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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 14, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. now at 4:00, a road rage incident gets out of control when a driver takes a machete out of his car. >> i heard someone say you want me to chop your head off. >> julie: only on fox25 what else police found in the suspect's car that has him facing serious charges. a local pioneered a drug program speaks out after he was abruptly put on leave after an investigation. a campaign trail focuses on families. the daughters of both presidential candidates talk about making child care programs more affordable. how it stacks up for working how it stacks up for working moms and dad >> daniel: good morning, 4 a.m. on this wednesday, september 14, i am daniel
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julie grauert. nice start of the morning but this afternoon takes a turn for the worse. shiri spear is timing out today's severe storms. >> shiri: this is what we have. we are in this chunk of dry air. your morning treat. the clouds barely reaching new england. showers into canada and the great lakes that will be moving in for the afternoon. we have almost a completely different forecast. with the easy side of the forecast. 65 in boston and low and and 40s like the last couple of days. a warmer start of the day that will end up being stickier. dew points in the lower 60s today. a little bit of the humidity element for the hour-by-hour forecast for the city of boston. 66 degrees at 6 a.m. 77 at 10:00 this morning. we will get into the middle 80s this afternoon. and clouds are moving in and i expect the best storms in boston itself between 4 and 7
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afternoon and evening thunderstorms. some of those possibly strong to severe. highs though 84 to 88 degrees. up ahead of those storms. i do have an hour-by-hour look at futurecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. julie is up with drive-time traffic. good morning. >> julie: good morning, shiri. we will appreciate the dry commute as we have it. a library look at brighton. here another look. a few flashing lights as they should be out of there by a.m. over to the snake imbridge, things moving along just fine. the live drive times in just a few minutes. 5:02. developing right now, the gloucester police chief are reacting to the city's decision of putting him on leave while under investigation. the city and council made the decision about chief campanello after a meeting last night but did not comment on the details of the investigation. chief campanello has received national attention for
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program that is spread across the country. the angel program links addicts with volunteers that help them get treatment without facing criminal charges. in an interview with the "gloucester times" campanello said he has nothing to hide. he says, quote, i have no concerns in my personal or professional life to do anything wrong to warrant any action against him. if the city feels they have to take some kind of process with this, go at it. campanello asked to take two weeks month in order to manage the program and separate the program from the police department. we will have much more on the developing story coming up in a live report at the pot tomorrow of the hour. only on fox25 a road rage incident gets out of hand a man is caught on camera threatening a driver with a machete. >> all started when a driver slowed down to let students cross nearby a high school. fox25 talked to a witness who
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streets near burncoat high school. cell phone video contained by fox25 show a guy with a sharp blade -- [bleep] -- >>reporter: and a sharp tongue. >> i heard someone say you want me to chop your head off. >> reporter: gabe reed lives at the corner of burncoat and rexane. across from where the road rage took place. >> reporter: police describe the man as 41-year-old aldo rivera of that was a ma chet knee his hand. he threatened the driver of the red car with the machete before punching the man in the face. the teens with their phones out weren't the only ones to witness it. rivera had a 17-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter in his suv. >> a horrible example. we are posed to be adults setting the example. >> reporter: becky sul ran is glad she pulled out of the neighborhood just minutes before it all began. >> this was a quiet, nice
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>> reporter: ted daniel, fox25 news. >> julie: the driver will be in court and faces attempted murder charges. >> the faa is trying to track down the person who pointed a green laser around logan airport. the accident happened while the yet was over hull. no one was hurt and the united airline flight kept going to los angeles. the fourth time an incident like this has happened in the last few weeks. we reached out to united for more information. this morning there is a ex-boyfriend of a local mother killed in her home. emilio delarosa is accused of strangling wanda rosa in metheun. the couple's 4-year-old son was at the apartment when the mother died. he took the boy a relative's house in lawrence and then disappeared. keeping a close eye on a neighborhood in laurens where delarosa lived. he was recently released from
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prison after serving a four-year sentence for kidnapping rosa at gunpoint. yesterday defendants in two drug cases had the charges against him thrown out. fox25 has learned that braintree police chief requested a third party audit of the evidence room early this year. one police officer has been assigned to the evidence lockup between 2013 and may when she died. a spokesperson told fox25 that the audit was ordered right before her said that officer committed suicide. final results of that audit are expected to be released as soon as today. the sentencing retrial of a man on a deadly crime spree 15 years ago is set to begin today in boston. a jury gave gary sampson the death penalty in 2003 after he pled guilty of killing two massachusetts men in 2001. that sentence was overturned by the judge that found that one of the jurors lied about her background.
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hampshire for killing a third man. town send police are saying there is no connection to the public after a man tried to kidnap three boys. he jumped out from a rock. the man slapped one of them before running off. police searched the area along with a k-9 and looked for surveillance video and talked to the teens, but couldn't find the man. fire fighters want to know if propane tanks were to blame for a massive fire in the south end families homeless. dozen fire fighters battled the flames from the rooftops on rutland street. you can see all of them working hard there. residents on the lower floors came home to discover they were spared the most serious damage. >> you can look in and see -- on the second floor up, i could ethat the ceilings are white that it haven't burnt through there. >> julie: propane tanks and grills are illegal on roof decks and porches above the
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hillary clinton will return to the campaign trail tomorrow after recovering from a bought of pneumonia. the democratic presidential candidate is scheduled to speak in greensboro, north carolina in north carolina is an important battleground state and polls suggest it will be a very tight race there. clinton has been resting with pneumonia since she left a 9/11 memorial on sunday. her running mate senator tim kaine will campaign in new hampshire tomorrow. republican candidate donald trump will outline his economic plan tomorrow. he will be in new york city in the morning and head to night. he is holding a rally at the middle school. trump said his plan is something special that the country haven't seen in many, many decades. child care and maternity leave another hot topic. hillary clinton and donald trump used their daughters to push the idea on the campaign trail. mary maloney has more. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, a focus on families by the daughters of the candidates. >> as a society, we need to create policies that champion
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american family to thrive. >> more support for caregivers, more support for early childhood education programs across the country. my mom knows that education does start long before college. what matters to me that she understands how important early childhood education is, how important it is that we support parent in our role as our children's first teacher. >> this not a woman's issue, it is a it's an issue that is often been discussed that has yet to be solved. my father plans to change that. >> reporter: here is how the plans stack up. hillary clinton wants to give new parents 12 weeks of paid family or medical leave. donald trump says paid maternity leave alone should be six weeks. clinton wants no more than 10% of parents' north carolina to go for child care. trump will give family a tax
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all 4-year-olds. trump wants to give stay-at-home parents the same tax deductions as those who work. >> for working-class and middle class families and make a lot people happy and a lot of moms will be happy. >> reporter: i am mary maloney reporting. during election season, you will often hear crazy stuff, but i have to say that this year we have been hearing a little more crazy than usual. energize -- donald trump donald trump while donald trump was talking about child care, president obama was going for bat for clinton. the president was in philadelphia. his only second appearance since heens doorsed hillary clinton. the president is expected to visit key states next month as the election gets closer. the red sox in first place and a good chance to extend their lead.
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over the green monster that put the orioles up 3-0. two batters later, another ball into the monster. the orioles score five runs in the second. sox lose 6-3. this is how the stands look. toronto lost. and yankees won and just four games back. we track traffic and weather together he every ten minutes and these are drive times i can get used to, unfortunately they don't stay with us all morning. easy 9 minutes on the split to the exit to the pike. shiri. >> shiri: feeling nice, 58 to 66. clear skies. big concerns around. strong storms. temperatures in the 80s. i will time out the strongest of the storms where you live next. >> julie: all right, shiri. a man is left for dead after a brawl outside a popular boston bar. next on fox25, a look at the victim's long road of recovery and what his family hopes to
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were stolen, coming up his fight with one local city and
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump.
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voting six times to do just that, defund planned parenthood. and both oppose our right to safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the content of this advertising. a man with a lawn full of donald trump signs says his city is threatening to fine him hundreds of dollars a day if he doesn't take them down. the problem with one of the signs is how large it is. fox25's erika richie has the story from haverhill.
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donald trump signs on his property. at least a dozen of them supporting the republican nominee decorating the front of richard earley's house. they range from 1 foot to 4 feet, even banner. according to this letter from the city building inspector, collectively they are too big, and because of that, earley's instructions were clear. >> take my signs down. >> reporter: a copy of the city ordinance early is accused of violating. politicalam early has an estimated 200 square feet and the building inspector. >> they have been up since january, and all of a sudden trump is getting a little momentum and now i am out of ordinance. >> reporter: that is his biggest frustration. earle y lives on a main road and we put them on the airs when surveillance cameras captured people stealing and vandalizing them. he wants to know why now he is
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january when i put it up in february and said, i think you are out of ordinance, we would have probably done something. >> reporter: now if he doesn't do something, he could be fined up to $300 a day. >> what are you going to do when you get a bill in. >> we will fight it. definitely fight it. the trump signs are staying up. that's it. bottom line. they are not coming down. >> reporter: erika richie, fox25 news. >> julie: early wrote a letter describing his side of the story. with the stars" are reportedly considering increased security measures in the wake of the protest over olympic swimmer ryan lochke. this is according to "variety" magazine. new video released by abc showing the takedown of two protesters during the live broadcast. viewers can only see a split screen of a judge and video of lochke dancing. the two protesters were released on $1,000 bail. outside of jail they told
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unhappy with the show's decision to feature lochke after he lied about being robbed at gunpoint in rio. russian hackers have release the medical records of several olympic athletes. the database was hacked and on the list serena williams and simone biles. she responded that her use of medication for adhd is medication for adhd is allowed. needham native aly raisman was not on that list. we check traffic and weather every ten minutes. things nice and quiet at 4:17. a lot of green on route 1 and 93 south. pike moving along fine. the expressway. a little bit of slowing approaching 128 or route 3. overnight construction work sometimes has a tendency to slow things down. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 23 minutes on 93 south.
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from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now keeping an eye on some storms that will be coming in this afternoon. >> shiri: storms this afternoon. first stop will be lightning. if you do have any plans outside. we have a concert, springsteen playing at gillette later this evening. we are having to watch for lightning and locally heavy rain. not everybody will get a soaking out of this, but we could end up with a couple of downpours. strong wind gusts, though, will be the b conditions weakening our local trees and making it easier to get some of this damage in play. right now 6 in boston. boston starting off obviously a little mild. a little muggier than past couple of days. morning sun with 6 a.m. at 66 degrees. 8 a.m., 7. upper 70s at 10:00. and highs getting into the 80s with not just clouds moving in but thunderstorms as well. thunderstorms are going to hit first areas north and west of
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see them this afternoon when you need to be alert. let's time thought risk coming from the northwest to the out east. futurecast first thing this morning perfectly fine. a little warm and humid. get your sunshine fix. start with partly cloudy skies. there is the front. it is going to approach like i said southern new hampshire, northern massachusetts, around 2 p.m. so i think futurecast, we could involve some showers a little bit further south than what y the risk will be pretty close to boston. storms near worcester well, the north shore. evening commute, it passes through boston and ends up settling over southeastern massachusetts. we have some downpours there as well, and we have some segments and pockets of strong wind to be attached to those. the threat will continue here at 6 p.m. over southeastern massachusetts. finding down during the evening hours.
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a lot of those showers either push out to sea or weaken substantially because we are losing the heat of the day and that drives those storms. futurecast has us clearing by the time we wake up tomorrow morning and highs in the 70s which pretty normal for this time of the year and a pretty big contrast to what you feel out there with these very warm temps. 87 in boston this afternoon. 87 in norwood. 85 in lawrence and lower 80s upper 70s for the cape and islands and don't forget, you have sunshine for the first half. day. those thunderstorms coming in late this afternoon continuing through the evening hours and we will end up clearing out after midnight and we will see those low temperatures. back in the 50s. tomorrow's high temperatures, 66 boston. 68 in plymouth. we have got lower 70s across the interior. seven-day forecast with that weekend always in view have sunshine lasting at thursday and friday with lower 70s for
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increasing clouds. on saturday, sunday though, we are timing out some showers. and scattered rain in the morning forecast, but i am thinking that the heaviest shower. even thunderstorms then develop during the afternoon. a few of the showers could end up lingering into monday, and we will eslow clearing on tuesday. back to you. 44:21. chipotle is paying customers that got or e. coli. the unusual request from a woman that went back to the restaurant that got her sick. startling video to watch. three police officers are hit
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incredible video this morning showing a driver that slammed into three police officers outside a gas station. take a look. kind of hard to watch. you can see the officers standing the parking lot when the car hits them. police say the driver was drunk and trying to run the officers over. it was one of the officer's first day on the job. >> these officers could have easily been killed, and i
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planning three funerals right now. >> despite that violent crash, all of the officers are expected to recover. the driver will be charged with atichted first-degree murder and aggravated assault. new details in a texas high school shooting. police say 14-year-old girl who brought a gun to school did not even know the student she shot. investigators say the girl wanted to kill her stepbrother and then kill herself, but another student interrupted her in the girl's bathroom. the 14-year-old open fired hitting the before taking her own life. the older girl is expected to be okay. early this morning, police arrested a suspected cop killer in rhode island. coventry, rhode island that is. irving finer killed an officer before heading to providence. hours before the arrest, police stormed a home in providence but found it empty, however they did arrest his half-sister. they believe she was helping him hide from police. at this time unclear if she
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he will be now charged with first-degree murder. a terrifying sight in maryland as a bus full of children suddenly burst into flames. take a look at this video. 20 kids were on this bus when it caught fire on monday in college park, maryland. the bus driver acted quickly and got everyone off while smoke filled the bus. the kids stuck together until they were off the bus. >> i felt scared. i was about to cry but my brother needed help so i >> julie: investigators are not sure what caused the fire. none of the children on board were injured. high school kids in connecticut are sending a message. this video of the school football players holding signs with different lyrics from the star spangled banner. taking a knee during the national anthem the players say is offensive especially to the men and women serving our country. >> we are not white americans, we are not black americans, we are not hispanic americans. we are just americans.
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having the disrespect to kneel, sit, whatever during the national anthem considering my grandpa was a marine. >> daniel: the video has thousands of views on facebook. the company claims it has developed a breathalyzer that detect drivers that smoke pot. the device measures the level of thc on a person's breath. the company says police are already testing out the devices in california. the device is still in the testing phase. this november, voters will decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana. a poll show 50% of voters support legalization. 4:27. if you haven't gotten your hands on the new iphone, it may take a while. the overwhelming demand for the latest phone that have delivery delayed for two months. plus a local woman is searching for her birth mother 25 years later.
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now at 4:30.
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high school. a man threatening another driver with a machete. >> and i heard someone day you want me to chop your head off. >> daniel: own on fox25 this morning, a closer look at what police are calling the serious case of road rage. a nationally recognized police chief from the north shore on paid leave and under investigation. new this morning, he is talking about his decision to temporarily take him off the job. hundreds of local drug cases being called into question. what we already know about an audit that today and the cases that have been dismissed this week. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: 4:30 on this wednesday morning, september 14. thanks for joining us. i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, everyone, i am julie grauert. nice weather to start off the morning. get the outdoor errands done in the morning because shiri is telling us some storms will be moving in the afternoon. >> shiri: this afternoon when


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