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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  September 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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this. so . . . >> police have not named a person of interest or a suspect in her death. neighbors tell us while she did live here alone with her son, she did have a boyfriend who was the father of that 4 year-old. we are live in methuen, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> district attorney jonathan blood jet is expected to update at 4 p.m., we will go there live. >> (^) reporting red line is returning to normal service after an issue with the station in braintree. this is an image of crews working on that problem today, working on the tracks. buses ran all day between quincy, adams and braintree drew to the disrupted service. the mbta said there are minor delays there. we will look at where it happened with a different perspective on the map. it's been an issue since at least 6:00 30 this morning and tonight at 6:00, kerry cavanaugh
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caused this and has the latest on the mbta investigation. >> a former driver for an adult day care program is free, charged with groping elderly riders. fox 25 reported the charges against robert mcneil last week, today he faced a judge. prosecutors say the victims were unable to speak for themselves. fox 25's crystal hanes has been gathering new details an will have a full report on fox 25 news at 5:00. level 3 sex offender exposed himself to several people over the weekend. 48 year-old joseph leplant was arrested sunday morning after several witnesses reported a scantly clad made in westboro. leplant was previously convicted twice of lewd behavior charges. he is on bail tonight. >> a new hampshire man with a long criminal record is being held tonight without bail in the death of a danville woman. richard moore was arraigned on second degree murder charges for the stabbing death of 51
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day. prosecutors won't say how the pair knew each other but they did live in the same address. moore was convicted of child sexual assault in 1998. >> a mosque has been vandalized in new hampshire. this is new on fox 25 morning news. when we reported the police are looking at two surveillance video to find out who threw rocks through the window of the mosque. stephanie coueignoux reports in nashua where the mosque president wants it investigated as a hate crime. today, some of that damage is see some of this shattered glass is still on the ground. people were actually right on the other side of this window, and as you can imagine, this has everyone shaken up. >> i never even fathom that this happen in nashua. >> muhammad act bar, president of the islamic society of greater nashua invited us inside the mosque hours after rocks were thrown through the ront frt window. you can see the damage left behind. act barre said people were
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missed someone's head. >> it's devastating experience. my daughter, she slept with us instead of her room. i said don't worry, this is not our, this place, you know, this is our home. >> because this happened on september 11th, act barre believes the mosque was targeted and called this a hate crime. he said he immediately called 911 as well as the fbi. muhammad told us he is still in shock and said he was inside th he told us he immediately ran outside after hearing the glass shatter. >> i saw three people running over there, and i don't know, is it really happen? because this is my first time i have seen this happening. >> john robin, the regional executive director of the coalition for american islamic relation, or care, told us they had warned local mosques to be vigilant on september 11th. and, also, asked police to set
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that islam has no place in their local society. this is something that we have seen across the state, across the region, and obviously across the country. >> act barre told me he does have a message for the vandal, he said, that he hopes that they learn about islam instead of resorting to something like this again. in nashua, new hampshire, i'm stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news. >> the mosque where a terrorist worshiped in florida was badly damaged in a fire. police say it was intentionally set. firefighters responded to the islamic center if overnight, 100 miles away from orlando, where omar mateen killed 49 people at gay nightclub in june. investigators are look for a man seen on surveillance video approaching the mosque carry ag bottle of liquid before the flames erupted. >> turning now outside, what a day to get out there. maybe enjoy the common near boston. lots of sun. comfortable temperatures. great day to be out there. fox 25 storm tracker meteorologist jason brewer is tracking some warmer weather:
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there on the lawn, right? jealous? >> absolutely. that's the day for it. i mean, just gorgeous. high pressure overhead, fairly light winds. dry conditions. humidity is low. nice fall day. this is where we are right now. 70 boston. 69 beverly. low 70s in worcester. i have middle 70s around bedford and norwood, around 70 on cape cod as well. through 9:00, temperatures will settle back into the mid and upper 60s, our ocean breeze will taper off. it will be a cool night tonight. some more 40s and 50s. those and closer detail, but then as we head through the next couple of days, warmer air on the way, i'm also tracking our latest rainmaker, and when that gets here on wednesday, coming up. >> all right. jason, we will see you then. tonight a driver is being held without bail, accused of hitting and killing a man who was parked in the breakdown lane on 95 in boxford. nathaniel armstrong is charged
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boys -- a woman admits, for the first day of her trial and changed her plea to guilty. the incidents happened in 2014. she was charged with 7 counts of child rape among other offenses. she will serve four years in prison and be on probation for an additional thee years. three years. >> a 100 officers began wearing the body camera, the police union tried to stop pilot program claiming it violated the agreement with the department. on friday, a judge rejected that claim. the 100 officers were ordered to wear the cameras after no one volunteered. the department superintendent and chief and 7 other command staff members are also wearing the cameras. hillary clinton's health is now front and center in this presidential race. after she nearly collapsed on sunday. that incident caught here on video. joel wadman reports on what her doctor and donald trump are now
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leaving her daughter's apartment sunday. >> are you feeling better? >> yes, thank you, very much. thanks, everyone. >> there was a scary moment hours earlier when the democratic nominee seen here in the video shot by a bystander appeared to faint while the departing a 9/11 event in new york, initially her campaign went silent before saying she was overheated, only later to admit, clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia last week. >> think of an alternate scenario, i got a cold. it got worse. i have got pneumonia. i need to take a couple days off. would it have killed them to say that? >> clinton's doctor, in a statement, said she was prescribed antibiotics and was dehydrated at the ceremony. >> [coughing] >> it's not the first time clinton's health became an issue. issue. after an appearance in ohio she suffered an uncontrollable 2 minute fit and back in 2012, the former secretary of state
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another fainting spell which led to temporary deductible vision and the discovery of a blood clot in her skull. today, donald trump weighing in on the latest medical scare. >> i don't know. i hope she gets well soon. i don't know what' is going on. like you, i see what i see. >> hillary clinton will appear at a west coast event viatell conference, donald trump calling on hillary clinton to immediately release all her medical records. trump himself said he had a full physical last week and wil release those results in a few days. (^). in washington, joewald member, fox news. >> union members organized over the privatization of the mbta, it with represents 4,000 workers and protested outside mass dot headquarters, the the mbta said it was considering outsourcing key functions like bus driver and maintenance worker jobs. mbta officials plan to take the next 6-9 months to formalize a plan. >> what would you do if you won the lottery?
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answer, everything, right? you just got back from vacation, so go back there? that's the question winners in new hampshire are figuring out after winning the biggest jackpot in history. after they figure out what to do with a couple million dollars, they are staying out of the limelight. >> this little paper is worth $475 million. >> it's the largest win in new hampshire history. >> it's more money than we away all last year. >> it's the second largest ticket ever, and it was purchased on july 29th at a hannah ford's in raymond, new hampshire (^). >> the winners would like to preserve their anonymity. >> they decided to can claim it as a trust but their new hampshire residents who already set out. >> the first charitable gift is for the raymond baptist church food pantry in the amount of $3,000. >> giving money away.
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providence baptist church food pantry, in the amount of $11,000. >> and away. >> $5,000 to the deerfield food pantry. in all, raymond food pantry in the amount of $11,000. >> 6 charity, the raymond coalition for youth. >> all based here in new england. >> 68 hours of hunger. >> and according to trustee william she halloween, just the beginning (^). >> they are committed to using the funds for fill floppic causes and to make a positive impact on the lives of their families. >> so, the players, whoever they are, decided to take a cash option before taxes, that amount was $341 million, after taxes, it is what is interesting, blair, a mere $256 million. >> oh, well. >> by i think it's great the first thing they wanted to do is give it away to the tune of $100,000. >> and philanthropic is great. >> yeah, very cool. a toddler dies after being dropped off at his babysitter. >> still ahead tonight, his
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and what they are wearing since his death that brings much-needed comfort. >> 31 years after he died, a natick man is finally being honored for his service in the korean war. what is being done to pay tribute to our forgotten vets. >> dry and dazzling here in southern new england, on this monday. not a bad way to start the work week. i will tell you how long the nice, dry, comfortable air hangs around, straight ahead. >> >> >> then, two patriots players put their fist in the air the national anthem, why they
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right now let's get a check of the roads out there using the live drive time traffic tech knowledge, let's look at the map first and show you what is happening there. a busy afternoon this afternoon, slow ride, really both sides of the express way out there. >> that's right. right by quincy there. as we take a look at the live drive time, leverett connector to 495 will take you 39 minutes, o'neill tunnell to the split 16 minutes and thewu weston toll, 16 minutes. >> developing right now, investigators in memphis are trying to figure out what started this house fire that killed five children and 4 adults. firefighters saw smoke pouring from the house when they got there early this morning, another child in critical condition at the hospital. this is what it looked like on the inside there, of course, a very tough day for that community and the firefighters. >> i went to the scene this morning, and it was kind of a i
4:15 pm
firefighters. you can feel the heavy in their hearts and see the pain in their eyes. >> fire officials say this is the deadliest fire in the city since the 1920s. >> two new england patriots raised their fists right after the national anthem during last night's game. the demonstration was part of a lover movement against racial inequality. fox 25's michael mean rick reports outside gillette stadium and race reaction from the both players. >> on the 15th anniversary of the accept 11th attack, the national anthem took special meaning at nfl games around the country. both for the respect paid to victims, fallen heroes, their families, and for the player protests that accompanied the storied song. in seattle, four miami dolphins players took a knee rather than stand. >> it's all for the same cause, the different social injustices. >> two patriots, devin mccarty and devon bennett raised their fist in the air before their game in arizona. >> it is what it is, you know.
4:16 pm
>> mcquoarty and bennett waited until after the anthem ended. mccorty said after the game he respected the united states, his brother and father who served in the military, and the memory of 9/11, too much to do any demonstration during the star stang led banner. >> us players, we respect the anthem and a lot of guy, you know, have family members, have friends that served and believe in what people go out there to fight for. but, you also have seen a lot of guys that believe using our platform and trying to be a leader and help change in the country, you know, we love this country, but it doesn't mean we can't improve it. >> the protesting started with 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick and spread throughout the league. what is unclear at this point is whether the patriots players who did participate in the demonstration will continue to do so, when the pats host the dolphins, here at gillette on sunday. reporting in foxboro, i'm michael hen rick, fox 25 news. >> a cape man is out of jail on
4:17 pm
tonight after he was charged with removing american flags, along the highway. police in barn stable arrested david hingman from taking the flags on route 6, it was there as a memorial. police say they are not sure what motivated hickman to take them down. police in concord are trying to find the people who broke into the town water tanks twice in the last two months. the town said the latest ins den happened over the weekend and the storage tank has now been removed from the water distribution system so it can be tested. a similar incident was reported back i will have more on the great lengths the people there responsible went to, coming up at 5:00. >> registration for the 2017 boston marathon opened this morning. the process is similar to previous years. the fastest qualifying run in each gender group register first. rolling registration is open through saturday. last year 30,000 people ran. the marathon is set for monday, april 17th. >> now your local forecast, from meteorologist jason brewer and the fox 25 storm tracker weather
4:18 pm
here. across the back bay. it's 70 degrees. our dew point is low at only 51. so, that gives you a nice comfortable feel to the air. we do have an east wind, at least at logan at 13 miles per hour. so a fresh breeze off of the ocean, you can see those wind bars there plymouth, p. town, chatham, upper 60s an lower 70s at this hour. warmest weather merrimac valley toward nashua, fitchburg, usually that's the case, that's what we have right now in the upper 70s at this hour. fenway park, welcome back orioles in town. 7:10 the first pitch, my number is 68, not bad. light winds out of the southeast. cool and comfortable throughout the game tonight. now, we will have another cool night tonight, not as cool as last night, why? well, we have a little more of a southwest wind flow, and that's the only difference, we are going to keep the skies clear and let temperatures drop back into the 40s and 50s across the board. just below 60 in boston, just below the 50 degrees mark and
4:19 pm
50 degrees, keene and orange in the middle 40s, and even on cape cod, down into the 50s tonight. now, high temperatures tomorrow, looking a little bit warmer than we were today. but no big complaints with 77 for worcester, 80 in southboro tomorrow, and we will be up in the lower 80s around brockton and middleboro, little cooler there in plymouth, closer to the water. cape ann, you can expect mid and upper 70s, glowser, lower 80, ipswich over to topsfield away from the cooling sea breeze, we are going wind flow. not going to be very strong but it will be enough to hold the sea breeze off a little bit longer than what we had today. so i do expect those coastal temperatures on the north and south shore slightly warmer than we were today. and places like chatham up into the low 70s, nantucket asz well tomorrow. let's talk about the humidity, down right now. it is dry and comfy. it's going to stay that way for a better part of tuesday. now, on wednesday, it's going to get a bit sticky around here, at least briefly, because we have
4:20 pm
back to the dry category. so let's tack about the front, it's looking pretty impressive at 2:00 on wednesday, coming in with some heavier downpours. and in northern new england. however, watch as it goes into the evening here, it is weakening across the southern portions of nifng land and we don't get that much rain out of it. we need the rain, we are dealing with the drought. i will have more on that in the next half hour. but let's talk about the rain and how much has fallen by a certain time. this is 8:30 on along the south shore or cape cod or the islands. so you are fine for wednesday evening plans there. but, anywhere north and west of boston, you can see we are getting a few hundredths of an inch of rain, possibly as much as a quarter inch around brat lboro and keene. and then we go to the overnight, and we start to tack on a little bit more rain, but nothing that is going to be a big drought pleaser, we are looking at anywhere from a 0.1" to 0.25"
4:21 pm
wednesday, early thursday morning. by the time we wake up thursday morning, pretty much gone. they are off the cape. there is your friday. sunny, 74 with a chilly start and the 40s. and weekend is always in view, we are tracking the chance for some rain around here. we have another frontal system moving through with a slight chance saturday, a better chance on sunday. >> little bit of everything there, thank, jason. the new iphone hits store shelves on friday but tomorrow it's new operating system will be released and up next the new features able the to download. now here is vanessa welch with what we working on for fox 25 news at 5:00. >> a man accused of abusing elderly patient, we reported on his arrest and at 5:00 what happened when he appeared in court. and tickets from big concerts are being scooped up by web sites like stubhub. all new at 5:00, the steps now being taken to stop these sites from getting the tickets before
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today is the deadline for victims of the orlando nightclub attack to filed for aid, the one orlando fund are due now so the board can distribute money to pulse victims before the end of the month. once the capes are submitted the board will take two weeks to figure out just how much money each person should receive. the massive fireball caught on the launch pad during preflight testing for space-x now has the company reaching out to the public for some help. space-x officials are asking
4:25 pm
be useful for an investigation. the ceo of space-x called the accident the most difficult and complex failure in the company's 14 year history. >> as fallout from the smart phone recall continues, samsung is now announcing changes. the company is selling its printer business to hewlett packard for more than $1 billion the news comes as shares of the samsung plunge after a worldwide recall of its galaxy note 7 phone. some of those phones have burst into flames while c release its new operating system tomorrow. the company said ios 10 will be more personal, more powerful, and more playful. it will feature new ways to express yourself in messages. it will have redesigned maps, and new memories, a feature in the photos. cyry will have access to more apps than ever. >> the pokemon go craze is taken to a whole new level. >> oh my gosh. >> i know. get ready for this. this is a new device, it is to help players who use the game
4:26 pm
connects to your smart phone, using bluetooth. you can either wear it like a watch, clip it to your clothing or whatever you want to do. >> it is important, because people are you can whatting into things. right? >> crazy what is happening there. it lights up, vibrates to alert you to nearby po question month stop it is set to hit shelves friday and cost $35. the the next chapter i guess. >> you're right. >> a high school player takes a knee, the concontroversy over what happened after he did it. the work week. i will tell you when more of these temperatures move back in coming up. >> >> a toddler is seriously hurt and dies from his injuries, one month later, his parents still don't know what happened. >> it hurts me knowing that whoever did this is -- has as much freedom as i do. >> next, his desperate search for answers and for is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t?
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i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that.
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still developing tonight police are searching for a killer after a young mother was found conference from the essex county prosecutors to update us on this investigation. that should happen any moment, literally. officials say that woman's 4 year-old son was there when she was killed. police say her murder was not random, but they have not yet named a person of interest in her death. neighbors tell us she lived here alone but did have a boyfriend who was also the father of her son. >> the controversy of not standing during the anthem hits
4:30 pm
knelt down during a game friday night. >> he claimed he was suspended for that but the school is telling another story. fox 25's chris flanagan is live in worcester with both sides of the story. chris? >> reporter: yeah, guy, good everyone a. michael told me he went to practice and his coach told him indeed he would be suspended for one game for taking the knee during the national anthem. the worcester school superintendent telling fox 25 that is just not the case, michael was not suspended, and will not face any disciplinary action. let's take a loo controversy. this is the picture that was tweeted, it shows the junior defensiveback kneel, that is michael there. he is no. 2 on the sidelines. they sent this tweet out over the weekend, it reads, my coaches and principals decided to sus pend me for one game. well, that tweet went viral, blowing up and then today this morning oh pon tweet, thanks for all the love and support, his one game suspension has been terminated. >> i did it because i felt like
4:31 pm
see a lot of injustice and inequality and this is something that somebody of my age can childly do, so i decided to kneel during the national anthem. >> well, michael again is not suspended, matter of fact, heroes will play friday night in the home game here. coming up, all new at 6:00 we will hear from more for michael and find out if me plans to kneel again and if his teammates will join him, in worcester chris flanagan in fox 25. >> well, just perfect weather to day. they debt say that very often. sunny and in the 70s, as you can see in the live view over boston. fox 25 meteorologist jason brewer is joinings u you are tracking warmer weather now? >> i am, blair. i love that little sunset, perfect weather. absolutely. high pressure overhead, this high is going to slip off to the south and east tomorrow and return more of a southwesterly wind flow. and that's what we will warm up tomorrow, just a little bit more, humidity will stay rather comfortable though. that's great news. currently we are sitting in the
4:32 pm
69. upper 70s in fitchburg, warmer there, and let's take a look at the due point temperatures, because that is the measure of the moisture in the air. that tells us how it feels and it feels nice. we have 30s and 40s, that's really a dry, almost crispy feel to the air. that's where we stand right now. tomorrow, we will get all the way back into the 50s. it will be comfortable, not sticky, until wednesday. that's when we will track the next rainmaker, i have more on that coming um, beenjoy if you will be out and about this evening. we will kp wind will taper off out of the east and southeast, and we will be in the mid and upper 60s in boston as we head into 8:00 and 9:00, i will be back with more coming up. >> this week we expect to find what was killing birds in dorchester. last week 40 birds were found dead on sidewalks. they were sent to a state lab for testing. two cats also became sick, one had to be put down. the officials are checking to see if someone intentionally harmed the birds or if they had a virus. >> nearly a month after his
4:33 pm
woburn was hurt and died. his parents are now speaking publicly for the first time to fox 25 and they tell fox 25 kerry cavanaugh they believe someone intentionally hurt their son. >> it's just the ugliest baby, he was just the sweetest. he was no stranger to a set of arms. >> lindsay keen said 15 month old noah was his happy, smiling self-the morning of august 15th when she dropped him and his twin woburn apartment. that afternoon the call came. your whole world stopped. >> the sitter said they were on way to the hospital, noah unresponsive. >> my world just crashed and you want to help them. and i couldn't. >> doctors determined noah suffered traumatic injuries from which he would never recover. >> it hurts me knowing that whoever did this is -- has as much freedom as i do. and my son is gone.
4:34 pm
investigation at this point. to date, no one faces any charges in this case. the district attorney has not said whether the case is even criminal. >> did someone do this to your son? >> that's what it looks like as of right now, yes. >> noah's twin was also injured. but the parents said they couldn't elaborate how. police, the d.a., and dcf immediately began investigating. meanwhile, in the hospital, by noah's side, the parents decided noah's life would have a greater purpose as an organ donor. >> at 2:30 was the time that just remember 2:27, 2:28, 2:29. >> just physically watching him, you know, being taken out of his room, it is essentially the last time was pretty difficult. >> he had to save those lives. >> they say that will be noah's legsi. >> he touched five strangers and essentially hundreds of other people by helping those stranger, so . . .
4:35 pm
comfort in the bracelets they now wear every day, one with owls. >> owls are the messengers between heaven and home. the other the superman logo. >> we put in his casket, he was superman. we put him in his superman pajamas. >> don't leave any stone unturned essentially when it comes to family or friends that you are leaving your kids with, greatest gift. >> the family said they still have a long road ahead as the investigation into what led to knoww's injuries continues. we checked with the middlesex district attorney's office this week, they told us there is no update on the investigation. i'm kerry cavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> gas prices jobbed a hair this week, according to the gas buddy daily survey in boston, prices fell just one cents. right now the average price per gallon is $2.13.
4:36 pm
lower than the last year at this time. >> a therapy dog is back home in holbrook after spend ag night missing. we told you about brady on friday. he is an emotional support dog for a 14 year-old with special needs. as you can see in the picture here, he is now back and his owner's loving arms. >> sing it loud, i love it. boston is bringing music back to the streets. 60 peiane noes are set up around the city for anyone t this video of the street pianos boston series from a few years ago. the peiane noes will be set up september 23rd. now, we have a list of locations you can find it at fox 25 >> more trouble for one cable network, still ahead, the latest star of a tlc show facing serious charges. >> and it's a new school year and many kids are getting ready to play fall sports. but coming up, the troubling new study about youth soccer and the injuries that kids are
4:37 pm
time traffic, this is west of boston, volume is starting to build up on the mass pike, starting at the alston brighton tolls and people are on the brakes in the newton stretch right now. >> and here is a look at the live drive time, leverett connector to 395 will take you 39 minute, average speed is 21 from the o'neill tunnell and the
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7 p 7 disappeared from cue walla lam pour, malaysia and china and australia agreed the search would come to an end because they hadn't found credible new evidence but over the weekend a possible piece of the missing jet liner was discovered by an adventurer in australia. >> the top layer of paint has been singed, scorched, black. it also shows some signs of melting. exposed to fire. >> now, french officials have confirmed the sections of the wing found in july did come from flight n. h. 370. now, another big scandal for television network tlc, the star of the willis fall ily is facing charges of child rape. toby williams is aus cooed of having a sexual encouldn't were a young girl a decade ago, police say he fled to nashville and is in kentucky awaiting
4:41 pm
wife and 12 children about a show with his family's band. this is the third tlc show linked to scandal. >> students in philadelphia return to school the day after extreme heat sent them home early and canceled the sporting events. across the city classes were shortened as temperatures soared into the mid 90s but the change caused problems for parents who found themselves scrambling for emergency day care. >> this school in particular has really good before and after care program, so even if the school district shut don we have a got before and a takes care of kids. >> all school events were canceled saturday but expected to resume as normal today. a proper burial more than 30 years in the make, up next, how a fallen veteran's nephew made it all happen and how his family hopes his story will help others. >> it is so dry and comfort reasonable but the return of the humidity and showers coming up. >> >> a teacher battling can certain looks outside and sees hundreds of students. still ahead, their visits that's
4:42 pm
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it has been 31 years since the local marine died. he was at veteran of the korean war and earned two purple hearts but buried with a civilian stone. as bob ward report, his nephew did something about this, giving him the recognition he says he deserves. >> i remember them from being a child, he was one of my heroes, as a child. >> jeff campbell has always looked up to hisun u.s. marine sergeant donald mackenzie, a korean war vet now buried in the park cemetery, when jeff recently visited his unc l's grave, he was shocked. >> i noticed there were no markings to state that my uncle was a veteran. and that he had served and served well. >> jeff tells me his uncle was lucky to survive the korean war, especially one incident. >> he saw the enemy soldiers coming around with rifles and bay onnets and sticking them (^) in his brothers.
4:45 pm
to find any other bodies that were hid anyone there. he was able to avoid being captured. >> after the war jeff tells me his uncle had a tough life. there was substance abuse, homelessness, that's why jeff said it was hard to see his uncle's celebrated military past ignored. >> all veterans should be recognized for their sacrifices they have made. >> on sunday, 9/11, 31 years after sergeant donald mcken di died a plaque and flags were finally placed on his grave. sergeant mackenzie earned not during the korean war and this still happened to him after he died. and i'm told the same thing is happening now to other forgotten vets. >> once we brewery our family member, sometimes the feelings just don't go back. >> natick veterans affair paul carew arranged to have sergeant mackenzie remembered in death and working for other, too. >> they served our country to protect me, you, and all of us. for the freedoms we take for granted.
4:46 pm
>> natick, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> back to the breaking news in methuen where a mother was found dead with her son still in the house. >> we have a news conference let's listen in. >> upon arrival, and within the necessity of a forced entry, they found wanda rosa, 29, of this address, 5 tudor street, unresponsive. she was taken to the hospital. she was pronounced at that point in time as a result of that and further investigation by the methuen and mass state police, a person of interest is being sought, we are asking for the public's assistance. his name is emilio delcamp larosa, 32 years of age. mr. delcamp rosea and middle school rosa had a child together, a 4 year-old son. they were not married. that son was in the premises
4:47 pm
mr. delcamp rosa to a relatives, a relative's police of residence. as a result of that, as well as other investigation -- investigatory information (^) still being developed we are asking for the public's assistance in contacting the massachusetts state police and the methuen police department in asker antennaing the whereabouts of mr. della rosa, the chief solomon will make a short statement with respect to what's happening chief? >> thank you, mr. d.a. so, you have heard the situation that occurred. what we want to do is let everyone know that there is no danger to the public. we don't believe anyone else outside of this specific target here, being miss rosa is the subject of any danger, we just want to be able to alleviate any fears that the public may have that someone else could be in danger.
4:48 pm
[inaudible] >> he did not live here. there was again a relationship, a prior relationship between miss rosa andm della rosa, as i indicated earlier they were not married, but did have a 4 year-old son together. >> was he in the house when this happened? was the boy witnessing what happened? >> the 4 year-old in the hour, we do not know, we cannot say at this point in time, based upon the fact that we are just making forward, and if, in fact, he is able to be interviewed, we will do that, but again, this happened this morning. a major concern is the well being of the child, and ascertaining whereabouts mr. della rosa, that's why we are asking for the public's assistance in that regard. >> [inaudible] >> the boy is at a relative's home. the boy is safe. >> [inaudible] >> there was -- we are
4:49 pm
understand there had been some court interaction, and we are going to make sure that we get accurate information in terps of that right now. >> we are ascertaining that prior action and what that was, so i'm not positive, i don't want to -- i don't want to guess with that. >> [inaudible] >> wanda rosa, r. o. s. a. 29 years of [inaudible] she was found in the house, the 4 year-old was not in the house. the 4 year-old was taken out of the premises by mr. della rosa, and brought to a relative's residence. so, again, when the methuen police arrived and did the wellness check, miss rosa was here and taken to the hospital where she was pronounced shortly thereafter. >> [inaudible] >> cause of death, again, we will wait for the medical
4:50 pm
until that point in time we will be speculative on our part to stay, we are waiting for the medical examiner's office to give us the manner and cause of death. >> [inaudible] >> do you have a history of being called here inform other incidents? >> no, we do not have a history here in methuen -- between the two parties. >> just to clawrfy, the boy was dropped off by mr. della rosa before he took off is that right? he was dropped off at a relative's home. >> that's correct. >> [inaudible] >> you have to say it again, i'm sorry? >> before he supposedly killed her or after? >> the boy was in the premises and at some point in time mr. della rosa took him to a relative's house, we are establishing the the timeline and the -- based upon our investigation right now. >> was it a relative who ct kad police for the wellness check? >> yes, yes.
4:51 pm
>> i'm just informed that's her car. >> we understand he has a criminal history. >> mr. della rosa has a history with the massachusetts court system, that's correct. >> all right. thank you. thank you very much. we will keep you informed. we will keep you informed as we get more information. thank you. >> a lot of new information coming out of methuen, been an awful, heart breaking story there. identifying the victim in this case, the mother of that 4 year-old, you heard so much about, wanda rosa, this is a picture of her there you are looking at there. also a lot of tack of where the case is going from here and what now is a person of interest in the case. >> and that person is emilio della rosa who dropped the 4 year-old at a relative's house before taking off. the police are now looking for the public's help in finding
4:52 pm
latest on the news cast and the web site. >> now your local forecast from the storm tracker weather team. >> it has been a great monday. weather-wise. lots of sunshine, lower and middle 70s, most location, and right now we have backed off of the highs, by a couple degrees. we are in the upper 60, closer to the water with around 70 in boston and some upper 70, near the merrimac valley. let's go to fenway tonight, sox back in town. orio clear cool comfortable conditions throughout the game. if you are out and around plymouth tonight, going tock clear, we have temperatures settling back in the upper 50s by 11 p.m. and we are heading down to the lower 50s there overnight, upper 40s in norwood and we will be middle 40s around keene and orange. keep it in the low 50s there in ipswich overnight tonight. now, high temperatures tomorrow, a little bit warmer than we were
4:53 pm
and humidity, not too much, just a tad. so, overall, a nice day tomorrow. middleboro your high of 82. and we will be in the upper 80s in toptionfield and andover hit 84, barn stable 80s and warm in plymouth county (^). this next rainmaker looking impressive, on futurecast. at about 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon as it approaching through northern new england as then lose as punch. it will come in energy we would have to support heavier downpours, a couple of tenths of inch of rain of this, it will not bust the drought. we need a lot of those fronts to come through with about 1" of rain every time to start playing catchup here. you can see the severe drought conditions in brown and the extreme drought conditions in red. we are about 9" below normal for the year. getting tough out there.
4:54 pm
thursday and then another shot of chilly air. look at friday morning. we are back down to the middle 40, cooler than we were this morning. >> some frightening video, an suv left dangling 9 stories above the ground with the driver inside. next at 4:00, the rescue to save them and how that crash happened. now here is mark ockerbloom with what we are working on for fox 25 news at 5:00. >> elizabeth at 5:00 tonight, a fox 25 investigates, two more commuter rail workers have been fired for 5:00 sharmen sachhetti will have more on how they were able to cheat the system and what changes could be on the way. plus . . . >> a van driver that was supposed to take elderly and disabled people to an adult day care, charged with sexually abusing them.
4:55 pm
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4:57 pm
>> a texas man somehow survives, after his car ended up dangling from a parking garage. look at this.
4:58 pm
this cast was hovering about nine stories off the ground. the driver was trapped inside. two men just happened to be passing by, they heard that man screaming for help. they ran to his rescue. the 24-year-old driver wasn't even hurt. he says that he was trying to park but apparently the car wouldn't stop. new at 4:00 p.m., country superstar tim mcgraw is helping one school's act of kindness go viral. more than 400 students from a nashua area high school stood outside the high school and sang to him. th cancer and was very touched by that. the video has had 1800 views on facebook. >> that's amazing. happening right now, that woman found murdered has just been identified. >> fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. >> mark: now at 5:00 p.m., a young mother murdered inside a local townhouse, with her 4-year-old son inside. the latest on the search forever her killer and how neighbors are remembering her tonight.
4:59 pm
day, hillary clinton's health is now front and center in the presidential race. why some say, thames not even her biggest challenge. >> we'll show you how cool you'll get tonight and when rain moves back into southern new england. >> mark: a local family claims their multimillion dollar powerball jackpot. >> this little piece of paper that has five numbers on it is worth $487 million. >> mark: how the winners who are choosing to giving back in big ways. >> vanessa: police have just identified a mother found murdered inside her methuen home. the d.a. wrapped up a news conference just moments ago. good evening, i'm vanessa welch. >> mark: i'm mark ockerbloom. investigators say they are looking for a person of interest in the death of 29-year-old wanda rosea. rosea's body was found before 6:00 p.m. on tudor street. katherine burcham is live in methuen with the breaking
5:00 pm
conference with the district attorney, where not only did he identify the victim who is being mourned here today but he identified the person of interest in her death, the father of her son, and her ex-boyfriend. police arrived here at about 6:00 a.m. this morning, after emilio del them saying she was worried about wanda's well-being. police say when they arrived here, they found wanda rosa inside the townhome she shared with her 4-year-old son, she was unresponsive and with they took her to the hospital, she was pronounced dead. investigators did just tell us, they do believe her 4-year-old son was with her at the time that she was killed. however, after her death, police say emilio de la rosa took the son from the home to his


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