news we brought you at 10:00. the man in his 20s was talking with friends on ripley road last night when a man in a black hood iran up times. he died at the scene. today the mayor called for peace. >> it bothers you especially when we had a relatively peaceful labor day weekend. the commissioner told fox 25 the crowd broke the window of a police cruiser. at 6:00 we broke the news that a single decision may soon change your ability to track violent sex offenders living
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law wrong, the judge got the result wrong. >> the way criminals already registered has level 2 and 3 sex offenders that could soon vanish from the public eye. >> can check this out. a jeep gone in a flash. the item you probably have right next to you right now that set this car on fire. a special high school football game played to honor a fallen officer and support his
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they helped raise -- a traffic stop, tarantino left behind a wife and three sons. christine mccarthy is live for us tonight in auburn where tarantino's son who is currently enlisted in the army made a surprise return. >> a lot of emotionallal moments during this game tonight but by far when fans had tears in their eyes when the young man, who shares his father's name, went running on to the field, disguised as a lester high football player and surprised his mom. >> reporter: it was the first game of the season between rifles auburn and lester. a special night of football.
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officer tarrant teen oh junior, killed during a traffic stop in may. >> he's the type of guy and i'm sure he's up there watching us. >> an estimated 5,000 friends and complete strangers bought tickets, wore t-shirts in his memory, all the proceeds benefiting his wife and three children. >> the most emotional moment of the took the field, a surprise for tarantino's wife. her son ron tarantino the third flew up from fort bragg to surprise her. >> these communities have the biggest heart. >> it's hard for me to be so far away and not be able to be here and support them. opportunities like this are a big deal. >> reporter: officer tarantino lived in let'ser and had worked
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have embraced his family. >> it's just really cool to see, you know, the community come together that they care so much about us. >> we can't like express how much it means to us. th amazing. >> and all of the people working here tonight, from police officers to the firefighters to emts, the ticket takers, the concession stand workers, everybody donated their time. they volunteered to be here to make sure that every dollar goes to the tarantino memorial fund. live christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> the community coming together once again for that family and to see ron junior in that outfit, i mean, it was incredible to see. to see everybody come out tonight, fantastic. what a night. so special for that mom. >> really is, and you can see the emotion on the mother's face and everybody behind her, as well. that family's been through a lot. >> so touching. >> nice to see the community, again, paying tribute to them tonight. great job. skyfox over a crash involving an ambulance in
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the car rearended the ambulance. no word if there was a patient on board at the time. fire officials tell fox 25 there were injuries, and we are working to find out how many people were hurt and also their conditions. the district attorney is explaining why it took six months to bring charges against the driver who crashed into a newton restaurant, killing two people. a grand jury indicted brad kessler wednesday on charges including motor vehicle homicide, he plowed into the sweet tomatoes in march middlesex d.a. told fox 25 every case is different. >> these are complicated situations. we do a full investigation and in these situation it is takes a long time. we are also often dependent on information from other agencies. >> as fox 25 previously reported, kessler's driving record revealed three accidents
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support police officers. last month an entire town agreed to put them up, then just days later took them down. fox 25's robert ghoulston went to royalston to see why. after the town voted on it this week. >> i think the town, collectively, it's time for them to come down. >> i was disappointed. i think it stands for something that's needed today. >> reporter: a local wife of a law enforcement officer put the
10:19 pm
it was part of a tribute to all police organized by msp wives. they agreed they would take them down by september 30th. we're just here to support law enforcement in general and whether you're purple, green, pink, they're in law enforcement, and we just want them to know we are here, we are one huge family here. >> reporter: but in royalston, permits to display something like this are usually for a even think to do an official permit because it was for police. when two residents voiced concerns that week, the selectmen voted to grant a retroactive permit for two weeks, which ends on friday night. >> it's just something we're very proud of and for this to happen it really kind of stomps on the heart a little bit. >> reporter: residents are already lining up to show their support on private property. >> i'm going to put one up. i hear they're looking for people. >> i'm not usually very involved in town politics. >> all the ribbons on the town man have to come down by friday night. robert ghoulston, fox 25 news.
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what the clerk recognized about that person that could help read it a quick arrest. but first, the political world is talking about this exchange involving libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson. and it's painful to watch. >> what would you do if you were elected about a aleppo, and what is aleppo. >> you're kidding. >> no. >> how his running mate and former massachusetts governor bill weld is blank stare when asked about the
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it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2. for stronger public schools. yesterday's fire being called suspicious at a house on constance avenue in yarmouth. thankfully no one was home but the state fire marshal believes it is arson. then with information is asked to call police and they are offering a $5,000 reward. new at 10:00, employees for the country's biggest bank opened up a fake bank and credit card accounts and charged real people for it. now thousands of wells fargo employees have been let go. staying on top of your money
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>> reporter: for some wells fargo customers staying on top of the money became almost impossible because of fraud. federal regulators say wells fargo employees created over $1.5 million phony bank accounts and more than half a million credit card accounts without the customer's knowledge or consent. to do that employees in some cases made up fake email addresses and pin numbers, in turn the bank took money from customers in the form of fees on accounts, customers didn't even know they had. this wasn't a little bit isy shalling on the side or a few shenanigans but misbehavior on an industrial scale. >> reporter: the scheme in place for the past five years. the statement of the director of the consumer financial protection bureau says, quote, wells fargo employees secretly opened unauthorized accounts to hit sales targets and receive bonuses. the consumer financial protection bureau slapped wells
10:25 pm
$5 million in refunds to its customers and says, quote, when we make mistakes we are open about it, we take responsibility and we take action. >> the more than fen00 employees have been fired over the past few years, and the federal regulator says the bank will pay full restitution to all people affected. to the race for the white house now. libertarian candidate gary johnson facing a lot of backlash over what people are calling a lack of foreign policy knowledge. th about the syrian refugee crisis, specifically about aleppo, the syrian city at the center of the civil war. his response, he asked, quote what is aleppo? his running mate bill weld was in boston today defending johnson's mistake. >> i think probably 85% of the people in the country couldn't, you know, put aleppo on a map. johnson has since released a
10:26 pm
anchor was referring to an acronym and well aware of aleppo's impact. tonight we know who will face off on election day in the race to replace brian joyce. state representative walter timelty won with 55% of the vote and harrington lost with 43%. harrington will face off against jonathan lott in november. lott is an independent. there is no republican charlie earlier this year joyce announced he would not seek re-election in a federal corruption investigation. >>yo offenders in massachusetts could soon change. the court ruling that has victim advocates outraged. >> appreciate all the reports from all of you on twitter about the rain that's coming down. i'm tracking the heaviest now and how long it will take for it to get offshore. the state's seconds largest city declares a drought emergency. and here's why.
10:28 pm
new hampshire college students are packing their backpacks and heading back to school. and thanks to kelly ayotte, along with the textbooks and pencils, many students are carrying more student loan debt. ayotte voted to cut pell grants and to raise student loan interest rates. because she sides with special interests looking out for their own bottom line, not our kids'. for new hampshire students and families,
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for the content of this advertising. the. offering more help for farmers hit hard by the drought. the state launched the drought emergency loan funds. the program will provide up to $1 million to family farms and small businesses impacted by dry
10:30 pm
$10,000. we reported on wednesday farmers in essex, franklin, middlesex and worcester counties will also qualify for federal aid. it's not just farmers being impacted, 94% of the state is now feeling the effects of the drought. a quarter of the state hit hardest and that includes worcester where we find fox 25's john monahan. john, the city there putting in some serious restrictions in place. they certainly are, vanessa. and it's actually raining right this after worcester's manager talked about the water crisis here calling it an emergency. well, it is. despite this rain, and it's being felt everywhere, including here on worcester's restaurant row, where unless you ask for the customary glass of water when you sit down, you won't get it. >> average rainfall is not just. just not enough to make up our current deficit. in shorted, this is an emergency. >> tough words from the city
10:31 pm
restrictions in place. >> the best thing that could happen to ease this drought is a lot of rain. the second best thing is conservation. >> this is one of 10 reservoirs the city of worcester relies on. only a 12% capacity. take a look at our math cam to get a good idea. it is so low right now the city can't even pump water from it anymore. >> to that end several water restrictions are now in place. they include no watering of lawns, the fire department stops all training involving water. no washing cars, and no water served in restaurants unless people ask. folks at brew city don't seem to mind. >> not a big deal. >> reporter: he says he doesn't come here for the water. >> that's fine. i drink beer, so -- >> reporter: but all joking aside, until rain starts to fall, worcester's water restrictions will stand. >> this rain is starting to come down pretty good tonight but it
10:32 pm
9-inch deficit here in worcester. in the meantime, if you vial these new water restrictions, you'll face some pretty steep fines. the first offense starts at $200. live in worcester tonight, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. >> chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here now. kevin, it is raining right now as john just told us out in worcester and you're tracking heavy showers over the central part of the state. >> i am. >> it won't be enough to break the drought, mark, clearly but take any drink of water it can get at this point. this i you were watching during our 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. newscast this is back here moving into albany. we talked about it moving into western central massachusetts tonight. i promised we'd be tracking trat at 10:30, and here we are. heavy showers from southern new hampshire down into worcester and done through springfield, as well. the whole line is marching off to the east and southeast. lowell by 10:34 minutes away. into boston by 11:45 this evening. quincy down to 55.
10:33 pm
it all holds together. it's sticky out there, it's likely the showers will hold together. while some of these are heavy, i'm not seeing any lightning out there. if you're getting any lightning, let me know about it. i'm getting reports on twitter where the showers are happening right now. windham new hampshire getting heavy rain, moving right at canopy lake right now which i believe is closing down for the night anyway. back here to worcester and middlesex, towns in lunenburg, fitchburg, westminster, leominst, we'll zoom in and find some spots. the orange and yellow and spots of red up in fitchburg, laurel avenue for instance and teresa street getting some of that heavy rain. moving off through fitchburg at this time and off to the southeast. southern worcester county, look
10:34 pm
masspike where with heavy rain there too. that's good news. through the morning, we'll still have a lot of clouds around and the risk of a shower. have to keep that in there. the front will be settling to our south. the cloud starts to break up. sunshine for lunch, we're gonna heat up tomorrow. it's also gonna be sticky to start the day. keep that in mind. as the day wears on, the dewpoint starts to drop and the humidity starts to go away. it will stay humid in southeastern mass closer to that front and along coastal areas of new england. temperature tonight, hour by hour in boston moving to around midnight, staying in the 70s, sticky, remember, right back to 81 by 10:00 in the morning all right. lunchtime temperatures generally in the 80s just about everywhere. the outer cape in nantucket will be in the cooler spots, upper
10:35 pm
going to be in the 80s out at cape cod. the kid rock show starting at 89 at 5:00 and dropping to 79 by 10:00, under clear skies, and dropping dewpoints more comfortable. when you're going to the park for the concert in the evening and late afternoon it is still going to be rather sticky as well as hot. is going back northward and a couple of showers around. the risk is there. then farther to the north of the date we get into sunshine, again, during the afternoon. a good amount of clouds, though on saturday, keep that in mind, and another risk for storms coming in saturday night eventual sunday morning. so we are gonna get some showers around here. not enough to break a drought but we'll take it. there it is. temperatures around 80 degrees saturday and sunday and less sunshine than you'll see tomorrow afternoon. monday and tuesday, back to full sunshine. but cooler air starting to move on in.
10:36 pm
radar update and where the heavy showers are moving through right now. >> hermine gave local scientists a chance to study hurricanes with an underwater drone. before the storm arrived, they said one of the drones called a glider about 100 miles off the cape, the gliders can go where it's too dangerous to send people and send back realtime information via satellite. hundreds of students turned away from school this week in one illinois city for not having up-to-date vaccinations. >> 600 students were s tuesday. the deadlines for the vaccines, today the number of students without immunizations dropped to 1 in 300. some parents support the policy and others say they should be able to decide what is best for their children. vaccinations are required by law for students to attend public schools. strayed ahead, an explosion. >> it was surprising how quick the dash caught on fire. then it started exploding.
10:37 pm
prized possession. plus, incredible new video into our newsroom tonight of a rescue in italy two weeks after
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10:40 pm
video will help them catch an armed robber that held up a store on winthrop avenue wednesday night. 's regularly known customer known as john. if you know anything about him or where he is, call police. a construction worker in cambridge was taken to the hospital today after getting stuck in a trench on faucet street. firefighters say the worker was 30 feet deep and had his legs pinched between two pieces of steel. the department says his injuries
10:41 pm
tonight a high school student in texas shot and injured another student before she turned the gun on herself. police found the 14-year-old freshman dead in a bathroom of the school in alpine this morning the injured student is expect to survive and a u.s. marshal's gun accidentally went off and shot a homeland security agent in the leg while they were at the scene. he too is expected to be okay. >> a man handed a bank teller a note saying he had a gun. he's accused of stealing $2300 and then stood in the lobby telling security he was the guy they were looking for. deputies say they've never seen anything like this. >> i've never heard of someone who would rather come to jail and commit a crime so they don't
10:42 pm
their family. that's never happened. >> it all started because of an argument with his wife over fixing the dryer. if found guilty ripple could get his wish. be away from home for up to 20 years. disney world is tightening up on ticket fraud, requiring young children to have their finger scanned before entering the park in florida. disney rolled out the ticket verification process last month for children ages 3 to 9. older guests have already been scanning their fingers to prevent people from sharing tickets. the tickets could cost up to $124 a day depending on the season. a college professor caught on tape making -- taking down 9/11 memorial posters. the reason she said the students who put them up are the ones in the wrong. >> by first a story fox 25 investigates broke at 6:00. the new development that could soon allow level 2 and 3 sex
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>> right now you can go online and track level 2 and 3 sex offenders on the state's database. fox 25 investigates discovered a new court ruling could change all that. >> bob ward broke the news at 6:00 and tonight explains how a convicted sex offender could soon be able to hide their whereabouts from the public. 2 sex offender, a john doe. but it is a decision that could impact your right to know about hundreds of other dangerous sex offenders. on august 16th, salem superior court judge timothy feely found the sex offender registry board violated one sex offender's constitutional right to due process by punishing on the internet his status as a level 2 sex offender on the same day he was classified before he could file an appeal. in a harshly worded injunction,
10:46 pm
pull the sex offender's information down off the internet until the sex offender to get a court hearing appealing the sex offender classification. it's a move that effectively hides the offender's whereabouts from the public, even though he is already been convicted and even though the sorb has already declared him a level 2 sex offender. public safety concerns cannot trump required due process protections for sex offenders. judge feely wrote in his 25-page murphy... >> the judge got the law wrong, and because the judge got the law wrong, the judge got the result wrong, and now we have a situation where a dangerous sex offender, who's been declared dangerous by a board with experience, lots of experience, is walking around free, nobody knows. >> in a statement to fox 25sorb chair kevin hayden road the sorb's top priority is advancing its public safety commission by
10:47 pm
as always the sorb will abide by court decisions opposed on it and work to balance the refresh my memories of those decisions with its public safety mission but the sorb is not commenting on this ruling and will not say if it is appealing. in belmont, bob ward, fox 25 news. the coast guard announced they have calledded off their search for a new york woman who went overboard on a carnival cruise ship miles off the coast of the bahamas. the ship arrived back in charleston, south carolina this passengers say 32-year-old arena pa telefell off the 11th deck of the carnival ecstasy early yesterday morning. a statement from carnival says pa telewas seen jumping overboard from the ship. crews spent 43 hours searching for pa tele. two weeks after a massive earthquake in italy a cat is found buried under a mountain of rubble. the feline was found and pulled out of the rubble by italian firefighters. here it is right here, who was
10:48 pm
observation. reportedly has a fractured jaw. since the quake hit, firefighters have rescued as many as 950 an mals. >> wow. a 17-year-old was rewarded for turning in a $100 bill. bradenton wentworth found the money in rodchester, new hampshire and turned it into police. after no one came forward to claim the cash, police presented wentworth with a check for the very same amount of police congratulated braid don for displaying a higher degree of character and integrity. nice job, braid don. well if you recognize this guy, police say he belongs to a gang and wanted for several violent crimes. the fbi is offering $20,000 to anyone who has information that can help track him down. he was last seen in july in everett and wanted for murder, attempted murder and conspiracy
10:49 pm
>> you see the woman taking the posters down and confronted the student. >> you're allowed to put posters up but you need permission from student government to do that. >> the posters were put up by the school's young americans for freedom chapter. they put them up every year at colleges across country. saddleback college is a public school. the iconic american flag raised over the rubble. be 15 years ago it went missing until now. >> it went missing in the aftermath of the september 11th attacks. two years ago a man who claimed to be a marine brought this flag to a fire station in everett, washington. the flag underwent forensic analysis to see if it was indeed the ground zero flag, and only this week it was confirmed. >> examining the particles on the flag and air anding it to the trade tower dust that was
10:50 pm
same particle types were found on the flag and the 9/11 ground zero dust. the iconic flag is now at the 9/11 museum ready for this weekend's commemoration ceremonies. the identity of the man who turned the flag in is still unknown. wells, streams and waterways, for more than a year, fox 25's kathryn burcham has been following the concern surrounding the sleeves port base in new hampshire. and tonight she discovered new toxins have been found. force of storm water pollution. >> reporter: new concerns of toxic water after an investigation uncovered high levels of pscs around the training area. >> these are chemicals that pose a significant risk to the environment and in particular to developing fetuses and newborn children. >> reporter: investigators identified the risk in areas where rain and snow melt ran off
10:51 pm
fishes were notified that they intended to sue over what they say is a violation of the clean water act and has been illegally discharging storm water without a permit. >> this is a government agency and they oughta know better. >> reporter: according to dewpoints, testing at creeks and streams near pees showed high levels of pfoas and pfoss, not only do the the river, but some toxins could also pollute sources of drinking water. >> it is troubling. we believe that the time is now for pees to come in compliance. >> the pees development authority does have 90 days to answer those pollution concerns to avoid a lawsuit. the executive during the courser said they have no comment about the allegations or how they plan to address them. in portsmith, i'm kathryn
10:52 pm
considering regulating and tax online gaming in fantasy sports. they've created a panel to look at the games include include steve crosby, the chairman of the massachusetts gaming commission. the panel will hold its first meeting by november 1st. check this out. a jeep torched, neck at 10:00, the item possibly within arms reach that did all this damage. >> one, two, three, four, five feet and counting. a sinkhole nightmare for a billerica couple and a buyer >> but first a major league team >> but first a major league team is bitten afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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the check of showers and thunderstorms coming to southern new england and some heavy rain out there right now. i wanted to show you out ahead of the main line a couple of heavier showers have popped up. moving off towards the east and
10:56 pm
lam, a heavy downpour moving in along route 20 right now. a couple more near bedford and burlington. area wake-up forecast tomorrow, there will be juniors of fog. we'll have to watch for a -- there will be areas of fog, we'll have to watch for a spot shower. a nice-looking day in boston. this is our picture of the day. sent to us on instant gram with the hashtag. i'll be tracking the showers and have a live stormtracker radar just ahead and a at 11:00. special day and facility has for the boston bruins. teaming up with new valance today to debut the brand-new warrior ice arena in brighton. locker rooms, training and weight rooms, this place is first class all the way and as bruins president cam nealey tells our butch stearns boston hockey fans deserve this. >> it's nice to be a part of this new facility and offer this
10:57 pm
come. the hockey community in new england and. this facility will may have other uses for the public in the coming days and weeks and months. for more on the ice arena, go to our web site at well, it's tebow time. the former new e a big hit with the new york mets. the mets signed tebow to a minor league deal. he'll be sent to the arizona fall league where the construction league will begin his professional baseball career. tebow of course played three seasons in the national football league with broncos, jets and patriots. right now i'm willing to bet have you your cell phone within arm's reach. in florida a man's phone blew up, destroying his jeep. >> it was very surprising to me
10:58 pm
fire. >> it wasn't a very good vehicle to me. i'd done a lot of modifications to it. >> reporter: it's hard for st. pete's nathan to see his family's beloved jeep like this, harder when you consider what sparked it. >> that's the last thought in my head is that something as simple as a phone is going to burn down my car or my house or hurt a family member. >> the samsung out. >> i converted from iphones and have had every new note since then. >> reporter: it was charging in the suv when a blew up like a ticking time bomb. he'd only had it four days. >> i don't think i'm gonna let another samsung product in my house. >> he says he's gotten the run ashed from the manufacturer and wasn't aware of the recall. officially the company says there's only been a small number of battery cell issues.
10:59 pm
phone and offered replacement saying the safety and satisfaction of our customers is samsung's top priority. >> well, i didn't have any issues with it up until this point. >> knight than knows he's lucky no one was hurt including his 8-year-old daughter who he says often had that home in her tiny hands. first at 11:00, three state troopers good evening, i'm vanessa welch. and i'm mark ockerbloom. fox 25 was first to break this story at 10:00. let's get to ted daniel. you learned the troopers worked in the department's armory. >> mark, vanessa, as we first reported at 10:00, the state police academy out until the western part of worcester county, the section is responsible for selecting and issuing all the weapons used by troopers across the state. fox 25 learned two troopers and
11:00 pm
suspended without pay, a department spokesperson confirmed that for us just a couple of hours ago, issuing this statement. the massachusetts state police has opened an internal investigation into three department members who are assigned to the department's armory. the investigation is reviewing the transfer of a limited number of surplus weapons toes state -- state authorized vendor. the three department members have been suspended without pay indefinitely as the investigation proceeds. we've also learned the state police has asked the state attorney general to review the investigation and determine if any criminal charges are warranted in this case. a source has provided us with the names of the suspended troopers but we're withholding those nails pending further verification of ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> fox 25's chief meteorologist


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