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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  September 12, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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15 years later we remember. we'll take you to the 9/11 tributes in the commonwealth and across the nation. a nearly century old tree falls in this neighborhood and lands on that's fallen in this neighborhood or even the second. why residents tell us city officials have ignored their repeated calls for safety. the rain is now gone and dry weather moving . in i'll show you how cool temperatures will be tonight. health takes takes center stage on the campaign trail. hillary clinton diagnosed with pneumonia while donald trump's doctor defends his five minute health report. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts
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six months that's how long the city of boston says it will take to address the potentially dangerous situation in jamaica plain. hello everybody i'm kerry kavanaugh. >> residents say city officials are ignoring their concerns after three massive trees have fallen this summer damaging cars and homes. >> fox 25's kathryn burcham is live in j.p., kathryn, the neighbors are concerned for their safety tonight, especially in light of our drought? >> show what you the neighbors are talking about. all these trees have something in common, they're leaning into the street and neighbors say they all have rotting diseased trunks. three have fallen, there are others on this street neighbors fear could fall and when it happens they will hit someone instead of something. >> reporter: the whine of a chainsaw is now a regular
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>> i looked out the window and i saw it and i said it was unbelievable. >> reporter: men diz is shocked this morning that for the second time in two months a tree fell on her brother's car. >> the damage that happened to our car is really important because my brother needs that to make a living. >> in july july this tree cracked and fell hitting a home across the street. two weeks later this trunk splintered and caused 6,000 in damage. >> we called the city this. >> reporter: neighbors say they repeatedly contacted the city with concerns about the trees even opening an official case. city officials replied with this e-mail saying it would take up to six months to schedule an inspection and then an additional 12 months to complete tree maintenance. >> it might come down before then and it has. it's only been about a month and it's down. >> reporter: this morning a third tree in front of the mendez home crashed down
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that takes her to physical therapy for her r.m.s. the only response from the city, yet another tree crew. they seem to be really busy and but that's almost no excuse because they're hazardous and like i said there are people's lives on the line. >> reporter: neighbors tell us they think it's a miracle when the trees have fallen they haven't hit anyone walking here along the sidewalk. mayor's office to ask if they could get anyone out here sooner to inspect these trees, they did not respond to our request for comments. live in jamaica plain, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. high winds not only knocked down trees in jamaica plain today but across our state. take a look at these pictures. a lot of people spent the day cleaning up. two people in groton were actually injured when a tree fell earlier today. the fire department saying the tree is more than 100
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want to see your weather pictures. send them to share @fox this morning's bad weather quickly moved out making for a clear cool evening as we take a live look at the zakim bridge tonight's. fox 25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski a great night to leave the windows open? >> especially much calmer after the front came through and broad gusty conditions, why some of the these came down. take a look at these tree very strong wind gusts. but those winds also transported much drier air it so was sticky this morning and now we've got dry comfortable conditions that humidity is very low. so that's why open up those windows enjoy it. the dry air follows that cold front that's now well offshore. high pressure building in. so beautiful conditions this evening already back into the 50s north and west. 60s for most of us right now. hour by hour we'll tumble back into the 50s when you wake up in boston.
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conditions we should say especially away from the city. as temperatures may fall back into the 40s in some spots. definitely want to grab your jacket if you are headed out to work tomorrow. but we've got some milder air heading our way. i'll show you what to expect in the afternoon coming up. >> sarah, thank you. new at 10:00 two teenagers are accused of stabbing a taxi driver in chelsea. it happened congress avenue just before 7:00 tonight. chelsea police arrested a 14-year-old and 17-year-old. they believe the cab driver was giving them a ride a neighbor tells fox 25 she saw the attack unfold and rushed to help the cab driver. >> i wasn't thinking of my life, i was thinking the taxi driver bleeding to death. the victim a 57-year-old man is stable but in serious condition. the teenagers will be arraigned in chelsea district court tomorrow assault and battery charges.
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hit the street wearing body cameras. departmented worked with a consultant to assign the cameras after no one volunteered. the union said that violated their agreement and filed a lawsuit seeking to halt the pilot program. on friday a judge denied the request for an injunction ruling the program can move forward. we wrote "have the union mobilize even a small part of its membership the pilot program would have preceded as a -- proceeded as a voluntary program avoiding any of allegedly flowing from the commissioner's orders." >> it's lousy that it's laid out in the court as this. it's a union i don't like to say it's a victory, we're just going to move forward. we have nothing to hide we're hoping to make this program a success. >> the 100 officers are racially and gender diverse. 55 are white, 29 black, 13 are latino and three are asian. 87 of the 100 are men. as fox 25's reported the
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seven other members of the command staff are wearing those body cameras. test results are expected back this week on the birds found dead in dorchester fox 25 first reported last week at least 40 birds were killed. some residents say they fell out of the sky. the birds specifically grappled were sent to the state lab for testing. officials are checking in the virus is to blame or if someone intentionally harmed the animals. the district attorney's office has identified the man killed in taunton after three boats yesterday during a race. the d.a.'s office says 39-year-old mark green died after he was thrown from his boat on the pond. taunton fire officials say the first speedboat spun out causing the second boat to trrb it crash it into and a third collided into the pileup. all three drivers were ejected. as for the two boaters police tell us one has critical injuries the other has been released from hospital. hillary clinton abruptly left a memorial ceremony marking the 15th anniversary
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city. her campaign says she fell ill and was overheated. this video released earlier shows clinton getting into a car requiring support from her aides. she went to her daughter's chelsea apartment leaving shortly afterwards. now a statement from clinton's doctor says the democratic nominee has pneumonia and reads in part she was put antibiotics and advised to rest and modify her schedule. at this morning's event she became overheated and dehydrated. i have just examined her and she's now rehydrated and are you talking about hillary clinton's health incident this morning? >> donald trump facing some backlash over his own health report recently after his doctor says he wrote a letter summing up trump's health in just five minutes. that doctor told cnn today he has been seen trump for the last 30 years and notes as the one he wrote are not
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sophia b. auto. >> leed aler. >> donald a. foreman. >> irwin l.irker. >> zoe. >> today we paused to remember it was 15 years ago when terror attacks killed nearly 3,000 americans and changed this country forever. in new york families gathered at the twin names of the 2,753 who died at the world trade center. right now we have a live look tonight at the twin towers illuminated over manhattan a reminder of the buildings that once stood where the new 1 world trade center where the freedom tower now stands. >> a city with scars from that day several events honoring the victims and heroes of september 11th. spoken inal wreaths and roses were laid at the boston public forward than afternoon. >> at a ceremony at the
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remembering the 206 people from massachusetts who died 9/11. ? oh say can you see ? >> reporter: 15 septembers later, inside the house chamber a tribute to the 3,000 lives lost 9/11, and a special honor for the who hailed from massachusetts. >> raymond james rocker. >> k.k.r. marie bouchard. >> reporter: among the names of the local victims read messages to loved ones. >> and my lovely son matthew carmen solito your mother and i miss you dearly and may god hold you in the palm of his hands until we meet
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goofy baby brother ariel lewis jacob despite it being 15 years we still can't believe you're not coming back. >> governor charlie baker emotional as he watched sons and daughters who have grown up pay tribute to their parents. >> these mom and dads didn't get to watch their kids grow up. >> i can really say that she was my best frie blair the annual memorials are cathartic but the memories of her 35-year-old sister susan blair who was in the south tower that fateful day are difficult to relive. >> to hear her name again i always tear up, as i'm doing now. i miss her dearly. >> the events concluded with the civilian bravery award in the name of flight
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madeleine amy sweeney who called with critical information. her daughter presented the honor to the wife of george who died protected a waitress during a taunton stabbing rampage in may. >> i wish my husband was standing next to me so he could say it himself i want everybody to think about helping other people. >> reporter: it's a symbol that when evildoers try to destroy humanity instead the very best of mankind emerges. >> governor maker tells us he has been attending 9/11 memorials for the past 15 years and you would expect the number of attendees to decline but he says the support has only grown. at the state house in boston, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. our 9/11 anniversary coverage continues. still ahead the security changes at logan airport after the attacks still in place today. plus, fenway hosted a massive blood drive as a way to give back this anniversary.
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connections to teach high school students too young to remember this day. how web team has a page dedicated to the 9/11 anniversary you can read about the massachusetts victims and watch ceremonies held here in boston and new york. download the tax 25 news app for free in the app store and google play. well, a new england town fighting for bacon tonight. >> we wanted kevin bacon to come. >> still ray head how the entire town is recrueltying the foot loose star. water restrictions for the state's second largest city. the changes businesses and homeowners in worcester are making tonight. >> the only response i've gotten is from your news station. >> she claims she's getting the around where as to why her granddaughter was driven around for four hours a bus
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day of school. >> tonight her grandmother wants answers. she spoke only with fox 25's ted daniel who was live in boston with her story. >> reporter: i spoke with the mother by phone and the grandmother in person. according to the grandma this is the second time this child has been left a bus without anyone noticing and in this case she says there is plenty of blame to go around. the image hauntsle her granddaughter alone riding around for hours her first day of first grade. >> my blood is boiling inside me. i can't relax ever since this has happened and i just want answers. >> reporter: she attends a school in east boston. from there she's supposed to be taken to after an school program at the east boston ymca ashley street. when school let out at 1:30 in the afternoon olga says tallia got on the bus but never made it to the y.
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they told her she wasn't there. at that moment my daughter had a heart attack. she just basically almost fell to the floor. >> reporter: olga says an hour later the boston public school transportation department called to say that they tallia and that she had been a school bus the entire time. >> the driver just continued to his four other routes. wharf those routes were they don't know. >> reporter: she doesn't understand why the school bus driver didn't notice her granddaughter or why the tallia had never shown up. as i said off the top the grandmother says this is the second time that this has happened to this little girl. she says the first time was last fall when she was getting dropped off at school she fell asleep and the bus stopped let all the kids off this girl stayed for a couple more
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the ymca for response. we are still waiting to hear from them. reporting live in boston tonight's, i'm tedian dell -- ted daniel, fox 25 news. concord police are investigating after someone broke in to one of the town's water storage tanks. for now the water tank is being kept separate to make sure it's not contaminated. police say the town still has plenty of water but now more than ever it's important to follow the rules if not a resident could be fined. we'll continue to follow this story as well. all new at 10:00 two passersby pull a woman out of her fiery car in bourne. police say two drivers pulled over and managed to pull that woman out of the car. crews tell us she was brought to the hospital with just minor injuries. she's now facing charges for failing to stay in her lane. but officers say alcohol and speed were not factors.
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"whitey" bulger gets a new trial. bulger asked the high court to hear an appeal of the case. an appeals court rejected the same argument in march. bulger was convicted in 2013 racketeering charges and linked to 11 murders. dozens were injured after a deck collapse at an apartment complex. police say it happened last night during a thankfully officers say there were no critical injuries. the abington man sentenced to death for a deadly crime spree. will get another chance to ask the jury to spare his life. a sentencing retrial for gary sampson is set to begin wednesday in federal court in boston. jury gave him the death penalty after pleading guilty to killing two massachusetts men in 2001. that was later overturned by a judge who found one of the jurors lied about her background.
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separately in new hampshire for killing a third man. a convicted sex offender accused of killing a danville, new hampshire, woman is expected in court this week. richard moore is charged with second-degree murder. the 37 beyond a reasonable doubts was listed as living with the -- the 37-year-old was listed as living with the victim after neighbors woke up to the smell of something burning. also in court this week the man who police say was drunk driving when he hit a car 95 north last night killing the drive. state police tell fox 25 the in the breakdown lane when he was hit. the driver of the car who struck him 22-year-old nathaniel armstrong was not hurt. he's facing several charges, including o.u.i., vehicle homicide. a big day for all runners happening tomorrow the boston athletic association opens registration for the 2017 boston marathon. the b.a.a. says registration opens at 10:00 monday morning using the same process as in the past. the fastest qualifying
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registration closes september 17th the race is set for monday april 17th. also happening tomorrow, the next public meeting to discuss toll rates for the mass pike. this one in newton. mass dock will host the meeting at the war memorial room in newton city hall. now maas dot is holding a number of hearings around the state. a committee will vote a rate plan in early october as the new mass pikeling to system is set to -- pike tolling system this year. they say -- an entire town of vermont wants to be part of the connection if they can get the actor to show up for baconfest. >> who better to come to baconfest than kevin bacon. >> reporter: it has been on the goal observe's mind for the past move. the actor known for foot loose has become the subject of photos floating around social media.
1:22 am
movie star in different spots. it's in an attempt to catch bacon's eye and convince him to make an appearance at the celebration of all things bacon. >> what do you think the reality was of getting kevin bacon to baconfest? >> pretty much zero but we thought it's a are worth a try and it's sort of cookie enough that perhaps there's a chance -- kooky enough that perhaps there's a chance. >> reporter: reached a larger audience he has been photographed from miss teen vermont to senator leahy and even the governor who recorded a video making his plea for an appearance. >> he has been driving a truck. making tea, running the checkout. >> reporter: and the hard work hasn't gone unnoticed. >> we do know that he has seen it so we are proud of
1:23 am
kevin bacon has seen our tweets. >> reporter: owe core -- o'connor says that's all they can say. flat kevin bake other than will definitely be there as for bacon himself. >> if he doesn't come to this one he's going to hear from us every year until he does show up. >> they're going to stayoning him about that. the bradle borough baconfest begins september 17th . no word if kevin bacon will be in attendance. >> he better be. >> no doubt. elizabeth warren taking wells fargo. still ahead her message for the biggest bank in america and the money owed to hundreds of its customers tonight. ghosts campus -- goats campus. the dirty job the animals will be responsible for at
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. two of president obama's top aides were in boston to announce plans to speed up
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country. the u.s. secretary of energy and the interior secretary visited the massachusetts clean energy center in charlestown friday. they outlined a new plan which calls for 86 gigawatts of offshore wind energy in the u.s. by the year 2050. the department of energy estimates 160,000 jobs could be created as a result. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren spending consider beable amount of time this week thrashing wells fargo over a wake account scandal that resulted in 5,000 employees getting warren said friday among other things it comes down to whether bank management knew about the account fraud. she wrapped up with this comment about the overall viability of the institution. >> they're supposed to keep track of people's money, safety, security, and not know what more than 5,000 of your employees are doing? if they really didn't know then that tells me this is a bank that's simply too big to manage.
1:27 am
about banks consider today big to fail in the years after the great recession. academy award-winning director oliver stone is discussing his new film "snowden" at the harvard kennedy school. monday set to be released in theaters friday stars joseph gordon leave it. snowden leaked details back in 2013 and then fled to russia where he remains to this day. students at harvard may find themselves walking to alongside to gets. a new pilot program is bringing in four hungry goats as with a toy control invasive plants campus. they will be in an enclosure containing plants. the fencing is electrified so the university is asking everyone to be cave around the area. from baseball to blood donations fenway looking more like a hospital than a baseball place. the rain is gone the humidity now dropping.
1:28 am
change nechs heading our way
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>> since the september 11th attacks there has been big changes in airport security including at logan. all passengers must now remove their shoes before boarding a flight. some have to undergo full body scans. no question security is tight but is it enough? a security expert telling fox 25 better training for everyday airport workers at the curb and in the could make a big difference. >> technology is never going to beat human intuitiveness. if we rely on that front line employee's experience the knowledge of them working in that work environment, and then if we can get them to understand what law enforcement deems a threat then we're enhancing our security. >> 15 years after 9/11 at logan and all across the country the search to keep ourselves safe goes on.
1:31 am
honored those lost. blood donors commemorated the 15th anniversary of september 11th with service to others. the american red cross truck parked outside fenway park as hundreds of blood donors filled the concourse. >> it's a sad day but it's a great way to commemorate the day. >> reporter: mora and her husband robert has been participating in the annual 9/11 day of remembrance at fenway since it began 14 years ago. 15 years ago today they weren't sure they would ever see each other again. >> september 11th i actually on the 55th floor of the north tower. my husband was with me he decided to come sightseeing for the day. >> reporter: when the plane struck they lost each others for hours. >> through a long and stretcherous terrifying day we ended up finding each other at a red cross shelter. >> reporter: the american red cross provided water, phones, beds. this is the 14th annual day of rememberance blood drive through the american red
1:32 am
israel deac onist medical center. >> reporter: while the 9/11 anniversary will always be a day of remembrance it's also a day of service. >> every two seconds someone needs blood in the u.s. >> reporter: an act of kindness that could save a life in honor of the many of the lives taken too soon 15 years ago today. another tribute in boston today governor baker and lieutenant governor took part in the firefighters memorial, 9/11 re it was at the fallen firefighters memorial in aush burton park at the state house. nearly 950 names are part of this memorial. all mass firefighters who were killed in the line of of duty. 15 more names were added this year. >> as the face of drought continues worcester is adding a number of new restrictions. guidelines for businesses include an outdoor watering ban with exceptions for farms and athletic fields. outdoor water use is prohibited. a number of other
1:33 am
place. >> announcer: now your local forecast from meteorologist sarah wroblewski and the fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> about the extreme drought in place a lot of our trees are weaker and stretched therefore it doesn't take much to take down some trees and limbs that's exactly what we saw today when that cold front came through. win gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. brought down a lot of damage down. you can see over the water then as we went through the day you can still see some of these reports coming on take a look at this high wind gusts in sterling mass lifted this canopy from the deck in the morning's storms. but once the storms were done it ended up being a very cool afternoon. of course a really nice sunset too. the wind reports across the region very numerous especially north of the
1:34 am
impressive. we did see some higher tolls in parts of new hampshire but most areas saw less than a tenth. need some significant raven in the near future by the it just doesn't look like we have that in the seven-day forecast. drier air now falling. those winds pked -- picked up. that just helps to transport some of that drier air working on in and also break apart the cloud cover. so as we take a look at temperatures now it's cool skies. but in the lower 60s metro west even the 50s back to the north and west. take a look at the dew points. they were in the 70s this morning in some parts. that's oppressive. now they're in the 40s. better hair days are heading our way. so going through your future cast as we put this into motion this is supposed to show you your cloud cover, too, but notice there isn't any. waking up to sunshine tomorrow. grab a jacket at the bus stop. temperatures are going to be
1:35 am
coast. 60s for the cape and islands. as we head through the morning hours that sunshine will boost temperatures a bit climbing to near 70 in boston. winds light it on of the west northwest but on shore temperatures will be a little bit cooler. inland spots will climb to what we should be seeing the mid-70s. today we got into the 80s so a little bit sunshine. it's going to be just a gorgeous september day. sea breeze at the coast low not only dealing with sunshine dealing i think we can handle that we'll have that low humidity, too. really nice conditions headed our way. there's still that moderate risk for rip currents. waves running about two to four feet. low to middle 70s. as you head up towards the sea coast of new hampshire, low risk of rip currents. looking fabulous across the
1:36 am
fenway park tonight we're back in town. yes it is going to be dark because the sunset is at 6:58. we'll add a few more clouds then by wednesday that's when we're bringing in the chance of some showers and storms. our next chance of rain middle part of the week. otherwise ending it with dry conditions. the hum also on the rise by wednesday. so enjoy the comfortable conditions the next couple of days as high pressure will be in control. it will keep us seeing warm afternoons a noticing that front out to the west that's our next weather maker. it looks to be heading our way. we could see a few thunderstorms. it moves out of here and cool dry weather follows temperatures falling back into the 40s. 70s in the afternoon. over to you. >> looks good. it nearly wiped out europe's biggest city. new tonight scientists say they now know the cause of london's plague. >> the ambitious project
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that are actually free... no minimums. no fees. and a top-rated app, let's you bank right here. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? >> north korea says president obama's more push for sanctions is quote laughable. >> north korea state run media went to say the country will continue to conduct nuclear tests to counter what they're calling u.s. hostility. last week pyongyang is believed to have tested what may be its moved powerful nuclear weapon to date. coring to a u.s. special
1:40 am
launch more sanctions against north korea. incredible video captured the moment a bridge collapsed in china this morning. you can see it falling around a cloud of debris. a vehicle was crushed in the accident. according to state media there three workers are missing and five others were injured and taken to the hospital. thousands of people are still protesting in north dakota. they're demanding the federal government stop the construction of an oil pipeline near native american land. justice department is reviewing the case after a fera tribe's request to stop construction friday. the heated demonstration forced the governor to call in the national guard. >> i have also placed additional guardsmen stand by alert in the event they are needed to assist with response efforts. >> the police have arrested at least 18 people. in the meantime, the government has put a temporary stop to construction within 20 miles of the lake over concerns that the pipeline could contaminate drinking water.
1:41 am
people that i love. >> former charlotte, north carolina, mayor patrick cannon has been released from prison after doing time for taking bribes while in office. undercover video shows cannon accepted at least $50,000 in cash a hotel room and airfare. f.b.i. agents buffed him after a four year investigation. he entered a west virginia minimum security prison in november, 2014, cannon will be house arrest until late january. los angeles police have released sketches of two men who may have been involved in a manson family. officers say these men are people of interest in the 1969 killing of canadian teenager. her body found stabbed 150 times near actress sharon tate's hope. tate and four others were killed by the mansons. investigators believe these then knew and had known the manson family as well. d.n.a. from ancient skeletons have revealed the cause of london's great plague way back in 1665 the
1:42 am
75,000 people in one year which is about a quarter of that city's population. all these years later scientists and archaeologists are now able to confirm for the first time the disease behind the deaths was investigation the bubonic plague. >> unprecedented experiment on the roads. still ahead uber will launch self-driving cars later this week. tonight questions about how they'll actually pull it off. >> how a recovering heroin addict's new job saved his life. >> i'm finally contented.
1:43 am
we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that.
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>> ohio authorities say heroin resources have stretched their resources thin. emergency responders had to respond to 24 in the akron area just overnight friday. the condition of those who overdosed are cleared. this comes just days after police responded to this horrific scene where two parents were found overdosed with their child in a back seat. the grim reminder of the true impact of heroin addiction crisis. a man at rock bottom saved his own lifeby craig mcquade has his story tonight. >> reporter: in life michael quinn never thought he would be working here. he juggles phone calls all day. >> meetings daily. >> reporter: people on the other end of the line. >> we'll keep you as long as -- >> are at the end of their snrep you need to be here. >> reporter: michael can relate. >> my job includes me helping other people find a way out of despair.
1:46 am
seemingly had everything on the surface. >> i put this persona of mr. perfect, you know, really good at sports, played music, good at school. >> reporter: but in reality he was hiding a secret. >> no, i didn't like who i was but i didn't know how to change it. >> reporter: social anxiety led michael to experiment with marijuana and alcoholic as a way to escape during and after college michael searched for a stronger high. >> i couldn't go throughout the whole die without using. >> reporte drugs would not let go. >> i was living to use and using to live. that's all that i knew. >> reporter: michael's life was spiraling out of control. >> this it was the last thing i was going to do was use heroin. >> reporter: the 31-year-old was living in his car. he lost jobs, his girlfriend, and relationships with his family. >> most people wake up in the morning go straight to the coffee machine i went
1:47 am
>> reporter: the cause of marijuana were digging deep inside michael and he was headed towards an early grave until one day he woke up and realized after so much pain and heartache he didn't like where he was sitting. at rock bottom. >> michael's first step was admitting to his mother he was an addict. >> i need help. i'm tired. i'm tired of living like this. >> reporter: michael walked into the mcshin foundation a year and a never left. >> i wouldn't have guessed he was going to do so good so fast. >> reporter: mcshin's president was so impressed with michael's determination john named him mcshin's intake coordinator. >> i wouldn't be any prouder of anybody than i am of michael and his success. >> the mcshin foundation is based in richmond, virginia but 97 can call. that number is on the screen. we have also put link to their
1:48 am
customers to turn off their galaxy note 7s and exchange them. three receive a new note 7 model. the company has ordered a worldwide recall of the phones two weeks after they were rolled out there. have been reports of the phones exploding and catching fire worldwide. the f.a.a. is taking notice asking passengers to avoid charging their notesen 7s while flight. uber will bring taxies to strategies of pittsburgh tuesday. the experiment will launch even though pennsylvania has yet to pass basic laws that allow the testing of self-driving cars or rules for what would happen in a crash. researchers note these cars have been thrown off course by bridges a particular problem in pittsburgh which has more bridges than any other city in the country. well, tonight nasa began its latest effort to bring a little of the final frontier
1:49 am
parts of an asteroid. the goal is to try to learn more about how we came to be. the $800 million mission is expected to take about seven years. the amount expected to be picked up by satellite only about four tablespoons worth of asteroid dust. take a look at this if you got an extra $37 million or so laying around you can own an unfinished nuclear plant. don't we all have $37 million laying around. the nuclear plant and 1600 achers are being sold after the tennessee valley authority stopped development on the project in alabama. officials say the facility could still be finished as a power planted but it could also become an industrial, residential or recreational site. canadian scientists are combing the water in canada's arctic searching for plastic pieces so tiny in some pieces -- cases they
1:50 am
eye. researchers recently discovered animals at the bottom of the food chain are mistaking them for food. >> we found that basically one in every 20 individual are basically full of plastic. so it provides no knew 36al value can block up their guts. >> scientists say that could affect the availability of food species higher up the food chain including people. free music on the streets of boston. after a quick break musical art project. ahead at 11:00, readying for battle. the mbta's largest union is taking on privatization. their demands tonight and taking on privatization. their demands tonight and hundreds of jobs (?)
1:51 am
ahead of you, try mucinex 12-hour. only mucinex has a unique bi-layer tablet. the white layer releases immediately. mucinex is absorbed 60 percent faster than store brands. while the blue extended release layer lasts a full 12 hours.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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after morning showers and winds temperatures climbed mostly into the is today another above average day now we're cooling off into the 50s and 60s and your wake up tomorrow morning will be comfortable
1:54 am
it's going to be a cool the and dry start. temperatures tomorrow climbing into the 70s. mid to upper 70s away from the coast. i will talk more about mayou can expect for the. >> when -- for the weekend. next at 11:00. ? ? . >> 60 pean auto also soon fill the streets of boston for anyone to stop and play. this video from their last appearance three years ago. pianos turning them into playable art. it starts september 23rd and runs through october 10th. if you want to play a tune we have posted a link to the locations on our website a big weekend for the red sox a big night for the pats. let's head over to fox 25 sports director tom leyden. >> i may play a little piano. that looks like some fun. fun game for the red sox today back and forth with the blue jays.
1:55 am
let's start with jackie bradley jr. at the dish in the second. runners on the corners and they can take it easy. running around the bases. an opposite field shot to left center it's a three run home run and boston is top 4-1. but this is a game you didn't turn off. clay buck homents is qla buchholz is pitching. now david ortiz despite how much he kills them. happened. three run shot this time for big papi. a little dicey but he got it done. red sox get to 80 wins venge-8 is your final from toronto this afternoon. well, it was one of the most competitive games patriots in the fourth quarter in arizona it is 20-14 at last check. we will obviously keep you up to speed.
1:56 am
what happened today. an emotional scene as you expect at metlife stadium as the jets hosted the bengals. 12 catches 180 yards how about that. andy dalton for a 54-yard touchdown reception that put the bengals up 10-7. back and forth most of the day. here's eric decker snagging a 15 yarder from ryan fitzpatrick that put new york top by three. final minute bengals trailing by 2. that gives cincinnati a 1-point lead. last chance do this. josh shaw picked off a 23-22 win for cincinnati. bills on the road to start the year. the revenues defense is tough we know that. 3-0 in the sejd when joe flacco goes to work this is why you sign mike wallace.
1:57 am
baltimore starts the year with a 13-7 win. and the dolphins also lost today losing in seattle 12-10. with a win in arizona the patriots will once again be in first place in the division. but that game far from over. much more ahead on the "sportswrap" including the much more ahead on the "sportswrap" including the very latest from which you are you? be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara? stelara? may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before starting stelara? tell your doctor if you think you have an infection or have symptoms such as: fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. always tell your doctor if you have any signs of infection, have had cancer, if you develop any new skin growths or if anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems,
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(whistle blows) let's have a nice clean game, everyone. down. booth: come on, move the puck, wendell! move it! move the puck! bray: up here, booth. up here! ooh! back on d. pick 'em up, on d, pick 'em up. brennan: go, booth! (whooping) go, booth! come on! kill 'em, booth! brennan: oh! wow! what did he do that for? it's what booth does. keeps the other team honest. he's what you call an enforcer. what, like law enforcement? yeah, okay. well, let's go with that. (grunting) booth: oh, what was that? what about the cross-check? ref, are you blind? pass it! i'm open! pass it! i'm open! pick him off! yeah! (whistle blows)


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