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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> sarah: -- >> sara: i am sara underwood. you might want a light jacket. meteorologist shiri spear is starting off -- i can't believe it but in the 40s right now, shiri. >> shiri: we definitely have chilly spots right now. mostly chilly inland towns and cities boston at 60 degrees. i would expect some 50s for you next hour. 52 in beverly. 54 in plymouth. check out those in norwood and bedford and nashua, new hampshire. so certainly those locations, off in the 50s wants a light jacket, but i think by 9 a.m., you see how we are back in the 60s. thing is when the short sleeves will be just fine for everybody. this is your hour-by-hour forecast in metro west. 62 by 9 a.m. at 11 o'clock, we are knocking on the door of 70 degrees. we make it into the sifts this afternoon with highs 27 to 78 degrees. and nice low humidity. julie grauert back now with live drive-time traffic starting off north of the
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north of the bike route 1 wide open. 128 moving along without any issue. even the expressway one of those rare times where you can hit single-digit drive times on the expressway. 9 minutes on the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 19 minutes on 93 south from 49 to the leverett connector. back to you. well, patriots did not have some of the big names on the field that did not seem to matter. jimmy garappolo and the patriots hang in there, a late night. live at gillette stadium with how tom b field in the first-ever nfl start. michael, good morning. >> reporter: gene, i think everyone can agree that all the patriots fans can agree did pretty well and now the patriots are alone in first place after literally any other team in the afc east lost their first game. the more things changed, the more they stay the same. jimmy garappolo with a touchdown pass to chris hogan. my goodness, dropped it in the
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no interceptions. then after gotkowski field goal. cardinals had a chance to win but the field goal attempt misses, pats win 23-21 and here is what garappolo had to aafter the first start and win. >> having confidence in your teammates and confidence in me and confidence in them. easy out there, i guess. in the huddle, you are all looking at each other and a good feeling >> reporter: meanwhile, a tribute to tom brady got taken down here in foxborough just as that game was kicking off in the desert. that story is ahead in our next report in a half hour. stay with us. we are live in foxborough. michael henrich, fox25 news. nfl commissioner roger goodell says he is absolutely sure he did the right thing in deciding to suspend tom brady for his role in deflategate. in an interview with nbc news, goodell was asked if he was
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he said every player on every team is subject to the same rules. brady will return to the patriots on october 3. ? o'er the land of the free ?. >> gene: the first games on 9/11. all stood but two raised their fists. a gesture to highlight so across the league with several teams linking arms during the anthem and some players take agony. the drama rounding the anthem started with 49ers colin kaepernick taking the knee over the protest of racial tensions involving police around the country. new this morning, a local mosque becomes a target of vandals on the anniversary of the september 11 attacks. fox25 stephanie coueignoux is live in nashua this morning with what some are calling a
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>> reporter: yeah, if this all apparently happened while people were inside this mosque for prayer service, nobody was hurt. even at this hour, you can still see the damage right here. the shattered glass on one of these front windows. now the moss south carolina in one of the spaces inside the complex. this is on pine street extension. according to the council on american islamic relations or care, just after 8:00, someone actually threw rocks through this window and of course anniversary of the september 11 attacks. now the care massachusetts executive director john robbins is calling for state and federal officials to investigate this as a possible hate crime. right now as you can see, the mosque is closed, but according to its web site. they will be holding a prayer service at 5:40 this morning. i am hoping to speak with someone from the mosque when it opens, and i have also reached out to the fbi as well
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will investigate this as a possible hate crime. of course, we will be hear all morning long and will have another live update in 45 minutes. in nashua, new hampshire, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. video of presidential candidate hillary clinton buckling and stumbling into a van is sparking questions about her health this morning. >> sara: that clip was shot of the democratic nominee as she was hurried out of a ground zero memorial event in new york city yesterday, and now clinton is cancelling a two to take to california today. fox25's daniel miller joins us now with what clinton's doctor says about this episode. >> daniel: yeah, gene and sara, the recent health troubles of clinton and something that donald trump has mentioned several times calling her weak and unfit. during the ground zero memorial she left 90 minutes early. video on twitter show her surrounded by several secret service agents and leaning
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lift her into the van. clinton's doctor released a statement yesterday saying she diagnosed the democratic candidate with pneumonia on friday. she was put on antibiotics and advised to rest and modify her schedule. but doctors said during the event yesterday, clinton became overheated and dehydrated. it was 82 degrees during the event yesterday morning with a nice breeze and only 31% humidity. she went to her daughter chelsea's apartment in new york city, and the when she examined her last night, clinton was rehydrated and recovering nicely. clinton was later seeing leaving her daughter's apartment and would not comment on what happened. clinton's health was most recently called into question last week when she suffered a coughing fit during a campaign stop in cleveland. [coughing] >> per time i think about trump, i get allergic.
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the former secretary of state has been dealing with a cough-related to allergies. donald trump did not comment on interviews or twitter about the medical episode. clinton's health is an issue he brought up before. trump has questioned her well being saying she doesn't have the strength or stamina for the presidency and accused her of being exhausted or sleeping too much. now as we mentioned, she cancelled her planned trip to california today and tomorrow. her next scheduled campaign stop is in las vegas on she will be there. in the newsroom this morning, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. secret service is rejecting a report that it broke protocol when agents rushed hillary clinton away from the 9/11 ceremony. the presidential candidate bracing herself on a concrete pillar as she waits for a van to arrive. then the leader of clinton's detail briefly leaves her to open the van door. now according to "the globe" secret service protocol that
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in the open for the van. on twitter they said at no time did they violate security protocol and are confident by the actions taken by the protective detail. now 5:08. today, hundreds of boston police officers will begin wearing body cameras while on the job. a six-month pilot program that the city's police union tried to stop. 100 officers were forced to wear the cameras after no one volunteered. the union claimed it violated an agreement it had with the department, judge rejected that claim. among those wearing the cameras will be the department's superintendent in chief and several other command staff members. today a convicted sex offender charged with killing a new hampshire woman will be in court. richard moore is accused of stabbing 51-year-old joanne boucher of danville in her home on labor day. moore is charged with second-degree murder. prosecutors won't say how the pair knew each other but they did live at the same address. moore has a long criminal record including a conviction
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for child sexual assault in 1998. two chelsea teenagers will be in court accused of stabbing a driver that they hired to give them a ride. police say the suspects who are 15 and 17 stabbed the driver in the neck with a box cutter on congress avenue. several witnesses were able to give police a description of the teens, and they were arrested just a short time later. now according to police, the victim, a 57-year-old man is in stable but serious condition at this time. we track traffic and minutes. good morning, everyone. 93 southbound right now. we are in a 19-minute ride from 49 in andover down to the zakim. shiri? >> shiri: dressing for the 40s and 50s and mostly clear keys. 5 a.m. drive home from work, 70 to 76. we will break down the hot and cool spots next. :9. patriots doing a little makeover before the first game of the season. why the team says they took down the brady banner off the
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to its self-driving cars. the new system that will now help those vehicles navigate on their own. a woman escapes from a car engulfed in flames.
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side,
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v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
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back at 5:13. a bourne woman walks away from a fiery car crash thanks to two people passing by. a woman crashed her car into a suburu. two drivers stopped and pull he her out of the car before crews got there. the woman went to the hospital with only minor injuries. alcohol and speed were not factors, but the driver is facing charges for not staying in her lane. only on fox25, a local woman says her granddaughter was driven around on a school bus for four hours on the first day of school. 6-year-old talia brown attends the donte alegary student in east boston. florida there supposed to be bussed to an afterschool
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brown was never dropped at the y on thursday. instead kept on the bus until the driver finished several other routes. >> my daughter went to the ymca at 5:05 to pick her up, and they told her she wasn't there. at that moment, my daughter had a heart attack. she just basically almost fell to the floor. >> sara: a an hour later the transportation department at boston public schools called the family that talia had been on the bus the the family did not understand why the bus driver didn't notice her or why the y didn't call to say she had not arrived. this week, we are expecting to find out what killed birds in dorchester. last week about 40 birds were found dead on sidewalks. the grackles were sent to the state lab for testing. two cats became sick. one had to be put down. looking whether one hashingd the birds or perhaps they had a virus. during a ceremony to remember the lives lost on
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presented an award for her husband's bravery. the civilian bravery award for madeline amy screen thank you called from the first flight with critical condition about the hijackers. sweeney's daughter was at the statethousand give the award to rosemary heath. her husband george died trying to protect a waitress during the taunton stabbing rampage. >> i wish my husband was standing next to me. i want everybody to about to help other people. governor waker and hundreds of other people attended the ceremony as well. good morning, everyone, we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. right now on the expressway, things nice and light. bright green, what we like seeing at this early hour as we head from the canton area through dedham, needham over to the pike. north of the pike, route 1, 93 south clear and no issues on that section of 128.
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very manageable. only a handful of headlights into boston. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and you are saying hello sunshine, but first. dress for those 50s as you head out the door. >> chilly start to the morning that we have been talking about this morning. and we are going to have 40s and 50s this morning. i don't think that 60s are going to take a.m., so once they do, i think light jackets will be off, but before 9 a.m., let's just go ahead and plan on that extra layer. humidity stays in check for most of this week. it only creeps in little on wednesday. rain chances are going to be restricted to wednesday and sunday. most of the week will end up being dry. 60 right now in boston. i know this is one of the hot spots. if you were travelling into the city, your hour-by-hour warm-up. 9 a.m., 64.
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lower 70s there. so more like norwood starting off even cooler at 45 degrees. that is one of my cool spots right now. under clear skies means we could even see temperatures go down one or two more degrees before we start to warm up. so let's count on more 40s in norwood at 7 a.m. 9 a.m., 62 degrees. by 11 a.m., 689 degrees. and we get into the mid and even upper 70s there. so there will be quite the difference between the coast and inland towns and cities. so you can see spots like pl duxbury, 73 today. same in hingham. hanover reaches 76. the same thing will happen for the north shore. i have spots like rockport at 69. gloucester at 71. salisbury, 74. upper 70s in lawrence and wyndham and even peabody at 74 degrees. boston today lower 70s. we will do it. but we have a whole string of upper 70s from norwood to framingham to lawrence up to manchester, new hampshire and fitchburg. worcester, 72 for you.
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all sunshine all day. even overnight it stays nice and clear and that means another cool overnight without the clouds ripping off the blanket right. things get cool. so we are going to wake up to 40s and 50s in the morning. from there we jump into the lower 80s in most towns for your tuesday. so lowly temperatures are going to be crawling back up there. i would like to say where we are today although the low to the mid-70s might sound a little chilly, totally normal for this time of year. high pressur today and tomorrow and with it, wavering just a little bit. the southwest winds that you can thank for tomorrow's bigger warm-up. into wednesday we go, and up ahead of this cold front, we will turn warm and muggy. the cold front not coming through until the afternoon or even the overnight hours. so i am not going to bring the chance of rain until we hit wednesday pretty late in the day. seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view has 75 today. 82 tomorrow. all sunshine all day.
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the cold front comes through overnight along with scattered showers and cool things down until the end of the week. thursday, 72. friday, cool start in the 40s ands. we get up to 74 degrees and upper 70s both days over the weekend. saturday my pick with some sunshine. sunday, we are planning on scattered rain. back to you. a local theatre could be making a comeback. this half hour, the proposal that emerson college is now considering with its closed thea props to this super mom. why she said she had to make it work and brought her 3-year-old daughter with her
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back at 5:22 this morning. tesla is setting a deadline for itself to update the autopilot software in its cars. ceo elon musk say the software will be out in two weeks. the software would have
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a man was killed when his car drove him into a tractor-trailer because the cameras couldn't tell the difference between the truck and the sky. tesla says the new system will rely more on radar instead of cameras. two federal investigations into tesla began after that crash. meanwhile, pittsburgh getting ready to welcome self-driving cars. uber will bring the driverless vehicles to the city on wednesday. the experiment is set to launch despite the fact that pennsylvania haven't passed any laws on the issue. safety experts are concerned about that, and the of a crash. researchers say that self-driving cars have issues with bridges in pittsburgh as more bridges than any other city in the country. a random act of kindness of 30,000 feet getting some big attention online. check this out. a woman on board a flight from minneapolis to atlanta snapped this picture of a man comfort a child. the woman wrote that the child was travelling with the pregnant mom and inson soleable. the man offered to walk up and
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the picture has been shared more than 100,000 times. >> sara: he deserves a big, big medal for that. i can't tell you how wonderful that is when off crying baby and you got another kid to take care of to have someone else to take your child and just give you a break. >> julie: and also to the pats injuries on the plane for being appreciative because they don't want an unhappy baby either. it worked out best. >> sara: it did. a pregnant mom is being called a super mom after work when her day care fell through. this is dr. megan myers. she has a 3-year-old daughter. she is 35 weeks pregnant and also is a military wife. she had set up child care for friday night when she was supposed to volunteer with the high school football team in oklahoma. well, when that child care fell through, she strapped her daughter on to her back and got to work. someone napped this photo, and it has got so much big attention on line. she says flexibility and problem solving is a big part
5:25 am
a doctor, but i have to tell you, julie, i have one of those baby bjorn and i used it as long as as i possibly could and once they got to age 2, i have to put this down because my shoulders are about to break. having a 3-year-old daughter with a baby bjorn all day. the lifting. >> julie: you want to keep them with you always. she is strong. and the baby -- the -- >> is that how this works? i don't know. i think pregnant women sho spoiled for nine months. where they grow children. good on both of you. you deserve -- everyone deserves a nine-month, ten-month vacation. shiri shiri the baby carriers never did well for me. i would break my back. the pollen levels are in check. thank the lower humidities, cooler temperatures and lighter winds well. we will show you when the rain will really help with the pollen coming up next.
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the spot on earth that scientists say is very similar to these new pictures -- new red planet pictures. jimmy g. leads the patriots to victory in the
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complete new england news coverage continues right now. this is the fox25 morning news. feeling a little bit like fall this morning. comfortable day. just a little cool as you head into work this morning. >> gene: of course we will see a warm-up though. >> sara: yeah. >> gene: not all that bad. not as high as it has been recently. we will see how high it goes. meteorologist shiri spear is at the storm tracker weather center. that's what she does, talks about this stuff. >> shiri: that's what i do. a warm start to the day. this map -- shows you how cool it is.
5:30 am
29 degrees cooler in norwood. more than 30 degrees cooler in keene, new hampshire. i mean, that is new england for you, right. current conditions for parts of new hampshire, 45 in swansea. 42 in rindge new hampshire. 45 in berry. -- in barre. north brockton at 47. upper 40s in natick, lexington, tewksbury. boston at 60. that is pretty common that the city centers run warmer. mid-60s in lyn 51 in hanover. wareham at 58. falmouth at 55. nantucket at 50 degrees. anywhere from the 40s to the 60s. at 7 a.m., i will keep temperatures similar. teetering around that 50-degree mark. at noontime, sun warms us up to 71. at 3 p.m., 75 degrees. by 7:00 this evening, plan around the upper 60s. again, it is going to be a nice, bright day, but we have
5:31 am
the lower end of our high temperature range today. lower 70s. it is going to be warmer inland. i will take you town by town next. julie is back with live drive-time traffic. starting off north of the pike. >> julie: i like what i am seeing north of the pike. route 1, 93 south nice and calm. route 3 moving along without any issues. we have these conditions for about the next hour. usually around 6:30 when things start to slow down. pike clear. expressway moving along fine from the braintree split to columbia here are those live drive times. 11 minutes on the expressway. 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 11 minutes on 128 northbound from the westwood area to the weston tolls. back to you. our top story at 5:30. vandals target a new england mosque on the anniversary of the september 11 terror attacks. you can see the damage in these pictures. someone threw a rock through the window of the islamic society of greater nashua. it happened at 8:00 and
5:32 am
at the time. police were investigating and the council on islamic relations. they are calling for this to be treated as a possible hate crime. the short-handed new england patriots opened their season with a big win. quarterback jimmy garappolo. hits chris hogan on a touchdown for the opening drive. then steven gotkowski nails a field goal. the cardinals had one last shot to win it but kicker shot to win it but kicker misses a 47-yard atwecht under a minute to go. patriots get out of arizona with a 23-21 win. patriots return to gillette this morning with one very noticeable change. fox25's michael henrich live at gillette with what is missing from the stadium. michael, good morning. >> reporter: they knew it would be taken down. not missing as a stolen sense, but a tribute to tom brady
5:33 am
construction crew came here to gillette and took down that tribute. show you it right now. the tribute -- the tribute before and after it was taken down. a huge banner to tv 12 that went up at the start of its four-game deflategate suspension. it is now gone but, of course, it is not meant as a knock to the four-time super bowl champion. jonathan craft said as much in the radio pregame show saying that no one in the organization and tom brady would be leading the pack would want anythinto have started. the -- once they were started. the banner is a way to let everybody know that they love him and have his back and don't think he was treated unfairly. what does tom brady have to say about this, nada, he predictably posted this angry birds-inspired graphics cheering on his teammates. that is the sort of support that patriots fans do expect out of their star quarterback. live in gillette, michael
5:34 am
henrich, fox25. this morning public works is investigating a concerning incident. an unauthorized incident at one of the town's underground storage tanks. they are not saying what exactly happened but assuring residents that the storage tank has now been removed from the water distribution system. a similar incident was reported back on august 1. a driver will be from court for a deadly car crash in boxford. nathaniel armstrong charged with vehicular home side. state police say he hit parked in the breakdown lane over the weekend. armstrong was not hurt and is expected to be arraigned in haverhill today. the victim killed in a boat collision in taunton has been identified as a new hampshire man. the -- a's office says 39-year-old mark green of moultonboro died after being thrown from his boat. taunton fire officials say spun out at 65 miles per hour causing the second boat to crash right into it.
5:35 am
the pile-up. boats were competing in a memorial redwat at that before the tragedy unfolded before hundreds of speculators. >> they were really smoking into that turn. and i thought, man, i better watch this. this might be interesting, and sure as heck, the first boat kind of hooked. the second boat hooked. and the third boat just ran right into the front two. >> sara: a as for the other two boaters, police tell us that one from the hospital. mass state police, environmental police and prosecutors are investigating the cause of the crash. 5:35 this morning. first-place red sox return home for big series with baltimore. sox hold a two-game lead over the orioles and the blue jays in the american league east. david ortiz making final appearance in canada. the jays not to concerned that he is retiring.
5:36 am
and in for the save. a little bit of a scare, long flyball but it is caught by mookie betts. there goes your ball game. sox twin 11-8 over the blue jays. this morning registration opens for the 202017 boston marathon. this year's process is the same as previous years. the fastest qualifying runners in each gender group registers first. process gets under way through 10:00 and opens through saturday. the race is set for monday, april 17 of nt warning customers to turn off their phones. coming up new at 6:00, the new reports of explosions involving the samsung galaxy 7 and the big hit the company is seeing in the marks already this morning. the third time this summer, a massive tree has come crashing down on a jamaica plain neighborhood. why people are afraid that people will get hurt and what they are asking the city to do. the state urges everyone to check to eif they have any unclaimed cash, and they mean
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ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the content of this advertising. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. good morning, everyone, 5:38. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. starting with a live look at the zakim bridge where traffic is moving at a decent clip over the zakim and on the leverett connector. we move over to the live drive times. 23-minute ride on 93 south
5:40 am
bridge. starting things off with the bus stop forecast. we have the sunrise this morning happening at 6:21. still pretty dark out there right now. average low in boston at 59 degrees. i think we are spinning out around 60 right now. i can see us dropping into the 50s next hour but keep in mind the burbs are a lot chillier. 60 degrees. by 6 a.m., 47 degrees. real slow warm-up takes us to about 49, 50 degrees by 7:00 this morning. i will show you when we are 70s is coming back. the state has launched a web site to help former itt tech students after the school abruptly shut down. the site advises students on how this apply to have their federal student loans erased and how this transfer credits to another school. students who enrolled at itt up to 120 days before it closed are eligible to have their loans forgiven.
5:41 am
the school had two locations in norwood and wilmington. nearly a year after closing its historic theatre, emerson college is taking proposals to reopen the playhouse. last fall, they were criticized for planning to turn the colonial athlete near a dining hall. according to the boston globe, the school is looking at proposals to bring broadway shows, music acts and the opera to the theatre. beside being in first place, the red sox and patriots are something else in common. the an extra xhiss are both on a list unclaimed property in massachusetts. this can include forgotten bank accounts and contents of safe deposit boxes. the list of the property is published on the web site, find mass and a big win for the patriots and vandals strike a local mosque of the september 11 anniversary. we are checking in live with all of our reporters right after the break. a luxury river cruise ends is chaos. the emergency that sent the boat driving into the pier
5:42 am
and give this guy a contract.
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for the content of this advertising. and it i monday morning. if you were just joining us, we are getting you up to the minute on all of our top stories. a local mosque is hit by vandals on the september 11 anniversary, and a big win for the patriots despite being short handed in arizona. first health concerns surrounding hillary clinton. fox25's daniel miller is in the studio with the cancellations she is now making. >> daniel: yeah, gene and sara, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton has cancelled her planned trip to california for today and tomorrow as she recovers from
5:45 am
during yesterday's ground zero memorial after 90 minutes, you can see from this twitter video here posted showing her surrounded by several secret service agents and leaning against a security post. she then fell as agents helped her into the van. doctors released a statement yesterday saying clinton became overheated and dehydrated. she put clinton on antibiotics and advised clinton to rest and modify her schedule. clinton's health has been an issue for donald trump. he questioned say she didn't have the stamina to be president. trump did not comment on the medical episode. we will keep you updated this morning. from the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. i am stephanie coueignoux live in nashua, new hampshire this morning where the mosque here behind me has been vandalized and you can still see the front window shattered and the president telling me this is a hate crime. this is how he is describing it. i do want to show you a photo of what this looks like from
5:46 am
the president of the mosque i just spoke with, someone through several rocks through the window at 8:00 when people were inside for prayer service. one of those rocks narrowly missed someone. yesterday, of course, marks the 15th anniversary of the september 11 attacks. and because of the timing and the tensions related to islam, the fbi we have just learned is now investigating this. they were actually here yesterday. we were just invited inside the mosque, with the president. we have brand-new video and sound at 6:00. in new hampshire, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. and michael henrich live at gillette stadium reporting on a much lighter note as the patriots enter the season on a winning note. 1-0. a nice ring to it. go right to the videotape as they say. the cardinals had a chance to win it with less than a minute to go with the field goal attempt. keeping the pats on top.
5:47 am
jimmy ga rap low getting first -- garappalo getting first nfl start. as that game kicked off, they removed a tom brady tribute banner from the lighthouse. jonathan kraft said the team wanted to honor brady during the preseason but want the focus to remain what is happening on the field. speaking of on the field, two patriots players had a demonstration against social injustice after the national we will see that demonstration and hear from the players in our next live report coming up in about 6:30. for now live in gillette, michael henrich, fox25 news. well, 5:47 this morning. a monday morning. a brand-new workweek. a lot of folks a little slooep-eyed today after playing for patriots game. well worth it, of course. >> well, worth it. and they will wake up this morning and head into work and needing a long jacket and long sweater.
5:48 am
hit 40 in some places. >> 40s. nothing to wake you up better than cooler temperatures when you step outside, and it is because our dew point have dropped. so much less sticky out there, and i mean technically, our temperatures can drop all the way back to the dew point in the 40s this morning while we are seeing some towns start there. nice, dry air today. not until wednesday that we start turning sticky again. i do not have any oppressive humidity in the forecast for this week. but high pressure really driving today and tomorrow. today we are kind of on the it. either way, two straight days here of pure sunshine. at 7:00, we still have boston close to 60 degrees. now most of the burbs in the 40s and 50s. and that's why i am recommending a jacket probable probably until 9 a.m. 9 a.m. comes along. short sleeves. lower 60s. by lunchtime, lower 70s. nothing broken or wrong with futurecast. there are just no clouds passing through today. it is running beautiful.
5:49 am
winds that i superimposed. someone coming in off the water at the beaches the very light sea breeze and also keeping beach temperatures here all the way from the cape to the seacoast including boston in the lower 70s most of the afternoon. you step away from the beaches and you start seeing those mid -- upper 70s throughout afternoon hours and by 8:00 tonight, we will draw back into thes in most spots. so cape today, lower 70s will do there. for the islands as well. it is sun for everybody. plymouth, 74 opinion 70s middleborough in new bedford over to brockton. boston one of those cooler spots at 73 degrees. but dedham at 78. and 77 in foxborough, natick, woburn, chelmsford 78 degrees and nice and warm there. mid-70s in topsfield. cooling down over the cape ann. rockport today high only 69 degrees. worcester, 72. fitchburg up to 77 and douglas, 75 in southern new
5:50 am
nashua and milford, new hampshire. overnight we will drop into the 50s and 40s an tomorrow at least the warm-up a little bigger. lower 80s with sun. seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view. a chance of rain coming back late on wednesday. overnight, a little rain up ahead of that. humid. 8 degrees wednesday. thursday clears out at 72. we have sunshine. and high 74 and upper 70s over the weekend with more rain julie grauert is back now with a look at the road conditions. >> julie: things moving along fine south of the city, shiri. no issues on 228 as you head from 228 up to the braintree split. 24, 95 still clear. expressway starting to see those colors change in our drive time. traffic flows from green over to the orange which means we are starting to see a little bit of volume increase, but as you can see in the stark live shot, nothing major.
5:51 am
13 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 13 minutes on 24. 13 minutes across the board right now on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. back to you. people in one local community are looking for emergency inspection on their trees after three have fallen. boston officials say it could be months before an inspector gets there. fox25's jessica reyes is live in jamaica plain this morning with what is causing those trees to buckle. jess, good morning. people who live on the street are certainly not very happy about that this at all. and i want to give you a look at what is left of the tree that fell down yesterday. it was a pretty massive tree. even knocked out some of the sidewalk. and it came crashing down on to a van yesterday morning when a storm blew through here. the third time that a tree has fallen on tower drive since july, and the three trees that fell had damaged both cars that belonged to the family of a disabled woman here.
5:52 am
accessible van she needs to take her to and from physical therapy appointments. her name is doche mendez and she says that neighbors have repeatedly called the city saying that the trees are rotting and in danger of falling down. it could take as long as six months to get an inspector out here. >> it was really the frustration that people can get hurt. and somebody could have walked underneath. >> reporter: two cracked and fell back in july. one fell into a home across the treat and other into causing $6,000 worth of damage. now our crews yesterday did reach out to the mayor's office. they did not hear back, but we have reached out to them again this morning and we will keep you posted on any updates we get from them on the fox25 morning news. now that we are live in jp, jessica reyes, fox25 news. a school bus driver is dead and more than a dozen passengers hurt following a crash at denver's international airport.
5:53 am
treat pillar at around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. witnesses say the driver may have had a medical emergency. picked up members of the high school football team but suddenly turned around and returned to the airport when the crash happened. at least of two the injured victims are in critical condition. a connecticut college investigating a massive deck collapse. yesterday students at trinity college in hartford held a prayer vigil for everyone hurt. 31 people were hurt saturday night when the deck collapsed at a campus party. >> for us because we were supposed to live right here. we were thinking of it at least and this could have been us. the fact that the deck came down at all was a little bit crazy. >> gene: the home is owned by trinity college. a charter bus caught fire and crashed into pier in london. all caught on camera. posted by a witness on twitter. the ship as it was shocking on the thames. you can see smoke bill lowsing from the back of the boat as
5:54 am
head first into the pier. 151 people were on board and nobody was hurt. dramatic video show police officers in maryland rushing toward a burning car to save five people trapped inside. two of the victims were young children trapped in their car seats. on the video, you can see an officer dragging one man from the burning wreckage. another victim is found in the woods near the car. now the crash happened ten days ago. but that video was just released. the nasa rover currently exploring mares that sent back a handful of red planet, and something strangely familiar with them. check out these rock formations. nasa scientists say they are excited because they look very similar to a southwest desert on earth. scientists discovered these mountains in the 70s and believe it took 2 billion years to form. they say the only real difference between the structures on earth and mars. the this weekend, the box office is about horror movies and heroes. "sully" soaring to the top
5:55 am
one of the top five best september openings. the true story of the 2009 miracle on the hudson when sully sullenberger landed a plane along the river saving all 151 people on board. actor tom hanks plays the title role and he said no doubt in his mind he was portraying a hero. >> in 30 seconds, he determined how to save everyone's lives. that to me -- you got to be willing to be a hero in order to take on that job. >> not only theatres. surrogate pregnancy thriller "when the bough breaks." second place. "don't breathe" rounding out the top three. this morning a new miss america has been crowned spanned the new miss america is ... miss arkansas! [cheering] >> sara: 21-year-old gabby shields from arkansas won the pageant in atlantic city, new jersey. after her run as miss america,
5:56 am
study art. this year the spotlight was miss missouri as the first openly gay contestant. an awesome catch caught on camera at the braves-mets game but it wasn't made by a player. a grand slam during the game went into the stand and caught by a braves employee with no gloves. he put his hand out like it was no big deal and he grabbed the ball. just like that. >> gene: probably part of the traininger about size when they first hired these guys. fly balls to see if you can catch it with the bare hand. have you ever caught one with a bare hand? >>. >> gene: all the time. no big deal. that was impressive, though, you got to admit. >> sara: showoff. >> gene: 5:56. a mistake you don't want to make at the airport. especially on september 11. what police confiscated at logan. a woman was outside walking when a fish falls out
5:57 am
air julie she could have caught the fish. a fish easier to catch than a flyball. things moving along at a decent base. a little under half an hour from 495 to zakim. shiri. >> shiri: the last five days above average. 80 yesterday and 90s on
5:58 am
a box is where you keep things safe. who wants that? i'm moving forward. new oikos greek nonfat yogurt helps keep me going. now with all-natural ingredients with vitamin d and 12 grams of protein.
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shorthanded and on the road.
6:00 am
the patriots got a win with jimmy garappolo as qb but didn't come without drama. some are calling this a hate crime. the items used to apparently shatter this window. and health concerns for hillary clinton. the campaign trip she is cancelling this morning after a medical incident caught on camera. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. and good morning, everybody. thanks f monday morning, september 12. hope your morning is you off to a great start so far, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. you might want a light jacket if you are headed to work or the school bus. meteorologist shiri spear even has some towns starting off in the 40s right now, shiri. >> let's just pretend we don't have towns in the 40s because thing is the real first hint of fall that we have seen on our map so far this season. 60 in boston which sounds great, right. but 50 degrees in beverly and


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