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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. now 6:00 on this tuesday morning. it is september 13. hope your morning is off to a great start, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. a little cool out there this morning. much like yesterday, but meteorologist shiri spear says we are going to have a -- a big warm-up today in the 80s in some places. >> shiri: we are. that means we are going from the 40s in spots like norwood and nashua and keene and orange all the way up to the 80s this afternoon. that is a great warm-up. i do h bedford. 52 in fitchburg. 61 in boston. i know that is my hot spot, 50s from the seacoast to the north shore down to the south shore. even hyannis at 54 degrees. a chilly start to our morning, but by 8 a.m., i am expecting 60s back on the map. that means that -- it is going to turn comfortable within about two hours. so short sleeves for the next two hours. we hit 8 a.m. at 62 degrees. looking nice and bright again today.
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i have highs this afternoon. peek in the lower 80s in metro west and boston. the range of highs from 78 to 84. bright, turning a little bit breezy to definitely warmer than yesterday. i will show you how much hot ter gets as we head into your wednesday coming up. gene, sara. we have breaking news this morning, a water main break causing problems in a busy typical road in woburn. live on route 38 when crews are trying to get a handle before the commute starts to ramp good morning. >> reporter: things are looking a lot better than what we are seeing on route 38. this is a part of it that runs into route 128 in w woburn and started an hour ago, this whole road was flooded out and this is dried up a little bit here and as you look toward that orange truck on the ground, you can see the ground is buckled up a little bit there. i want to show you some video from a little over an hour ago when this first started. it was a much worse situation at that time, and we do have a
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quick update from the work oburn police chief that we want to tell you about. it was around 4:00 this morning. a concerned citizen telling police of a bubbling on the road near route 138 near the 128 rotary. when we got here, a big water main break underneath the rotary. right owned one lane closed of the northbound 138 is closed but cars are getting through on the other lane and the southbound lanes are not impacted at all. the chief also tells us that effect on drinking water in this area as a result of the water main break. there is still one lane of traffic closed for people that use this road to get to work will be dealing with a little bit of a snarl here and julie grauert will have more on that coming up in just a minute. live in woburn. jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. 6:02. get over to julie grauert to see how the commute is shaping up on a tuesday right now. >> julie: a look this is
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in woburn. overall volume is still reasonable but not seeing a lot of issues; however, when things start to pick up closer to 6:30, i do anticipate a little bit of delay that area. new accident on route 1 northbound right after route 16 in revere. here is a live look at the zakim where things are still moving at a decent pace. and over to the live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 31 minutes on 93 south. 2 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody back to you. a young mother found dead in her home and now the search is on for her ex-boyfriend. >> gene: police say he has a violent history with the victim including a kidnapping that landed anymore prison. stephanie coueignoux is live in metheun with more on the search for that man. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: we learned he was actually recently released from prig after spending four years there for kidnapping and beating his ex-girlfriend.
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police are asking for the court's help to try to find him. >> reporter: police are now looking for this man emilio delarosa they are calling a per of have in the murder of his ex-girlfriend wanda rosa. police found rosa dead inside her apartment on tudor street in metheun. the ex-couple's 4-year-old done was killed. and delarosa took him to a relative's home before fleeing. >> our main concern is the ascertaining the whereabouts of delarosa. he has a history of violence recording rosa. in 2012 he pled guilty of beating and kidnapping her. delarosa grand miss rosa and pointed a gun to her stomach area and forced her head into the sofa attempting to suffocate her. the document states he kidnapped her and their then infant son and drove to florida. she was able to escape and get help during a stop in new
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from prison. she modified her order for the no contact cause but kept the no abuse cause. meanwhile, rosa's friends are heartbroken. >> she was a caring and loving person. we all grew up in this neighborhood so tough to see someone like that go away, you know. now police do want to stress that the public is not in any danger, but, again, they are asking anyone with any information to immediately give them a call. in metheun, stephanie co this morning, braintree police say a missing alzheimer's patient may be in florida. we first showed you this picture of 74-year-old patricia divine last night. she left her home around noon and took a cab to logan airport. got cash from an atm and planning to go to florida. at this point it is still not clear if they boarded a plane. police have not made contact with her yet. police are asking for help finding a missing teenager in new market, new hampshire.
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he was wearing a blue and yellow polo shirt and a black and red hoodie. police are asking residents no not go into the woods to search for him, but anyone with information is asked to call the new market police department. a van driver accused of sexually assaulting disabled passengers from an adult day care center is now wearing a gps tracking device. this is video of robert mcneil live outside of plymouth district court. fox25 first told but mcneal last week we have received complaints from relatives of several alleged victims over the last two months. prosecutors say he has confessed to molesting six elderly passengers with dementia and other disabilities. the abuse allegedly took place over a two-year period. mcneil will face similar charges in hingham district court next month. 6:06. hillary clinton is speaking for the first time since her health scare at a 9/11 memorial sunday. she is going to release more medical records after her
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announced she should have announced her illness sooner than they did. she told cnn she felt dizzy on sunday and never fainted. clinton said she didn't think pneumonia would be a big deal and kept it from most of her staff. last night she fired back at critics for faulted her not letting the public know. >> i didn't think it was going to be that big of a deal. it is just the kind of thing if it happens to you and you are a busy, active person, you keep moving forward. >> gene: clinton said she is looking back on the campaign trail in the next few weeks. republican candidate donald trump plan to reveal his medical records on the "dr. show" later this week. trump said he just a physical last week. clinton has also been invited on the show. no word yet if she will accept that invitation. trump will appear hon the show thursday on fox25. violence in the stands at
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briefly punch and grab the neck of a demonstrator. the man appears to slap at a woman escorted out of the rally. trump kept talking during the disturbance. at the time, the republican was criticizing hillary clinton for recently saying half of his supporters belonged in a basket of deplorables. now to a story you will see only on station. a mother tells us she got into a fight with her child's bus driver and accusing the driver of biting her. a woman tells us she went to pick up her 5-year-old daughter yesterday afternoon, but when the bus arrived, her daughter was not on it. she called the school and learned her daughter was on a different bus than the one she rode in the morning. the mom tells us when she went to the bus stop to get her daughter, the driver wouldn't let her off. >> every time someone sees me and my daughter together, they always say she looks just like me. i don't understand what other proof that you need. >> mom says the bus driver threw a backpack at her while they were arguing and bit her.
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driver has minor injuries. the school district says they are cooperating with boston police. new this morning, a new poll shows massachusetts voters are closely divided with en it comes to a pair of controversial ballot questions. the survey by wbur shows half of likely voters support legalizing the use of recreational marijuana in the state. 45% are opposed. on the issue of more charter schools, right now 48% of voters are against adding more of them in the state. 41% sport plan. selling only cage-free food in the state, but opposed the idea of a new slots parlor at suffolk downs. first-place red sox won the last five of six games. this one was a laugher. get to the os early and often. hanley ramirez launches the ball over and out and clears
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career home run are 536 and ties him with the legendary mickey mantle on the all-time list. red sox win it easily 12-2 over the orioles. here are the standings as of this morning. the red sox lead the al east by two games over toronto, three over baltimore. and the yankees are five games back. >> julie: don't mind sitting at number one. we can get used to that. checking traffic and weather. 32 minutes on 39 south from 495 zakim. shiri? >> shiri: boston at 61 degrees. the only 60s on the map. most of new the 60s. the moral of this story really slow warm-up. 7 a.m. only go up by 1 degree. back in the 60s in most towns and cities by about 8 a.m. national anthem protest now hitting close to home. a local high school student taking a major in the pregame ceremony. coming up this half hour, why he plans to continue his protest again this week.
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but the identity of a local powerball winner still a mystery this morning. the gift they jive the community after they picked up their $256 million. protesters storm the stage of a popular reality show
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that,
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bortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the content of this advertising. he showed off his foxtrot and then dodging protesters shouts from protesters. the whole thing unfolded on live tv. fox25's daniel miller joins us now with what viewers saw and the new video that surfaced overnight from people in the crowd. >> this all started after lochke finished up his dance and as the judges were giving their scores. >> excuse me. hey, back off. excuse me. excuse me. excuse me. excuse me. >> the moment two men ran on
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to commercial leaving the olympic gold medalist looking stunned and new video is surfacing from another olympic swimmer in the crowd. eddie moses posted this video on his instagram showing security guard restraining the two men. the two men posed as audience member and changed their clothes and put on anti-lochke shirts. the video show several women who were wearing the same shirts shouting "liar" in the crowd. they were shouting that lochke was a liar as police led them away. lochke lied a about being robbed by funpoint during the olympics in rio. after the show went off the air lochke said he was hurt by the actions. >> at that moment i was really heartbroken and my heart just sunk and felt like someone ripped it apart, but i i had to brush it off. i had to realize that i had been out here in front of millions and did something that i don't know how this do. i don't know how to dance. i gave it my all. and i am glad that i did it.
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>> daniel: after the men were removed the crowd gave lochke a standing ovation. the judges and hosts praised the security staff for keeping them safe. neither man came in contact with anyone on stage. police say the men will be charged with trespassing. in the newsroom this morning, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. well, also a fan made a surprising move at a concert by kanye west in atlanta. the fan tried to jump on the floating stage. you can see him hanging from th the crowd. the man was not hurt. he intentionally dropped back into the stands after kanye told him to get down. good morning, everyone. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. skyfox over that water main break in woburn. jessica reyes has been live on scene reporting for you all morning. route 38 that runs underneath 128. you can see that there are still some crews on scene. few official vehicles and one
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that overpass right now, but because we have one lane open, slowing things down as the volume increases. looking at the map though, not a lot of residual delays because of that. south of the accident site, this accident on route 1 just cleared. are your live drive times. 31 minutes on the pike eastbound from 49 to mass avenue. 23 minutes on the expressway. 33 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. we are starting off cool, but then temperatures are great day. >> shiri: yeah, especially now that the sun is coming up. i know we are officially five minutes away from sunrise in boston and you can see the scale. the sky getting nice and pale. going be too colorful, bright forecast. going to be a clear sunrise this morning. morning low, 59 degrees is normal. so temperatures this morning, although it feels chilly out there, this is pretty typical once we hit september. boston starting at 61 degrees. maybe one or two degrees above
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once he we hit the afternoon many degrees above average lawrence at 55. 56 in worcester. 46 in norwood. take you to fitchburg. 52 degrees right now. crystal clear start to the day and all sunshine ahead from start to finish. 8 a.m. temperatures around 60 degrees. by 10 a.m., 71. we will be in the lower 80s there for highs and lower 80s ruling the forecast today along with the sunshine from high pressure. the same pressure that pumped in all the sun yesterday and allows the southwest winds to move in that is carrying the extra heat today. going to carry in a little bit of humidity for the day tomorrow. overnight you can see humidity increasing. it will not be oppressive but will be noticeably higher when you get up tomorrow morning. first half of tomorrow starts partly sunny. i want to pause up futurecast at 2 p.m. because this is where i see the first of the storms popping up in southern new hampshire, western massachusetts, and those locations at risk for storms between 2 and 5.
6:19 am
will peak around the boston area between 8 and 11. those storms focus over southeastern massachusetts. a couple of things. not just green. downpours on the screen and when i get a string of storms like that, oftentimes there are strong winds that accompany those squall lines. i will be on the lookout for strong to possibly severe thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon due to wind gusts. today high temperatures land in the lower 80s, and boston and beverly 77 in worcester, and we have mid- to upper 70s over of the cape and the islands. of course, humidity is still going to be nice and low today. tonight, though, we have slightly higher humidity. still clear out here and not as cold overnight. our wake-up temperatures tomorrow will be more like the 60s. it is probably short sleeves most of the day, but tomorrow, i am going to encourage to you take that waterproof layer with you because of the rain and storm threat.
6:20 am
87 in beverly and portsmouth and bedford and norwood. it is going to get hot and a little humid. watching for thunderstorms in the i can't of noon and strong wind gusts will be our main concern along with that. we could deal with a little bit of hail but not severe criteria as far as the hail goes. also watching tropical storm ian. in the open atlantic chugging northward through the rest of the week but will not threaten any land masses. just out there. it was yesterday. 71 degrees for your thu wednesday's storms in the afternoon and evening and after midnight, the clearing continues. we have lower 70s on friday as well with sunshine, increasing saturday clouds, leading to scattered rain on sunday possibly lingering into monday. back to you. now 6:20. a local high schooler getting big support from a band of brothers off the field. coming up this half hour, why a group of fire fighters say they felt like had to go to this soft more's football
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walls of a major city subway. why a group of strangers paid
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i used to watch this perfect couple. i tell myself not to look. but i look. this woman has gone missing. can you tell me where you were friday night? i went to visit my husband. you mean your ex-husband? that woman was his nanny. i tell myself not to look.
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i look.
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thousands of dollars to charity. little is known about the winners to claim the ticket as the robin egg trust, but what we do know they are new hampshire residents and they have donated a total of $100,000 to six different charities. >> they are committed to use these funds for philanthropic causes and to make a positive impact on the lives of their family. >> the players decided to take the cash option afte $256 million. as for the name robin egg, it represents joy and a new beginning. >> i would call it nest egg because you have a big one here. >> julie: yes, do you. >> gene: commuting on a train typically means staring at stangers and ads for all kind of products. not for people in one subway station in london. check this out. pictures of cats. a group called citizens
6:25 am
or cats, launched a kickstarter earlier this year to replace all of the ads at a subway stop with fluffy feline. after raising $30,000 from strangers, the group bought up all the space for the ads and instead this is what you see, pictures for cats. they will be up about two weeks -- >> julie: $30,000. >> gene: not a nine lives sort of theme there. >> julie: impressive number that they raised. no >> gene: photogenic cats. >> julie: america's next cat model. a great show. >> gene: i look forward to that. >> julie: you may see one shaming people for their bad deeds. a college student did this to his mom. the pictures are posted by northeastern student nick avalon. his mom asks for snacks but when he bring them to he, she
6:26 am
he decided to take video telling her of her newfound stardom. >> i don't care. comment on them. >> on instagram 400,000 people saw it. >> oh, great. [ laughter ] >> julie: i love it. nick said his mom took it all this stride. and she didn't care. >> gene: this nap shaming. because i have a problem on this as a -- as a veteran napper. hall of fame stand for this. >> julie: you haven't been nap shamed. >> gene: i will not ask for snacks. >> julie: daddy is locked in his room again. >> julie: nap shaming. we don't support that. >> shiri: please don't. because i love to take any nap. norwood, fitchburg in the 70s. and portsmouth new hampshire as well. today we will be into the 80s. 10-degree warm-up in some
6:27 am
and a multimillion dollar view. the big price to go along with this new boston high-rise. a high school football player won't be suspended after all after engaging in a peaceful protest. why he says what he was doing peaceful protest. why he says what he was doing golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it.
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new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. breaking news at 6:30, police in w woburn asking drivers to avoid what is normally a pretty busy area during the morning commute. main break from earlier this morning. it happened at the rotary between route 38 and 128. skyfox live over the scene and they just arrived 15 minutes ago and our own jessica reyes is also there. julie grauert is monitoring the drive times. their updates are straight ahead. water is a precious thing. dry around here. a water main break is not real pleasant for those folks in woburn based on that too. turn to the weather. not any rain in sight at least
6:31 am
layers are a good idea. a chilly start. >> shiri: tomorrow i will talk about a little bit of rain. tomorrow, sun, sun, more sun. throw in cold well. a little bit cold in some spots. norwood down to 49 degrees. in the 40s yesterday. wellfleet 40s. mid-50s burlington and lawrence. brockton, 52. rockport and brockton both in the lower 60s. that is the warmest i had on my map right now. worcester kicking things off at 56 degrees to maynard at 5 53. wyndham, why new hampshire, 47. and i think you were in the 40s and 50s. spots like plymouth at 52. marshfield at 57 degrees. it is worth that extra layer, but you are going to be shedding it even faster than yesterday. boston at 61 degrees. i think the rest of us get into those comfortable 60s between 8 and 9:00 this morning. noontime, 78 degrees. by 3 p.m., lower 80s. it is going to be bright, a little bit breeze the afternoon in the mid-70s back
6:32 am
an even wetter wednesday coming up. julie grauert is back with live drive time traffic and the latest on the water main break. >> julie: back to the live pictures from skyfox, shiri, over the water main break in woburn on route 138 as it runs to 128. traffic moving on 128 along fine. only one lane open on route 1 -- on route 38 because of that water main break. take you out to the map and you will be able to see volume actually reasonable right now. we just and 6:30 is usually i use as a gauge when things start to slow down for your morning commute. as we pan out slightly, things moving along fine route 1 and 93 south. two things to mention accident at 1234 northbound. and 128 northbound before randolph ave. live drive times. 21 minutes on route 1. 26 minutes on the expressway. and 25 minutes on 24 because of that accident i just pointed out.
6:33 am
police are now trying to find the ex-boyfriend of a local mother murdered in her home. officers found the body of 29-year-old wanda rosa inside of her apartment. hours later prosecutors say that 32-year-old emilio delarosa is a person of have in her death. he left prison after four years of kidnapping rosa at gunpoint. the couple have a 4-year-old son hillary clinton ignored her doctor's advice and chose to go to the 9/11 memorial. she boeheim became sick and nearly collapsed at the ceremony. she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday and kept it quiet and didn't tell most of her own staff. she is feeling much better now. the protest of the national anthem that started in the nfl is trickling down to a local high school. the picture of a player in worcester has gone viral.
6:34 am
campus. live in worcester this morning and michael, that teen as this is not going to be a one-time thing. >> reporter: far from it. others plan to join that high school junior especially after the high school player found out he won't be suspended after all. this all comes as the nfl players to started this continue to make their mark in these demonstrations. the protests continued on monday night football with the man who started them all. kaepernick. colin kaepernick again did not stand during the national anthem to protest racial inequality, and now the movement has spread to a massachusetts high school. you can see michael in this picture. his jersey has a number 2 on. kneeling while his teammate stands for the star spangled banner. he walked to practice monday, proud he had taken a stand. >> i did it because i felt
6:35 am
are facing a lot of injustice and inequality, and this is actually something somebody of my age could actually do. so i decided to kneel during the national anthem. >> reporter: but the reaction was not positive by any means. he sent out this tweet that lit a firestorm on social media. my coaches and principal have decided to suspend me for one game. the superintendent tells fox25 that was a misunderstanding saying apong was not suspended and never >> the principal investigated and spoke to the coach today. he said he has never said -- he said that on monday, be prepared. that you may have a one-game suspension. but he didn't say you have a one-game suspension and you are not going to play. >> reporter: regardless of how that initial conversation went, the bottom line, the end result, that he is not suspended for this coming
6:36 am
take a knee once again during the national anthem and at least some of his teammates plan to join him in that demonstration. live in worcester, michael henrich, fox25 news. san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick continued his national anthem protest last night. the qb and teammater rick reid kneeled before the anthem. several other players on both sidelines raised their fists during the anthem. colin kaepernick started the recent protest by the star spangled banner. he is callg racial inequality and treatment of some minorities by police officers in america. students at one school on the north shore are very happy about a big change. teachers at essex elementary school no longer assigned homework. administrators believe that this will allow them to spend more time with their families and be more well rested in school. several schools have stopped assigning homework. many will extend the school day to make up for it.
6:37 am
disease is being called into question. according to "the globe" a study published by harvard in the 1960s was paid for by a sugar industry trade group. while there is no definite link between heart disease and sugar intake, researchers say the study discouraged further research into the topic. the new england journal of medicine have rules in place for corporate sponsor him in research studies. a surprise for a high school football player in th his dad. 30 off-duty haverhill officers came on to cheer number 32, joseph ca hill iv. in march he lost his father unexpectedly. the passing left a big hole in the cahill family and the haverhill fire department where he worked for 20 years before retiring. >> a lot different even in practice. just coming home and not having -- having him as you
tv-commercial tv-commercial
6:38 am
>> gene: little joe and other jv captains walked over to the sidelines and thanked the fire fighters for coming to cheer them on and support the team. a great story there. >> sara: a wonderful, wonderful story on this tuesday morning. tom brady wasn't in arizona. or was he? coming up at 7:00, a creepy tom brady lookalike got big attention at the patriots game arizona. the mask that made a strong impression on the internet. taking equipment out for a joyride. the extreme measures to stop this driver in its tracks. bringing self-driving technology to the supermarket. v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned...
6:39 am
trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
6:40 am
every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away from regular public schools in that area. this year alone, charter schools will take more than 400 million dollars away from neighborhood public schools. that's not right. instead of draining even more money from neighborhood public schools and giving it to charters,
6:41 am
don't lift the cap on charter schools. vote no on question 2. traffic and weather together for you every ten minutes live look at 93 south through sullivan's square. roll is starting to build up. only 6:41 and starting to see red drive times. 28 minutes from 128 to the to from andover down to the zakim. shiri. >> shiri: look at this gorgeous start of the day. sunny and bright. 61 degrees in the city and that's one of my warmest locations out there. the rule here at 7 a.m. is going to be temperatures 50 to 60 degrees at the bus stop. kids coming who emfrom school. 78 to 84. bigger warm-up than yesterday. i will show you how much higher your temperatures are going next. we are getting a new look
6:42 am
estate. the four bedroom tower in downtown crossing. the asking price, $10 million. the condo is on the 37th floor of the 60-story high-rise. it has four valet parking spots, a private terrace and a pool. self-driving cars all the rage these days. wal-mart is looking to bring a similar technology to their stores. the chain has officially filed for a patent for the technology. shopping carts will be set up have sensors and video cameras. the customers will be able to remote get a cart, and then the cart will be able to return themselves when the shopper is finished using. 6:42 this morning. a water main break causing a problem at busy road and a local teen goes viral with his protest on the football field. we are checking in live with all of our reporters right after the break. a stung sight as a handcuffed suspect walks out of a van and takes off in the middle of traffic and not the
6:43 am
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. us, we are getting you up to the minute on all of our top stories. >> sara: police are searching for a person of have in the murder of a local young mother. plus a local teen is making headlines after taking a knee during the national anthem. >> gene: crews are fixing a water main break on a busy road near a busy highway. jessica reyes is live in woburn with details. jess, how is it looking right is now? >> reporter: gene, this is happening in route 39 in work
6:46 am
by on the northbound side of the road and if you look further down the street, a number dpw. one northbound side is closed because that is where the water main break is. if you look a little bit behind where they are gathered, the road is buckled there and that is the area they are dealing with. video from early this morning. road was flooded out right around 4:00 right after this all started here. the police chief says they land about this when a concerned citizen called them saying that water was bubbling up from beneath the road here on route 38. as we see right now, one northbound lane is closed on route 38, but all southbound lanes are open at this point; however, the chief does say expect some traffic delays throughout the morning and they are urging everybody to enjoy the area. we have another live report coming up in 15 minutes. live in woburn, i am jess yes, sir, fox25 news. and i am stephanie coueignoux live in metheun this morning where police are searching for a man calling a person of have in his
6:47 am
it has just been 24 hours since metheun police found the body of work anda rosa inside his apartment on tudor street. they are now looking for this man. her ex-boyfriend emilio delarosa they are calling a person of have. delarosa does have a history of violence involving rosa and in fact was recently released from prison for kidnapping and beating her. the former couple, they have a four-year-old son that they say safe, and now staying with relatives. this protective order against della rosa changed so they could have contact and to spend time as a family but he did ask the judge to keep the no abuse order in that clause. and coming up at 7:00, we have been searching through court documents detailing all of that history in 15 minutes. in metheun, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. i am michael henrich reporting live in worcester where a high school football player who protested during
6:48 am
after all. we did originally think that would be the case. look at the iming manage here showing this junior at doherty high school. michael apong with the number two on his back kneeling while his teammates stood during the national anthem. he sent out tweet saying that he was suspended for one game by his coaches, but the superintendent tells fox25 that was just a misunderstanding admitting the coach told him that the suspension might be coming, but suspend him. coming up in our next live report in 45 minutes, hear who explains racial injustice motivated him to take a knee during the national anthem, and hear him talk about a plan for the next game. for now though, live in worcester, michael henrich, fox25 news. all right, back here at 6:48 this morning. and a little chill to start the day. thing is going to be the pattern because that time of year. >> sara: it is fall and back
6:49 am
see a 20-degree jump in some places, shiri. >> shiri: almost 30 degrees in some spots. a confusing time of year and kids have no idea how this dress for schools. chilly in the morning and hot when they come home from school. they will do that again today but hotter this afternoon than yesterday. high pressure ruling, pumping the clear skies. but whenever we start out cloud-free we start out chilly. we have temperatures now mostly in the 50s. a couple of 60s in spots like boston. 8 a.m., many more temperatures working their way toward 60 degrees. i am i am thinking this is futurecast at 8 a.m. i think between 8 and 9 we get almost all of you back into the 60s. by 10 a.m., it is lower 70s. the warm-up continues with upper 70s. by lunchtime today and even though the cloud forecast is running in the backdrop, just that many clouds. crystal clear most of the day and drive home from work involving 80s on the map. 82 your high in boston, quincy and beverly. 83 in raymond, new hampshire down to lowell. lawrence at 84.
6:50 am
a little cooler in some of the higher elevations and you will find worcester and spots like gardner and in the upper 70s and still going to be warm and going to feel very, very nice. lower 80s across the south shore. upper 70s over the islands today. there will be a little bit of a breeze component that we didn't have yesterday, so winds between 10 and 15 miles per hour. and noticeable breeze but not anything that will do damage. not really going to be a nuisance. just going to be out there. 60s overnight tonight. these teer woke up to this morning. and you will notice tomorrow hotter a little stickier, highs at 86 in boston but ipswich and lawrence and norwood all in the upper 80s. upper 70s our cool spot will be the cape here tomorrow and we do have thunderstorms icons for most of you. so futurecast goes like this. today all sunshine. tomorrow morning, sun when you wake up or at least partly sunny to start, but increasing clouds for the afternoon. this is 2 p.m. tomorrow, and we have got the risk for
6:51 am
southern new hampshire, western massachusetts passing through central mass as well and that in those locations running between 2 and 5 p.m. this is 5 p.m., and then it is going to pass through boston between 4 and 8 and between 7 and 11. that threat will sit over southeastern massachusetts. lines like that too, i don't like to see a string of storms because oftentimes can have strong, gusty, damaging winds. watch out for strong to severe thunderstorms scattered tomorrow afternoon and evening tomorrow afternoon and evening. clearing out highs in the 70s. a little warmer into the weekend. saturday, we have increasing clouds. scattered showers again from sunday into monday. julie grauert up with live drive time traffic and an accident update. shiri, let's start on route 24 northbound waiting for this accident to clear after harrison boulevard. we are seeing a little bit of delay that area because of the accident. so that is part of your morning commute. i would leave five, ten minutes to accommodate for it. as we shift north, pike moving
6:52 am
north of the pike water main break on route 38 in woburn. one lane is closed in the underpass right underneath 128. here are your live drive times. 30 minutes right now on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 31 minutes on 24 because of the accident i just told but. 18 minutes on 128 northbound from westwood to the weston tolls. back to you. a 6-year-old boy is now recovering from burns after a smartphone that he was using caught fire. the boy was watching videos on his grandma note 7 when he saw the flames. the child was taken to the hospital with second-degree burns. the latest on at least 35 incidents of galaxy note 7 exploding. samsung says he is working with the family. a retired fertility doctor in precipitations being accused of helping women at his clinic become pregnant by using his own sperm. 77-year-old donald klein told his patients he was using sperm donated by medical students.
6:53 am
his own when he did not have a donor and lie about it. the criminal case was opened two years ago when klein's children sent complaints. >> i want to know every sibling that i have. i don't that i is ever going to be a possibility. >> prosecutors say klein denied the claim he used his own sperm in the fertility clinic, but dna evidence showed he may have used it more than 50 times. police in milwaukee are searching for a suspect who has a knack for getting away. the 17-year-old jumped out of a police van handcuffed and ran off. all caught on video from the person driving behind the van. the teen was originally arrested for stealing a car, and in 2015, he led police on chase only for officers to find out he was running from them because he cut off his gps bracelet. a dangerous joyride caught on camera. police in maine stay two teens stole a front-end loader and left a trail of destruction for 30 miles.
6:54 am
machine was out of control on the road. two miles away the manager of an ice cream shop found the store sign knocked to the ground and badly damaged. checked the shop's surveillance video and he you a the front-end loader take out the sign. >> i saw some lights come across and i was like i wonder what that is, and once it came into the screen, i was like, oh, my gosh. bucket loader. >> reporter: lewiston police tried to stop the teens but the driver refused with with everybodying into oncoming lane and hitting a police cruiser police tried to shoot out the tires and the vehicle finally shot and the teens were arrested. a manatee and its cal f are freed from a florida marsh after being stuck for several days. police and wildlife officers rescued the animals that were likely trapped during hurricane hermine. dozen volunteers needed to support theweight of the manatees as they were loaded in a truck. they were found health he y and will be released into the
6:55 am
on the side the road. fox25's daniel miller joins us now with more on why the bride and bridesmaids were left on the side of the road and the man that came at that their rescue. >> daniel: she will have a story to tell when she was forced to stick out her thumb on her wedding day to get to her wedding on time. she and her five bridesmaids were in a limo on their way to new hampshire when the limo got a flat tire. angelique didn't think it was real and the group started cracking on the side of the road and drinking champagne. she put her thumb up to hitch a ride to the wedding hall when a good samaritan by the name of jay showed up in his car. jay had his four kids in the car, and dropped them off and went back to russellville road to get angelique and her bridesmaids. the groom meanwhile waiting to start the ceremony. >> didn't give me that much time to think about it. i didn't know if she was
6:56 am
somehow and send him a thank you card. >> definitely find him. he doesn't live very far. >> the couple invited jay who saved the die stick around for the wedding but he couldn't. meanwhile, they said so far the limo company has only refunded a third of what they paid. couples on their honeymoon right now. when they get back, they plan on looking for jay they call the mystery man. in the control room this morning, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. >> sara: i think it is good luck. hitching a bride. she made it. jay stepped in to do the job. >> sara: i hope they meet up with him again. a great story. >> gene: the real best man i guess you could call him. 6 :56. someone in concord is tamper with the town's water supply. the test under way to find out if the taps are safe. packing a healthy lunch for your child can be difficult, especially if they won't eat it. a nutrition alex pert shows us
6:57 am
hard to pack ourselves a healthy lunch too. good morning, everyone, live picture over skyfox over an accident on 128 right after route 24 in randolph. you can eit is off to the right-hand shoulder and people tapping the brakes to make sure they have enough room to get by. your drive times in a moment,
6:58 am
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commuters where major water main break closed a busy road and that could take most of the day to clean up. >> police continuing to look for this man, calling person of interest in ex-girlfriend's murder. the history of violence we uncovered when we looked into the complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: 7:00 on tuesday morning, september 13th, appreciate you wake up with us this morning, i'm gene lavanchy.


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