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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  September 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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we have a crew on the way to the scene. we will bring you a live update for you tonight at 6:00 p.m. a growing scandal tonight involving police evidence is leaving more than three years of criminal cases in limbo. >> mark: tonight, the evidence room at the braintree police department is under investigation. fox 25 news's robert goulston is live in deadham. where some cases have been thrown out. >> the reporter: the cases are being thrown out because of questionable evidence. today, police say were caught with cocaine in their car were able to walk out of superior court with their cases dropped. >> santa de la cruz and bernardo trinidad would not answer our questions after their charges were dropped. even though they know english. they are two of at loss five days now that have been -- least five cases that have been
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in their cases may have been tampered with. one client was arrested in braintree on a drug carriage and the trial was supposed to start today. >> there were irregularities that they were investigating and at that time they wanted to put a hold on everything to see whether they were going to go ahead and still prosecute the case. >> the reporter: fox 25 news has learned the police chief requested a third-party audit, after concerns about the evidence room surfaced. one police officer has been assigned to the evidence lockup room from 2013 through mid m died. a source tells fox 25 news, the evidence room audit was ordered right before her death. attorneys working these cases anticipate many more dismissals to come, because the integrity of the drug evidence relies on a thorough chain of custody. >> you don't know whether things have been added to it, things have been subtracted, you don't know whether somebody tampered with it. >> the reporter: braintree's mayor says the town is awaiting the final audit and the town of
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the handling of evidence by the braintree police department. and the time frame in question here is from 2013 through mid may. the final audit is expected soon. we are live in dedham, robert goulston fox 25 news. >> vanessa: sky fox over a house fire in cohasset this afternoon. you can see smoke and flames pouring from the roof of the home on rust way around noon today and it's not too far from the coast in cohasset. the smoke could be seen for mi towns were called into help out. >> mark: it has now been 24 hours since emilio de la rosa became a person of interest in the murder of his ex-girlfriend, wanda rosa. he's still on the run. katherine burcham is live at rosa's home and friends tell you, she wanted protection from de la rosa. >> the reporter: and not only had wanda rosa filed an abuse protection order against emilio de la rosa, friends say she also
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a heartbreak being look at the bond between a mother and son. a bond cut by a killer. >> i'm still in shock. i'm still protesting my feelings about this whole situation. >> the reporter: maple rodriguez befriended wanda rosa nearly a decade ago when wanda dated rodriguez' brother. over the years, the two bonded over their sons and their love of dancing, and shoes. >> she was just a fun person. you know, every time you were with her, you can't >> the reporter: rodriguez said a shadow fell over wanda's life when she began dating emilio de la rosa, who fathered their son ethan. fox 25 first obtained the court documents detailing the couple's violent history, including de la rosa's 2014 guilty plea to attempted murder after he assaulted and kidnapped wanda. wanda testified emilio told her, ethan will just grow up with no parents. >> she was scared of him, you know, i never know they got back together and i never knew none
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now it's too late. >> the reporter: friends say the pair had resents lip reconciled after wanda amended her abuse prevention order in june, removing the order for no contact. rodriguez says she wishes he had known de la rosa was back in wanda's life, so she could have warned her. >> you never know. you never know how people think when they're like that. just violent. >> the reporter: now, according to court records, de la rosa does have contact in florida, and police say, they are continuing to search for him. now, coming up hear the eerie prediction that friends say wanda rosa had about her own life. for now, live in methuen, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., police in manchester, new hampshire, are searching for a man 0 robbed a convenience store at knife point after midnight. according to police, he drove off from mr. mike's mobile in a dark s.u.v., he is described as a white male in his late 60's. >> mark: danvers police are looking in not cause of a deadly pedestrian crash, it happened
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danvers near the intersection with wadsworth. 70-year-old danvers woman was hit by a silver s.u.v. while she was out walking. she was rushed to beverly hospital, but did not survive. police told our crews on the scene that solar glare may have played a role. the driver did stop and right now, no charges have been filed,. >> vanessa: the man accused of threatened people with this knife outside an elementary school in east boston faced a judge today. officers quickly disarmed him last thursday. witnesses say he threatened parents walking their police say the man appeared to be drunk. he is now facing several charges, including assault and battery. >> mark: warren police stopped a car for going through a stop sign and then made a drug bust in the process. they say the suspects hid the drugs in their underwear. police say k-9 units also detected drugs on the bail money used to try to get them out of just a minute. crews worked late to fix a large water main break in boston, and the break happened on hyde park avenue at american legion highway and we are told the water was shut off and crews
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>> vanessa: a cool start to the day gave way to sunshine, and a warm afternoon. you see folks on the drive home this afternoon, but that warmth could change. hour fox 25 news meteorologist jason brewer has some rain in the forecast. >> jason: you bet. coming up tomorrow afternoon and the slight chance for strong to severe storms as well. much more on that straight ahead. we are noticing the changes. we're running 5 to 14 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time. and that's bau up, held off the sea breeze too. they really started to gust up, 20 to 25 miles an hour. so that's that warmer wind flow. low 80's, nashua, over to portsmouth at 84 right now. norwood at 81 and you see where the lower numbers are, nantucket at 69 degrees, that ocean air hyannis, you're at 72. hour-by-hour forecast, worcester looking nice and clear overnight tonight with temperatures settling down in to the lower 60's, but not getting much lower than that.
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the upper 50's, and that's where you could see a patch of fog by tomorrow morning. nothing widespread, and it will be gone within an hour after sunrise. with middle 60's in boston overnight, it's a much milder night, compared to what we've been seeing over the past couple. when i come back, we'll talk about our storm threat, i'll give you my thoughts on our severe storm chances in just a few minutes. >> vanessa: president obama is taking on the campaign trail, while clinton is taking a break for health reasons. >> mark: diane gallagher reports. >> the reporter: the clock is ticking with just eight weeks to go until election day. and even though hillary clinton is taking the day off to recover from pneumonia -- >> i'm feeling so much better. >> the reporter: the campaign has plenty of big names hitting the trail on her behalf. >> i would trust hillary clinton with my son's life and donald trump scares me to death. >> the reporter: and taking donald trump to task.
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working folks. really? this is the guy you want to be championing working people? we cannot afford suddenly to treat this like a reality show. >> the reporter: while the trump campaign is wishing clinton a speedy recovery, it continues to hammer her for calling some trump supporters a basket of deplorables. >> while you as deplorable and irredeemable, i call you hard working people who love their country. >> the reporter: that is creating controversy for mike pence who met with republican leadership in washington today and he declined to calm former kkk leader david duke deplorable, but he did say -- >> donald trump and i have denounced david duke repeatedly. >> the reporter: meanwhile, the children of both campaigns are returning to the trail, with chelsea speaking in the battleground state of north
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father roll out his child care affordability policy in pennsylvania. in washington, diane gallagher. >> vanessa: the campaign trail is rolling into new hampshire later this week. democratic vice-presidential nominee senator kane will visit exeter on wednesday. he defended hillary clinton's deplorable comment about trump supporters, while talking to a crowd in michigan. >> mark: republican presidential nominee donald trump is headed to the granite state, heel campaign at laconia trump spent the day campaigning in iowa. you can watch the republican nominee reveal his medical records right here on fox 25 on the dr. oz show later this week. clinton has also been invited on the show. no word yet if she'll accept the invitation, but trump will appear on the show thursday and you can watch dr. oz weekday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. >> vanessa: quite the political statement here made by an italian artist. check out this giant portrait of hillary clinton, made with his tractor. the slogan next to it says, you
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clinton becoming the first female u.s. president. the artist says this took him about eight hours to finish. a new poll shows massachusetts voters are closely divided when it comes to a pair of controversial ballot questions. the survey by wbur shows half of likely voters support legalizing the eulls of recreational marijuana in the state. 45% are opposed, and 5% are undecided. another question deals with lifting the cap on charter schools in the state. right now, 48% of voters are against adding more charter schools. 41% want to see more of them. and 11% have not made up their minds. election ballots selfies are getting a colors look by a federal appeals court in boston today. they're looking at a challenge to a new hampshire law that bans voters from posting photos of their completed election ballots. the new hampshire secretary of state's office wants to keep the law on the books, arguing it helps deter election fraud. the aclu however claims the law violates the right to free speech.
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pardon, he has been charged with the espionage act for revealing security information. snow den is currently living in russia. the white house says he needs to return to the u.s. to face the charges against him. >> vanessa: german authorities arrested three syrians, suspected of being sent in to the country by isis. the men are accused of being sent with instructions from isis to carry out an assignment or to be ready for further instructions. two of the suspects are teens, the third is 26 year police raided six locations to collect evidence against them. >> >> students and parents doing a change at one elementary school. >> vanessa: neither have to do homework. >> there's a lot right now in adults plates, on children's plates. >> vanessa: coming up, the research behind the move to abandon after-school assignments. >> kevin: it has been a warm and dry day today, on up into the low and middle 80's. it's going to feel more summery tomorrow, but also a risk for
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baggage supervisor at logan airport was found murdered in the trunk of her own car. why the mother of the murder victim is every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away
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400 million dollars away from neighborhood public schools. that's not right. instead of draining even more money from neighborhood public schools and giving it to charters, let's devote public resources to all of our students... not just a select few. don't lift the cap on charter schools.
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>> mark: now time to check out the roads with live drive time traffic. the mass pike is backing up headed west as you can see right here. now to the map, there's an accidents on the pike near newton and that's going to slow things down as well. now, let's go to the live drive times for you.
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minutes. ted williams tunnel to the weston tolls, 28 minutes. it is one new england's most haunting unsolved cases, logan airport baggage supervisor murdered, her body discovered in the trunk of her own car. >> vanessa: nearly a quarter of a century later, there is a new push to find her killer. fox 25's bob ward joins us live from logan and bob, you smoke to the victim's mother today. >> the reporter: you know, it was 24 years ago todayth susan torsakowitz was last seen at logan airport. this is a very frustrating case, but her mother is more than determined than ever to find justice. >> i really thought that maybe within the year or so, we would have solved it. >> the reporter: instead, it is now 24 years and there's still no arrests in the mysterious murder of susan. on september 14, 1992, susan's
5:16 pm
of her car outside a car body shop near logan airport where she worked. she was beaten and stabbed to death. her mother tells me, at the time of her death, susan was being harassed by her male coworkers. >> in her locker, they urinated in it, they drew a casket on it. it was just a constant thing. >> the reporter: marlene suspects susan's murder might be connected to a stolen credit ca the time out of the northwest airlines ramp. some of susan's co-workers were arrested. but after all this time, no arrests for susan's murder. marlene though is not giving up. >> i know susan is at peace. these very happy. but we need that. and we need the justice. >> you're confident this is going to come to an end? >> there's no question in my mind that susan's murder is going to be solved.
5:17 pm
d.a. dan conley said in 24 years, not a week has gone by in which police and prosecutors haven't taken a call, run down a tip or conferred on strategy in this case, regardless of who is responsible for susan's murder or what the circumstances may have been, we strongly believe that someone out there has information that could help us solve it. the d.a. also has a witness protection fund available that it didn't have back in 1992 when this murder took place. that would go for any witness who fears retaliation. also, massachusetts state police now featuring susan's case on social media and the clear channel company is using billboards to feature susan's case. >> vanessa: a world war ii
5:18 pm
the birthday surprise. ted morgan was driving home from a quiet family celebration last night, as he passed the fire station, he noticed all the fire trucks pulled out, all the lights why flashing and more than two dozen firefighters were standing at full attention, all to honor him on his special day. what does the 95-year-old do? he gets out of his car and thanks them one by one for their service to the communities. well done. >> jason: oh, more stories like that. great stuff. hey, this morning, we woke up kind of cool, 40's and 50's in most spots. it was 60 at logan. 59 peatown. right now, 82 degrees in boston. we have warmed right up, thanks to that southwesterly wind flow. it's been strong enough to hold the sea breeze off from the north and south shore and so we've seen some warmer readings too at the coast. right now, 80 in lempster. 77 worcester. temperatures up to the mid 80's
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walpole, 78 and as you go to the south and east, well, we have a southwest wind over the water that's running 65 to 70 degrees, so you see the result, 69 nantucket. duxbury in the middle 70's right now. now the dewpoints are dry, 50 or less, boston as you get westward, we're seeing 50's even on cape cod, so that means it feels rather comfortable, so we're in this range right now. but as we head to tomorrow, well, it's going to start feeling stickier around here. out ahead of this next for some stronger storms. but not tonight. we're going toss nice and clear for most of the night. a patch of fog or two possible by sunrise in the low-lying sheltered spots out of that southwesterly wind that i expect to keep us milder. we'll wake up mainly in the lower 60's tomorrow morning. then tomorrow afternoon, we heat up, we're running up 80 to 84 degrees in worcester county. we'll see middle 80's in plymouth county and bristol county as well. and as we head up in to boston,
5:20 pm
and a chance for storms later in the day, to bring the temperatures down a little bit. we'll hit the mid and upper 80's even around holston and natick tomorrow afternoon. cape cod, the islands, more and low mid 80's for you and a risk for showers and storms late tomorrow, really towards sunset i think, for the islands. let me show you futurecast. this is an early look at the timing. shiri is going to be watching the radar carefully in the morning, as our line of storms begins to become viewabl new england. so once we get a bead on that line as it's developing, then we can put a tracker on it. until it forms, right now, this is just a model update and right now, it does look like the storm timing has sped up just a bit to what i was showing you yesterday. 2:00 p.m., northwest to boston, a risk for a passing storm. 4:00 p.m. through the greater boston area and by 10:00 p.m., they're pushing east of cape cod. now, we are under a marginal
5:21 pm
not all the ingredients are going to be in play. we're not going to have a lot of moisture to work with. the air is so dry right now, it's going to take time to bring the moisture back, but there's a lot of wind energy that's going to be coming through tomorrow and with the weekend trees from the drought, there's that chance that we could get a 40-5 to-mile-per-hour gust to knock some more trees down. as far as rain amounts, not a drought buster, on tractor a tenth to a quarter of an inch rain. seven-day forecast, we return to the cool and dry, thursday, sunday, a new storm threat moving back in. >> mark: new satellite images show super typhoon through a time lapse and the storm is heading towards taiwan in the last 24 hours, it's been upgrade. >> fred: a category 1 to a category 5 storm. the typhoon is due to make landfall tomorrow morning with winds in excess of 150 miles an hour. >> vanessa: and check this out, a rising lava lake on top of
5:22 pm
vatican -- volcano. the increase in depth corresponded with an increase in the magazine -- >> the bill congress is trying to push through without the commander-in-chief's signature. >> vanessa: plus, the bridge built six football fields above the ground.
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>> vanessa: some tense moments in an indonesia airport as the pilot's landing gear fails on the runway. look at the trail of smoke coming from the boeing 737 cargo plane as it skids. that plane was carrying fuel from the state oil company. an airport official claims the pilot had trouble landing because of the u.s. is sending a signal to north korea. american military jets were seen flying over south korea today, following the north's fifth nuclear test. the flyover comes after the north's most powerful test so far and its second in just eight months. south korean officials warn another test could come at any time. >> north korea once again has demonstrated blatant and reckless disregard for its commitments and international obligations.
5:26 pm
even by military standards. >> vanessa: south korea does not have nuclear weapons, and relies on its alliance with the u.s. to deter the north from attacking. more than 28,000 american troops are stationed in north korea. >> mark: some students in italy headed back to school today for the first time since last month's massive earthquake. the containers have been turned into classrooms for the time being. italian leaders called this the first step on the road to recovery. the quake killed 295 people and left 4,000 others without a home. a man in 3500 miles over the past two years and has done it all in a wheelchair. 29-year-old kahn pang is a paraplegic. he started his journey 20 august of 2014 and visited 43 cities, sleeping only in a tent or his chair. he hopes his experiences will inspire people with physical challenges to be treated like everyone else. pang hopes to wrap up his trip in the next six months. incredible. >> vanessa: look here. this bridge is not for people
5:27 pm
crews in china just finished one of the world's highest around longest bridges, it stretches nearly a mile long over a river gorge and about a third of a mile up in to the air. it costs nearly $150 million and will open up later this year. wow. well, letting kids be kids. coming up, the local school experimenting with a ban on homework. what teachers want their students to do instead. >> mark: plus, a ton of cash. new details tonight about the
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>> mark: we are following breaking news. police have just issued an arrest warrant for the ex-boyfriend of a mother who was found murdered inside her home. >> vanessa: right now, police are trying to find this man, emilio de la rosa, investigators say he is a person of interest in the killing of his ex-girlfriend, wanda rosa. the two have a 4-year-old son together. rosa's body was discovered inside her methuen home on tudor street yesterday. if he know where emilio call police immediately. >> mark: no homework is a reality for one local elementary school this year, giving parents abandons kids a fresh new way to learn. >> vanessa: elizabeth hopkins saw firsthand how it's going to work. >> the reporter: the men trillion school is testing out a pilot program, which means teachers were not be regularly handing out homework, so today i went to essex to find out how this might work. at essex elementary school, backpacks got lighter.
5:31 pm
word. we are trying to find a just right fit that fits our broader mission. >> the reporter: pam is the district superintendent with manchester essex regional school district. she says last year teachers began researching the impact of homework. what they found was supported by a growing group of educators, who say homework doesn't help the learning process. in some cases, they believe it can hinder it. it's part of the reason an elementary school in holyoke decided to abandon homework as fox 25 reported. but they are not ready to take a hard line on yet, but the district is willing to reevaluate procedure in the name of social and emotional learning. >> when you talk about the whole student, it's talking about the drive to have high test scores, but also, balance other aspects of learning, time management, interpersonal skills, and the desire for kids to have a balanced life just like adults we strive to have a balanced life. >> the reporter: so this year, teachers at the elementary school will pilot new guidelines, factoring in more
5:32 pm
>> between sports, activities, homework, school, personal lives, families, we're just trying to find ways to look differently at work that we've been doing in the past, policies that we've had for a long time. >> so this doesn't mean that there won't be a project to work on at home occasionally, but as good lines are developed at the elementary school on just how much homework and for what subjects and when, those policies could eventually be used in the rest of the district. live in the control room, elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> mark: major milestone today first new school in 15 years. mayor marty walsh and superintendent tommy chang celebrated the topping off of the new dearborn stem academy in roxbury. the mayor thanked people who lived in the communities for tierries support. >> as we build this brand new school for our kids, we're building it for the community, we're building it for the kids who live in this community. we're building it for the kids who live in our communities in boston and i want to thank all the residents. >> mark: the state of the art
5:33 pm
year. >> vanessa: it was a perfect afternoon to be out enjoying the sunshine. this is the boston day and evening academy in roxbury. gorgeous out there today. wind blowing a little bit. storm tracker meteorologist jason brewer is tracking some rain in the forecast. >> jason: by tomorrow at this time, i'll be watching storms on the radar. high temperatures today have been in the lower and middle 80's, feeling closer to summer warmth, thanks to a southwest wind. we have gusted up 25 miles an hour at times. that then the gusts will be tapering off, but we have the wind direction out of the southwest overnight, that will keep our temperatures much milder tonight than where we have been. temperatures right now, upper 70's worcester. low 80's, boston. middle 70's, plymouth and we're seeing some 70's for cape cod. our metro west neighborhoods, you can expect temperatures to drop into the middle 70's just after sunset, and then settle back down through the 60's overnight. some spots touching the upper 50's, those low lying sheltered
5:34 pm
last more than an hour, either side of sunrise, because by tomorrow, winds gust end out of the southwest, we warm up even warmer than we were today, and that's going to come along with a risk of some storms. i'll give you my touts on our severe storm chances in just a few more minutes. >> mark: new at 5:00 p.m., with only a few months left in his term, president obama is facing a possible veto override for the first time. >> vanessa: families of 9-11 victims say justice is at stake here. >> the president does intend to >> the reporter: the white house says a bill passed last week which would allow 9-11 families to sue foreign nations for any role played in the attack is it not an effective or forceful way to respond to terrorism. the bill weighs protection for foreign cases involving terrorist attacks on u.s. simon cowell. it says it makes the u.s. vulnerable to other lawsuits from other countries. >> the law actually opens up the united states to risk of being hauled into court in countries
5:35 pm
house and senate. if the president vetoes the bill, congress could override that veto. it would be the first time that happens in the obama administration. 15 years after the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people, families of victims were hopeful they would finally get justice for the deaths of their loved ones. >> so now here, all of our hard work is going to be threatened by a potential veto is a kick in the stomach to 2996 victims terrorism on american soil. classified documents released earlier this summer alleged some high-ranking government officials from saudi arabia supported the terrorists that carried out the attacks. in washington, george colli, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: more than 200 days since president obama asked for emergency funding to deal with growing zika virus and congress still has not acted. but after months of partisan fights on capitol hill, lawmakers are close to a $1.1 billion plan, it is stripped of the controversial
5:36 pm
>> have anything to do with the confederate flag and zika doesn't have anything to do defunding planned parenthood. >> vanessa: the zika plan would be part of a much bigger budget bill to fund the government for the next few months, but the senate majority leader still will not say with a vote will happen. >> mark: the changes april if he can the bridgewater state hospital, a prison that treats mentally ill inmates. inmates to a new secure facility at the nearby old colony correctional center. the state will hire a new vendor to treat the remaining patients at bridgewater. the hospital has been under increased scrutiny since the death of a mentally ill man who is being restrained by guards. >> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., the chipotle restaurant compaign is giving payouts to customers who got sick at their stores, including 14 people right here in boston. the boston customers contracted norovirus late last year and received an undisclosed cash
5:37 pm
and in an interesting twist here, one customer in oregon received dozens of coupons for free burritos along with her payout. >> mark: coming up new at 6:00 p.m., he is the face of the ice bucket challenge, and now, his name has a permanent place on a local campus. >> vanessa: outfielder endicott college is honoring meet -- pete frates and the state of the art dorm he opened. >> mark: the latest college rankings,. >> vanessa: exploding catch fire injures a child this time. the quick fix the company is offering to its customers. let's check out the roads now with our live drivetime traffic. traffic on the zakim bridge crawling in both directions. it a lick that while form the folks to get home. there is an accident to report in charlestown on 93 north, causing backups there. the live drive times, tobin bridge to 128, 27 minutes. the o'neill tunnel to the split,
5:38 pm
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5:40 pm
>> mark: apple's new operating system, ios10 is now available, but there are problems. >> vanessa: many people who updated their phones over the air reported they were then locked out of their device. they had to connect to itunes on the computer and restore it. apple is telling people to attach their phones to the computer and update via itunes. the biggest change of the new system -- the home screen. there's no more swiping to
5:41 pm
>> mark: samsung is telling its customers to stop using the galaxy note 7 smart phones meals. -- immediately. this comes after several reports of phones exploding or catching fire. the latest case is a 6-year-old boy was burned after the phone exploded in his hands. the family says the boy was watching videos on phone with it happened. >> the phone caught on fire, then the battery exploded, so he threw it on the floor and then it just was like fireworks in the house. >> the boy was in the meantime, some customers are discovering work-arounds by not charging their phones completely. >> vanessa: a huge break through in a new york lab. scientists have created the first marijuana breathalyzer that detects and measures levels of thc. home labs created the breathalyzer, which they hope to roll out to law enforcement. the device was one of many inventions introduced in new york, where companies pitched their ideas for inventions in the cannabis industry. one c.e.o. says the event could
5:42 pm
the breathalyzer. >> i think that not all of them will be around. but i think the best ones will be. i think this is a generational community. >> vanessa: the timing of this event is particularly important, with marijuana initiatives on the ballot in nine states in november, including here in massachusetts. >> kevin: north shore, a great evening out there for you. clear skies, mild temperatures, in the 60's here after sunset. but a risk for humidity and storms coming back tomorrow. i've got the latest timing on that. >> mark: upnext, ban the bag,
5:43 pm
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>> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., the city council group met today to discuss banning plastic bags in boston. people got the chance to weigh in today's on the first of three meetings on this issue. specific details are up for debate.
5:45 pm
worked in other towns. two more meetings will be held next month. >> mark: packing a lunch for your child doesn't have to break the bank. we talked to a nutritional expert to find out how to make a healthy and affordable lunch. fox 25's sara underwood shows us how. >> the reporter: getting a child to heat something healthy for lunch can be a hurdle for some parents. nutritional experts say when choosing a lunch, use the abc's. a, ask them what they would like for lunch. to be healthy. and c, compromise a smidgeon, so we make sure we get something that the child is going to eat. >> the reporter: planning and prepping are key. break's first role of saving is not to buy items that are prepackaged. >> don't pay for something that you can do yourself. >> the reporter: she says, buying in bulk is key. instead of buying cheese sticks, this block of cheese can be cut number to cubes and save you a couple of dollars at the store. make also recommends buying
5:46 pm
warned and reused. >> this is really nice, really convenient. this is about $1.20 per serving. yes, the bigger yogurt and -- get the bigger yogurt and scoop it into the container and let the child take with the lunch pail. >> the reporter: she says, save time packing lunches by rotating two lunch boxes throughout the week. >> when your child comes home from school, you put it right in the dishwasher, but you have a backup one where you can make the lunch that night or earl so this way you always have a second one and don't have to worry about cleaning it and it can save you some time. >> mark: dr. blake says the most important thing is to make sure your child likes the food you back. that's always important. so they're not coming home with a full lunch box,. >> vanessa: at 5:00 p.m., u.s. news and world report is out with its list of annual top colleges and universities and once again, massachusetts schools did extremely well. for the 14th year in a row, williams college in the western part of the state has been named
5:47 pm
amherst and wellesley colleges rounded out the top three. as for the best universities, the bay state appeared twice in the top ten. harvard was the runnerup, while m.i.t. came in at number seven. dorchester native mark wahlberg's popular gourmet burger chain is expanding to another state, this time to north carolina. wahlbergers as signed a deal to open up a new shop in downtown raleigh as early as january. more than 100 new restaurants are set to open during the next seven years. >> mark: there could soon be another choice for coffee in boston. phil's coffee plans to expand to the hub by next year. the high-end chain currently a hit in silicon valley we're told. phil's c.e.o. told forbes he plans to target the city's young college age folks, so listen up for that and look out for it. an indiana doctor has been charged with lying to investigators over allegations that he used his own sperm at the fertility clinic that he ran according to court records indianapolis doctor donald klein
5:48 pm
available. he told clients he would never use his own sperm. the case turned criminal, because in 2014, two of dr. klein's donor children sent complaints to the state attorney general's office. >> i want to know -- [indiscernible] i don't think that that is ever going to be a possibility. >> mark: klein's attorney sent a short written statement saying the former doctor pleaded not guilty but is reserving any well, doctors say hand, foot and mouth disease is becoming more common. >> vanessa: hand, foot and mouth disease is highly contagious and typically affects children under the age of 10. symptoms include fever, lack of appetite, sore throughout and a runny nose and after a day or two a blister-like rash forms on the hands, feet or mouth. doctors say it's best for patients to avoid foods an drinks that are acidic and can irritate mouth sores. >> avoiding orange juice,
5:49 pm
things and stick with more milder foods, cold things, may feel better sucking on a popsicle, those kinds of things. >> vanessa: , doctors say it's important to practice good hand hygiene and keep your child at home if they're sick to prevent the spread of the illness. >> jason: a warmer burr nice day today. 82 in boston. wind out of the southwest, 15, 20 miles per hour. high are gusts, so that's particular. the seacoast, look at these low and middle 80's here. now, down to the south, we have the influence of that cooler watering in out of the southwest, new bedford, plymouth, peatown, 73, we have 77 in worcester right now. fenway tonight, warmer than yesterday. nice comfortable air, middle 70's. at first pitch, the orioles still in town, go sox. you'll get 'em again. dewpoints in the 40's as gullikson westward, that feels
5:50 pm
nice there too and we talk about this a lot, because we start to feel the dry and the sticky, oftentimes in short amounts of time this time of the year. we have a strong fall cold front approaching tomorrow, that's going to draw the sticky air back in here during the morning hours, and then it will blow it right back out of here as it passes by thursday. so lots to talk about. the seven day forecast is coming up. but tonight, upper 50's to the middle 60's, clear, dry and comfortable, i've got a mention of a patch of fog toward dawn in the areas. we'll see upper 50's in norwood, with low 60's in manchester. boston, the middle 60's in town, low and middle 60's, nantucket to cape cod. now, high temperatures tomorrow are going to be a little warmer than today. we'll have a southwest wind that's still going to be gusty, even stronger than today and that's going to bring up us up to 80 in worcester, middle 80's in the low-lying spots and worcester county. we'll see middle 80's in plymouth and bristol county tomorrow and that risk for storms in the afternoon, but
5:51 pm
suffolk and norfolk county, coming up tomorrow afternoon before clouds and a chance for rain can cool you down. cape cod, nantucket, over to the vineyard, how about low and middle 70's, and a chance for showers and storms late day, so just going to be a breezy day on the islands and in cape cod tomorrow. dry for the balance of the day. let's track our rain chance. futurecast, 6:00 a.m. in the morning, waking up, mainly dry and sunny. now, we go to noontime. we're still dry, but this line of storms viewable by doppler radar. and so as that storm starts to take shape, we'll be able to track it hour-by-hour. right now, this is an early look at the timing, it's a little quicker than what i was showing you yesterday, so at 2:00 p.m., north and west of boston, so central mass, southern new hampshire, that chance for some strung gusty storms to roll through. then we go to 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., greater boston, i-95, between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., it's cape cod and the islands and moving offshore.
5:52 pm
because not all the ads are going to be in play. we're not going to have a whole lot of moisture to work with, so i expect a fairly narrow, but potentially intense line of showers and storms as this comes by due to the wind energy that's going to be available. so some gusty winds could knock down some trees, the trees are weak from the drought, that's what we'll be watching carefully. rain amounts, anywhere from a tenth to a quarter of an inch, guys, so not a drought it's cool and dry. weekend in view brings a chance of showers and storms on sunday. >> mark: working on all new stories for fox 25 news at 6:00 p.m. here's kerry kavanaugh. >> the reporter: he couldn't walk, he couldn't speak, now four months after an incident at a boston bar left a young man in a medically induced coma, we are seeing his progress in rehab for the first time. we're also hearing from his family. their renewed push for information to find the person that did this to their loved
5:53 pm
uptick in a heartless crime. someone is stealing clothes from a donation bins. what thieves are doing with them to make a quick profit. plus, in honor of pete frates, fox 25 news is there when a local college unveils a new building named for the man who inspired our country with the ice bucket challenge. and the patriots unveil a new uniform. uniform. see what you thi introducing longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert.
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>> vanessa: a new workout trend is bringing the beach indoors. it's called, sandbox fitness and it puts your balance and core streng t boards. instructors say you can burn 30% more calories because the sand adds so much resistance. classes are also designed for kids. >> mark: first amendment may soon protect bad reviews posted on sites like yelp and trip adviser. the u.s. house of representatives passed a consumer review fairness act, it would void the fine print contracts imposed by businesses meant to keep customers from posting negative feedback on line. the legislation responds to stories of customers facing
5:57 pm
>> if con up zooers wants to post a truthful review on line, they should not fear retribution because the review is negative. >> mark: we checked up with yelp and trip adviser. bow sites support the new protections for negative on-line reviews. >> vanessa: self-driving cars are all rage right now, but wal-mart is looking to bring a similar technology to its stores. the chain has filed a patent are its technology. carts would be set up with detachable motors that have sensors and video cameras. request a cart remotely and the cart would be able to return themselves when a shopper is finished using it. genius. >> mark: rapper nellie apparently owes $2.5 million in taxes. tmz reports the government could start seizing assets and property if he doesn't pay. tmz also says nellie reportedly owes the state of missouri about $150,000 in taxes. heartwarming story out of georgia. an army uniform and medals are back with their owner after they wound up in someone else's hands.
5:58 pm
treasures inside a storage unit he bought. after spending 25 years in the national guard, he knew how important they were to the owner, so he turned to facebook and in one day, he found them. >> when i -- i had actually looked for it, this was very sentimental, because it's still the original, that was my -- nothing has changed since i got it at ait, which was in 2006. >> the owner says he put his uniform and medals in the storage unit about a times, and could no longer make the payments for the unit. >> the reporter: now at 6:00 p.m., a man brutally beaten at a fenway bar, don't speak or walk months ago, now his incredible story. >> he could be gone and he's here, so every day is a blessing. >> mark: his family's renewed fight to find out what really happened. >> vanessa: also tonight, criminal cases tossed out. >> the reporter: why prosecutors
5:59 pm
police department. >> police hunting for the ex-boyfriend of a young mother killed in this home. hear the eerie prediction from that woman about her fate. >> kevin: it's. >> jason: it's been a warm dry day. i'm tracking the return of humidity and even some strong storms straight ahead. >> mark: feeling blue. the patriots unveiled their first new jersey in 13 years. >> vanessa: first at 6:00 p.m., 12 families are homeless tonight after a massive fire on the roof of a four-story brownstone in boston's south end. you can see dozens of firefighters battling the flames and still putting out hot spots. and tonight, the fire department says these propane tanks that were on the roof are part of the investigation. good evening, i'm vanessa welch. >> mark: i'm mark ockerbloom. the fire happened in the 70 block of rutland in the south end. fox 25's john monahan just got to the scene and spoke to a chief on the scene. john? >> the reporter: well, mark and
6:00 pm
street, ruts land is a block behind us. take a look here, our fire station just around the corner, about 300 feet way from where this fire happened. initial reports came in about 3:30 p.m. let's take a look at sky fox video from above. they show where this fire began on the roof. now, because the fire station is so close, firefighters were there almost immediately. and these buildings, the old brown stones sit right next to each other. let's take a look at a picture a viewer sent in. it shows the fire, smoke and flames from a couple blocks way from another roof deck. to the sky. and two other pictures we have from the fire department, also show frames and how they quickly spread from deck to deck. how is wasn't just 73 rutland, but 71 and 75 on either side, also suffered damage from this fire. the heat so intense, it actually melted a skylight on top of one of those roofs. the charred roof there shows the fire damage, but water damage from the fighting of this fire is also extensive to those buildings. and take a look at these


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