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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 9, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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all-new today on "right this minute." a bizarre scene as rescuers try to roll toward a man who is stuck in what can only really be described as quicksand. >> how things get even stranger in the race to save him before he sinks. >> jumping tall buildings in a little black dress. >> she's manicured. she's wearing p >> why this classy lady is doing park our over paris. >> take it all out. >> guy opens a present. >> he's like oh, cool new meat thermometer. >> but see how this gift is going to keep on giving. >> what happened? >> i don't know. >> plus, a 260 mile an hour water wipeout. and practice with the fishing pole. >> when you're ready. >> see if what happens has you
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>> negative. that looks fake. >> can you all just let me -- celebrate -- >> who would have thought that such a simple idea as going out to collect some extra money for a life or death situation. well this 63-year-old man in china certainly didn't think so. as you can see, he is now completely trapped in this mud across the water has gone out he has gone out but gotten stuck in what can only really be described as quicksand. he's been there, guys, for twelve hours. >> oh. >> and nobody saw him for those twelve hours? >> i can't imagine why. could this be because it was dark? but of course they have spotted him now and these guys literally just roll themselves out. they quickly have a sinking feeling it wasn't going to work but fortunately for them, there was this monster. >> they're using an excavator just to get themselves over there. >> but it gives you an idea about just how thick and sticky this mud is.
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it's pulling itself there with the bucket there on the arm and they use that bucket to go fishing for this gentleman. >> oh, oh. >> they really do scoop him up in that thing. >> basically, yeah, you can see it works. they're pulling and you can see he's kind of holding on. eventually they get him close enough to the track the driver helps him up, then there's a rather sort of heroic swim back as you can see the guy stands on the outside. you can see the look on his face. >> he is totally exhausted. covered in mud from head see this guy they get the hose and start hosing him down getting the mud off him. he's going to do just fine. but all over just trying to make a couple of extra -- >> i'm sure while they were carrying him away he was going through the sand, like, i see a couple -- >> i didn't spend twelve hours in the mud for nothing. >> guys -- we're about to do
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?? >> oh, look at that. >> whoa! >> this video is going viral. and as you have figured out, this lovely lady and her little black dress is just parkouring around paris looking all cute in her perfect little red lipstick. >> paris is perfect for something like this with all those connected buildings and things like that. >> you're crazy. guys do this a lot of times. pretty. wear that little black dress, she's manicured. she's wearing perfect makeup because this was put together to promote my little box which is a beauty and lifestyle website. >> you just keep jumping with that unchipped nail polish, girl. >> yeah, as you can see at the end of the video the reason she is in such a hurry is because in her mailbox is her box of beauty products that she ordered from my little box. >> she could just go to the mailbox. >> why?
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>> instead of parkour, just park. >> [ indiscernible ] >> park or walk. one of the two. >> as you can see here, there's a young man going down into a water drainage area, clearly this is not water meant for humans to get into. but, a dog has managed to get its way down in that dog clinging to the edge, clinging to life. but, all it takes is a boy who wants to rescue the dog. the boy in this video right here is very young. finally, that guy is able to grab hold of the dog by the scruff of its neck and say, time to go, buddy. >> i have to say, for an area that is gross and slimy and everything, to climb down there
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when this dog was discovered in india, things did not look good but -- >> ooh. >> animal aid unlimited comes to save the day. and if you take a look at it. it's got sores all over the body. itching. >> is it a street dog? >> it is a street dog. first thing they do, get it to the center. bathe it. treat the wounds. but i want to show you what the dog looks like a month later. >> oh, wow. >> they say this dog jumped for joy because look, a month later lo you couldn't tell what that dog initially looked like. >> right there. >> looks like a totally different dog. >> the good thing is is that we have groups like animal aid unlimited that operate on donations from the kindness of people's hearts to do something to help poor dogs like this. >> it's intense. 8,000 horse power of earth shattering watching these two
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at lake marble falls in texas. in the far lane -- >> uh-oh. >> oh. >> oh. >> what you saw there was the capsule with the pilot inside. that's scottie tumbling down the water at around 250 miles per hour. >> no! >> this is really one of the worst crashes we've seen on the show. happened in the middle of august. scottie was in intensive care for he suffered serious injuries, brain swelling. brain trauma, and faces a very, very long road to recovery. scottie was well-known in the hydro boat racing. he's actually known as the fastest man on water. he holds a world record for 274 miles per hour. but this one, nearly took his life. >> what was the malfunction? did they have any idea what caused it? >> no word yet on what
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down. but it goes really south. you see that safety capsule right there? the yellow and white thing that is definitely what saved his life. >> seems like -- >> he is in a coma but is responding. his wife lynn has been posting updates on the facebook page and she says so many of her prayers have already been answered. ?? >> she's got big news for him. but -- >> yes [ indiscernible ] >> denial. >> see what she's telling that he's not buying. >> i'm puzzled by how puzzled they are. >> and what if we could take the miners out of the mine? >> the world's first self-driving truck in an underground mine. >> this is such a game changer. . try clarispray. from the makers of claritin.
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exfoliates, smoothes, softens. reduces bumps 74%. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. los angeles police department detectives are looking for these two guys, and an accomplice. you see them walking in to this pharmacy in los angeles, and notice one goes up to the counter. the other one jumps the counter. they're looking for drug according to police. but beginning of the video you could see this man full-on but his buddy has a gun and his buddy has walked up to the clerk behind the counter. police say they took medicine, and narcotics, but they also got cash that was in the cash register. they say a third person a woman was outside as the lookout and they got away in a maroon car. >> you can see the guy in the blue hoodie. it's a school hoodie like an elementary school. maybe that's where they can figure out who this guy might
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gardena elementary so if somebody knows somebody who looks like somebody they've seen in the pickup lot that might be the guy. >> this next video from budapest, hungary and these two guys, definitely here they are at the counter looking around this is in a reception area in a hospital. so these two guys look like they're just waiting for somebody to come behind the counter. unfortunately one of those guys decides he's going to go behind the counter. >> you know that behavior. looking around. after the final check, opens that drawer, cea some cash currency and driving permits for german italians and hungarians who happen to leave them there. >> there's one problem though. the camera sees him. >> side profile, front, another side profile. >> and if the camera sees you, so will the police. and they're looking for these two guys. >> you remember how your wife tells you she was pregnant?
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that moment when you find out you're going to be a dad. >> well let's see how lacy is about to break it down for kyle. >> ooh. >> all right. she's got the paper all opened. [ bleep ] >> he's like oh, cool. new meat thermometer. >> exactly. >> exactly. they -- >> yeah. ?? >> he's trying to figure out. he knows something's happening. >> seriously? that i make. >> he's thinking okay, when? about when? where -- were we on vacation? >> no! >> oh, my gosh. >> he really is thinking that because he says they weren't trying. >> what? [ indiscernible ] >> well a mummy and daddy love each other very much -- >> the birds and the bees. >> i don't know. >> and now it's finally settled in. he's like oh, wow. >> oh, your entire life is about to change in every single way.
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shouldn't feel so bad. he's just minding his business. >> i'm pregnant. >> when his girl just drops it on him. >> look at his face like -- >> whatever. >> i'm pregnant. yes i am. yes, i am. you're messing with me because you're recording a viral video. >> i don't believe it. >> i took two tests. >> denial. >> i'm going to absolutely make sure. >> professor pregnancy. >> this whole time he's calculating in the back of his mind everything he was planning to spend money on. >> there goes the motorcycle. >> yep. >> not going to -- >> so after she proves to him that she's not faking him out he cracks a smile. >> working in the mining industry stinks. we know that well what if we could take the miners out of the
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help of volvo. >> these guys have been working with autonomous vehicles for quite some time. check this truck out. completely autonomous as it works its way through the narrow tunnels about 4.3 miles into the mine. here's the coolest part. watch this. one of the lead engineers behind this project is so confident in the way this truck drives, put his life on the line. >> thank you for stopping. >> you're looking at the first truck in the world that could drive all by itself in these difficult conditions. it uses laser sensors to see -- >> four laser sensors, one of each corner of the truck. those laser sensors overlap each other and provide redundant data. the pickup features like something standing in the way or other obstacles that the truck could encounter.
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then if we go in commercial operations, even though it's a reverse project but if we do actually just in the mine. safety automation really goes hand in hand. >> out of the mines, able to drive right down the street with this ore, really fascinating to see where this all goes. it's a new trend, it's there for jessica is putting it to test. >> nail polish. >> try it out. >> an easy and inexpensive way to have your nails on. zblust plus it's the cardboard boat regatta. >> this boat itself has been built by cardboard. >> but find out what his critical error was. >> save yourself, girl, save yourself.
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which is like me. >> right. >> little paint brush. >> whoo! >> and then you go over it with a top coat. >> oh. >> of clear nail polish. >> then we are going to let that dry. >> and then you wap off the rest. i want to see what it looks like jessica. >> get in here. >> what it looks like. i don't know if i like it or not. >> i mean some of it came out smoother. you can see this is a little but if you look sprayed on. it's a little weird. >> texture to it. >> from far away looks good, right? >> just don't get close. >> don't go on a first date with this manicure. but it's a great idea and if you can perfect the edges around your skin, then you might be able to pull this off. >> i don't know. >> ones that have the base and the top coat all in one. >> yeah. >> well i like the idea, though, because i like the idea for in a crunch you could try this with your toes. >> i think it's a great idea. i'm glad that you tried it
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>> and lots of people on line they've been pinning this all over so i'm just trying to save some people some time. >> all right. cool. >> all right. >> if you want to know the entire process i went through or you're interested and want to try it out go to click on tv show or go to our mobile app. >> whereabouts in the country this video is taking place but by the looks of jimmy and justine they're paddling their way to hawaii. >> it's at a >> in that situation you think it has fail written all over it. >> they have to go out on this lake, around the end, come back and beat the time. jimmy has decided to kind of jazz up the sort of mobile luau. he's actually also attached fireworks onto the side. >> oh, cool. >> that has fail written all over it. >> jimmy has made one quick little error. he put them in upside down.
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>> you can see that he's gone and starts to rip them down, and just directed -- it's not really working. >> guys -- ?? >> even after the bombardment they inflicted upon themselves they made their way all around to the other side and as they get back they are greeted to cheers and laughter from everybody involved. [ bleep ] >> now in this next video we've got a young man in the back garden practicing -- >> there you go. >> dad giving the instructions. >> he knows what he's been doing. >> set for it -- >> oh. >> oh -- >> that was real. >> that's not real or fake. that was real. >> i think we're actually going to have to jump on board, have a sudden game of "real or fake" because nick you're making that
10:53 am
that doesn't look like a proper crack does it? >> it looks fake, video felter with a sound effect. >> that gets on my nerves. can you all just let me rest at this man for letting him celebrate -- >> looked like a direct hit to me. >> i think what they've just done is they've kind of accentuated the impact but even known, it's going viral because now people are debating it. >> humans aren't the only ones that go to school. >> yay.
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>> touchdown. >> i need wheels. >> time to go back to school. >> that's school -- >> i love it. this of course, the brainchild of steve barley the squirrel man. he does this all the time, obstacle courses together for skwirls in his backyard.
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>> making her way across let's see how the first day of school goes. >> [ indiscernible ] oh, dear. oh, no not a good start. >> if you notice, it's the nut curriculum. >> nut because they like to eat nuts. >> we get it. >> y'all got it? okay. >> this is what's next. >> sorry. >> that one -- >> on to the next. science. [ indiscernible ] >> after she hops over -- >> everybody's favorite part. >> i don't know which way to go so i'm going to turn back around. >> liking this form -- >> everybody gets nervous around shakespeare. >> don't again -- >> mm-hmm. >> nothing with these little rats down, though, huh? rat successive --
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up there. but will she hit the nuts -- >> come on. >> one final -- >> that's all you need to do. le. >> yes. >> did she tell us how long it took the squirrel to figure this out? i mean was this her first time or had she been working on this for a couple of days? first day of school. first day of school. made her way across. >> that's a look at today's best viral videos for more awesome content check out we'll see you guys ute." creamy swirls of pure indulgence. silky sifts of total transcendence. tempting accents of sheer pleasure.
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or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm." but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one.
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> with all due respect, my girls have always turned out. i give it to you straight. now, here's wendy! >> wendy: ta-da! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thanks for watching.


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