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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  September 14, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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you want me to chop your head off. >> only on fox 25 what police tell us the suspect had in his car. >> a return of summer warmth and developing severe storm threat. >> plus an unlikely phone call. this is crazy that i'm talking to you. >> the key role this woman played in the life of a person who tried to track down her birth money 25 years after being left at the hospital. only on fox 25, images of a man with a machete threatening
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>> and i'm mark ockerbloom. it happened in worcester. ted, a witness told you the suspect actually threatened to chop off someone's head. >> well, worcester police are calling this a road-rage incident, mark and vanessa. they say the driver of the car pulled out a machete simply because another driver had slowed down to let students cross the near a high street near burncoat high school, cell phone video obtained by fox 25 shows a guy with a sharp blade and a sharp tongue. >> and i heard someone say [bleep] your head off. >> reporter: he lives across from where the road rage incident ended. noticed and amid shorts and
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worcester and that's a machete in his hand. police say he threatened the driver in the white car with the machete before punching the man in the chase. >> becky sullivan says she's glad she pulled out of the neighborhood just minutes before it all began. >> this was a quiet nice neighborhood and people could feel safe. but you don't think we feel safe anymore. >> alder riviera has been charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. the machete and assault while threatening to commit murder, he's due in court later this possibility. ted daniel, fox 25 news. following breaking news where the police chief has been placed on immediate and indefinite paid administrative leave. city leaders announced chief cap nelle oh is under an internal
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nationally and invited to the white house in washington because of his innovative program to fight the opioid epidemic. we'll pass along information just as soon as we get more. the faa trying to track down the person who targeted a plane leaving logan airport with a green laser. the incident happened around 7:30 tonight while the jet was overhauled airline to get more information. we have learned townsend police say there's no danger to the public after three teenaged boys reported a man tried to abduct them. on the fox 25 news at 6:00, we told you police were looking for a man who jumped out and startled the teen and slashed one of them on the neck before running off. police say the attempted abduction happened outside the senior center and library this afternoon. they searched the area with a k-9 but could not find the man.
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video and talking with the teens, they said there is no threat to the public and they'll continue to investigate. to the forecast now, meteorologist jason brewer is here. the weather looks pretty good for the morning tomorrow but that severe weather threat you've been telling us about is expected to quickly move? we'll have to watch out, after 2:00 tomorrow, vanessa, there will be a line of showers and storms approaching and some strong winds will be the main concern. i've got the latest on that coming up. right now we're getting signs of this approaching front because we're warming up. and of the cold fronts. we warm the atmosphere in the mid- and upper 60s, a few low 70s still sprinkled in at this hour. we're gonna settle down in the middle 60s. overnight in boston amid a quick warm-up tomorrow with a bright start to the day. that's gonna lead to stronger afternoon storms. i've got the latest on those straight ahead. >> and you can track the live radar anytime with the fox 25 weather app. it is free and easy to download. just search fox 25 weather in the google play or app store. developing tonight, an arrest warrant has been issued
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victim. a mother, whose 4-year-old son was there at the time she died and as we reported last night taken out of the home by the suspect, malini basu is live in methuen tonight where neighbors of the suspect say they are afraid right now. >> good evening. here we are at the methuen police department and police still have not made any arrest. we can tell you that investigators already have a murder warrant out for the victim's ex-boyfriend. the two of them share a son together. it was on friday neighbors tell us they saw father and son together. >> reporter: methuen and lawrence police are looking for amelio dela rows sark the ex-boyfriend of the slain wanda rosa. police have been watching his webster street home in lawrence. >> i saw like four peculiars parked over there. >> reporter: those living and working near delarosa tell fox 25 they've been feeling uneasy knowing there is a warrant out
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for murder. >> we saw a lot of police over here. >> many people from here, you never know. you are working here and never know who comes in. >> reporter: rosa was found dead early monday morning inside of her apartment. rosa and dela rosa share a 4-year-old boy named ethan together. in 2011, rosa filed her first abuse prevention order against delarosa saying i'm scared life. mable rodriguez, a friend of rosa's, says she remembers hearing the same story. >> she was scared of him, you know. i never know they got back together. i never knew none of that until now. >> reporter: delarosa had recently been released from prison after kidnapping her and their child when he was just an infant. friends told us the two had recently reconciled so they could have a family life for their son. >> you never know, what people
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>> and tonight we are still waiting to learn the cause of death, and coming up at 11:00, we'll tell what you neighbors saw father and son doing together on friday. for now, live in methuen, malini basu, fox 25 news. an arrest is made -- when an arrest is made, fox 25 will send out an alert on the fox 25 news app, free to download in the apple or itunes store. the trial set to begin tomorrow, a jury gave o.j. simpson -- simpson the death penalty after he pleaded guilty to a crime spree in 2001 and killing two men. that sentence later was overturned by a judge who found one of the jurors lived about her background. sampson was convicted spritely in new hampshire for killing a third man. samsung is telling customers to stop using their galaxy 7 smartphones right away after several reports of the phone camping fire or exploding while charging. the latest case involves a
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exploded in his hands. the boy's family says he was watching videos on the phone when it happened. >> the phone caught on fire and then the battery exploded. so threw it on the floor and it just was like fire in the house. the boy was treated and released from a local hospital. in the meantime, some customers are discovering work-arounds but not charging their phones completely but samsung is asking customers to avoid that trick, saying they will replace every smartphone. chipotle is giving pay-outs to customers who got took at their stores including 14 people here in boston. the boston customers contracted the norovirus late last year and received an undisclosed cash settlement from the country. one customer in oregon received dozens of coupons for free burritos along with her pay-out. russian hackers release what they claim are the medical records of several team u.s. athletes who completed in the olympics. the anti-doping agency confirmed
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among that list venus williams and biles, who's responded to the hack saying her use of head medication for adhd is within the rules. as for biles teammate, she was not on the list. child care in the race for the white house and clinton and donald trump more support for early childhood education programs across our country. my mom knows that education does start long before college. it matters to me that she understands how important early childhood education is. she understands how important it is that we support parents in
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>> reporter: this is -- >> this is not a woman's issue, it's a family issue. it's an american issue. it's an issue that's often been discussed but has yet to be solved. my father plans to change that. >> reporter: here's how the plans stack up. hillary clinton wants to give new parents 12 weeks of paid family or medical leave. donald trump says paid maternity leave alone should be 6 weeks. clinton wants no more than 10% of parents' income to go for child care. trump would give fa break. clinton wants quality pre-k for free for all 3-year-olds and trump wants to give stay at home parents the same tax deductions as those who work. >> our plan will bring relief to working and middle class families. i think it's gonna make a lot of people very, very happy. a lot of moms very happy. multiple media outlets are reporting the new york attorney general's office has opened an investigation into the pratts of the trump foundation. to make sure it's following the
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special honor for the man who inspired millions of people through the als ice bucket challenge. endicott college named its newest for rim the former boston college baseball's player's name. he was diagnosed with als at the age of 27 and his wife helped unveil the banner. >> it's hard to find your way and find your path, but just remembering, you know, if you really set your mind to something, it's really always possible and he's kind of the courage. >> moments after the dedication, you're looking at it, 2000 students took part in the ice bucket challenge in his honor. and pete's daughter will now have free tuition and room and board to the college. quite a moment today. an incident at a popular sports bar leaves a man in a coma. >> i was just like there's a good chance my brother's dead right now. >> four months after fox 25 broke the story, with regetting
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what the victim's family hopes to be accomplished by releasing this video. plus, thieves stole his political signs last month. this month's being told to take them down. and first the rule one school has made in hopes of letting kids go home without homework. and as we continue to follow breaking news out of gloucester tonight, the police chief has been placed on immediate and indefinite paid leave. state leaders announced the chief is under investigation but won't tell us why.
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firefighters respond to a roof deck fire in boston's south end. the flames jumped make buildings. we're learning tonight one possible cause being investigated, a propane tank. fox 25's john monahan was on this breaking news for us at 6:00. john, in the past 90 minutes you spoke to someone who >> we did, mark. and he's very lucky his unit was not damaged too badly. take a look down the street here on rutland. you can see crews hard at work mopping up water inside those buildings and boarding up the windows. the cause this fire unknown but the investigation is looking at propane tanks found on the roof at 73 rutland. >> reporter: firefighters hosing down the roofs of three areas on
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this picture from a fox 25 viewer shows the flames and black smoke quickly spread from 73 rutland to buildings on east side. >> it was a roof deck fire that ultimately extended into the roof framing and into the interior of the adjacent buildings. >> reporter: david cook lives in one of those buildings. his girlfriend alerted him by text that the cleaners were ordered out. >> they had to leave because the fire department had knocked on the door and said that the building was on fire. >> reporter: cook rushed home. his first floor condo was spared >> i looked in and could see that on like the second floor up, i could see that the ceilings were white, meaning that it hadn't burned through there. so being two floors below, i thought, well, okay, it could be worse. >> reporter: the cause of the fire not certain. but fire inspectors are looking at these propane tanks on what was the roof deck of 73 rutland, one of them missing a valve as the possible source. >> they were to report early on
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involved. >> reporter: that remains under investigation. propane tanks and grills are illegal on roof decks and rear porches above the ground floor in boston. he's 25 and also hopes that's not the case. >> i don't know hope it wasn't something illegal that caused it. >> the fire department tells us that 12 families were displaced in the damaged units tonight and damages stand at more than half a john monahan, fox 25 news. the state fire marshal's office is trying to find out what caused a large house fire in ski hassett. smoked poured from the roof around noon. according to the patriot ledger nobody was home but the family's dog died. firefighters from several nearby towns were called in to help. fox 25 looked at town property records and found the house is worth more than a million dollars. well, a wild police chase in california after a man steals a
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this was developing during fox 25 news at 4:00. the stoughton truck race down the freeway for hours. at points you could see the driver on his cell phone. he reportedly told police he didn't want to go back to jail. eventually he pulled off to a more desserted area, parked and surrendered to officers. police played him under arrest. a major milestone today in the construction of boston's first new school in 15 years. mayor marty walsh and superintendent tommy chang celebrated the topping-off of the new dearborn stem academy, it's in as the final beam was placed into the frame the building. the mayor thanked people who live in this community for all of their support. >> if we build this brand-new school for our kids, we're building it for the community, we're building it for the kids that live in this community, we're building it for the kids that live in our communities in boston, and i want to thank all the residents. the facility is on track to be finished by december of next year. students at one school on the northshore can now have a life without homework.
1:19 am
the country who are dropping the assignments. elizabeth hopkins saw firsthand what the school is doing to make the big change. >> reporter: at essex elementary school, backpacks just got a little lighter. >> i would certainly never use the ban word. i think we're trying to find the just-right fit. >> reporter: pam is the district's superintendent with manchester essex regional school district. she says last year teachers began researching the impact of homework. what they found was supported by a growing group of educat say homework doesn't help the learning process. in some cases they believe it can hinder it, part of the reason an elementary school in holyoke decided to abandon homework as fox 25 reported. but they're not ready to take a hard line on the policy just yet, but the superintendent says the district is willing to re-evaluate procedure in the name of social and emotional learning. >> the thing is talking about the drive to have high test scores but also balance other aspects of learning, time
1:20 am
to have a bad life just like adults who strive to have a balanced life. >> reporter: this year teachers at the elementary school will pilot new guidelines, factor in more than reading, writing and arithmetic. >> between sports, activities, homework, schools, personal lives, the families, we're just trying to find twice work differently at work. >> this doesn't mean there won't occasionally be a project or an in grandparents. but whatever is decided in how much homework, when and where could eventually influence the rest of the district. in the control room, elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. the mother of a logan airport employee who didn't come home has been waiting for justice in her daughter's murder. >> i know susan's at peace. she's very happy. but we need that. and we need the justice. >> just ahead, the criminal enterprise she hopes will lead
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and scientists are fruit a loom, what they're telling about
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great white shark sighting off the coast of troy. the sh he's been spotted. earlier it was seen off moss el beach eating a seal. police say they found the two people in these surveillance pictures. police released the photos today saying the pair was wanted in connection with a break-in that happened late sunday night. they appear to be in a restaurant and we are working to get more information tonight. the mother is accused of driving drunk while her son was in the car. new hampshire state police say shauna graham was driving erratically down i-89 yesterday
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over and they found her 8-year-old son as well as several open containers of alcohol inside the car. the 47-year-old is facing an aggravated offense because the child was in the backseat. massachusetts voters are closely divided when it comes to a controversial question that will be asked. they support recreational marijuana being used in the state and 45% are opposed and 5% are undecided. the people are in favor of the legalization. law enforcement may soon have another kind of breathalyzer test on the streets. scientists have created the first of its kind, marijuana breathlizer that detects and measures levels of thc. the device was one of many inventions being introduced in new york where companies pitch the idea for inventions in the cannabis industry. it could spark several break-throughs like the lab behind the breathalyzer.
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around. i think this is a generational opportunity. >> and the timing of this event is particularly important with marijuana initiatives on the ballot in 9 states in november including massachusetts. state is calling for major changes at bridgewater state hospital, which treating suspects and convicts with mental health issues. it is part of the overnight haul inmates who are serving state criminal sentences that will be moved out of bridgewater and into new patient units at old colony correctional center nearby. the administration plans to hir enhancedded treatment. and the governor says he hopes the changes can be made to better serve the facility. in the next 30 minutes you're going to see the power of social media. the conversation 25 years in the making created by a single facebook post by a woman trying to track down her birth mother. warm and getting warmer. it's all gonna come along with the risk of some storms. i've got my thoughts on our severe storm chances for
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and five months ago an incident at a bar left this man in a coma. now he's starting to walk again. next, what his family is hoping to accomplish by sharing his
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the victim's family has seen a development in a case that >> do you know who hurt your head? >> reporter: this was 27-year-old robbie mclaughlin in late june. the scar on his head still visible. as fox 25 first reported in may, the swampscott man with his friends at a boston bar. there was an altercation, bouncers were taking robbie out when family believes someone attacked him from behind. >> someone just came in and was like, robbie -- i think robbie's dead. >> reporter: robbie's brother says he next saw his brother on
1:29 am
was basically like there's a good chance my brother's dead right now. and so like everything that came after that is like a miracle. >> reporter: after waking from the comb mark rodney couldn't speak or walk, but slowly motor skills returned. this is video of him in spaulding rehab taking some of his first steps. in the last few weeks, he's taken even more steps towards recovery, walking on his own, occasionally feeding himself and though limited he's talking again. but e to robbie has stalled. they hope showing the real extent of his injuries will compel someone to come forward. >> i want him to feel ashamed of themselves. >> reporter: family hasn't lost sight of what matters most every day i come in and he's here, it's a blessing.
1:30 am
what happened to robbie happened outside their establishment and they didn't have a comment. we also reached out to boston police, they tell us there are no updates on their investigation. kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. danvers police are looking into the cause of a deadly pedestrian crash. it happened just before 7:00 this morning on hoebark street in danvers. the 70-year-old danvers woman was hit by auto silver suv while she was out walking. she was rushed to beverly hospital but did not survive. police told our crews on the scene th have played a row in the accident. the driver did stop. right now no charges have been filed. tonight the evidence room is under investigation at a local police department. fox 25 has learned at least five cases have been thrown out as a result. ahead at 11:00, why people can cocaine inside their cars were able to walk out of court with all of the charges against them dropped. and also new at 11:00, the dramatic video showing three police officers being hit by a car and they all survive.
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motivation behind this intentional act. check out this composition. you've got an old decaying pier here in the foreground with the skyline in the background, and that red sky at night, great shot there. thanks so much for shooting that in. happy to share it with our viewers right now. it is clear across the city of boston and beyond. no threat for any weather yet but i'm tracking this front back to the west. and check this out, there's the first frost of the season in parts of the upper mid west and we'll get a taste of the cool air. we haven't been in the middle 50s at logan officially since mid-june. i think you've got a chance to do that coming up by the end of the week. more on that in the seven-day. right now temperatures are running in the 60s. it's a much milder night out there tonight compared to
1:32 am
and that's making all the difference right now. so overnight, a few spots in the upper 50s, those low-lying areas, some patches of fog possible in the wind-protected low-lying areas where we get down in the upper 60s. we'll be in the middle 50s in boston as we wake up tomorrow. high temperatures, they're gonna warm up tomorrow and there will be more humidity in the air. it wil late summer day as opposed to an early fall day. 80 to 84 in worcester county. we'll see mid-80s in plymouth county tomorrow, and on cape cod, we'll see middle 70s, a breezy southwest wind coming through, and it's bright for a better part of the day south and east of boston. but north and west, that's when we'll start to see the clouds increase first and that's where we'll have the chance of showers and storms first. let's go to noontime. this is a brand-new futurecast.
1:33 am
beginning to break out along that front that i showed you in upstate new york. as we go to noon tomorrow, they're over northern new england. lunch hour, we're dry and we'll start to see clouds increase, but no rain yet. by 2:00 there's a chance of some of these into southern new hampshire, central and western mass, and then they make their way eastward rather quickly. so by 4:00 most of the area has a chance for a shower or storm the cape and the islands. as we get into the evening it's quickly pushing offshore. by 9:00 i don't think there's much left. but this is just a low threat for storms. i do want to mention with the weekend trees due to the drought, it doesn't take much to get some damage. so that's what we're concerned about tomorrow. a marginal severe storm risk. because we don't have all the ingredients in play. there's gonna be strong winds
1:34 am
grow tall enough, they can get some of that wind to come down to the surface. that's why we're concerned, 40, 50 mile-an-hour wind gusts. 60 miles per hour would be a severe thunderstorm warning classification but it won't even take that kind of wind to knock some trees down. we'll be watching that carefully. now gillette tomorrow, right now based on what i'm saying seeing, we've got the risk of storms early and then things improve as we get into, say, 8:00, 9:00, coverage fairly high tomorrow. most of us getting some beneficial rain, and coming up at 11:00, we'll talk how much. but it does get cool, sunny for the rest of the week. weekend is in view, showers and storms on sunday. new tonight, take a look here at these nasa photos of form makes on the surface of mars. scientists say it's another sign that water once flowed on the red planet.
1:35 am
floods. the dune's channels also likely allowed lava to flow on mars. the new england patriots are unveiling their first new jerseys since 2003 and they look pretty good. >> yeah, i think so. look at those shoulders. take a look, gronk rocking the new uniform. pretty sharp, huh. pats will debut them on week three when they take on the houston texans on thursday night football. here's a closer look at the new unis and you can see the words "we're all patriots" on inside of the collars. those are the famous words of pats robert kraft. if you're hoping to start a family or have another child, you might want to relax. ahead in the next 30 minutes, how significantly the chants of having a baby goes down if the woman is stressed out. >> plus, business owners, listen up, the protection online critics are very close to getting from washington. but first, the message a new england high school football
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a school bus burst into flames with 20 children on board. it happened in college park, maryland. tonight the bus driver is being called a hero for getting those kids off that burning bus. the cause of that fire is still
1:39 am
player. the woman and her attorney spoke publically today after they requested warrants be issued for misdemeanor assault and sexual battery charges. >> i'm taking this stand not for me but for the other schools on camp white house are not protected despite what the university says. >> the student and her attorney allege the university of prosecutors have failed to a on their request for the suspect to be charged. a group of high school students in connecticut is taking a stand against the recently of athletes who have chosen to take a knee during the it since created this video of the football players holding signs with different lyrics from the star spangled banner. the players say take agony during the factsal anthem is offensive especially towards the men and women serving our country. >> we're not white americans, we're not black americans, we're not hispanic americans. we're just americans. >> i just cannot imagine having the disrespect to kneel or whatever during the national
tv-commercial tv-commercial
1:40 am
was a marine. >> this video has now received thousands of views on facebook. it's been shared many, many times. >> more details just last night we told you about a worcester high school football player who knelt during the anthem. this pic v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump,
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a man with a lawn full of donald trump signs says his city is threatening to find him if he doesn't remove the majority of them. erika rishi is live with more. the issue here is the size of the signs. >> it i that nobody seems to want them up on his property. last week we told that you vandals wanted with these signs down. ripped them right off from this man easy front lawn across the street here in haverhill and now it appears that the city wants them down, too, saying that they violate a city code. >> i got a letter friday afternoon. >> reporter: it was about these donald trump signs on his property. there are at least a dozen of them supporting the republican presidential nominee decorating the front of richard early's house in haverhill.
1:44 am
to 4 feet and even a banner. but according to this letter from the city building inspector collectively they're too big and because of that early's instructions were clear. >> take my signs off. >> reporter: included in the letter was a highlighted copy of the city ordnance early is accused of violating. it says political campaign signs cannot exceed a maximum of 32 square feet for each property. early has an estimated 200 square feet, and the building inspector enclosed pictures to prove it. >> they've been up since january, so now all of a sudden momentum and now i'm out of the ordnance. >> reporter: and that's his biggest frustration. early lives on a main road so certain city fishes have driven by his signs and we put them on the air last month when his surveillance cameras caught people stealing and vandalizing them. so he wants to know why now he's being told of this violation. if they came to me in january when i put it up and february and said i think you're out of ordinance, we would have probably dumped them. >> reporter: now he could be
1:45 am
>> what are you gonna do if you get a bill? >> definitely fight it. inside this is exactly what the inspector will find when he comes here in a week. meanwhile, we'll continue to follow the story as it unfolds. for now live in haverhill, erika drivers on a masspike in newton will be digging deeper in their wallets as a proposed toll rate. as part of the plan the toll would be added to west newton corner, to stop drivers from cutting through the city. transportation officials believe many people are driving through newton neighborhoods to avoid the current weston toll.
1:46 am
1:47 am
boston would cost 70-cents more each way, that's the largest increase under the new proposed rates. the first amendment may soon protect bad reviews posted on sites like yelp and trip adviser. the u.s. how was representatives passed the consumer review fairness act. it was meant to keep customers from posting negative bad cras. police tell us the semitruck got stuck on a wire and pulled down signs, utility poles on the street this morning. wires from the polls fell on four other cars, part of the road is still closed while the power company makes those repairs. no one was hurt. for 24 years the murder of a logan airport bagging supervisor has gone unsolved.
1:48 am
fox 25 spoke to the victim's mother about the new push. >> she had a heart of gold if you met her and said something to her, and you want the something, she'd go out of her way to get it to you. >> reporter: maureen has never stopped searching for justice for her daughter. >> i really thought that, yeah, we would have solved it. >> reporter: instead it is now 24 years, and there is still no arrest. on september 14th, 1992, susan terasquitz easy body was discovered in the front of her car, parked outside an auto body shop not far from where she worked as a baggage supervisor. she was beaten and stabbed to death. marleen suspects sues an's mother might be connected to a stolen credit card ring that was operating at the time out of a northwest airlines ramp. some of susan's coworkers were arrested, but after all this time no arrest for susan's murder. marleen, though, is not giving
1:49 am
she's very happy. we need that and we need. the week has gone by has run down the tip. regardless of who is responsible for susan's murder or what the circumstances may have been, we strongly believe that someone out there has information that could help us solve it. the d.a. also now has a witness protti about susan's case and who is afraid retaliation. also state police now featuring susan's case on all of its social media and the billboard company clear channel is now putting up new billboards with susan's image, clearly no one is forgetting about susan tarasquitz. mass state police thank bob ward and fox 25 for featuring
1:50 am
broadcast and ask anyone with information to give them a call at 617-727-8817. >> tears and a cell phone, how two women reconnect and how the
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>> we're feeling some changes tonight. we are already running 5 to 15 degrees milder right we were last night at this time. we're going to be headed down to the low 60s and that's about as cool as we'll get in most spots. we'll see a rapid rise in the temperatures tomorrow. this is our metro west day planner. by 10:00 in the morning we're already running in the 70s. plenty of sunshine but it doesn't stay that way all day. we'll have the latest on that coming up. a singner dallas playing a free conser at a local t stop.
1:54 am
quincy t station. do not show up for adele. help us spread the word, hashtag fake. it steems seems to have started on the facebook page of a local dj. it shows more than 600 people were interested in going. adele is performing in two sold-out shows at td garden wednesday and thursday night. tonight apple says the latest ios10 software update has been fixed. not long after the company rolled out the new operating system a major bug temporarily locked some iphones and ipads. people whose updates fail had had to connect to an itunes computer and restore the system. stress can have a big effect on a woman's fertility. high levels of stress around the time a woman ovulates lowers the chance of pregnancy by more than 40%. offers say the results hope to
1:55 am
active steps to decrease stress. a local woman was abandoned at the hospital. >> since we first brought you their story last month, the pediatric nurse learned about the search. crystal haynes was there for the emotional reunion. >> the story spread like wildfire that -- a 10-year-old baby was found and well fed and well cared for. >> reporter: maggie hadn't thought about it for years until she came across this facebook page post asking anyone for information about her birth mother. >> i was like, oh, my god, i remember this situation and not only do i remember the situation i remember the baby, i took care of her. >> reporter: maggie reached out
1:56 am
today... >> she wanted me to call you i talked to you, since you two live so far away from one another. >> reporter: fox 25 cameras were rolling as they spoke on the phone for the first time. >> it really brought me to tears because it just really made me happy. >> oh, well, i'm happy that i was able to reach out to you, i wish could i help you more with information about your birth mother. >> reporter: maggie left bay state about 10 years ago and now works at dartmouth lebanon new hampshire but filled in the blanks where she could. >> your birth mom took great care of you have. you were a very healthy, happy baby. and everybody foughtle overtaking care of you. >> reporter: and while we were talking kathleen actually had another special surprise for maggie. >> that definitely was a big inspiration to push me into
1:57 am
show the same compassion that you showed me. >> i didn't know you were in nursing school. that's awesome. >> reporter: the two also learned kathleen's youngest shares maggie's name. >> to know that 25 years later she's happy and healthy and has grown, it's just a really sweet story. >> reporter: reporting in lebanon, new hampshire, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. the power of social media to connect people after all those years.
1:58 am
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